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MONIKA1 cum tongue You know


This story contains mature content and is intended for the exclusive use of
consenting ADULTS ONLY. If you can be offended by pornographic
descriptions, or if you are a minor, it is illegal to view, download,
access or acquire this file by any means.

Copyright (C) 2001 by All rights reserved.

This copyrighted story is made available for your own personal,
non-commercial use only. The story can be reposted IN ITS ENTIRETY only,
including this copyright notice. Any other use is illegal without the
prior written consent of the author.

CODES: M/F, oral.


E-mail to Monika #1

Dear Monika,

good morning to you :-)

> It's always so nice to have an email waiting from you when I > log on
to here. Particularly as I know how naughty your > e-mails are...

Of course. So you can imagine my great pleasure when I got an e-mail
from you when I barely got out of the bath :-)(-:

Just seeing your e-mail address gave me an instant hard-on! I was still
dripping wet, entering my bedroom (the computer is there) when I checked
for it. So here I am, dripping water droplets over my keyboard to answer
you right away :-) I have so much fun, it makes me forget all my problems.
I'd rather think of your pussy...

> And right now, I wish I could just spend the whole day w/ you in >
your bed.

Oh God! I wonder what we would do!? ;-)

> But since I can't because we're too far away, I'd settle for even >
just writing to you.

It certainly is the next best thing! Even more so for two "writers"
like us!

> But I have to make some arrangements today for my > sister's wedding.

I can understand that! Although I'm really sad that you can't make it
the whole day. How I'd love exchanging many e-mails one after the other...
or even chat with you... How come we haven't tried that yet? I'm pretty
sure it would make me more shy than e-mails though. It's easier to say I'd
fuck your cunt in an e-mail than in a chat. You know, a chat is so
instantaneous. It would feel like having you right there in front of me...

Hey, I'll need you again this week to help me jerk off because my
girlfriend won't be around much this week ;-) Feel up to the challenge?

Hmmm, It's almost like having two marvelous women just for me :-)(-: do
you feel the same? (with your husband and me I mean?)

> It's very hard to concentrate on anything else > when I'd rather be w/
you by > writing to you.

Talk about it. It's like meeting a new girlfriend. You know, during
the first months when *all* that you do is fuck, fuck and fuck some more! I
feel like that with you. I use a lot of time fantasizing about our
letters, about you. I know it'll probably slow down sometime, but I sure
enjoy the pace right now :-) I came more than once every single day, but my
dick has yet to have a problem handling you both, so go for it baby! Make
me cum! ;-)

> I've answered half of the other email you sent me & I'm going to do my
> damnest to get it finished today.

THANK GOD! I need it real bad Monika! But I understand it's a long
letter to reply to. I'll just write to you some more in the mean time,
until I get your next dirty letter ;)

> Answering it yesterday, kept me wet all afternoon. > Even after I
came very strongly.

I *am* very hard myself now! Actually, I've got a steel bar between my
legs every time I read or write to you. I wonder why? ;-)

But that certainly brings an important question: how did you came? Was
it your husband or were you playing with yourself while writing to me,

I guess that's it! My hard shaft is stretched to its maximum limit,
thinking of your fingers on your clit while you think about me. You're
thinking of the pleasure I would give your mind with my soft words, the
perverted visual images these would suggest. You're thinking of the
pleasure I would give your body, massaging it, playing in your hair, your
neck, going down ever so slowly. Feeling your bottom, playing ever so near
your pussy lips, barely brushing them, and moving away, leaving you wet,
seeing a little bit of your juices going down your slit while my hands move
on, massaging your thighs all around. Going down your legs further.

After a while, I start going back up and you seriously want me by now.
You expect me when feeling my soft hands all the way, up and brushing your
excited skin. My fingers amuse themselves around your crotch. You can
even feel some of my fingers barely touching your wetness. Your sticky
wetness, growing by the minute, as you wish for me to force a finger in
your steaming hot tunnel, for me to push through the lips barely closing
the entrance to the most secret part of your anatomy.

But the hands you imagined would be filling you just drag away. It's
almost like dying. Your whole body, your whole soul is begging, letting go
of any pride, begging to get fucked at last, fucked in the most unwomanly
manners. To give everything to this man who gives you so much. It has
been so long.

You feel despair as my hands are so far away, massaging your head again.
So fulfilling in a way, but so unsatisfying at the same time. At last, I'm
going down again. Taking some time to massage you left and right,
carefully feeling your breasts. "Down, yes that's it, down, please..." you

Your wish is granted as you feel my fingers inside the crack of your
ass, going down so slowly, one hand on each of your thighs. I'm playing
once again instead of giving you the "action" you crave for.

Your heart stops beating as your mind rushes to make sense of what is
happening. Your eyes become all lust; you feel it. One of my forefingers
is being pushed inside you. Time halts and all your mind can do is get out
of the way, as every part of your body feel your cunt lips separate. Your
inner walls are getting stimulated. I now have two fingers inside you,
barely two inches deep. Playing. Going in and out. Getting wet and
sticky from your cunt.

You feel something between your legs. Not sure, you spread them.
Seconds pass, and you do not realize what is happening until you feel my
warm tongue licking at your clit. You shudder. This seems so forbidden.
You want it so much! The tongue moves around with so much agility, as do
the fingers. With all these in your cunt, you know you don't stand a
chance of not cumming.

You know that I will make you cum on my tongue. You know that you have
no choice but to let me lick and suck your juices all I want. You know you
are not in charge here, I am. You are just the one getting fucked.

I make my whole fingers get inside you. Pulling only an inch before
pushing them back inside with the wet sound of your cunt getting
finger-fucked. You hear your clit as I suck on it, rubbing it with a
thumb, alternating sucking, licking and rubbing. Making perverted sounds.

Then my fingers, having pushed against every wall of your cunt, are
pulled out. To be replaced by my tongue, entering an inch inside you;
licking; moving around. You struggle against the passion inside you, to
make it last longer but to no avail.

Your whole body shudders while you are getting your trimmed pussy washed
by my tongue. Your juices make their way into my mouth, and you know I'm
drinking it. You finally collapse, my mouth still glued to your pussy; my
tongue still inside your cunt. We are not moving.

Hey, did you like that one? My balls sure are full now writing it!!!
Hope you like it baby. This was just for you ;-) Or maybe I should arrange
it and publish it on my web site, what do you think?

> The reason it takes so long to answer is I keep fantasizing about you
> instead of writing.

No problem there, as long as you write about all those fantasies... ;-)
I certainly wrote what *I* fantasize about up here... :-)

> Emmm, I can just see you lying there in your bed, even feel the > heat
from your body. Ohhh...

You bet you feel body heat... After getting finger-fucked and well
licked like that :-)

> Be back soon. I hope.

I certainly hope to unload with your next e-mail... Writing this to you
really was a turn-on! My balls are real full again. I should have
unloaded inside you, but I really wanted to give you a very good licking



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