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MONOPOLY2 stretch Tee Shirt that stopped above



This story contains scenes of an erotic and/or controversial nature,
and is not intended for the perusal of minors. Further if perusal
of such material is considered illegal in your area or immoral by
your religion or personal beliefs, you should likewise, bypass this
story. This material is strictly for fantasy and is an original work
of fiction, which involves some adult sexual situations with minors.
The author does not believe adults should have sex with teenagers
that are considered minors or promote such action.

All Sammie Craig stories are a work of fiction. Names, characters,
places, and incidents either are products of the author's
imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to
actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is
entirely coincidental.

This story remains the property of the author. Permission is granted
to download, copy, archive and repost so long as any such action
contains these disclaimers, and no attempt is made to profit from
this story.

Author's note:

Unfortunately, no part of this story is true. This is strictly a
fantasy. Enjoy it.

The Monopoly Game (M/f, F/f-1st, f-solo, cons, incest, oral, anal, Bi, toy)
Part 2 of ? by Sammie Craig Copyright August 2001
Bill went to his room to change into a pair of shorts with polo
shirt while Lucinda went downstairs to change into a long T-shirt,
that went below her knees with a pair of French cut panties underneath.
Mary came home hearing small talk coming from the back room, she
went to check on Bill and Lucinda. Mary asked them how their day
went and what they did all day? Bill told Mary that they
hung home, relaxed by the pool and played a board game. Mary
told them about her day at the hospital and that she will
be working the day shift tomorrow then will be off for a day
then change back to the night shift. Bill told the ladies
that on Mary's day off, weather permitting they will go to
SOAK CITY for the day. Everyone thought that would be fun.

Bill and Mary prepared a Chicken BBQ dinner with fresh corn,
everyone ate then settled into the family room to relax
and watch some TV. When Lucinda had the opportunity when Mary
wasn't looking she would lift up the bottoms of her T-shirt to
give Bill a flash of her French cut panty, she just love to tease
her uncle.

Mary was getting tired so she told Lucinda and Bill that she
was going upstairs to bed, Bill told Mary that he will be
right behind her. Mary gave Lucinda a kiss goodnight then went
upstairs into the master bedroom. As soon as Bill and Lucinda
saw Mary going into the bedroom, they quickly fell into each
others arms and started kissing very passionately. Tongues were
entangled, Bill hands were on Lucinda's braless tits, while
Lucinda was grabbing her uncle's penis giving it a few strokes.
They decided they had better stop for now or else Mary will wonder
what took Bill so long, so he went upstairs and she went down
to the guest room.

Lucinda was so horny from her Uncle's hands on her 34C breasts,
that she had to get out her 8-inch vibrator. She was so wet and
horny that she didn't need any lubricate tonight, so she moved
her panties down her ankles, threw them to the side of the bed
then just placed it inside her wet and slippery pussy. While
the vibrator was doing it's thing in her pussy, she then
removed her long shirt to lightly massage her breasts. Lucinda
was getting very excited from the vibrator plus the massage she
was giving her breasts that she removed one hand to move the
vibrator onto her clit, as her orgasm took its course. Lucinda
was feeling so good her breasts were starting to swell, juice
was starting to leak from her pussy and her bottom was responding
by moving up and down on the bed. She couldn't take it
any longer, breathing heavy, she finally came, with her pussy juice going all over the vibrator and bed sheets. Lucinda got
up to wash up and put her vibrator in her bag then fell off to

The next morning Mary got up, grabbed a cup of coffee then got
ready for work. By the time, Mary was ready to leave for work,
Bill woke up and joined her at the kitchen table. Mary asked
Bill what he had planned for Lucinda today and he told Mary that
he may take her to lunch at the Mall, then give her a $ 500.00
shopping spree. Mary had no objections to Bill spoiling their
niece with a $ 500.00 shopping spree. Mary left for work, so Bill
proceeded to the downstairs bedroom where Lucinda was sleeping
only to find her very nude without any bed covers. Bill decided
to snuggle with her in bed, making sure to spoon so, that she was
in front of him.

Upon feeling the back of Lucinda's ass, Bill's penis responded by
pushing out the side of his silk shorts, Bill decided it was time
to ditch the shorts. Trying not to wake Lucinda his carefully
moved back to the side of the bed and removed his shorts. Bill then
went back to spooning with Lucinda pushing his penis between her
legs. Bill wanted to wake up Lucinda very slowly and sensuously,
so, he slowly and lightly started to massage her tits, making
sure to pull on her left piercing, then right piercing. Meanwhile,
his other hand was slowly massaging her inner thigh while his
penis was still moving around on it's own, hitting her ass.

Lucinda started to stir, responding to her uncle's touch, she
rolled over to start kissing him, attacking his mouth with her
mouth. Bill gripped her cute young ass, pushing her closer to
him so they were as one together. Lucinda spread her legs a
little so, she could grip his hard penis between her legs. Bill
moved his penis in/out within her legs adding to his pleasure.
So that Bill could start licking Lucinda all over, she was rolled
onto her back, with Bill placing kisses on her body from head to
toe. Lucinda was extremely horny and close to an orgasm, so she
asked her uncle to skip the kisses and just start fucking her wet
pussy. Bill stopped immediately to start plowing hard into her,
with his balls stopping at her pussy, he was driving as hard as
possible into this young hairless pussy with a solid bar piercing.
As he was fucking her pussy, Bill's finger was playing with her
asshole, sticking a finger into her rectum, which was being
lubricated from the her own pussy juice. Lucinda did not stop
him so he proceeded more into her rectum.

Bill and Lucinda very quickly approached a mutual orgasm, Bill's
balls were tightening, toes curling with Lucinda's breathing
increasing, and pussy tightening around Bill's penis, she sucked all 7-inches within her pussy. Bill started to squirt his semen,
cumin what felt like a pints worth of cum before he finally stopped
shooting. Lucinda's pussy juices mixed with Bill's cum were dripping,
onto the bed sheets. Bill rolled off Lucinda, so they could both
relax for a few minutes, when Bill decided to get up, as he had an
idea for his new fuck-toy!

Bill went upstairs to the bathroom to get a tube of K-Y Jelly, wash
cloth and a condom. He then preceded back downstairs to play some
more with his niece. Bill knew that he had to take Lucinda to the
Mall for some power shopping, but he wanted to enjoy his morning
sex kitten for a little longer before they would get dressed and
head off to the Mall. Bill found Lucinda on the bed with a vibrator
shoved into her pussy with one hand pulling on her gold solid bar
piercing and the other hand pulling and rubbing her tit piercings.
Bill decided to watch, from the staircase, his niece masturbate,.
Lucinda's body was thrashing on the bed as she came once then
twice as her orgasm took it's course and ended with her shouting
out "Oh Bill, Oh BBBiiillll, Oh BBBiiiilllll" this is feeling great.
Lucinda opened her eyes to see her uncle watching and listening
to her from the staircase, and out of embarrassment for being
watched masturbating, she quickly pulled the covers over her head,
yelling at her uncle to go away.

Bill went over to Lucinda, telling her that there is nothing wrong
with masturbation, that actually when her Aunt Mary is
not in the mood for sex, that he plays with his own penis,
masturbating himself to an orgasm or two. I think even Aunt Mary
plays with herself, when I am out of town on business or not in the
mood for sex. Lucinda giggled a teen girl's giggle upon hearing,
then picturing her Aunt sticking a finger or vibrator in her own pussy.
Lucinda started to relax, letting her uncle get close again to her.
Bill took the washcloth to gently clean the now large amount of juice
from Lucinda's pussy, that was dripping towards her asshole. As he was
washing her pussy and asshole, Lucinda explained that the she was also
embarrassed because she did not want her uncle to think that he did
not satisfy her sexually, now Bill had to laugh. Bill told her that
she did not have to worry about his feelings, he is enjoying having
sex with her and he can tell, from what he saw and heard, that they
are both being satisfied by each other.

He further told her that just as she enjoyed him stimulating
her G-spot he planned to simulate other parts of her body that
she may have never had done to her by her California young
boyfriends. With that in mind, Bill asked her if anyone has ever
ass fucked her to which she responded, a BIG NO! Bill then told
her that she must trust him, because her next lesson from him
will be anal fucking. Lucinda, said if you're as gentle and loving
as you were fucking my pussy then my ass is all yours, just tell
me what to do.

Bill explained each step that he was going to do, prep stage -
wetting and lubricating, with the K-Y jelly, your rectum.
Actual act - I will move you into what is known as the doggie
style position, where you will be on the bed on all fours, with
your ass in the air, then I will mount you from behind, slowly as
you can handle it. I will then insert my 7-inch penis into your
rectum allowing your sphincter muscles to relax so that I can
enter you. Then I will slowly rock into you, (making sure you
are not in any pain) pushing in/out until you are comfortable
with having my penis in your rectum. Before starting, he teased
her with, just think Lucinda, if you like it, this will give
you another place to stick that vibrator of yours into when
you masturbate next time. Lucinda laughed at her uncle's joke
at the same time, giving his backside a light playful slap.
Bill then proceeded to lick her anal bud, making sure to wet
her asshole with his saliva before getting the K-Y Jelly to
really, lubricate what he figured to be a very tight virginal

Bill was very hard, so he placed the condom over his penis, as
he was doing this, he explained to Lucinda that he was rolling the
condom, for sanitary reasons, over the penis. I will then remove it,
go directly into your pussy and continue to pump away from behind
you. If you allow a boy or another man, other then me to fuck
your ass or pussy, make sure they have a rubber jacket or condom
on. I will let you the next time we have anal sex, roll the condom
on me. This way you can practice placing the condom on the man
or boy. Bill then placed some K-Y Jelly onto his finger to see
how tight her rectum entrance will be.

He slowly first placed one finger into her rectum, making sure
to add lubricant to her entrance and moved it in and out. As she
was nervous Lucinda's entrance was tight, Bill kept telling her to
just relax and let him enter her anal passage. Bill moved his other
hand to place a finger into her pussy and rub her clit so that she
would relax. Lucinda was starting to enjoy having a finger in her
rectum and pussy, so she started to relax. Bill felt her sphincter
muscles start to relax on his finger, so he lubed up the condom
one more time and moved his penis head into the place his finger
just left.

Bill's 7-inch penis was thick, so he first let the head of his
penis enter her rectum, allowing her to adjust to just the head,
after a few minutes, Bill felt Lucinda relax, so he moved in
about one and half inches more down her anal passage. Once again
using light pressure, he played with her clitoris, pulled on the
gold bar piercing, placing now two fingers into her pussy, moving
them together within her pussy. Lucinda was responding more by
relaxing her sphincter muscles, allowing Bill to gently slide
a few more inches into her rectum. At this point, Bill asked
Lucinda if she was in any pain, she told him no that it was just
feeling weird like I have to go to the bathroom, but otherwise
all is ok, you are doing a great job going as slow as you have
been with me. Bill was getting ready to pop, he was so horny
from the tight feeling of being in her anal passage, luckily he
put the condom on, this helped desensitize his penis or otherwise
he would have cum by now.

Finally Bill's balls hit Lucinda's cute, young ass cheeks, so he
stayed in that position for a few minutes to let her relax with
all 7-inches in her, however, Lucinda was so horny that she was
pushing her ass into the air trying to take more of him into her
anal passage. Bill did not want to hurt Lucinda, so he advised
her to take it easy, then he started to plow his penis slowly
at first then a little faster, then slowly, then faster, slow,
fast, slow until Lucinda and him were in a wonderful rhythm
together. From the way these two were moving in harmony, you
would have thought they had been doing this together for
years not minutes.

From his position at Lucinda's back door, he was able to hit and once
again, simulate her G-Spot. Lucinda told her uncle that she felt like
she was going to pee on the bed sheets. Bill explained that it is not
pee but what is called female ejaculate and it is ok to squirt it out
onto the bed sheets when she can no longer hold in the feeling to pee.
Lucinda then squirted her ejaculate out. After smelling the sexed-up
air, seeing her ejaculate, Bill could not take anymore and came
what felt like gallons of cum into the condom, but was only enough
to fill the tip, of his condom. Bill still wanted more so he pulled
the condom off his penis, tied a knot in the top, placed it on the
night table and started into a Very Wet and Juicy Pussy. As he
was plowing into her pussy, his hands were pulling onto Lucinda's
tit piercings, he even let his one hand down to give a tug on her
naval ring. Bill was in love with the idea of having a 16.5 YO
fuck toy at his disposal.

Both Bill and Lucinda came one more time before Bill pulled out of
of her pussy, pushing Lucinda down onto the bed where he collapsed
on top of her body, they both rested in this position for what seemed
and felt like hours but was only 45 minutes. It was 12:30 when they
finally got out of bed, Bill hitting the bathroom to take a major
piss, Lucinda was right behind him so she could wipe her rectum then
pussy off from all the lubricant and pussy juice mixed with Bill's cum.
They both went upstairs to the master bedroom for a shower to really
clean up from their morning lovemaking session and Lucinda's anal
passage cherry popping session.

Once in the shower the two, soaped each other off, making sure to
get every nook and cranny of their bodies, then got their towels to
dry each other off with. Bill told Lucinda about going to the Mall
and the $ 500.00 spending spree Mary and he were giving her. Lucinda
gave a hug to her uncle, saying thank you... No thank you for
everything, taking me in for the month, teaching me sexual things,
showing me, a great time so far and so forth. Bill told her that
since he hasn't seen her in four years that he was making up for
lost time, but assured her, it would not be another four years
before she came to Ohio or Mary and him came to Southern California
to see her again.

Lucinda went downstairs to get dressed for the Mall, coming upstairs
dressed, in a stretch Tee Shirt, that stopped above her naval,
without a bra under it so her nipples stuck, right out, so much
so that you could see the outline of her nipple rings with a
Denim Mini skirt and three inch high sandals. Bill had on the
typical male summer dress, shorts and a polo shirt with a pair
of boating shoes. Before leaving for the mall they striped and
washed the sheets off Lucinda's bed to replace the same sheets
back onto her bed but with out the cum and pussy juice stains,
that Mary would normally have found. Since Lucinda had a California
driving license, Bill let her drive to the Fremont Mall. When they
got there, Lucinda was surprised, based on the small size of the
town of Fremont, at the size of the Mall. The first place
they hit was the "Dino BBQ" themed after the movie "Jurassic Park".
After the energy expelled for the great sex they both enjoyed earlier,
they were both starving so they each ordered a 50/50 "Dino" platter
consisting of both BBQ Beef and pork spare ribs, French fries,
and salad. Under the table their feet were touching, with Bill placing
his toes under her mini skirt. The young waiter kept steering at the
outline of Lucinda's nipple rings and tits, his eyes never focusing
on Bill or Lucinda's face when he took the order or brought the food.

Bill then paid for the food then brought Lucinda to the first of
many stores for her shopping spree. At the Pacific Sunwear store,
Lucinda tried on bathing suits. She found a high cut blue bikini
with side ties and matching triangle top with neck and back ties and
a modest red hipster suit bottom with baneau top that she could wear
at the water park. Lucinda went into the dressing room to try the
bathing suits and came out a few minutes later to model the blue
bikini for her uncle. Bill went over to her, adjusted the
triangle part of her top, getting brief stares from the young sales
staff, watching this older man adjusting this teenager by her tits in the bathing suit top. Bill told Lucinda that she looked beautiful
and to keep this one, she then went back into the changing room to try
on the red suit. Lucinda liked the feel of this suit, so she did not
bother to show it to Bill. Lucinda came out of the dressing room a few
minutes later with the two suits and a couple of claw clips for her
hair. Next stop was the Abercrombie & Fitch store, where she bought
shorts with short-sleeve top pajamas, an A&F Football Jersey and
a Sleeveless green Striped Sport Tank. Then they went to the Express
store where she tried on and purchased a plaid scooter skirt with shorts
underneath outfit, Halter top with matching Capri pants and a very short
skirt with a zipper in the back.

Lucinda spent her $ 500. shopping spree after shopping at the Express.
But Bill had one more store in mind for Lucinda and this was coming
out of his own money. Bill led Lucinda towards the Victoria's Secret
store, with Lucinda seeing the store, she told her uncle that she
has no more credit left against her $ 500. spree, so her uncle told
her that he brought three hundred dollars cash for her to spend
separately in the "VS" store. Lucinda asked her uncle, if he would mind
if she shopped there for a couple of hours, on her own, this way she
could surprise him, Bill reluctantly agreed leaving for the coffee
store, the car to put the shopping bags away, then to look in a few
stores to kill the next two hours by himself. When Lucinda entered
the store a very cute young professional looking girl of about 21
years old came up to greet her and ask if she could be of service.

The sales girl was noticing that Lucinda was not wearing a bra and had
nipple piercings with a naval ring. Lucinda told the sales girl that
her boyfriend (BF) wanted her to purchase some sexy under things,
since the store was quiet, the sales girl took Lucinda by the hand
to start at with new panties.

The first items were some Sheer string thongs, just the string would
go up her ass crack, so the sales girl(SG) picked out a small white
and black pair from the bin, then four pairs of their new Rhinestone
V-logo thong with a light mesh that had a "VS" sparkle of rhinestones
logo in the back. The SG explained that these would sit low her hips.
Next section will be bras, I noticed your not wearing one currently
but when I am done with you, you're going to want to wear one for
your BF. The SG showed Lucinda a satin rhinestone deep-v bra that
matched the thong panties only the "VS" sparkle was on the left tit,
she asked Lucinda what her bra size was, so Lucinda responded with 34C.
The SG told her no way was she a 34C, and out in the open in the back
of the store where the bras were, the SG lifted up Lucinda's shirt
exposing and feeling her breasts. Lucinda could not believe the SG
was so bold as to lift and feel her breasts. After rubbing and feeling
her breasts for a few minutes the SG announced that you are correct,
your breasts feel like 34C's but let's go into the back changing room,
so, you can model your clothes for me. By the way, as they were going
into the changing room, the SG asked Lucinda how much money she had
to spend, so Lucinda told her she had $ 300. total, so the SG told her
she would sell the outfits to her at the employee discount rate.

The SG asked Lucinda her name and then gave her name as "Sammie".
In the large changing room, Sammie told Lucinda to strip out of
her clothes, Lucinda felt embarrassed but excited stripping in
front of this stranger, so she lifted her shirt over her head
exposing her tits with the nipple rings then as she was going to
unzip the back of her skirt, Sammie came up behind her to help unzip
the skirt and remove the skirt balancing her as one leg was lifted,
then the other leg was lifted until the skirt was removed and she
was just standing there in her bikini panties. Sammie then gently
cupped Lucinda's breasts, tugging on the nipple rings. Sammie asked
if it hurt Lucinda to have the rings placed into her nipples, and
Lucinda told her that at first it hurt like hell, her nipples
swelled up, but after about a week the swelling and tenderness
went away, now she enjoys the feeling of the rings in her
nipples. Sammie then reached down to the naval ring and gave a
small tug, then asked Lucinda where she was from and Lucinda told
her that she is staying with her Aunt and Uncle in Huron for about
a month but that she was from Southern California.

Sammie was very intrigued by all the piercings that Lucinda had,
she explained to Lucinda that piercings are not yet very popular
in this part of Ohio. Lucinda told Sammie about the Sold Gold
Bar piercing in her clit and before you knew it, Sammie pulled
down Lucinda's panties exposing her ass cheeks to her then
turning Lucinda around so she could see the piercing. It happened
so fast that Lucinda had no time to react, then Sammie started
licking and tugging with her tongue the gold bar, letting the bar
roll onto her tongue. Lucinda allowed this stranger to lick and
suck her pussy, while she responded to Sammie by rubbing her
36D breasts through her clothes. Sammie then got up real quick
to unzip her dress to reveal a very stunning "VS" matching G-string
panty and bra set. Lucinda asked if she would be missed on the
sales floor and Sammie responded that the other girls will cover
for her, they are in a larger private changing room and that the
other sales girls have brought customers back to this room, so now
it was her turn.

Lucinda told Sammie that this was the first time she has been with
another girl, so Sammie told Lucinda to just sit down on the over-
sized chair and let me do all the work. Lucinda went into the chair
in her nude state, without a care in the world to let Sammie eat out
her pussy. After Lucinda was seated, Sammie spread her legs wide,
placing her head to Lucinda's pussy to start eating out this
young pussy. Sammie was enjoying playing with the gold bar. Sammie
then placed two fingers into Lucinda's wet pussy curling her fingers
back towards the back wall of Lucinda's pussy in a come to motion.
Lucinda was getting very excited and felt herself at the start of
an orgasm, Sammie was telling Lucinda to let go and release herself,
let the orgasm come, with that Lucinda's pussy juice leaked out of
her pussy and Sammie felt a tightening on her fingers, Sammie kept
licking at the solid bar on the clit, while her fingers were doing
there magic with Lucinda. Once again, Lucinda came until she couldn't
take anymore.

Sammie stopped what she was doing and pulled her fingers out of
Lucinda's pussy, Lucinda asked Sammie if she wanted her to repeat
the same thing on her and Sammie asked Lucinda if she had the time
to continue their sexual play? Lucinda looked at the wall clock,
then told Sammie she has another half hour before she has to meet
her uncle, so Sammie started to remove her bra and panties but
Lucinda stopped her, telling her she wanted to return the favor.
As Lucinda was removing Sammie's bra she allowed herself to rub the
large breasts, then went to slowly remove Sammie's skimpy panties.
Lucinda explained to Sammie that if she wanted to enjoy the sex
from her that, Sammie was going to have to direct Lucinda. Sammie
instructed Lucinda to place her mouth on her pussy and do what
she thinks would be enjoyed. Sammie had some hair on her pussy, it
was trimmed, so Lucinda moved her tongue around the hair on Sammie's
mounds, starting from the outside, on a side note Lucinda was wishing
her uncle would have taught her how to locate and manipulate the
G-Spot, she would have love to have made Sammie cum like she did
when her uncle did that to her, but she decided to try her best to
get Sammie to orgasm, even though it was her first time with another

Lucinda gently licked around Sammie's pussy starting on the outside
edge then licking towards the inner parts of this juicy wet pussy.
Pussy juice was on Lucinda's face, so she moved her tongue to work
on Sammie's clit as she brought one then two fingers into her pussy,
stroking in and out while her tongue continued to work on Sammie's
clit. Sammie's first orgasm came in record time with the next two
arriving like freight trains, making Sammie tremble and cry out,
so much so that her thighs locked around Lucinda's head as she
continued to eat her. Sammie started another low moan then started
raising of her ass against Lucinda's tongue, Lucinda was happy she
was able to get Sammie off and guessed what she was doing with her
tongue was ok with Sammie.

Lucinda wasn't sure at first, but then started thinking pussy eating
is great and I am doing it correctly. Finally, Lucinda pulled back,
smiling at the gasping Sammie, her eyes alight with lust, her face
covered with her new friend's juices. Lucinda told Sammie that was
great fun and Sammie told Lucinda, that for a first time pussy eater
that she did a great job and can suck her pussy anytime. As a matter
of fact, we have formed a pussy eater's club here at the "VS", maybe
you can make one or two of our evening meetings before you leave
for California.

Lucinda told Sammie that she would like to learn more details about
the club but she better pay for the undies she bought and get
presentable, that her uncle should be meeting her shortly. Sammie
went over to the sink in the back room to wash off the pussy juice
from Lucinda, get dressed to ring up Lucinda's purchases. Sammie
told Lucinda to get dressed, wash up in the back room, then meet
her at the register. On her way out of the changing room, Sammie
stopped at the sleepwear section and picked out a mauve Satin slip
with matching wrap, then added a matching Satin slip detailed with
vintage lace with thin, adjustable straps and side slits. In addition,
she added a Kimono-style wrap with sash tie and three-quarter sleeves
top with a Camisole then added the matching boy-shorts. Sammie
wrapped up the sleepwear adding a note, think of your time with
me shopping for these items and make sure your boyfriend and you
have an incredible experience, but make sure he removes everything
gently. Love and kisses, Sammie.

By the time Lucinda came out of the back room, her uncle was waiting
for her and Sammie had all the items boxed, telling her to just
give her the $ 300. cash. As Sammie handed the items to Lucinda, she
gave her a peck on the lips, in front of her uncle, and then said
thanks for the sale.. Lucinda told Sammie thanks for helping me with
my purchase, as both girls giggled, Lucinda said she would call Sammie.
As they were leaving the store, Bill asked Lucinda who Sammie was, so
Lucinda just said a new friend that hopefully I will can see a few
times before she went back to California. She didn't want to tell
her uncle what transpired in the back room just yet, she figured
she tell him when the timing was right.

When they got home from the Mall, Mary was waiting for them in the
back room and asked what took so long, Bill told Mary typical teenager
had to hit every store. Mary asked Lucinda what she bought, so Lucinda
told Mary about the clothes, bathing suits etc., leaving out the items
from the "VS" store. Lucinda thanked both of them for the shopping spree.
Bill told Mary that tonight they are going out to dinner to the STEER
Barn, telling Lucinda to bring her clothes downstairs and change for
dinner. Lucinda went downstairs in a dream state, she enjoyed the
sex with her uncle, but sex with Sammie was different, she was in love.

Lucinda decided to take a shower and then dressed in a short sundress
with straps that tied in the back with sandals, however she decided to
go sans the undies for tonight, it was a hot evening and she wanted
the fresh air on her pussy and tits. When she came back upstairs her
aunt and uncle were waiting for her to head out to dinner.
Both Bill and Mary complimented Lucinda on the way, she was dressed.
Mary was wearing a halter top with Capri pants while Bill wore the
standard dress for him, logo'd golf shirt, pair of Dockers and his
Dexter boat shoes. Bill took Mary under one arm and Lucinda under
his other arm, then said now I have my two favorite girls in the
world with me, then proceeded to the car for the ride to the restaurant.
End of Part 2.

I am planning to write future parts for this story, my part 2
original story will now become my part 3. I was not planning
the Mall scene with Sammie when I started this story, so I hope
you enjoyed reading that part as much as I enjoyed writing it.
Feel free to submit your input for future Parts.
If you enjoyed my story, write me at
because of spam I do not reply to any e-mails posted at any
other address. E-mail address used for posting is just that
a story posting address. I appreciate positive input.
Thank you for reading my story, I hoped you enjoyed it!

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with All Rights reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated.

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