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"How did I get myself into this situation?", she wondered as she drove
towards Louisburg on the way to the timeshare to meet him.

They had met in a chat room several months earlier. She had went to the
chat room out of loneliness. She needed to talk to someone. Were other
people having the same problem she was? She doubted it!!

Ever since she had turned 40, her sex drive had tripled!! Great right?
Yeah, except that her husband of 25 years had decided at approximately the
same time to lose interest in her all together!!

She had tried everything to re-ignite his interest. Nothing worked, so
after 6 months, she had given up hope. But deep down inside, she really
wanted to understand it. So she had come to the sex chat room to see if
anyone else had an idea.

There she met Glen!!

He was married also, and having a similar problem. His wife had also
lost all interest in sex. They talked every night over the computer.
Their situations were so similar. They liked each other instantly.

He asked if they could exchange pictures. She hesitated. Even though
she had lost 60 lbs recently in an attempt to lure her husband back, she
was still a little on the heavy side. And most men wanted skinny "model
types". She had never been the model type. It had never seemed to bother
her husband tho. "Just more to love', he had always said. Of course now
he didn't want to love her at all!!

"What the hell?", she thought. I may be heavy, but at least I still
have curves in all the right places.

Her breasts, at 42c were nice and firm still. Her waist still came in
to form an hour glass shape. She had wide hips and a round firm butt. And
at 5'8", she had nice long legs. Her stomach wasn't as flat as she would
have liked, but whose was?

As time went on, they progressed to "cyber sex". It was intense!! No
one had ever made her so hot without even touching her!! They telephoned
each other a few times. He had such a warm, sexy voice. Every time she
heard his voice, her pussy got wet!! "What is it about this man?", she

Finally, the time came when they decided to meet and "enjoy" each other.
He had arranged a golf trip close to where she lived. They were going to
be together for three whole days!!

"What if he doesn't like me?", she wondered. "What if I don't turn him
on?" "Well, this is either going to be a wonderful three days, or three
very long ones!!, she thought to herself. She could always just go back
home, she thought. She hoped it worked out. She was so damn horny!! She
hadn't been fucked in over a year!!

She was at the time share. She parked the car and went up to his suite.
She knocked on the door. Her heart was pounding hard. "Oh God, please let
this work out!", she said under her breath.

She was wearing a blue pantsuit. She remembered him saying that his
favorite color was blue. Underneath, a blue see thru bra and matching
g-string. She didn't normally wear g-strings because of the size of her
butt, but she wanted to look as sexy as possible for him. And besides, she
was hoping that none of it would stay on for long!!!!!!!!

He opened the door. They smiled at each other. "Hi Glen", she said.
God, he looks even better in person, she thought. And that beard!!
"Mmmmmmmmmm, that will feel nice on the insides of my thighs", she thought.
Her pussy was getting wet as she imagined him licking her slowly and

"Hi Beautiful", he said, bringing her back to reality. "Hi', she
stammered trying to clear her head.

He opened the door wider and she went in. "Wow, this place
is........... She never got to finish her sentence. He grabbed her and
kissed her passionately. She melted into his arms. Their tongues swirled
around each other's. She was beginning to feel weak in the knees when he
finally released her mouth.

"Sorry", he said. I've been wanting to do that for sooo long Baby. I
couldn't wait another minute. She didn't answer him. She just reached up
and brought his lips back down to hers. God it felt so good to be in a
man's arms again!!

He moved his lips from her mouth to kiss the side of her neck. She
moaned softly. "God, you smell good", he said. He brought his hand up and
cupped her left breast, squeezing it softly. She moaned again! He reached
down and started to unbutton her top. She reached up to help him. "No, I
want to do it", he said. He unbuttoned the last button and took her top
off. He groaned when he saw the blue see thru bra! He lowered his head
and kissed each breast softly. "Oh God", she moaned. He lowered the
zipper on her pants and pushed them down over her hips. He reached back
and cupped her firm ass and groaned when he realized it was bare. He
stepped back. "Let me look at you", he said. She stepped out of her pants
and shoes and stood before him in her bra & g-string. She felt very self
conscious. "God, please let him like me", she thought.

"Turn around", he said. She slowly turned in a complete circle, facing
him again.

"My God, you're beautiful", he said, his voice low and husky.
"Really?", she asked. "God yes,"he said. "You don't mind that I'm over
weight?", she asked.

"Baby, I want a real woman, not some stick", he said. And besides, all
your weight seems to be in just the right places."

She moaned, letting out her breath. She hadn't realized that she had
been holding it until that exact moment. She walked to him and threw her
arms around him. They started kissing passionately.

She ran her hands across his chest and down to the front of his pants.
She gasped. God, he felt huge!! And he was rock hard!!! She moaned
loudly!! She grasped his cock thru his pants and squeezed lightly. He
groaned into her mouth.

She pulled his shirt out of his pants and over his head. Oh God, he was
covered in hair. She loved hairy men. She had always loved the feeling of
hair rubbing on her bare tits!!!!!!!!

He reached around behind her and unhooked her bra. Her large breasts sprang free. He moved his mouth down and took her right nipple into his
mouth. She moaned loudly.

She loved having her nipples sucked. She had very sensitive nipples.
She had often thought to herself that there was a direct connection between
her nipples and her clit!! She could have an orgasm just from having her
nipples sucked. And the way Glen was sucking them, she knew it wouldn't be
long before she would cum!!

He switched to the left nipple, sucking and licking it. She grasped his
head and held it firmly on her breast as shivers started running up & down
her. "Oh God, I'm going to cum", she said. He looked up at her in
surprise and then smiled. Her whole body shook as her orgasm overtook her.
He held her tightly for a moment until she came back down to earth.

"Do you always come that easily?", he asked. "It's been a long time
Baby, she said, blushing slightly. "Oh don't apologize, I fucking love
it", he said, smiling broadly.

She smiled up at him. She brought her lips to his neck and started
kissing him. He moaned softly. She left a trail of kisses down his neck
to his nipples. She licked and kissed each one. She kissed her way down
his flat stomach. She went down on her knees in front of him, and started
unbuckling his pants, smiling at the tent that had formed there. She
lowered the zipper and pulled his pants down to his ankles.

She ran her hand over his cock thru his boxers. God he was so hard.
She reached up and grabbed the waistband of his boxers and slowly pulled
them down. His large cock sprang free. She groaned at the site of him.
He was big. Much bigger than her husband.

There were drops of precum shining on the head of his cock. She leaned
forward and slowly licked them off. He groaned.

She smiled and looked up at him as she took the head of his cock into
her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the underside of the head. He
groaned loudly. God he tasted so good. She had forgotten how good a cock
tasted. She lowered her head onto his cock, swirling her tongue around and
around. Further and further down she went. She didn't know if she could
take him all the way. He was much bigger than what she was used to. She
kept trying until finally she had him all the way into her mouth. "Fuck",
he exclaimed!

She started bobbing her head up & down on his cock. Up & down. sucking harder & harder. Harder & faster.

She moved her mouth back up to the head of his cock and slowly licked
her way down to his balls. She licked them ALL over and then gently sucked each one into her mouth. His knees were starting to shake. She smiled.
"At least I haven't lost my touch, she thought to herself.

She licked her way back up to the head of his cock and took it into her
mouth. As she started bobbing up & down on his cock, she reached down and
gently squeezed his balls. That put him over the edge. "Oh fuck, I'm
going to cum", he exclaimed.

"Oh yes, cum in my mouth Baby, she said. "Let me taste you".
Aaarrruuuggghhhh, he groaned as he shot spurt after spurt of cum into her
mouth. She swallowed as fast as she could, not wanting to lose any of it.
Finally, he stopped spurting. She continued to suck and lick his cock
until he went soft and slipped out of her mouth.

He reached down and gently pulled her up into his arms and held her

"Baby, that was fucking fantastic", he said. "Thank you". She said.
"I just wanted to make you happy", she said. "Oh you did Baby", he said.

"But this is only the beginning", she said. "Oh yesssssssssss", he said
as he lifted her up into his arms and carried her off to the

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