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MOVE2 thick smell sweat that hung


Copyright 1999 by B. Peale. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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My Lord, that was painful! The things we do for art :-}


Moving Day by Bob Peale (2/3)
When her strength returned, she scooped her clothes and ran to the car.
She was short enough that most people couldn't see that she was naked as
she drove home, but the thought that they might was enough to fuel her
fantasies for the rest of the ride. Occasionally a truck would pull
alongside her and stare down, and she would play with her nipples or
tease her pussy for them. By the time she got home, she was raging
horny again, and spent the night fucking herself with the dildo all over
the house, even venturing out onto her balcony around 8pm to give anyone
working late in the office building across the street an unexpected
treat. She came 5 times that night, each one was as intense as the

Since then, she'd replace her 2 to 3 cold showers a day with 2 to 3
sessions with the dildo. Part of the reason she was so pissed that the
movers were late was because it had been more than 8 hours since she'd
last masturbated, the longest she'd gone since her visit to the store
last week, and she was starting to go out of her mind.

She just about to open her shorts for a quick rub when the intercom

"Who is it?" she barked into the speakers.

"Dan Simmons from Loval Moving Company, ma'am."

She released the talk button and pressed the button to let them up. By
the time the knock on the door came, she was ready to let them have it
with both barrels.

"What took you so fucking long? I thought your company was supposed to
be dispatched from down the block!"

Had she not been so mad, she probably would have been terrified of the
man in her doorway. He was a easily 6'5", with a clean shaven head and
a dark goattee. His jaw was square and rugged looking, his cheekbones
high, and his skin was the color of dark chocolate, appearing black
against the stark white of the hallway walls. He wore a thin cotton
t-shirt stretched tight over a well muscled body that clearly benefitted
from manual labor, and the khaki walking shorts that stopped mid thigh
seemed too small (but then again, almost anything would). His waist
looked too narrow to support the rippled terrain of his abdomen and his
broad, bull-like chest, although the twin tree trunks he called legs
probably helped some. His well muscled thighs were as big around as her
head, and his calves looked like they were moving even while he was
stood still. His biceps flexed powerfully when he crossed his arms
across his chest, patiently waiting for her to end her tirade.

"Ms. Caton, I'm sorry we're late. We had the wrong address," he
explained when he finally had an opening. "The reservation was written
with Fairfax Drive as the street name, instead of Fairfax Road. We
ended up across town, and got stuck in rush hour traffic trying to get

"Well, shithead," she snarled, "It's not MY fault that one of YOUR
idiots got it wrong, is it? Do I have to pay extra for this kind of
service, or is it part of the package?" she added sarcastically.

He could tell when he was on the losing end of an argument, so he opted
to just get on with the task at hand rather than wasting any more time
on this abuse. Apologizing again, he stepped past her into the condo
followed by two more men, both white and not quite as large, but still
equally impressive. Each one was about 6" tall with close cropped
blonde hair and wonderful bodies. The first was built like a football
player, his chest and arms almost as big as Dan's, while the second was
more tightly muscled, like a gymnast. They also wore tight white
t-shirts with the company logo on the left side and khaki shorts. She
noticed that they both gave her tits an appreciative glance as they
walked past her.

"Look, we're running behind," she snapped. "Could you guys linger a
little less and get the truck loaded so we can get out of here?" She
had to let these gorillas know who was boss!

Andrea had a lot of stuff, and it took several hours to get the condo
emptied and the truck loaded. By the time everything was packed and
secured, it was pretty late in the afternoon. Reluctantly, Dan went
upstairs to discuss their options with Andrea. It was a 16 - 24 hour
drive to Louisville, traffic permitting, and it was already 3:00. If
they left now, stopped tonight at a motel, drove 10 hours the next
day and checked into a motel again that night, they would probably
arrive at there destination sometime in the afternoon on Tuesday. The
alternative would be to leave early tomorrow morning, drive for 10
hours, stay in a motel, and arrive in Louisville sometime during the
evening on Wednesday. The first scenario required her to pay for an
additional night in a motel, but got her there the soonest.

In reality, Andrea could care less about the additional cost; she would
have paid an extra $5,000 if it would get her out of this city quicker.
Actually, she wasn't even paying for the move; her father was. But she
wasn't going to let them off that easy. She was still steamed about
them being late, and wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to break
their balls.

"You guys are so fucking incompetent!" she railed. "You mean to tell me
that, not only were you late, but now it's going to cost me more money
just so you can meet the timeline I was quoted? Shit, the only reason
we're even having this discussion is because you were too fucking stupid
to find me in the first place." Dan started to interrupt, but a
scathing glare from Andrea cut him off. "Give me a fucking break. I
should be asking for a Goddamn discount. Fine, let's just get on with

Downstairs, Dan got the last laugh.

"One more thing, Ms. Caton. You'll have to ride up in the truck with
Tim and me," he said, gesturing toward the football player. "We had
to use the passenger seat in the van for some of your more 'delicate'
things, so there's only enough room in there for Billy."

She'd already sold her car, a shiny new one waiting for her at home.
Glowering, she watched Dan climb in on the driver's side while Tim
held the door propped open for her. Inside, the cab of the truck was
built to hold three normal sized men, but there was no way she and
the two behemoths next to her were going to fit comfortably. To make
matters worse, every chance Dan got, he hit a pothole or drove over
uneven pavement.

The truck was an older model, with a manual transmission that
required an exaggerated action to shift. It seemed Dan needed to
shift a lot, which caused him to brush Andrea's thigh and occasionally
run his elbow across her chest. At first she was certain that it was
intentional, but whenever she looked at him he was concentrating on
the road. Similarly, if there was a particularly sharp turn or or a
rough patch of road, Tim would lean into her, also brushing her thigh
or rubbing his arm along the side of her tit.

The cab was unbearably hot. According to Dan, the air hadn't worked
in years, so by the time they crossed out of Virginia 4 hours later,
their clothes all stuck wetly against their bodies. She wanted to be
disgusted by the thick smell of sweat that hung in the air, but she
actually found it arousing. Coupled with the casual brushings, her
pussy was so wet she was afraid they could here her squish when she
moved. She closed her eyes and rested her head, trying to appear
nonchalant as her mind wandered over what it might be like to be
fucked by theses two men bythe side of the road. When she opened
her eyes she could see, even in the waning light, that her crotch was
soaked, but neither man seemed to notice.

Just past 9:00, Dan pulled into the parking lot of a motel that
allowed trucks to board overnight. Andrea's sexual frustration was
at an all time high, and she was even more irritable than she'd been
in Washington.

"Four rooms please," Dan said to the woman behind the counter inside.

"Um, he means two rooms," Andrea interrupted. "One with a king, and
one with two singles and a cot," she finished, pulling out her wallet.

Dan turned to her. "Oh, come on Ms. Caton! How are we going to fit
in one room?"

"Look, you don't have to live there; you just have to sleep there.
I'm not paying for three rooms when you're only going to use them
for 8 hours anyway," she growled, sliding her credit card across
the counter. "Besides, it's your fucking fault that we're here now
at all!"

The woman handed Andrea two keys, explaining which one went to which
room. Andrea tossed the movers their key and bolted for her room, the
need to cum replacing all other conscious thought.

She was out of her clothes before she was even to the room, and had
her vibrator at the ready before the door was shut. Spread eagled on
the bed, she searched for something on tv to help her on her way. In
this day and age, even the most podunk hotels had cable, and one that
catered to truckers had more than its share of "adult" channels.

While she worked the remote with one hand, she turned the vibrator on
with the other and slid it in and out of her pussy until she was nice
and wet. Pushing it in as far as it would go, she crossed her legs at
the ankles to hold it tight. Tossing the remote aside, she closed her
eyes and continued to fantasize about fucking Dan and Tim. She played
with her nipples while the vibrator hummed along, and after 20 minutes
she came so hard that she fell off the bed.

Finally able to relax, she decided to call the movers and apologize for
being so rude to them. She tried calling their room for 20 minutes,
but no one picked up, so she pulled on her shorts and shirt and went
over to knock on their door.

The motel was garden style, with doors and windows that all faced into
the center. Outside the movers' window, she was able to get a clear
view of the entire room inside, as well as listen to a conversation
already in progress.

" a total bitch, man! I can't believe that cunt; you'd think we
were dirt or something." The comment had come from Billy.

"Dude, I know. But I don't care, I'd fuck her in a minute," Tim said.
"The whole ride here, I was rubbing up against her, and I think she was
digging it."

So that HAD been intentional. Asshole!

Tim was laying on the bed closest to the window, with his back toward
her, a towel wrapped around his waist and his hair still wet from a
recent shower. At the foot of the bed, Billy sat on a cot in just his
t-shirt, as if he had been interrupted in the middle of getting
undressed. Dan was not visible anywhere.

At one point she took a nap," Tim continued, "and must have been having
a helluva of a dream, because her pants got real wet around her pussy.
I thought she had peed her pants, but when I took a whiff, man there
was nothing but pussy smell! I almost shot in the truck; I'm hard just
thinking about it!"

He rolled over on his back and let the towel fall away, revealing a
decent sized cock surrounded by curly blonde pubic hair. He reached
down and began stroking it, coaxing it to its full length. It was
longer than her dildo, but not quite as long as her vibrator (which she
had measured as 8 inches), and it was nice and thick, like the base of
a flashlight. Andrea licked her lips as she watched him fondle it.

"I could just imagine eating that pussy, feeling her squirm on my face.
I bet she's a hot little fuck. I'd love to tease her crack, make her
beg me to fuck her."

"Aw shit man," Billy groaned, and started to stroke his cock too. "What
about those tits?"

Billy's cock was longer then Tim's, but not nearly as thick. It looked
more like her dildo, which was fine with Andrea. She reached under her
shirt and teased her nipples hard while she continued to spy on the two

"Mmmmmm, that feels good," moaned Tim. "Yeah, she's got great tits. Do
you think they're real? I mean she's so little; how'd she get such big
tits? I'm telling you Bill, if we'd had driven much longer, I may have
had to try to slip my finger up her pussy and finger fuck her."

"Oh jeez, what the hell has gotten into you two?" Dan asked from the
bathroom doorway.

He had a towel draped around his neck, but was otherwise totally nude.
His cock hung thickly between his legs, still soft and easily as long
and thick as her vibrator. It was darker than the rest of his body,
almost the color of his pubic hair, and his cockhead dangled, swollen,
at the end of his shaft. Andrea squeezed her nipples a little harder
as she imagined what it would look like stiff.

Except for his crotch and his goattee, his body was smooth, every
muscle starkly defined, as if chiseled from stone.

"Tim was talking about how hot Andrea Caton is, and got me started."

Dan's cock twitched at the mention of Andrea's name.

"Did he tell you about the ride here? It's a wonder I didn't rip my
shorts. All I could smell was pussy." His cock hardened. "Maybe if
she got a good fuck, she wouldn't be so so damn evil," he said,
dropping onto his bed. By the time it was fully erect, it stood out
8.5", and was 5" around.

"You'd kill her with that thing, Dan." Billy said gesturing toward
Dan's cock.

Dan smiled. "Nah, they come a lot bigger. And I'd go easy on her.
You know how Tim likes to eat pussy; I'd let him get her ready. Then
I'd fuck her nice and slow, maybe let her cum on my dick before I
shot," he said, stroking his cock while he spoke. "Don't worry; I'd
let you guys go first so she'd still feel you!"

"Fuck you, she'd feel me," Tim grunted, really starting to work his
own cock. "I'd fucking love to spread her, make her get me nice and
slippery with her mouth, then let her ride me while I chewed on those

Andrea's pussy was boiling again. Without bothering to look around,
she dropped her shorts so she could get at it, sliding her middle
finger in as soon as they were off and rubbing her thumb vigorously
over her rock hard clit.

Looking back in the window, she saw that Billy was now as naked as
the other two men, his back against the wall, rubbing his nipples
and caressing his pecs while he jerked furiously. Tim was still
on his back under the window with his eyes closed, spitting in his
hands for lubrication. He took long slow strokes with one hand
while he played with his balls with the other, his hips rising to
meet meet his hand. Andrea bit down on her lower lip to keep from
moaning out loud, her orgasm getting close. Watching these guys
jerk off while they talked about her was the hottest thing she'd
done in her short sexual career.

The room was filled with the sounds of flesh slapping flesh as each
of the men came closer to cumming.
End of Part 2.
I hope you enjoyed the story as much as I enjoyed writing it. I am
currently at work on others that will be posted as soon as they are
finished. Thank you for all of the constructive comments and words of
encouragement. If you have story ideas, feel free to email them to me;
I can't promise anything, but I'm always looking for things to write about.

As always, please drop me a line with your comments.


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