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MP sucked Marilyns nipple hard then


Keywords: tg/f, tg/ff, oral, anal, mast, lez, exh, pub, asian, i/rAuthor: Brett LynnTitle: Marilyn's Sexual Paradise

So to the Marilyn saga ends. This is the last Marilyn
story for a very long time, possibly ever if interest
in her wanes over time. However, this won't be my
last story. I have more stuff developing in the lab,
so to speak. I reserve all commercial and all other
non-electronic rights to this work. Also, if you wish
to check out the rest of my stuff, please visit my
website, If it's
against the law to read this work in your
jurisdiction, don't do it. So without further ado,
enjoy this story!

By Brett Lynn

"Wh…what hon? What do you want?"

Marilyn groggily pulled herself out of her nap and
took a look at her wife sitting next to her on the
airplane as they cruised their way to Hawaii for their
honeymoon. She saw Kat caressing her body with her
eyes, working over the curves shown off by her tight,
short-sleeved black ribbed top and her form-fitting
black Mary Claires that subtly hinted at that large
symbol of her former gender between her legs. Her
hair was cut short, but feminine, pressed flat to her
scalp with gel, and she finished off her outfit with
some small gold stud earrings and some comfortable
black shoes with a slight platform heel. She felt
herself get warm, her member and nipples starting to
swell with her wife's visual caresses. She saw Kat
lick her lips in pure lust, purring with pure desire.

Marilyn returned to her wife, looked in her eyes and
mouthed, "You don't mean…"

Kat simply nodded her head and let out a mischievous
grin, making her intentions clear. Marilyn gasped and
crossed an arm over her prodigious bosom. Gathering
herself, she leaned close to Kat's small frame and
whispered, "Sure you wanna do this?"


Marilyn took a deep breath, reflexively ran her hand
over her hair, then smoothly got up and stood in the
aisle. Reaching out for her wife, she took Kat's hand
and helped her into the aisle, and the two held hands
as they walked down the aisle to the bathroom,
eliciting a few soft groans from the less open-minded
on the flight. As they walked close to the flight
attendant's station, Marilyn caught the eye of one of
the flight attendants, who got a glimpse of the scene
and caught on quick to what was up. When they were
just about past her, the flight attendant grabbed
Marilyn's shoulder and pulled her mouth to Marilyn's

"Be quick. I'll explain the noise."

The flight attendant quickly released Marilyn, letting
her walk on, and watched for a look of understanding.
When Marilyn smiled at her and gave a thumbs-up, the
flight attendant smiled back and gave her a thumbs-up.
When the couple got to the bathroom door, Marilyn
opened the door in a gentlemanly way, letting Kat slip
into the bathroom before following her, closing and
locking the door.

Marilyn placed Kat up on the sink, got on her knees
and made her way to quickly take Kat to her
destination. She grabbed her ankle, pulled her leg
through the long slit in her wrap skirt, flipped aside
the skirt to one side and dived into Kat's wet pussy
with her mouth. She felt Kat try to grab a hold of
her head as she began to lap wildly all over Kat's
nether lips, just letting her tongue roam the sweet
flesh. She grabbed onto Kat's hips and concentrated
her tongue on Kat's slit, licking as strongly as she
could and lapping up her nectar. Marilyn pulled on
Kat's inner lips with her lips and worked the tip of
her tongue along their edge, trying to work it as far
as she could. Sensing Kat start to undulate her lips,
she held onto Kat's hips and went into to the little
kill, taking Kat's clit in between her lips and
sucking on it while humming and flicking her tongue
against her clit hard and fast. Marilyn just closed
her eyes and let Kat ride her face, feeling the juices
from Kat's pussy soak her chin as she heard her begin
to moan and her hips begin to flex out of control.
She kept going with her lips and tongue, letting her
wife ride out her orgasm, then stopped when she felt
she was coming down.

For the first time since they had entered the tight
bathroom, Marilyn rocked back on her haunches and
looked at her spouse. She looked at her glowing face,
her pupils dilated and her chest still heaving from
the orgasm. Her legs were splayed open, and her peach
looked like it was just eaten, with the juices flowing
down and dripping lightly into the sink. Marilyn had
just let a smile of admiration creep across her face
when she saw Kat lightly kick her shoulder. When she
looked up at Kat, she pointed over to the small toilet
seat next to the sink. Getting the hint, she got up
off her haunches, got her balance and plopped herself
down on the seat, letting her legs spread

Kat jumped off of the sink and landed on her feet,
bracing herself on the bathroom door to keep her
balance, She got down on her knees and shuffled over
between her wife's legs, licking her lips at the bulge
that indicated that her precious Marilyn was not a
slouch in certain husbandly abilities herself. She
looked up over her wife's bountiful chest into her
eyes and smiled as she tugged the zipper on her pants
down, then fished out Marilyn's smooth, veiny member
from her pant leg with both of her hands. She held
out the semi-hard shaft out in front of her face, took
a sniff of her lover's scent, and then licked the tip
like a lollipop, causing Marilyn to reflexive squeeze
her breasts. She pressed her lips to the base of
Marilyn's dick, her chin resting on her balls, and let
the shaft slide over her face, her lips brushing over
the mahogany flesh as Marilyn tweaked her hardening
nipples through her top.

Kat slowly stroked the shaft in her soft hands while
her wife snaked a hand under her top to free a nipple
from one of her bra cups so that she could play with
it better. Suddenly, realizing that she didn't have
the time for a building, Kat stretched her mouth as
wide as she dove onto Marilyn's mushroom tip. She
relaxed her mouth and throat to let the large cock
slide into her against her tongue, looking up into her
spouse's lust-clouded eyes. She let the tip slide
into her mouth and lashed her tongue all over the
sensitive head, causing Marilyn to bite her lip to
keep her noises down and squeeze her tits hard enough
for the flesh to overflow her fingers. With her lover
almost completely hard, she closed her eyes and got
herself ready to throat Marilyn's thick dick. She let
her mouth and throat go as slack as possible and took
a deep breath before pushing her head down Marilyn's
member, impaling her head on it. When she felt her
lips press to Marilyn's bad flesh, she opened her
eyes, only to see her wife's huge breasts topped by
hard nips about her, and a small tattoo in florid
script just above and to the side of her lips saying
"Property of Katherine." She keyed in on that tattoo
while she milked her possession with her mouth and
throat, then pressed her soft lips against the shaft
as she smoothly extracted the shaft from first her
throat, then her mouth. Kat gave the tip a light peck
before she got up off her knees, and Marilyn pulled
her over to straddle her hips.

She closed her eyes and felt the massive head swab her
tiny slit with pre-cum before lining up with her tight
hole. Kat gritted her teeth and closed her eyes
tight, bracing herself for the familiar, yet still
somewhat painful, stretching her lover's large cock
did to her sugar walls. Once she pushed her hips down
and impaled herself on Marilyn's head, she opened her
eyes to see a panting Marilyn, her mouth open, her
chest heaving and her nipples hard. Kat felt Marilyn
grip her hips and pull her further onto the shaft,
hitting her g-spot and clit at the same time and
involuntarily eliciting a moan from her throat. Once
she felt her lover's balls against her ass, she
lightly caressed her belly, feeling her lover's dick
throbbing just below the skin. Then, Kat simply let
herself relax, letting her mind get dominated by all
the fine friction and soft stretching coming out from
between her legs.

Marilyn bit her lip, letting some of her burgundy
lipstick onto her teeth, as she felt her wife's velvet
vise pulling on her ebony shaft. She held Kat still
as she began to buck her hips and plow her huge dick
as deep as she could with all abandon. She then let
one hand snake up under Kat's t-shirt to press that
body to her's, enjoying the warmth all over her torso.
She made a point to keep as quiet as she could, but
between the quivering of her wife's flesh against hers
and the tightness of Kat's pussy made it very
difficult. She reached under her own shirt with her
free hand to tweak her own pebble-hard nipple with her
thumb and thrust away hard, mentally letting herself
go to the sensation.

Marilyn then simply let her body feel off of itself,
the sensations on her sensitive tip feeding back to
her nipple which fed right back into those hips that
drove her dick into that honey pot that made her feel
so good. She felt that itch start on her tip, begging
to be scratched by her lover's kitty, and creep its
way down her hard shaft. Quickly, she began to feel
that familiar throbbing, so she quickly turned her
head and gave Kat a hard tongue kiss. Just as she
slipped her tongue into Kat's mouth, Marilyn felt
herself get rigid and screamed into her wife's mouth
as she felt her dick coat her member along with that
tight pussy and the cervix above it. She felt herself
relax as she let her dick flood the tight space around
her dick, letting Kat's orgasm milking out the rest of
her cum. Marilyn grabbed Kat's head and pressed it to
the nape of her neck as the two rode out their
climaxes, their fluids dripping and coating her crotch
with moisture.

As she let herself smile with relief, she felt herself
soften up a bit as the end of Kat's orgasm squeezed
out the last of her cum. Shaking out the cobwebs and
realizing that they were in a public place, Marilyn
lifted Kat off her and slipped her dick out of her
body. As Kat straightened out her skirt, Marilyn
hurriedly tucked herself back in her pants, then stood
up to zip herself back up and straighten out the rest
of her clothes. Wiping a bit of sweat off of her
brow, she unlocked the bathroom door and led the way
for the married couple to stroll back to their seats
as calmly as possible. On the way back, Marilyn felt
someone tapping on her shoulder. She turned around to
see that it was the same flight attendant that greeted
her on the way to the bathroom.

"So did your ladies enjoy your visit to the mile-high
club?" the flight attendant pleasantly chimed.

Marilyn, feeling a bit flirtatious, felt the cum
congealing and drying on her right hand and lifted her
fingers up to the flight attendants nose. She let her
register the scent, then said, "does that smell like
something two ladies would produce?" She then flashed
a wink before turning back towards her seat.

A few minutes later, the flight attendant, walking
past with her cart, caught Marilyn's attention. She
began "Can I…" before Marilyn put up her hand, then
dug in her pants for a pen and her wallet. She pulled
out an old receipt, then proceeded to write the name
of the magazine with her latest pictorial, along with
the magazine's website address and her email address.
"If you wanna see what my wife got in that bathroom,"
Marilyn calmly said as she handed her the piece of
paper, "check that out and let me know what you think,
OK?" She cupped her breasts in her hands and jiggled
them a bit before waving off the flight attendant and
settling down in her seat with a smile.


The rest of the trip to Hawaii turned out to be rather
uneventful, passed with some sleep and a little bit of
reading. After picking up their bags in baggage,
Marilyn and Kat caught a cab to the resort in West
Maui where they were to spend their honeymoon. It was
a spacious, airy condo with a gorgeous view of the
Pacific, with a beautiful beach below the window.
While there were some people frolicking on the beach
in the afternoon sun, Marilyn was in the bathroom,
preparing herself to be Kat's wife on the honeymoon

She had shed her traveling clothes and took a shower
to get the smell of travel and cum off of her, making
sure her privates were extra clean. Even though she
normally wasn't a perfume fan, she dabbed some White
Diamonds under her arms, under her breasts and around
her balls and asshole. Using a trick she picked up
from modeling, she managed to get some foundation the
same size of her nipples and dabbed it around her
nipples, making her areolas look extra big. Putting
on that foundation made her flashback to the porn
shoot, the fee from it making the trip possible.
"That's the first AND last time I'm doing a shoot with
a shemale," Marilyn thought to herself. "I don't care
if there was no actual sexual contact. Fuck that.
That chick was a bit too close and looked a bit too
hard." Remembering what was in between that girl's
legs made her shudder.

Conveniently, that thought took the sexual edge out of
her system, allowing her to tuck her manhood between
her legs and her butt cheeks. Then she pulled on her
little white teddy, which pushed up her boobs and only
managed to cover her dick and a little bit of her ass
in the back. After pausing a bit to remember, she
added some light brown blush on her cheeks and added
some glossy blood red lipstick to her lips. She added
some matching pain to her finger nails, then sat down
on the toilet waiting for them to dry. Noticing the
phone next to the toilet, she decided to pick up the
phone and check on her daughter.


"Hi. Mmmm…Who's this?"

"It's your sister, calling from Hawaii. I'm calling
to see how my daughter's doing."

Sharilynn was laid out on her bed, her bedroom
illuminated only by the Powerpuff girls on the TV.
One of her co-workers was laying between her spread
legs, gently, slowly lapping away at her pussy. Shari
gently caressed her compatriots her hair as she held
onto the phone.

"She doing, Ok sis. Oooo…she's doing OK."

Marilyn, noticing that something was amiss asked, "OK,
what's going on in there?"

"Well, I'm laying here, watching the Powerpuff girls
while one of the girls from work is eating me out."

Marilyn, bent over chuckling at the situation going on
back in New Jersey, rapped back into the phone, "Got
buffoons, eating my pussy while I watch cartoons!"


"Queen Bitch! Supreme bitch!" Marilyn chuckled a bit
more into the phone before continuing. "So who's
eating you out?"

"Thank you very much, Li'l Kim. It's Carla. You
remember her, right?"

Marilyn's nipples hardened a bit at the visual in her
head. "I definitely do. Is my daughter fine?"

"Yeah, yeah, sis. Yeesh. She's asleep right now."

"Good, because if my daughter turns up dead, I'll kill

"Yeah, yeah, sure."

"Look, my wife awaits, so I gotta go, sis. OK?"

"Alright. Your daughter's gonna be fine."

"OK, sis. Bye!"

Marilyn hung up the phone, then stood up and walked
over to her white six-inch platform heels. One she
slipped them on, the whole sex goddess image was
complete. She bent over and took a look at herself in
the mirror, smiling coquettishly and winking at
herself. "If I could find someone that looked like me
right now, I'd fuck her," Marilyn thought to herself,
chuckling then purring to herself. She walked to the
door, opened it and ducked slightly as she walked
through the threshold into the bedroom. Sitting up on
the bed was Kat, dressed in a t-shirt and sweats and
quietly reading "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress".
Marilyn seductively walked towards the bed, catching
Kat's sight out the corner of her eye. She felt her
wife's gaze cast over her body as she climbed onto the
bed and crawled to her. She took the book out of
Kat's hand, placed it on the nightstand and looked
into Kat's eyes.

"I'm your toy, baby," Marilyn said with lust-clouded
eyes. She bent down to kiss Kat's head, then
returning her gaze, finished, "Play with me." She
crawled over Kat's body, then set herself on all fours
across the bed, her high-heel clad feet dangling off
the bed. She smiled at her wife, who responded with a
smile as she slid over and caressed her body. Calmly,
Kat bent down at took a whiff of her scent as she ran
her hand over her wife's smooth body. She felt
Marilyn shiver a bit as her hand ran down her spine,
over her up-turned ass, caressing her legs, then
feeling her tight stomach.

When Kat's hand finally got to Marilyn's tits, first
she lightly squeezed and flicked at the firm flesh.
Licking her lips at the large breasts barely held in
the lace, she took her hands and freed one of them
from their confinement. Kat let herself purr looking
at the delicious chocolate nipple, then playfully
batted at it before taking it between her fingers and
rolling it around. After milking at Marilyn's
mammaries, she laid down below her spouse and took the
nipple into her mouth, enjoying the way she rocked
back on her knees from the warmth. Kat let her tongue
roam around the nipple and areola, feeling the nipple
get harder against her tongue and smudging the make-up
applied on the areola. She then started nursing on
Marilyn, making her coo and bite her lip, and let her
instincts take over to turn her wife on. She reached
up to hold on to Marilyn's other tit, making sure it
didn't gently knock her as she tongue and mouth
magically made the body above her buck and writhe.
Kat sucked on Marilyn's nipple hard, then flicked the
tip of her tongue on her wife's nipple as she quickly
pulled out Marilyn's other breasts from confinement.

Marilyn looked down just long enough to see her wife
lick her lips at her chocolate mounds before biting
her lip in response to the feel of Kat's warm, wet
mouth. She swayed back on her hips and struggled to
keep her arms taut as delicious sensations flowed out
of her nipples through her body. She breathed sharply
through her teeth and she felt Kat exquisitely torture
her breasts with all the sucking and pulling on her
nipples. Closing her eyes, instinctively preparing
herself for the next assault on her nerves, she felt
Kat's lips creep up her breasts, then felt her breath
smelling her armpits, making her moan and dig her
fingers into the bed. She smiled, looking into her
lover's eyes, as she saw Kat gently peck at her
shoulder with her lips. Marilyn then arched her back
as she felt her wife's hand run against the soft skin
on her back, making her purr with pleasure.

"OH GOD! Kat, that feels so incredible!"

Marilyn began to moan and pant as she felt Kat kiss
the back of her neck, gathering more and more of the
bed's sheets to keep herself under control. Gritting
her teeth against the thrashing of her senses, she
struggled to keep from going wild as her wife reached
around her body and pawed at her boobs while her lips
wandered her way down her wide back, her tongue
flicking out against her crevices formed by her muscle
and bone. Her nipples were on fire and the tip of her
dick began to flare, pressing against her skin and the
satin of her teddy. Giving herself over to Kat's
licks and kisses, Marilyn dropped to her elbows,
pressing her nipples firmly into Kat's palms as her
lips went closer and closer to the small of her back.

When Kat hit a particular spot on her wife's back with
her small, soft lips, she felt the weight of Marilyn's
breasts and the hardness of her nipples dig into the
palms of her hands. It was then that Kat pulled her
hands from under her wife's tits and started pushing
the teddy down her body, feeling up the hard washboard
stomach under Marilyn's velvety smooth dark chocolate
skin. She let Marilyn writhe under her lips as she
felt up her wife's strong, yet feminine body, enjoying
the taper of her waist and the swell of her hips. She
let herself drool over the delicious meal her spouse's
flesh offer up and felt her other lips begin to drool
themselves. Looking over Marilyn's plump round ass to
her calves shaped by the platform heels, she kissed
her way down to the top of the thong back of Marilyn's
teddy, deliciously awaiting the treasures that lay

Marilyn ground her hips back against Kat's hands as
they worked their way down inside her teddy, with one
hand reaching in to caress her tucked-under scrotum
while her other hand eased down the back of her teddy
to expose her ass crack to her kisses and licks. She
looked back over her shoulder and writhed herself more
and more as she felt Kat's lips move closer and closer
to the tip of her dick. When she finally felt her tip
exposed to the air, she felt Kat wash it with her
tongue, bathing it in her spit. It was then that Kat
pulled down her teddy down to her knees, then pulled
her dick out of her ass crack, letting her dick and
balls dangle in the air and brush her soft thighs.

Kat dove into Marilyn's ass crack and took a whiff,
smiling when she got the scent of the perfume
conveniently placed there. She grabbed onto Marilyn's
hips and nuzzled against her ass, then followed her
nose to the source of the scent. Kat tentatively
stroked her tongue against the tiny rosebud, then
began to lick in earnest, feeling her hands slip as
Marilyn bucked her ass against her tongue. She took
time to lick all around her wife's asshole, even
sticking the tongue in a bit as she felt the back
passage relax a bit. Satisfied by the way Marilyn was
squirming and her dick was pulsing with the flow of
blood, she licked her way down from Marilyn's asshole
to the sensitive area between her asshole and her
balls, making her wife's squirm some more. Kat then
licked a winding, twisting line around Marilyn's balls
before taking one of them gently between her lips and
sucking on it, bathing it in saliva with her tongue.

Marilyn was moaning loudly to her wife's oral attack,
rubbing her nipples against the bed spread and arching
her back in response. She turned her head to scream
into the sheets as she felt Kat pop one testicle from
her mouth and suck wetly on the other. Trying to
maintain a sense of herself against the pleasure she
was feeling, she buried her face in the bed and
screamed into it as she felt the air against the
moisture on her balls and Kat's tongue slowly licking
its way down her shaft.

"Ooo, yeah! That feels so good!" cooed Marilyn,
enjoying the feel of her wet cock in the air and the
action of Kat's tongue along her sensitive tip,
seaming teasing out every single nerve ending in that
swelling head of hers. She rocked back on her hips as
her half-hard dick slipped through Kat's lips and bit
her lip as her wife nursed gently on the tip. She
felt herself swell to full hardness as she felt her
tip being sucked and licked like a chocolate lollipop,
the evaporating moisture into the air-conditioned room
getting her hotter. Marilyn felt Kat smack her on her
ample ass, then squeeze, grab and pull downward on it.
Trying to figure out what her wife wanted, she lowered
her ass down, sliding her dick down through Kat's
throat in the process. She screamed when she felt her
sac resting on Kat's delicate chin and let out a long,
loud wail when she felt that tiny throat seemingly try
to pull the cum out of her, forcing her to use every
ounce of resistance against the feeling. When she
felt her wife start to gag and smack her ass, Marilyn
took it as a signal to withdraw herself from Kat's
throat and mouth, letting her wet, hard cock hang
down, ready to its next job.

Kat slipped off of the bed, then slipped her
sweatpants off, ready for her next move. She slid a
finger through her slit, rubbing her clit and
eliciting a moan that got her wife to look at her
innocent looking body. She took off her t-shirt,
playing with her nipples a bit in a bit of a show,
then jumped back on the bed, spreading her legs around
Marilyn's and moving her pussy under Marilyn's fat
cock. She saw Marilyn raise up on her hands and look
over her shoulder to see what she about to do, which
was line up her wet slit with her wife's dick and tug
the dick downward until it was flush with her honey
hole. Kat braced herself against Marilyn's ass as she
grabbed onto the hard dick three inches down from the
tip, then raised her hips up to slide the huge head
through her tight lips. Driven to pleasure from the
sheer thickness of her wife's penis, she fell back on
the bed, writhing in pleasure. As she felt Marilyn
slide herself deeper inside her, Kat pulled on her
small nipples a bit to make her pussy wetter for the
huge dick, then bent herself up and smacked Marilyn's
ass hard.

Smiling mischievously at the jiggling flesh, Kat began
to pump her hips up and down on Marilyn's big dick,
getting herself off on her own flesh and blood sex
toy. She licked the fingers on one hand, then reached
down with it to rub her clit and press it as close as
possible to her wife's dick. Then, she wet the
fingers of her other hand and started rubbing it
against Marilyn's backdoor, making her dick throb
inside of her, moaning loudly on the throbbing member
inside of her. Eventually, her other hand ended up on
Marilyn's ass, spanking and grabbing and rubbing the
pliant flesh as her fingers stimulated her wife's
asshole while she rode her wife's schlong harder and
harder. She inserted her middle finger a tiny bit
into Marilyn, making her dick swell inside of her even
more. Kat then grabbed on firmly to her wife's ass
with both hand and rode the inflamed dick hard to an
explosive cum, making her blackout for a bit as she
felt her sugar walls squeezing Marilyn's dick off.
She ended up letting go, physically and emotionally,
falling down flat on the bed twitching in ecstasy.

Marilyn, barely able to hang on from her lover's dick,
raised up on her knees, then looked over her shoulder
at her ecstatic spouse. The thin body was still
quivering in orgasm, Kat's pussy still pulling on her
tip as her chest heaved, her belly and hips riding out
the final waves. She smiled down at her smiling wife,
blinking back tears a bit because she was so happy and
idly rubbing a nipple with her hand for her own sexual
pleasure. When Kat finally came to, she pulled the
rest of her dick out of her pussy, then tapped her
thigh in her hand, suggesting that she wanted her to
spread her legs. She felt her wife pull her teddy
completely off of her, then slide her body through her
thick, powerful thighs, then line her pussy up with
her hard dick. Obliging with what seemed to be Kat's
request, she grabbed onto her spouse's hips while
inserting herself into her tiny, tight, wet cunt. She
bent herself over Kat's body and started to pump away
at Kat's pussy, cooing over the tightness around her
dick and making Kat scream in pain and pleasure.

While she slowly got her momentum fucking in and out
of her wife's pussy, her wife took it upon herself to
take one of her nipples in her mouth, sucking it and
batting it around with her tongue. With a sharp
intake of breath, Marilyn got rigid herself, then took
Kat's head in her hand and lifted her back off of the
bed while pounding away at Kat's pussy. She held onto
her wife's head and let her suck away at her tit,
enjoying the sensation as her wife used her pussy to
pull on her dick. The couple started screaming in
unison, as Marilyn was finding it harder and harder to
hold back on her cum from the feelings on her super-
sensitive cock while Kat surprising fell into another
orgasm from the friction her wife's pounding made on
her clit. Marilyn nearly came from the humming of
Kat's scream against her dick, and used the last bit
of restraint she had to pull Kat's head off of her
breast and lay it back down on the bed. She grabbed
her wife's hips, closed her eyes and pumped her wife's
tight pussy hard with her big dick, oblivious to her
wife's cries. Bit by bit, she felt herself get closer
and closer to cumming as she rode that pussy hard.
Feeling her tip being pulled on by her wife's pussy
was the last straw. She made three hard pumps into
Kat's tight pussy, held on tight with her arms and
screamed, letting her cock coat that pussy with her
hot cum, letting herself go inside of Kat. Marilyn
slowly regained her composure, then wiped the sweat
off her brow while casting a gaze at her glowing wife,
apparently coming down from yet another cum.

Marilyn bent down and gave Kat a loving peck on the
lips. "Did you enjoy your toy?"

Kat simply nodded her head in response.


Marilyn growled under her breath while Kat was getting
a chuckle out of Marilyn's embarrassing situation.
"That's the last time EVER I'm betting on a sure
thing," Marilyn thought to herself. "Who knew that
that was the one time Rivera would blow it in the

Marilyn, in the midst of watching game 7 of the World
Series was crazy enough to bet her disinterested
spouse after the Yankees hit a homer in the 8th to take
the lead. Knowing how much her formerly male spouse
loved his Yankees, she decided to offer her sexually
services at will for 24 hours if the Yankees hold on.
However, Luis Gonzalez had other ideas for the game.
So as a result, while the couple sat on the beach
reading their books, Marilyn reading "Atlas Shrugged"
and Kat reading that book of hers again, Kat decided
to make her spouse scream out her devotion to the
World Series champs to random people on the beach.
"At least she didn't make me do this back in New
York," she thought to herself.

The couple dressed alike for their playful romp on the
beach, wearing matching black and bronze Diamondback
caps and American flag bikinis. Kat's top covered her
small buds on her chest, while Marilyn's top barely
did well to contain her from spilling out. Marilyn
also was wearing a pair of baggy shorts over her
bottoms, still not comfortable showing that much leg
in public as the high-cut bottoms did.

Just as she was getting into Francisco d'Anconia's
speech about money, she felt a nudge on her right arm.
Assuming it was Kat still trying to make her live up
to the terms of her of her bet, Marilyn took a breath,
resigned to her fate, and screamed out "LET'S GO

"Hey! How's it going there?!"

Marilyn, shocked that there was a response to her
hated cheer, put her book down on the armrest and
looked up at who was screaming at her. In front of
her was a very cute lesbian couple walking up to her.
One of them had a glowing caramel complexion, a bit on
the tall side, with a very cute and young-looking face
framed by black braids a bit longer than shoulder
length and covered by a straw hat. Her girlfriend had
a darker chocolate complexion, just a bit shorter with
the same braids. The two had long, lean yet soft
bodies wearing matching 2 piece bikinis, with the
caramel skinned girl wearing a lavender bikini and her
chocolate partner wearing a white one.

"Interesting cheer there," said the caramel skinned
girl. "Diamondback fan there?"

"No," Marilyn answered. "Just a Yankee fan stupid
enough to make a bet with my wife here."

"Did you say wife?"


"Cool," the caramel skinned girl replied. "We've just
married too. My name's Lisa, and my spouse's name
here is Mary Jane." The two raised up their hands in
unison, showing off their sparkling wedding rings.
"Hey, I didn't catch your names. What are they?"

"Oh, my name's Marilyn, and my little wife's here is
Kat." Marilyn then tapped her wife's arm to get her
attention off of her book, and Kat waved hi to the
couple in front of her.

After a quick scan of both Marilyn and Kat's hands,
Mary Jane meekly asked, "Hey? If you two are married,
where are your rings?"

Marilyn looked over to Kat and mouthed to her, 'Let's
show them the tattoos.' Kat then pulled the front of
her bikini bottoms as low as she could without being
indecent, while Marilyn unbuttoned her shorts and did
likewise with hers, revealing matching tattoos. The
one on Marilyn's crotch said in florid script
"Property of Katherine", while the one on Kat's
intimate region had "Property of Marilyn" in the same
script. The last tattoo particularly caught Lisa's
attention, causing her to stare a bit.

"Hey, you dirty perverts!" Marilyn cracked in a
humorously proper voice while pretending to cover her
boobs with her arms. "Staring at a woman like a piece
of meat? I ought to slap you for being so naughty!"
she finished with a hard belly laugh.

"Actually," Lisa replied flirtatiously, "I would
definitely love to eat her." "So do I, now that I
think about it," Mary Jane added.

"I wouldn't mind that, but on one condition…You'd have
to play with me too." Turning to Kat, she asked,
"What do you think, fair wife of mine?"

Kat, her mouth watering at the prospect of her first
pussy in months, nodded her head in the affirmative
with a broad smile.

"How about we meet up at 8 then?" Lisa asked.

"Sure, no problem. Just come up to our place…"


Marilyn was sitting down on the bed, putting on the
final touches to Kat's toe nails with burgundy polish.
Kat was laying back on the pillows, smiling and
enjoying her wife's touch. She was simply, yet
sexually dressed, wearing a black sheer lace top that
stopped just below her small breasts and a simple lacy
black thong. Her face was darkly made up with dark
eye shadow and burgundy lipstick, while her shoulder
length straight black hair was combed and hair sprayed
into place. Marilyn herself didn't bother to change,
leaving on the same bikini and shorts she wore out to
the beach. Taking a quick glance at the clock, she
noticed that it was only 2 minutes to 8. "Damn, I
don't got time to get ready," Marilyn thought to
herself. "Well, this is mainly Kat's show. I don't
think they'll mind me."



"It's me Lisa, from the beach!"


Marilyn looked to Kat and asked her, "Are you ready to
play?" Kat smiled sweetly and nodded her head in
reply. Looking down at her wife's toes to make sure
they were dry, Marilyn got up from the bed and
answered the door. She opened the door and took in
the sight of the couple they met from the beach. They
were wearing the same bikinis from the beach, complete
with matching sarongs and straw hats, both not wearing
any shoes. Marilyn sized up their looks, getting her
eyes accustomed to what she was going to be looking at
all night.

"C-come on in, ladies. I think you'll enjoy what's on
the bed."

Marilyn stepped aside, letting Lisa and Mary Jane into
the large room. On the far end, with the room mostly
being lit by the setting sun, was Kat, in all of her
innocent sexiness, glowing with the light in the room.

"Ooo, she looks good enough to eat Lisa. Shall we?"


Lisa and Mary Jane calmly walked to the bed and
climbed onto the bed on either side of Kat. Just
before Lisa dove in to devour Kat, Lisa looked up out
of her brow and asked, "hey? Are you gonna join in,

"Marilyn. And nah, I won't join in right now." She
pulled over a chair from the table in the room, the
placed it across from the bed, in a perfect place to
watch the action. "I'll just sit here, watch, play
with myself for a bit, then I'll jump in."

As Mary Jane bent down to tongue kiss Kat hard, Lisa
asked again, "Are you sure? Because you said…"

Marilyn waved off Lisa dismissively and said,
"Whatever. Don't sweat it. Enjoy!"

Lisa playfully bit her lip, then chucked her straw hat
into Marilyn's lap as she joined her wife to kiss Kat,
resulting in a tangle of tongues over her face. As
they were kissing, Lisa's hand pressed to Kat's chest
and rubbed the lace against Kat's hardening nipple,
making her mew against the caresses. While Mary Jane
kept kissing Kat, grinding their faces together, Lisa
slid her face down and began to suck on Kat's nipple
through her sheer top, making Kat purr into Mary
Jane's mouth. As Lisa nursed at Kat's tits, she slid
her hand between Kat's legs and rubbed her steaming
pussy through the lace panties, causing Kat to reach
for Lisa's honey pot, running her fingers along her

"See this, Mary Jane?" Lisa said as she removed her
mouth from Kat's nipple. "This little girl is hot for
my pussy!" Pressing her hand to cup Kat's vulva, she
asked, "Should I let this little girl rub my pussy?"

"Mmm, go ahead, girl! Enjoy yourself," replied Mary
Jane. "Just go with it man! Enough of the bullshit."

Lisa slid her body up against Kat's, letting Kat's
hand slide underneath her bikini bottoms. She let
herself moan as she felt Kat exploring her soft, downy
pubic hair before she felt Kat brush her thumb against
her clit. Kat, now able to see what she was feeling
after Mary Jane lifted up her top and slid down to
suck her tiny tits, pushed her hand deeper into Lisa's
bikini bottoms and rubbed her lips as well as flicking
her clit. She smiled as she enjoyed the soft folds
between Lisa's legs, feeling the heat from Lisa's hand
between her legs as she saw the pure pleasure on her

Marilyn, meanwhile, was sitting there, quietly
watching and feeling herself stir under her ass while
she palmed her overflowing breasts through her bikini.
As she watched her wife give and receive pleasure, she
pulled her bikini top over her boobs and pulled on her
nipples, enjoying seeing her wife and Lisa start
humping on each other's probing hands while Mary Jane
was taking care of herself while kissing all over
Kat's chest. As she licked her own nipple, feeling
herself her harder between her legs, she managed to
catch Kat's eye, her eyes cloudy with pleasure.

Realizing that she had Kat's eye, she mouthed, 'Do you
enjoy the feel of two soft women with soft pussies
instead of my big hard dick?" After Kat nodded
enthusiastically in the affirmative, Marilyn mouthed
in response 'Fuck you then' with a wink and a smile.
Kat chuckled a bit while enjoying the attentions of
the two women on her tiny body and watching her wife
lick her own nipples.

Kat just laid there, enjoying Lisa's attentions while
just letting her hand rest against Lisa's warm pussy.
As she felt Mary Jane's long tongue snake into her
armpit, setting her nerves on fire, she let her eyes
roll back as Lisa kissed the side of her stomach. She
felt a quick trail of kisses that let right to her
panties, which were pulled aside so that Lisa could
lick along Kat's "Property of Marilyn" tattoo, teasing
her as she was tracing out the letters. She then
planted one long lick up her slit before flicking her
tongue against her clit.

Mary Jane, feeling herself a bit ignored in the midst
of all this action, decided to get in the act herself,
taking off her sarong and sliding Kat's hand down into
her bikini bottoms. After rocking back and forth
against her fingers, she felt Kat rub her fingers
along her slit while she pulled off her bikini top
and pinched her nipples between her thumb and
forefinger. When she looked down at Kat, she saw her
lips wet from her tongue running over them, and her
wife doing her best to lick Kat senseless. Wanting to
feel those wet, soft lips on her pussy, she quickly
shucked off her bikini bottoms and straddled Kat's
head facing the wall. She lowered her slit onto Kat's
lips and rubbed it back and forth, making herself moan
as she felt Kat begin to stick out her tongue. She
braced herself against the wall and let her hips roll
over Kat's face as her tongue tried to lick out all
the sweetness from her pussy. She closed her eyes and
let her hips roll, letting her wet tongue and soft
lips try to suck an orgasm out of her.

In the corner, Marilyn was being ignored by the three
on the bed, but she wasn't ignoring them. She could
see them writhing on the bed whipping themselves up
into a lust-driven frenzy, with both her wife and Mary
Jane starting to thrash around on the bed. Lisa was
laying in between Kat's thighs herself, lapping away
at Kat's flush vulva. From her observation, Marilyn
could tell that Mary Jane had definitely enjoyed some
mini-tremors courtesy of her beloved and that her wife
had already cum once and was well on her way to
another cum. Not that she wasn't on her way herself.
She was pinching a nipple between the fingers of one
hand, occasionally licking the sensitive chocolate
peak to make her feel more pleasure. With her feet
tangled up in her shorts, her other hand was busy in
between her legs stroking her hard dick, flicking her
thumb over the smooth tip, rubbing in the drops of
pre-cum that had leaked out, occasionally rubbing her
smooth scrotum. She licked her dry lips, enjoying the
scene in front of her, moving her fingers deliberately
slow so not to cum to fast, and seeing that Kat was
going to be able to have that self-control.

"Oh, she's gonna cum again Mary Jane!" Lisa screamed
out between wet licks of Kat's pussy. "Wouldn't you
like that?"

"Oh yeah! She's such a fucking good cuntlapper!"

"Do you want me to make her cum with her tongue up her


"Yeah, I'm gonna make her cum! I'm gonna make this
hot girl cum! SLURP! SLURP! SLUPR!" Lisa quickly
pumped a finger inside of Kat to push her over the
edge, then decided to get Marilyn into the action.
"You like the way I'm licking your little wifey's
pussy, huh? SLURP! Mmm…she's soo delicious! You
gotta get down and try this pussy yourself. I hope
you're enjoying the show over there, playing with

"Mmm, I am Lisa…very much so."

"Or maybe your pussy is just as tasty, ain't the?"

Just as Lisa was saying that, she turned around and
saw Marilyn sitting there in the chair, her bikini
pulled aside to expose her hard nipples and harder
cock laying back against her belly with her balls
spilled out to the side of her bikini bottoms. She
looked at Marilyn's erection in complete shock.

"Hold up! You didn't say…I mean…how am I…I
mean…you're a man and that feels…I don't know…that's
so disgusting!"

"Relax my dear," Marilyn said as she got up from her
chair, sensing her distress. "I am a girl. I just
have an extra…part."

"I'LL SAY! I didn't come to Hawaii to end up on the
Jerry Springer show! You're a guy! I mean…"

"Shhh. Relax, Lisa," Mary Jane said as she lifted
herself off of Kat's face and turning towards the two.
"I know what to do. You know how you like to get
fucked with my strap-on from time to time, right?"

"Yeah, but…"

"Relax! I'll make sure our special friend is nice and
slick and she can fuck that tight little ass of yours
with her extra-big strap-on." Feeling out Marilyn's
shaft, Mary Jane noted, "Damn! This thing here is
bigger than the biggest strap-on I've got."

Lisa piped up, "There's no way that big thing could
fit. Besides, HE'S still a guy!"

Marilyn bent down, brushing some of Lisa's braids away
from her cheek. "Don't worry. I'm a lady…and a
gentle man. Just take care of my wife, as you've been
doing so well. You don't even have to see me…just
feel me."

Lisa sighed and said "OK," then got back between Kat's
legs, brushed her braids back and tentatively licked
in between Kat's inner and outer lips. Mary Jane, on
the other hand, lowered her pussy back onto Kat's
mouth as Marilyn climbed onto the bed and kneeled on
one knee, her dick sticking straight out from her.
Mary Jane ran her fingers along the outstretched
thigh, causing Marilyn to shiver and her dick to

Mary Jane gasped as she felt Kat lick her clit before
gathering herself to say, "Ooh, you've got such
smooth, soft skin! Mmm…are you sure you're aren't
just a girl with a really good strap-on?"

Marilyn playfully bopped Mary Jane with her thick cock
before saying, "nope…it's all me. I was born a little

Taking hold of Marilyn's erection, Mary Jane purred,
"This is nice and warm too. Let's see how this
tastes." She then gently licked around the sensitive
tip, letting her tongue linger around the small bumps
and making Marilyn coo in contentment.

"I see that you were leaking…oooh…a bit of pre-cum
there! I can't wait to taste…"

Mary Jane slipped Marilyn's head into her mouth, her
moaning and shaking showing that Kat was about to push
her over the edge. Marilyn felt her moaning and
sucking on her tip, trying to keep her mouth in
control while her round booty was pumping in orgasm on
Kat's face, making her knees buckle. Mary Jane pulled
Marilyn's dick from her mouth and screamed "Oh GOD!
Your wife's such a good pussy eater! Mmm…don't you
DARE stop back there!" Mary Jane nuzzled the huge
member with her lips, barely remembering to stick her
tongue out along the shaft. As she became a bit more
comfortable with the mouth on her nether lips, Mary
Jane pointed the dick up in the air some and began to
lick the huge cock like a chocolate lollipop, trying
to coat every inch of it with her tongue.

"This dick is so delicious! I could get use to this,"
said Mary Jane, letting the dark chocolate shaft coat
her taste buds. She planted a few butterfly kisses on
the side of the shaft and nuzzled up on it, taking in
Marilyn's scent. "Nice smell too…I could get used to
this." Mary Jane dribbled some spit on Marilyn's
dick, then stroked it up and down with her hand. "Are
you ready to take Lisa on now?"

Marilyn nodded as she bit her lip, her fingers
pinching on both of her nipples. "STOP THAT! You're
gonna make me cum like that, and I'll need time to

Dropping the dick like a hot potato, Mary Jane said
"K…but damn, I wish I had one of thooooose…oooh…"

Marilyn slid over behind Lisa, pulled aside her bikini
bottoms, then gently slid two fingers inside her
pussy, sliding them against each other as she slowly
pumped them in and out. After taking a small taste of
Lisa's honey off of her fingers, she rubbed a finger
against Lisa's rectum, gently relaxing it until she
could get a finger tip in. After opening it enough to
slide the second finger in, Marilyn backed up slightly
and lined her tip up with Lisa's anus along her
fingers. It was then that Marilyn finally got a good
look at Lisa's round, honeyed ass. "That looks good
enough to eat," Marilyn thought to herself. "And even
better to fuck." Marilyn grabbed one hip with her
free hand and eased her tip in as she was easing her
fingers out. After her head was firmly planted in her
ass, she took her fingers and flicked Lisa's clit with

"Oh, that feels so…GOOD!!!" Lisa screamed out, looking
over her shoulders at Marilyn's curvy body. "Fuck me
with that big thing of yours! FUCK ME!!!"

Marilyn then eased herself into Lisa's tight ass while
making sure to keep rubbing her clit, flooding Lisa's
head with a flood of pain and pleasure. After she
buried her dick far enough for her hips to contact
Lisa's round ass, Marilyn grabbed her by the shoulders
to get her attention, then asked Lisa, "are you OK?"

"God, you're a big girl!" Lisa replied while
feathering her fingertips over Kat's outer lips.
"Just be gentle with me, please?"

"Not a problem, my dear. After all, since you made my
wife cum, I gotta return the favor right?" Bending
over Lisa's slim frame, she asked, "Now gimme a kiss,"
and gave Lisa a kiss on the cheek. She closed her
eyes, then slowly made short strokes inside of Lisa's
tight ass, starting with small strokes and slowly
lengthening them as she kept her fingers wet and
rubbed her clit. As she stretched out her strokes,
she took care of be slow, both for Lisa's sake and
hers. "Damn, this ass is tight! I could cum in a
hurry in this tight ass," Marilyn thought to herself.
Opening her eyes, she looked up to see Mary Jane
sitting to the side of Kat's head, idly rubbing her
pussy, while Kat looked in pure lust and her crotch,
writhing against Lisa's fingers on her pussy, her face
looking spent from the sex she was having. Lisa, for
her part, was barely moving her fingers on Kat's lips
and gasping in shock

"Oooh, that feels so nice! Fuck me harder…I wanna cum
with your fat cock in my tight ass!" Mary Jane slid
down the bed to Lisa's side, brushing aside the braids
from one side of her face so she could give her wife a
kiss. "Come on, you big dicked, big titted slut!
Fuck her!" leered Mary Jane before standing up on her
knees and giving Marilyn a wet tongue kiss. She
reached around Marilyn and cupped both of her boobs in
her hands, rubbing the nipples. Mary Jane then licked
in Marilyn's ear and whispered "come on, fuck her!
You know this will be the only dick she ever gets,
huh? Don't worry…I'll hold on your tits while you
pump her hard…"

Marilyn took this egging on in stride, pumping Lisa's
ass a bit harder while tugging on her clit. Feeling
Lisa's ass clench against her cock, she tapped Lisa's
ass harder, feeling her big round ass jiggle against
her smooth flesh and hearing Lisa mew in the distance.
As she felt Mary Jane pull on her nipples and saw her
wife stare at her with exhausted lust, Marilyn felt
Lisa start to quiver in the beginnings of a nice long
cum. Marilyn grabbed onto Lisa's hips and fucked her
over the edge, making sure not to fuck her too hard as
heard Lisa mew in the distance. She held herself
steady as Lisa's ass rode her out the orgasm, her
gentle cries going into the bed sheets. Marilyn
closed her eyes and bit her lips, trying to avoid the
itch that has crawled up her dick with the friction of
Lisa's tight ass.

As she heard Lisa start to cum down, she gently eased
her big dick out of her tight ass, coming out with a
noticeable plop. While Mary Jane slowly licked
Marilyn's hard nipples, Kat pulled Lisa's hand from
her pussy, crawled over to Marilyn and began to nurse
on the tip.

"Wanna cum?" Kat asked. "It looks like you haven't
cum yet," Kat continued as she stroked Marilyn with
her small hands.

"Yeah, you haven't cum haven't you," Mary Jane chimed
in. "While all of girls were having fun, you weren't
taken care of huh? Guess we didn't play with you like
we could've," she continued as she stroked the bottom
half of Marilyn's shaft. "Tell you what…let us take
care of you right now. You know just to be nice…"
Mary Jane took a nipple with her tongue and rolled it
around with her fingers, licking and flicking the peak
around, while helping Kat stroked Marilyn off.

"Mmmm…that feels good….stroke me harder," Marilyn
moaned out, enjoying their touch . She felt her skin
get much more sensitive, feeling all the soft flesh
against her warm skin. "Oh, this feels so
incredible," she whispered out to no one. "I wanna
cum so bad…"

"Hey! Hey! Can I ask you something?"

Marilyn looked down to see Lisa on her knees facing
her dick, licking her soft lips on that cute face of
hers. Brushing her braids behind her shoulders, she
asked, "c-can I have some of your cum? I wanna taste
your cum. I'm so curious…and that looks kind of nice
when it's twitching like that."

"Only if you share. Mary? What do you think?"

"I don't mind," she answered stroking Marilyn a bit

Marilyn then tilted Kat's head up and asked her, "Mind
sharing my cum with our friends? I'll promise to give
you more later."

Kat shook her head, then slid her head off of
Marilyn's tip and made room from Lisa. She
tentatively kissed and tasted Marilyn's tip with her
tongue, trying to get a preview of the taste.

"Come on, your little slut…cum on her tongue!"
whispered Mary Jane before she slid down to Marilyn's
breast and sucked at her nipple hard, flicking her
tongue as she pumped Marilyn's cock hard, bumping her
hand against Kat's.

"Oh God…here it cums, lick that…AAHHH…oh yeah!
Mmmm…you like that cum, Lisa?"

"Uh-huh," Lisa replied, her tongue coated with
Marilyn's gooey cum. She bit her lip and let Mary
Jane and Kat pump the rest of her spend onto Lisa's
tongue. They brushed the tip of her cock on the tip
of Lisa's tongue, then let her close her mouth and

"Now," Marilyn said as she took the hands off of her
dick and got on her knees next to the bed. "Everyone
stick out their tongues, and let's share me." Marilyn
stuck out her tongue, and Lisa and Mary Jane followed
suit. As Mary Jane and Lisa shared the cum on their
tongues, Kat got the hint and tangled her tongue along
in the mix, lapping up some of the cum and swallowing
a bit with a smile. Marilyn herself got her tongue
tangled in, feeling the tongues lick along her lips
and tongue and tasting herself on the three women's
lips. She scooped up a bit of cum off of Lisa's
tongue and swallowed a bit of the thick, slightly
bitter cum. After everyone divided up the cum among
themselves, they all gave each other nice, passionate
tongue kisses.

Separating her head out the pack, Marilyn asked Lisa,
"did you like that?"

"Not bad. Not as good as a woman, of course, but not

"So now you're bi, huh?"

"Yeah right," Lisa chuckled before playfully slapping
Marilyn's arm. "But this was fun. I wish I could try
something like this more often, though, every now and
again. But I doubt there are a lot of girls like

"No biggie. You still have the memories," Marilyn
chimed in before giving both Mary Jane and Lisa kisses
on their cheeks. As the two got off the bed and got
themselves straightened out, Marilyn turned to Kat.

"Enjoy that, honey?"

Kat nodded her head in response. "Like the feel of
those women?"

Again, Kat nodded her head. "Like the way they

Once again, she nodded her head. "So now you wanna
give up huh?" Kat violently shook her head as she
chuckled. Marilyn tackled Kat, then planted kisses
all over her face before diving into a long, luxurious
tongue kiss.

"I see we didn't drain you, huh?" Lisa screamed out,
all straightened out, before she walked out the door.
"We're about to get back to our rooms now. Thanks for
everything you two!"

Marilyn pulled her face off of Kat's, then looked at
Lisa and Mary Jane, saying "Thank you! Hope to see
you tomorrow on the beach!"



Marilyn woke up early that morning with her arms
around Kat, just as the sky was lightening up and the
sun was ready to go over the horizon. Eyes barely
open, she slid away from Kat, walked into the
bathroom, pulled aside her bikini bottoms and stood up
to pee through groggy eyes, thankful that she didn't
have to pay attention to appearances. Afterwards, she
got a good look at herself in the mirror while washing
her hands in the sink, and then she had one of her
moments where she realized the conflict of her body.
Not that she never noticed, of course; all that she
had to do was look at herself too hard after a shower.
But the circumstances around her self-admiration made
it seem all the more important, with her vaguely
androgynous hair capping off her very feminine curves
with her masculine rod between her legs. After
squeezing a breast with one hand and stroking her dick
with the other, an idea came across her head for a
pleasant surprise for her sleeping wife. Quickly, she
jumped in the shower, getting herself cleaned up and
waking herself up with the warm water. Then, she
dried herself off, wrapped a towel around her body and
walked over to their bed to wake up her sleeping

"Huh? What's up?" Kat asked, still half-asleep after
Marilyn shook her awake.

"Get showered and dressed," Marilyn answered. "I
wanna do something nice for you before breakfast."
"C'mon…can't it wait?"

"Not the sunrise," Marilyn responded with a wink.
Getting the message off of her wife's lips, Kat
scrambled out the bed and shed off her clothes before
walking into the bathroom and closing the door. It
was then that Marilyn got herself dressed, picking out
a simple white two-piece bikini that while flattering,
was as unrevealing as her curves allowed. She didn't
bother to tuck herself between her legs, wanting to
leave the resulting bulge as a surprise for her wife.
She then took her towel from the bathroom and wrapped
it around her hips, just in time for Kat to come on
the bathroom, her body wet from the shower. She
slipped on a red and yellow wrap dress, a red visor
and a pair of sandals, then offered her hand to
Marilyn, her hair still wet.

The two walked out the hotel into the early light,
making sure not to hold hands while in eye range of
the hotel. As soon as they got out of sight of the
hotel, Marilyn placed her hand on Kat's shoulder, and
Kat leaned into her arm. The two walked along the
beach to the spot Marilyn had scouted out the other
day while Kat was taking a nap. As the sun was just
beginning to sneak over the horizon, the couple came
upon the spot. It was a beautiful lagoon by the sea,
with a view of the open ocean on one side and a
gorgeous waterfall coming out of the rainforest on the
other. Marilyn walked a bit towards the waterfall to
the edge of the sand, then released Kat from her arm
and laid out the towel around her waist on the sand.
After taking Kat's hand and laying her down on the
towel, Marilyn laid down on her side next to her, the
two looking at the sunrise.

"Ain't this beautiful, Kat?"

Glancing at the different blues and oranges at the
sky, then at the veil of water from the waterfall
behind her, simply nodded her head and smiled softly.
She then turned her gaze back to Marilyn, when she saw
the bulge in her bikini bottoms and gasped.

"Don't worry, Kat," Marilyn responded, laying a
comforting caress. "This is all for you babe. No one
else has to see." Reaching for her toes with her free
hand, she continued, "I just wanted to show you that
I'm a very…"

She traced her fingers along the line of her long


Marilyn continued her hand over her hip, calling
attention to her round hips and her bulging crotch.


Marilyn took her bottom lip with her top teeth, then
let her lips slip out all slick just as her hand
cupped and hefted one of her breasts.

"Mmm…I love your soft curves, and the big hard
straight thing between your legs."

"Really? Let me show you."

Marilyn reached behind her and untied her bikini top,
letting her huge breasts sag sideways across her
chest, her chocolate peaked hills stacking perfectly
on each other. She then slipped off of her bikini
bottoms, letting her soft dick lay down, pointing at
the sand. She then looked back at her wife, who was
looking at her with obvious lust. She looked at her
cute face, framed by her still-wet hair, and her
delicate build, just begging to be preserved. Her
body glowed in the light of the rising sun, her soft
skin just begging to be kissed.

In a flash, Marilyn dove for Kat's dress, pulled it
open and started to playfully kiss Kat's closed
thighs. As Kat was giggling in response, Marilyn took
the opportunity to lay Kat flat on the towel, then
spread her legs and gave her one long lick on her
inner thigh from her knee to her shaven pussy.
Feeling the sun rise on her skin, she planted a bunch
of wet, sloppy kisses all over Kat's pussy, making her
squeal and squirm under her lips. Marilyn gently
grabbed onto Kat's hips, spreading open her dress to
reveal her navel, and began to plant some soft,
lingering kisses on Kat's outer lips. She looked up
from between Kat's legs to smile at Kat, who returned
her smile under her visor. She focused her kisses on
her wife's inner lips, making her moan and start to
work her hips in her hands. Then she licked Kat's
sweet slit like an ice cream cone, licking from bottom
to top to lick out all the cream dripping from Kat's
center. She wiggled her tongue into her spouse's
pussy, then gently pumped it in and out, twisting her
tongue around with each little stroke.

Kat's eyes were starting to lose focus, squinting at
the seemingly distant sunrise over the horizon,
feeling like she was in paradise. When she felt
Marilyn take her clit between her lips, a sharp
feeling of pleasure shot through her body instantly,
making the sky in front of her look blurry and out of
focus. The humming and the licking took their toll on
Kat's poor body, and she let herself get lost in the
sky, drifting off to heaven on the sun. She was
shaking so hard from her orgasm, she thought she was
dying and going to heaven, kicking her legs against
something soft to the touch. She closed her eyes and
rode out the wave, riding it out until she found
herself back on the beach. She felt the soft thing
under her feet slid up her body, to be replaced by
Marilyn's face. Smiling in response to her smile,
Marilyn bent down and gave Kat a deep tongue kiss,
pushing a bit of her sweet taste into her mouth.

After Marilyn slid off of Kat's body and laid on her
side, Kat decided to take a good look at Marilyn's
soft curves laying next to her. The sun was shining
off of her bare skin, giving her body a supernatural
glow. Tentatively, Kat let her hand linger over the
curve of Marilyn's hip, lightly squeezing her soft
flesh and making her whole body shiver. Then she left
her hand caress and rub Marilyn's soft breasts,
feeling the nipples harden under her touch. Finally,
she let her fingertips brush over her wife's stomach,
making her shiver more, until she reached her
twitching dick. Slowly but surely, she took the
hardening dick in both of her hands and stroked the
top half of it slowly, feeling it come to life in her
hands. With each pass, she felt the member lengthen
and harden, the veins pulsating under the femininely
soft skin. As she kept feeling the huge ebony shaft
in one hand, she let her other hand feel up the velvet
coverings of what appeared to be an iron masculinity.
She caressed the dangling sac in one hand before
bending down there herself and smelling her wife's

Marilyn laid there as peacefully as she could, biting
her lip seductively as she paid attention to the
rising sun making the ocean glow. She felt her wife's
breath on her balls, making her shiver in lust and
buck her hips into her other hand. She felt the
slight breeze touch her nipples as Kat felt up her
swelling head, driving her wild and making her breathe
hard. When she felt Kat's warm, wet mouth decent on
her mushroom-shaped head while the breeze continued to
blow around her body, she closed her eyes and let her
feelings go. As she felt Kat's soft hands stroke up
and down her shaft while she was being sucked, she let
go of control of her body, just letting all the
sensations from her toes to her hair, from her ass
brushing against the sand to the tip of her dick. As
she felt a particular strong gust rub her nips hard
and blow Kat's dress onto her thighs, she shivered
harder, begging to die in Kat's sweet mouth. Somehow
sensing this, Kat strokes harder and slashed her
tongue around the head she was nursing on, driving
Marilyn over the edge.

She felt as she was sinking into the earth as her
muscles went stiff, all of her energy pouring into
Kat's tiny mouth. She felt her wet cum back up over
her tip barely, then let the feelings of pure euphoria
wash over her in pure bliss. She let herself drift
off to sleep, letting her cum flow into Kat's mouth
and letting her body completely relax.

When she came too a few minutes later, she saw Kat
rubbing the features of her face, smiling and content.
As the breath blew her hair around her head, the
rising sun made her look like an angle, with a halo of
glowing hair. She playfully gave Marilyn a kiss on
the lips when she noticed that she finally came to.

Marilyn simply mouthed, "so this is what heaven feels
like huh? Don't need to die now."

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