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MSRIGHT stretch near her limit


ADULTS ONLY (Adult Public Domain -- if file is unaltered)

Please exit now if you are under the legal age for reading adult type
material in your State or region.

By all means, exit now if you do not enjoy reading about very large
Ms. Right Gets Ahead

Joe was born in Buffalo, N. Y. and never left the state until he was 27 years
old. After college, Joe worked as a sales clerk in a shoe store and saved his
money until he was 25 years old. Then he opened a clothing store for big and
tall women in a small upstate N.Y. town. He combined his savings with a loan
from a relative to open his store. He did quite well and paid back the money
a year after his store opened. Now he has sales on the internet as well as
operating many other stores. Joe named his chain of stores 'MS. HIP'. In fact,
his success over the years has been remarkable. It seems that he just has a
knack for making a profit. Joe is now almost bald but doesn't feel his age.
He just turned 41 years of age, and he now owns 150 stores. He even has sales
of many millions of dollars per year.

Joe never married, as he never found a girl who met his criteria for Ms. Right.
Joe is always looking, but never seems to find the girl of his dreams. Little
wonder, because that girl is almost an impossible one to find. Joe's fantasy
is to find a woman with a big vagina. He does not know exactly why he likes big
vaginas, but reasons it is a 'back to the womb' fantasy. His mother was a huge
woman and he had a very close bond with her. He never knew his father, and when
his mother died of cancer, he was distressed for over a year. She was everything
to him and before she died, Joe even experienced embarrassing thoughts to
himself about going back insider her to be reborn as her little infant again.
Since her death, he has erotic thoughts about finding someone else with whom he
could be as close to as his mother, and he even experiences thoughts that maybe
he could be his lover's infant reborn.

Joe knows that this is quite impossible, but he thinks the idea of going inside
a woman is very pleasant and extremely erotic. Being completely practical (and
as Joe only wants what is possible to do) he wants the next closest thing to his
fantasy. Joe thought about what might or could be possible. He concluded his head
could fit a huge vagina. Later on, Joe read on the internet that about one in a
million couples actually practice adult vaginal head swallowing. He reasoned
doing such a head insertion (or 'partial unbirthing') was about the only thing that
could be possible for him. He began to think about how he could get his whole
head inside his lover's vagina. Joe being a very practical person began to study
that possibility. As Joe was a math major in college, he was extremely practical
about the odds and possibilities of anything he did. This helped him get ahead
in his business and he applied it to everything he attempted to do.

Joe began to study anatomy and gynecology in most of his spare time. He found that
vaginas can be extremely elastic, but in most cases would not be anywhere nearly
large enough for an adult head. Also, he found that without practice doing vaginal
stretching, that vaginas would not even get anywhere near their potential size
except during the time of childbirth. He learned that possible vaginal size was
limited only by the size of boney walls of the inner pelvic bones. This compounded
the problem in Joe's mind. He knew that if he ever found a lover with that
potentially huge pelvic bone size, that even then he would have to convince his
lover to stretch to near her limit to ever allow him to insert his head into her
vagina. He also knew that large vaginal stretching all the way to the boney opening
size takes a lot of stretching practice and a long time to accomplish without
experiencing pain, like in childbirth.

After a couple of years of research, Joe found that some vaginas with stretching
practice actually do stretch painlessly to the size of the pelvic boney opening of
the female pelvis. He found that the distance between the side-to-side and
front-to-back of that opening in the bones was variable in different women, with
the front-to-back opening being somewhat more variable and potentially larger than
the side-to-side distance. He knew already that heads have their maximum distance,
from forehead to back being longer than from temple to temple measurement. Joe
reasoned that pelvic opening measures just followed the way heads were made for
birth purposes.

Joe studied everything he could find on the range of sizes and the types of female
pelvic bones that he could locate by researching old medical journals and books.
This allowed Joe to formulate his plans for the future. Joe found old pelvis
studies that included thousands of female bones. This let Joe know that only one
in 1,000 or more women would even have a boney pelvis large enough that a very small
adult head would fit into the opening in her pelvic bones, and that for his own head,
he would be lucky to find such a boney size opening size in one out of 5,000 to
10,000 women. He also knew that even if he found such a lady with that boney size,
the odds of him being able convince her to stretch enough might be less than one
in a hundred. It seemed like an insurmountable task, but Joe persisted. To Joe, this
one in a million woman that could and would stretch head size for him would not stop
his quest. People had told him making big money selling women's clothes was as great
a gamble as that! Joe however figured that 1,000,000 divided by 365 days would take
him 2,740 years to check out one woman a day... so he needed a better method. He
needed a filter!

Joe's plan was to find the very largest women. In fact that is the reason he
chose to open MS.HIP (his tall and large women's clothing shops) in hope of
finding his Ms. Right. Joe knew he would have trouble finding her alone, so
he decided to use a better method... a filter. That filter method was his
stores. He soon found that most heavy women just have an average size
pelvis, but he also found that there was a much higher percentage of women
with a large pelvis in women that are heavy, or tall, or both. Joe knew that
this would increase his chances. He also figured that using other people
to help find Ms. Right would vastly increase his chances. He hated the idea
of having to use someone as a sort of "pimp" to find women for him... but that
is the very thing he decided to do.

Joe hired large ladies to be his managers for MS. HIP shops and then he let
them know he was single and would like to date a women who met certain
physical criteria. He would not tell them he wanted to find a woman with
the World's largest vagina, but he described in great detail to his store
managers the exact physical characteristics he was looking for. He
specifically wanted to find women who had a very long pelvis distance
from the top of her hip crest to her crotch, and when seated would have
a huge distance from her knees to the back of a chair when she sat
down... indicating a very deep pelvis. He knew that women who appear
wide, are not always so wide in their pelvic bones. So to avoid mistaking
'fat size' for 'bone size', he even taught his store managers how to measure
pelvic bone sizes and distances. He planned that by doing so, the store
managers could report to him on any likely prospects. Every manager
was equipped with a digital camera and pelvic measuring calipers. Every
day he got pictures, measurements, and descriptions of his biggest customers
by e-mail. Joe reasoned that he was at least 50 to 100 times more likely to
find his Ms. Right using his stores than the other type filter methods he
thought about trying to screen prospects for a huge pelvis.

Using his filter method to find prospects, Joe had dated several
hundred women. Some of them seemed like they would easily be large
enough to swallow his head, but when it came to sex with them, Joe
found there was always some problem. A few actually had the huge
boney opening size for their pelvic opening that could admit an adult
size head between the bones of their pelvic opening, but when they
had sex, they were either revolted by Joe's vaginal stretching desires
or turned off by the reason Joe wanted to do that stretching.

An example was one huge lady who was 6 foot 4 inches tall and was very large
in her hips. Joe's store in Iowa sent him information on 'Elsa', and he
called her to ask if she was satisfied with his store's service. They began a
conversation and Joe suggested a lunch meeting. After meeting they set up
a date. Before Joe's third date, he went to a local carpenter and had them
construct a nice 2 foot stool with a small hole in the middle of the seat
and then pad the seat very well... except for a hole in the middle. Joe
wanted to be able to tell if Elsa's pelvic opening was large enough for his
head, even if her vagina would need future stretching. He then bought a small
rubber doughnut cushion to center over the hole in the middle of the stool
seat. He planned that using this he could place his chin and lower face
downward while someone could sit on the top-back of his head.

Joe knew that the opening of the pelvic bones would fit over his head bones
easier this way than by trying face sitting, as it would be a vastly smaller
distance to push up between her bones. Also, that way he could still breath
easily through the central hole. Joe thought this would allow his head to
feel the bones of his Ms. Right and thus be able to tell if her bones would
surrounded his entire head. Everything was moving well and after a few
dates Joe told Elsa he loved to feel his head sat upon and had built a
stool that was comfortable to both parties. Joe then asked Elsa if she
would mind sitting on top his head just for fun. Elsa told Joe that she
had seen pictures of face sitting but only with the face up and laughed,
but went along with his request. Joe produced the stool and she backed
up to the stool and Joe's head. Then Elsa spread her buttocks to sit on
the back-top of Joe's head. Elsa laughed and thought this was very funny.
When she did this, Joe could feel his head sink deep into her pelvic boney
opening quite easily, but he was still able to breath, as his chin and mouth
pointed down to the air under the central hole. His head had just pressed up
deep into the flesh of Elsa's huge bottom and upward so very high it allowed
his whole upper head to be inside her boney opening. Of course, his head
did not slip into Elsa's vagina, as the vaginal opening just pushed deep
upward along with the skin, and never opened much. Joe was very excited that
he could still move his head. He could tell that the bones of Elsa's pelvic
opening were totally around and to the sides of his head and he still had a
little room for movement. He knew that he was actually 'inside' her pelvic

Joe wanted very very much to be 'inside' Elsa's vagina. Joe knew that
should her vagina stretch open more he could easily fit his whole head inside
her vagina, as his test of her boney opening proved her pelvis adequate. He
rented an apartment and started regularly dating Elsa. After a few more dates,
Joe found she stretched very easily, and he was soon fisting her. Joe withheld
telling Elsa about his head insertion thoughts during their dates. Soon he
was able to double fist her big vagina. Elsa seemed to like this and had huge
orgasms. Joe loved the feeling of how huge the vaginal room was inside her
as he moved both his hands around inside her. He knew with a little more
stretching Elsa would be his Ms. Right. Finally he thought she might even
stretch enough, and he told her about his desire. He explained how he knew
her boney opening was big enough, and now her vagina was almost the right

Joe just wanted to see if his head would start inside before he did a little
more stretching, explaining to Elsa that his head would slip a little into her
stretched vaginal opening. He brought out his head stool again to see how far his
head would go into her vaginal opening, and to his surprise, Elsa then left his
apartment and would not answer the phone again when he called. Joe even
left a message on Elsa's answering machine that he wanted to marry her, but to
no avail. Joe was extremely disappointed as he liked big Elsa very much.
However, he now he knew that it was possible to accomplish his goal... even
though, like the internet told him, only about one in a million couples ever do
head insertions. If only he could match that one in a million combination of a
huge pelvis, a huge vagina, and a willing partner!

Joe then left his furnished apartment in Iowa and went back to his home in New
York. Joe kept calling Elsa, but when they finally did talk, she told Joe she
liked him very much, but to forgive her, as 'vaginal head swallowing' would never
be something she would ever do. Joe knew with a tiny bit more practice she
could swallow his head, but he finally quit pestering her. However, Elsa
needed employment, and Joe decided to transfer his Des Moines MS. HIP
manager, and then make Elsa his local manager for Iowa, just in case she ever
changed her mind. Elsa appreciated the job and even sent him leads for
Ms. Right, but none of her prospects was ever large enough.

Joe's filter method kept finding prospects for him, and over the next two
years Joe spent his time going to many other places including Miami, Dallas,
Atlanta, and Phoenix (where his store managers arranged contacts for him).
One of these ladies in Dallas even had a pelvis as large as Elsa when Joe got
her to try the head stool. With her huge pelvis, he could easily feel his head
sink deep into her boney opening. Joe thought he had again found his Ms. Right,
but then, she did not vaginally stretch so easily and she was quite turned off
by Joe's stretching ideas. Only a few prospects ever had her huge pelvic size.

Joe once got a call from a manager in Kansas City who told him she had the
lady with just the size he wanted. When he got there, he found she was a
huge redhead with unusually wide hips. He called her and after a couple of
dates with her found she loved playing with sex toys. Joe thought that was
nice and soon found her to have a very stretchable large vagina. Joe just
knew he had found his Ms. Right and started dating and stretching her on
every date. Her hips were fat, and very very wide being over one hundred
inches around. At first, Joe did not even try his stool to test her boney
opening. She even told him she wanted to be stretched more... which was a
tremendous turn on to Joe. After a few dates Joe found she would stretch
all the way to the very walls of her boney opening and she loved vaginal
stretching. Finally after several dates, Joe told her how he was turned on by
head sitting and produced his head stool. She even loved the idea and told Joe
she wanted to feel him sliding deep inside her. Joe told her that his stool
allowed him to breath if that actually happened, and the cushion and the
doughnut would kept his head up high enough that it might be possible. He
mentioned he had studied the position needed for a head to most easily fit
inside the vagina, and that her sitting on the top-back of his head with his
forehead side toward the front of her vagina would take advantage of his head's
smallest diameters. He told her face sitting made it impossible to get the head
inside because of the very long distance of the face. In face sitting, the head
could not be pointed into the pelvis to take advantage of the optimum opening
size. She told Joe she admired his knowledge and also admired his stool and
that she just loved the idea. She backed up to the stool; then she widely
spread her gigantic buttocks and started sitting on Joe's slick bald head.

Joe could feel the back of his head actually going into the opening of her vagina
as she lowered her weight and rocked back and forth on his head. Joe finally
worked his fingers up to the side, and felt the opening was actually around
the entire back of his head. As she just kept rocking, he noticed he could
feel the ring of her opening enlarging around his head. with the ring of her
opening then about 6 inches across. As her vagina easily opened more, Joe noticed
that there was a strong pressure point on his forehead in front. The back of
his head had actually entered her vagina, and he felt her tail bone press
against the back of his head, at the same time as he felt strong pressure
on his forehead. The lady then complained about these pressure points hurting,
and the back of his head came out of her vagina with a loud slurping noise as
she got up.

She told Joe that she wished his head would fit inside her, but her front-to-back
pelvic bone opening was just not quite enough to fit his whole head inside her.
Joe's side-to-side head measure was narrower and some of his head would easily fit
into her vaginal opening. They dated a few more times. Joe found he could use KY
on his head and lie between her legs, then he would press the back of his head
into her vagina with her legs up, but while he easily slid inside her over 4
inches deep, there was just not enough room from the front-to-back of her pelvis
for his whole head to move deeper inside... even though her side-to-side width was
plenty wide. Joe tried sideways, but his head would not even fit deeply inside her
vagina sideways, as his own front-to-back head measure was much greater that his
side-to-side measure. Joe loved feeling his head being surrounded by the opening
or her vagina and how much it stimulated him to feel the ring of her vaginal opening
sliding over his head by this lady with the giant hips. Her vagina seemed to have no
limits to its ability to stretch. The only problem was her pelvic boney opening was
just a little bit too small front-to-back to allow his head to slid completely inside
her. Joe bought her a new car and they dated for a few months. Joe was very good to
her and made her one of his store managers, but he had no intention of marrying her.
He thought, "If only this lady had the larger opening in her bones that Elsa has!"

Joe kept visiting ladies around the country and checking them out, but always
there was something wrong. Either she was too small in the pelvis or too small
in the vagina and sometimes both. He thought he could have done it with a few
but they were not of a mindset to go along with Joe's desires. Joe was very
methodical and kept records of his exploits. Once he figured that by his filtering
method he had filtered through what would be the equivalent of over a million
randomly selected women. By selecting only bigger women with his filter
using his MS. HIP shops he had reduced the million number to the number of
ladies Joe had checked as possible candidates for vaginally swallowing Joe's
head. Even so, those scores of ladies he checked out had all been a great
disappointment for Joe. Each time there was always a problem and only a very
few could have actually swallowed his head vaginally... if only those few had
been willing to go along with Joe's desires. Still Joe did not want to abandon
his overpowering thoughts. He now knew it was possible. There had only been
fifteen ladies he even told about his head insertion desires, and each time
something was wrong. The only ones that were willing to do it were too small,
either vaginally or in the pelvic opening bones. Joe felt the odds were cheating
him and by now, at least from his statistics, he should have already found a
Ms. Right. Finally Joe got to the point that when one of his managers would call
and report a possible candidate, he would just ignore the possible lead. Joe even
went to a famous psychiatrist because of his depression. He never revealed his
vaginal head insertion desires however, and his psychiatrist didn't help him
much... except to tell him he seemed to be 'sexually dissatisfied'. Joe could have
saved his money as he already knew 'that'. He didn't care however, as he had more
money than he knew what to do with.

Joe was very busy even though he had a 'chief manager' to look after all his
stores. He insisted on interviewing and selecting his individual store managers
himself, to make sure they would be both good managers and work to help him find
his Ms. Right.

Joe had the store that Elsa ran in Des Moines, but now he was opening a new
MS. HIP in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Joe made arrangements to go there for
interviews. He rented the best suite of rooms and waited for his prospects,
that were set up and preselected by his chief manager. Joe even had his
chief manager trained to favor the largest possible ladies for his managerial
candidates. He began the interviews and was a little surprised at how large
some of the applicants were. The favorite applicants of his chief manager were
to be seen first. After two days and thirty interviews, he thought he was about
ready to appoint the second applicant he interviewed. She was a BBW who was
the tallest applicant. She must have weighed over 350 pounds nicely proportioned
on a 6 foot 2 inch frame. Joe then placed a sign on his suite door that said 'no
more interviews', and went to call his selected applicant. As Joe started to pick
up the phone, there was a loud knocking on the door. Joe pulled the door
inward with the security chain still attached to the door and heard a deep
but feminine voice say, "I am your last applicant."

Joe replied, "Sorry I just finished all my interviews and you can not be my last

The voice replied, "I am the one you will select!"

Joe answered, "I have made my selection and that is nonsense!" and he started
to push the door closed... but the door would not move. Joe pushed harder and
even harder, but the door would only bend at the top forward. The lower door
would not move a millimeter. Joe could hardly believe this and peeked outside
the lower door. There he saw a sandal with a huge foot. It was the largest
foot Joe had ever seen and it was keeping him from closing the door. Joe
gasped and started to look up through the crack in the door and just kept
looking up up up! At the very top of the door Joe saw a huge head of natural
blond hair and a face with a big smile. Joe gulped and changed his mind. He
unlatched the door and there before him was the largest women he had ever seen.
Joe had seen women basketball players 6 foot 7 inches tall before, but this
lady was a veritable mountain. Regaining a little composure, Joe stuttered,
"You must be seven feet tall!"

The voice replied, "No I am only six foot eight or so" The veritable giantess
then turned partly sideways and moved through the doorway brushing both
sides of the doorway slightly with her big huge hips. "My name is Linda and I
know you will want me to be your store manager."

Joe swallowed hard and gulped out, "How can you know that?" His head was
starting to swim as he offered her a chair.

Linda sidestepped the 'too small' chair and sat her huge hips on a couch
saying, "Your new store said 'opening soon' and someone told me about it, but
I can not tell who told me."

Joe was standing there wondering how her seated height could be almost as
tall as he was standing up, but then he noticed that her hips sat very very
tall compared to her upper body height, and he decided her big huge pelvis
was why she sat so high. Joe then sat on a chair the same height as the couch
but his eye level was below her breasts. He said, "Well you certainly are the
right size to run a big and tall shop. What are your other qualifications?"

Linda then answered, "I have the experience in sales and I have the self
confidence to make sales," as she handed Joe a resume' of her previous

Joe barely looked it over knowing he could not pass up this big gal. He already
knew how forceful she could be saying, "Yes I found out you will not easily
take a 'no' answer! You do appear to have all the qualifications!"

Linda smiled and said, "I hope that means I have the job!"

Joe gulped again then smiled as he offered, "It does, but I will have to give
you some training."

Linda smiled back saying, "Well Joe, I am open to anything."

Joe almost blushed at the way she said 'open' and replied, "Then you are hired
at the salary my chief manager mentioned, and be here in the morning at 8:00 AM."
Then Joe remembered that she did not know his chief manager... and told Linda
the details about the salary and the job benefits.

Linda quickly accepted his terms and stressed "I will be ready for anything
in the morning... bye until 8."

Joe just felt weak as the huge frame again filled the doorway and left. He
could not believe how wide and tall this ladies pelvic region was compared
to the rest of her huge body. Joe was amazed at his good luck finding both
a store manager and a candidate for his Ms. Right. Linda's words 'open to
anything' and 'ready for anything' kept echoing through his mind. He thought
he might be having a dream... and almost a 'wet one' at that.

Joe awakened many times during the night thinking about Linda. She was the
largest girl he knew... in fact the largest girl he ever saw! Each time he
was about asleep he could hear her saying 'I will be open for anything' and
his mind started to fantasize again. Previously the ladies he thought might
fit his Ms. Right had to be checked and measured, but Joe had measured Linda
with his eyes and he 'knew' she was more than big enough in her pelvis... if
only he could convince her to do vaginal stretching! His mind would just not
quit, but he did get relaxed after he masturbated with her image in his mind.

Surprisingly Joe felt good the next morning and was up at 6:00 am. He decided
not to eat breakfast then, but to have it sent up to the room whenever Linda
arrived. There was a great catering service connected with the place he was
staying that could prepare any type of food. He was very nervous and to kill
time he even made a mark near the top of the door frame at 6' 7" to help
visualize how tall this big lady was. At 7:30 am he called his general manager
and asked her if she knew about a 'Linda' applicant for the local store manager
job. She did not, and could not understand how Linda knew there was an
opening... and especially how she found Joe's location to apply for the job. It
was just a big mystery to both of them.

At exactly 8:00 am there was a loud knock on Joe's door and he gasped at the
thought of meeting and getting better acquainted with Linda. Joe rushed to the
door and quickly opened it fully to see the massive frame of a huge blond
filling the entire opening. Her huge hip region was even a little wider than
the door. Linda was dressed in a skirt that seemed extremely huge but still
somewhat short for her. Her giant feet were in sandals larger than any he
sold in his stores. At first he could not even speak but just stared at her
in the doorway. He then noticed that the top of her head was two inches above
the 6' 7" mark he made near the top of the door facing and Linda stooped
down a little while getting her wide hips sideways through the doorway. But
most of all he noticed how very long it was from the top crests of her hips
down to the widest part of her hips. Joe had never seen a pelvis so tall and
even though he noticed Linda was very huge, her gigantic hips and pelvic
region did not seem to have excess fat like truly fat people have. Joe thought
that well over half of her weight was in her pelvic region. Her hips more than
filled the width of the doorway. Her breasts were quite large and rounded,
but Joe was mostly a 'hip man' and his view dropped to gaze at what he thought
was the largest pelvis he ever saw. Then he managed, "Hi Linda, I am having
breakfast sent up, come on in." Joe could feel a tightness beginning in his
pants and his heart was pounding much faster.

Linda smiled at Joe after she managed getting her huge hips and height through
the doorway, saying, "My, you have a fine suite here. I just moved to Cedar
Rapids two weeks ago, and I wish my apartment was so very nice."

Joe replied, "It is the best they could offer me here in Cedar Rapids, but
I suppose it will do." Linda had seated herself on the large couch again and
was sitting with her legs straight toward Joe's chair causing him to notice
again how tall the crests of her hips sat above the surface of the couch and
how there was an extremely wide distance between her legs. This stimulated Joe
even more, especially since Linda's skirt was too short due to her huge pelvis,
and pulled high up above her knees.

Then there was another knock at the door and Joe opened it for the catering
service. They brought two large carts of food inside and rolled them on each
side of the coffee table in front of the big couch. Joe tipped them as Linda
said, "You are so thoughtful to order breakfast... I am really hungry this

Joe started setting food on the coffee table and it seemed like enough for six
to eight people by the time he totally filled the table with food saying, "I
ordered plenty of food just in case we get hungry."

Linda said, "Ummm I am always hungry! as she started piling high a plateful.
Joe, why don't you sit on the couch so you will not have to get up and down."

Joe was ever so glad she said that, as he very much wanted to sit next to
Linda, and he replied, "Thank you Linda, it will make it easier to talk and
explain about your new job." Joe had a briefcase of information to show Linda,
and usually he explained to a new manager how part of her job was to help him
find his Ms. Right. He knew that this might be a turn off to Linda and decided
not to mention his quest. As far as Joe could tell his Ms. Right was sitting
there taking up most of the couch. Joe then filled a plate but it was only
about a fourth as much food as on Linda's heaping plate. As Joe sat on the
couch, Linda made no effort to scoot farther to her side, but she was almost
against her end of the couch anyway and Joe's thigh touched firmly against
Linda's thigh as he was wedged between his end of the couch and Linda.
Joe loved being against her and then added, "Well Linda, tell me what you
would like to know about being my new store manager?"

Linda smiled and said, "I already know."

Joe retorted, "How could you, as you have never managed one of my stores?"

Linda then answered, "Joe, I have a confession to make. I have worked in
one of your stores before, but not as the manager."

This took Joe by surprise and he quizzed, "I never knew you worked for me!"
Joe was wondering how such a 'prize' could not be reported by one of his
well trained managers filtering for a possible Ms. Right, but Joe didn't
want to tell Linda he had a filter running. Joe regained his composure with,
"I suppose I can not know all my employees... at which store were you employed?"

Linda smiled again and said, "Des Moines."

Joe's mind started reeling and he thought to himself, 'That 6' 4" store
manager Elsa... with another huge pelvis... and the one he once tried to
marry... had withheld telling him about this huge prize candidate for his
Ms. Right... just to get even with him.' Then Joe asked, "How did you get
along with Elsa?"

Linda answered, "Just great, she has been very kind to me and taught me so
many things. If you think she is a good manager, then I can do everything
she does... and even more."

When Linda said that, Joe's mind had a great rush of memory and thought
about how he was on the verge of being able to get his head inserted into
Elsa when she rejected the idea. He thought, 'Wow if she can do more than
Elsa...' and he began to feel a little dizzy. Then Joe gathered his wits with,
"Yes Elsa can do a lot!"... as he wondered If Elsa told Linda anything about
him... but was afraid to ask

Linda then just kept eating until her plate was empty and arose to dish out
some more. Joe was amazed at her appetite but reasoned that someone three
times his size must need more food. Soon all the serving dishes were opened
and there appeared to be no food left. Linda then said, "Wow what a good
breakfast you serve, would you like to quiz me about my managerial skills?"

Joe didn't want to upset Linda and said, "No, I know what a good manager
Elsa is and I will trust you on being able to do 'even more' than she can."
Joe thought 'that' was well put, and really only wanted to know Linda in 'other'
ways, especially the 'even more' ways! He just started looking up at Linda
and smiling and she looked back and down at him to smile back. He took Linda's
hand and said, "My, I have always admired large and pretty hands and yours is
much wider and even several inches longer than mine."

Linda closed one hand completely around Joe's hand making it totally disappear
from view and smiled again with, "Thank you Joe, your hands are a nice shape.
I have always had bigger body parts than most anybody I know. My biggest
embarrassment is my big hips. Nobody seems to like that about me and I hate it
that I can't sit in chairs with arms. If my hips were just fat like most ladies
that come into your store, I could mold my hips into those chairs like they do;
but unfortunately my bones are just too wide for the furniture."

Joe adamantly offered, "But I think 'that' is the most beautiful part about
you... as I just love a lady with big big hips." Joe then reached up to his
side and put his hand on the crest of Linda's left hip and only felt bone to
his surprise. That crest was so high it was even higher than Joe's nipple line
and he said, "Look how high your lovely pelvic bones are when you are seated,
it makes you so very much higher and taller than I am when seated. Even thought
your upper torso is tall, your big big pelvis makes you sit very very high,
and I love that."

Linda replied, "Joe you are the first to tell me you like my big hips and big
pelvis the best. To most people including myself, that is a complete turn off!"

Joe then raised his right arm high onto the crest of her left hip, then ran his arm
behind her trying to reach the outside of her right hip, but the distance was a little
too great and he just rested it on her right pelvic crest to feel Linda's much smaller
waist, saying, "I just love your wonderful hips and I love it that you have the
highest waist of anyone I ever met. I thought Elsa had a very very high waist
until I met you, but these crests of your hip bones must sit seventeen or eighteen
inches above this couch seat." Joe then reached up to put his hand on the side of
Linda's face and patted her face saying, "You sit so tall I can't even kiss you or
touch the top of your head with my hand, but I just love everything about the way
you are."

Linda said, "Joe, you say the nicest things to me and you know, from the tone of
your voice, I think you mean it!" Linda then bent far down to kiss the top of
Joe's shiny bald head to thank him.

Joe then had to stand up to kiss Linda on the mouth. Linda then stretched out on
the couch with her legs over one end and Joe got onto his knees as they both
kissed each other. Joe until now had not realized what a large mouth Linda had
until they 'French Kissed' as Joe tried to hold her. She was able to open her
mouth over twice as wide as Joe's and he just loved how large and capacious
it was. Joe then told Linda, "If I seem too forward, let me know, but I just
can't help being attracted to you."

Linda smiled and comforted Joe with, "Joe, I feel the same way about you and even
thought we just met, I feel comfortable with you as it seems as though I have
known you for years."

Joe by now had a huge hard-on and was caressing Linda's breasts and unbuttoning
her blouse. She let him unsnap her bra and her cantaloupe size breasts were
firm and had large nipples. Joe pressed his face into a large aureola with a
nipple still in his mouth while Linda purred. She then centered Joe's whole
head between both her breasts and mashed the sides to trap his head. When Joe
stripped off his pants and shorts, Linda gave Joe oral service like he had
never experienced before. Linda easily took in his whole erect penis and
his testicles all together into her huge mouth and milked Joe of huge loads
of sperm as he experienced an explosive orgasm.

They moved to the lush carpet to lie side by side. Joe then wanted to remove
Linda's panties but she refused. He then sat on his knees between her legs
pressing forward, and Linda closed her legs around him to capture his body
between her legs for awhile. Joe was amazed she could hold his waist between
both her legs but when he felt behind Joe noticed that Linda still keep her
knees, that extended behind him, together. There was even some room left so
Joe could move and turn his body with her knees together behind him. He thought
her pelvic width must be enormous to hold his body between her leg creases
without seperating her knees. Joe moved to Linda's side and was amazed at how
high her pelvis extended above the floor. He had to rise onto his knees to even
get his hand under the top front of her panties. He was trying to get his
hand down the front and inside of Linda's panties and then move it down to
her vagina, but she would firmly hold his arm in her huge right hand and only
allowed him to reach as far as her clitoris. Joe had never know a lady with
so high a pubic bone above the floor while lying flat. When Joe pushed his
hand lower over her extremely high up and extremely wide pubis, Linda would
restrain its reach not allowing him to touch the opening of her vagina. Joe
even tried very hard to reach much lower, but the strength of her hand was
like a mother holding her infant's hand. He could not overcome her effortless
power. Finally, Joe just massaged her clitoris and noticed it growing in
size until it was as large as any Joe had encountered. After awhile, Linda
had a very strong orgasm and pulled Joe's hand away.

They were still on the floor and they just rested side to side for a long time,
then they held each other in their arms while kissing. After a long time,
Linda arose to start dressing while saying, "Joe this is the most wonderful
experience for me, but we must know each other better before going further."

Joe was overwhelmed by his good luck and told Linda, "I am more attracted to
you than anyone I ever met."

As they stood there, Linda bent over and far down so they could kiss, and
they agreed on a supper date the next evening back at Joe's Suite.

Joe rested better during that night but awakened a few times with fantasies
about Linda. The next day he tried to make plans to see if Linda was
everything she appeared to be (his very best candidate for Ms. Right). Joe
went shopping and picked up some tape line to help him measure Linda. He
lamented his own failure to bring along his head sitting stool on this trip.
He wondered if Linda sat on the top of his head if he would feel the bones
of her pelvic opening completely surrounded his head, but he knew she
appeared much bigger in her pelvic region than the even the small number of
ladies whom he checked and found to be that extremely large. He decided not
to prepare a new stool for head sitting as he thought he could tell Linda's
pelvic size was very huge without using the stool. Joe had fantasy thoughts
about how very large she might stretch, and how after a few months he might
even stretch her vagina enough to allow a head insertion... If only Linda
would allow him to gradually do the vaginal stretching. He realized he did not
have any lubricant and that afternoon went by a Drug Store to buy a lot of
KY vaginal lubricant. While there, he noticed douche bags and bought one
just in case Linda might want to douche after any sex. He noticed the store
had blood pressure kits and remembered reading that some extremely large
women stretch vaginally using rubber inflation bags taken out of the cuffs from
blood pressure kits. He bought a kit and then headed back to his Suite of Rooms.
Joe then gave the catering service a long list to prepare a huge amount of fine
foods and fine wines for their supper, and be prepared to serve when Linda
was due to arrive. The cost of this, or anything else, was of no real concern
to Jim.

As the dinner hour approached, Joe told himself that he should not reveal his
thoughts to Linda about vaginal stretching and head insertion at this time,
and thought he would gradually bring that subject up later. He knew his thoughts
had been rejected by others and now this seemed to be his golden opportunity
to find Ms. Right. Joe put on some background music, and as the minutes
approached for the time of Linda's arrival, he became very nervous.

When he heard a knock at the door, his heart began to pound in anticipation of
Ms. Right. Joe rapidly opened the door to find Linda filling the doorway. She
stooped as she turned sideways to get through the doorway and seemed very
cheerful with, "Hi Joe, I missed you so much!"

Joe exclaimed, "The 'missed you' is mutual, as I have been thinking about
you ever since you left yesterday. Come right in and I will call room service,
as they have prepared a sumptuous feast for us."

Linda said, "Great, as I ate light today to be ready for our supper and then
seated herself on the couch."

The catering service was on standby and within moments knocked at the door
with many carts of food and wine. Joe tipped them generously and told Linda,
"Just in case, I had them prepare several entrees as I didn't know your
favorite." It took them several minutes just to open the many covered
serving dishes to see what was served. There were several chilled wines
and fine stemware to drink from. Joe opened a big serving dish with several
lobsters and said, "Ummmm lobster... my favorite."

Linda replied, "I love it also, but I will try a little of everything. You seem
to have enough here for several people, even with my huge appetite."

As they ate, Joe wondered how Linda could only be quite plump instead of
extremely fat, as she was eating 5 or more times the amount he did. Then
he thought that just Linda's huge hips and boney pelvic region alone must
weigh almost twice his entire body weight and her total size required
more food than most anyone he ever knew. He also was amazed she could drink
so much wine with so little alcoholic effect. They talked about their families
and childhood and what they liked and disliked. Surprisingly they liked many
of the very same things. Joe told Linda how his mother was much larger than he
was, but nothing nearly so large as Linda, and how he started his stores on a
shoestring to later become very wealthy. Linda told how she was the largest
person in her family but had a brother 6' 7" and a sister 6' 4" while her
parents were both very large. Her mother was almost as tall as her sister
and had a very marked pear shape. Her father was 6' 8". She said that going to
school was a problem due to her huge size and eventually she required home
schooling after her hips grew too large for chairs, desks and her classrooms.

"I just considered myself a freak while I was growing up. I took some college
courses by mail, as I could not attend the university due to my size. I had few
friends, but I worked at several jobs. Then I started working in your store. I
met people there with many different body shapes. I think that helped me be more
satisfied with myself. I still didn't know what to do about my big big pelvic
region, as it is just too much out of proportion to the rest of my body. But,
lately I believe it may serve some purpose!"

Joe replied, "But to me your pelvic size is ideal and just turns me on
tremendously. You are very lovely, but your big big pelvis is a crowning
achievement that to me is your finest physical feature. Did you say it may
serve 'some purpose'?"

Linda then explained, "Joe, I must confess that I know more about you than I
told you before. You see, that 6' 4" sister of mine is Elsa, your store manager
in Des Moines."

Joe gasped and followed with, "I am so embarrassed, she must have told you about
our previous relationship."

Linda continued, "Yes Joe, I know all about that. At first I was shocked at the
things you and my sister did and I supported her in breaking off from your
relationship. Elsa said she never told you about me to protect me from your
possible advances. But you know Joe, as time went on, I thought about it and
realized that every person has desires and wants just like I do. I have such a
large pelvis, I can not enjoy ordinary sex, and most men find it a turn off that
my female parts are even much more than twice the size of almost any other woman.
When my sister told me about how she enjoyed the vaginal stretching... even
though she objected to your reason for doing it, It played on my mind. I began
to try vaginal stretching to see if I would like it. Since then I found that to
be the most enjoyable thing I ever experienced."

Joe could hardly believe his ears and thought how lucky he was to have found
Linda. He told Linda, "What you are telling me is the very best news I ever
heard in my entire life. I am so very glad you know about how I feel and think.
Have you known about me very long, as Elsa and I broke up about two years ago?

Linda replied, "Yes Joe, I knew everything from your very first date with Elsa,
as she and I are very close sisters."

Joe answered, "Since you know everything, I can hardly believe you are
accepting me for what I am. But yesterday I wanted to feel your vaginal
opening and you would not let me."

"Yes Joe, I did not want you to know I have been doing vaginal stretching until
I told you the truth about myself and to find out if you were the person I thought
you might be. Joe, you are so kind and thoughtful I now know you are the very
person I hoped you would turn out to be."

Joe replied, "I love you Linda," standing up so his mouth could reach her seated
height to kiss her. "I know we must look like the 'odd couple', but I will stand by
you and your thoughts no matter what. I want us to be together."

Linda replied, "Joe, first things first, but I like you ever so much."

Joe put blankets and sheets on the floor as the bed was king size, but still
too small for Linda and then they undressed each other. They both stretched
out on the makeshift bed kissing and talking. Joe said, "Linda, I will do
anything you like to stimulate your vagina, but you know my fantasy and even
someday I might stretch you that very size."

Linda laughed, "And I might let you!" Linda then noticed the shopping sack
laying near their floor pad and began to open it. "Joe, what in the world
do you have here, it looks like KY lubricant, measuring tape, a douche bag
with a hose, and a blood pressure kit. I even think I know what they are
for." Linda then laughed. "You see Joe, I probably know more about your
fantasy than you think!"

Joe gulped with, "I have studied everything about it for years even in medical
libraries. I even find some things on the internet and find there it is called
'partial unbirthing', but sometimes is called 'adult head insertion' or
'head swallowing'. I found only about one in a million couples ever actually
try it, even though many more women have a pelvis large enough. However, I
am so lucky to find you and I would guess that even though a lot more have a
pelvis large enough, you huge pelvis might only be one in a million!"

"Yes Joe, I know, as I have a computer connected to the internet and in the two
years since my sister told me about you, I found out a great deal about vaginal
stretching and related material. I even know what the blood pressure kit is
for, as I saw some pictures of big ladies using the inflatable bags or balloons
taken from these blood pressure kits for vaginal stretching."

"Linda, I am overwhelmed to find you, as I was beginning to think nobody would
be my 'ideal woman'... but now I have found you!" Joe then took the blood
pressure kit and opened it taking the inflatable bag out of the cuff and tied
off one of the two hoses to prevent air leakage. Then he connected the other
hose to the squeeze bulb to inflate the balloon saying, "Let me show you how
these inflation toys look like, as I have also seen them used on the internet."
Joe began to squeeze the inflation bulb counting each squeeze and watching
the balloon get larger and larger until it became perfectly round and 8
inches wide. Joe murmured "140 squeezes... You see this is now quite larger
than my head, but even if it ever got to 140 pumps and this huge inside a big
pelvis, the inner vagina stretches very easily to the pelvic bone walls to
accommodate the great size, but the balloon would not push out through the vaginal
opening without months and months of stretching practice. The outer ring of the
vaginal opening would take practice to stretch open without childbirth like pain.
The opening just would not allow it to push on out comfortably. It would require
long practice!" Joe then turned the release knob and let off the air inside the
balloon until it became flat again. Joe smiled saying, "If you wish I will pump
it a few squeezes for you."

Linda then smiled even more broadly and replied, "Joe, I would love to try
it." and she brought up her knees exposing the longest labia Joe had ever
seen. The distance from the floor to the top of her pubis was so high it was
unbelievable to Joe who never thought he would see such a long front to back
pelvic opening distance and such long long labia.
Joe then took the flat blood pressure balloon and pumped it 35 times filling
it to about 8 inches long and slightly over three and a half inches across as he
lubricated it with lots of KY lubricant. Joe then put KY in his palm and
pressed it over the long labia which were quite longer than Joe's hand. As
he did, the outer labia pushed aside and there was a huge slit with minor
labia on each side like a very giant butterfly with a great slit where
the huge butterfly's body would be. He did not press inside the pink slit, but
took the partially inflated balloon and said, "This may be too large to push
inside, but I will try first before I let off some air to make it smaller. To
his amazement, the whole 8 inches seemed to meet no resistance at all
as it simply slid and entirely disappeared inside Linda.

She said, "I can feel it a little, but now you see why I can not enjoy penile
sex. I never saw a man that had a penis 3 or 4 inches wide, so I have trouble
even starting to feel full! A penis two inches wide would satisfy most any women,
but my female parts are over twice normal size."

Only the two rubber hoses could be seen now at the vaginal opening and Joe
exclaimed, "Wow I love how easily you took the balloon, I will only pump it
until you tell me to stop." With that he began to count squeezes saying,
"50, does it hurt? 55 does it hurt? 60 does it hurt?..." After awhile he
could not believe it did not hurt Linda, and he asked, "I have pumped 110
times and it must measure as big around as my head now and you do not complain.
I know you could not push it back out without months of stretching but if
you wish I will let out a lot of air so you can try straining to push it

Linda then bent forward and took the squeeze bulb from Joe's hand and began
to count and squeeze and count, "111, 112, 113, 114... "... on and on as
Joe just watched in amazement. He looked to see if it was bulging her opening,
but could only see the two hoses and no opening beginning to stretch open.
Finally Linda counted, "148, 149, 150... that should be enough!"

Joe exclaimed, "but Linda, that is 10 squeezes larger than the 8 inch wide
size I tried outside you and you! I can not believe you can comfortably
hold something this large. Your vagina must be 8.5 inches wide inside your
pelvis and that would be far far greater than needed to even take my head
inside you. I think if you were to practice stretching for a few months
you could actually do a head swallowing, but I doubt you would ever stretch
enough to push out the balloon with this 150 squeezes of the inflation bulb.
I have never seen such a large pelvis as yours! But I just love that you
have it, and that I am here with you now!"

"Thank you Joe, I forgot to tell you that I bought one of these blood
pressure kits a few months ago and have done this before."

With that, Linda made a slight grunting noise and began to push. Joe
could not believe that she would even try to push out such a large thing.
But to his amazement, the huge slit of vagina between her inner labia could
now be seen to open about an inch wide and the black surface of the balloon
could be seen. After another two pushes, there was 3 inches of balloon
showing and spreading the opening side to side of Linda's huge long slit.
Joe reached into the bag and brought out a tape line. With each new strain,
he would measure the width between her labia saying, "4 inches... 5 inches...
6 inches... 7 inches... Wow Linda, your opening is much wider than my head
now! 7.5 inches... 8 inches... I can not even believe this! I love your big
vagina as much as I love you!" Finally Joe said, "8.5 inches!"... and a loud
passage of air between the balloon and the wall of the vagina was heard as air
inside Linda's deep vagina pushed out around the sides of the balloon.

Linda Laughed loudly at the gas passage and exclaimed, "I get this noise
right before I push it out!"... and suddenly the balloon just shot out of
her with the very next push. Joe could see the gigantic pink cavernous
opening quickly closing and wished he could just dive into it. He thought
he might be feeling like a rodent might feel frozen and looking into the
big open mouth of a snake... about to be swallowed by it. But to Joe, it was
a wonderful feeling and the huge pink, but rapidly closing, deep cavern
was an attraction that pulled him like a strong magnet.

Joe exclaimed, "Wow that is the most wonderful thing I ever saw, I feel like
a spelunker about to explore inside you!

"Joe, I had a huge orgasm pushing out the balloon, as I imagined it was your
head sliding through me. Now you know why I told you that I came to believe
this huge pelvis might 'serve some purpose'. I enjoy the stretching, but I
still feel I am serving no real purpose without being able to service my
lover. For the last two years, I have looked forward to a time like tonight.
For a long time I knew I had a large enough pelvis and vagina. That was
about a year ago before I bought the blood pressure balloon like this, to stretch
even more. After stretching practice, I found I had enlarged my vagina enough
to fit a well lubricated mannequin head inside me. In fact the first time I did,
I could not get it back out. I had experienced a big orgasm, but finally I was able
to relax enough that with a lot of straining I pushed it back out. Now that I have
used the inflation balloon to stretch even more, I truly think I could actually take
a whole adult head inside my big vagina, but I worry it would be dangerous!"

Joe was ecstatic and exclaimed, "I am the luckiest man in the world to have
found you! I now know for sure that we can do it, and it is the most exotic
and erotic thing that is ever possible for two people to do. There are also
ways to make it perfectly safe to do."

"I hope you are right about it being safe for you to do Joe, as I want badly
to try it. I sometimes tighten up after an orgasm and I worry your head might
be trapped. I thought about you for two years now and find you are a nicer
person than my sister described. I never told her I wanted to help you complete
your fantasy, or let her know it is now my fantasy also. You see I am rather
'independent' when it comes to my little sister's opinion! But I can now thank
her for letting me know about you."

Joe smiled and told Linda, "Next time you talk to your sister you can be her
boss, as I will appoint you my general manager should you want that position!"

Linda then turned to reach Joe, and removed Joe's shorts to give him an oral
service like none he had ever experienced. Linda seemed to relish trying to
swallow all his genitalia at once. Joe had a huge orgasm with genitalia in
Linda's huge mouth as she worked her tongue like he never knew possible. Then
Joe said, " I must give you a great orgasm now!

"Linda replied, "Thank you Joe, it seems I have one whenever I get a lot of

Joe uttered, "No Problem!"... and then moved down between Linda's wide legs and
looked up to see a very high pubic mound (or mons) marking the top of her pelvis.
It was quite a few inches higher than any other Joe had seen. He then parted
Linda's outer labia and then her inner labia to view the largest slit he ever
fisted. He placed both his hands inside the huge slit of Linda's vagina and
began to massage the walls of her vagina. He would then pull each hand to
opposite sides of her opening to look at distances of open vaginal space between
his hands and arms he never believed would be possible. When he did this, the
distance was much larger than the widest distances across his own head. It
only made Joe want to go inside her as he realized that she could very easily
take his whole head. Joe then reached very deeply within her vagina while
separating his arms and hands. He then made a stretching and rotating motion
at the same time. Linda soon began to have another orgasm. She then exploded
with a powerful orgasm causing her to quickly tighten her vagina around his lower
arms just below his elbows as she contracted. Joe could hardly believe something
so open one moment could be so tight the next!. Joe then insisted on putting his
head inside her vagina.

Linda firmly suggested, "Possibly later Joe." They chatted awhile
longer and then against Joe's mild protest, Linda told Joe she wanted to wait
until their next date to take his head inside her huge vagina. Joe was anxious
to try it, but did not press his wonderful luck. They set up another date for
the next evening and after much kissing they dressed. After dressing, Linda
stooped down and placed her arms under Joe's arm pits and very slowly lifted
Joe's body upward to level his mouth with her lips. Then after a final kiss
and a squeeze of his body, she slowly and gently lowered Joe back down and
left the suite.

Joe had a restless night thinking about how he would finally accomplish his
fantasy and totally insert his head the next evening and be swallowed into
Linda's wonderful pink cavern. He could not stop thinking about it all night and
even tried to rest some during the next day, but would only doze off for a few
minutes at a time. Joe was so nervous that only took a bite or two for breakfast
and lunch but did take some mineral water. By the time Linda was to arrive
this time, Joe thought he was finally prepared for her and he was very ready for
the biggest date of his life. He was just a little scared, but knew he would go
through with his plans.

Linda knocked on the door right on time, and when Joe opened the door she
commented, "I love the music you are playing and you look so appetizing I
feel like I could swallow you whole."

Joe blushed knowing he would be partially swallowed and replied, "Linda you
are just lovely this evening. Joe wanted to reach his arms around Linda to
hold her buttocks and squeeze his body against hers. When he tried he found
his arms only fit less than two thirds around her upper hips which he noticed
were very high above where her upper legs ended. Still Joe reached around as
far as he could and squeezed his face tightly between Linda's big soft breasts.
He then looked far upward at Linda's smiling face and big lips.

Knowing what he wanted then, Linda again slowly lifted him with no effort to
her mouth level while they French kissed. This time she fitted her big mouth
around Joe's lower face and kissed with his whole lower face inside her
inviting soft mouth. Linda licked Joe's lips after they were fitted inside her
mouth for a long time, then Linda noticed Joe could not breathe and slid his
chin and lower face back out of her big mouth laughing, "Sorry Joe, I really
wasn't trying to swallow you yet!"

Joe exclaimed, "Linda I love you so much and I just love the way you
kiss!" Linda slowly and gently lowering Jim back down onto his feet.

The catering service promptly delivered huge loaded carts of food and wine
again. After they left, the pair sat on the couch and ate. Joe even ate all
he could hold this time, as his nerves were relaxing and he became hungry.
He commented, "Wow I am stuffed. But he had been watching Linda eat and
noticed he only ate about a fourth as much as her. They both tried several
types of wine and desserts.

Linda finally finished off all the serving trays and said, "Joe, I forgot to
tell you how I just love your bald head. It is so sexy and slick." Linda began
slowly running her huge hand over the top of Joe's bald head. "And Joe, your
slick bald head is ever so sexy to me! Ummmm I am getting full. I even
enjoyed the mountain oysters you ordered. They make me feel very sexy."

Joe laughed, "Well I hope you saved a little room inside you for me!"

Linda then gave Joe the biggest smile he had seen and commented, "I notice
lots of blankets on the floor Joe, are you going to play some games on the
floor? I like to wrestle, as I never loose!"

Joe looked her over and figured she weighed three to four times his own weight
and said, "If we do that, you will have to give me have a handicap!"... and
laughed as he began to help Linda undress. He noticed her huge pink panties
and said, "Your panties look like a model from my stores in the largest size
I sell."

Linda laughed, "Yes Joe, but you need to make a style that fits a taller pelvis,
these fit around my ninety plus inch hips, but they only come up the sides, and
don't begin to reach the top of my hips."

Joe apologized, "Sorry Linda, I noticed them yesterday. If I had known there were
ladies with so high a pelvis as yours before, I would be selling styles that are
twice as tall... and charge more, as they would use so much fabric... he chuckled.

Linda laughed, "I hated my big pelvis until I found you, but now I think know what
an overgrown pelvis is good for!"... as Joe removed her huge wide (but too short)

Joe then asked Linda, "Have you read anything about adult head insertions?

Linda replied, "Only a little on the internet, but you are the only one I know
about that wants to actually try it. When I heard about you and then found out
how much I love huge vaginal stretching, I began thinking about it a lot. I find
that I really want to try it, but I will not do so if it is dangerous for you. I
read that there have been three deaths from doing it. They reported the man's head
would not come back out soon enough for him to breathe. I have only seen four
pictures of it being done on the internet and none of those showed the head
totally inside inside the vagina. They only showed the back of the head had
been inserted and the head was inside the vagina past the nose, with the man's
mouth and chin still outside the vagina."

"Yes Linda, that is the most common way it is done with the back and top of
the head inserted with the face toward the bladder side of her vagina. Don't
worry about me Linda, as I have studied this for years and think I am well
prepared to avoid any such problems. The way you described the pictures, is
the usual method of insertion with both parties lying on their backs and the
man's head gradually worked inside. The reason for this position is that
the forehead side of a man's head and the pubic arch of the front of the
woman's vagina are both more narrow than the back of his head and the back
of her vagina. Usually there is barely enough room even that way to get the
head inside, and they must take advantage of the easiest fit. Like the pictures
you saw, he was only going inside up to his mouth depth, so he could still breathe.
Those that died went deeper inside, and most likely, the vagina closed around the
neck with a spasm... probably from the woman's orgasm. That would cut off his air
supply. If the vagina is extremely large, and over nine and a half to eleven inches
deep, it will take all of a normal sized adult head and even part of the neck.

Linda, replied, "Joe, you must be careful, as I have inserted things over 16 or
17 inches deep and I spasm some with my stretching orgasms. It seems I read that
only one in a million couples ever do this and they use a 'breathing tube' in case
it takes some time to get the head back out of the vagina."

"Linda, you are right. Just today I used part of the tube from the douche bag I
bought for you, and placed several wraps of tape near one end. If my head goes
in very far, I will then insert the taped end into my mouth. The hose end with
the tape around it is too large to easily come out from between my teeth so I can
keep the air hose in my mouth and breathe through the tube as long as I stay
inside you.

"Ok Joe, just tell me what you want me to do, as I am getting hot just thinking
about swallowing your head and having your head and your mind, and even
your soul all three inside me."

"First of all Linda, I have two padded chairs I want you to use as you lay on
your back. I don't want you getting a cramp in you legs while we are doing this.
You can put up a leg on the seat of each chair that is placed well over to your
sides, and you will not have to hold your legs up that way. The chairs will
do it for you. There will be plenty of room for my body between the chairs
and between your legs." Joe adjusted the chairs and found Linda was very
comfortable in that position.

"Thank you Joe, you think of everything, and I could lie like this for hours!"

Joe then noticed that with Linda's legs spread upward, her inner labia were
exposed and for the first time he noticed how very wide apart the leg creases
of her legs were separated from each other to the sides of her vaginal
opening. He first laid the palm of his left hand against Linda's right
leg crease, that marks the boney edge of her pelvic opening. Then Joe placed
the palm of his right hand alongside his left, and exclaimed, "Linda, I can lay
two hands width from your leg crease over to the middle opening of your vagina.
In most women you can not even lay all of one hand from a leg crease to the middle
opening. The pictures of head insertions I have seen show a very wide distance
between the leg creases that mark the edges of boney pelvic opening. But Linda,
your distance is even greater. This crease shows the edge of your opening in your
pelvic bones. The crease is where your inner leg muscles that close your legs
attach along, and between your creases must be more than twice the usual width.
That makes you have the widest pubic arch opening I ever saw. I am sure I could
insert my head into you without even having to worry about taking advantage of
the usual special method that is used by the rare couples that do this. I could
even fit deep into your opening with my face down! I am totally amazed. I think
I could even fit into you with my head sideways to your opening!"

"But Joe, let's not take any chances this time. We should only try the usual
method of head insertion! I know my pelvis is wide down there, as when I try
to wrestle, I use my hands and arms more. I can not use the 'head scissors hold'
like you see on the internet. I can lock my legs, but there is still so much
room between my widely separated legs, that a head between my legs still has
lots of room and easily slips out. My big wide pelvis makes my leg muscles too
far apart to squeeze anything as narrow as a head between them. Even though my
muscles are very strong I am not narrow between my legs like those 'muscle
ladies' that can clamp a head or neck between their legs."

"But Linda their more narrow muscle width proves they don't have the wide
opening like you do. What you are telling me about the great width between your
leg muscles tells me your pelvic opening must also be very wide and large! The
inner leg muscles attach along the pelvic opening and the width of the creases
they make just below and to the side of your vaginal opening indicates that the
sides of your boney opening is very huge. It is the very reason you can not use
those leg muscles for a 'head scissors hold'! Even so, you will probably want me
to do some large stretching before we try my head in that wide opening?"

"No Joe, just use the KY lubricant and then use the back of your head to
see if that will stretch me. I noticed the back of your head looks a little
pointed like a big dildo." Linda laughed loudly.

Joe then put about half a tube of KY inside Linda's vagina, inserting one
hand in the process. He then took the other half and squeezed it out over
the tapered back of his slick bald head. Joe then noticed that Linda's
pelvis was so very tall in front of him. He had to go get large pillows for
his upper back to lie upon in order that the top and back of his head would
be level with her vaginal opening. Joe took the breathing tube in one
hand and he laid down between Linda's spread legs (that were resting on the
chairs). Joe centered the very back of his slick head on the huge butterfly
of Linda's inner labia and started to bob the back of his head up and down
slowly a few strokes. It slid very easily up and down as he did this, and
with only a little pressure backward, Joe could feel the vagina start to
open some. "Linda, am I hurting you?"

"Not at all Joe. I love the feeling, and you can press into me as hard as you
wish" Joe's head soon began to make noises as it slid over the opening mouth
of Linda's enlarging vagina and Linda commented, "Joe, I can hear my vagina
making slurping noises as it is getting ready to swallow you... you are really
delicious!" and she laughed again.

Joe just kept sliding his head up and down, but he was now feeling the rim of
her opening spread open over the back of his head. He placed a hand back to
find the rim of the opening was now circular and about 5 inches in diameter.
He began turning his face side to side and noticed how this seemed to make the
opening vaginal rim spread even more over the back of his head. Now with each
turn of the head sideways, he could feel first the rim of the vaginal opening
would first push his right ear lobe forward, then when he turned his head left,
Linda's left vaginal rim would press his left ear lobe forward while he very
gently turned and leaned his slick head backward.

Linda exclaimed, "Joe, I can feel your ears touch the sides of my labia, I
can hardly wait until they both go inside me." Joe then tried bobbing his
head up and down again and pressed back even more firmly and Linda said,
"Ohhhhhhh I can now feel both your ear lobes touching my labia at the same
time when you push back into me. Push harder!"

Joe had managed getting the entire back of his head into Linda up to his ear
lobes and his ear lobes were folded with both pressing forward when he leaned
his head backward in a rhythmic manner. He could hear Linda breathing very fast
and moaning and he ask, "Linda, am I hurting you?"

Suddenly and unexpectedly, the back of Joe's head shot forward as though a very
strong person suddenly pushed the back of Joe's head forward. When his head then
rebounded backward again, his head met a rock hard surface. Linda cried, "Wow,
Joe, I just had a huge orgasm. Sorry about it pushing your head back out." and she
lay and panted for a couple of minutes. Then she said, "It was the most wonderful
orgasm I have had, but now you can try again."

"Linda, I had a spontaneous orgasm myself just as my head was squeezed out and I
loved it." Joe tried pressing backward, but the opening was still very firm and
did not stretch much even though it had been almost three more minutes. Joe said,
"Linda, now I know why they developed these breathing tubes. If you clamped
down on my neck with such tightness, I would surely need it to be able to
breathe inside you." After a few more minutes, Joe found the resistance was
much less and he started the entire procedure again. Within a very short time,
he was deep enough to feel Linda's vaginal rim against both his ear lobes again.
He decided to wait as Linda was starting to breath very hard again as the
entire back of his head was inside her. Joe then told Linda, "When my ears
go inside you, the widest part of my head will be inside, and I will not be able
to hear well. We must have some means of signaling. If you like what I am
doing or just want to say 'yes', squeeze my hand once. If you don't like what I
am doing or to say 'no' squeeze it two times. If you or I have have pain or
distress we should squeeze three times, and If you or I think it is time to come
out squeeze four times." Linda agreed, and with that, Joe, began again to bob his
head with rhythmic pressure backward, and suddenly felt both his ear lobes close
off his ear openings as they bent forward against the rim of Linda's vagina.

The vaginal opening rim had now slid over the largest part of Joe's head and Joe
planned to just slowly move deeper into Linda, but something was wrong. He tried
to keep his head at the same depth but he felt contractions of Linda's outer vaginal
ring squeezing very hard on his cheeks and just below his cheeks. Joe quickly
inserted the breathing tube into his mouth, as he could not seem to keep his head
from being squeezed deeper into Linda's huge deep vagina. He got the breathing tube
into his mouth just in time, as Linda's huge orgasm tightened her ring of muscles and
Joe felt the tight ring squeezing around his lower face sliding him inside rapidly
deeper as her opening ring squeezed over the smaller part of his face. Very rapidly his
chin and neck all were squeezed deep inside Linda. All this happened in about two
seconds, and Joe found he was powerless to stop the process as Linda's closing vaginal
opening squeezed and slid his slick head so rapidly into herself. Joe was amazed
Linda's vaginal ring muscles had amazing power, and they were just too strong when she
had an orgasm... and this one was a huge orgasm. The ring of muscles was even very
tight around his neck.

Joe wondered if it would strangle him. He tried to insert just one finger between
his neck and her muscles, but was unable to do so. Joe thought Linda's ring of
vaginal opening muscles might even feel as tight as the coils of a big snake around
his neck. Fortunately the breathing tube was inside his mouth and locked inside his
teeth by a ring of tape. The tight muscles did not shut off the tube's opening and
Joe took a long breath through the tube and found he could breath fairly easily.
He had done fisting and double fisting in the past, and knew how sometimes orgasms
would clamp down on his arms or wrists. When he found he could breath, then Joe
knew he would live! Surprisingly as he felt Linda having the orgasm, Joe also had
a great orgasm and ejaculated. He was breathing through the air tube very rapidly,
making a loud noise. Most of all Joe was overwhelmed by the fact he finally after
all these years, had his whole head inside his lover.

Linda was relieved that she could hear Joe breathe, as she started to recover
from her huge orgasm. She could hear him breathing well through the air tube
which was making a prominent noise. The feeling of Joe's head inside her was
the most wonderful feeling she ever experienced. Even though she had stretched
very large before, there was something about his head that was just the most
wonderful feeling, and when their hands met, she squeezed it so hard it actually
hurt Joe's hand. Joe squeezed back one time in approval and they both just
relaxed and rested without movement for a long time, just holding each other's
hand in a fairly firm grip. Once in awhile Joe would squeeze once, and then
Linda would squeeze back once, in approval.

The tightness around Joe's neck was getting less, but even though he could
now insert fingers between Linda's vaginal rim and his neck, he found he still
needed the air tube to breathe. Joe knew that without it, by now he would be
dead. The thought entered Joe's mind how very sorry he felt for those rare few
who had previously died in this manner without knowing about the air tube.
When he was very quiet, Joe could easily hear the beating of Linda's heart and
the occasional very loud gurgling and tinkling sounds of air movement within
Linda's bowels. At times, he heard muffled sounds he knew must be Linda
speaking, but he could not make out her words.

Joe was enjoying his very first head swallowing by just knowing that his mind
and soul were inside another human being. To Joe, this was the ultimate
possible sexual act. Those thoughts made Joe feel the eroticism of the
experience even more. He had been laying there rather quietly and then Joe
decided to extend his head backward as far as it would go. He then bent
his head way backward and felt his nose and mouth sliding along the front
of Linda's vagina over her bladder side so far back he felt his nose touched
Linda's firm cervix. Immediately he felt a very firm squeeze of his hand by
Linda. Joe knew this was to signal her approval. Joe then rocked his head
forward and backward slowly many times and Linda again approved. Joe had
studied the location of the G-Spot and knew it was on the bladder side of
the vagina. He centered the tip of his nose over where he thought it was
located and started to rock his head side-to-side about once per second. He
felt the tip of his nose rubbing across Linda's inner vaginal flesh. After doing
this a few more strokes, he felt a severe pain in his hand and then knew
that Linda could not control herself and showed her approval by squeezing
so firmly. Joe then increased the speed that he turned his head side-to-side
and received another tight squeeze of his hand from Linda. He could hear
her heart rate quicken and feel her breathing rate was increasing. Suddenly
Joe heard muffled noises he thought might be Linda's moans, and he felt Linda's
vaginal opening muscles tighten again around his neck, then he knew she was
having another huge orgasm.

After Linda recovered, Joe felt a movement near the front of his head and then
a definite pressure over his forehead region like something pressing there. The
pressure would come immediately after Joe would squeeze Linda's hand. This
happened several times. Joe realized it was Linda pressing in on her lower
abdomen to feel for his head. When Joe reached upward with his other hand
Linda held it together with her hand to press on her lower abdomen. Joe would
then squeeze both Linda's hands to show he knew what she was doing and that he
approved. When he did this, he then felt a series of four or five quick feelings of
pressure all over his head and he knew this was Linda laughing causing the pressure
inside her to rapidly change. Joe again squeezed Linda's hand. Linda then would
tighten her belly over and over for Joe to feel it and Joe squeezed approval.

Joe tried several different positions of his head and even leaned his head sideways
so his head would point toward the sides of Linda's vaginal walls. Linda
squeezed his hand in approval, but nothing elicited the approval that moving
his nose over her G-Spot did. At one time Joe even made his head move in
small circular movements to make a little circle of movement with his nose over
Linda's G-Spot. This produced another big orgasm. Joe was amazed at Linda's
capacity for multiple orgasms. After doing things and then resting for several
minutes and after producing many orgasms inside Linda, Joe felt four squeezes
of his hand. He knew this meant time to come out, but at first squeezed back
twice to signal 'no' he wanted to stay in longer, but Linda then squeezed four
times so hard it hurt Joe's hand. Joe had been inside over an hour and finally
he squeezed back four times to signal he would come out. Joe remembered how
Linda pushed out the huge round blood pressure balloon that was much larger
than his head, and wondered if Linda would push again. Soon he found out, as
there was very strong pressure around his head especially coming from above.
Joe then decided to help and placed the palms of both his hands on Linda's
inner thighs and with each push Linda made, Joe would also push upward with
his hands against her inner thighs. Joe was utterly amazed at how few times they
had to push and his head actually just shot out, sliding all the way out of Linda's
vagina in an instant with the last push. Also to his amazement, both he and Linda
had another huge orgasm at that very moment.

Linda then lowered her legs off the chairs and reached down to pull Joe upward
turning him over at the same time. She easily pulled him up like lifting a baby and
placed him between her big breasts. Then she pulled him higher and brought his
mouth up to hers. Linda told Joe, "I knew you wanted to stay inside longer, but
I was worried about you."

"Yes Linda, I know. Even sliding back out of you was a tremendous and wonderful
experience for me. I am glad we both had an orgasm at that moment."

Between kisses, Linda would lick the mucus off Joe's face and slick head then
moved him down and held him tight between her big soft breasts. Linda remarked,
"Joe, I love you so very much. In the past I thought about what doing this might
actually be like, but now that I know, I realize I even underestimated the sheer joy
of the experience. Nothing else could ever possibly be more erotic or such a
tremendously exotic sexual experience. When you are inside me, you are part of
me, and you and I are both as one. I even wanted to keep you inside me.

"Linda, I feel the same way and the synergy with both of us joined together
made this the greatest possible sexual thing for me. I am now glad we agree
about having the same experience. When you swallowed me, I felt like I was you
and you were me... I can not even describe it in words it was so wonderful to me.

"Yes Joe, I want you inside me often. It makes me feel you are totally mine."

"Linda, you make me so happy it is almost unbelievable. Stay here at my suite
tonight, as earlier today, I had two king sized beds strapped together to make us
a huge nice place to rest tonight."

"Joe, I want to be near you tonight and thank you for being so very thoughtful."

They then showered and lay in the huge bed just chatting into the late night
while they kissed and held each other finally falling asleep in each other's

Joe awakened first the next morning and ordered another big breakfast from the
catering service. Soon Linda awakened to the smell of coffee and bacon and Joe
even had some extra toiletries for Linda's morning usage. Linda thanked him and
said, "Joe, you think of everything. I am loving you more and more by the minute."

After breakfast they went back to the huge bed and soon were making love again.
Joe rubbed Linda's big labia and as he did so, his hand started to sink into her.
Linda relaxed and his arm went inside to his elbow. He had never found a vagina
so deep before and never had one relax so quickly to admit his hand. Joe asked,
"should I try the other hand?"

Linda replied, "Yes please do Joe, I love feeling full."

Joe then easily inserted his other hand and then that arm to his other elbow. He
then turned his fists in a rotation. He tried separating his arms and told Linda,
"Wow, when my arms are inside you so deeply near my elbows, they are
as wide as my leg."
'Joe, you can try your leg if you wish"

"But Linda, my leg would never fit inside you!"

"Oh Joe, I thought you meant your bent knee inside me."

"Well Linda, I never thought of that, but now that you mention it, my knee
should now fit easily inside you." Joe laughed and then put some KY on his
right knee saying, "My knee is a lot smaller than the back of my head, but
I can see it will get wider very fast soon after I put the knee cap inside
you and push it in deeper." Then Joe rested on his left knee and pressed
his lubricated right knee against Linda's wonderful pink slit. Joe bent
his right leg as far as it would bend, and then just watched Linda's inner
labia easily push to the sides exposing the long pink slit of her opening.
He marveled at how easy it was to start his slick knee inside Linda.

"Wow Joe, that makes me feel fuller than your arms. How far do you have it
into me?"

"Linda, Let me reach over and get this tape line. The width of my leg I
measure is about five and a half inches side-to-side, which is slightly more
narrow than the width of my head, but from the top of your vaginal opening
to the bottom of your opening is now stretched a little over eight and a
half inches. That makes you have the largest boney opening I ever read
about! When I pull my knee back, it shows my knee went in to a depth of
nine inches." Then Joe slid his knee inside Linda as far as it would fit
and then started sliding it in and out a little to try to stimulate Linda.

Soon Linda had a very strong orgasm and Joe felt her opening muscles pushing
his slick knee and leg back out. "Ohhhhhhhhhh that was great, but not quite
as great as when your head was inside me Joe!"

"Linda, I never read about using a knee like this, but I can see that it would
be much better than using very large dildos to stretch vaginas. The tip of my
knee, just past the knee cap, only measures about four inches wide when it is
only inserted inside you a couple of inches. After that, the taper of my leg just
gets much wider and I even measure that you get stretched a little over eight and
a half inches front to back, before I feel that your boney opening is filled. I think
very many women could take the end of knees, and then if they wanted, they could
have their partner stretch whatever more size they enjoyed. Some big ones could
get head size gradually and have fun doing it. The knee would be much better than
using a big dildo. Those two liter pop bottles some women use are four and a half
inches wide and a knee would be much better to gradually stretch with. You amaze
me with your great idea about using my knee!"

"Joe, I just now thought of doing that, but it seemed to me like a good way to feel
full. When you got your knee into me and I stretched as far as I could go, I could
hardly hold back my orgasm and then your in and out movement was just so great it
put me over the top, and I had to explode! Maybe we have discovered something new.
Should we call it the 'Knee Dildo'? I have tried those plastic pop bottles many times
and they do not make me feel nearly so full as when you got your leg inside me, but I
did like the three liter bottles a lot better than the two liter ones." Linda laughed.

"Linda, doing my 'Knee Dildo' into you showed me something entirely new.
I discovered that your great front-to-back distance will allow me to put my
head into you in just 'any position' without having to use the standard method
we used before. The usual insertion way is needed to take advantage of the
smallest possible head measures. I know now, I could even insert my head face
down... or even sideways! Linda, you stretch so well. I would even like to try it
doggy style sometime."

"Yes Joe, I would like to try that, but I want your male parts in my mouth
right now!" Linda then moved down on Joe to slide her big mouth over his
erect penis and aching testicles. As she slid her mouth over Joe's male parts
she used her tongue to produce great enjoyment and Joe was soon having a
wonderful orgasm. "Mmmmm Joe, you taste good when I swallow you
like this!"

They laid in the huge bed for over two hours and Joe even did a massage for
Linda, while they talked about their love for each other and the many things
they both liked. Then they dressed and Joe called a limousine service so they
could go out for lunch. Joe had the chauffeur park and wait outside a fine Italian
Restaurant while they sampled many dishes, several wines, and desserts. Linda
was enjoying the day immensely while Joe mostly just loved being close to Linda.
Back at Joe's suite, they were soon making love again. Joe set up blankets on
the floor and the chairs for Linda's leg support. "Linda, I want to try just
pushing my head inside you without lying on my back. I know that requires a
little more room to get inside, but I found you have plenty of room after I
used your idea about the 'Knee Dildo'. Your eight and a half inches
front-to-back stretch is considerably over an inch more than the front-to-back
distance of my head, and side-to-side you are so wide I could even fit my
head sideways... and I would still fit inside you. I must be living right to
deserve you. I am so glad we like the very same things."

"Joe, I am sure that many people would think what we like is some form of sadism
or masochism, but I hate pain, and being demeaned and debased is not my cup of
tea. I know you feel the same way. Indeed, what we are doing surpasses any other
possible sexual activity. From a woman's standpoint, it is unfortunate more women
who have a large enough pelvis to do this have never tried it. Now that I have done
it, I know that nothing else in my whole life could ever compare to the sheer Joy of
having your head, mind and soul deep inside me.

"To me this is the most loving and complete sexual thing any two people could ever do.
I can think of nothing more erotic than having you inside me. Knowing you are still
very safe and happy deep inside me after I swallow you, and surround you in the most
erotic way possible, is life's greatest turn on for me. Until you came into my life,
my huge pelvis and huge pelvic organs were something I hated, but now our mutual likes
gives me great pride and self esteem. I feel my life now has purpose. I can't wait
to swallow you again!" Linda laughed.

Joe then used KY and began by using his hands inside Linda. When he would
pull them wide apart, he could spread Linda's vagina far enough to see great
expanses of pink flesh open before him. He was again being pulled like a magnet
to go forward into the inviting cavernous pink mouth between his hands. At first
he wondered how he would manage to push the lower rim of Linda's vagina
down while pressing his head against her opening. Finally he could not resist
going inside her, and he tried placing both his palms downward to hold pressure
downward on Linda's lower vaginal rim. As Joe pressed downward the vaginal opening
he saw was four, five, six, then seven, inches of pink vaginal opening above both
his hands just gradually stretching open as his side-by-side hands pushed the lower
rim of Linda's vagina further downward toward her anus and tailbone.

As he pressed downward, he cupped his fingers down to pull more and the lower vaginal
rim pulled far outward toward him. He could pull Linda's lower vaginal rim outward a
long distance, while at the same time he pushed downward. By this time, the anal
opening was now pointing straight downward, as Linda's rim of vagina pulled down and
outward toward him. Joe could not see the anal opening now, as it pointed toward the
floor. His palms were now parallel with the floor. When Joe had stretched Linda's
vagina downward as far as it seemed to go, with his cupped fingers turned downward he
could feel Linda's tailbone through the soft flesh of the back wall of her vagina.
Then with his breathing tube lodged safely between his teeth Joe bent down and placed
his nose into the crease between his downward pointing palms and hands. As he pushed
his head forward with his face down, he found that he had already stretched the opening
enough to feel the vaginal rim around the top of his slick bald head, and he slid in
his head deeper. He had pre-stretched Linda so much that his head just started sliding
into her cavernous opening very easily. Joe then knew how truly large Linda was, as he
had both hands inside her pressing down at the same time. Joe began rocking on his
knees and letting his nose slide against his hands as he felt the ring of vaginal
opening quickly spreading and sliding around and over his slick head. When his
earlobes pushed back to close his ear canals, he removed one hand and then started
sliding his nose over the back of his fingers to push deeper. When his mouth reached
his knuckle level, his ear lobes were going inside the ring of Linda's vaginal opening.
Joe then removed his right hand. When Joe removed his hand, his mouth rested on the
outwardly pulled lower and inside surface of Linda's vagina.
Joe could not hear Linda's words now as his head was past the point where there was
any need for more stretching. In fact, His head just pushed and slid extremely deep
very quickly inside Linda, as she began to have a strong contraction of her outer
opening muscles along with her orgasm. Joe was prepared for this by now and when he
felt the tightening of Linda's opening about his neck he knew it would not strangle
him. In fact he had a spontaneous orgasm of his own. Linda's contraction gradually
relaxed and Joe began to extend his head backward and upward. Joe decided to try
pushing in and out and found he could pull out until he felt a little resistance of
the ring of Linda's vaginal opening sliding over and around his lower face and then
he would quickly push inside much deeper. Joe developed a rhythm of about one per
second pushing his head deeper and then pulling it back and partly out. Joe loved
feeling Linda's lower vaginal wall slide across his face doing this. As he pulled back,
Joe felt her opening ring around his lower face. It was not very long until Linda had
another huge orgasm clamping muscles around his neck again. At one point, Joe tried
even pulling his face to the level of his eyes outside Linda's vagina before sliding
back deeper inside. Linda loved this deep in and out movement of Joe's head.

For the next hour, Joe tried many things as Linda had multiple orgasms. Once Joe even
rotated his body between Linda's legs to turn sideways. He was amazed he had room to
do this, as even the largest pelvis out of thousands he studied would have difficulty
doing that. As very few of the ladies who own a huge pelvis ever try head swallowing,
Joe wondered if anyone had tried rotating their body and then turned their head and
body a full 180 degrees rotation. He thought Linda must have a one-in-a-million pelvis
to allow him so much room for movement. Joe then kept rotating his body more, and soon
his head had turned enough for him to make a half turn to lie on his back... like he
did during his first head swallowing.

Joe did not have the pillows under his back now, but rested on his elbows to hold his
head inside at the level of Linda's opening. While doing this Joe even did the same
nose trick on Linda's G-Spot again with great orgasmic results. Not long after resting
from that orgasm, Linda reached down for Joe's hand, and then squeezed four times to
signal coming out time. Joe had been inside Linda for about an hour. While inside, Joe
knew that in a lifetime he would never find another Ms. Right like Linda, and decided
this was it. Linda must become his mate for life. When Joe's head slid back through
the ring of Linda's vaginal opening to the outside, they both had orgasms
simultaneously. As they lay in each other's arms, Linda exclaimed, "Joe you
are getting better with practice!" Linda laughed loudly.

"Thank you Linda, I realize that we have only know each such a very short time,
but I feel you are the person I have searched for all my life."

"Joe, I thought about you a long time before we met. I never thought I would
find the only person in the world who could make me truly happy, but now that
I know you... you are that person. You are my Mr. Right!"

"Linda I promise never to even think sexually about another woman. Just
knowing you are one in millions should convince you I could never find another
Ms. Right. You are my Ms. Right. Linda, my love, will you please please

Linda just stared at Joe and rubbed the top of his slick bald head, then exclaimed,
"Joe, not only will I marry you I will swallow YOU."

They both just stared at each other for a long long time, then Joe smiled
and said, "MS. RIGHT... Mmmmm I'm going to rename _our_ MS. HIP stores
'MS. RIGHT'... after you!"


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