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MUSE young lover Jo didnt want give


Hilary's Muse (A story of Walnut Grove) by Kelly Adams ( "I'm going to look stupid," Jo protested."No, you're not," her roommate Andi told her as she adjusted thesheet that Jo was wearing as a makeshift toga. "You're going to lookvery sexy.""Bed linen is not sexy," Jo said."It's sexy when it contains a beautiful woman like you," Andicountered."Remind me why I'm doing this again?""Because Hilary, that cute girlfriend of yours, has to write a lovepoem for her English class." "And this is going to help how?"Andi sighed. "You're dressing up as Erato, the Greek Muse of lovepoetry." It was only the umpteenth time she'd explained this toJo. "You're going to inspire Hilary to write a love poem. It's about,you, her hot sexy girlfriend who goes to a lot of trouble to help herout with her homework. It's not about me, your equally sexy and veryunderstanding roommate, who is also going to a lot of trouble to helpout without the added benefit of what is bound to be some very hotsex."Jo laughed at her roommate's histrionics. "Okay, okay! I get thepoint. Thanks for helping out.""You're welcome," Andi said. "Now take off your socks--Muses shouldbe barefoot.""Says who?""Says your costumer who is going to kick your ass if you keepquestioning her infinite wisdom.""You never should have been allowed to take that classics course incollege," Jo said, which earned her a tongue sticking out from Andi.Andi finished off Jo's costume with a small ivy wreath in her hairjust as they heard the door buzzer."That must be Hilary now," Andi said. "I'll let her in on my wayout, and then you can make a proper impression.""Wait, how do I look?" Jo asked, tugging on the toga to straightenit."Inspiring!"----------"What are you supposed to be?" Hilary asked, trying hard not to laugh."I'm Erato, the Muse of romantic poetry," Jo told her with as muchgrandeur as she could muster."Oh," Hilary replied, barely able to contain her laughter. "Isee...""Dammit, I told Andi this wouldn't work," Jo said. "There was no waythat my dressing up in a sheet was going to inspire you. This was astupid idea."Hilary walked across the room and, still stifling a giggle, gave Joa kiss on the cheek. "It's not stupid," she told her girlfriend. "Infact, I think that it's sweet.""But you're laughing," Jo said."Well, you do look kind of ridiculous," Hilary explained. "What witha sheet wrapped around you and a salad in your hair and all.""That does it, I'm taking this thing off.""I was hoping you might say that!" Hilary remarked, licking herlips.Jo had intended to go back to the bedroom and change, butrealized that Hilary had something different in mind. With a motionthat was almost smooth, Jo unfastened her toga and let the sheetfall to the floor."Now that's something I find inspiring," Hilary said, admiring Jo'snaked body.Jo stretched her arms out towards Hilary. "Come to me, my youngstudent."Hilary walked towards Jo, also stretching her arms out untiltheir hands met and clasped. Jo pulled her in close and gave her apassionate kiss."Suckle on my sweet bosom," Jo told Hilary.Hilary giggled."What?" Jo asked sharply."You said 'bosom,'" Hilary said."I'm trying to get into the spirit of things.""But I don't think you're chesty enough to have a 'bosom,'" Hilaryexplained.Jo gave Hilary's ass a short spank. "Just shut up and suck my titsthen.""Okay." Hilary moved her mouth down to Jo's breasts and began tolick her nipples. Jo felt her arousal grow as Hilary's tonguecircled her sensitive nubs."Oh, babe, that's good..." Jo moaned."Hey, who's the one who's supposed to be getting inspired here?"Hilary asked."You can be just as inspired in the giving as in the - Oh! - receiving.""How's this for giving then?" Hilary kneeled as she trailed hertongue down Jo's stomach, past her belly button to land right at thevee between Jo's thighs. She used the very tip of her tongue to coaxJo's clit out from its fleshy hideaway."Ooooo," Jo squealed with delight. She remembered back to when sheand Hilary had first started dating, and how tentative Hilary hadbeen sexually. It wasn't that Hilary was particularly shy, but whenit came to sex the eighteen-year-old hadn't had a lot of experience.Jo had certainly enjoyed helping her girlfriend to come out of hershell, and the reward for her patient tutelage had been an enthusiastic young lover.Jo didn't want to give in to an orgasm yet. She didn't want to expend the bulk of her energies right away. "Let's not get too carried away here," she told Hilary as she removed her lover'sface from her sex."I thought that you liked getting carried away?""Normally yes," Jo agreed. "But I think now it's time for me to dosome active inspiring.""Oh good!""I think that one of us is wearing too much clothing, don't youagree?"Hilary stood up and pulled her tee-shirt off over her head while Jokneeled in front of her and pulled down the zipper of Hilary's tightfaded blue jeans. Jo inhaled the rich, musky scent of Hilary'sarousal. She was anxious to taste her, but first needed to get herstudent completely naked. Jo yanked Hilary's jeans down to her feet,then did the same with Hilary's black bikini panties."How're you doing up there?" Jo asked, looking up to see Hilaryunhook her bra and toss it aside."Quite naked," Hilary said.Jo stood up, running her hands along the curves of Hilary's hips."And how!" She was always impressed at how such a sweet girlas Hilary could have such a sinful body.Their mouths met, probing deeply with their tongues, while theirbodies merged into one: breast to breast, hip to hip. They began tomove against each other, building on the already existing passion.Jo had fully intended to give Hilary a good tongue-fucking, butinstead she now found herself possessed by an emotion other thanlust. It was something deeper, more powerful."I love you," she whispered breathily into Hilary's ear. BeforeHilary could respond, Jo put her hand down between Hilary's legs andslid a finger up inside her lover's wet warmth."Oh, Jo..."Keeping their bodies pressed tightly together, they moved so thatHilary's back was against the wall. Jo wiggled her finger inside ofHilary, rocking her hand back and forth, alternating pressure onHilary's clitoris with the deep strokes of her fingers."Oh! Oh! Oh!" Hilary cried out. Jo could tell that her girlfriendwas starting to come. She began to kiss the side of Hilary's neckjust below the jaw line.Hilary's body shook and convulsed in Jo's embrace. Jo shared in herlover's joy, holding Hilary tight. "I love you," she whispered againas the last gasp of Hilary's orgasm subsided."That was..." Hilary began."Inspiring?""Oh my goodness yes!""Good. Now hurry up and get your clothes back on," Jo told her."What? But...""Hush," Jo admonished. "Whatever you're planning to say, don't sayit.""Why...?""Get dressed, go home, and put whatever you're feeling right nowinto a poem."Hilary started to say something, but Jo quickly covered her mouthwith a kiss. "Not another word until you're reading me a poem,understood?"Hilary nodded in agreement. Jo helped her gather up her clothes andget dressed, then walked her to the door."Now go do your Muse proud, my love," Jo said, giving Hilary a finalkiss before she departed.------------Hilary got an 'A'.[the end]


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