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MWH06 video camera and had captured the



This is a work of fiction by a twisted mind. If you
are offended by graphic descriptions of natural and/or
unnatural sexual acts, if you are underage, or if this
type of material is illegal where you are, don't read
any further.

This is a fantasy. You will have to loosen your clench
on reality a little when you read it. This is a tale in
which physical acts and human responses are not limited
to, nor necessarily based in, reality. Some acts and
responses in this story may be physically impossible
and/or physiologically improbable.

Also, as is the case with most of the stories in this
newsgroup, all the women in this story are beautiful -
gorgeous, even. Gravity has not caused breasts to
droop nor have wrinkles creased unblemished faces. The
men (the leading men, at least) are hung like bulls.
They can get it up and keep it up often and at will.
In this special little fantasyland, there are no STDs,
morals, or unwanted pregnancies. Guilt is a four-
letter word. Most important of all, neither strength
of character, courage of convictions, nor moral belief
stand a chance against any erotic stimulus. This can
be as benign as an accidental glimpse of a bared ankle
or as stimulating as a whipping on the genitals.

For those of you who didn't understand the preceding
statements, GO AWAY!

This story is intended for the salacious entertainment
of consenting adults. Do not try to do any of the
things described in this story. You could injure
yourself or your partner, be arrested, or shot by her

If you are under 18 years of age, GO AWAY! This story will burn your eyeballs and fry your brain.

If material of a strong sexual nature is prohibited
where you are, GO AWAY!

By continuing, the reader accepts all responsibility
for any disgust, revulsion, jail sentences, or pleasure
that results from reading this story. If you don't, GO

You have been warned!

If you enjoy this story and feel the urge to post it on
a <free> site, at least give me (NightShade) credit for

So, stick your tongue firmly in your cheek and enjoy
the story!....:)


Mr. Walter's Helper

by NightShade
(FF, MF, oral, vaginal, anal, light bd, light sm, rom)
12/96, revised 6/99
Chapter 6

During the hot action on the bed between the two new
lesbian lovers, Elmer had quietly switched from a still
camera to his video camera and had captured the entire
scene on film. He would be able to edit it out later,
but right now he didn't think the girls were through.
He was right

He had quietly trained another video camera in the
direction of Suzy. She stood transfixed by the actions
of the two sweating girls on the bed. Unconsciously,
she had straddled the bedpost at the foot of the bed
and was masturbating herself on it. The bedpost had a
three-inch round base extending into a short shaft
about the size and shape of a banana. This tapered and
then flared into a large ball. Very phallic. Suzy had
managed to jam as much of the ball up against her cunt as possible by sitting directly on the bedpost. Her
wild gyrations trying to get herself off while keeping
the fill reflector aimed at the two on the bed were a
delight to watch. He was sure this video of Suzy would
go into his `Favorites' collection.

Jane had maneuvered herself out from behind Beth and
laid the exhausted girl back into the pillows. She
daintily untied the bow knot that still held the baby
doll nightie on Beth's shoulders. Pushing back the
edges, she had her first unobstructed view of Beth's
firm tits. They were small mounds of soft flesh, but
looked almost large on Beth's petite frame. They were
covered with tiny faint red freckles. It was obvious
that Beth spent no time in the sun, and with her fair
skin and red hair, Jane could understand why. She must
burn easily.

The hard aroused nipples cresting each orb caught her
attention. She had not noticed before, but they stuck
out a good inch or so. The longer they got, the
angrier red they became.

Jane bent down and gently kissed one of those angry
soldiers. That brought it even more to attention, the
eraser-shaped nub stiff and upright. Jane toyed with
it using her tongue and got a moaning response from
Beth. She switched to the other breast and toyed with
that nipple, too. Beth began to revive from her
relaxed state.

Kneeling upright, Jane undid the bow on her own night
gown and tossed it aside. A glance and grin at Elmer
was the only sign that she was aware of where she was
and what was going on. Beth was already far past
remembering that Suzy or Elmer were in the room.

Jane moved to the head of the bed and placed her knees
on each side of Beth's head. Slowly she lowered her
neglected cunt to Beth's lips. Beth tentatively stuck
her tongue into the waiting slit and tasted another
woman for the first time. She licked her lips and
savored the salty taste. Circling Jane's thighs with
her arms, Beth drew Jane's cunt down closer to her face
and dove into the juicy twat hanging there above her.
Jane groaned in passion as her new friend experimented
with new and thrilling techniques.

Jane's hands found Beth's tits and began to work them
over. Where she had been gentle before, she was rough
now. The sharp fingernails were like pincers of a
clamp that terrorized the sensitive flesh. Beth's legs
began to thrash with the pain, but she did not stop her
endeavors or try to move away from the painful hands.
In fact, she seemed to recognize the roles that she and
Jane were playing and accepted her passive role. This
was a new position for Beth, as she pretty much
controlled her boyfriend. Not pretty much, she did
control him.

In an effort to appease the aggressive Jane, Beth
brought her finger to the asshole in front of her nose
and teasingly scratched it with her fingernail. The
wiggling of Jane's hips encouraged her and, licking her
finger quickly, she inserted the digit into the
puckered opening.


Since it was hard for Beth to fuck her finger in and
out with it being right in front of her face, she
wagged the finger back and forth inside the dark
tunnel. Jane arched her back and jammed her cunt down
on Beth's foraging tongue.


Falling forward into the classic 69 position, Jane
began to voraciously eat out the triumphant Beth.
Using both hands to spread Beth's ass cheeks, she put
her tongue to the exposed bung hole. Rolling and
stiffening her tongue, Jane jammed the small penis
substitute into Beth's ass hole.

"OH, OH, OH, OH, OH," came from Beth, who had never
been rimmed before. "Don't stop! Please, don't stop!"

Both girls continued to stimulate each other with
tongues, mouths and fingers until both reached a climax
at the same time. They collapsed into an exhausted
heap on the bed.


End of chapter

I hope you enjoyed it.... :)

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