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MWH07 video camera and sat the



This is a work of fiction by a twisted mind. If you
are offended by graphic descriptions of natural and/or
unnatural sexual acts, if you are underage, or if this
type of material is illegal where you are, don't read
any further.

This is a fantasy. You will have to loosen your clench
on reality a little when you read it. This is a tale in
which physical acts and human responses are not limited
to, nor necessarily based in, reality. Some acts and
responses in this story may be physically impossible
and/or physiologically improbable.

Also, as is the case with most of the stories in this
newsgroup, all the women in this story are beautiful -
gorgeous, even. Gravity has not caused breasts to
droop nor have wrinkles creased unblemished faces. The
men (the leading men, at least) are hung like bulls.
They can get it up and keep it up often and at will.
In this special little fantasyland, there are no STDs,
morals, or unwanted pregnancies. Guilt is a four-
letter word. Most important of all, neither strength
of character, courage of convictions, nor moral belief
stand a chance against any erotic stimulus. This can
be as benign as an accidental glimpse of a bared ankle
or as stimulating as a whipping on the genitals.

For those of you who didn't understand the preceding
statements, GO AWAY!

This story is intended for the salacious entertainment
of consenting adults. Do not try to do any of the
things described in this story. You could injure
yourself or your partner, be arrested, or shot by her

If you are under 18 years of age, GO AWAY! This story will burn your eyeballs and fry your brain.

If material of a strong sexual nature is prohibited
where you are, GO AWAY!

By continuing, the reader accepts all responsibility
for any disgust, revulsion, jail sentences, or pleasure
that results from reading this story. If you don't, GO

You have been warned!

If you enjoy this story and feel the urge to post it on
a <free> site, at least give me (NightShade) credit for

So, stick your tongue firmly in your cheek and enjoy
the story!....:)


Mr. Walter's Helper

by NightShade
(FF, MF, oral, vaginal, anal, light bd, light sm, rom)
12/96, revised 6/99
Chapter 7

Elmer set down the video camera and sat on the edge of
the bed with the two panting women.

"Was that `special' enough, girls?" he asked.

Both weakly nodded.

A small shriek brought their attentions over to Suzy.
She had continued humping the bedpost throughout their
lesbian actions on the bed and was just a little behind
the pair in reaching her climax. The three on the bed
watched Suzy as she rubbed and dry-fucked herself on
the short bedpost. Her glazed eyes were unfocused and
she was not aware of her surroundings at all. She
finally gasped and collapsed forward, dropping the
white screen she had held the whole time.

The two nude girls moved to lay down on each side of
the deep breathing Suzy. As if by prior arrangement,
both leaned down to kiss one of her lightly covered
nipples. Jane fussed with the tangled knot of Suzy's
baby doll for a moment and then just yanked on it. The
delicate fabric tore with a small ripping sound and the
gown fell open.

Elmer grabbed his still camera and began to snap
pictures. The stationary video he had set up before
was still rolling, but he wanted the higher quality
shots of the conventional camera, too.

Tapping both Jane and Beth on the shoulder, he motioned
them to move back slightly and to be a little out of
the frame. Suzy was spread-eagled on the bed, arms
akimbo and legs wide. Her firm, heaving breasts stood
upright, swollen with new-found passion.

Nodding to Jane, Elmer indicated that she should
continue her touching.

Jane drew her fingernails lightly over the crest of
Suzy's tits, drawing feathery circles on the skin.
Suzy cooed quietly in response to the delightful
caresses. She brought her hands up and cupped her own
breasts, then began copying the feathery touches which
Jane had just made. It was like she was discovering
her body for the first time, which, in fact, she was.

A tap by Elmer drew Jane back out of the camera frame
again. The photographer was able to capture several
shots of Suzy touching her own breasts in a very
provocative and sexy manner. Suzy's excitement at this
new sensation was evident to the observers. She was a
little timid in her motions, but grew bolder as her
experience and excitement increased. The shots Elmer
got of the young teenager were as sensuous as any he
had taken. Even though clearly pornographic, the
innocence of the teenager came through on the shots he
was taking. Suzy continued to weave her magic on the
jaded photographer, chipping away just a little more at
the hardness of his life even in her nudity.

Jane, now understanding the intentions of Elmer, moved
to the lower regions of Suzy's body. Soft, tender,
insistent teasing touches eventually brought Suzy's
fingers to her own cunt. The young girl's exploration
of her intimate region was fascinating to watch. Each
new area touched and tickled brought new sensations to
her body. She remembered the way the two girls had
touched at first, and tentatively probed her slick
tunnel with a slender finger. As she pulled it in and
out, her hips caught the erotic rhythm and began to
move back and forth.

Soon a second finger joined the first and she reveled
in the intensity of the feelings this created inside of
her. There was a feeling building inside her she
didn't understand as yet, but it felt wonderful. The
harder she rubbed that little button down there, the
better it felt. She began a frenzied motion with her
fingers, her hand a blur.

As she battered her fingers into her cunt, her sharp
nails bumped into her hymen, tearing it slightly. Each
thrust weakened this useless piece of skin a bit more.
Each little tear caused her to catch her breath from
the irritated nerves in the tissues it was attached to.
Suzy found that this slight pain heightened her
masturbation experience. It also prepared her for an
easier deflowering later on, but she didn't know that.

During this entire time she had kept her eyes tightly
closed. She was in her own little world, and, although
she had felt the touches by both Jane and Beth, she had
not recognized that someone else was with her in the
room. She was on an adventure, a sexual odessy into
new and exciting territories and she did not want
reality to interfere with the journey.

Elmer followed her on her trip as Suzy explored the
basic limits of her new found sexuality. He recorded
on film her hands squeezing her breasts, pinching and
flicking her nipples. She cupped both breasts and
pushed them together, rubbing them against each other.
Forcing them up towards her chin, she attempted to kiss
her tits, and failing that, to stick out her tongue to
lick them.

The camera followed her fingers as they explored, first
singly, then in a group, the slick tunnel of love
between her thighs. Suzy even probed her ass hole with
pleasing results. She was totally immersed in her own

Finally, Suzy focused on the building orgasm inside her
loins. She had tantalized herself enough, knowing
naturally that by postponing her climax, it would be
better when it did happen. The speed of her plunging
fingers increased and she dropped her other hand behind
her to slip a slender finger into her ass hole. Both
hands began to work in unison, burying the digits deep
within her cunt and shit hole. She finger-fucked her
way to climax in a short time and promptly fell into a
sound sleep, exhausted from the unusual exertions of
the evening.

Beth and Jane quietly got off the bed.


End of chapter

I hope you enjoyed it.... :)

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