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MWH16 men this story are beautiful



This is a work of fiction by a twisted mind. If you
are offended by graphic descriptions of natural and/or
unnatural sexual acts, if you are underage, or if this
type of material is illegal where you are, don't read
any further.

This is a fantasy. You will have to loosen your clench
on reality a little when you read it. This is a tale in
which physical acts and human responses are not limited
to, nor necessarily based in, reality. Some acts and
responses in this story may be physically impossible
and/or physiologically improbable.

Also, as is the case with most of the stories in this
newsgroup, all the women in this story are beautiful -
gorgeous, even. Gravity has not caused breasts to
droop nor have wrinkles creased unblemished faces. The
men (the leading men, at least) are hung like bulls.
They can get it up and keep it up often and at will.
In this special little fantasyland, there are no STDs,
morals, or unwanted pregnancies. Guilt is a four-
letter word. Most important of all, neither strength
of character, courage of convictions, nor moral belief
stand a chance against any erotic stimulus. This can
be as benign as an accidental glimpse of a bared ankle
or as stimulating as a whipping on the genitals.

For those of you who didn't understand the preceding
statements, GO AWAY!

This story is intended for the salacious entertainment
of consenting adults. Do not try to do any of the
things described in this story. You could injure
yourself or your partner, be arrested, or shot by her

If you are under 18 years of age, GO AWAY! This story will burn your eyeballs and fry your brain.

If material of a strong sexual nature is prohibited
where you are, GO AWAY!

By continuing, the reader accepts all responsibility
for any disgust, revulsion, jail sentences, or pleasure
that results from reading this story. If you don't, GO

You have been warned!

If you enjoy this story and feel the urge to post it on
a <free> site, at least give me (NightShade) credit for

So, stick your tongue firmly in your cheek and enjoy
the story!....:)


(FF, MF, oral, vaginal, anal, light bd, light sm, rom)

Mr. Walter's Helper

by NightShade


Chapter 16

It was daybreak before they finally got to sleep.
There were no more virgin orifices in the young girl by
many times over. Each time after a bout of sex, she
would revive his flagging organ with her youthful,
energetic body in inventive ways. She never ceased to
amaze him with her energy and willingness to do
whatever seemed to come into her head or whatever he
asked of her.

It was late morning when a soft knocking came at the
door of their trailer. Opening the door, he saw Beth
and Jane had arrived and were standing at the door of
the trailer in the gray foggy light of a stormy day on
the beach. It didn't look like a good day for filming.
More like a day for indoor activities.

"Sssshhh," he told them. "Suzy's still asleep."

"Yeah, we know," Beth said with a giggle. "We heard
you all night. We got in to the trailer next door just
as `Mr. Walters' was fucking the shit out of someone's
ass hole. You know, you can hear everything but
whispers through that wall. And there wasn't much
whispering going on in here." She winked at Elmer.

Elmer blushed in sudden embarrassment.

"Did you save any for my back door, big fella?" she
asked teasingly, reaching up and grasping the end of
his limp cock which hung below the short robe he had
thrown on to answer the door. Both girls burst into
giggles at his expression. Elmer was clearly a man in
love with the teenager, but also clearly a man in lust
with women in general, especially one who had a gentle
hold on his cock at the moment. His conflicting
emotions and feelings showed clearly in his torn

A sudden flurry of rain forced both girls up the two
steps and into to the small trailer. Crowding into the
tiny kitchen, Elmer asked if they would like some
coffee. Busying himself with the task, the three
friends settled down into a quiet conversation while
the storm raged outside. They talked of small things
and the coming shoot, and the increasing possibility it
wouldn't happen at all. Jane informed him that the
other two models had canceled because of the weather.

The noise of a shower came and went. Suzy appeared in
the door with a towel wrapped loosely around her. The
short towel barely covered her boobs but clearly
revealed her cunt. Greeting both of the models with
broad smiles, she looked at Elmer.

"I need *Mr. Walters* in here," she said, stressing his

Elmer glanced up in surprise at the code words. He was
even more surprise when his battered, deflated cock
perked up. The two models, having figured out the
special code of the two new lovers while listening in
during the long night, hid their bursts of laughter
behind spontaneous coughing. Seeing `Mr. Walters'
poking his head up from under the robe caused even more
fits of coughing.

Elmer made his way to the bedroom door where Suzy was
standing. Reaching up to him with both arms, she
wrapped them around his neck. The towel fell down
between them.

He reached down and grabbed her by the back of the
thighs. Lifting her up, she quickly caught on to his
intent and wrapped her legs around his waist, locking
her ankles behind his back. She searched for the head
of his prick with her gaping pussy. Feeling it slip
into her, she laid her head on his shoulder and began
to nibble on his ear. She felt so comfortable with him
buried deep in her cunt. They were not moving, just
allowing the feelings to wash over them.

As she nibbled his lobe, she saw that Jane and Beth had
not been idle. Jane had spread herself out across the
small table, her legs hanging over each side. Propping
herself up on her elbows and lifting her hips, she
urged Beth to remove her shorts and panties. Bare from
the waist down, she commanded Beth to eat her out.
Beth was in the process of feasting on the delicious
breakfast buns on the table and had slipped one hand
down her own shorts to finger her own pussy.

Suzy watched the action in the trailer. Elmer started
to move into the bedroom and privacy, but Suzy stopped

"Don't move, lover. I want to watch them."

A quick glance behind him showed him the erotic tableau
she was watching.


Several minutes later Suzy began to whisper in his ear.
She had been thinking and she needed to talk with him.


"Thank you for last night."


"Did you mean it?

With everything that had happened and everything that
was said last night, that was kind of a vague question.

"Did I mean what?"

"That you want to marry me."

"Oh. That. Yes, I really meant it. I still do."

He flexed his cock to emphasize his meaning.

"ooooooohhhhh. Stop that, silly. I need to talk with
you. And I can't think and fuck at the same time. I
like fucking too much. So be still."

She nipped his ear for emphasis.

"OK, OK! What did you want to talk about?"

"Have you fucked Jane and Beth?"

The question made `Mr. Walters' start to pull back into
his body in self defense. But he told her the truth.
"Yes," he said simply

"Do you still want to fuck them?"

`Mr. Walters' just about pulled out of her cunt with
that one. What a loaded question! What was she after?
He decided to stick with honesty, even if it messed
everything up.

"Yes, I still do. But I won't if you don't want me to.
I am in love with you."

"Elmer, Honey, I want to know if you want to, because I
want to, too."

"Huh?" This woman was confounding him.

"I want to fuck them. I have ever since the photo
shoot. Is it OK with you?"

"It's more likely that they would fuck you, not you
fuck them. They're kind of dominating sometimes," he
said, thinking of both models' aggressive

Suzy giggled and began to squirm on the once-more erect

"I know they would. Would you want to take pictures of

"Yes. If you wouldn't mind."

She was quiet, thinking apparently. A minute later
came the bombshell.

"Could they use the big dildos and all the other

With that question, he came. It was unexpected, as
there had been no motion, just the gentle massaging of
her cunt muscles and an occasional squirm of her hips.
The white jets of jism burst from his cock with
surprising force, flooding her quim with cum. She gave
a soft squeal and hung on to him tightly, caught up in
the throes of her own intense mini-climax.

"Thank you again, *Mr. Walters*," she whispered. She
kept her pussy muscles clamped around his cock until it
finally pulled free with a soft plop. She unwrapped
her legs from his waist. Standing on her tiptoes in
front of him, she kissed him tenderly.

He looked down at her and asked, "I can talk to them
and set it up. But are you sure you want to use all
those props? Some of them are pretty big."


"Even the two headed ones?"

She looked into his eye steadily. "Yes."

"May I ask why? You don't need to do this for me."

"I know. But does it excite you? Did the butt plug I
had in my ass hole turn you on last night? Did it
excite you to eat my pussy?"


"Question answered." She paused, and then plunged on,
revealing a little bit about her inner motives to both
of them. "It turns me on, too, but I didn't know that
last night when I started. I just wanted to tease you
into fucking me. But as soon as I had the plug up my
ass, I knew I couldn't stop. It was too exciting, too
thrilling. And I want to experience it with a girl doing it to me."

She hesitated.

".At least once."

She gave him a quick hug and went into the bedroom to
get dressed.

".or maybe twice." drifted back to him as he stood
there with a shit-eating grin on his face.


End of chapter

I hope you enjoyed it.... :)

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