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MWH17 thick chains hanging from the ceiling



This is a work of fiction by a twisted mind. If you
are offended by graphic descriptions of natural and/or
unnatural sexual acts, if you are underage, or if this
type of material is illegal where you are, don't read
any further.

This is a fantasy. You will have to loosen your clench
on reality a little when you read it. This is a tale in
which physical acts and human responses are not limited
to, nor necessarily based in, reality. Some acts and
responses in this story may be physically impossible
and/or physiologically improbable.

Also, as is the case with most of the stories in this
newsgroup, all the women in this story are beautiful -
gorgeous, even. Gravity has not caused breasts to
droop nor have wrinkles creased unblemished faces. The
men (the leading men, at least) are hung like bulls.
They can get it up and keep it up often and at will.
In this special little fantasyland, there are no STDs,
morals, or unwanted pregnancies. Guilt is a four-
letter word. Most important of all, neither strength
of character, courage of convictions, nor moral belief
stand a chance against any erotic stimulus. This can
be as benign as an accidental glimpse of a bared ankle
or as stimulating as a whipping on the genitals.

For those of you who didn't understand the preceding
statements, GO AWAY!

This story is intended for the salacious entertainment
of consenting adults. Do not try to do any of the
things described in this story. You could injure
yourself or your partner, be arrested, or shot by her

If you are under 18 years of age, GO AWAY! This story will burn your eyeballs and fry your brain.

If material of a strong sexual nature is prohibited
where you are, GO AWAY!

By continuing, the reader accepts all responsibility
for any disgust, revulsion, jail sentences, or pleasure
that results from reading this story. If you don't, GO

You have been warned!

If you enjoy this story and feel the urge to post it on
a <free> site, at least give me (NightShade) credit for

So, stick your tongue firmly in your cheek and enjoy
the story!....:)


(FF, MF, oral, vaginal, anal, light bd, light sm, rom)

Mr. Walter's Helper
by NightShade

Chapter 17

Elmer talked to Jane and Beth about Suzy's idea while
Suzy got dressed. Jane's eyes glittered with an
excited twinkle as she considered and then accepted the
proposition for both of them. Beth said nothing, but
the odd look in her eye did not bode well for Suzy.
Elmer was pleased by Jane's reaction, but wanted to
make sure they understood not to go too far.

"Jane, Beth, I have asked Suzy to marry me. I really
love her and I don't want her injured. This may hurt her, a lot. Pain, but no permanent harm. Is that
understood? This is her idea, and I must admit, I am
more than a little aroused and pleased by her open
nature in these things. I want this to be a taste of
the real thing, but don't go too far! Who knows, if
she likes it.?" He ended with a shrug.

Jane and Beth looked at him and then at each other.
This bit of news tempered both of their intentions
toward moderation.

"Will you still be able to fuck us?" Beth asked.
"After you're married, I mean," she added.

"That will depend on Suzy," he answered. "Suzy wants
to have an open marriage. She may even want to come
along and fuck with us. But you can be sure that if I
can, I will. You've got the second best asshole I've
ever fucked!"

Beth bridled at first at being second best, and then
she softened. She would want every other woman to be
second best to her man, too. And she could tell Elmer
really meant it.

"So she can fuck around with other women. What about
her getting it on with another man?" Jane asked
quietly, getting to the real question.

Elmer hesitated a long time. He had never really
thought about that, but it had been on his mind even
before Suzy proposed her scheme. He wanted to continue
his policy of honesty, so he answered carefully.

"If she wanted to, I would not object to it," he said
carefully. "I wouldn't like it, but I would not say
anything to stop her."

Suzy's heart was in her throat. He loved her! He
really cared about her! And he thought she had the
best asshole he had ever fucked! She made a note to
ask him how many he actually had fucked.

She had not intended to listen in, but she had been
napping on the couch where they were talking. She had
come to wakefulness gradually and Beth's first question
had captured her attention. She had listened quietly
with her heart full of love for this wonderful man that
loved her. She would do anything - and let him do
anything - if it would keep her in his heart.

She wasn't sure if she wanted to fuck other men. She
didn't know many and none she would consider letting
poke around inside her. Elmer would have to approve of
any man she fucked before she did. And, besides, if
she really wanted to, she was positive she could
convince him to let her. But for right now, she would
stick to women and Elmer.

Jane took over the arrangements. Her organizational
skills came to the fore as she got swept up in the
idea, not even noticing that Beth was withdrawing into
herself. She quickly located a nearby barn perfect for
their shoot. She had found it on an earlier visit and
thought it would be perfect for a kinky location. A
few phone calls and the place was theirs for the

The preparations for the photo shoot progressed
rapidly. Suzy and Elmer took the photo equipment out
to the barn and got the sets and lights ready. As she
saw the sets and the equipment being readied, and knew
she would soon be experiencing them, Suzy began to
shiver in anticipation. Every time she saw the rough
ropes and thick chains hanging from the ceiling, her
thighs got damp with pussy juice that dripped down from
her sopping pussy.

Twice during the preparations, she needed `Mr. Walters'
help. Both times Elmer complied and fucked her to
climax. He seemed as insatiable as she.

He was also visibly excited about the upcoming session,
but concerned. He kept asking her if she was sure she
wanted to go through with it, until she grabbed him by
the prick and threatened to rip it off if he asked her
again. They both knew she was kidding, but he stopped

Jane and Beth arrived with boxes and packages. Beth
was visibly subdued, as if she was not sure she wanted
to do the session. But Suzy caught her fingering
herself in one of the horse stalls and watched her work
off her tension.

"You don't have to do this, Beth, if you don't want
to," Suzy told her. "We can just do a normal girl/girl

Beth froze. Tears welled up in her eyes. "I know.
But I really do want to do this. It's just, well, you
know, I'm scared. You should see some of the things
Janey bought for me." Tears rolled silently down her
cheeks. "I know it is going to hurt me, but I want it
to if Janey wants it. Do you understand?"

Suzy went over and embraced the other girl. Giving her
a long hug, she felt the other girl start to relax.
Leaning her back against a bale of hay, Suzy dipped her
face down into Beth's pussy.

Looking up, Suzy asked, "May I help you?"

Beth took her head in her hands and pulled her face
toward her cunt.

"Please. Do me. Please."

She leaned back and allowed the eager young girl to
relieve some of the fear and tensions which had been
building during the day. She could still control a
relationship, she could still be aggressive. Beth was
amazed at the skill of Suzy's active tongue.

"Have you done this before?" she asked her.

Suzy freed her mouth and said, "Only to myself."

The picture that that painted in Beth's mind struck her
as hilarious and made her burst out laughing. She
laughed so hard that she peed in Suzy's mouth. Suzy's
sputtering and spitting set her off on another bout of

Suzy wasn't sure what was so funny, she was trying to
do a good job eating her out. And then she had peed
into her mouth. That was something she hadn't expected
and decided she didn't like. Maybe with Elmer it would
be different. He could direct his pee all over her
body if he wanted to.

Beth's raucous laughter brought the other two running.
When Beth related to Jane what Suzy had said, and then
what she had done, Jane laughed along with her. Not at
Suzy, but at the image of her.

Suzy buried her head in Elmer's shoulder during the
telling of the tale. When she got to the part about
pissing in her mouth, her held her tight.

"So, did you like that?" he asked.

"Maybe if you did it to me I would," she answered.

Mr. Walters rose up between them.

"Oh, my. Mr. Walters!" she exclaimed as she felt him
swell up to full size. She looked at Elmer. "I'll do
anything you want me to if it will make you happy.
Anything, really. Even that, if you want. I love
you," she said as she kissed him.

"And I love you, too, Mr. Walters," she addressed to
his cock as she sank down on her knees in front of him.
Opening his pants, she pulled the hard flesh into the
open. She stroked it lightly up and down with her tiny
fist, then took the head into her mouth.

She seemed oblivious to the presence of the other two
models. Beth watched her give head for a few minutes
and then kneeled down beside her.

"Suck in the tip and twirl your tongue around it.' she
instructed. "Here, like this." She took one of Suzy's
fingers and demonstrated on it with her own mouth.

Suzy copied the motion on Elmer's cock.

"Now do this."

Beth added a new technique and Suzy applied it to her

"And now for the grand finale," Beth said and leaned
over and whispered in Suzy's ear.

Suzy looked at her as if to ask, "Really?"

Beth nodded.

Working Elmer's pants down to his ankles, she began to
caress his balls with one hand. Elmer's knees began to
shake at this fondling. Suzy held out her other hand
and flipped Beth the `bird.' Instead of being
offended, Beth leaned forward and engulfed the entire
finger in her mouth. When she lifted her head, the
finger was slick with saliva from the tip to the palm.

Suzy took the wetted finger and slowly forced it up
Elmer's clenching ass hole. He gritted his teeth, but
did not move away or complain. Fully embedded, the
heel of her hand supported his large balls.

Sensing his orgasm approach, Suzy began to wiggle the
embedded finger. This prostate massage triggered a
tremendous blast of cum into her sucking mouth, bathing
her tonsils with white, sticky fluid.

Suzy swallowed quickly, making room for the second
blast. She swallowed again and again and again, not
letting a drop escape. She held the tip in her mouth
until the engorged tool finally deflated.

She looked up at him.

"Well?" she asked.

"The greatest, babe, the greatest."

He looked over at Beth who was proudly watching her
pupil. He silently mouthed "Thank You" to her before
adding to Suzy, "You should be. You had the best


End of chapter

I hope you enjoyed it.... :)

All my published works are archived and can be read or
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