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Following is a very true story about a young boy's sexual
play with his girl cousin. If you are offended by such
stories, please exit. If not, by all means, read on.

When I was about thirteen, I was just starting to have a few
raging male hormones. In my own simple way, I was looking
for a little action. I knew I liked girls and I just wanted
to get my hands on one (or maybe even IN one if I was
lucky). So here's the story:

My parents used to go out dancing on Saturday nights with my
aunt and uncle. They would leave us kids together alone to
baby-sit for each other. There was my 11-year-old cousin
Darla, my younger sister and I. Darla was one of those
girls that had developed ahead of her time. She was a
little bit on the pudgy side, not really very pretty or
desirable, but she had boobs that were much bigger than most
11-year-olds. I would usually orchestrate a little
wrestling match with Darla after my little sister went to
sleep. Of course, the idea was to have an excuse to get my
hands on her. I would start out tickling her sides and
eventually move up to her breasts. The first time I
actually squeezed her little tits completely mesmerized me.
This was something only older boys were doing. I had bumped
into girls before, slightly pushing in on their breasts.
But, this was the first time I had actually squeezed one on
purpose. In my sessions with Darla, I not only squeezed her
breasts; I also pinched her little nipples slightly between
my index finger and thumb. What a great feeling! I knew I
was hooked for life on tits! She really wouldn't try to
stop me, although I do remember her sort of folding her arms
across her boobs from time to time in a half-hearted
defensive posture.

On the night I particularly remember, we were in their
basement. It was dark except for the blue glare of the TV.
She must have tired of a tickling and fondling session we
were having on the carpet because she retreated to a large
recliner. I followed her and teased her about something,
probably about her liking some boy. Darla was almost
horizontal in the recliner; I was on my knees beside the
chair. This time when I resumed the tickling and playing
with her boobs, my arm came into contact with her pubic bone
just above my elbow. She had on a white T-shirt and brown
shorts; I can remember it like it was yesterday. When I
realized I was touching her most private area, I started to
put more emphasis on my elbow and rubbed just below her
pubic bone around and around. After a few revolutions, she
tilted her pelvis upward, probably so I could rub her in a
more sensitive place. I could feel her pussy lips bumping
under my arm as I rubbed her. I remember I looked down
toward her crotch and noticed her legs were spread a little
and she started flexing up and down slightly. We were both
very quiet and the laughing and giggling completely
subsided. Her breathing changed; the whole mood of the
evening changed. I guess this went on for about one minute.
It seemed like a long time to a little boy rubbing a girl's
pussy for the first time.

Then, apparently she realized something didn't seem right
and sat up abruptly. I scooted away, but I remember I had
never felt that way in my cock before. I just couldn't
stand the intensity I was feeling, so I went into the
bathroom in the basement. The door to the bathroom didn't
latch. Instead, it was on a swinging hinge. It didn't even
close tightly, leaving about a two-inch gap so someone could
see in easily. I sat on the toilet and started jacking off
my over-sexed hard cock that was slick with pre-cum. After
a minute or two, Darla followed me, looked in the door that
wouldn't shut tight and said, "what are you doing?" Totally
embarrassed, I yelled back at her, "going to the bathroom,
get out!" But, I'm sure she saw my erect penis in my hand
and since she didn't have older brothers, my guess is that
she was astonished at what she saw.

It took me only a short while to orgasm and then I went back
out to the tv room where she was sitting. I was sexually
satisfied now, even though still more than a little bit
dazzled over the whole situation. I noticed Darla had sat
back down in the recliner and was acting very irrationally.
As I think back, she was probably so sexually stimulated
over what she had just felt and seen and didn't know how to
act. First, she would sit back and squeeze her legs
together and rub them against each other for a while. Then
she would spread her legs, sit forward, put her face in her
hands with her elbows on her knees and giggle. She just
wiggled and wiggled, as I remember.

The next morning was Sunday. Her family would often stop in
to visit my parents for a few minutes on their way home from
church as they did on that Sunday. They walked in and the
adults started to visit. Darla had on a pretty white dress
with white anklets and white sandals. After some initial
conversation, she and I went to the basement to play Ping-
Pong. We were playing and having a good time (I had no
thoughts of sex games that morning, after all, I was only 13
and I liked other things, too.) All of a sudden, Darla
looked down, let out a little scream and ran upstairs. As
she ran away, I noticed urine running down her legs,
yellowing her white anklets. Her place at the Ping-Pong
table was covered with a puddle of urine on the cement
floor. I didn't know what to do, I only knew I had nothing
to do with her peeing down her legs. I waited in the
basement for a few minutes, scared to death.

Finally, I braved a trip upstairs. Fortunately, they had
already left. mom asked if I had done anything to Darla to
cause her to pee and I said "NO" which was the real truth.
But, in later years, I've wondered if seeing me after the
events of the night before stimulated her in some way and
made her pee. Or, maybe I had nothing to do with it. Maybe
she was just a little girl that needed to pee all the way
through church, then got interested in Ping-Pong and forgot
to go to the bathroom. I'll never know for sure, but one
thing did happen after that, our parents never left us alone
again. Maybe she said something to her mom or maybe our
Moms just had a sixth sense about Darla and I. But, it was
an experience I'll never forget!
If you have any comments about this story, I'd welcome an
email to


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