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MYALIEN1 sucked away for her own pleasure


My Alien Friends, part 1



(UFO abductee story, alien abduction, alien sexual experimentation, b/g,
pedo, F/b, MF, M/g, group sex, menstrual sex, incest)

(This is the first story in a multi-part series of stories...)


Standard Disclaimer & Legal Stuff: The following story is adult fiction
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or a higher age if required by the political jurisdiction where you
reside...if you are under eighteen years of age, you are required to exit
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where you live, you are required to exit access from this story and/or
delete this story immediately...the following story is a work entirely
fictitious and the characters, names, places, dates, acts depicted etc.
bear no resemblance to any persons living or dead or events and acts which
may or may not have taken place at some point in time....the author who is
using the pseudonym above retains all rights of publication to this
story...individual readers of legal age my freely possess this story and
distribute it to other readers of legal age on a strict non-commercial of this story on any commercial website or by any other
means of storage and retrieval for commercial purposes is strictly
prohibited without written consent of the originating author.


I remember the fist time I was abducted by so-called "aliens", in 1962.
I was just five years old. This was a couple of years before Betty &
Barney Hill incident popularized the "alien abduction experience" as a new
cultural paradigm. Telling my parents about this experience also earned me
a couple or more trips to a psychiatrist, all the records of which had
mysteriously disappeared by the time I sought them out three decades later.

Years later, I contacted Whitley Strieber after he published
"Communion". We began a regular correspondence that lasted for a few
months, then slacked off to an odd letter every now and then. Other than
telling me in writing (in hindsight, I wish I had saved this letter) that
he was as phoney as the proverbial three-dollar bill, that while he
believed that the UFO abduction phenomena was real, that he himself had
never been actually abducted by aliens and that his story was a composite
of others' accounts, he told me the one universal constant in all the first
abduction accounts that he believed to be true was that the initial
abduction always happened at the age of five years.

I remember that first abduction experience as if it was yesterday. My
father was off working, and my stay-at-home mom and I were in the house,
she in the kitchen and I in the living room which opened up from same. Our
maid had come and gone for the day by lunch, not having much to do that
particular day. I was a late spring day in early May. The sun was shining
with high clouds. The traffic out on the nearby highway whizzed by, as did
the trains on the tracks within sight of the house. While we lived out in
the country, at the creeping edge of suburbia, it wasn't like we were
isolated, far from it. Thirty thousand cars a day passed by the far front
of our property. Which made what happened all the more improbable, save
the laws of physics, space, and time don't apply to my alien friends and
their technology.

The sky became very overcast, suddenly. The air hung with a
purplish-grey-colored haze, smelling a smell not of ozone before a rain or
exhaust fumes from cars but something in between. My mother, doing
something around the stove in kitchen within eyesight of me as I played in
the living room, went from normal speed to slo-mo to a frozen position
within seconds. Somehow, I walked to the living room and looked up and saw
a giant UFO hovering just a couple of hundred feet in altitude high and a
few hundred feet away from our house. I became very, VERY scared. I
called to my mother to help me, but she was frozen in time and space, her
eyes shut in forced oblivion. I tried to run and hide, I wanted to go hide
in our hall closet under the main staircase, but my legs were also frozen.
I couldn't move.

A vibration filled the air around the house, making it tremble like a
small earthquake was rolling the grounds around us. Windowpanes rattled. A
shaft of the purist yellowish-white light I've ever seen shot down from the
hovering oval-oblong-somewhat-roundish UFO craft to the living room window
where I stood, penetrating through solid walls as if they were glass,
filling the house with this warm, loving, blanketing light-energy. It
actually felt good, but I was scared, and was sure I was going to die.

Next thing I knew, I was aboard this UFO ship I had just seen, or
considering the experience I had gone through, at least what I assumed it
to be. Consciousness slowly returning to me, I awoke atop a shiny, cold
metal table, naked. Strange looking people, no, creatures, pattered around
me. These creatures are now commonly known as "greys" in the common
UFOlogy mythology, but then, all I knew is that they weren't human.

The inside of the ship seemed much bigger inside than what I would have
imagined to be, seeing how big it was initially as it had hovered near my
house. The colors of the inside walls were a dull, drab somewhat metallic
monochrome, a color to this day I still can't accurately describe. There
was an upper walkway fifteen or twenty feet above the main floor area,
where I saw more greys and also a couple of other aliens that weren't greys
but didn't look entirely human, either, communicating with one another.

Arising from my cold metal bed, sitting up, other humans, children as
well as teen-agers and adults, were congregated at the far end of the main
room where I was at. They all seemed to be half asleep, their eyes more or
less closed from what I could see of them fifty or sixty or more feet away
from me. They were also all naked as I was.

The walls of the ship weren't straight and square like the inside of my
house. They seemed to have a constant curve to them, not much, just enough
not to be in a straight line. The walls were bare, except the odd bit of
what I now would call instrument panels. There was a darker band of color
I can't exactly describe, about two feet high, about two feet above where
the wall and floor met, that went along the continuous perimeter of the
wall. Around me, there were other exam tables, some like the one I had
just awoke atop of, others different, with other scary-looking instruments
and stuff next to them. To my far right, one of the half-human-looking
aliens seemed to be speaking without talking to a small group of the greys,
as they stood around a desk-looking contraption with what appeared to be a
TV and a typewriter and some other stuff on it. A grey came up to me,
touched me lightly on the forehead, and communicated with me without
speaking to follow him. My eyes opened up and focused more clearly.

It was cold. My naked skin goosefleshed. As much from my fear, which I
felt even more intensely then, as from the actual temperature of the inside
of this alien craft I was being held prisoner on. I just wanted to run,
run back home, but I knew I couldn't. A power affecting my mind made me
follow the grey to where the somewhat human-looking alien was waiting for
me, his other grey alien assistants puttering around him.

He mentally communicated with me that his name was, or I could at least
call him, "Seth". His high, misshapen forehead with creepy-looking skin
wanted to make me turn away. The greys, being also naked for lack of a
better term, contrasted to Seth's long, flowing cream-colored robe he wore,
its sleeves opening up to five-fingered hands that looked more like the
three-finger "claws" the greys sported than human hands, Seth's nails being
dark, almost black. He put his hand down on an exam table next to him in a
gesture for me to climb atop it, which I did. I couldn't NOT have, anyway,
even if I had tried to resist.

Two or three feet away from me, Seth seemed to smile this damned curious
facial expression, his (I assumed Seth was a "he") scrunchy-looking face
pleasant, almost comforting, not threatening at all. He started to "talk"
to me telepathically. At no time during this first time with my alien
friends, or since, was a verbal word ever exchanged, all communication
being done by mental imagery and mental telepathy.

I told him that even though I was scared to death, I would not cooperate
with him under any circumstances. If he tried to force me to, I would find
a way to commit suicide right then and there, no matter what it took. As I
bore in his mind, other naked children and adults scampered around us,
along the outside wall perimeter and through the maze of exam tables near
us, being lead here and there by other grey aides.

Seth expressed admiration for my courage, considering that I was just
five years old, but such bravado wasn't necessary. With the blink of his
friendly eyes, he explained to me that he, they, could force me to do
whatever they wished anyway, my freewill aside, but they preferred to
accomplish things through voluntary cooperation. Flashing images of the
most secret fantasies that my immature five-year-old mind had come up with
so far, Seth told me that, provided I cooperated with them, that not only
would all the questions I had be answered, but all my secret fantasies
would also be fulfilled. All I had to do was think the answer "yes", let
them do what they were going to anyway, and then I'd have my reward, on his

I was laid out on the table I had been sitting on. A device on rollers
was brought next to the table. Inches above, a large machine attached to
it roll over me, just above me. I felt my body shake and tremble. Pain,
enough to feel, swept over me. I started crying. Seth, who had been
standing at the foot of the bed, touched my forehead, and all the pain and
most of my fear left me. He also communicated to me that the next
procedures would be painful, but just to relax, and they would be over

First, a young half alien-half human girl who it looked like was nine or
ten in human years was brought over to the exam table. She played with my
five year-old scrotum and cock as I sat on the edge of the table. It felt
good. Seth, who along with his grey aides, were still standing around,
asked me if it felt good. I replied "yes". My little cock became aroused,
and hard. A grey gently pushed me back down. Miss Half-Alien-Human
continued her genital massage of me, until a suction cup device was placed
over my scrotum. It tingled, like a nine-volt battery discharging its
voltage through my cock. Two or three minutes passed, then Seth and they
greys huddled together beside me. They seemed concerned. Another device
was brought over, and a long, thin needle was shoved in my pudendal area
between my tiny ballsack and my anus. I felt the needle stick deep inside
me, all the way it felt like into my lower intestinal area. I screamed a
silent scream in genuine terror and pain, until Seth once again touched my
forehead and brought things back to a painless and fearless center.

Next came the proverbial anal probe, something popularized now to the
point in popular culture where even "Southpark" mentions it. Actually,
while uncomfortable, it didn't feel "painful" as such. A felt a small
electrical charge stimulate me while it was inside me, and felt my first
ejaculation being spurted into the same said vacuum genital device which
had been re-attached to me, as I kneeled on all fours on the table. After
my first forced orgasm ever, Seth had the nine-year-old half-alien-human
play with my cock, as another device was brought around. Seth told me this
was the worst of the bunch, but also the last, to be brave, that it was
almost over.

Two greys pulled me down on to the exam table, and secured my head with
some sort of mechanical blocks, where I couldn't move my head a thousandths
of an inch even if I wanted to. Another device was brought around and
positioned in front of my head. I heard what I would recognize now as the
sound of a drill, and saw the terrifying sight of a long, thin niddle with
a barbed tip coming straight for my face. I screamed another scream of
sheer terror. Seth moved around and touched my temples on either side of
my forehead. Closing my eyes, I felt the twisting probe force its way up
my nostril and into my cranial cavity, hearing the probe make a sound like
a "pop" when it pushed its way through my sinus cavity and what felt like
into my brain, though it was hard to tell exactly where inside me and how
deep it had actually gone. Seth continued to feed me anesthetic and
healing energy through his touch to my temples. Then, it was over.

Taking everything away from the sides of the exam table, they just let
me rest for a while, how long I'm not sure of. As I regained both strength
and consciousness, I slid off the table and walked the seven or eight feet
over to where Seth and his greys were, at the strange looking table with
the tv kinda built in to it. Seth smiled another sweet smile at me, and
welcomed me into "the family". He explained that I was a continuation of
an unbroken human lineage, a family line that had been cooperating with
"them" for the past several thousand years, and when I had children of my
own, my children would similarly be "initiated". I told him in no
uncertain terms that I wanted what I had been promised, I wanted my
"reward" for cooperating. Only now, decades later, do I realize that what
I wanted or not wasn't important, that they had an established procedure
and were following it.

I sat down at this "desk", and Seth told me to simply let my mind relax,
and think of anything I was curious about, and that all answers to all
questions I had would be answered. He said I knew I was especially curious
about sex, and that was fine, that all my questions about sex would be
answered in the blink of an eye, as would all other questions too. Looking
into the "eye" of this machine, what appeared to be a tv built in to this
desk, a grey also placed my right hand in this formed concave hand-shaped
depression, and the whirlwind of imparting knowledge began. Within what
seemed like seconds, all questions I had were indeed answered, including
some which I still can't talk about, things about the future of mankind and
such which were told me by this machine which I know were true because I've
seen everything the machine told me come true in proper chronology and
context, answers to questions that I didn't know I was asking. After this
impartation of knowledge, Seth then communicated that it was time for my
"other" fun.

More consciousness coming to me, I saw more clearly what looked like
maybe a hundred other human beings, mostly caucasians but some
African-Americans, Indian-Indians, Orietnal-type people, and other races
too, all milling around inside the ship, as naked as I was. Seth told me
they were all here for the reasons I was, to help our respective, meaning
his and mine, races. He told me all the adults and other kids were
"initiated" as I had just been, also when they were five years old, too.

He said that I could whatever I wanted to with any of them, they didn't
mind, as they could do what they wished with me as well, that the rules
"down below" did not apply "up here". I told him firstly I really wanted
to see a woman bleeding up close, since I had accidentally seen my mom change her Kotex in the bathroom.

He called to one of the greys to bring "the Johnson family" over to us,
along with some mattresses. The mattresses were more of what I would call
gym-type mats now. They greys escorted this family consisting of a man and
woman who appeared to be in their mid-30's along with their 12-year-old son
and 10-year-old daughter over to us. "Mrs. Johnson" was on her period,
and Seth instructed her to show me up close and personal how she normally
wore and changed her Kotex and belt, and also to put a Tampax in. Where
aliens get Tampax's and sanitary napkins and belts, I have no clue, but if
they can warp time and space to the point where they can kidnap entire
human families without it disrupting the timestream in our reality, I
suppose they can also "harvest" whatever else from our world they wish,

Mrs. Johnson was pretty, with long straight brunette hair, and
nicely-shaped breasts considering she was in her 30's with two kids. I
asked Seth could I screw her, and he said I could do whatever I wanted with
any or all of them, and/or have them do anything else I wanted to watch.

I had Mrs. Johnson remove her Tampax, shoving my hand up her pussy after she did, feeling her slick, large lips, feeling the space inside her.
Through the shared fog of whatever our alien friends were doing to our
individual conscious minds, she smiled a very smile back at me.
Telepathically, she told me it was "okay...they make us do all sorts of
things when they kidnap us anyway...just do what you's okay". I
silently asked her if she liked me playing with her pussy, and she equally
empathetically replied "yes". She told me "let me suck your cock".

Though I had just found out about oral sex among a million other things
through the knowledge implantation procedure a short while earlier, this
was unexpected. One of the greys helped me lie down on the mats, propping
my head up on some sterile-smelling pillows. Mrs. Johnson took my
five-year-old cock in her mouth and sucked away, for her own pleasure as
much as mine. Seth and his grey alien yes-sirs seemed pleased as they
watched us. Mr. Johnson and their kids stood around us, also watching.
"I've been doing this to my own kids since they were five too, but always
aboard ship, never 'down below', where it's illegal to do so" she
explained. Her mouth felt really, REALLY good as it sucked my
just-past-infancy miniature cock. "I've got to fuck you!" she mentally
exclaimed to me, silently, telepathically.

Considering her cunt had been stretched by bearing two children, I don't
know how she felt my two or three inch max cock, but she must have, because
she rode me for all she was worth, as I lay underneath her on the mats of
alien origin smelling a curious odor, our alien friends seemingly
encouraging us.

She rode my little two inch five-year-old cock for all she was worth.
Her menstrual flood just poured out of her and onto my crotch and chest and
legs. She didn't care. She seemed to genuinely enjoy what she was doing,
and we both knew it was pleasing our alien captors. So she just let her
lust rise as she ground as tightly to my erect miniature cock as she could.
Leaning down to me, she put my hands on her breasts, and silently whispered
to me to play with them. Sticking a finger up her own cunt to get herself
more excited, she arched her head back a little, picked up her pace to a
furious pumping, and had what I know now as an adult was an orgasm. Her
cunt clamped down on my little-finger-sized hard, and I had my first
ejaculation, ever.

Rolling off me, a couple of greys helped us both to stand, while another
grey spray our blood-spattered chests and legs and crotches with a
soothing, cooling mist from a stainless-steel-looking container, which made
the menstrual residue evaporate into thin air, leaving our skin clean and
fresh and smelling of bitter almonds. Seth came over to me and put his arm
around my shoulder, "congratulating" me for lack of a better term, telling
me that he was very pleased by what he just saw, and that I could continue
further. I told him I'd like to play with all of the Johnsons, make them
do stuff I'd like to see and do, Seth telling just to think of what I'd
like and it would be done.

I walked over to their ten-year-old daughter, and smiled at her. She
smiled back. Then she shot me images of all the things that they as a
family had been made to do over the years to please Seth & Crew. I
couldn't hardly believe what she was projecting to me. She telepathically
told me it was okay, that they didn't mind, since they never had any even
close to conscious memory of these things afterwards. Using images just
put in my mind by the recent knowledge dump, I had her knell and try to
suck me, but I was too short at five and she too tall at ten. So, I had
her lay down on the mats while Mrs. Johnson came over to play and suck me
some as I lay down beside her daughter, then I got on top of the little
one, entering her for my second fuck in five minutes. She began shooting
me images of her and her dad doing things to please the alien zookeepers,
so I asked if she would do some to show me, and she said "sure".

Her dad came over, and she knelt to suck him, as her mom also waddled
over to knell and suck her son as well. Her dad then crawled on top and
entered her as her brother did the same with their mom as they lay beside
each other. I watched until they came, then asked Seth if I could fuck
someone else. He said anyone present I could, that it was fine.

I saw this pretty little girl across the room. She couldn't have been
more than seven or eight. Long, wavy blond hair. A chest as flat as mine.
Beside her stood another girl, perhaps a year or two older. Seth, knowing
what I was thinking of course, told me that was her older sister, that
"Missy" was eight and "Molly" was ten. Seth mentally summoned them over to
us. I looked them over as I felt them over, and just grinned, I couldn't
help it. Seth then shot a sweetly wicked image and question, and I replied
in the affirmative.

By the force of whatever power that our alien friends had on us, Seth
had every single female present line up for me, shoulder-to-shoulder, along
the slightly raised edge of where the open corridor around the perimeter
gave way to the different-textured-somehow flooring of the open exam area.
"They are all yours..." he telepathically told me " do with what you

This line of totally nude girls, teen-agers, and grown women were all
mine for the next hour or so. Time standing still inside this cocoon of
warped physics, it was hard to tell exactly or even somewhat close how much
time was passed when so much fun was being had. Twenty-five or thirty or
so female bodies were mine all mine for my five-year-old mind and body to
play with as I wished for. Mainly, I just felt them all up, feeling the
differences in breast size and shape and texture, then doing the same to
their pussies, while having them touch and play with my tiny cock. An
Oriental woman was also having her period, so I made her get down on all
fours and fucked her what I could from behind, she not noticing me hardly
at all because of my smallish cocksize, a grey coming over to spray that
cool-feeling cleaning solution again on me and her after I was through.

It was a lot of fun, but I was getting bored. Remembering more images
from the knowledge implantation of a now a couple of hours earlier, I told
Seth I wanted to see some new stuff. He replied to just think it, and it
would be so. I had Mrs. Johnson lie flat on the mats and her daughter crawl atop her in now what I would call as an adult a sixty-nine position.
I also had Mr. Johnson do the same with his son, though that wasn't nearly
as interesting as watching Mrs. Johnson and daughter lap at each other's
cunts. Then I had Molly and Missy do the same with each other, before
fucking Molly on top.

After that, Seth told me it was almost time for me to go, but he needed
me to do one favor for him before I left. A naked human-alien-hybrid girl of perhaps thirteen or so was called over to us. Her hair was short and
somewhat curly and looked and felt like soft steel wool. Her face seemed
to be mostly human, except her mouth was smaller than most human girls her
age, and her eyes seemed smaller, more beady than a typical human girl's.
Two or three rows of what appeared to be deep creases in the cheeks of her
face let me know that while she was probably three-quarters or more human,
she was definitely a human-alien hybrid.

We played with each other, me mostly feeling her breasts and pussy and
she my cock, as we stood before each other. Seth didn't have to tell me
what he wanted me to do. We lay down and I crawled atop her. Her sex was
small, smaller even than Molly's or any other pussy or mouth my cock had
been in so far. It felt like fucking a pencil sharpener, it's vaginal
barrel seeming to have sharp and deep ridges inside it that matched the
ridges across her face. A grey slipped a much smaller than last time anal
probe up my anus as my hips pumped my mircrocock inside her, and I
definitely felt a spurt of semen come out of me, even though I knew I was
at least several years before puberty. But I was a happy captive at five
years of age aboard an alien spacecraft and was doing what was asked of me
by my alien friends, so I didn't mind, even though I knew I was being used
a biological harvested specimen to help produce more hybrids. Whatever.
Small price to pay for getting all my childish questions answered, and
being allowed to play pervert with a spacecraft full of other captured and
controlled women and girls.

Finishing coming inside her and standing up, telling Seth I needed to go
to the bathroom now to pee, he told me that I had done very well indeed for
my first session and that he was very pleased indeed and that we would have
many, many more in the months and years to come, and that I shouldn't tell
anyone "down below" because they'd never believe me and think I was odd or
mentally ill if I related the story of what just happened to me to anyone
else, but it was my choice.

Putting his somewhat cold, dark, lizard-like thin-fingered hand on my
shoulder as he smiled at me and told me he'd see me soon, all of a sudden I
was back in my living room, my mother still frozen in time as if stuck in
clear cement, the room still bathed in that wonderful loving light energy,
which started to fade as the ship pulled away from our house, everything
returning back to normal in one crazy moment of "zip", there's not a good
other way to describe going from frozen time and space back to normal
reality. All of a sudden mom was back shuffling through the kitchen
cabinets, I was clothed and standing at the window, and the noise of the
busy street on front of our house filtered back inside to my ears, the
sweet sounds of reality. I didn't tell my mother or father what happened
for several more weeks, a couple of months or more or longer, and Seth was
right, it was a mistake doing so, though not a really stupid one.
Sometimes, usually once a week or so, I'd wish for Seth to return so he and
his alien buddies could do what they wanted to with me, and I in return
getting "paid" back by letting me play with some new sexual partners, but
nothing ever happened, not at least until about six months later.


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