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MYALIEN2 hurt lot but need


My Alien Friends, part 2



(Fb, FF, bg, Fggb, gg, gbg, bb, alien abduction, alien sexual
experimentation, BDSM, forced sex, light torture, menstrual sex, incest,
implied alien-human snuff)

{This chapter begins where the original "My Alien Friends" ends…please
read the first part first if you haven't done so already, thank you.}


Standard Disclaimer & Legal Stuff: The following story is adult fiction
intended for private reading by adults over eighteen (18) years of age ONLY
or a higher age if required by the political jurisdiction where you
reside...if you are under eighteen years of age, you are required to exit
now from your browser if accessing through a communications network or
delete this file if accessing it through a local disk system...the
following story depicts sexual acts which if they were perpetrated in real
life would be against the law in all countries and localities; if merely
possessing descriptions of sexual acts which would be against the law if
committed in "real life" is against the law in the political jurisdiction
where you live, you are required to exit access from this story and/or
delete this story immediately...the following story is a work entirely
fictitious and the characters, names, places, dates, acts depicted etc.
bear no resemblance to any persons living or dead or events and acts which
may or may not have taken place at some point in time....the author who is
using the pseudonym above retains all rights of publication to this
story...individual readers of legal age my freely possess this story and
distribute it to other readers of legal age on a strict non-commercial of this story on any commercial website or by any other
means of storage and retrieval for commercial purposes is strictly
prohibited without written consent of the originating author.


Sure enough, six months later, close to my sixth birthday, they came
back. They came back in spades. By then I was attending Miss Shelly's
Private School for 1st Grade even though I was only five at the start of
the school year, Miss Shelly's being a private academy. By the end of the
school year I was literally doing calculus and reading Shakespeare aloud in
class, all due to the undue influence of my alien friends, but that's
another story.

Almost to the minute six months after my initial abduction aka
"experience" if you wish a more polite term for non-consensual kidnapping,
on a cold and grey Saturday while my father was off doing a service call
the entire house filled with that same yellow-white pure light of love as
their craft again hovered in broad daylight just a couple of hundred feet
above and to the side of our house and once again I was somehow seemingly
dematerialized and trasnported "up" to their ship. This time wasn't as
pleasant a' trip up as the first time back in May. My skin felt like it
was on fire under my clothes. My body shook and my bones ached as this
beam of energy carried me skyward having ripped me through the solid walls
of my house as Mum went into another stationary catatonia. And when I woke
up aboard ship, naked on another cold metal exam table, my alien friend
"Seth" greeted me with slight smile pursed tight from his half-alien
seeming half-human and maybe bits of other alien races face, his
leathery-thin lizard-like three-fingered hand lightly but firmly grasping
my shoulder sending me a greeting telepathically "…it's good to see you
again, Peedy, we've been watching your progress the past six months, and
we're pleased…now it's time for your six months' check-up."

I sincerely wasn't scared, well, not too much, but I definitely was
angry, again, for being snatched from my home like some bear cub being
pulled out of its snug den by some team of alien perverted curious
scientists on a research field trip. At least I knew if Seth kept his word
that I could have some more fun like last time.

A couple of the worker-drone standard-vernacular grey-aliens helped off
the smallish stainless steel-looking-and-cold-feeling exam table which
moved a little like it was on casters and over to a larger exam table where
an X-ray-looking-kinda machine was perched over, an arch of scanning stuff
and instruments at the head of it. Seth had wandered over to some other
humans, a family group of a mother and father and a couple of kids older than me but not teen-agers, who were standing near some of the
information-giving-booth machines in the far corner. They and the other
twenty or thirty humans I saw as my eyes strained to focus and my neck
strained to turn as I was being lead over to my first test machine all were
as naked as I.

The greys motioned for me to lay flat on the table of this scanning
device as one of his Seth's fellow "advanced" half-human alien colleagues
came over to supervise. The machine made an awful racket as it slid up and
down my length a few times and yes I got scared and started to shiver,
"Seth Jr." touching my forehead with one his (again, with all these aliens,
unless they are true human-alien hybrids with obvious physical
characteristics, it's hard to tell if one of them is male or female) thin
lizard fingers making me calm and cool and collected once again as the test

After the test, a grey came over and offered me some orange liquid,
telepathically ordering me to drink it. It looked, smelled, and tasted
just like orange juice. Where aliens get orange juice, well, since they've
kidnapped 20-30 humans this time around I suppose they could also obtain
orange juice, you know the drill. Sitting there in the warm chill atop the
scanner's solid bed other naked humans flitted in and out of my view adults
and kids of all ages and races, their eyes slightly looking down at the
floor and not up at our alien friends too often in a semi-trance-like state
that we all were under.

I felt the need to pee and one of the greys sensed it, leading me over
to an area behind where all the tables and instruments were in the open bay
of this alien research facility, errrrr, spaceship, a chrome-looking
short-lipped urinal sticking out of a wall area. As I stood before to
piss, my hand holding my five-year-old-going-on-six cock, a young girl with
short dark straight hair of ten or so came over to me and the grey shot me
a command to let her help. As I pissed, she held it for me, smiling at me
all the while.

Leading me over to my next exam, Seth joined us, telling me in what I
think was a joke to him that I should know what to expect next. After
climbing on to another cold metal table, the girl joined me and started
sucking my cock as she rammed a finger up my ass. Yeah, I knew what was
coming. After a few moments of oral stimulation, a grey gently pushed her
to one side as a suction-like cup-device was placed over my scrawny toddler
genitals and another proverbial anal probe, this time at least it was a
smaller one than the first one six months back, was shoved up my rectum,
that same tingly electrical current making me squirm some as my tiny cock
got hard and I squirted some fluid into the lightly sucking suckcup

Giving me a moment to recover, Seth took me and this girl over to
another table with a heavy-jointed reticulated arm device with what looked
like a Frankenstein drill attached to it hovering over the table. I began
to openly cry and scream and tried to run, run away fast, what and where I
know not because we were who knows where maybe a million light years away
from Earth aboard an alien spaceship with curving interior walls and
literally nowhere to hide, but a couple of loose greys grabbed me and
forcibly drug me back over to Seth, who lightly but loving scolded me.

"Peedy, you see this young girl here?…" motioning his eyes towards my
temporary companion who moments before had orally stimulated me, me nodding
"yes" to Seth "…she's a lot like you, even more so…like you, we first took
her when she was just five, and like you, we'll visit her through her
entire life…and like you, every six months to a year, depending on how fast
she grows physically, we have to give her a new implant just like we have
to do for you now, and she's not afraid of us doing so, are you, Carol?",
my young female friend nodding "no".

She willingly and without assistance of the greys climbed up on the
table and leaned back into the dull-fabric'd pillows behind and on either
side of her head. Unlike my first time, they didn't restrain her head with
straps and clamps. The drill-device made a frightful whirring and burring
sound as the long thin needle probe slid out from its metal straw-sheath
and screwed its way into her nose and then her brain, the sound and slight
smell of flesh being drilled open touching a very primal place of fear
within me, but Carol, my friend who was a girl, remained motionless the
entire time and even didn't break her own slight smile.

"Ready now, Peedy?" Seth asked.

I tried to be as brave as Carol had been, but couldn't help but grimace
as I felt the probe puncture the back of my sinuses once more. Carol held
my hand and lightly played with my cock as they greys stopped the machine
long enough to strap my head still once again. The pressure of whatever
they were sticking inside my brain was more clearly felt this time. But
like last time, there wasn't any bleeding from my nose when they were

"That wasn't soooo bad, was it?" Seth asked with mild amusement.

"No…not really" I replied with mental images and not words back to him.

"Good…now, like last time…ohhh, one more test, I'm sorry…one more test,
and then like last time, you can play with the other boys and girls and
adults like you like, just like last time."

Before I could react, three or four greys forcibly grabbed me and tied
me to a large metal plate upright to one side of the open exam area. I
fought them, but knew it was no use. Flat rubbery-plastic pads were stuck
to various places on my head and body.

"I'm sorry, Peedy, that we have to do this, but we have to…this will
hurt, hurt a lot, but we need to do this, and when it's all over, you'll
have your rewards, promise" Seth communicated by flashing images that
formed words in my mind.

To the right of me I noticed the greys were hooking a grown man up just
like me in a similar fashion to a larger but similar metal plate that was
anchored against the wall. Carol flashed me mentally that that was her
dad. To the left of me they greys turkey'd up a grown woman also similarly,
and similarly Carol audibly whispered to me that that was her mom before
being lead over to a similar plate and fate next to her Mom. "Peedy, what
you feel really won't be happening to you, it'll all be in your mind, just
try to remember that, it's not real, it's just make-believe" Carol finished
whispering to me her words almost the only sounds in the chilled air
smelling of antiseptic and ozone as the greys also trussed her up like a
target at a turkey shoot too.

I struggled against the metal-weaved cuffs on my ankles and wrists, as
did Carol's mom and dad on either side of me. From little bit I could see
of Carol past her mom, she had that look of total serenity that she had
when she was being nose-drilled moments earlier.

A sharp point was felt in the small of my back as a huge electrical
current was passed through my body, and I screamed, LOUD. At least I tried
to. My lips wouldn't open and my lungs wouldn't push air for my scream.
To the side of me, I saw a grey stick a pointy probe with a wire leading
off of it into the back of Carol's dad and saw him try to scream too, his
neck bending back as his mouth tried to open but couldn't.

Then the sensation of what I now know to be a whip cracking across my
back was felt, then again and again and again. Then a solid metal struck
my back, then was rammed up my anus. To the side of me, I saw a grey
really work what must have been being used on me up Carol's mom's pussy or
ass, its silvery length being shoved up inside her after being used as a
cane against her back. To her right, Carol was taking all her "punishment"
with serene acceptance.

More whacks from objects I couldn't identify, more electrical shocks, a
couple of sensations from what I now know felt like chemical burns, a
couple more shocks, then the greys released my ankle and wrist cuffs as I
passed slowly out, they picking me up and carrying to an area where there
were some of their gym-mat-looking mats, flopping me and Carol and Carol's
parents down on them, all of us heading into unconsciousness.

When I woke up a while later, sweet friend Carol was sucking on my cock,
her ten or so year-old mouth open and tongue licking my short five year-old
shaft and head. I didn't want a suck. I wanted to kill, as in KILL, Seth.

I sprang up and ran around inside the ship like a madman possessed,
finding Seth near a table where a naked girl (all of us human subjects
staying naked, period) of about sixteen judging by her pert but full boobs and light pubic hair was being given a instrument probe through her spread
open legs the thin probe screwing itself into her splayed vagina and tried
to tackle Seth so I could grab an instrument off one of the many instrument
trays around us and slice his head off like I had seen my Dad to an
unfortunate chicken or two, but several greys jumped on and tackled me to
the ground instead.

As I lay there trashing, Seth put two dark warmish lizard fingers on
either side of my head and flashed me a whole series of images and
messages. Like Carol whispered to me as we all being trussed up together,
it all was in my slash our heads. It was, but it wasn't. Actually, what
they did to us was very real. The plastic rubbery pasty things were
actually monitoring devices that measured our responses to the stimuli they
were using on us, which were very real, the electrical shocks and whippings
and metal rod canings and all. They needed and wanted to know our
responses to them specifically yes, but also to our realization of lack of
control. And considering they could immediately heal us of any wounds,
it's not like they were going to do permanent damage to us. I understood
and accepted. Didn't like it still, but accepted.

"You've been exceptionally good this time, Peedy…" Seth shoved his
thoughts into my mind "…ready for some playtime, for your reward for being
so good?" me nodding my head "yes" "…then just do what you like…we're about
through with your fellow passengers anyway, so just have some fun, okay?"

They let me up and I found Carol and her parents still on the mats lying
around. Carol was giving her mom some head as her 12-year-old brother sucked their father off. As her Dad propped up on his arms while stretched
out, I shoved my cock to his mouth and he opened and began sucking it. He
didn't do it particularly well, and I liked girls better anyway.

Nearby, three young girls all around seven to nine were playing together
with one other boy. I joined in. This blond girl broke from them and came
over to me, pulling me into their pile of fun. Playing with my cock it
quickly got hard and she rolled on top of me as I lay into the other boy and one of the girls who were also fucking using them as pillows. I played
with her flat titties and shoved a finger up her ass as she rocked back and
forth on me.

A grown woman came over to me and mentally telepathed me "…you're Peedy,
aren't you?", my head shaking "uh-hu, yes".

"Seth says follow me, let's have some fun".

She put her arm around me shoulder as we walked thirty or forty feet to
another pile of mats and bodies. "This is my older sister, Peedy…" she
motioning to another lady who was being fucked by a boy of thirteen or so
"…and my nephew, her son, and this is my husband…" she reaching to touch a
man of forty or so who was having his cock sucked by a teen-age girl with
large tits as they lay next to us "…and my oldest daughter…my youngest
daughter is around here somewhere, she will join us shortly…I understand
you like to have sex with adult women who are menstruating, according to
Seth…is that correct?"

I nodded my head yes, silently flashing a polite "YES!" to her.

"I'm having my period now…would you like 'join' me?"

She pulled her string and a slick red tampon slid out, she tossing it to
one side. "C'mon, Baby, it's okay, Mamma will make you feel fine!" her
leering thoughts crept to my inside my head.

A grey brought her a couple of pillows almost on command as she lay on
her back, pulling me to her. My finger-sized five-year-old-almost-six cock
slid easily inside her open dampness. I couldn't even hardly feel her cunt walls, she was so slick and without friction from her blood. My hips
pumped away anyway, her cunt finally clamping down on my smallness enough
for me to feel. Her menstrual odor filled my nostrils. Seth, wandering
around from pile to pile encounter to encounter, turned to smile at me as
he stood next to Carol and her family group as others joined it. I then
realized they were doing this, letting us do this, just to monitor every
single emotion and though we were having, but I didn't care.

A young girl of about thirteen with budding breasts knelt beside us,
kissing my partner. "This is my youngest daughter Kim, Peedy…Peedy, Kim…"
doing a totally bizarre introduction yes but we were all in the same place
and same time aboard an alien spacecraft under their influence so "what the
hell I thought".

Kim and her mother kissed as lovers not family members as her adult
sister came over to join us, her son having spent his load inside her a
minute before and now needing to rest. As Kim and her mom continued their
kiss, her sister leaned down to lick and suck both of us as we fucked.
Damn, that ffffellltttt ggoooddddd!!! I couldn't hold back any longer.
What little I could, I came, her sister flipping around to join the kiss
between her and Kim, sharing her womanly bloody essence with both of them.

Next to us, Dad finished pumping his load into his oldest daughter and
his oldest daughter joined the growing group kiss and grope. I got up to
find something else interesting.

In one "corner" (this ship's walls were all slightly curving, having no
beginning or end, all being round-ish) two of the three young girls from
the pile I had joined briefly earlier were playing with a more
human-looking half-alien half-human hybrid girl. I couldn't help but stare
at her some as her human girlfriends gave her some head and generally
played with her. It was the same hybrid girl that Seth had given me to
play with last time. As best she could, she tried to manage a smile when
she saw me as I walked over to join in the fun, flashing me a "hey, I
remember you, nice to see you again!" sincere message of welcome.

"What's your name?" I asked.

"We 'futures' don't have names…but you can call me 'Tina'…"

"Hi, Tina, I'm Peedy…"

"I know…wanna have some fun?"


"Follow me then…"

Tina took my by the hand as we passed by Seth he touching me in a
friendly gesture on my shoulder as he watched another pile of his subjects,
errrrr, human friends all going at it on the floor as she lead me out of
the main room and through a doorway I had never noticed before and down a
short hallway to another room.

The light in the room came from shielded thin metal fixtures along the
edges of the floor and ceilings, its bluish-green glow making the room feel
even colder than it was, it being a few degrees colder than the main exam
room area. In the middle and to one side of the room was what I now know
to be something like an autopsy table. A thoroughly cut-open and
sliced-and-diced woman in her late forties lay in a mess on the table. I
began to feel sick to my stomach. Tina opened a cabinet door and touched
some sort of dispenser's button, a small cup of what tasted like cheap cola
being handed to me from it by my friend Tina. "We 'future ones' do have
human needs like drinking fluids, Peedy" she explained without words only

Along the walls and down a hallway peering as best I could were clear
plastic "cells" about two feet wide and six feet tall that each contained a
fellow human being, all naked of course and all apparently asleep or in
some sort of suspended animation.

"Seth said it was okay to show you this, to tell you about this…these
humans are ones that have been chosen for 'deeper' experiments than what
you've seen so far…like the woman on the table there…she was chosen for
some experiments that involved certain things, and once the experiments
were through, we have to examine her body to see how the experiments
affected her."

I couldn't help but think to myself if this was it, if I was to be the
subject of such an experiment shortly.

"No, Peedy, you won't be an experimental subject like they will be other
things have been planned for your life…"

I smiled a sigh of relief.

Each clear coffin cell had what I now recognize as some sort of barcoded
tag at the top of their clear plastic cover. "The first few numbers are
for race and body type etcetera…the last four of the five indentify certain
specific family groups…would you like to choose some of them to play with,
a family group or something else?"

"Sure!" I couldn't help but reply. I knew their fate was sealed already

Walking down the hall, I chose a family group of a mother, father, two
daughters of high school age, one of grade school age, and one son near my
age. Except for the facts that they were quiet in their suspended
animation inside their heavy plastic cells filled with a gas that both
nourished them and kept them still inside an alien spacecraft that was who
knew where somewhere out in space in the galaxy, they looked like a typical
white middle-class American family.

The deep-set brows of Tina's half-human half-alien face furrowed a
little deeper as she punched a touchpad of buttons on the door of each
cell, each person awaking just enough to regain enough partial
consciousness to respond to her telepathic commands.

She lead our troops of living dolls down the hallway and to a room off
the examining room where the butchered middle-aged woman lay atop her
forgotten fate. I couldn't help but ask myself if anyone "down below"
missed her, if my alien friends had taken someone dear to someone else or
was the mother of a whole family.

"To answer your question, NO, Peedy…she was someone's mother and
someone's daughter, but usually we can pluck people out of the time stream
without upsetting the timestream too much…now, you have your chosen play
toys, what do you want to do with them?"

The room stank of old mold and something that smelled like Pine-Sol.
Several kinds of chairs were scattered around inside it, as was what I now
know to be BDSM equipment as well as the usual fuckmats like we used out in
the main room area.

I had them line up for me in a row shoulder-to-shoulder. My hands
groped the mother and daughters as I wished, but I really didn't enjoy it.
I ordered the mother to get on all fours and fucked her a little bit as I
made one of her daughters scoot down so her mom could give her some head,
but didn't enjoy that either even when Tina would play with my cock some as
it went in and out of my adult woman fucktoy.

"Don't feel guilty, Peedy, their fate was sealed anyway…" Tina
metaphysically whispered to me as I rolled the mother onto her back and
crawled atop her, flashing a smile of comfort back at Tina.

"Make them more conscious and aware so I can enjoy myself more, then…" I
ordered Tina.

One of the older teen-age girls dripped a drip of heavy blood down her
thighs, a clot or two dolloping onto the mats. I ordered Tina to drop and
enjoy. She shot me a look, I swear, of like "I'll do this because Seth
said to help you, but I'll get you for this, hehehehe!" only half
sarcastically and she and the girl began a 69 of each other, my
fingercot-sized cock shoving inside the other girl's asshole, she moaning
from semi-conscious pleasure. My hands roamed over Tina's semi-flesh
semi-alien-feeling skin beneath me as I moved from the other girl's ass to
her bleeding cunt, her blood running all over Tina's now-eager tongue.

Making the girl's mom join us as the rest of the family stood inanimate
waiting for commands to join, she knelt low enough to where I could pull
out of her daughter's pussy and shove the blood-covered length into her
mouth and back and forth again and again, the mother's lips and face
becoming as red-smeared as her daughter's in-season cunt.

Tina's warm but different feeling thin fingers also joining to play with
my cock some, I finally came.

"Anything else you want to do with them?"

I shot her a puzzled look. I worried what was next for them.

"Peedy…Peedy…it's not like you could give them one more moment of what
you call life but for them has been suspended for a hundred and fifty of
your Earth years…they've been gone from your Earth for that long, and now
it's time for us to find out what we did did to them on a deeper basis…"

"Is the little girl a virgin?"

"Yes, she is."

"I'd like to play with her some for a while, then I'll be through."

"Good, because I think Seth will sending your group home shortly

I asked her her name. Through the fog of being in suspended animation
for 150 years and being under the total control of Tina and all the other
aliens on board and tacit control of me that they had temporarily given me
she replied "Marcy".

"Hi, Marcy, I'm Peter, call me Peedy…" I said as I held her
eight-year-old or so nakedness close to me.

"Peedy…" Marcy whispered without words to my cerebral cortex.

"Don't be sad, let them put us out of our misery…we've been gone for
such a long, long time…we all want to go…go…home" me knowing she meant
heaven, all of her family nodding their heads "yes" in time with her words.

I just wanted to know what a virgin pussy felt like. My hand spread her
legs apart as my fingers rubbed her tiny lips and probed her thick and
fleshy hymen. My lips kissed hers and she kissed back as my forefinger
thrust deeply inside her, her tightness gripping it, her fleshy rings
inside her being opened by my poking finger. I bade her mom join us as she
did, she spreading her daughter's legs for me so I could feel her unbroken
spirit and hymen yield willingly to my curiosity. Marcy's kiss became
deeper as her mom began a licking of her daughter's clit as my frigging
continued. My cock rose again as one of the older girls knelt beside us
and sucked me to another climax as Marcy's pussy tented open to my fingers
insider her.

Looking up for a second Seth was standing there and Tina was gone.

"Time to go home, Peedy, you were a good boy this time and you've had
your fun as a reward but now it's time to go home."

Back in the main examining room everyone was getting dressed. I was
starting to feel tired and sleepy once again, and could tell everyone else
was too. Whatever tricks my alien friends did to make all or most of the
memories fade like so much fog in a rising dawn's light didn't work on me,
no sir-eee, not with my enhanced consciousness that I don't think they even
realized was developed of mine as it was.

Sitting dressed on a table waiting as the others were being lead into an
anteroom just off the main gallery, consciousness faded and the next thing
I knew I was back home, inside my house as my Dad came in from his Saturday
morning service call and mom was fixing me and Dad a sandwich for lunch and
two almost three hours of time was missing from my life. Two or three
hours of then-time yes, but in reality I knew it was probably much, much

As I lay on my bed that night, the cool Carolina night penetrating the
walls of faux security that made of my house and my life, I couldn't help
but pray a silent but heart-felt prayer for Marcy and her family, praying
that whatever fate my alien friends dealt to them was quick and painless
and enabled them to migrate up Jacob's Ladder and on to heaven.


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