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MYALIEN3 thick and slightly saggy vaginal lips



Standard Disclaimer & Legal Stuff: The following story is adult fiction
intended for private reading by adults over eighteen (18) years of age ONLY
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reside...if you are under eighteen years of age, you are required to exit
now from your browser if accessing through a communications network or
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following story depicts sexual acts which if they were perpetrated in real
life would be against the law in all countries and localities; if merely
possessing descriptions of sexual acts which would be against the law if
committed in "real life" is against the law in the political jurisdiction
where you live, you are required to exit access from this story and/or
delete this story immediately...the following story is a work entirely
fictitious and the characters, names, places, dates, acts depicted etc.
bear no resemblance to any persons living or dead or events and acts which
may or may not have taken place at some point in time....the author who is
using the pseudonym above retains all rights of publication to this
story...individual readers of legal age my freely possess this story and
distribute it to other readers of legal age on a strict non-commercial of this story on any commercial website or by any other
means of storage and retrieval for commercial purposes is strictly
prohibited without written consent of the originating author.


(alien abduction, forced medical and sexual experimentation, bg, bgggg,
FF, MF, bb, bf, Mb, bF, incest, family group incest, group sex, menstrual
sex, medical torture, vivisection)

My Alien Friends, part 3



It had been some time since my last conscious memories of my
now-so-called alien abduction experience. Though I didn't think about
those memories often, when I did I would literally pray that the last one
would be the last one though deep in my heart I knew the cycle of labrat
experimentation on me by alien friends would never end.

The cool autumn afternoon sun peeked only occasionally through the thick boughs of the Carolina pine forest near my home, warming my green
companions reaching high more than me plodding along down below them. A
clearing I knew well appeared before me. An old house had been there
decades before but all that remained of it were the odd stone foundation
piers, charmarks from the intensity of its burning still being evident all
these years later. A lone oak in the middle of the broomstraw field which
bossomed the house remains and the creaking noble tree offered its anchor
of beauty to me. As my easy steps slid towards it, that old familiar hum
of distant friends returning via their mechanical time and space machines
perked my ears up. "Oh shit, ohhh fucking shit!" was the last thought that
raced through my mind before losing touch with reality below.

Awakening to that unfortunately familiar half-dazed, half-conscious
mental pea-soupy thoughtfog state my old "friend" Seth stood before me as I
lay back already apparently prepped in an initial exam chair.

"Good to see you again, Peddy..." Seth intoned using mental means only
the muscles if he had any in his face never moving to speak verbally
through what appeared to be a mouth opening of some sort "'s been a
while...we've got a lot to do while you're with us this time, so let's get
started, shall we?" his train of thought finishing, his loose oversized
robe with further oversized sleeve openings swaying gently as he turned to
go over to some other "visitors" he had kidnapped, eerrrr, created a
visitation experience for.

The metallic exam chair felt colder than usual, causing my skin to
involuntarily gooseflesh a little; my burgeoning twelve-year-old testicles
shrunk a little deeper inside me as I asked a passing "grey" (insect-like
servant to the higher aliens like Seth) for a blanket but didn't even get a
polite "no" shot back at me telepathically. The air felt a little chillier
than it had on previous occasions, the lights maybe a touch brighter, and
than slightly sweet antiseptic smell hung between the air and the light
even more pronounced than usual letting me know that indeed I wasn't in
North Carolina any longer.

A half-human half-alien hybrid I knew as Tina from previous visits came
over to me and proceeded to begin sucking my cock to a sausage-hard. In a
strange way, Tina and I had kinda grown up together, my memories of her
beginning with my first abduction memory when she was also very little and
now she was blossoming into a hybrid "adolescent" as I was a human one.

"Hi Peddy..." she mentally flashed me as her suck of me to the point of
near-orgasm continued "'s good to see you again, I've missed
know the drill by now, just relax..." she thought aloud to me.

"Yeah, like I could otherwise, not with this fogstate that Seth puts all
us humans in while we're here..." I replied back, she raising up enough to
make eye contact and slightly smile at me and do a quick giggle of

The proverbial anal probe was inserted easily into me as my legs lay
splayed open in the holders at the foot of the exam table, that same old suction device hissing of vacuum of placed over my crotch and a mild
electrical current buzzed inside my ass making me come instantly my semen
being sucked inside some machine on an equipment cart beside the exam
table. A series of blinks and blonks then my eyes closed for a moment.

When I awoke Seth was standing beside me as my body but not my mind lay
blissfully happy cradled in the sterile alien human containment device, my
breathing a little deeper now for some reason, a little bit more labored.

"Peedy..." my alien Big Guy In Charge smiled without smiling at me
" a 'Class A' subject, you always have been one to do the choosing in
so far as 'reward activities' have gone, but today we're going to ask you
to be one of the chosen, one of those that serves other some other humans
today rather than one who is served...if you cooperate, we'll let you have
some rewards choices like usual..." like I could do otherwise, what with
all the alpha, beta, and theta brainwave generators nearby that were
pumping out enough nascent calming energy that could stop a wild herd of
thundering elephants in their tracks and make them into circus unfortunates
in an instant.

Seth urged me out off the table and when I stood up there was a large,
somewhat hairy grown man looking of Greek or Mediterranean origin with a
thoroughly sour look on his face standing naked (as all us humans were
perpetually while in this place) in front of me.

"You will do whatever he wishes, Peddy...I'll come back for you later."

"On your knees, boy, and suck me!"

His cock became hard quickly in my mouth. At least he had been cleaned
by that solution that our aliens friends spray on us, especially our
genital areas, when doing these types of activities. The mild antiseptic
flavor of his rubbery but hard cockskin at least was preferable to what I
imagined was a seldom-washed-if-ever tool. He grabbed my ears and then
began essentially face-fucking me. Gagging from his cock hitting my uvula
I almost threw up but in the state of total relaxation my mouth and throat
simply opened up whatever it took to take his length in.

"On your knees, boy!..." another silent but very loud command came from
his mind.

Shoving his cock unceremoniously inside my ass without so much as a "how
do you do?" all I could do was like Seth told me I was to be was to be a
servant to his desires whatever they may be. Ramming it inside me while
grabbing my thin twelve-year-old ass to hold to drive deeper the pleasure
was still not there and was still not pleasurable to me but at least
because of the circumstances didn't feel like rape even though it probably
was. Or was it? If it was, did that make it rape, did that make me a
rapist every time I had chosen someone or someone(s) to pleasure me?
Because I was the chosen now instead of the chooser, did that mean what was
happening to me was rape? My mind half-blank anyway I let it go as far
blank as it wanted. Slapping me on the ass a few times hard, I felt his
load pump inside me as he stood up pulling me upright with him kissing me
on the lips, an act I found more thoroughly disgusting than everything else
he had done to me up until then.

Smiling at me, he touched my right shoulder with a love-tap while
flashing "now, that wasn't so bad, was it?" his smile turning into a grin
as he walked half-eyed away from me to another part of the ship.

Cathy, another hybrid, got me to walk over to another flatter exam table
where she enema'd me a little then did the hygienic spray thing cleaning me
up. Helping to my feet, Seth walked back over to me and lead me to another
part of the large open room where a middle-aged and thoroughly
worn-down-by-life older woman was waiting for me, along with two other boys about my age.

"Peddy, she is about to be 'harvested' and as a last request wanted a
small experience with three boys about your age so you will help her with
this won't you?" Seth always polite asked even though he knew I could give
but one answer.

"Sure, Seth-y, no problem..."

"As part of her last request, she also wants you three to be present at
her harvesting, will take place immediately after you're all
through...she's had a hard life, Peddy, so don't be sad for her, she wants
this to happen..." he prattled on.

"Sure" was all the thought I could burp.

Cathy lead us over to a somewhat uncrowded corner of this ship or place
with no corners all walls having seamless flow of slight curve all the way
around. At this area was a conventional human-style bed, an alien exam
table, a couple of standalone instruments I hadn't seen before looking
something like old oscilloscopes and a pile of mattresses and pillows on
the floor.

"Peddy, I'm Marcie..."

"Good to meet you Marcie..."

"You look just like my son did when he was your age..."

"Thank you Marcie..."

"Peddy, I want you to eat my pussy while Tommy and Jimmy suck my
titties, okay?"

"Sure" we all flashed aloud without our lips moving.

I licked and chewed on her thick and slightly saggy vaginal lips while
working them and down to sucking on her clit when I reached the top and
licking her perineum when I reached the bottom. She audibly sighed, the
first actual sound from a human I had heard this visit. My fellow
pre-adolescent guy partners sucked a tit in turn for all the were worth,
she turning to kiss the tops of their heads in turn as we lay in a mass of
bodies on the pile of mattresses on the floor.

"Now, let's get on the bed, and I want each of you to fuck me in
turn...Tommy, you first, you others wait your turn."

After Tommy and Jimmy had done their things with her I slid my tall
skinny frame atop her, my erection sliding easily into her by-now
well-lubricated cunt, she grabbing my hips to pull my growing but still
smallish five-inch cock deeper inside her.

"Now I want to suck each of you off, then it'll be time for my
harvesting, okay?"

She sucked me off quickly, her fiftyish pussy actually having gave me a
raging hard before she pushed me off before I could come, her oral
ministrations being delightful feeling. Her tongue wrapping around my cock
while sucking making my come powerful and easy. Then Tommy and Jimmy in
turn, then she grouphugged us all with a "it's time".

Tina The Hybrid Human-Alien Female lead us over to what looked like an
open closet. A couple of flashes of light, some weird noises, then all of
a sudden we were in a different part of the ship.

Two "higher aliens" who looked similar in height, body type, appearance,
etc. to Seth were waiting for us. There was no ceremony about any of it.

They lead Marcie over to a special exam and autopsy table, put a
U-shaped device around the sides of her head, told us three to stand beside
her where she could see us, and just started cutting on her, their special
scalpels and tools opening up her body with little or no blood loss. We
three we stunned, but being in the mental state we were were compelled to

Marcie smiled one last smile as they literally cut her heart out and
dumping it matter of factly onto a dissection tray, her life slipping away
into the stream of the universe as they proceeded to remove all her other
organs in turn.

"This is all you humans are to us..." one Seth-ian smirked without
changing facial expression "...a collection of body parts, a bunch of body
parts which fortunately for us contains the remnants of souls and some DNA
which we find useful for our own ends..." he almost laughed if a higher
alien could laugh as he and his unnamed partner went about finishing their
slicing and dicing of our fellow human.

Tina came up to me with a "time to go to your next appointment, Peddy".

Back to the "elevator" or local transporter or whatever the hell it was
it was then the flashes of lights and sounds and then we were at another
part of the ship I hadn't seen before.

"This won't take long, we just want some measurements to see how you
reacted to witnessing the harvesting."

Three or four greys roughly manhandled me as they strapped me down face
down on some spoon-shaped table, my flattish young belly and chest and face
finding dips in the warm-feeling and actually soft material that covered
it. A sharp pinprick was felt in my neck first, then somewhere along the
middle of my spine as a current was passed between them and another machine
dug its claws into my lower back. The pain was very real and very intense
and I screamed as loud as I could but only muffled breaths parted my lips.
The probe or whatever it was removed from my neck and then a feeling I had
felt three or four times before was felt again as a series of three needles
were rammed into my left should blade. Normally they had done this to one
of my legs, usually a calf muscle, but this time it was my shoulder.
Whatever the Sam Frigging Hell that was being pumped into me felt like lit
gasoline, like lit Napalm on speed. I mentally screamed and screamed
again, finally finding temporary peace by passing out a little as the probe
on my spine dug its way inside me.

Tina woke me with a kiss. I was on my back on this furry table, her
lips were on my mine and her hand was playing with my cock.

"Time for your next one...let's move!" she playfully barked.

This time we walked down a hall and up a flight of tight circular metal
stairs to another level. I could tell by the noises coming from the
stairwell above that we were probably just one level beneath the main
concourse level. Down another hallway and into a large open room not as
big as the main one up top but still large. Thirty or forty humans were
there, all either milling around naked but mostly having sex with each
other in various groups.

"Peddy, this is the Milford family..." Tina spake as we made eye contact
with them and they me, I remembering them I thought from a "visit" three or
four years or longer ago, all of them smiling at me. "...just do whatever
they ask, and then that'll be it for today as far as you being one of the
servants, then you can have some reward activities..." she shot us all as
she turned to leave.

Mr. Milford had a truly evil gleam in his eye. In a place where there
are literally no rules of morals or ethics or conduct save serving our
mutual alien masters, such a look does not portend well.

"I've/we've seen you around on past visits, Peddy..." his thoughts
flashing wildly almost controllably from his mind to mine and all of us
present "...and have seen you do some pretty interesting things for a young thirteen-year-old daughter is having her first period right now,
and I want you to be her first fuck, I know you like menstrual sex because
I've seen you do it a few times but I could make you do it now anyway if
you didn't, and me and Moms and Billy here might join or not as the mood
suits us..." as his thirti-ish tall blonde and stacked wife and slightly
pudgy nine or ten year old son all leered at me simultaneously.

"Eat me now, dammit!" Katie the thirteen-year-old demanded.

Falling to the mattresses on the floor in a heap, my face found her open
crotch and I began to eat for all I was worth. A trickle of menstrual
blood had run down her thigh and my tongue sensually cleaned that off too
before beginning its probe of her tight virginal cavity, so tight that my
flexible mouth muscle could barely squeeze into it. Her passions rose as
my lips clinched her clit and I drew a sucking vacuum that I knew would
drive her wild. It did.

"Fuck me now, Peddy, fuck me, take me NOW!!!"

Her mom knelt down with us and put her daughter's head in her lap,
lightly kissing her and gently playing with her growing puffies before I
slid up enough to where my erect cock was at her unperforated hymen.

"Fuck her now, Peddy, fuck her now I said!" her father yelled at me
without verbal words spoken.

Scooting up just a little more to kiss her and get a little bit more
leverage, I pushed and shoved and pushed and shoved but her pussy still
protested being violated. "Fuck me, Peddy, fuck me!" Katie flashed my
mind's tv screen.

A gush of period was felt warm over my cockhead and using that as lube I
finally got it insider her just a little and then began a slow corkscrew
motion trying to pry her never flexed vaginal muscles free. Her mom playing with her nubby nubs between our pressed chests she relaxed some
more and my cock bored further into its new tunnel. Her dad and brother stood beside us with pure leers glaring at us.

After several moments I was finally inside her all the way but could see
she was in real pain. Pulling out from mercy her father flashed us all
"now it's my turn!" and literally knocked me out of the way with a bump
from his adult mass and jumped on top on his now-deflowered daughter. Tina
came over to me with a smile and a "good job, Peddy...would you like me to
lick you clean?" I nodding back "yes".

That is one thing about half-human half-alien female hybrids: they
usually can't fuck worth a flip, but they do all give incredible good head.
Her slightly yellowish-greenish colored part alien but human shaped tongue
did its thing on my menstrual and virgin-popped blood covered cock. She
made a slow erotic show it all, licking up and down my shaft before taking
my length whole and going back to barber-poling it.

By now Katie was licking her father's own blood-covered cock as her
mother dined at her "Y" while brother Billy knelt beside them taking the
sight of it all in like the little perv that he was. Billy a perv? "What
I stereotypical reaction..." I couldn't help but think to myself, everyone
else being able to listen to what would have otherwise been a private
thought "...if Billy's a perv while here, then I guess we're all pervs",
all of the Milford family making silent mumblings of agreement.

Katie finishing up she mentally told me "that's all they wanted you for,
to deflower their 'chores' are finished for've
got a little bit more time before you are to be sent back...anything you
care to do?"

I thought about that open invitation for a moment. "Anyone else, any
kids been traumatized today by what they've been through?"

"Uuuhhhh..." Katie hesitated, the first time I had ever seen a Seth-ian,
grey, or hybrid ever hesitate in their response "....uuuhhhhh...I'm sure
they are...why do you ask?"

"I'd like to walk around some and find some..."

"You know you don't have free run of the ship, Peddy, not even you..."

"I'm not asking for free run of the ship, Katie...I'm just asking to
walk around some to the places I do have access to and find some other kids
that probably could use a nice experience before having their residual
memories wiped about whatever rough experiments that Seth & Co. have put
them through today so they'll be not as unconsciously negatively affected
as I have been in times past.

"I'll have to ask..."

"Then ask whoever you need to..."

I heard her faintly call for Seth on what must have been a different
mental "channel" than the one she and the other aliens communicated with us
on. Her eyes flickered and rolled for a moment as she apparently was in
conversation with Seth, then replied "Seth says 'sure", for you, but only
certain ones..."


We walked down various halls with no-corner walls and up and down a
couple of different flights of tightly circular steps. In one room a
sixteen-year-old girl was having her stomach area "sewn up" with repeated
beams of colored lights, each pass giving her a new layer of skin until one
couldn't tell at all that the aliens had done whatever dastardly procedure
they had just done to her, not even the faintest of scars showing. "Come
with me..." I told her.

Then to another room where a two girls about nine or ten each
respectively had just been brutalized by the Mongo that had anally raped me
earlier and some other rough-looking roughneck types. "Come with us..." I
told them "...Seth says it's okay."

Then up and down a flight of stairs to another room where another girl of about twelve, the slightest of breast buds and pubic hair showing, her
long brunette hair flowing past her shoulders, was being unhooked from a
slantboard vertical restraining device, some procedure having just been
completed on her.

Then back to the orgy room where the Milfords were still going at it
strong by now three or four more adults and three of four more kids having
joined in their celebration of deflowering. I saw two young girls, one
about six and one about eight, huddled together in the corner hugging each
other. "Follow us" I told them as I requested of Tina a private room of
some sort.

Leading us down a hall to one side of the main hall we walked into a
room with a couple of human beds, some actual shag carpet, a couple of very
ordinary nightstands which really surprised me by their presence and the
usual assortment of fuck mattresses and pillows on the floor.

"This time is for us..." my mind shot words to them all "..we've all had
a rough time this time and we all need a know the rules here,
there are no rules...where there's one rule right one has to do
anything they don't wish to do, but whatever someone wants to do, at least
consider it before saying 'no', saying 'no' being okay, okay?" all heads
nodding in agreement.

I went over to the gorgeous twelve-year-old with long ravenblack hair.

"Hi, I'm Peddy."

"Hi Peddy, I'm Allie."

"Wanna just smooch some?"


We hopped up on one of the bed and just held each other tenderly as we
easily kissed and smooched. Her pert budding breasts felt warm to my
hairless chest. Soon my cock was rising and without thinking was placed
insider her as we continued our kissing as we lay on our sides.

The nine and ten year old were already on the other bed a few feet from
us, their mutual fingers probing their mutual pussies as they kept their
balance by placing one hand on the other one's opposite shoulder. As they
smiled and frigged the sixteen-year-old stood beside the bed just watching

I noticed the six and eight year olds huddled together in the corner of
the room, the corner being such as it was on a ship where the walls have no
seams and no real corners. Their pale naked skin seemed to glow a little
in the dim light coming from the fluorescent light pipes that circled the
base of the room.

"C'mom up and join us, girls, it'll be fun!" I sweetly called to them.

" thank you, said we didn't have to do anything
we didn't want to, right?" the eight-year-old flashed me.

"Uh, yeah, right..." I replied to her somewhat surprising answer.

"We...we're sisters, and this is our fifth or sixth time here, and we
just wanna go home..."

"What's your name?"


"Kimmie, we all wanna go home when we're here, and we always do go
home...they've been taking me since I was five years old..."

"Me too, and my sister Samantha..."

"Hi Samantha!" I shot her the words along with a mental picture of a
smiley face.

"...when she turned five as well..."

" must be part of a lineage, a long-term family study..."

"...yeah, that's what's Seth told us..."

"me too..." I stopping my easy fuck of Allie for a moment but keeping it
hard inside her pussy "...I still don't like it, even after all the times
I've been through it..."

", us, neither, mister..."

"...Peddy, just call me Peddy..."

"...Peddy...I don't why these things force us to have sex with all these
other people all the time..."

"I don't either, Kimmie...but, except for a time or two, I've actually
enjoyed the sex I've had during the times I've been here...just relax, join
Allie and me, it'll be fun..."

"...not now, if you don't mind..." Kimmie stating in very adult message
flashing terms.

"...of course I don't mind..."

I resumed my fuck of Allie as we kissed and held each other. Feeling a
couple of extra bodyweights depress the sides of the bed I assumed it was
Kimmie and Samantha but it was the other three girls instead.

"I wanna fuck!" the nine-year-old asked with determination.

"Me too!" added the ten-year-old and a "me three!" coming from the
nicely-bossomed sixteen-year-old.

"But I only have one cock, ladies!" I replied with humor as they laughed
a little "...Allie, why don't you pair with..."

" name's Jackie" the nine-year-old chirped in.

" a sixty-nine, and you two other fine ladies..."

"Mary..." replied the sixteen-year-old and "...Dominique..." said the

"...sixty-nine each other too...that way I can go from pussy to pussy,
how's that?"

Of all my wild interesting sex that had taken place to date while in
Seth's temporary custodies, this was one of the more interesting ones to
write home to mother about. I noticed the telltale doubletwist string
hanging from Mary's cunt and pulled her tampon out and tossed it to one
side, ramming my cock deep in her with one jolt as Dominique licked her
cunt while lying atop her. Her period was in full flower and her feminine
juice essences soon covered my cock and balls and began dripping down to
Dominique's face. Dominique didn't care and kept up her licking of Mary's
cunt for all she was worth.

Then over to Jackie and Allie's sixty-nine to fuck them, respectively,
then back to Mary and Dominique, then back and forth a few times until my
knees and legs started to get a little weak.

"Everyone get a taste of Mary!" I suggested with smile and laughter as
the Mary scooted up to the headboard on the bed and spread her legs for the
other girls to get at her sweet cunny. Kimmie and Samantha slowly walked
over to our bed where my cock was now slowly rising once again this
magnificent sight of three young girls licking and one the lick-ee.

"Mister...Peddy...can we play a little too?..."

"Sure, Samantha, sure..."

"...I've heard that women bleed once a month but have never seen it up
close...can I, can me and Kimmie just play with Mary some?"

"...sure, if Mary doesn't mind..." Mary shaking her head "no" with a
look to them like "will you two get up here!"

Kimmie and Samantha each snuggled up to one of Mary's thighs and leaned
in enough to be able to clearly see the trickle of blood draining from her
cunt onto the sheets below. Their little hands touched and spread her
vaginal lips apart, trying to open her up enough to see as deep into her
menstrual canal as possible. A small surge of blood came barreling down
the pike and covered both their hands in its sticky crimson residue.

"Wow!..." they both exclaimed simultaneously "...can you do that again
for us, Mary?!?"

"I'm afraid I can't do that on command, girls, it just happens..."

"...oh well..." Kimmie intoned as she shrugged her shoulders a little
bit from disapointment "...that was still neat, thanks..."

"'re welcome..."

"...does your bleeding..."

" period..."

"...hurt you, Mary?..." asked Samantha.

" period itself doesn't hurt, but I and all other women usually get
some small cramps inside me during that time, just every once in a while,
it's part of goes along with becoming a woman..."

"....ohhh..." replied Samantha as her eyes focused more on Mary's
slightly pulsating pussy opening which beckoned her ever closer before she
put her tiny six-year-old tongue squarely into Mary's cunt, lapping happily
at her vertical lips.

"...this is fun!" Samantha joyfully cried.

"...and it feels good to me, too..." Mary sweetly replied back "...I've
never been with two sisters aboard ship before, not with two sisters ever
anywhere...can we three play some together?"

"Sure!" Kimmie shot back.

Allie and Jackie and Dominique and I scooted off the bed and onto the
other bed to do our own playing as Kimmie and her younger sister Samantha
and sweet Mary began their play.

As Jackie crawled atop me as I lay flat and Dominique began licking her
ass and my cock as we fucked and Allie and I resumed our kissing, first
Kimmie's smallish fist went up inside Mary for a quick fistfuck then
Samantha had her turn, Mary's excitement freeing up a flush of hemoglobic
ecstasy, covering their little hands in wrists in perfect sticky read,
their respective sets of eyes just glowing from their fun with her. Mary
then stuck three fingers insider her own cunt getting a fresh dollop of her
own blood and motioned the sisters to join her at her face, the three of
them doing a triplekiss from heaven, me now coming inside of Allie who had
taken Jackie's place, my hands grabbing her apple-sized buttcheeks hard and
pressing her down even more firm on my comepumping cock.

I really wanted to fuck Kimmie and Samantha too but knew it would be a
while before I could recover. About the time I had that though which of
course was shared with everyone present whether I liked it or not, Tina
reappeared with a "okay, Peddy, girls, time to go..."

Spraying us all down with that cool cleansing solution they always hit
us with after our sex play which both cleans and deodorizes, Tina allowed
Kimmie to insert a fresh tampon inside Mary as her sister watched up close
in rapt fascination and then we were all lead out of that room and back up
top to the main assembly area.

"You did very well today, Peddy, very well indeed..." Seth told me as he
touched my shoulder from behind " did well...we don't forget those
who do well and do what they're told, you will be rewarded in time for

"Yeah, right..." I smirked back at him only half-jokingly as my
semi-consciousness lapped into total unconsciousness as I stood before the
"entrance doors" for lack of a better term and then faded into oblivion
only to be awakened by my mom calling to me "Peddy, it's time to get up,
Peddy, it's time to get up!" the journey from the clearing in the woods
back to my house let alone most of what I know happened, only fragments of
what usually happened seeping back into my consciousness, having been
cleaned clean as the proverbial whistle from my twelve-year-old mind.


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This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and
incidents either are products of the author's imagination or are used
fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons,
living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


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