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MYBUDWIF sucked and then sent


Sexually Explicit Material - Not Intended for Minors

Title My Buddies Wife.
Part 1

by the Drifter
Doug heard the phone ringing somewhere in the distance. He
struggled to shake the cobwebs out of his mind and finally lurched for
the phone. "Yeah?"

"Doug? ... this is Patty, Brian had a heart attack."

He sat up fully awake, Brian and Patty were close friends. One of
the few married couples that would still let him come around. He had
seduced or been seduced by most of the wives he knew so he wasn't
welcomed by most husbands. Some of their wives probably felt different
but what were they going to say.

"Heart attack? How bad Patty? Where are you? Are you OK?"

"They think he will be OK? No idea about damage at this point.
We are at Central Hospital. And I'm shitty can you come down here?"

"Yeah.. of course. I'll be there fast as I can hon."

* * *

He found Patty in a small alcove waiting area outside of the Intensive
Care Unit. Even as he hurried to her aid his eyes ran over her lush
body. She had on a thin robe and her body looked sensational as
usual. Then he told himself to knock that off... but he knew he would
never not notice a beautiful woman. Not til they pushed the dirt in.

She turned her head and saw him coming. She stood and melted
into his arms. She was there alone and she looked scared to death. He
just held her and stroked her back through the thin material of her robe,
making soft sounds to her as she wept on his chest. It felt good to hold
her. He could tell she had nothing on under the robe.

The nurses walking by took a second look at Doug's 6'4" 220
pounds. He was Hollywood handsome and shaped like a weight lifter.
He was used to the stares of women just as Patty was accustomed to
the stares of men. Brian too had been their equal in the looks
department, the three of them turned a lot of heads, but now that was
the least of their worries. It wasn't certain how Brian would pull out of

When Patty calmed down, Doug found the Resident and tried to
understand what the precise situation was with his good friend. Doug
heard, mild heart attack, no lasting damage, proper diet, exercise but not
immediately. For the immediate future he needed quiet and rest. Then
the exercise would start as soon as possible. The patient had been
awake several times and seemed severely depressed when he learned
he had suffered a heart attack. Did not want to see his wife so far. The
resident did say he could see Brian.

When he walked in the room he was startled. Tubes, IV's, and Brian
was pale as death. He lay in bed staring out the window into the

"Hey man, you scared the shit out of us but the resident says you
are going to be fine."

He slowly turned his head and nodded to Doug, "Thanks for
coming man. Patty will need you."

"Nada... glad to be here. What's with you now? Anything hurt? I
guess it shook you too huh? Are you ready to see Patty, she is dying
out there." Then he winced at his choice of words.

"Yeah, it shook me... made me realize it can happen any time.
They have me on pain meds so nothing hurts too much. Feeling like it's
all over man. Need you to look after Patty in case.... Can't see Patty
right now. Not like this."

"Brian, what the hell are you talking about? The people say you
will make a full recovery. Need to diet, exercise but you will be better
than ever. And you can't keep Patty out man."

There was a long silence while Brian just stared at Doug. Then
he looked back at the window and closed his eyes. Doug thought he
was asleep again. He quietly left the room and returned with Patty after
telling her Brian was confused and was afraid for her to see him like he
was. Patty said she understood but she didn't. How could Brian deny
her access. She walked close to Doug as if someone was going to stop
her from seeing her husband.

She stood beside his bed and touched his hand, his cheek and
forehead lovingly. Doug walked out as he saw Brian turn to look up at
his beautiful wife.

Doug got a cup of coffee and sipped it as he waited for Patty. It
was about ten minutes til she came out. She had a small smile on her
face and she moved into Doug's arms again. He held her close and in
spite of the circumstances he noticed her full breasts against his chest -
Her full body touching his from head to toe almost. His hand ran down
her back and lightly over her cute ass and then back up. He had been
right, no panties either.

She smiled up at him and said, "Hold me Doug, I'm scared.
Brian's scared. The resident came in and ran me out. Told me to go
home until tomorrow after lunch."

Doug hugged her tighter and he felt the bulge of his cock against
her.. He looked down at her and kissed her soft lips lightly saying, "I'll
take you home honey."

In the car Doug pulled away from the hospital and asked, "How
did it happen?"

"You will love this Doug you letch, we were in bed, having sex. We
had been at it for quite a while, teasing, doing one thing for a while until
we almost got there and then stop and shift to another way. We had
been doing that for a couple of hours. Putting off the end, letting it build.
We were so close when suddenly Brian moaned and cried out about his
heart. I called 911 and put on this robe. The paramedics dressed Brian
in one of those hospital gowns on the way here.."

Doug said, "What a way to go... I know that;s not too funny right
now but I can't think of a better way. Both of you will live to laugh about
it." Then after a pause he said, "Two hours?"

She laughed softly but said nothing.

* * *

He closed the door to Brian and Patty's apartment behind them as
they walked in. Patty said, "I'll make some coffee. Can you stay and talk
to me for a while hon?"

Doug assured her he could as he was standing watching her in
profile as she fixed the coffee. She was a knock out. Her breasts were
full and upswept. As she moved they bounced and swayed so great,
unconstrained in the thin robe. Her cute ass was a nice counterpoint in
the other direction from her breasts. She was lovely.

Doug had fucked most of his friends wives. It was his favorite
hobby. He was always working on several. He had flirted with Patty,
danced close with her, kissed her at a New Years eve party. She had
been only a little tipsy and the kiss had been hot with a lot of eager
tongue work. The look she gave him after that kiss was as hot. He had
moved her from the "possible" to the probable list that night.

The few times he had seen her after that she had been warm,
friendly, more open to him. At the last party where all of them had been
together, he had danced with her several times. It was getting late,
Doug noticed Brian busy talking to somebody else's wife, so he had
asked Patty to dance again. On the floor she melted into him and their
loins pressed together as they shuffled slowly to the soft music. They
were dancing on the dimly lit patio overlooking the city and Doug let his
hand drop lower on her cute ass. When she made no objection he said,
"I can't forget that New Years Eve kiss Patty."

She smiled up at him and said, "Oh? I thought you didn't like it,
you haven't been back for seconds."

He squeezed her tighter and chuckled. His hand slid up and
down boldly on her ass. He could tell she wore nothing under the dress
and she just looked up at him. Looking around he was satisfied no one
could see them, most of the people had left already. He met her parted
lips with his and she sent her tongue out at the same time Doug felt her
push her pussy tighter into him. She broke the kiss soon having no real
excuse to be kissing him like that, especially with her husband so

She turned away and walked to the railing. He walked up beside
her all proper except he had a hard on. She smiled at him and said, "I
guess you did enjoy it."

"I did, now both of them. Could we have lunch some day Patty?"

"I don't see why not. What do you like to eat?"

He smiled at her and said, "Hmmmm I'm thinking of something hot
and delicious."

She was about to say something else when they were interrupted
as Brian joined them on the patio asking if Patty was ready to go home.
That they were the last of the guests."
As they walked away Patty looked over her shoulder and blew him
a kiss. He had planned on calling her the next day but he had been
called out of town. He had been gone two nights, the third night he was
home and that was when Brian had his heart attack... and here they

He smiled as he enjoyed looking at Patty's well built body, and he
was thinking, only a rat would even think about fucking a guys wife while he was in the hospital.

She poured the coffee and they sat on the couch. They were
both thinking of a lot of things, Brian's condition, the last time the two of
them had been together and what transpired. Then Doug noticed a
whitish material caked on her chin. He hadn't noticed it before. He
reached out and touched it with his finger. It scraped off easily.They
both knew what it was. She smiled and said, "I told you what was we
were doing when it happened."

He touched her cheek lightly and she looked up at him with a
strange vulnerable look on her beautiful face, "Brian will be OK won't

He slid his hand down onto her neck gently massaging "Yes
Brian will be fine. The resident said no lasting damage."

She sighed softly and laid her face over against his hand on her
neck. Then she raised her head and said softly, "Hold me please."

He cuddled her in his arms as her arms slid around his neck.
After a moment of just holding her he said, "Two hours?"

She giggled against him, her breast felt so good pressed into his
chest. She said, "It's our favorite sport."

"I bet you are good at it Patty my love."

She laughed softly again and looked up at him and said, "I
practice a lot Doug."

He looked at her and then covered her lips with his. The open
mouth kiss was nice and he slipped his tongue out. She caught it and
sucked on it and then sent hers to him for the same. Doug moved his
hand and cupped a large breast through the thin material. She kissed
him harder and he stood up sweeping her up in his arms. He continued
the kiss as he walked into his friend's bedroom with his friend's wife in
his arms.

You gotta be a rat to fuck a guys wife while he is in the hospital.

It didn't last two hours but it was memorable.

the end (for now)


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