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MYMONEY thick batches his seed Most


This story contains mature content and is intended for the exclusive use of
consenting ADULTS ONLY. If you can be offended by pornographic
descriptions, or if you are a minor, it is illegal to view, download,
access or acquire this file by any means.

Copyright (C) 2000 by All rights reserved.

This copyrighted story is made available for your own personal,
non-commercial use only. The story can be reposted IN ITS ENTIRETY only,
including this copyright notice. Any other use is illegal without the
prior written consent of the author.

CODES: M+/F, voy., reluc., "cons." rape.

My Money, or Your Wife!

Chapter One - Thank Your wife For Our Patience.

"No!" I shouted.

My wife had her jeans to her ankles while he had his swollen cock's head
right on her lips; her pussy lips that is! The rough-looking man was
holding my darling bent over the kitchen table with his powerful hand. He
held her at her neck and pushed solidly to keep her from moving. I could
see her lips curving inwards as he tried to force his way in.

"Damn fucking dry pussy we have here Patrick; seems your wife is
uncooperative..." the mob said, spitting on his right hand. He then looked
at me right in the eyes while he spread his saliva onto his glans and more
on my wife's cunt. Then he smiled and pushed.

Donna grimaced as the first two inches got inside her. I was not
surprised by her condition because she was always dry until she came once.
Even when aroused, she still had to cum once before she would get wet.
Even then, I guess the wetness came more from my own ejaculate.

In the present situation, though, being forced to take in the dick of an
unknown man was nothing to make her wet, as raunchy as I knew she usually
was. He tried to push some more, but it looked painful for both of them.
After a couple of tries and getting another half-inch inside her, he pulled
his dick out.

"Fuck it, you're as dry as a desert at noon. You're gonna lick my dick
and make it sopping wet, bitch!" and at that he pulled her by her hairs and
down to his half-hard rod. His dick had lost a bit of its erection during
the fight to get in.

"Make him look at her while she bobs me, Jimmy" he said to the
monstrously large bodyguard who was holding me tight.

"Get it wet, slut!" he shouted again. My wife gave me short looks while
her tongue was hard at work on the man's shaft. I even thought I saw
something wicked in her eyes. How could it be? Surely she must be afraid,
ashamed and angry all at once.

It was all getting at me. My feelings were confused between the stress
of the whole situation and the thrill of seeing another man playing with my
own wife. It was a secret fantasy of mine. I had never told Donna about
it, but seeing it happen now gave me a rush of adrenaline. If Jimmy
wouldn't squeeze my arm so badly, I'd have a hard-on.

My wife wasn't really sucking him, but rather bathing the six-inch rod
in her saliva. She was so efficient, a surplus of her spit fell to the
floor from his soaked stick.

"Now, that's a good girl. Get back on the table gorgeous, time to show
your husband how you like it to be fucked by a real man" Bob said with his
throaty voice.

She turned her head back as much as she could with his hand holding her.
I swear she seemed to be expecting him. She bit her lips as he pushed his
rod inside her. It slid easily now, so he didn't stop until it all
disappeared. Then he paused, probably enjoying the warmth around his
shaft. I knew the feeling, Donna had such a tight pussy!

"Hmmm, I'm glad you're late on your payment Patrick, you wife is such a
nice fuck!" he said while moaning exaggeratedly, so as to show me he
enjoyed my wife a lot.

I shouted, "stop it! Leave her alone! She's got nothing to do with us.
I'll give you the money!"

"Yeah sure, isn't that what you said last week? Or was it the week
before?" he replied, starting to pump my wife's cunt. Slowly pulling the
whole length of his veined shaft, only to push it back inside with more
force. It was so... depraved! It was *my* wife!

"Stop it!!! Stop it now!" I shouted and tried to free myself. That was
ridiculous. The guy holding me was three times my size. I wasn't about to
set myself free until he decided to let me.

Bob cupped my wife's tits with his free hand and squeezed the boobs in
turn. He never failed to look at me when pushing inside her, savoring his
power over both of us.

"Listen carefully Patrick, I don't like repeating myself. I want the
money I lent you, with interest. In the meantime, I'm gonna fuck this
beautiful wife of yours every day, got it?" he said, pausing every time he
entered her.

"Bring him nearer Jimmy, let's make sure he understands" ordered the
boss. I felt myself moving, still under Jimmy's strong grip. He brought
me just inches from my wife and held me there.

"Look at your wife Patrick. I'm fucking her. Do you think she likes
that? I'm gonna have to fuck her real hard now. I want you to have a good
look so you get the message!" he said before starting to pound on her

I was so near, I could smell my wife's cunt and hear the juicy sounds of
the dick fucking her right before of my eyes. I could take no more of
this. Not that I felt sorry for my wife. Rather, I was so excited I was
afraid to cum right there. I was so near, I was totally immersed in the
whole experience, more than when I fucked her myself.

The man's balls were low in his pouch of skin and made an arc, going
from between his crotch when he pulled his dick, to between my wife's
crotch when he pushed it back inside her with force. I just stood there,
examining this man's testes bouncing back and forth with rhythm.

Only inches away from the action, I could see my wife's lips tight
around his shaft, moving outward and inward to the beat. It was the first
time I ever witnessed a pussy fuck in panavision, 3D and odorama! This was
times more hardcore than any of the raw porn movies I had ever seen.

"Ready Patrick? I'm gonna dump my load of gooey inside your wife -- no
charge" and he continued to moan louder with every push. The thumping
accelerated suddenly as he grabbed my wife by the waist to push harder.
That was it. I could hear my wife emit stifled moans as he climaxed.

He must have felt a couple of pleasure waves, as I could see his rod
tense at least three times. Each time his balls moved upward and his shaft
expanded as he shot his sperm, emptying his nuts to fill my wife. Then he

"That was the tightest bitch cunt I ever fucked!" Bob finally added. He
pulled slowly, still mocking me, "I'm not sure she'll enjoy your teeny
weenie now that she's had a real dick Patrick. But don't worry, I'll be
back tomorrow in case she wants some more..." and he put his slimy rod
inside his pants.

"I'm all sticky, damn it! I'm in a hurry right now, but tomorrow she'll
have to lick it all up if you don't pay your due." I felt Jimmy's grip
loosen up as they both left. I just couldn't move and neither my wife.
She was exhausted while I was in trance, still looking at her cunt. Her
lips were still a quarter-inch apart, soaked in her juice and dark purple.
It was pretty evident that her cunt had just been used.

As a last piece of evidence, a blob of thick, whitish slime leaked from
her pussy. More of it accumulated until there was too much of it and the
viscous juice stretched into a long strand, extending from her clitoris and
down to her thigh where the other end glued itself.

My wife had just been fucked against her will and I was enjoying looking
at her used cunt. I felt ashamed, but also aroused. She finally turned to
face me. Unbelievably, she had a satisfied smile on her face and somehow,
it made me come right into my pants.

Chapter Two - Do You Think I'm a Slut?

We were both sitting still on the sofa. Neither of us wanted to break
the silence. What had just happened was pretty startling. I guess we
didn't know how to handle the situation.

She finally managed to say something, "Patrick, there's something I need
to tell you."

I knew it and said so, "Don't say it. I know how much you hate me. I
can't get a fix on my finances and now I'm gonna lose you for it. I'm
deeply sorry you've been taken into this mess with me Donna..."

She looked at me with surprise, then she added "No darling, that's not
it at all! It's me who's sorry; I am ashamed of myself..."

I certainly didn't understand that and added, "what do you mean? I'm
the asshole who caused all this!"

"I know but, well, I have to admit something you might not like

"And what is that?" I probed.

She was hesitant but finally said "I sorry to tell you this but,
actually, I really enjoyed being taken by this thug in front of you!"

I was shaken. "What! You mean you liked it? You enjoyed being fucked
like a slut while I was treated like a cuckold?"

She lowered her eyes and shyly replied, "I know I shouldn't but, yes, I
loved it. I'm sorry."

I couldn't believe it, "No, I mean, I'm not mad at you darling, I'm,...
, I'm very excited too! I had a hard-on all the time! I just didn't
expect you to enjoy that kind of humiliation."

She looked up and smiled back at me. I smiled back and hugged her.
After years of being together, it seemed there were still things we didn't
know about each other. It shows something positive can come out of the
worst situations. I could see something taking shape in my mind actually.

"Now that they've used us, how about using them?" I told Donna. She
looked at me unsure of what I meant. I had a plan to turn our current
ordeal into something more enjoyable. I told her that we could have some
more fun by simply not returning their money, or maybe half of it. We
could make it last as long as they didn't lose their patience. If they
did, we could always get them the money somehow.

She was amazed and said, "You mean that you'd let him fuck me again in
front of you?"

I could see in her expression that it was not a reproach but that she
was positively surprised.

"Of course I'd let him. Would you let me fuck you afterward, with your
pussy still full of his sperm?" I asked with more confidence, not that it
was clear this whole thing pleased us both.

She replied with a firm "I love you!" that would have surprised anyone
listening. It must be quite uncommon for a guy to be told "I love you",
after proposing his wife to get fucked repeatedly by a thug!

We got to sleep early that night. As surprising as it may seem, we
didn't make love that night. She felt more like hugging me and I myself
wanted to keep my energy for the next day. I wanted my balls to be as full
as possible when I fucked my wife's soaked pussy the next day. So we just
embraced each other, hugging tightly for the whole night.

Chapter Three - Let's Be Twice As Clear.

When we heard the big knocks on the door, we knew whom it was. Patrick
smiled to me and asked "so buddy, have you got my money?"

"Well, I'm afraid not, I've only got half of it" I said without showing
my enthusiasm. There was an unmistakable uneasiness in the silence that
followed, while Patrick looked fixedly into my eyes. He only said "fuck
time Jimmy!" and passed in front of me. A split second later I was up in
the air.

Jimmy was holding me by the neck, inches above the floor and closed the
door behind him. I was then brought like that across the kitchen and into
the living room. It hurt badly, but not nearly as much as when Jimmy
finally threw me on the wall. With no apparent effort, he sent me flying
into the air over a short distance. Then I hit the wall. Shit! I sure
hadn't planned on being hurt that much! There I stayed, on the floor, with
my right elbow badly injured if the pain was any indication.

I hadn't even looked up yet, but I heard Patrick when he said "come over
here lady, I think your husband won't be able to satisfy you today; seems
like he can't get his dick hard with all the pain in his arm..."

I looked at him and he looked back, while talking to my wife. He added,
"here Jimmy, let's help this young lady get fucked properly. Fuck her
mouth while I fill her nice, tight pussy for a second time..."

They weren't as nice this time. Jimmy moved around her and gripped a
handful of her hair. He unbuckled his belt with one hand and held her with
the other one. Seconds later he was pulling the zipper down, his Jeans
down and finally his briefs down as well, exposing a limp dick. Limp but
big nonetheless.

Donna's face was brought inches from the soft cockhead. "Come on, do
something bitch!" Jimmy said, making it clear he wasn't about to wait for
it. Donna didn't move and said "I don't want to touch you, leave me alone!
I'll call the police!"

This was followed by both thugs laughing loudly, until Bob added "yeah
sure! But it's gonna be tough talking to them with your mouth full of dick
baby! What do you think Jimmy?"

Jimmy pulled my wife closer and forced her face on him, rubbing her
mouth and nose on his pubic area. Damn, it was very pervert to see my
wife's face tightly squeezed and moved around the guy's thighs, balls and

She was trying to say something when Jimmy took his limp rod and pushed
it inside Donna's mouth. She lightly resisted but he pulled her hair back
so she opened her mouth and he put the large shaft on her tongue.

At the same time, Bob used two fingers to separate her cunt lips,
showing the reddish skin of her wet cunt. And I'm the one who thought that
she never got wet before she came once! I then saw him insert his dick in
the gaping whole he had just opened with his fingers and he immediately
began pounding her pussy.

It was the most exciting thing I had ever seen. Donna had her pussy fucked doggy style and was having her face fucked at the same time. By
then, it was obvious that she had started licking and sucking Jimmy's dick.
There was a lot of slurpy wet sounds coming from her dick sucking and from
the dick being pushed and pulled in and out of her wet cunt.

Donna was saying something, but she was held so tightly against Jimmy's
skin that I couldn't hear anything. "What?" Bob said, "we can't hear you
baby, don't talk with your mouth full of dick, it's not polite" and he
laughed again, still fucking her.

Jimmy didn't care for his boss' joke. His face crisped and he started
humping faster. Suddenly he stopped and I could see why. His thighs
contracted and Jimmy growled as he obviously started to shoot his semen in
my wife's mouth.

I couldn't feel it myself, but I knew Donna was getting the taste of
fresh, warm sperm. As strands of it filled her mouth, she was obviously
swallowing, but after what must have been Jimmy's third spasm, she couldn't
keep up and rivulets of gooey escaped from her lips.

This guy had big balls and I could see why. He must have been shooting
five or six thick batches of his seed. Most of it after the third one
dripped from my wife's cheek, forming a long rope of slimy white cum,
extending to the floor.

The rope of sperm was threatening to break each time my wife's body
jerked because of Bob's hard cunt-fucking thrusts. When Jimmy got
satisfied that his dick had been fully emptied, he pulled his limp member
in the same state it was when he put it in, except it was now sopping wet.

Like he didn't humiliate us enough, the bastard looked at me and wiped
the cum on his dick by rubbing his hanging rod everywhere on Donna's face.
Smiling at me he let go of her head and put his satisfied prick back in his

My wife never stopped jerking back and forth, because Bob never stopped
fucking her cunt. He had been screwing inside her for a good fifteen
minutes non-stop. When Jimmy released Donna's head, Bob took his turn with
one hand on her hip and one hand holding her hair tightly.

The whole look of it was primal, animal-like. She was moaning a lot.
He was holding her and fucking her hard and deep, careless about her
feelings. He was a male dominating a female. Her body was being used and
she had no word in it. No choice but to wait until her assailant released
the tension in his balls and shot his load inside her.

Donna shuddered, probably getting an orgasm from this outrageous use of
her body. Where any respectable women would have died from shame, she had
what looked like a strong, mind-blowing orgasm instead. I was terribly
hard myself. Actually, my balls ached from the excitement of looking at my
wife getting such a wild ride.

She was probably exhausted and gradually fell to the floor, worn out.
Bob still held her on her knees, still pulling and pushing his rod the
whole length of his shaft.

It must have been another minute or two until finally, Bob's rhythm
stopped altogether as he shouted that he was cumming, "I'm cumming! I'm
shooting my cum in your wife's pussy! Arrrrggh!"

My wife was getting filled with sperm and I was really turned on! If
only my arm didn't hurt that much, it would have been perfect. But it was
worth it when I saw Bob pull his dick out, with thick white gooey spilling
out of my wife's cunt.

Bob rested for a minute with his eyes closed and out of breath. Then he
said "take the money Jimmy. And Patrick, don't bother giving me the other
half. Interest runs too high, you'll never be able to pay me back."

I was surprised to hear that! I said "thanks Bob, I'm sorry I didn't
got the money but I tried!"

Bob grinned, "you don't get it Patrick, from now on, I fuck your wife anytime I want. She's my permanent cum basket. You better get used to
fuck a sloppy cunt full of my cum shithead! Because sloppy seconds are all
you're gonna get from now on!"

Bob and Jimmy were laughing at me, the wimp who's wife they were going
to fuck full time. They left us alone, but it was clear they were coming
back as soon as they found the need to empty their balls again.

Donna was still asleep. She didn't know it yet, but she was to become a
very happy slut wife...

The End

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