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My Neighbor
(M/g, pedo, cons)

Written by and copyright 1999 Admiral Cartwright, a pseudonym. It is
intended solely for the entertainment of its audience. Any publication,
reproduction, retransmission or other use of the descriptions and
accounts herein without the express written consent of Major League
Baseball is prohibited.

Unless, of course, you ask the author first (Email address provided

Distribution of this material or of any predecessor(s) for profit and/or
with this information abridged shall constitute a violation of copyright
law and may result in some serious shit.

(Warning: the following explicitly depicts sexual activity which may be
frowned upon and/or illegal. Reading further constitutes your assertion
that you are mature enough to understand and accept the nature of the
material hereinafter, and the author assumes no responsibility for your

Archived at

I may never figure it out.

While I certainly have had my share - or more - of adult lovers over the
years, I never have shared the fascination preteen girls always seem to
have had with me.

It makes no sense that such a young girl would understand the way I
approach lovemaking (I believe `sex' to be self-gratification, while
`making love' is to please your partner - many of my lovers did not seem
to recognize that fact until after we'd shared each other).

After all, how could they? Is this attitude somehow recognizeable to a
`child' (at least in the eyes of society)? Or is it a simple matter of
responding to someone who treats them with kindness and respect?

Years ago, at least two young girls (that I remember, anyway) openly
tried to seduce me: a nine-year-old who loved to hang all over me, often
with her legs around my neck, once quite intentionally moved her shorts
aside and shoved her admittedly beautiful little pussy directly into my
face... as her mother stood nearby!

(I always wondered if `mom' had something to do with that.)

A couple of years before, another nine-year-old - who lived with her
mother, brother and a teenaged female cousin in the main house where my
then-girlfriend and I rented a studio `apartment' - was watching tv with
us one morning when my girlfriend began jacking me off under the covers.
No sooner did I whisper, "You know, she can see what you're doing," than
Joanne asked my girlfriend, point-blank, "Is he hard?"

An affirmative answer brought her next question: "Can I hold it?"

We let her... and that was as far as anything went.

(I later learned her 15-year-old cousin let her watch discreetly as she
[the 15-year-old] fucked countless boyfriends in her bedroom; her aunt
downstairs oblivious to her horniness, for whatever reason. Joanne also
would confess to asking my girlfriend about me the day before.

(She wanted only to hold a hard cock at that point, afraid to do
anything else.

(Three years later, she was much more brazen, almost begging me to fuck
her [at all of 12 years old!] when we met up again, entirely by
accident. I wasn't interested and, up to that point certainly, I had no
interest in girls her age.

(I'd never been into preteens, nor have I ever read Nabokov... of
course, I was only in my 20s at the time.)

Looking back, though, I suppose I should have recognized the
predeliction: I love to eat pussy (I love other things, too, but that's
a different story), and always have preferred as little hair in the way
as possible. At 17, I had a 12-year-old lover. At 21, my girlfriend was
15. I had another 15-year-old girlfriend when I was 23.

Fast forward nearly 20 years: in my 40s now, I still am in pretty good
shape and, save for a little grey around the temples, you'd never guess
my age. My wife and I have a six-year-old daughter; which is a miracle,
considering how often her mother and I do anything.

That brings me to Jennifer.
Chapter One
Late last summer, Jennifer and her mother lived next door to us. Jen
stood about 5' 1" and weighed some 85 pounds. She was and is the most
well proportioned girl for her age I'd ever seen: a couple of months shy
of her 11th birthday, Jen already had begun to develop breasts, each
protruding about an inch from where they'd stood only a few months

It was easy to watch her develop, too: Jennifer had a habit of wearing
loose-fitting tops or thin t-shirts and was always forgetting her bra;
all of which, of course, left nothing to the imagination.

Needless to say, that was about the same time that I noticed I was
interested in watching.

Jen constantly was at our house playing with my daughter or borrowing
the phone to call a seemingly endless parade of friends and extended
family. Her mother had no phone, and Jen, with ours attached to her ear,
played the part of teenager to perfection.

We occasionally let her babysit - albeit briefly - our then-five-year-
old, since Jen had demonstrated more maturity than her own 26-year-old
sister each time the older girl would drop her baby son off with their
mother, only to disappear for hours, or even days; and Jennifer would
find herself having to bottle feed, change and otherwise `mother' her
little nephew. She got to be quite good at it.

(This takes on more importance later.)

Jen's mom, meantime, always seemed to have a bevy of young male studs
over to the house; the late 40s woman going through one of the worst
mid-life crises I'd ever seen. While she lived there, Jen's big sister -
even during her pregnancy - also had a steady stream of boyfriends over
to the house, often overnight.

Sooner or later, Jennifer - whose own father showed up only occasionally
- was bound to have her own sexual curiosity piqued.

My first evidence of that came one weekend afternoon while she visited
us: our cat - born at Jennifer's house but living with us, as Jen's
sister had heard horror stories about the effects of cat fur and any
fleas on pregnant moms and newborns - had perched herself comfortably
between Jen's open legs, with her chin and a soft paw nuzzling against
our neighbor's young crotch. Jennifer seemed to go out of her way to
point this out to me. I decided to take a chance, saying, "Well, that
brings a whole new meaning to the phrase, 'happiness is a warm pussy'."

Jen laughed. Laughed hard. Woke the cat up. I was off the hook for that
one, anyway.

Just a few days later, one of our other cats was spread across my lap.
As I was wearing only loose, boxer-style long shorts, Jen apparently
decided to check ME out, petting the cat in such a way - the only way
possible - that she quite obviously was `petting' me.

I glanced at her with slight smirk and a raised eyebrow... she grinned
and went back to playing with our Nintendo.

Her intentions were pretty clear to me, anyway... and it didn't take
long for me to decide how I would take the next step.
Chapter Two
The following weekend, Jen was over to play again... this time, I made
sure I took every opportunity to sit in such a way that she could see
easily up my shorts.

She, in turn, took every opportunity to peek... sometimes staring to

I had a good cum jacking off that night (about my only `action' at that
point) while imagining what Jennifer might do if she could do more than
just look.

By this time, her mother was babysitting our daughter regularly while
mom and I were at work... that's where our trust with Jennifer came in.
Often, when I would drop my little girl off, Jen's mom was still asleep;
while Jennifer would lay on the couch where she often slept, preferring
it to her own bed. Completely comfortable with me by now, Jen no longer
made any attempt to cover up when I arrived; content to lay on the
couch, usually wearing no more than a thin t-shirt and her panties.
Sometimes her blanket was over her, sometimes not.

One such morning, Jen's own kitten (big sis since had moved out; and our
shared cat had had kittens, this one a spitting image of her mother) was
lying in the crook made by Jennifer's arm against her side. I decided
it was time to take another chance.

Pretending to `play' with the kitten, I discreetly - but quite
intentionally - let my palm and little finger caress Jen's budding young
breast. After a few minutes, she hadn't responded in any way; but, then
again, she didn't dissuade me in any way, either.

I couldn't help but be disappointed, though: maybe I was wrong, after
all, and Jen wasn't interested in anything more than our little games.

The next day, their door was locked when I arrived with my daughter to
drop her off for the morning. Jennifer had to get up from the couch, and
answered the door in her usual attire: a thin, not-quite-over-the-
midriff t-shirt and thin cotton panties. As she turned to walk back to
the couch, I got a really good look at her ample butt for the first
time. Not at all fat, but certainly well proportioned to her beautiful
full legs. Her young waist and belly, with no more than the barest hint
of `baby fat', already was beginning to taper off above her hips. I felt
my cock twinge at the sight. Amazing, I thought. She is SO beautiful,
and she's not even eleven!

She surprised me then: scooping up her kitten on her way back to the
couch, she purred, "maybe he'll pet you again like he did yesterday."

Oh, really?

Immediately, I sat on the couch next to her, not needing an engraved
invitation. My cock already was half-erect and visible inside my dress
slacks - I wear no underwear - but I was more than a bit scared.

What if I'm wrong? What if she's leading me on for another reason? What
if her mother - asleep, as far as I knew - was really around the corner,
waiting to catch me in the act?
Chapter Three
I sat in such a way as to hide my throbbing member and thought, okay, if
I'm careful and I do this right, I still can claim innocence if I have

Go on, do it, I pressed myself. You're too turned on by this little
lolita to turn back now.

(Hey, I know what the word means, Nabokov or no...)

I reached over and pretended again to pet the kitten, again caressing
Jennifer's young nipple with whatever part of my hand wasn't touching
the cat. This time, Jen responded: moving her arm down toward the couch,
she simultaneously arched her back, making it easier for me to touch her
growing breast.

After a couple of minutes, I barely remembered the damned cat, tending
more obviously to Jen. She seemed to be enjoying herself; her eyes now
closed, a slight smile crossing her face, breathing more rapidly.

Of course, that's when my daughter noticed she wasn't the center of
attention, and jumped right into my lap; very nearly getting a handful
of my now-fully-erect penis, and effectively ending what seemed suddenly
to be a morning ritual.

That night, I asked my wife for a blow job. She dutifully complied, with
no more passion than when she washes the dishes. Nevertheless, I was so
excited from that morning that I hit the wall behind me when I came,
shooting harder and longer than I had in a long time.

Two weeks passed. Jen's mom always seemed to be up and around every
morning now, and Jennifer herself never showed any more interest in our
games when she came over to our house.

Oh, well. Perhaps she got what she wanted.

That attitude changed when I came home for lunch one afternoon.

Watching television, I called, "Who is it?" to the doorbell and, to her
response, invited Jennifer in. Her baby nephew was in her arms, and
she'd come over to see me apparently just to break the monotony at her

No sooner did she get in the door than she'd plopped onto the couch
right next to me, sat the baby on her belly and immediately proceeded to
spread her legs as wide apart as they would go; her young crotch pointed
right at me, her cutoff shorts not quite hiding the edges of the pink
panties underneath.
Chapter Four
Do you have any idea what the fuck you're doing, I thought as my prick
twitched yet again. If only you knew...

Catching her glance, I intentionally looked down to her crotch, then
back into her beautiful green eyes. No response. I did it again. Still,
no response. I tried a third time. A slight grin.

Jeez, gimme a sign. If I'm wrong and you're just a little tease... I'm
not going to prison for anyone, I mused.


So it was up to me... but I was going to be VERY careful.

Pretending to ignore Jennifer and, instead, give my attention to her
nephew, I leaned over and began to play tickle games and other tried-
and-true keep-the-baby-happy tricks. Not so innocently, though, my arm
began to brush ever-so-gently across Jen's crotch. I could explain this
if I had to, I reasoned.

Impossibly, I swear, her legs spread even wider.

I can thank the little boy for what happened next: kicking happily at
the attention he was getting, his little heel landed squarely on Jen's
pussy at almost the exact moment my arm had moved out of the way.
Moaning in obvious pain (don't ever let anyone tell you that doesn't
hurt girls, too), she began to rub her crotch. Instinctively -
seriously, I can't think of any other reason - I said, "let me see".
Moving her hand, obviously, uncovered no more than I'd seen up to that
point. I asked where he'd hit her and, without hesitation, she pointed
right to the spot. I gently began rubbing, hoping to all hell she
wouldn't go ballistic on me. Amazingly, she didn't, slowly reopening her
legs as my gentle massage seemed to be helping.

With no complaints, I got even bolder. "How's that?" I asked. "Okay,"
she responded. My cock was getting hard now, even as I was trying to
squelch the urge to shake in fear. This is it... there's no explaining
THIS innocently, I thought.

Her eyes were closed, and she seemed to be enjoying my touch. I
continued my ministrations until she opened her eyes. "Thank you," she
said simply.

Her tone seemed to say, I'm better now, so I stopped. I was so turned on
by this point, I didn't want to stop, but I forced myself. Still, I took
on a sly grin and asked, "Shall I kiss it and make it all better?"

Jennifer giggled. "Sure."

I leaned over and planted a gentle kiss right where her little clit
should be. She smiled. She then gathered up her little nephew and left.

That night, my cock - almost seven inches long and more than two of my
fingers wide - seemed bigger and harder than ever before as I
masturbated quietly in bed, my wife snoring next to me.

I didn't see Jen all the next day, and I was nervous. Did she tell
anyone? God, how the hell would I explain yesterday if asked?

As it turned out, I needn't have worried.
Chapter Five
The following morning, still nervous, I took my daughter next door so I
could head off to work. The door was open, and I said "knock, knock".
From the living room, Jennifer said, "come in".

Jen was completely covered from the neck down by her blanket as we
walked in. That's interesting, I thought. My little girl plopped herself
as usual in front of the television. I was running a little late that
day, and Scooby Doo - her favorite - already was on.

"Is your mom still in bed?" I asked Jennifer. "Uh huh," came the

"Okay, I'll pick my daughter up around lunchtime, as usual."


Just as I turned to give my little girl a kiss goodbye, Jennifer said,
"Can you guess where my kitty is?"

Involuntarily, I raised an eyebrow. Are you taking the initiative,
finally? I thought. And, hey! I'm not in trouble yet!

Yeah, I'll find your pussy, I joked to myself.

I sat on the couch beside her, as I often did. "I'll bet she's nice and
warm, huh?" "Yep," she said, a mischievous grin on her face. "I suppose
I'll just have to find her." "Yep."

My hand slid under the blanket and found its way to the usual spot where
I would find Little Beauty nuzzled up to Jennifer's armpit. To my
complete surprise, I felt only warm skin underneath my hand.

Jen had no shirt on! Almost instantly, my cock sprang up to a full
erection - as far as my pants would allow, anyway.

I felt around, gently running my hand across the left side of her chest.
No kitten!

"Nope, try again," Jennifer said, smiling.

My heart pounding now, I took my first opportunity to caress her other
nipple, moving my fingertips in gentle circles. "Not there," she

My hand at first massaged her shoulders; still no kitty. Down Jen's
belly now, her skin getting hot. No, don't go there yet, I said to
myself. Instead, I slid around either side of her tummy toward the
couch, half caressing Jen's ribs and half in an honest search for the
cat. To her hips now, I got the surprise of my life: she was wearing no
panties, either!

I could feel my eyes grow wide even as I smiled. She looked back up at
me with that wry little grin of hers, and her right hand - which had
been behind her head - now came to rest atop my right leg, barely an
inch from the head of my raging cock. Her knees, until now straight up
in the air and together, parted as far as they could on the couch.

Maybe I should get in a little teasing this time, I thought. Still
pretending to search for her kitten, my hand ran down the length of one
leg, back up to her hips, crossing just below her navel, and sliding
over the entire length of the other leg.

"Well, shit, there's got to be a pussy in here someplace," I kidded. Jen
somehow stifled a laugh. She couldn't stifle a gasp when my hand finally
arrived home a second later.

"Ah, there it is!" I said, grinning. There was that giggle of hers
again... damn, enough to melt steel, you know?
Chapter Six
I ran a finger up and down the length of her slit, gently probing
between the baby-soft skin of her vulva. No hair yet; that wasn't a
surprise, but it was pure pleasure to my hand. It was so soft! Parting
the skin with two fingers, my middle finger found her pussy lips,
already quite wet.

Her waterworks certainly were fully functional but, as it turned out,
not quite lubricating enough to allow me to rub her clit without causing
too much friction. I brought my hand to my mouth and let a generous
amount of spit coat my finger. Returning to her soft pussy, I began
rubbing her little button with quick flicks of my fingertip. She
responded first by letting out a low moan; and second, by taking my
rigid cock HARD into her right hand!

(That would hurt: she gripped me as tightly as she could while her hips
bucked under my hand in orgasm! It was all I could do to grit my teeth
and bear the pain while she got off on my hand.)

Her spasms subsided, and I told her I wished we could do more, but I had
to go to work. I leaned over and kissed her full on the lips, softly at
first, then with more passion. Her tongue, in fact, was the first to
seek out mine; we kissed like she'd done this dozens of times before. I

"Don't you have a couple more minutes? Please?" she begged.

I sighed. "I'm already late," I answered. I glanced over to my daughter
again, as I had done several times in the last couple of minutes;
luckily, when Scooby Doo is on, little else will get her attention.

"My mom isn't here," Jennifer continued. My head snapped back to look at
her. "She went to the store, she won't be back for a few minutes.


I thought about this for a moment. I had closed the door behind me when
we first arrived, and I surely would hear Jen's mother before she got
inside... but I couldn't do anything that would have me hopping around
to put my clothes back on, especially with my little girl nearby.

I made up my mind. "All right. This is all we have time for right now,"
I said firmly, as I slid off the couch, pulled the blanket over my head
and leaned in to kiss her pussy. Her taste from my finger-frigging was
all over her vulva; it was SO sweet! She gasped in delight.

I began by gently licking up one outer lip and down the other, stopping
at her little hole and poking my tongue up inside as far as it would go.
Long, slow, deliberate licks followed; up to her clit, where I began
flicking my tongue up and down very quickly.

Her hands had found their way to the back of my head, and she pushed me
hard into her crotch. I felt her legs twitch, then her pelvis jerk, the
spasms taking over her lithe little 10-year-old body to the point where
she lost all control.

Amazingly, she still had the sense (practice, maybe? I'd have to find
out later) to take a chunk of blanket into her mouth and bite down hard,
just as she began screaming in orgasm. Literally, screaming! Her cum
seemed to last forever, probably because I couldn't breathe! As her
twitches finally died down and I gasped for air, I heard my daughter
standing over us: "Jenni, are you okay?"

Quickly, I pulled my head out from under the blanket. To my relief, I
saw the kitten down by Jennifer's left foot. Thinking fast, I grabbed
Little Beauty and said, "She's okay, the kitty was just getting too
playful and was biting and scratching Jenni's legs."

"Oh," she said, gave Jen a hug, and back to Scooby Doo she started. I
gave my girl a quick hug and a kiss, and gave Jennifer a somewhat sexier
kiss. "I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did," I whispered. Still
trying to catch her breath, Jen barely could say, "Uh huh."

Just then, mom was walking up the porch, talking loudly with someone;
nice timing, huh? Jennifer scrambled to put on the clothes she'd left
next to her under the blanket.

As I started to walk out to head for work, I helpfully reminded my
daughter that if she wanted to invite Jennifer for a sleepover, it would
have to wait until the weekend. "Okay," responded two little voices.
"Sure," mom said, walking in the door... after all, she likely had plans
of her own.

Good thing she had no idea my plans involved her daughter. I think.
Chapter Seven
No other opportunities arose to `play' that week, although my memory of
that morning kept me `arising', often at inopportune moments. Shit, stop
thinking about it, willya? Yes, Jennifer has the sweetest young hairless
pussy you've ever tasted, but leave it rest at home, okay?

(Yeah, right!)

Friday afternoon didn't come soon enough. Collecting my daughter from
next door, she reminded `Jenni' about sleeping the night. Jen looked at
me. "If it's okay with your mom, it's okay with us," I said. (My wife
didn't mind; it certainly wouldn't be the first time.)

"It's okay, she said so already." "Oh, yeah."

That night, Jen took a bubble bath with my daughter while I cooked
dinner. We don't hide from each other at my house and, when I went in to
use the toilet, I reminded Jennifer - as my wife was within earshot -
that I had to pee, and she should close the curtain if she didn't want
to see. She didn't... close the curtain, that is. Both later dried off
and dressed with the door open, and I tried to make as many passes as I
could by the door without arousing any suspicions.

(This was, after all, the first time my eyes could feast on Jen
completely nude. I WAS going to appreciate her youthful beauty.)

The girls then dressed in their panties and nightgowns. As usual,
Jennifer had conveniently forgotten a bra.

Our meal followed. My wife, a nurse, worked some odd hours and many
weekends; she'd worked that day and would leave just after 6:00 in the
morning the next day as well. As a result, she often fell asleep at the
dinner table. She did again.

At the same time, Jennifer was complaining that her neck hurt. (Uh huh,
sure!) Jen sat next to me along the long end of the table, the other
side of which was up against the dining-room wall (usually, there were
only the three of us eating), my daughter and wife on the ends. I began
massaging the back of Jennifer's neck as my little girl finished the
last few bites of her food (Jen and I were done already). As I rubbed
gently, but firmly, at her hairline, Jen's hand found mine: below my
belly, that is. Outside my shorts, she began rubbing my quickly
hardening cock, trying not to be so obvious that my daughter could see.

Jennifer WANTED to see, though; and soon had pulled the leg of my shorts
up until my dick poked out. No surprise registered on her young face;
she's seen a hard cock before, I surmised. She took my member full into
her hand and began stroking the entire length of the shaft with a
gentle, sliding grip.

My eyes widened. Now I knew it for sure. I would not be her first.
Chapter Eight
Meantime, her stroking felt so good, I was getting very close to coming.
Saved by the bell, so to speak, my wife stirred from her snoring slumber
and reached for her dinner fork; usually, if anyone asked, she wasn't
sleeping, rather `reading the newspaper'.

Jennifer jerked her hand away from my screaming hard-on; I had to fight
the urge to do the same with my hand from the back of her neck. That
was, after all, completely innocent, to all appearances. To force the
illusion, I said, "Is that better?" Jen answered, "Uh huh."

My other half never even noticed.

Our daughter was finished by now, and both girls were sent from the
table to wash up for bed. Hugs and kisses from Daddy followed
(completely innocent: Jen got a peck on the cheek), and they were off to
my daughter's room to await a bedtime story from Mommy.

(Our girl just had to have her bedtime story and, truth be told,
Jennifer loved it, too. She'd never admit it, though. And, it didn't
bother me, either. With any luck, Jen would go right to sleep and be up
- and helping ME get that way - before my daughter awoke the next
morning. Trying to invent a reason why Jennifer was with Daddy in his
bedroom with the doors closed might be plausible with my little girl.
Should she mention it, innocently or otherwise, to Mommy, well...)

Just before disappearing for several minutes to tell the girls their
story, my wife asked me, "Are you coming to bed?" "Not yet," I replied,
"I'm going to watch some tv first."

That was standard procedure around here, anyway. Differing work
schedules and a flat sex life led us to bed at different times.

Apparently, though, Jennifer took it as an invitation. When the story
was done, my wife used the toilet for her final time that night and
closed our bedroom door to retire. Not five minutes later, Jen came out
of the other bedroom, pretended to use the bathroom, and promptly sat
down next to me in the living room. "Can I watch with you?" she said.

I was tempted to correct her grammar, but I held my tongue; instead, I
said it was okay. She slid her cute little ass away from me and rested
her head in my lap.

Not now, I thought. Nevertheless, my hand went to her side and caressed
her gently. I could feel my cock starting to harden. That's when she
pulled my shorts up and took my half-erect member full into her mouth!

"Whoa, whoa, wait up, here," I said, pulling away from her. "Now is not
the time, beautiful," I quickly added, making sure she knew this wasn't
a rejection. (But, DAMN, that felt good!)

"Why not?" she responded. "Everybody's asleep."

"See my bedroom door?" I asked. "Uh huh." "That's the problem, right
there. If 'Mommy' comes out that door for whatever reason, guess what's
the first thing SHE'S gonna see? I really don't think she'd appreciate
what we're doing."

"Yeah, you're right," came the reply, obviously disappointed.

"I have a much better idea," I offered. Jen brightened. "She has to go
to work very early," I finished. "When you hear her leave," - the front
door was rather loud - "get up quietly and come into my bedroom.

"We can do anything you want to do then," I added, putting extra
emphasis on getting what SHE wants.


Her unusually emotional responses were troubling me now; this normally
was a very stoic, almost-indifferent-to-everything girl. I may regret
what I'm about to ask, I mused.

"Um, Jennifer," I started. "You know me. You know I never would do
anything to hurt you, right?"

"I know. I'm not afraid."

"But I am, Jen. Of TWO things. You know what we're doing is quite
illegal..." "I'm not going to tell anyone," she answered honestly.
Somehow, I expected her to say that. "I know that, I trust you
completely," I soothed. "But now, you need to trust me. Okay?"

Chapter Nine
I almost had to force the question out. "Are-- are you falling in love
with me?"

"No-ho," she half-laughed. "As IF."

I broke a wry smile. I could be offended, if I wanted to, I thought. Out
loud, I said, "Good, 'cause we can't do that-- neither of us can," I
quickly added.

"No one else would understand."

She was sitting up now, looking quizzically into my eyes. "Why did you
think that?" she asked, genuinely surprised. "You just seem to want to
enjoy yourself a little TOO much, is all," I said. "Don't you want to
enjoy yourself, too?" came her response. "Oh, yes, Jen, I do, very much.
But I know I'm aware that we can't get too attached to each other, and I
just need to be sure you're aware."

"I'm more mature than that," she assured me, taking on a very adult-like
air. I smirked, raising an eyebrow.

"It's not my first time, you know."

"I know," I admitted for the first time aloud. "You're so good, I almost
came all over the floor at the dinner table," I said, grinning. Jennifer
giggled, not the least bit offended by the reference.

"I know," she said. "Really?" I challenged. "And just how do you know
this?" "I just know."

(Yeah, you're going to `know' something, alright... ME.)

Taking her chin gently into my hand, I kissed Jennifer passionately, our
tongues exploring each other's, my hands caressing her cheeks.

"I'll see you in the morning," I whispered as we broke off. "Uh huh,"
she said, giving me a hug and running off to bed.

I wanted to jack off something awful, but I resisted.

The next morning, I awoke to the faint presence of someone cuddled up to
me, head on my shoulder, hand on my belly, leg over mine. Jennifer and
my wife had similar hair, Jen's longer and a few shades lighter. For
that matter, so did my daughter, but she was far too small to have been
this person next to me.

I glanced at the clock. 6:42. For a moment, in my half-asleep haze, my
hopes sank: Shit, THAT figures! My wife's called in sick and she's
taking the day off! It occurred to me then that she and Jennifer were
very close in stature: Jen was maybe two inches shorter and no more than
15 pounds lighter. That's when it hit me: my wife never - and I mean
NEVER - sleeps in the nude, no matter the temperature.

This was Jen next to me... and I picked my head up from the pillow to
kiss the top of hers.
Chapter Ten
"Why didn't you wake me?" I asked. Jen said, "I just wanted to lay
here." "You know," I said, "someone else is going to be up and around
soon." "I know." "And, what are we supposed to say to her?"

"She can watch."

"Riiiight!" I protested. "You may be ready to make that decision on your
own, she's not."

Jen started to remind me that my daughter recently had been instructed
by a neighbor boy - much against my wishes, certainly this soon in her
life - in the fine art of jacking off a boy. (When we found out, we
fired the babysitter who was supposed to have been watching her at the
time; that had led to Jennifer's mom taking over.)

"No," I responded firmly, "not yet. Okay?"

"Okay," she said, sliding up to give me a kiss.

I reached quickly for a breath mint strategically placed on my
nightstand (morning breath can be a real turn-off) and kissed her,
briefly inserting my tongue then pulling back, coaxing hers out. She
responded and I began kissing her tongue deeply into my mouth,
swallowing the damned mint.

(Aaaah... so much for that idea.)

I continued sucking on her tongue 'til she pulled it away. I pushed mine
into her mouth, and she sucked it with abandon, almost too hard.

I tried gently to pull her up to nibble on her young breasts, a pleasure
I had yet to experience. She had other ideas, pulling herself down until
her mouth was on one of MY nipples. Licking and sucking quite well, she
was only too brief, giving each side maybe a few seconds' attention
before sliding down even further.

She showed her age (and the reason for her brevity) then, returning a
favor I'd pulled on her during innocent play months before: blowing hard
into my belly button to make a `farting' sound. Laughing, she said,

I couldn't help but laugh. "You little shit," I said playfully.

With a little-girl giggle totally incongruous to the circumstances, she
began kissing my lower belly until she arrived at my dick. My erection
again seemed larger than usual. Jennifer licked the ridge along the base
of my cock (Just how much experience DO you have, anyway? I thought),
bringing an electric charge which seemed to ignite my whole body. I
sighed haltingly, like I'd just walked into a freezer.

Her tongue then encircled the head twice before she slid my prick into
her mouth, accepting about four inches. Experienced, yes; patient, no.

That didn't bother me, though. "Oh, shit! You ARE good!" I said. She
continued to suck in and out, ever so gently, like wet silk; as if
somehow she knew exactly how I like it.

"If you turn around this way," I helped, "I can do the same for you,
too." I didn't have to ask her twice, either; Jen straddled my face in
an instant, her little pussy not an inch from my mouth.

Adjusting my pillow, I began gently kissing her labia and clit, already
big enough to protrude noticeably from her folds. Taking one round,
full, beautiful ass cheek in each hand and parting her pussy lips with
my thumbs, I pushed my tongue as deep inside Jennifer's hole as it would
go, maybe an inch or two, sliding it in and out, trying my best to
tongue-fuck her.

She responded by sucking faster on my dick and, it seemed, deeper. "Yes,
Jen, that's it. Oh, wow!" I couldn't resist asking: "How deep can you
take it in?"

She came up for air. "Almost all of it," she said, measuring with her
fingers. It felt like she had managed almost six of my seven inches.
"Can you take it all without choking?" I asked.

Without another word, Jennifer tried to take my cock down her throat.
She came up coughing. "No," she sputtered.

"Don't try to rush yourself," I offered. "Let your throat relax, like
you're actually trying to swallow it. Try a little bit at a time, not
all at once."

"Okay," she said and, once again, my throbbing dick slid back into her
mouth. God, that feels wonderful.

This `little' girl already was giving me better head than my wife ever
could, and I could feel myself getting ready to cum. Trying to ignore it
(right!), I went back to eating her sweet, sweet pussy.
Chapter Eleven
It wasn't working; among other things, it now felt like she had my
entire cock down her throat. And with good reason.

She stopped just before I went over the edge. "I did it!" she exclaimed.
"I sucked it all the way in!"

"Oh, yeah... and it feels so good, I almost came in your mouth," I
responded. I was expecting her to stop sucking now and instead jack me
off with her hand.

I got another surprise: she giggled again (damn, that's exciting as
hell), took me back full into her mouth and began sucking even faster.
"Oh, fuck, Jen! JENNIFER!! I'm going to come... I mean it... right...
RIGHT... NOW!!!"

The feeling took me over, jerking my cock even deeper into her throat. I
came HARD! So hard, I thought it would shoot out the back of her neck as
I just seemed to keep coming. I bit my lip, trying not to wake my
daughter in the room next to us - me, and Jennifer, swallowing my cum
for all she was worth.

I... don't... fucking... BELIEVE this!

Finally, I stopped spasming. Jennifer rolled off of me, turned around
and laid her head on the pillow next to mine, and began kissing me. With
her tongue! No shame at all, I thought.

Catching my breath, I said, in all honesty, "I'm not going to ask where
you learned how to do that. I don't want to know."

And, damn her, she giggled again. Don't YOU get attached, I admonished

"My turn," she said, matter-of-factly. "You got THAT right," I said.

A gentle kiss to her forehead, then her nose, then her soft lips led me
to her earlobes, where I gently flicked my tongue, each in turn, getting
myself up on all fours. I used barely the tip of my tongue to trace a
line from her earlobe, down her neck to her shoulder, down the outside
of her arm, stopping to kiss each fingertip. There's that damned giggle

Tracing back up the inside of her arm, my tongue arrived full circle to
her nipple, standing straight up about an inch from her otherwise
little-girl chest. In circles at first, then with little flicks, my
tongue finally savored every nerve-ending in her young breast. Giggles
were replaced by gasps and moans as I took her tiny nip full inside my
mouth, rolling it with my tongue.

Tracing a straight line across her chest, I gave the other nipple the
works, too. Soon, I was telling myself to hell with her other arm and
following a straight line down her belly to her little treasure, somehow
resisting the urge to blow a `fart' of my own.

(I thought about it, though.)
Chapter Twelve
She hadn't yet come while on top of me, and she was ready. Her little
clit seemed almost to throb under my tongue. Daylight was coming in a
bit more prominent now, and I backed away to catch a glimpse of the
little hairless pussy before me. Oh, man, what a sight: her lips just
starting to get some definition, puffy at the top, the hood not quite
covering her extended little button... it was SO beautiful.

It also was a bit discolored at her little hole; the sign she'd been
penetrated before. I wet my index finger with my mouth and slid it
inside. It buried itself to the hilt without the slightest resistance.

I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised, but I was.

My tongue returned to her clit while I finger-fucked her, slowly
increasing the speed of my finger and tongue. Her hips now were gyrating
to my movements. I slid out my index finger, wet my middle finger with
lots of saliva, then slowly slid both fingers inside, trying to remember
not to take her little pussy for granted.

About halfway inside, her muscles contracted to the simultaneous
stimulation from my tongue. I stopped licking her and concentrated on
slowly, deliberately sliding my fingers part way back out, then back in;
each time, a little further than before. Soon, she was accepting both
digits with no hesitation.

My tongue went back to massaging her clit and, almost immediately, her
legs began to twitch and her hips bucked hard. "Right there," she
moaned, "right THERE! Ye-- OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, YES!!"

Remembering the other day, I tried to reach for the pillow; she was a
step ahead of me, burying her face to muffle her screams. And scream she
did, almost loud enough to hear from the other room as I continued to
finger-fuck her and tongue-lash her clit. She, too, seemed to come
forever, forcing me to ride her hips for dear life.

By this time, her feet had planted themselves firmly on the bed, and I
noticed her gorgeous little ass was almost a foot in the air, my face up
there with her... until she literally collapsed, my fingers popping out
with a loud sucking sound.

I turned and looked behind me to the bedroom door. If my daughter was
awake, she wasn't letting anyone know it yet.

Looking down, I saw that I was rock-hard again (or had I ever
softened?), and Jennifer's pussy still was wide open, as if begging for
more, even as its host had yet to catch her breath. (No matter, I like
to start slowly, anyway... but the `host' deserved her say, too.)

On all fours again, I `walked' to Jen's face and planted a gentle kiss
on her lips. "Would you like some more?" I asked. "You mean, inside me?"
she responded. "Yes, Jen, I mean inside your beautiful pussy."

"Oh, please?"

Get this, I thought. A ten-year-old girl is begging me to take her. How
can I say no? Especially since I asked, of course, I noted wryly.

I sat back on my haunches, guiding the head of my cock to her slit,
still wet from my spit and her cum. I spat on my hand to wet the tip of
my prick and slid the head slowly inside Jennifer's hole.

Not much bigger around than two of my fingers, I expected to slide in
easily. I was wrong. Her muscles still were contracted from her orgasm.

I stopped moving forward and used my hands to gently massage Jennifer's
legs and her belly, subtly asking her body to relax. I felt her muscles
loosen a bit, and I slid in slowly, about another half-inch, then

Leaning over, I massaged her young breasts, as well as her neck and
shoulders, back to her belly and legs, with both hands. She loosened a
bit again, and I slid in about another inch.

"I like the way you do that. You're real gentle," Jennifer said.

"I don't want to hurt you," I repeated, meaning every word of it. "I
know," she replied.

Her muscles continued to loosen, and I kept sliding slowly in until
there was no more left to slide.
Chapter Thirteen
"It's all the way in," I announced. "How you doin' down there?"

"Mmm, nice."

"No pain?" "Nope."

I leaned over and kissed my little lover, running my tongue gently over
her lips. She kissed me back. I started slowly sliding my throbbing cock
in and out of her tender young pussy. She began bucking slightly under
me. Soon, there was no resistance at all. Tight, yes; God, she was
tight! But, no friction to cause either of us any pain.

Pumping faster now, her breathing was beginning to get shorter, as was
mine. We continued our soft, gentle kissing, and she put her arms around
my neck. I truly was making love to this wondrous girl. Nowhere near
adulthood, yet nowhere near childhood, hers already taken away long
before I came into the picture. I could do this with no guilt.

And I DID, too!

Trying to be as smooth as possible, I pulled out and gently pushed one
of her knees all the way over to the other one, saying, "roll over."
When she was flat on her belly, I knelt between her legs, took her hips
in my hand and pulled her up toward me. "Up here, Jen." She pushed
herself up onto all fours and opened her legs a bit wider. A little more
spit, and I guided my cock to her pussy and slid back inside.

Holding her hips to keep our rhythm, we both were moaning out loud now.
I sat back a bit to allow her to keep her own pace backing up against my
member. Leaning back on one hand, I used the other to massage her
wonderful ass and her back, occasionally reaching around to caress a
nipple. Her pace was beginning to quicken; she wanted to cum.

Lost in the utter pleasure of the moment, I'd almost forgotten
something: a ten-year-old CAN get pregnant. Damn, we'd have to stop. I
didn't WANT to stop. I was in heaven, pure heaven.

Holding her hips to stop her movement, I then pulled out and laid down
next to her, beckoning her to get on top. At the same time, I reached
for the t-shirt I'd left at the side of the bed and wiped her young
juices from my cock. In the dresser next to me was a box of condoms
which hadn't been used in God knows how long and, as I went to put one
on, I tried to explain to Jennifer why I was doing so.

She already knew; and she thanked me.

"No, thank YOU," I corrected. "I had no idea how much I wanted to do
this with you. I'm just so happy you wanted to do it with me."

She smiled. "Me, too."

More spit to moisten the latex and Jennifer, already straddling me, sat
herself down onto my member, sliding again inside with no difficulty. It
was her turn now to lean over and kiss me, swapping her spit with mine
as we began humping with more abandon.

I was going to come. She was going to come. We both seemed to let go at
the same time, bucking and moaning and screaming and coming and coming
and coming and coming! "Oh, YES!!" yelled somebody.

After what seemed like an eternity, we fell limp, her lithe young body
so warm on top of mine. I held her in my arms as if I was afraid she
would get up and leave. Hmmm... why?

We didn't even have time to catch our breath when I heard a knock at the

Jennifer, thinking faster even than I thought she could (or had she done
this before, too?), jumped off of me and sat down on the floor next to
the bed, opposite the door. Just as quickly, I found the sheet and
covered myself up.

"Daddy, where's Jennifer?" came a little voice through the door.

"She's in here, sweetheart," I said telling the truth up to that point,
anyway. "She just came in a minute ago to tell me a secret about what
she might get for your birthday," I finished, having come up with that
excuse the night before, just in case. "We can't tell you, though."


"Go get yourself a juice from the refrigerator and we'll be right out."

"Okay, daddy."

The t-shirt made a nice towel again, first for Jennifer, who let me dry
her pubes gently for her, between gentle kisses. Jen dressed in her
nightgown (on the other side of the bed... that could have been
disastrous!) and left the room, closing the door behind her. I put on my
shorts and a fresh t-shirt and stood up on wobbly legs (Whoa! Damn...
been awhile!) to make my own way out of the bedroom.

I glanced at the clock. 8:13... no kidding! We took that long?

Jen's mom came by not fifteen minutes later, as I'd had time only to
pour myself a cup of coffee and set up the skillets to cook breakfast.
What timing... if I didn't know any better...
Jennifer ended up staying for breakfast and a cartoon or two, then
dressed (in the bathroom, as well she should for appearances' sake),
collected her things and headed back next door with a cheerful, "Bye."

I never did get another opportunity to enjoy Jennifer's company: a month
later, her Mom's latest boyfriend would win his house back during a
divorce proceeding and invite the girls to move in with him. Not at all
surprisingly, they accepted.

My daughter and I still drop over every now and again to visit, but
there's not even a hint of what Jennifer and I shared that day last

In retrospect, perhaps that's for the best. I WAS getting attached.

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What did Celeste's guest reviewer think of this story? Why don't I let
BillyG tell you:

"I once had a patient, an attractive woman and movie critic who, during
a hospital stay, was reviewing movie videos most of the waking day, some
of which included socially distasteful scenarios. When I inquired how
she managed to sustain her enthusiasm for her reviews, she explained
that her suspension of judgment only necessitated an ongoing awareness
that she was dealing with a story - fiction, not fact.

"There are some story topics I find sufficiently distasteful, fiction or
fact, that I don't care to visit there. Other questionable scenarios
fall somewhere on a continuum from more to less objectionable. Adult men
having sexual interactions with young girls is an example. While my
personal experience is zero, my rich and wide ranging fantasies of
sexual play with pubescent girls is not.

"So, my mindset on reviewing `My Neighbor' was one of guarded
expectation - fearing the worst but hoping for the best. As is often the
case, the realization was somewhere between those poles.

"First, the Prologue to the story is mostly a disconnected personal
statement by the author that serves no obvious purpose. The long
sentences were at times confusing and the meandering details didn't
relate to the story. Skip that. (BTW, at least one other reviewer
disagreed. - adm)

"On a positive note: In contrast to a no-paragraph, block story, this
tale effectively employees white space, paragraphs and chapters to
highlight thoughts and set a compelling pace.

"The story itself was well thought out and flowed easily. The
descriptions and sexual build up between the protagonist, an adult man
and Jennifer, his 11-year-old neighbor, were well paced and quite
erotic. Jen, the Lolita next door, frequently visits his house and the
stage is set for the seduction. Her mom, largely invisible, is the
babysitter, which allows intro for him to visit her house and, of
course, to play out the seduction. Sexual tension builds between them in
a compelling manner. The man paints himself as a somewhat hapless male,
beguiled by the sexual allure of a forward young girl. It moves slowly
and believably, leaving one with the impression that yes, this could
really happen.

"Ratings for `My Neighbor'
Athena (technical quality): 9 (main story)
Venus (plot & character): 10
BillyG (appeal to reviewer): 9"

(Reprinted with permission)


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