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MYPARTY hurt that felt when


Title: Its My Party & I'll Cry if I Want To.

Author: Charley Ace.



WARNING! This text file contains sexually explicit material. If you do
not wish to read this type of literature, or you are under age, PLEASE

(c) copyright 2001 All Rights Reserved

(MF, Adultery)

My name is Jean and I have a story to tell to all of you who might be
contemplating cheating on your spouse, or significant other. I did it to
my husband and paid dearly for it. Let me tell you how it happened...

About a year ago, my husband, Jay, and I hosted a pool party. It was a
hot July day and we were looking forward to an afternoon and evening of
fun. We invited eight couples, among them were Jim and Lori. Jim and Lori
were our best friends and we had enjoyed their company many times over the
last two years.

I've always had a strong attraction to Jim, he and Jay are about the
same size, but he's a little better looking and a lot more fun to be
around. Almost every time we get together, Jim and I wind up talking, and
flirting with each other, and Jay and Lori spend a lot of time together.
Jay and I had never talked about it, but it was obvious that he and Lori
had a strong attraction to one another, also, but in a more subtle, quiet

Jay and I had been married three years, and Jim and Lori about four
years, and none of us had children. Our marriage was good, but not great.
We argued a lot and spent much of our time being angry with one another,
therefore, our sex life left something to be desired. Making up hadn't
been all that it's been cracked up to be. When we did have sex, it was
great, as Jay was a fantastic lover, and he knew just how to please me.

Don't get me wrong, I loved Jay, he was a strong, steady, proud,
level-headed type of guy. He was good guy to be married to because I never
had to worry about him cheating on me, as his strong sense of loyalty and
fair play wouldn't allow him to do that. He had a great job and we lived a
good life, but he was no fun. He was sort of quiet and dull, a party
pooper, and as I said before, our sex life needed improvement.

Jim, on the other hand, was a brash, outgoing, fun loving guy who
usually was the life of the party. I was more like Jim, as I loved to live
it up, take some risks and have some fun. Lori, conversely, was more like
Jay, quiet and reserved, I guess opposites do attract.

The day of the party, Jim was the last one to arrive, he came without
Lori. He told us that she had come down with a bug that morning and really
felt miserable, and talked him into coming without her.

I noticed the first time that we were in the pool together, that Jim was
unusually aggressive that day, probably because Lori wasn't there. He was
continually grabbing my boobs or pinching my ass, when he thought no one
else was looking. I, of course, loved the attention, and I pinched his ass
and grabbed his crotch several times myself.

When everyone tired of horsing around in the pool, Jay barbecued some
hot dogs, hamburgers and sausage, and we all ate. As soon as Jay had
finished eating, he got the portable stereo out, and put on some dance

Jim got me up and into his arms immediately, he saw a chance further his
advances, and he took advantage of it. He continued his aggressive
behavior, he held me close and continued to feel me up every chance he got,
and I loved every minute of it. He noticed that I was getting aroused and
I noticed his erection, how could I miss it when he poked me with it every
chance he got. He began to whisper suggestive things into my ear, such as,
'Tonight's the night, baby' and 'I'm ready for you, are you ready for me?'

While I was fooling around with Jim, Jay played the perfect host, making
sure everybody had fresh drinks and snacks, and making the rounds of all
the guests. He didn't seem to notice the extra attention that Jim was
paying me. I glanced over at him occasionally, but never caught him
checking us out. Jim didn't seem to care about anybody else except me.

As the evening wore on, I had consumed more than my share of alcohol and
Jim continued his teasing. I became extremely aroused, and my pussy was
dripping wet. I could hardly wait for the guests to leave so that I could
jump my husband's bones, I wanted fucked, and I wanted it bad.

As aroused as Jim had gotten me, I hadn't seriously considered fucking
him. I wanted fucked, but I wanted my husband. However, Jim was
persistent, he accelerated his advances to the point where it became
obvious to me that he was serious about getting into my pants. At that
point, I began to think of how enjoyable it would be, a different man, a
different cock, but I continued to reject the idea. I didn't want to cheat
on Jay, but Jim kept the thought fresh in my mind.

Jim's persistence finally wore down my resistance when he maneuvered me
into a dark corner and kissed me passionately. I kissed him back and I
knew then that we had gone beyond the point of no return.

"You sneak up to your bedroom, I'll join you in a few minutes," he told
me, then kissed me again.

I did as he suggested, sat on the bed and waited. All I could think of
was his cock and getting the fucking that I sorely needed. I had no
thoughts of the consequences of my actions.

Jim joined me in a few minutes, as he entered, he closed and locked the
bedroom door. He came over to me and we groped and fumbled with each
other's clothes until we were both naked.

He laid me back on the bed, straddled my chest and rubbed his hard cock
over my tits and my face, ending up on my lips. I took it in my mouth
hungrily. It was at this point where I had my first rational thought in a
long while, I observed that Jim's cock was a little smaller than Jays, but
it didn't slow me down. He fucked my face as I sucked on him until he came
into my mouth, full force. It was such a big load that I almost gagged on
it, but somehow managed to swallow it all.

He moved down between my legs and proceeded to orally assault my pussy.
I was so turned on that I came almost immediately, but he continued. I
soon had another orgasm, this time it was a major one as I convulsed and
screamed in ecstasy.

By the time I had settled down from my orgasm, Jim was hard again. He
moved up over my spread-eagled body and began to rub the head of his cock
up and down my overly moist slit. Each time he touched my clit, I moaned
with pleasure. He teased me like that for a few minutes, then positioned
himself at the entrance to my love canal and plunged his cock in, as I

He started thrusting in and out, slowly at first, then increasing the
tempo to a feverish, animalistic pace. I must have cum three more times
before he shot another load, this time deep into my pussy.

We rested only a few minutes before he was ready to go again. He turned
me over and had me get on my knees and stick my ass up into the air. He
entered my pussy from behind and gave me another major fucking. I had two
more serious, loud orgasms before he came for the third time.

It was at that point that we both realized that we had lost track of
time, we had been fucking for much longer than we had intended. "We'd
better get back down to the party. I'll go first and you follow in about
five minutes," Jim stated.

As soon as Jim had dressed and left the bedroom, I noticed several major
wet spots on the bed spread. I quickly removed it, threw it into the
hamper and put another one on. I got dressed, fixed myself up a bit, and
started down the stairs.

As I began my descent, I heard Jay talking, or yelling at someone in a
loud, angry tone. I couldn't make out what he was saying, but he was
obviously upset. I didn't think much about it until I reached the bottom
of the steps and noticed that everyone had gone. 'Oh my god! Everyone's
gone! Jay's sure to suspect what Jim and I had been up to! What'll I do?
Oh my God! I hate myself, why was I so stupid?' I began to tremble with
the realization that Jay was probably aware of my indiscretion.

My worst fears were confirmed when I entered the family room and saw
Jay, and no one else, not even Jim. He just stood with his hands on his
hips and glared at me. I tried, but because of my guilt feelings, couldn't
maintain eye contact with him, he was obviously pissed.

My face felt flushed and tears were beginning to swell in my eyes as I
looked up at Jay. He continued to glare and said nothing. I dropped my
head in shame once again. I can't describe how awful and how guilty I felt
at that moment. I had betrayed him, my husband, the man I loved. I wanted
to crawl into a hole and hide, anything but face him.

The silence was deafening, as we stood there, not 10 feet apart, saying
nothing to one another. I was at a loss for words for one of the few times
in my life and he just glared at me in silence. We stood like that for
what seemed to me to be hours, but in reality was only a few minutes. It
was then that I felt a wetness creeping from my crotch down my left thigh,
it was Jim's cum oozing out of my pussy. It was a horrible reminder of my
slutty behavior, I burst out in tears, turned and ran up the stairs and
into the bathroom.

I stayed in the bathroom until I was able to compose myself. I knew
that I had to face the music sometime, so I cleaned my pussy up as best I
could, wiped the tears and stepped out of the bathroom. I was prepared to
confess, throw myself at his mercy and beg his forgiveness. I needed him
to talk to me, I couldn't stand the silence, the aloofness that he had
shown earlier. I wanted him to yell at me, scream obscenities, whatever,
but I desperately needed him to talk to me.

I walked into the master bedroom, expecting to find him, but he wasn't
there. I noticed that the spare bedroom door was closed, I went over to it
and tried to turn the knob, but it was locked. 'He's shutting me out! I
need him to talk to me now. Why is he torturing me so?'

"Jay, are you in there?" I shouted, and received no response. I shouted
a few more times, with the same result. Of course he was in there, the
door only locks from the inside.

I went into our bedroom, threw myself on the bed face down and began to
sob again. 'My marriage is over, I just know it is. Why, oh why was I so
stupid! I wish I could relive last evening, I'd never do what I did.'

I cried myself to sleep and didn't wake up until early afternoon the
next day, which was a Sunday. I went looking for Jay, but he was nowhere
to be found. I checked that garage, and his car was gone. I started
crying again, I couldn't help myself, I felt so miserable.

I finally made my way into the kitchen and fixed myself a pot of coffee.
As I was sipping on the first cup, the phone rang.


"Hi Jean, this is Jim."

I reacted angrily to hearing his voice, after all it was he that was
responsible for my misery, "Jim, you bastard, what the fuck do you want
now? Haven't you fucked my life up enough already?"

"Look baby, I didn't rape you, it takes two to tango. You can blame me
if you want, but the truth is that we're equal partners in the crime, if it
was a crime."

"What do you want, anyway?"

"I'm looking for Lori, I think she might have talked to Jay this morning
while I was still in bed, the son-of-a-bitch. If he told her about us,
I'll kick the shit out of him."

"You're unbelievable, you betray him by fucking his wife behind his
back, then threaten to beat him up if he tells your wife?"

"Well, friends ain't supposed to rat on each other, its just not done."

"Friends aren't supposed to fuck their wives behind their back, either."

"Oh, what do you know, you're a woman. Women just don't understand
these things. Anyway, I assume he isn't there."

"No, he isn't, he was gone when I got up. I have no idea where he might

"I was afraid of that, if he so much as touches Lori, I'll..."

"You're something else, I hope he fucks her brains out. We both deserve
that and more."

"Yeah, well if he does, he'll be sorry." He paused, then added, "Hey,
since they're out, probably together, what about you and I getting together

"You're a sick mother-fucker! I never want to look at you again, let
alone fuck you."

Click, I hung up on him.

I moped around the house most of the day feeling sorry for myself and
wondering what Jay was up to. In a way, I had hoped that he was fucking
Lori, that way maybe he could get my indiscretion out of his system and we
could get over this hump. Then again, what if he liked her better than me?
Oh hell, I was suffering so much.

Jay didn't come home until late that evening. I met him at the door,
not knowing what to expect, but I was so happy to see him. He first glared
at me again, but when I maintained eye contact, his glare softened

I moved to him and threw my arms around him, he didn't respond. "Jay,
I'm so glad that you're home. I'm so sorry for last night, I have no
excuses, but it was a horrible mistake, just horrible. Please forgive me,

His arms still at his side, he replied in a calm and calculating tone,
"its too late, what you did to me last night is not forgivable. Divorce is
the only course of action you've given me, I have no choice."

I was stunned, as much as I had grieved over the last 15 or 20 hours, I
had been able to convince myself that we would eventually be able to work
things out. Even though I thought about it a lot, I hadn't expected him to
want a divorce. I was too stunned to even cry, I just backed away from him
and looked into his eyes, questioning his statement.

"I didn't sleep at all last night, thinking about the situation. After
much consternation, I finally reached a decision. I called Lori, she and I
have spent the entire day talking about the predicament that you and Jim
have put us in, and before you ask, we didn't fuck, we only talked. We
finally agreed that we would both seek a divorce, and will be married when
they're final. You've placed me in a position where divorce is the only
option I have."

I began to tremble uncontrollably, as Jay helped me over to the couch
and sat me down. I broke out in tears again, I didn't think I had any
left, but out they poured. My life, as I knew it, was over. It was very
scary and I wasn't able to cope very well.

Jay sat next to me and tried to calm me down. He was concerned, but not
overly so. After a while I did calm down a little.

"Why, Jay, why?"

"You'll probably never be able to understand how I felt last night
because you don't seem to live by the same set of rules that I do, but I'll
try to explain, anyway. Its not in my nature to forgive what you did
because I can't comprehend me doing anything like that to you. I could
never deceive you because I knew that if I did it would hurt you, and I
just couldn't do that. When you did it to me, you killed any feelings that
I had for you just as surely as if you had run a sword through me. The
hurt that I felt when I realized what you had done was only exceeded by my
humiliation. The humiliation that comes from the fact that you let another
man, a so-called friend, cuckold me, essentially right in front of our
other friends."

He paused for a short while, then continued, "I saw how you two were
teasing each other all afternoon and evening while you left me to tend to
our other guests. I caught several glimpses of Jim grabbing your ass and
pinching your boobs, and you giggled, did nothing to stop him. I was well
aware that things could get out of hand, and they did because you let them.
Don't you think that if I saw what was going on, our other guests didn't
see it too? Don't you think that they didn't know what was going on when
you weren't there to bid them good night? It doesn't take a rocket
scientist to figure out what they were thinking. You weren't there to see
the looks in their eyes as they bade me good night. They looked at me with
a combination of pity and disrespect, pity for what you were doing to me,
and disrespect for me allowing it to happen right in my own house, while I
was there. No, you leave me no choice; divorce is the only answer.
Otherwise, I could never face my friends, again. Its the only way that I
can get back my self respect and the respect of my friends."

I cried as I listened to everything that he had to say, then I cried
some more. 'How could I have done this to him, to me? I just didn't
think, I was too engrossed in my own pleasure, I just didn't think. Now
its too late, I deserve what I get. I have no one to blame but myself.'

Jay went on, "I think you need to know something else, just in case you
decide to take up with Jim. I confronted him as he came down the stairs,
and instead of being embarrassed or apologetic, he looked me right in the
eye with a smirk on his face. He was silently gloating over having just
fucked my wife, challenging me to do something about it. I suppose that he
wanted me to take a swing at him, but you know I'm not that kind of person.
I didn't think that even he would do something like that, but he did. Of
course it pissed me off and I shouted several obscenities at him as he
walked out the door. I think that you can do a lot better than him.
You're still a beautiful woman, you'll find somebody, and hopefully you've
learned something from this sordid affair."

I felt so bad for Jay, for what I had put him through, that I granted
him the divorce. He's a fair man and gave me half of everything, but I
don't have him. He belongs to Lori now, they married three months after
the divorces were final. The old saying about not appreciating what you
have until you've lost it certainly applies in my case. I missed him so
much, so very much, that my life had become empty, a void existed that I
didn't know how to fill.

Jim gave Lori a bad time when she asked for the divorce, and had every
intention to fight her to the bitter end. When I found out about it, I
threatened to testify against him, to confess to our fucking behind our
spouse's backs. He reluctantly relented and granted her the divorce.

I was in a constant state of depression for months. I finally sought
professional help and eventually recovered, but I did learn my lesson, the
hard way.

If I ever get a second chance at love, I'll be sure and not fuck it up
the way I did the first one.

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