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MYSIS sucked his dick That cured


My Sister, my Bully
I could be real ashamed of this, but what the hell. Marcie might
just as well be named Helga or Gertrude to capture her valkyrie-like
stature. She's 6'1" and weighs around 170. I'm about 5'5" and weighed
about 135.
She's also a Big Cheese senior in high school and I'm a lowly
underclassman sophomore. She thinks that makes her the queen of the
world and for all I can do about it, she might be. She was always a
pain, but this year she has become even more of a terror.
And a rapist.
Our folks were only going for the weekend, so they guessed
they could trust us. It was only one night, and we were good kids. They
gave us emergency numbers and told us how much they were counting
on us and left.
The door had just closed when Marcie went into mother
Superior mode.
"Now you know I'm the boss and what I say goes," she said
with a vise-grip on my arm.
I just said, "ow" and "let go", but I got the message. Marcie had
big plans and I wasn't going to interfere. Another couple of months and
I would have taken the car and went somewhere and left her to her dirty
deeds, but I didn't have my license yet and I was stuck at home.
That meant I holed up in my room after supper and tried to
pretend I wasn't home. That seemed to suit Marcie fine since I didn't
have any more trouble with her then. She was busy anyway, planning
for the party.
So typical, but I would have done the same thing if I was 17. I
heard a bunch of cars pull up about 7:00 or so and the stereo get turned
up loud. Big hairy deal, as far as I was concerned. If I was 17 I might
have cut them more slack, but there was no way I would have any fun
down there even if Marcie didn't catch me. Two years are like a
lifetime between 15 and 17 and I knew I would get nothing but flak.
Besides, I had just got Wizardry 8 and I had hundreds of hours
of role-playing ahead of me. It was actually kinda sweet to know I
could play until my fingers fell off and no one would try to interrupt
me. That held out to about 9:00.
I'm glad my desk faces the door. If I had to do more than lift my
eyes from the screen, I would have missed my glimpse of cheerleader
tit. B.J. Wittman, quarterback, despoiler, general Mongol ravager, had
opened my door and was pushing Shanna Fillman into my room.
Shanna's bra was up around her chin and her shirt was open. Her left tit
was in full view for a second.
"Hey, there's a kid here," Shanna complained and jerked her
shirt together,
"Yeah," B.J. said, glaring at me with a look I always figured
meant he was trying to think, "Okay."
He took his lead from Shanna, who was backing out of the
room and closed the door again. Aha! It was that kind of a party.
Marcie would be doing the laundry tomorrow. The thought that ole'
B.J. and Shanna were humping like beaver in one of the other bedrooms
gave me a dry mouth and an instant woody. Suddenly role-playing
didn't seem like such a great thing- not until I found the fabled nudity
I still didn't want to creep around the halls and try to peek. That
was so 13. Instead, I did an enhanced 11. I dressed like the Shadow
Avenger, all in black, and crept out my window and along the porch
roof. That was Marcie's room and the one I imagined that the thick-
headed B.J. was headed to when he blundered into mine. One eye crept
to the corner of the window, expecting to see B.J. and Shanna going at
Only it was Marcie. I couldn't see the guy's face, but I could see
Marcie all naked under him. Her tits were prettier than I thought they'd
be, real nice and round where they slid to the side off her chest. And
they kept bouncing as the boy thrust into her.
I got a real strange feeling in my stomach and pulled away
from the window. I thought about going back to my room, but there
was one more window I could look in. That wasn't B.J. and Shanna, but
it was Alan Everson laying on his back as total babe Wendy Guyer
sucked his dick. That cured my stomach right away.
"Come on, Wendy, let me just put it in a little," Alan was
Geeze- how greedy, I thought, a maximum babe giving him
head and he's begging for more. But maybe I was being hard on Alan.
Maybe he was bargaining. It made Wendy suck him faster, trying to
make him come and he kept trying.
"I only want to make it good for you, too," he lied, "Let me just
rub it up against you."
It was the thrill of my young life. Wendy took her mouth off
Alan's cock and raised up. Magnificent. Whoppers. Major League
yabos. Wendy had a bigger set than I had even fantasized about. They
were creamy white with buckskin nipples- real small looking nipples on
such huge tits.
"How about if I let you do that thing again?" she asked,
"That thing" was obviously the lesser of two evils to Wendy. It
might have been Alan's real goal. He accepted the compromise pretty
He got up and she lay down with her head in an uncomfortable
looking position just off the edge of the pillows. I didn't care how much
her neck bent as long as I got to look at those tits. Then Alan got on top
of her and put his dick between her tits and pulled them up around it.
He could just get the head to her mouth and when he did, she would
lick it.
It didn't even take him a minute of fucking her tits to shoot off.
But I watched the whole thing with interest. Then I decided it was time
to creep back in my room and whack off like crazy.
And I got caught. Marcie was finished and had her clothes on as
I peeked in passing. But she was looking out the window. I knew she
saw me and I tried to scramble into my room to get back to my game
before she could get to my room.
I waited. My damn sister had taken my hardon right away with
one look and now I was sitting waiting for her to yell at me. I waited
some more and then I really started playing the game again. It was way
after 10:00 when I started hearing car doors and people leaving. I was
hoping Marcie hadn't seen me. I was beginning to believe it.
It was getting pretty late for me- even for a weekend and I
decided to get ready for bed. I had just gotten my pajama bottoms on
and was ready to climb into bed when Marcie came in.
"If it isn't my sneaky little brother in his p.j's," she smirked, "I
have a couple of things to get straight with you. First off: we had a
quiet little night. Wendy and Shanna came over, but there was NO
party of any kind. Understand?"
I just smirked right back at her. I couldn't be intimidated out of
a secret like this that easily.
"You little shit!" she snapped, stalking toward me, "You better
forget tonight. And you better forget what you saw in my window."
I knew she had seen me. I just had expected her wrath to fall on
me quicker. On the other hand, I had some real ammunition when our
parents came home. She had to be careful with me. She couldn't kill
me, so I sensed a deal.
So much for my senses. I think she had gotten some outside
advice from her friends. When she got real close, I tried to hit her. I
knew that was a bad move, but I wanted to show her I wasn't going to
go down easy. She caught my hand easily and then twisted my arm
until she had me in a hammerlock.
I was caught against her and she slipped her free hand down
over my chest and down into my bottoms.
"What have we got here?" she teased as she twisted my arm
harder every time I tried to get away, "I feels like a penis, only
Ha ha. I didn't appreciate being helpless as she molested me, but
I had a worse problem. My dick didn't care that it was my sister's hand
playing with him. To an embarrassment worse than the pain, my dick
got hard in her hand.
"Oh oh oh, we'll have to see what this is," she heckled me as
she reached up and pulled open the snaps.
My pajamas pooled around my ankles and I was naked for my
sister to look at. I felt like my entire body flushed red as she looked
over my shoulder and clucked her tongue.
"Does baby brother have a stiff little willie?" she babytalked at
me, "Then big sister ought to take care of him."
I had no clue what was going through her demented mind. But
throwing me down on the bed and climbing on top of me wasn't on the
"Wanna 'nother look?" she said as she pulled her shirt over her
She was sitting on my chest with her knees in my armpits,
effectively keeping me from fighting her off. Except my desire to
remove her had faded when she took off her shirt. I wanted to touch her
tits instead. She must have seen that thought come over my face.
"You lie there and play with them and I won't stop you," she
Hell, I knew it was some kind of trap, but at least I would get to
play with her tits. I could kinda get my arms around her legs and it was
enough to reach her breasts. I could get my fingers on them without
grabbing them very good, but then Marcie bent forward and they fell
into my hands.
It wasn't to let me play with her tits that she moved. She was
tugging down her shorts. I could only guess what she had in mind.
When she grabbed my dick and scootched back so she could settle
down on it, I blew all my circuits.
It was like nothing I had ever imagined. I even forgot it was
Marcie. There was pussy around my dick and it was wet and warm and
good! I hadn't guessed it would feel so smooth and slippery and at the
same time tight. Goddamn! I was fucking! Goddamn!
And then Marcie started to move her ass. Her shorts pulling
across my belly as she lifted herself was only a minor distraction as she
rode up and then plunged down on my dick.
"You look like that feels good," Marcie teased, "Best pussy
you've ever had isn't it?"
"Oh God! Marcie," I sputtered, "It is good. Please don't stop!"
Normally I would have bitten my tongue off rather than admit
she had that kind of power over me, but at the time I didn't even notice.
It was too important that she keep moving up and down on my dick. I
was afraid what she might demand to continue. I was afraid because I
knew I would agree to anything to have her keep fucking me.
She only asked one thing.
"Now you tell me before you pop," she warned me, "You tell
me for sure, or you'll be sorry."
"Now!" I gasped.
"Now what?" she said with maddening stupidity.
"I'm coming, I'm coming," I squealed.
"Shit!" she yowled and almost fell over getting off me.
The shorts made it tough on her reversing positions, but her
pussy leaving me delayed the inevitable long enough for her to take my
throbbing dick in her mouth. It took all of two sucks before I exploded
and it caught her enough by surprise that I jetted off twice before she
got her mouth off me. She spit my semen on my belly as she jacked the
rest of my climax out of me.
I was about to thank her most sincerely when she got up on her
knees and pulled up her shorts. She was grinning at me.
"Now tattle on me Mr. Sister-fucker," she gloated, "I bet mom
would like to know you've been doing the nasty with your sister."
I thought of it more as an acceptable accord than a victory for
Marcie. I would have agreed to: keep quiet and I'll let you fuck me. I
just grinned at her. Now all I had to do was find out her secrets. We
knew the established payment method.


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