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Maid to Order

Keywords: MFF
Part: 1 of 1
Author: Knave of Hearts
Title: Maid to Order

Maid to Order
1993 2000 Knave of Hearts

Marisa is a young girl working her way through college as a
chamber maid in an exclusive 5 star hotel. Life is routine until
the day that she goes to deliver room service to Room 696. She
picks up the order as usual and uses the elevator to get to the
sixth floor. Knocking softly on the door, she announces "Room

Hearing no answer, she uses her pass key to let herself into the
suite, intending to leave the tray on the center room table. She
is crossing the room when she hears a voice in the bedroom call
out, "Oh baby put your hard cock in me!" Stepping closer to the
door she can hear the sound of two bodies in the act of sex.

Marisa put the tray on the table very quietly, she had never
watched anyone make love before, not if you don't count that
lousy porno movie "Tit-ilation" that her boyfriend had tried to
make her watch. Part of her realized that this was completely out
of character for her, she couldn't even spell voyeurism much less
tell you that it turned her on!

Peeking around the door frame, Marisa sees a muscular young man
angle his hips toward a young blonde woman on the bed. "Suck my
cock," he demanded. Until that moment, Marisa didn't know men had
cocks that large. It was at least 9 inches long and as thick as a
salami, but what caught Marisa's eye was the head. The thick
shaft of his cock tapered abruptly into a large, plum-colored

Marisa leaned back against the wall, her hands unconsciously
finding her own yearning womanhood. Slipping a hand under the
waistband of her panties, Marisa closed her eyes and imagined
that huge cock poised above her throbbing pussy. The thought of
feeling a thick cock spreading and filling her made her knees

While one hand tickled and roamed over her smooth pussy, the
other pinched and tweaked one nipple. Her hand was a blur over
her swollen clit. The tingling inside her grew and she slumped
against the wall. The sound of her pulse pounded in her ears, her
breathing becoming hoarse, the sight of the man's tick cock
disappearing into his girlfriend's warm, wet mouth.

"NNNNGGHHH." An inarticulate moan escaped Marisa's lips.

The couple froze. "Did you hear something?" The woman whispered.
The man was annoyed that his blowjob had ended abruptly. "I told
you I thought I had heard something before," she continued.

Just then, he heard a small noise. Suddenly, the man tiptoed to
the door. Seeing Marisa, he grabbed her arm. "What the fuck's
goin' on?"

But his anger disappeared as soon as he said it, once he realized
the buxom nature of the spy. Pulling the half undressed maid into
the room, the man imagined his wildest dreams had come true. "You
were right, Kate. Look at this little peeping Tom."

Kate, the shapely blonde on the bed, had immediately covered
herself when her boyfriend Drew had found someone at the door.
Now that she had a better look at who it was, she started to
relax. Leaning back on one hand, Kate licked her lips as she
looked over Marisa's lush charms.

Without letting go of her arm, Drew ran a hand over Marisa's
shapely ass. "So what's your game, Tom?"

"My name is Marisa. I'm the maid. I brought your room service
order." She didn't struggle, hypnotized by the sense of raw sex
around her. The cock she had been fantasizing about hung within
her reach. And then there was the girl lounging on the bed,
looking at Marisa in a steamy, smoldering way. The girl was the
first to speak.

"Well Tom. I'm Kate and that well-hung stud is Drew." She shifted
on the bed so that she showed Marisa her wet twat. "We were
getting started on some serious sex, but then you appeared."
Arching her back, Kate displayed her generous breasts. "I think
you should come play with us."

Drew led Marisa into the room. Kate rose from the bed and,
placing a hand on Drew's hairy chest, lightly pushed his into the
chair. Kate quickly sank to her knees between Drew's legs and
took his cock in her hand.

Gently kneading his turgid prick, Kate look lasciviously up at
Marisa. "I know that this is what you want." She ran her tongue
around the plum tip like it was a giant, throbbing lollipop. "But
you're going to have to earn it first."

Without explaining further, Kate engulfed Drew's thick dick.
Marisa felt her own mouth open as she watched Kate work Drew
deeper and deeper into her mouth. She felt Drew's lips nibbling
at her aching tits. She leaned forward to give him more access to
her full breasts, never taking her eyes off of Kate.

After several more minutes of sucking Drew's monster log, Kate
lifted her head with a look of success. Marisa pinched her lower
lip between her teeth as she saw his cock pulsing and throbbing.
Kate stood and straddled Drew's lap. Giving her tit a quick
squeeze Drew stopped sucking on Marisa's nipple and switched to
Kate's. Marisa was intoxicated, seeing Kate and Drew petting
close-up was even more exciting than watching from the doorway.

Kate arched her back and pressed her melon-sized tits toward
Drew, offering him the pick of her bountiful breasts. Marisa
knelt beside the pair and reached forward to caress Drew's
pendulous balls. She was rewarded by his quick intake of breath.
Growing more bold, she leaned forward and ran her tongue across
the smooth skin of his scrotum. He placed his hand on the back of
her head, pressing her toward his balls.

Marisa sucked on Drew's balls, first drawing one and then the
other into her mouth. He moaned and tossed his head. While Marisa
and Drew played, Kate decided that she wanted some satisfaction
as well. She started telling Drew how good her wet pussy was
going to feel on his stiff rod, her voice made husky by passion.

"Stick it in me, baby. My pussy is going to milk you dry." She
rubbed her pussy against Drew's body, letting him feel how smooth
and slick it was.

"I've got to fuck you now." He guided his pole into Kate's hot
juicy hole, still holding Marisa to his crotch with his other

Kate took control of the action. Slowly impaling herself on
Drew's cock, Kate relished the feel of gradually filling her
tight pussy with his hard, long, thick cock. She thrust the
length of his prick inside her, pausing when their hips met.
Then, slowly, she lifted her hips from his, loving the feel of
him sliding, still hard and wanting her, out of her wet pussy.
When she had reached the tip of his tick cock, she would pause
again, and then start the trip back down his long member.

Kate made several trips up and down his prick, tantalizing Drew
with her tight, wet snatch. All the while, Marisa stroked his
balls with her fingers and licked his shaft when it emerged from
Kate. Finally, the attention to his dick drove him wild. Putting
his hands under Kate's bottom, Drew lifted her and stood from the
chair with Kate still impaled on his cock.

Drew put one knee down, trying to support Kate as he lay her on
the bed. She lay on her back, her knees drawn up to her chest.
Her pussy lips were swollen and slick with juice. She took Drew's
cock and tried to put it inside her, but he had other ideas.

"Know it's my turn to tease." Drew sneered and sounded nasty, but
Marisa was entranced, watching him place his log between her
tits. She knelt beside the bed. Drew guided her lips to Kate's
breasts. "Suck. Both of you."

Using Kate's juice as a lubrication, Drew pressed her breasts
together, sliding his cock up to her lips. Kate obliged by
licking his knob, tasting his salty pre-come. At the same time,
he taunted her, telling how hard he was going to fuck her. But
only when he was ready. Marisa's hand stole to her yearning
pussy, gently massaging her clit.

Drew noticed the glazed expression on Marisa's face. "You like
watching my thick cock, don't you Tom?" Marisa looked up, at
first not understanding that he was talking to her. "You want to
watch me put it in her cunt, Tom?" Marisa nodded slowly, in fact
she wanted nothing more than to watch Drew put his cock into her

"You turned on, Tom?" Marisa nodded again. "Tell me Tom. Tell me
what you want."

"Fuck her." Marisa could barely believe she had said that. "Put
your cock deep inside her."

"Whaddya think about her tits Tom? Aren't Kate's tits great?"

Marisa looked at Kate's lush breasts. "Yes." Her voice was a mere

Her lips parted, Marisa leaned forward and kissed Kate's breast.
Her tongue wrapped itself around one of Kate's erect nipples.
Kate moaned. Marisa sucked lightly on the nipple that was in her
mouth. The soft feel of another woman's breast on her lips was an
incredible new feeling. Blowing lightly on Kate's nipple, Marisa

Drew, seeing Marisa getting excited playing with his girlfriend's
tits, slid off of Kate. He moved her hips, showing her that he
wanted her to roll over. Marisa moved onto the bed. Kate arranged
herself on all fours, her face in Marisa's lap. Marisa spread her
legs, giving Kate access to her wet pussy.

Drew positioned himself behind Kate, his cock perfectly poised to
enter her wet snatch. Seeing Kate lower her face into Marisa's
pussy, Drew thrust himself into Kate. She was so wet, his cock
met with no resistance until is was buried inside her to the

Drew pulled his cock out and then pressed it in again, the motion
of his driving in and out of her pressed her face against
Marisa's wet slit. Kate extended her tongue, fucking Marisa with
it as Drew fucked her with his rod.

Drew grabbed Kate's hips tightly, using them to thrust his cock
deep into her snatch. His pace increased as he felt his balls
tighten. Faster and faster he drove himself into her like a
piston, her pussy so wet his cock felt like it was in a slick,
velvet tunnel. Marisa's breaths were ragged and shallow, the
combination of watching Drew hammer his cock into Kate and Kate's
tongue dancing across her clit bringing her closer and closer to
orgasm. She held Kate's head to her crotch, urging her new
lesbian lover to take her over the edge.

Feeling the come in his balls, Drew arched his back and let his
come loose deep in her love canal. Kate felt the warm gush of
seed spilling into her womb and groaned with satisfaction. Kate
felt Drew pull his cock out of her pussy. Licking pussy juice
from around her mouth, Kate looked like a Cheshire cat after a

She looked up from Marisa's lap and said, "It's your turn Tom."

Pushing Marisa on to her back, Kate cupped one of Marisa's ample
breasts. She took one of Marisa's large nipple into her mouth and
lightly bit it, tugging lightly with her teeth. Sliding down
Marisa's belly, she kissed her sopping wet snatch. Reaching up,
she gently tugged at Drew's balls while not taking her mouth from
Marisa's cunt.

"Get ready Tom, I'm going to nail you good and deep." Marisa
lifted her head, delirious with the feeling of Kate's mouth on
her pussy. She saw Drew's cock getting thick as he stroked it.
"Fuck me now."

Kate guided Drew's schlong into Marisa. Marisa pulled her knees
up to her tits, inviting him to fill her depths with his
hardness. He responded by slamming himself into her, making her
tits bounce with the force. Since he had just spent his load in
Kate, Drew pounded away at Marisa's pussy, grunting with the

Marisa was intoxicated by the torrent of feelings: the wet slap
of Drew's balls against her ass, the soft warmness of Kate's lips
against her breasts, and the friction of Drew's cock sliding in
and out of her trembling cunt. The combination drove her closer
and closer to the edge.

"More, more." Marisa begged for the release. Suddenly her back
arched and she gave an unintelligible cry. Her pussy grasped
Drew's cock, quavering in orgasm. The feeling of the velvet grip
milking him brought Drew to his second orgasm. It felt as if his
come was sweeping up from his toes in quick, hard waves.

Drew pulled his cock out of her with a wet sucking sound.
Reaching down to her well-fucked pussy, Marisa felt the sticky
mixture of her come and Drew's sperm. Kate kissed her and their
tongues entwined.

Breaking the embrace, Kate looked at the sweaty and spent maid.
"Isn't this better than watching?"

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