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Archived Sex Stories

Making The Grade


Please, if you are under the age of 18, don't read this material. Just
wait a few years and you'll be all good and legal for this kind of stuff.
Now for the rest of you, Enjoy!

By Phoenix Arrow

Making The Grade (Ff, Oral, Spank, Humil, School)

During my eleventh grade year I worked my butt off to get good grades.
This was the year that colleges would be looking at when considering my
application and I wanted to do as good as possible. I left nothing to
chance, and made sure every assignment I did was an A. And for the most
part everything went well, I would work hard and receive the grades I

And it wasn't easy. Ms McKlain, my teacher for English class, was a
very strict, no-nonsense woman who made sure you worked hard for your
marks. However, I think I was her favorite simply because I gave so much
effort for my grades.

But there was something a little bit unfair. Even though I was always
getting A's on assignments, there was another group of students that also
got A's. The problem was that these students were downright awful.

They were the low lifes, the drugies, the future dead heads of society.
It was clear from the beginning that they never had any intention of
working hard for their grades and were always so horribly behaved to the
teacher Ms McKlain.

But like any good teacher, she would have none of it and always put them
in their place when they acted up. Yet when report cards would come out,
they always bragged about their top grades. Something just didn't seem to
add up.

I just couldn't understand it. Why would my reputable teacher, give
these poorly behaved drugies A's and B's when they hardly did any work. I
began to realize that someone must be pressuring her to do this and I
suspected who. You see one of the members of the group is Jamie. Jamie
comes from a rich family and used to be a little princess. But when she
entered highschool she got caught up into drugs and into the wrong crowd
and now she's the one who buys the drugs for the group.

So I figure that its Jamie's parents who pressured Ms McKlain to give
good grades. But I had no proof. I needed to find out the truth in all
this. So one day, after school I decided to sneak into Ms McKlains room
and look at her grade book. I needed to see if grades had been changed.

Luckily the room was unlocked for the janitor so I snuck in and went
straight to the desk drawer. Darn, locked. I took out a little pocket
knife I keep in my purse and tried playing with the lock and to my
amazement it opened. I opened the drawer and found what I was looking for,
Ms McKlain's grade book. I pulled it out, placed it on the table and
opened it.

I was right. Under Jamie's name and a few of the others, grades had
been changed. What used to be D's and F's where now A's and B's. This was
definite proof that something was going on.

Suddenly I heard voices outside approaching the room. In panic I threw
the book back in the drawer but realized that I was trapped. Any moment
people would be coming in and catch me. With out thinking I duct under Ms
McKlains desk and hid just as the people entered the room. Fortunately the
desk was designed so that I was hidden on all sides except where the chair

Upon hearing the voices I realized that there were two people in the
room, Ms McKlain and Jamie. Ha! Now I was going to catch them red handed.
I sat back and listened carefully.

"I hope your parents are doing well?"

"They are, thanks, now about this last grade Ms McKlain."

"Yes, well, you did a very poor job on the assignment Jamie and the 'C'
I gave you was more than generous....."

"Yeah yeah what ever, listen I don't have time for this, I have to meet
up with my friends soon, so lets just get this over with so you can change
my grade and I can get out of here."

Get what over with? What was there arrangement? I began to hear the
rustling of clothes and suddenly it felt as if someone was sitting on the
front of the desk. After a minute of I began to hear a faint noise, but
still couldn't see anything. I strained my ears to hear better. Soon I
could make out a strange slurping sound, almost like someone was
licking......OH MY GOSH.....What was going on up there???

Suddenly I heard Ms McKlain give out a low moan. That Bitch. I cannot
believe that she would do this. Trading sexual favors for better grades. I
could even hear poor Jamie moaning herself as she probably suffered to
please the teacher. This was horrible. Jamie was moaning even louder now,
probably trying to get her teacher to hurry up and cum as she licked away.
I felt so badly for Jamie now, being used like this by her teacher, just to
get a better grade.

Soon the table was shaking. After a minute of silence. I heard Jamie,
in obvious lack of breath from her task begin to talk:

"Ok Ms McKlain, you can change my grade now."

Suddenly I felt someone lifting off the table, and soon noticed Ms
McKlain walking to the back of the table. My heart froze in fear of being
caught as she opened the drawer and pulled her book out. She laid it on
the table and began writing in it. Then she put it back in the desk,
closed the drawer.

"Ok Ms McKlain, thanks for your time and see you tomorrow."

"No problem Jamie, remember to say hello to your parents for me."

And they both walked out.

I just sat there for five minutes thinking about what had happened. At
first I was very upset at Ms McKlain. How could she be so ruthless as to
take advantage of a student like that. And poor Jamie, I was actually
feeling sorry for her now. I could still imaging the rich drugi on her
knees orally pleasing her teacher for better grades.

Then another thought acurd to me. I had already admired and respected
Ms McKlain, but now I saw her in a new light. The fact that she could
commanded such a position from a student awed me. I mean in class, Jamie
and her drugged up friends would try to act so tough, but it appeared Ms
McKlain was truly the queen of the class.

On my way home, I was actually beginning to feel better about the
situation. Sure Jamie and her friends got better grades than they
deserved, but thinking about the price they had to pay made me smile.


Over the next few days in class I carefully studied Ms McKlain, Jamie
and her friends. It was amazing. Despite what had gone on that day, all
their interactions were as if nothing odd was going on. The group was
still rude to Ms McKlain and she would always put them in their place.

Even when more assignments were handed back with bad grades, there was
not even the slightest hint of change of expression on any of their faces
as to how it would be resolved later.

Despite my curiosity, I had'nt gone back to witness more of Jamie's
favors. I didn't really need to see that sort of thing. I was happy
enough knowing what Jamie did without seeing more of it.

Until now, all of Jamie's papers were C's. That was until today when I
saw Jamie received her's with a big 'D' on the front. For the first time I
saw a change of expression on her face as she looked at her grade. At
first she had a look of being very upset, then it quickly changed into a
slight but cruel smile. I soon realized that she was no longer looking at
her paper but at Ms McKlain. I darted my eyes over to Ms McKlain just long
enough to see her looking right back at Jamie before looking away.

This was definitely something odd. I mean until now all of Jamie's
grades were C's. If she had to do oral favors for a 'C', what would Jamie
have to do improve a 'D'?

Curiosity got the better of me and that evening, just after school, I
again snuck into Ms McKlain room and hid under her desk. Within ten
minutes I heard them both enter the room with Jamie obviously very pissed.

"What the hell is this? A 'D'? How can you give me a 'D'?"

"Well Jamie, this was a very poorly done paper, I felt it didn't deserve
any better than a 'D'."

"Do you really think so? Well I'm sorry you think that. What do you
suppose we should do about it Ms McKlain?

"Well Jamie, I...I think someone punished for that grade."

Wow, so that was Ms McKlain's terms. If Jamie wanted to get a better
grade, she was going to have to accept a punishment.

"Yes Ms McKlain, someone should be punished." So, Jamie seemingly was
accepting these terms.

"And....what type of punishment should given?"

"Oh I think a spanking is in order don't you Ms McKlain?"

"Yes, I think that is deserved." Something was a little bit strange.
Despite the fact that Jamie was about to get a spanking for her 'D' her
voice seemed more confidant then ever. And even more strange was Ms
McKlain voice seemed more timid, despite the fact she was about to spank
her student.

After a moment I felt someone leaning against and over the desk. The
only thing that separated my face and Jamie's was the thin table top. Then
Ms McKlain spoke again.

"Ok Jamie, I'm ready to begin"

"Hold on Ms McKlain, let me lift up the dress first.....and slide down
the panties.....ok now we're ready to begin."

I couldn't get it out of my head how snug and cocky Jamie sounded. I
mean she was about to get spanked by her teacher.

Then quickly it happened <SLAP>. The table jerked as the sound of the
first spank vibrated around the room. It was like time had slowed down. I
couldn't believe it was actually happening. <SLAP> Another jerk of the
table. <SLAP> a slight moan came from above. <SLAP> another moan.

I now had an image in my head of high and mighty drugged up Jamie bent
over Ms McKlain's desk, with her exposed little ass sticking in the air.
The thought made me tingle.


Now the spanks were coming down harder and faster as the moaning became
louder and quicker. Soon I could her faint crying as the merciless
spanking continued.

15....20... They just kept going. There was now significant wailing
coming from above and I was getting worried. Ms McKlain was taking this
too far. Her student was in misery and there was no sign of stopping. I
had to end this. As much as I wanted Jamie to suffer I couldn't allow this
to continue.

So with one more spank I crawled out from under the desk and quickly
stood up....and dropped my jaw.

At first what I saw didn't focus in my head right away. Something was
very confusing. For some reason, the sight of Jamie standing frozen with
her hand held high didn't register properly. As my eyes traveled down the
confusion only increased as I tried to comprehend why Ms McKlain was bent
over her desk wailing. My eyes then finally centered on the exposed, and
very red plump behind of Ms McKlain.

The full realization hit me like a ton of bricks. It wasn't Ms McKlain
who was spanking Jamie, it was the other way around. But how could this
be? Jamie was the one who was supposed to be punished for her bad grade.

I then looked back up to Jamie. She just stared at me, frozen with her
hand still in the air. She was apparently stunned by my sudden appearance.
Then she began studying me, looking at my reaction to the sight before me.
I looked down to Ms McKlain's face. Her eyes were closed and her face was
contorted in pain as her wailing was slowing down. She still hadn't
noticed me but was starting to shift since Jamie had paused in her
spanking. She was about to open her eyes and instinctively I dove back
under the desk.

After a few more seconds I heard another <SLAP> immediately followed by
another loud wail. Jamie then continued almost uninterrupted as I sat
below Ms McKlain's desk trying to comprehend this new concept. So Ms
McKlain was the one being punished for Jamie's bad grade. But why? Why
would Ms McKlain allow herself to be spanked by her own student, then give
her a better grade as a reward?

Then another image entered my head. The image of the last time I was
under Ms McKlain's desk. The one were Jamie was supposed to be on her
knees orally pleasing her teacher. But that's not how it was. Instead the
teacher, who commanded so much respect and took no nonsense from her
students was the one on her knees sticking her face between her rude
student's legs, and now was bent over her own desk and spanked like a child
by the same disrespectful girl.

Finally Jamie signaled the end of the spanking.

"Ok Ms McKlain, I think that's enough. Has someone learned a lesson

<Sobbing> "y..y..yes.....I..I'm sorry."

"So you say, but I doubt it. When your done wailing Ms McKlain you can
get up and change my grade."

After a minute, Ms McKlain wailing lowered to repeated sniveling and she
lifted off the desk to move around to the front. Again I was petrified
that I would be caught.

As she came to the front I had a perfect view of the lower half of her
body. She still had her dress above her waist and her panties down around
her ankles as she rounded the front rubbing her very red behind. Then she
turned completely towards the desk and began pulling out her grade book.

Now her bush was only a foot away from my face and while she was busy
re-entering Jamie's grade I peered between my teacher's legs. Her lips and
pubic hair were almost completely drenched and there was some juice running
down her legs. Now it made sense. Now I knew why Ms McKlain was allowing
this to happen. It turned her on. She must be loving this. My sicko of a
teacher must get off on dominating her students while in class, then being
dominated by her rudest one later. Jamie got better grades out of it. It
must be the perfect deal for both of them.

Now Ms McKlain, still sniveling, put the book back in her desk.

"Very good teach, take care of the little butt and see you tomorrow"
Jamie proclaimed in a perky voice and then she was gone.

Ms McKlain stood in place for a full three minutes rubbing her behind
and sniveling, then pulled up her panties, lowered her dress, and left.

I just sat there in awe. I now knew what was going on, and why, but I
was still in shock. Then I heard the Janitor down the hall making his
rounds, so I got up and left before being discovered.

That night I found it hard to sleep. I tossed and turned as I thought
about all I had witnessed. I was also a little unsure of myself. When I
had first thought it was Ms McKlain who was dominating Jamie I had smiled
to myself and felt a little tingle around my pussy. But now that I knew
the truth, that it was Jamie who was dominating Ms McKlain I no longer
smiled, but had that tingling feeling even stronger and deeper.

Then a question popped into my head. Every time Jamie and Ms McKlain
where finished, Ms McKlain would only change Jamie's grade, yet I know for
a fact that some of Jamie's friends grades were also being changed. This
was a new mystery that I feared I would soon find the answers too.

Then for the first time, it finally hit me that Jamie had seen me, and
knew that I had witnessed their little game. Would she do anything about
it? Would she tell Ms McKlain? Would she stop all together?

I was still thinking of these questions when I walked back into class
the next day. Jamie and most of her friends weren't there yet, and Ms
McKlain was doing the usual, simply writing on the board. She gave me no
indication that she knew of me.

Just as the bell begun to ring, Jamie and her crowd waltzed through the
door making all sorts of noise and being rude. Immediately Ms McKlain told
them to be quiet and warned them against mis-behavior. I was in awe of how
Ms McKlain could be so confidant and in control with Jamie one moment, then
be completely the other way around later.

Jamie and her friends seemed to quiet down and class began. For a while
I couldn't bring myself to look at Jamie. But by mid-way through the
class, I realized that Ms McKlain hadn't sat down yet. How odd this was.
Soon after this thought, Ms McKlain assigned us a test and had no choice
but to sit. I watched carefully the frustration on her face as she readied
to sit down. When she finally sat, a moment of pain came across her face.
I inwardly laughed to myself as I realized why.

I looked over to Jamie to see her cruelly smiling back. I quickly
turned away and went back to my test.

Over the next few days nothing really happened. There were very few
papers handed back and the grades Jamie was receiving were pretty good. I
was also surprised that She never once approached me about what had gone
on. I was pretty much convinced that she hadn't told Ms McKlain either.

As the days turned into a week, I was actually a little bit
disappointed. A part of me was hoping to see more, witness more of the
little games that the teacher and her student played. Finally a week and a
half later I got my wish.

Ms McKlain was handing back our grades from the test we had taken. I of
course got an 'A' and Ms McKlain smiled approvingly as she handed me my
paper. The whole time she was passing out papers, Jamie and her group were
talking loudly amongst themselves. As she reached Jamie the small group
quieted down. Ms McKlain was trying not to show it, but her hand was
shaking as she handed Jamie her paper.

Jamie took one look at the grade, then cruelly smiled back up at Ms
McKlain. I could have sworn I saw Ms McKlain shiver. She finished handing
out papers and returned to her desk as the bell rung. As Jamie was getting
up to leave, she was showing the grade to her friends, and I could see what
it 'F'.

Through out the rest of the day my imagination went wild. What was
going to happed this time? I mean if Ms McKlain had to give oral sex for
C's, get spankings for D's, what would Jamie do to Ms McKlain for an 'F'?

Dozens of scenarios went through my head and needless to say by the end
of the day I was very wet and excited. I could hardly stand the
anticipation. Finally the bell signaling the end of the school day rang
and I made my way to Ms McKlain's room.

Making sure everyone had left, I entered and took my spot under Ms
McKlain's desk and waited....and waited.....and waited. Nothing! After a
half an hour I was starting to get confused and worried. What was going
on? It was at this time that I noticed the note taped on one of the inside
walls of the desk. All it had on it was an address. I thought for a
moment and recognized that it pointed to a residential neighborhood in a
not too comfortable part of town. I figure Jamie must have written this
and I could not be sure what she had planned. Never the less, I was much
too curious and soon found my way towards the address.

I arrived at the address to find a run down looking house with several
cars parked outside. I had no intention of walking through the door so I
starting walking towards the back to look for a window. Unfortunately the
large dog that was guarding the backyard would have none of it. So I found
a window on the side of the house, braced myself, and looked in.

Inside, sitting around a coffee table on couches was Jamie and almost
the entire gang from the class room. They all seemed to be drinking and
smoking weed. Bottles were everywhere and the smell was horrid. The rest
of the house looked just as pathetic. But besides that, there was nothing
special going on. They were just sitting around talking. I couldn't even
see Ms McKlain. Then there was a knock on the door. Jamie rose from her
chair and opened the door. There stood Ms McKlain, dressed in her regular
teachers suit and carrying a book in her left arm and a teacher's paddle in
her right.

"Hey Ms McKlain, what a surprise, what can we do for you?"

"Hello Jamie...I wanted I mean is...."

"Ms McKlain, unless you hurry up, I'm going to go back and continue
smoking weed with my friends."

"Well I'm here about....your exam grade."

"Oh that, that was a very poor grade you gave me Ms McKlain. What was
it you gave me again?"

Ms McKlain lowered her eyes "An F" I could see a shiver run through her
as she said it.

"Ya, that really was harsh. And I heard you gave the same grade to some
of my friends, is that true?"

She nodded.

"Tisk tisk, your a bad teacher aren't you Ms McKlain?"

Again she nodded, eyes to the floor.

"So what are you here to do about it?"

"I' to....apologize."

"Ok Ms McKlain, we'll let you try, now follow me."

Ms McKlain obediently followed Jamie into the main room with all the

"Hey everybody, look whose here. The teach is very sorry about giving
us that nasty grade on our exam and is here is personally apologize for

The group hollered and laughed as Ms McKlain's face started to turn red.
Jamie then took the book from Ms McKlain and set it on the coffee table.
Then she took the paddle and joined her friends on the couch. Now Ms
McKlain stood at the center of the group.

"Before we can listen to your apology, you first need to dress more

Blushing even more, Ms McKlain began unbuttoning her blouse to the
snickers of her students. Soon she pulled it off to reveal her rather
large bra covered breasts. Next she lowered her skirt down to her high
heels and stepped out of them. There she stood, only in white bra and
panties, hoping that this would be enough for her wicked student.

"Ms McKlain, your still not dressed appropriately for class."

With a sigh she reached back and undid the clasp of her bra and soon her
bosoms hung free. Her pink nipples hardening to attention. Then she took
hold of her panties and lowered them. I was very surprised to see a bald
pussy as the strict, no-none sense teacher stood only in high heels before
her rudest students.

The boys whistled and the girls snickered as Ms McKlain held her arms at
her sides and head low.

"Ok Ms McKlain, its time for you to begin your apology."

Ms McKlain slowly walked over to Jamie and, to my amassment, laid
herself over her knees. Jamie, paddle in hand and smile on her face
brought the paddle down hard on Ms McKlain's exposed ass. Ms McKlain
jerked her body and gave a slight shriek before announcing:

"One, I'm sorry Ms Jamie"

Then came another <SWAT>

"Two, I'm sorry Ms Jamie"


"Three, I'm sorry Ms Jamie"


"Four, I'm sorry Ms Jamie"


After ten brutal swats Ms McKlain ass was a nice rosy red as she
squirmed on Jamie's knees. Then Ms McKlain rose, took the paddle from
Jamie and walked to another one of her students, a girl named Tara. She
handed Tara the paddle and, to my ever growing amazement, laid over her lap


"One, I'm sorry Ms Tara"


"Two, I'm sorry Ms Tara"


"Three, I'm sorry Ms Tara"


"Four, I'm sorry Ms Tara"

Every time Ms McKlain stood up, her ass was getting redder and redder.
After the seventh and final student had paddle her, her ass was a horrible
red. She was crying heavily and jumping up and down from the stinging
pain, which caused her large breasts to jiggle and bounce obscenely.

Now Ms McKlain stood before Jamie, rubbing her tender ass as she held
her head down. Jamie looked at her teacher, then jabbed two fingers into
her pussy and began stroking. Ms McKlain squirmed but didn't resist.
After a moment she couldn't stand any more and sank to her knees. Jamie
continued to furiously jab her fingers into the teacher. Then sensing that
the teacher was close to orgasm, pulled her fingers out. This caused Ms
McKlain to whale in frustration.

"Oh what's the matter? Does the poor wittle teacher want more?"

Drenched in shame the teacher begged her student "Yes please, please, I
need more, please put your fingers back in me."

"Back in where?"

"MY PUSSY! I need your fingers in my pussy!"

"Oh what a nasty little teacher we have here guys, she wants her own
student to get her off. Well first she's going to get us off."

Jamie then inhaled some weed and blew into the teacher's face, before
removing her own panties. Then Jamie grabbed her teacher's hair and
roughly forced Ms McKlain's face into her now exposed crotch. Ms McKlain
immediately went to work licking her student's pussy for all she was worth.
As Ms McKlain licked, the other students took their delights on her body
in other ways. One girl took a large paper clip she had stolen from Ms
McKlain's desk and attached it to her left nipple. Others had taken
markers and were writing obscene comments all over her body like "slut",
"bad teacher", "pussy licker", "failure". They even wrote two big F's, one
on each tit. Another girl shoved an empty beer bottle into her ass.

When Jamie had orgasmed, Ms McKlain was passed to the next student, Tod.
I could remember that he always was making rude sexual comments about his
teacher behind her back, yet now here she was bobbing her head up and down
his cock while the girl was still fucking her ass with the bottle.

Most of the other students had gone back to smoking weed and talking as
they waited their turn with the teacher's mouth. Finally after all dicks
and pussy's had been taken care of Ms McKlain crawled back over to Jamie
and rested her head in her lap. Jamie stroked her head as she spoke:

"There there, that's a good girl. Your apology seems to be sincere.
You've made your student's very happy. Now why don't you be a good little
teacher a go change those nasty grades."

Ms McKlain nodded, then turned around towards the coffee table. Jamie
gave her a quick slap on the butt and Ms McKlain crawled to the book on the
table. That's when I realized what it was, it was her grade book. I
continued to watch as Ms McKlain opened her book and, with a clip on her
nipple and a beer bottle sticking out of her ass, began to change all the
grades from F's to A's.

When the last grade had been changed, Jamie lifted her foot between her
teacher's legs and rubbed her sneaker against her pussy. Soon Ms McKlain
began rocking her hips back and forth over her student's dirty sneaker.
She rocked faster and faster until she exploded in dirty pleasure. She
collapsed on top of her grade book as she cried through her orgasm.

After a good 4 or 5 minutes of drinking and smoking weed Jamie told her
teacher to turn around and lick the mess she made off her shoe. After
cleaning Ms McKlain again knelt before Jamie. Jamie then stood and walked
out of the room. A moment later she return with what looked like a dog collar and a leash. She clasped the collar around Ms McKlain's neck and
attached the leash. The teacher's body was shaking as she kept her head

"Now Ms McKlain, everything you have done until now was an apology, and
we have accepted it. However, you still need to be punished for being such
a bad teacher, don't you Ms McKlain?"

Ms McKlain nodded as tears formed in her eyes. Jamie then cruelly
removed the nipple clip and beer bottle from her ass, as well as her high
heels. And with that Jamie began to lead her crawling teacher out the back
door. The gang was now really getting riled up. As the Jamie opened the
back door I could her the loud barking of the dog. My eyes widened as the
realization of what was about to happen dawned on me. The last image I saw
was Ms McKlain's ass wiggling out of the door before it closed.

I turned around and ran, ran as fast as I could. I couldn't bare to see
what was going to happen. It was too much. I just ran and ran until I
reached my house completely out of breath. I went to my room and collapsed
on my bed. As I lay there, I realized that my cloths were sticking to my
body from the sweat of running.

As I began to remove my cloths I noticed my panties were completely
drenched. I couldn't deny it. What I had witnessed had really turned me
on, even as perverted as it was. I began to remove the panties for a new
pair but my fingers accidentally brushed against my clit and a low moan
escaped my lips.

Suddenly all the images that I had seen within the past hour came
flooding back. The sight of Ms McKlain getting paddled, of the words being
written all over her body, of the beer bottle lodged in her ass, of the
crude way she fucked Jamie's shoe, and finally of her reddened ass as she
crawled out the back door.

My knees gave way and I collapsed to the floor as I furiously rubbed my
fingers against my clit, cumming hard a few moments later to these images.

I awoke the next morning with my fingers in my pussy. I got dressed and
went to school. The entire day all I could think of was last evening.
What would it be like today in class. How would Ms McKlain compose her in
front of the same students that degraded her.

My answer came as I entered Ms McKlain's class. Nothing. Not a thing
was different. I was truly amazed at how normal Ms McKlain acted when she
was back in class. She was back to being her strict demanding self again.
Even when a few of the bad kids were talking too loud, she immediately told
them to be quiet and they lowered their voices.

However I did notice that she wasn't sitting in her chair very much, as
well as the high collared blouse she was wearing. I'm guessing the two
large F's on her breasts didn't wash away yet.

It was then that I looked over to Jamie and saw that sinister smile
looking back. I turned away in embarrassment. She knew I was there last
night. She knew I saw almost everything. But why was she letting me see
all this? Was she toying with me?

In any case, the next few days nothing special happened. Most of the
work we did in class wasn't very hard, even Jamie and her dumb friends did
well on them. Despite myself I was just begging for Jamie to get another
bad grade. I wanted to see more. I know its horrible for me to wish this
but I was so dame curious to see the teacher I once respected get
humiliated some more. Especially when Ms McKlain was acting so tough in

So when Jamie got a "D" handed back to her the next week, I almost
shrieked with joy. I was almost shaking with anticipation the rest of the
day. Finally the last school bell rang and I made my way to Ms McKlain's
room. Making sure everyone was gone I slipped in and hid under the desk.

Right on queue I heard Jamie and Ms McKlain coming into the room after a
few minutes.

"But Jamie, you didn't even turn in the assignment. I thought I was
being more than generous by giving you a 'D'."

"Ms McKlain, a bad grade is still a bad grade, and you gave me a bad
grade did you not?"

"Yes I did but..."

"Ok Ms McKlain, your right. I have no reason to protest. I'll leave
right now and keep the grade."

"No wait!"


"I...I...your right."

"Right about what Ms McKlain?"

"You deserve a better grade."

"I see, you know what that means don't you teach?"

"Yes Ms Jamie."

Then I felt the desk move slightly as Ms McKlain must have been bending
over it. Then the rustling of a skirt being lifted and panties being
lowered. Then I heard the sound of a hand caressing bare skin as Jamie
began tormenting Ms McKlain.

"You know Ms McKlain, you really are quite pathetic. Bending over your
own desk while letting a female student half your age caress your bare ass.
A student that couldn't care less about your class or your teachings."

I could here a low moan escape from the teacher.

"It reminds me of the first time this happened. I was sick and tired of
all your shit and bad grades. I walked into your class after school ready
for a headed argument. Imagine my surprise when you surrendered so
quickly. I had always been warned that you were a tough bitch, but now your
my bitch aren't you, your my little pet."

Another moan.

"Oh you resisted at first, trying to act all high and mighty, but I
broke you soon enough. I remember your face the first time I told you you
were going to be sticking that educated tongue inside my ass, all shocked.
Now you can't get enough. And your embarrassment when I showed my new pet
off to my friends from class, it was priceless. You've made me a lot more
popular Ms McKlain that's for sure. But you get what you wanted out of it
as well. We both know how much you enjoy being humiliated by your worst
students. Just look how wet you are right now, its pathetic. And your
wiggling your ass just begging for punishment aren't you."

"yy..yes Ms Jamie"





"I mean I could work hard for my grades, but this is so much more fun
isn't it Ms McKlain?" <SLAP>

"Ahhh yes Ms Jamie"

"Its a whole lot easier spanking my teachers ass instead of kissing it
like some of your other students, like Amber for instance."

Did she just mention my name?

"Students like Amber work so hard to get those top marks, but I know
this is how you prefer to give grades.e" <SLAP>


"And what do you think of Amber?" <SLAP> "Do you believe she deserves
the high grades that she gets?" <SLAP>

"Well, Amber is a very good student" <SLAP> "ahh, and she works very
hard for her grades."

Finally, Ms McKlain is sticking up for me, her best student.

"Yeah, she's a regular teachers pet isn't she?"

<SLAP> "Ahhh!"

"Just like your my little pet aren't you?"

Well..hmmm <SLAP> ahhhh....yes <SLAP> YES! <SLAP> I'm your little pet!

And do pets deserve to be punished? <SLAP>

"Uh Huh!"

Where is this going?

"And since Amber is her teacher's pet, doesn't she deserve to get
punished?" <SLAP>

"Yes Ms Jamie."

"So go ahead Ms McKlain, tell Amber how bad she's been."

"Amber, you've been a bad girl <SLAP> always turning in 'A' papers
<SLAP> and being so smart <SLAP> and so well behaved <SLAP> and becoming
your teacher's pet <SLAP>"

"And does she need to be punished for being such a bad little pet?"


"Come on Amber, you heard Ms McKlain. You've been a bad little pet and
need to be punished."

I was shocked. She couldn't really be meaning that I actually be
punished...could she? She especially couldn't expect me to actually agree
to being punished for getting good grades. I was expecting her to
continue, to move on with her humiliation of our teacher. Yet all I could
hear was my own ragged heavy breathing.

To my utter shock and surprise I found myself slowly rising from beneath
the table. As I stood I could see Ms McKlain's shocked face, but worse
Jamie's evil cocky smile. Instinctively I lowered my head. Why did I do

"Come little pet, join your teacher in her punishment."

Tears started to form as I walked to the front of the desk. Now I could
see Ms McKlain's very very red exposed ass. That's when I felt Jamie's
hand gentle push my back forward.

And there I was, lying over Ms McKlain's desk. Ms McKlain on the left,
I on the right. The respected and in control teacher and her smartest
dedicated student side by side, bent over the table, skirts up over our
backs and panties at our ankles, and assed exposed to the cruel hand of the
rudest student.


The End!

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