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Archived Sex Stories

Making the Scene


Making the Scene
by Couture

(Ff, humil, etc.)

Please do not read if under 18 years of age or
offended by sexually explicit stories and situations.

(c) 2002 Couture


You know how some women make excuses about being
strong-willed and misunderstood. Not me, I'm one
hundred percent bitch. If anything, I get upset when
people mistake me for only being strong-willed. Much
like my co-worker Paula.

Paula thought she could get away with fucking with me,
but she found out what happens the hard way. You see,
Paula works with me at our local Ace hardware store in
Wilson, North Carolina and she happens to be a
lesbian. I feel sorry for her just a little bit,
because this hick city lies right in the buckle of the
Bible belt. I believe there are like five lesbians in
town and poor Paula is the odd one out.

But, I could care less about her social life. Hell,
she's heard me tell her enough stories about my past
to know that I'm a bitch. She sure as hell should
have known that if I wanted to go out with her *I*
would have asked *her*.

Instead, she asked me if I ever wondered what it would
be like to be with a woman? Please. . .

In a bad year I've probably fucked more women than
Paula has in her life, but I didn't tell her that. I
told her, "I love guys and fat dicks, not lonely
lesbian chicks." What possessed me to say it, I have
no idea.

Paula blushed. It made me all tingly inside. From
that moment on, I turned the heat up on lonely little
Paula. I touched her arms and thighs, whispered in
her ear, complimented her, did that cute thing where I
put my hair behind my ear when I'm talking to her.
When she was in the back putting up stock, I would
always find an excuse to slide by her, pressing my
pelvis to her ass as I did so.

She was so easy, she was like putty in my hands.
Soon, she was doing all my work for me.

"Liz, do you need some more bags? I'm heading in the

"Thank you Paula." I patted her ass. "Hurry along,
you know how I don't like being alone up here."

She practically ran down the aisle. When she
returned, her nipples were all bumply.

As much fun as this was, I was getting pretty bored
with the whole situation.

That day, while we were in the breakroom, I made my
move and cast out a line.

"God, my feet hurt something awful."

You should have seen Paula's face light up. "I give
very good feet massages, so I'm told."

"Do me." I kicked off my pumps and placed my feet in
her lap.

She really worked my feet. They actually were a tad
sore and her hands felt great.

"Mmmmm," I moaned. "That's wonderful." It was time
to show her the bait.

I closed my eyes and gave my best impression of sexual
satisfaction. She was probably creaming in her

Then I gave her something to really cream about. With
my eyes still closed, I purred in my throat, allowing
my legs to fall open. I didn't even have to look at
her to know she was eating it up.

She moved my foot up and I could feel my skirt slide
up further. I'm sure the little bitch was making a
mental topography map of my panty covered cunt. I
wondered if my dampness was showing.

God, the massage, the teasing, the sport of seduction,
made my body alive with pleasure. It was almost a
shame to end it.

I snapped my eyes open, catching her fixated stare on
my cunt. "What do you think you are doing?"

She blushed, looking up, but refusing to meet my eyes.

"You were staring at my cunt, weren't you?"

She let go of my foot, crumpled up the discarded
wrapper from her Snicker bar, and rushed to stand up,
but I kept her pinned down with my foot. "Did I say

"N-n-no." Poor Paula's eyes widened like a man's at a
Nascar race. She massaged my foot again, this time
careful to look at my face or my foot, and keeping my
legs together so that my panties weren't exposed.

"Mmmmm, that feels good Paula. Yes, you give good

"Thanks . . ." she hesitated, went to speak and then
thought the better of it. Finally, she screwed up the
courage to murmur it out. "I-I give good other things
as well."

I smiled and licked my lips. "Oh my . . . directness.
I like that Paula. I have no use for liars and
sneaks." I reached down, grabbed hold of the hem of
my skirt, and slid it up my thighs, until my peach
panties were exposed again. "Tell me Paula, exactly
what other good things do you give *as well*?"

Her face burned bright red. She cast her eyes down to
the floor, clearing her throat before she spoke. "I
give good tongue."

"Are you sure Paula? You're seem too afraid to even
look at me, much less lick me. Maybe I should just
find the woman your girlfriend left you for. I bet
she *really* gives good tongue." I adjusted my
panties, so the cleft of my sex was visible. Her eyes
bored into my pussy. Ha-ha, her mouth was almost

"I could please you. I swear I could."

"But Paula, you seem so fixated on my pussy. What if
my breasts got jealous of all the good tongue my pussy
was getting?"

"I would lick them too."

"What about my ass? What if my ass was jealous?"

"I love all of you, Stacey . . . even your ass."

God, she was pathetic. What a doormat.
Disgusted, I jerked my legs down and stood up,
smoothing the wrinkles out of my skirt. "Sounds like
fun. Too bad I'm not a dyke."

Tears welled in the poor things eyes. I tried to
resist, but couldn't. "You are such a crybaby.
Follow me," I said.

She sniffed and wiped away her tears. "What?"

"Come on. Let's go to the bathroom and settle this
once and for all."

The look of shock on her face sent shivers down my
spine. The little puppy dog trailed me all the way
to the bathroom. She closed and locked the door
behind us and moved to hug me.

"Get off me." I pushed her away, once again bringing
tears of hurt to her eyes. What a whiny bitch.
"Look," I said. "I told you I'm not into that shit.
At least, I don't think I am, since I've never found
myself attracted to another woman." Wow, how I said
that with a straight face, without being struck by
lightning, was fucking incredible.

"I-I-I'm sorry. I just thought-" she stammered.

"Relax Paula, I'm not going to report you for sexual
harassment." I stroked her arm and her hair,
comforting her. "I think what you are doing is a very
bad idea. I'm quite happy with my sexual orientation.
But, if you want to try it, I'll give it a fair shot.
Show me what you've got, so I can see once and for all
if I'm attracted to you."

"W-what? You mean?" Her eyes hopeful once again.

"Yes, show me the goods. Let me see what you have to

She fumbled with the top button on her blouse. "You

"Did I stutter? Show me the merchandise."

She began to undress. Looking down the whole time and
in general, boring the ever-lovin shit out of me.

I turned toward the door. "Never mind. I know I
don't need a prude, man or woman. I can see why your
last girlfriend left you."

"Stacey . . . wait."

I turned back around and watched her strip. Okay, she
wasn't very good at it, but she tried. Oh, how she
tried. She did her best strip tease and rubbed her
hands up and down her body. She even dipped a finger
into her sex and licked it off. She showed me her
ass, her nipples, the inside of her sex. She even
masturbated in front of me, after a little
encouragement of course. Prissy Paula was so
embarrassed at first, but she was into it now and
rapidly approaching orgasm.

I winced. "Sorry Paula . . . not doing anything for

The little car that was humming along so nicely toward
its final destination, coughed and then sputtered.
Naked, horny, and with fingers embedded in pussy,
Paula realized how stupid she must look in front of
her coworker. She spun around, squatting on the
floor, as she fumbled with her clothes.

Paula left early that day and she called in sick the
next day as well. That afternoon, I decided to give
her a call. I got her machine instead.

"This is Paula, leave a message at the beep," it said.

"Pick up the phone Paula, I know you're there.
Goddamn it Paula, pick up the fucking phone right


"About time. What kind of shit are you trying to
pull? Why aren't you at work?" After a long pause,
she came up with a lie.

"I'm feeling sick. I think I have a stomach virus."

"Bullshit. Get your ass to work . . . today. I'm not
working here by myself. I'll fucking quit and it'll
be goodbye Stacey. Do you understand me?"

"Ah, yes."

"Then you're coming to work?"

"Yes." And she did. She was quiet and avoided me,
but she was back and doing most of the work again.
Thank God, I really don't think I could have stood
being busy for another day.

After work, we went to her car for a little girl talk.

"I'm glad you came to work today Paula. There was
something I needed to tell you. I've missed having
you around."

"I missed you too, Stacey."

Paula was doing a good job at remaining in control.
I was going to have to do something about that. I
reached up under my skirt and pulled my panties down.
They reeked of sex. I held them close to Paula's

"Is this what you want?"

She resisted at first, turning her face to the side.
She made a show of fighting me, but in the end she
pressed her face into the fabric, inhaling deeply.

"They smell good don't they?"

"Yes," she admitted.

"I was wearing them last night, while I was watching a
video. It had the hottest chick on there sucking a
big fat cock. She kind of reminded me of you.
Mmmmmm, I came and came." I spread my legs so she
could see my wet sex and thickly swollen lips. "See
what she did to me?"

Paula bent as if to sample the goods, but I placed my
hand on her forehead and prevented her. "Naughty
naughty slut Paula." I slipped a finger into my moist
folds and pressed it into her eager mouth.

"If you want some of that, then you have to give me
some of what I want."

"What - what do you want?" she asked after I pulled my
finger from her lips.

"I'm tired of watching videos. I want to watch the
real thing." I stuck two fingers in my cunt and then
slid them into her welcoming mouth. I fucked them in
and out. "I want to watch *you* . . . suck a dick. A
real dick. The kind with large hairy balls that shoot

"I can't do that." She started to tear up again.
God, the poor bitch must have a helluva plumbing
system to be able to cry so much.

"Too bad." I opened the car door and got out. "Oh
well, I guess I'll just go home and watch a video.
Keep the panties if you want them, just bring me a new
pair to replace them."

The next day, I asked her if she changed her mind and
she said no, but she did bring me a pair of new
panties. They were very nice - much nicer than the
pair I had on.

"These are nice. Do you want to watch me put them

She hesitated then nodded her head. "Be a dear and
grab my purse and follow me to the bathroom."

I took off my skirt and panties. I made a big show,
teasing her relentlessly, as I put them on.

"I brought you something too. Look in the purse."

Inside was a video and large realistic dildo. She
looked confused and hopeful at the same time.

"For you silly. In case you decide to change you

"I can't."

"Sure you can. I brought the fake cock out then
pulled my panties aside. It was big and a tight fit,
but soon it was embedded, balls pressing firmly
against my clit. I pulled the shiny wet phallus free
and placed it on the lid of the toilet.

"Go on. Give it a try."

"No." She didn't say it firmly, but like a petulant
girl who knew she was going to have to do it anyway.

I guided her down to her knees and met little
resistance. "Come on . . . look how shiny and wet I
made it. Don't you want to taste it?" I said, moving
her hair to the side.

She stuck out a tentative tongue and touched it to the
rubber phallus. While she was occupied with this, I
took out a video camera and filmed her as she ran her
tongue up the shiny surface. I stuck my hand down my
panties and pressed my digit into my delicate folds.

"Paula, look at me."

She saw the camera and panicked. She curled up,
hiding her pretty face from view. "Put it away."

My fingers sped at her humiliation. "Ugh-I thought
this was what you wanted Paula. I thought you wanted
to turn me on. I thought you loved me. Give me this
Paula. Oh God, do it for me baby, so I can watch you
tonight when I cum."

She looked at me and her eyes centered on my busy
fingers. She licked her lips with lust, trying her
best to catch my eyes. I watched her out of my
peripheral vision, but my eyes were centered on the
large flesh colored dildo. If she wanted my
attention, she was going to have to do it through
that. She turned around, took it in her hand, and
brought her face close before pausing.

"That's my bad girl. Do it for me baby."

She did it too. She was inexperienced and hesitant at
first, but she got into it with my encouragement.
Soon, the little slut was kneeling on the bathroom
floor while bobbing her head up and down the thick
phallus, like a twenty dollar whore at a Shriner's

I felt my climax rising inside me. "Suck that dick.
Suck if for me you little cocksucker. Ugh, I'm
cumming baby . . . squeeze those balls . . . squeeze
them as hard as you can."

Little did she know, I filled the balls with
Astroglide and a little milk for color the night
before. Her eyes widened with shock when the fake cum
spurt into her mouth and some dribbled down her lips.

"Don't you dare swallow it, you cock hungry bitch."
Ha-ha, from the look on her poor face, she had no
intention of swallowing it anyway. "Let me have a

I teased her mouth open with my tongue. It was our
first kiss, and she would remember it from now on,
always thinking of her mouthful of cum.

"Keep your mouth open so I can get a shot of it."

Blushing furiously and trembling, she opened her mouth
for me. I filmed what appeared to be her with a large
mouthful of cum, with some dribbling down her chin.
It was perfect.

"Okay, you can swallow now."

She did and I kissed her passionately as a reward.
"God, that was so fucking hot Paula. Thank you."

She wanted more, but I pulled away from her, slid my
skirt back on, and placed the camcorder back in my
purse. Paula was still kneeling on the floor
stupidly, as I blew her a kiss and opened the door.

"Stacey, wait . . . what about these," she said,
nodding her head toward the tape and dildo.

"Keep them in case you change your mind." I close my
eyes and licked my lips, caressing my breasts and sex
through my clothes. "And Paula . . . I do hope you
decide to change your mind." I closed the door and
left her kneeling there.

Fifteen minutes later she came to the front of the
store, blushing furiously, and bearing a large bundle
of paper towels. She must have masturbated after I

"I meant, what did you expect me to do with these
things after you took your purse?"

"Sorry," I giggled. Soon, we were both laughing


Afterwards, I never mentioned the blowjob again. I
did turn up the heat though, coming up behind her and
pushing against her with my pelvis - dry humping her.

"Stop it Stacey, someone will see."

"Have you been practicing?"

"Go to hell."

"You've got me so hot, I wouldn't know the
difference." I play fucked her some more right there
at the front counter. Luckily, it was a slow day. "I
wish I had a real cock to fuck you with."

"Stop it Stacey . . . I mean it."

"You're bigger than me Paula. You could stop me
anytime you want to slut." I stopped, and playfully
spanked her ass. In my own time, I would continue,
but anymore and we would likely get caught and then

I'm a bitch, but I'm not stupid.

I flirted with her the rest of the day. I even told
her I saved her the panties I had worn while I
masturbated to her video. They were coated. I had
cum three times the night before, masturbating while
watching the video. "I put them in my purse; you can
have them if you want. Take them any time today. I
don't mind."

"I don't want them. You're being mean - and a bitch."

"It's my nature."

Sure enough, by five o'clock, the panties in my purse
were gone.

The rest of the week continued on the much the same,
but on Friday I was bored with the game and decided to
up the stakes.

"I want my video back." I said. "And my toy."

"What about the other video? The one you have of me."

I reached in my purse and tossed it at her. It
clattered to the counter. She snatched it up quickly,
to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

"There, I'm done with it anyway. I'm bored with it
now." The truth was; I had a copy at home. It was
too good to give up, but I wanted other videos. I
wanted a sequel.

Her eyes welled with tears. On one hand she wanted
the video back, but on the other, she liked the fact
that I was watching it and masturbating to it. In
some vicarious way, I was loving her by having it and
rejecting her by giving it back.

She barely said a word the whole day. Only to tell
the customers their sales total and a mechanical
"Thank you for shopping at Ace."

At the end of the day, while we were closing the cash
registers, she murmured. "I'll do it."

"Do what?"

"You know. What you want me to do."

"I don't want you to do anything. I only told you
what I like. It's up to you to figure out what you
want to do."

I know, I was making things very difficult for her,
but it had to be done.

"Please Stacey. I-I want to do it. I want to do it
for you."

"Do what?"

"S-suck. Come on Stace, do I have to say it?"


"Cock-suck cock. There I said it. I want to suck
cock and I want you to watch me. I want to turn you

"Have you been practicing? Like the girl on the

"Huh? What?"

"Practicing. You know. Licking the balls, pumping
the shaft, spanking it on your tongue, gagging on it .
. . the works."

She blushed furiously and her eyes darted from side to
side. She shrugged her shoulders, but she had already
told me the answer.

"Okay, I'll set it up, but don't you embarrass me."

She was about to burst to tell me something and
finally managed to get it out. "Stace . . .who with?"

"Does it matter?"

"Ah, I guess not . . .as long as he is clean."

"Come on Paula, you know me better than that. Don't
you? Don't you?"

She finally nodded her head. "That's my girl. This
is going to be so much fun. You'll see. I'll pick
you up tonight at eight."

I showed up at seven, carrying a large bag of goodies.
She showed up at the door with wet hair and a shocked
look on her face. "It's not eight yet," she said
through the screen.

"I know. I thought I might keep you company in case
you were nervous."

"Thanks." She opened the door to let me in. "I *am*
a little scared."

"Don't be." I rubbed her satin robe between my
fingers, undoing the belt. "I'm going to make sure
everything goes as smooth as silk."

I gave her a cat whistle at seeing her naked body, but
frowned when my eyes came to rest on her hairy bush.
"That's gotta go."


"That bush. Did the girl in the video have a hairy


"No buts." I took her hand and led her to the
bathroom. I put the lid down on the toilet. "Have a
seat. I think you'll like this part."

She did and I rummaged around in my bag and brought at
the items I needed: scissors, shaving cream, lotion,
and a razor. I knelt in front of her, spread her legs
wide, and began to work. I couldn't tell if it was
from humiliation or arousal, but red flush had
traveled from her face down past her breasts. I
soothed her while I trimmed her pubes and shaved the
remainder smooth.

"Oh Paula, you are going to look so pretty tonight
when I'm through with you. No more uptight plain
Paula wearing jeans and a bad haircut. Uh-huh. Now
you're going to be pretty Paula . . . porn star Paula
. . .slut Paula with a shaved cunt, high heels, and a
tight dress. God, you are going to be so awesome when
I'm through with you."

In one hour, I took Paula through Stacey's body shop.
I dyed her hair, made up her face, dressed her up in
the tightest, sluttiest clothes I owned and I do own
some of the best and on Paula they were even tighter.
I even gave her a pair of large fake eyebrows and I
teased and spiked her newly brown with platinum
streaked hair. No panties or bra of course.

She blushed looking at the results in the mirror,
standing there with her mouth agape in stunned
silence. I stood behind her running smoothing the
fabric of the tight dress over her curves. "Oh that
look is perfect Paula, you must remember to use it
later tonight."

Paula complained all the way to my house. "Please
Stacey, I can't believe I let you talk me into this.
I can't even walk. Can I at least wear some real
shoes?" Blah Blah Blah.

I pulled the car over. "Get out," I demanded.


"Either shut up or get out. I bet my other guest will
be glad to spend some time with me."

"Please Paula, don't make me get out. I'm sorry for
complaining . . . it's just that these clothes - the
way I look. I don't like them."

Bitch. I wrestled with her. I knew she was stronger,
but in the end she sat in the passenger seat panting,
legs spread wide and breasts exposed.

"Goddamn liar, look at you." I pointed the obvious
state of her arousal. "You're lovin' this shit so sit
back and act like it bitch."

She blushed deeply, lifted the top of her dress to
cover her exposed breasts. She started to close her

"Leave them open."


"I said leave them open. Next time you get uppity,
just look down."

"Please, I won't be uppity. Oh God, what if someone

I ignored her. She pouted and steamed, but obeyed
perfectly. As a matter of fact, she was even more
aroused by the time we pulled into my driveway.

We got out of my car and went inside. We both had a
drink while we waited. She looked like she needed
one. After about fifteen minutes the doorbell rand,
startling Paula and causing her to spill some of her

"I'll get that." I got up and answered the door.
Outside, Jim stood with his hands in his pockets
shifting uneasily from side to side. "Come on in Jim.
We've been expecting you."


"Yes, we."

"I thought you said that. . ." Jim threw a helpless
look at Paula. "You know."

"What did I say, Jim?"

"You said to come to your house and you would-" He
blushed profusely almost unable to continue. How

"Would what? Do I have to pull it out of you?"

"Give me a blowjob"

"No, Jim. I said you would get a blowjob, but I won't
be giving it though. My friend will." I let him
inside and pointed to Paula, who sat there eyes wide
and face a ghastly white, her poor eyes looking like a
deer caught in the headlights.

"Wow," Jim said in awe, which quickly turned to
disbelief as he recognized her. "P-P-Paula?"

"Stacey, I can't believe you would-would-he-he works
with me!" she stammered indignantly.

I walked over behind Paula and rubbed her shoulders to
sooth her. "Come on Paula, he isn't going to tell
anyone. Are you Jim? No, he isn't going to blow his
chance at losing his virginity."

"I-I-I am not a virgin," stammered Jim.

"Give me a fucking break. Have a seat, will you?
You're making me nervous."

Jim sat down. I went over and turned on some music.
I returned with my video camera. "Okay, let's do

Jim freaked at the sight of my camera. "You didn't
say nothin' about no camera."

"No, but I didn't *not* say there was going to be a
camera either. Look, I'm going to tape this and I'm
going to watch it later, but I'm not going to share it
with anyone else." I turned the camera on and mounted
it on the tripod and faced it at him. "Now, you have
a decision to make. Stay and get a guaranteed blowjob
or leave. It's up to you."

Jim struggled mentally, but it didn't take him long to
come to a decision. "I guess I'll stay."

"Stacey," Denise muttered timidly. "I need to talk to
you privately."

I groaned in frustration. Doesn't anyone in this town
like sex, but me? "Not you too Paula. Look, leave
if you want to. I'm sure Jim would love to keep me

"Please," Paula whispered, beckoning me with a crooked

I bent down so we could talk privately.

"Stacey, w-what do I do first?"

I forgot that the video I gave her to watch went
straight to the action. "Just get up and give him a
little dance like you did for me in the bathroom.
This time just remove your dress, keep on your heels
and stockings."

She was embarrassed of course, but she got up and
moved her body to the music. She couldn't keep up
with the beat, but she actually had some nice moves.
It was obvious from the look in her eye that she was
dancing for me and not for Jim. I wouldn't have had
it any other way of course and she put a lot of time
and effort into her slow strip tease, trying to delay
her unavoidable fate.

"I think Jim is ready now Paula, why don't you help
him pull his pants down."

She bent down, hands trembling as she unfastened Jim's
pants and pulled his pants down. Unable to resist
Paula's dangling fruits, Jim tried to help himself to
one of her smooth white orbs. She jerked away at his
touch, her face filled with fear.

"Did I say you could touch her?" I spat.

"N-no," Jim stuttered.

"You just sit there and do as you're told or you can
get the fuck out of my house," I said. "Go on Paula.
Get started."

Paula face winced with disgust as she held his hard
cock in her hand. I almost laughed out loud. The
poor bastard was probably going to end up with a
complex by the time this was over.

"Paula, you don't look like you're enjoying yourself.
Remember the girl in the video. Now, give me a pretty
smile and lick those lips like you are hungry for it."

She handled his cock like it was a dangerous weapon.
But, she put on a smile, licked her lips and kissed
his hard dick. I stepped out of my panties while I
watched her, slipping my hand up my skirt to pleasure

Paula looked over at me. Instead of focusing on the
cock, she focused on me. Her head bobbed up and down
on his member as she began to get into it. I guess
she was imagining it was me, and that wasn't what I
wanted at all.

"Remember the tape Paula. Lick his balls." She went
down and licked his hairy balls. The look in her eyes
showed her disgust. There was no way she could
imagine it was me now.

"Smile." I reminded her. "That's a girl. Now, slap
the bottom of his cock against your tongue then I want
to hear you gag on it. Oh yes, that is going to be a
great shot, baby, but you're not playing with
yourself. Now, I know how much you love holding Jim's
big cock, but I want to see you playing with that

Her hand found its way to her wet denuded sex. It was
red and a little razor burned from her shaving
experience, but it was going to be great for the film.
The only problem was, she wasn't doing it fast enough.
I wanted her to really get into it.

"Faster," I said. She did it a little faster, but
still not fast enough. I reached between her legs,
grabbed her hand. "Faster, goddamn it." I ordered,
showing her the proper way to do it.

"That's it. Don't forget to that cock. Remember your

She trailed a strand of saliva between his cock head
and her tongue. I smiled. She had watched the video.
Then she slapped the bottom of his cock against her
tongue, before shoving it down her throat."

God, I was close to cumming. She was a natural. Paul
was bucking his hips on her every downthrust. It
wouldn't be long now. Hell, even Paula looked like
she was well on her way to orgasm.

"Perfect. Just perfect Paula. Jim, hold her hair out
of the way so I can get a good shot. That's good.
Tell her how good it feels and talk dirty to her."

Jim caught me totally out of the blue, which doesn't
happen often. You see, Jim, the mild mannered stock
boy had the filthiest mouth you could imagine. He
especially seemed to like the word cock. "Suck that
cock you cocksucking whore. Eat it cock bitch. Oh,
I love it..." There was much more, but I don't have the
space for it here and this story isn't really about
Jim anyway.

It's about me and Paula. Speaking of Paula, I moved
in tight for a close up. The entire screen on the
camera was filled with the image of her mouth bobbing
up and down on Jim's cock, mascara running down from
her fake eyelashes, and haunting eyes staring at me.

"Now, Paula, don't suck on it. Try not to touch the
cock with your lips and go down on it until it hits
the back of your throat."

She obeyed and Jim went crazy. The only problem was
there was no way someone watching the video would know
it was hitting the back of her throat.

"Say ahhh, come on baby make some noise for me slut."

Paula made noises from around Jim's cock. I could
hear the effects of her choking slightly as it hit the
back of her throat. Awesome.

I panned out and got a shot of Jim, cursing and
moaning, calling her a cocksucker, and helping her bob
up and down on his dick. I moved down catching
Paula's two fingers thrusting in and out of her cunt.

"Use three fingers." I ordered. "That's it. Faster-
faster-fuck yourself faster." Paula's ass trembled.
She was going to cum.

"Oh, you dirty bitch. You're cumming aren't you?
You're sucking a dick and cumming." Her cheeks sunk
in as she inhaled his cock. "No, don't you dare let
those lips touch it. Those lips and tongue are mine.
Use your throat and keep playing with that pussy.
Help her Jim."

The truth was; I didn't mind sharing her lips and
tongue at all. I had something else in mind entirely.

Paula's eyes rolled back in her head as she trembled
from her orgasm. She tried to scream, but it came out
as a series of muffled gloms, as Jim fucked her face.

He grabbed her by the ears and announced that he was
cumming. Paula was too oblivious to notice. That is
until she felt the spunk discharge from his cock. Her
eyes rolled back down and widened in shock at the
first spurt. Now, this was the reason I wanted her
lips not to touch his cock. I wanted this shot of her
with cum dripping down her mouth as his cock thrust in
her mouth.

"Don't you dare swallow or let it escape." I warned.

After Jim was finished, I pulled her mouth off of him.
She was blushing furiously and black mascara ran down
her cheeks.

"Open wide." I said.

Her eyes darted from me to Jim and gave me a helpless
look. She opened her cum filled mouth for my
inspection. I took my time getting a good shot of it
with the camera.

I turned the camera off and turned to Jim. "We're
done with you, Jimmy. Get out."

He hesitated. Wondering if I was serious, I guess.
Maybe the sex had clouded his mind. "I said get the
fuck out."

I turned back to Paula and licked the salty bitter
tasting gunk off her lips. I felt her hands cup my
ass and she pulled me close.

"Swallow it," I ordered.

Her eyes widened in terror. Her long fake eyelashes
fluttered then closed as she swallowed. I turned to
see Jim standing by the door staring. "Now, asshole."

He opened the door and quietly slipped out.

"Now where were we?" I popped the tape out of the
camera, placed it into the VCR, and hit the rewind
button. I stripped off my clothes and made my way to
the sofa.

I spread my legs and beckoned Paula to kneel between
them. She stumbled in her high heeled platform shoes
and almost fell, but I caught her, helping her down to
her knees.

"Suck my pussy bitch." She was ravenous. I guess
nothing makes you appreciate what you like, as having
to do something you don't like and yes, she really did
give good tongue.

I hit play on the remote, settled in to watch the
show, and began planning the sequel.

To be continued . . .

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