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Making the Grade

By Katie McN <> (c) Copyright 2002, Katie McN
"No! no! no... I will not cut up any old poor little frog! It doesn't
mater what you say Dora Lee. I just won't!"

I don't usually talk back to my step mother, but I was mad that day. I
get real tired of all her shit.

For the most part, she let's me do what I want. But, then when it comes
to school, she gets on me like white on rice.

It's my father's fault really.

He told Dora Lee that he wanted me to go to the University of Texas,
Austin. But... He also said he wasn't planning on building a new
library or anything just to get me in there. Knowing my father he would
hold, her personally responsible, if I don't get accepted. Why, he also
mentioned the prenuptial agreement.

Now that gets Dora Lee's attention!

I gotta say, Dora Lee, is without a doubt, the best looking woman in
this part of West Texas.

Why I once saw a guy walk right into a wall, when he turned around to
get a good look at her perfect ass twitching down the walk.

Really her whole package is just beyond belief.

Her hair is currently red, although this is subject to change at any
time. And it's soo thick and long, well below shoulder length.

I mean can you imagine what that would look like all spread out on a
pillow next to you.

And her face is soo angelic!

Deep down, I know there's a devil hidden away inside.

But with that cute little turned up nose, and perfect complexion
Heavenly .

She is almost 5' 7", but she looks taller. I know that's cause she
always wears high heels. I sometimes thinks she sleeps in them.

OK I'm just a .. little .. bit jealous, but her tits are a just too
big. They don't sag or anything, but it just seems like it must be, um,
inconvenient buying clothes to hide those big things.

I don't know how she does it but she can make her fine looking ass

I just can't explain it any other way. She just gets her butt to
moving, like that, and most people, MEN, can't take their eyes off it
when she passes by. Women are disgusted!

She always wears expensive clothes, mostly tailored suits, with sheer
silk blouses, or very short skirts with really high heels.

She uses plenty of jewelry, to set off the look she is currently trying
to achieve.

I have to give it to her, she has exceptional taste. Most people can't
ever remember seeing her in the same outfit twice.

And, with her looks, they'd remember!

She has a whole walk in closet, just for her lingerie.

I sneak in sometimes to look and I'm always amazed.

I call a section, way in back, her something for everybody collection.
I mean the push up bras, garter belts, seamed nylons, g strings,
thongs, and panties in every color, size, and shape. She hides some
fetish stuff in there, too.

I'm not so sure, I'd like wearing one of those leather corset thingies.
And, you can forget about the rubber and latex whatevers. NO WAY!

During the day, Dora Lee skips wearing a bra. It gives her an
opportunity to play with people I think.

I mean she has that way of stamping her feet down when she walks. Not
real hard or noticeable, but it sure makes her tits jiggle. You better
believe they look good shaking like that!

I'm learning a lot of useful stuff from her.

Silk is Dora Lee's favorite material.

When her boobies bounce around inside one of her tailored fashion
statements, her nips just naturally rub on it. They get hard as can be.
They stick out like little stiffies. Well they do. And then she just
ignores the guys who try to follow her and watch for the show.

She just pretends as if nothing is happening, but I know she loves the
attention. Every woman does!

As usual, today she is wearing a skin tight mini-skirt and her shiny
black pumps, with the 4 inch, pencil thin heels.

I once asked her if the shoes were uncomfortable. She just shook her
head and said,

"There's always a big payback when you wear what guys like to see."

I just turned 14 last month. Dora Lee is only ten years older than me.
I know she doesn't really like having a daughter my age around.

She also has a hard time dealing with the fact that I'm a young version
of her now. Later??

OK so you want the picture.

I'm blond with my hair just as thick and just as long as hers.

Dora Lee has what you might call a voluptuous figure. With size D+
tits, that stick straight out without any help.

A really tiny waist and a nice well rounded butt.

And long legs, that seem to go on forever.

Most guys would love to get her into the sack.

My body is round, and firm and, well, fully packed. But I'm a little
more slender than Dora Lee.

I must admit, my boobs are nice to look at. And as big as any one in my
ninth grade class but not as big or as gigglie as Dora's.

I've always had great looking legs. I use to run a lot, and now that I
started wearing heels all the time, well they are looking even better!

I used to be embarrassed at the way guys checked me out when I wore
some old shorts, but not any more!

I like being hot! I like having people, boys and men, get real
interested in my ass, if you know what I mean.

My ass is really starting to shape up. Especially now that all my new
jeans are tailored to show off how cute it is.

I've been getting a few pats, grabs and pinches lately.

I pretend that I'm outraged!

But it sure feels great to know that I've got the guys want.

But getting back to our argument.

I'm taking biology at Big Spring Middle School.

Most people are surprised to learn how advanced the educational system
is here in Texas. Well Big Spring Middle is way ahead of the curve even
for Texas.

Now there is a requirement in biology lab where you have to dissect a
frog. Professor Chris Snifford is the teacher. What a hard ass.

I told him that I don't think it's right to torture animals, even if
they are dead.

(Seems logical to me, I think.)

Well he says he didn't care what I thought. Either I do all the course
work, including the frog stuff, or I get a low grade.

That means thee best grade I can get, if I don't cut up a frog is well
a "C".

Not what their looking for at UT.

Well I don't give a shit, I not cutting up any frog and that's that.
I've made up my mind.

Then Dora Lee pointed out that she got good grades in high school and
never studied at all.

She just took advantage of what nature gave her.

"Now see here, Katie Richardson. You say you're not going to cut up any
frog and I say you're not getting a C.

Well, there's a way we can both be right.

So you just listen here little girl."

I just couldn't believe it! She told me that she had sex with every
teacher at Stanton High School, including the fourteen women teachers.
And all of them had agreed to and had give her an A in trade for her
doing whatever was their pleasure.

Well, sure, not everyone came through with the top grade, but she never
got less than a C in any class. And she got a whole lot of A and B
grades, too. Which is probably the only way she could have graduated.

Wow! Here was my own step mother was suggesting that I fuck my biology
teacher to avoid having to dissect a frog. I mean what does she think I

All right I do have some experience with sex. Actually, I have a lot of
experience with sex. But, well this would be like being a hooker.

But she explained that it really isn't the same since no money is
changing hands. Really nothing wears out and I probably won't even
remember it fifteen minutes later.

Then she told me I don't really have a choice. She said she would make
my life a living hell if I got a bad grade in biology or anything for
that matter.

I have to admit that I'm kind of intrigued by the idea of getting, it
on with Mr. Snifford. He is really old. He must be at least 40. But all
the girls think he's cute. If he just wasn't such a dick about school

This time I decide, I might just take Dora Lee's advice. I don't really
have anything to lose and, hey, it might just be kick.

Only one little problem, I'm used to guys coming after me. I mean I
never had to seduce a man before. I don't know where to begin.

Dora Lee is happy as can be to help. Not just because I'm going along
with her little idea. No, it's much more than that. I'm getting the
feeling that she loves the idea of me following in her foot steps so to

"Now Katie, don't you worry one little bit." she says, " Getting a guy
any guy's attention is about as easy as anything a woman will ever have
to do in her life. And it might just be fun, too" She outlined a little
strategy for me to use.

At the time I couldn't see how a guy any guy would really go for this
kind of shit. Well you can't really argue with success. After all she
did it, so she convinced me in the end.

"Here I want you to wear these good luck panties, Katie." Dora says.

I mean imagine me wearing a turquoise thong under my tight fitting
jeans, 'for luck?'. It looked a little *brassy* in the mirror to me.
Well she just gave me that knowing look and said,

"Just trust me baby, I've been there, done that before."

Well why not? I mean after all she was like my mom.

I've got to admit it, I looked hot walking into Mr. Snifford's
classroom after school that day.

I had my thick blond hair way down over my shoulders, and I was wearing
my snap button, silk, cowgirl shirt. It's nicely fitted and it has a
lot of very delicate embroidery on the back.

Sort of a soft white on white look.

And the buttons are mother of pearl. They provide a nice contrast to
the soft silky material.

My jeans were hand made in a place Dora Lee knows about in Dallas.

They even sent someone out to the house, a few months ago for custom

I mean I even had to strip all the way down to my birthday suit just to
get measured. And the woman from the store seemed to take a lot longer
than necessary fitting me. I've never been measured in some of those
places .. before or .. since. But, I have to admit, it really was worth

Dora got me 10 new pair of jeans. They arrived about three weeks later.

When I tried them on I had to admit, each one seemed to fit better than
the last.

You ever see a long legged flower of southern womanhood bend over in
pants that look like there sprayed on?

Well, this cowgirl's starting to attract as much attention as her step
mother, and I don't mind it one bit.

Today just to please teacher, I wore my high heel cowgirl boots to

They add about three inches to my 5' 7"frame. This would put me eye to
eye with Mr. Snifford.

"Hi Professor, can I talk to you about my lab assignment?"

The same old hard line bull shit from him started right away.

"Katie, you have to do all the work in this class, same as everybody
else. If you don't, well then, you'll just have to suffer the same
consequences as anyone else and that's it."

What an asshole! He's not going to budge an inch.

Okay, time for Dora Lee Plan B.

I turned around and made a production at putting the books I was
carrying on the seat of a desk in the front row.

That arched my backside up. I made sure the books wereall stacked up
just so. This took some time and all the while I was pointing my ass in
his direction.

You know kind of moving it around a little.

Nothing obvious, but nothing subtle either.

When I turned back, I could tell by the stupid look on his face. He
liked what he saw.

Why is that a little bulge starting up in his pants? (he he)

He didn't even remember what we had been talking about. Then I decided
to add to the atmosphere. I inhaled .. real deep. This made the top
snap button pop right open.

I just pretended I didn't notice that. But now he was looking, really
hard down the front of my blouse.

Even though he tried to be sneaky, I still caught him peeking down my
blouse at my cute titties.

When he mentioned something about a book on his desk, it gave me a
chance to get a little bit closer to him. I got close enough to touch
him on the arm.

That seem to send a little shock through his whole body. I guess he
liked being touched like that.

On the other hand, it was harder for him to look down my blouse. But I
could see he kept trying though. It was kind of funny actually.

Then I 'accidentally' rubbed my left tit on his arm. I thought he was
going to fall right over there, when I did it!

He got it together real fast, but I knew I was making progress.

The little bulge in his pants got to be a big bulge.

I could tell he was getting turned on. But damn, why won't he make a

Well fuck it! I decided to get the ball rolling myself.

"Mr. Snifford, I'm willing to do anything, absolutely anything if I
don't have to cut up that little froggie and I mean anything!"

A long time passed before he could speak again. He turned all red and
such. Then when he finally was able to talk he could only say,

"Uh, Miss Richards what do you mean?"

Damn, this old boy needs a lot of direction.

"OK now picture this, Chris. Imagine that I were to walk over to the
center of this room, real slow, and sexy like."

"And you just stand right there, watching me, taking my time. Then I'll
do a real hot strip tease."

"I'll take my blouse off first. I'm not wearing a bra so right then
you'd get a real good look at my more than perfect tits. Then I'll take
my boots off next, and my socks."

"Next I'll take off my pants and finally my tiny little panties. I'll
even take off my jewelry so I'm *completely* naked, just for you, and
once I totally nude, you get to fuck me if you want. I'll even give you
a blow job or even take it up the ass."

"It'll all be up to you. Maybe you'd like me to put my tongue in your
asshole. Or how about you tying me up and fucking the shit out of me?"

"Any of this sound good to you, teach?"

Wow, was he turned on!

Could it have been something I said?

"Katie, I've never seen a girl as sexy as you." He began.

I kind a knew that, cause his approval meter was pushing out the front
of his pants. Why it looked like the circus had come to town.

"Tell you what, I've got a fantasy about fucking one of my students,
right here on my desk. It'd give me something to think about ever time
I taught a class in here."

While he was running off at the mouth, I was laying my cute but down on
his desk.

"Hey Chris, I'm here, come and get it, UH .. as soon as you check off
that little lab assignment in your grade book big boy."

I see he can't wait! He marked an A in his book so he can get his hands
on me.

Took him about 3 seconds I guess.

And boy was his hand shaking? Guess he likes what was coming up next.

But as soon as I saw him put the A next to my name, I jumped off his
desk and moved away from him, just as quick as I could.

He was so shocked and real unhappy looking.

Can't say as I blame him, since this was not going the way he wanted.

I gave him my best insincere smile and I made sure my boobs were
sticking out far as they could go.

I bent my head a little off to the side and looked at him, in that sexy
way Dora Lee uses on my daddy.

Hmmm, it works for me, too.

Then I started to play with the next snap button on my shirt.

He didn't take his eyes off my fingers for a second.

I could tell, he wanted to get to the fucking, but I made sure to stay
out of range.

Nothing like a little anticipation to get a guy really hot.

Finally, I opened the next button on my silk shirt.

Now he could see that I wasn't wearing a bra, but I didn't let him see
my nipples even though I knew he wanted to so badly.

His eyes were almost about to popping out of that old boy's head.

Whoops, I was getting into this so much that my nipples decided to get
all hard. They were not difficult to see them through my little silk
cowgirl shirt.

I'm sure he's going to get a kink in his neck if he keeps starring down
like that.

Now I walked over next to him, and he tries to touch me.

Not a chance!

I just pushed him away and started unbuttoning his shirt.

Not quite the same as the story I told him, but he didn't seem to care
at all.

I slowly pulled his shirt out of his pants. It took me a real long time
doing it. I noticed that his nipples were sticking out just like mine.
I guess they liked what was happening, too.

Oooh. His woody seemed to get even bigger when I started rubbing his
chest and then I trailed my fingers down toward and below his waist.

I then started to rub his dick, just a little bit, just to show my

It seemed to like me.

I dropped to my knees and unbuttoned his pants.

I'd seen lots of different boxer shorts before, but these were kind of
funny. I mean wow!

Boxer shorts with little clocks on them. Hmmm, like I'm going want to
find out what time it is now.

I pulled his boxers down, till the elastic band was all that was
holding his big stiff dick in there.

Then I pulled his shorts down, just a little more, and that kind of
bounced his cock up and down a little.

It sure did want to get out of there.

I eased up on the tension, letting him think that I had stopped playing

Then I repeated the whole cycle a couple more times just to see how he
liked it.

He did.

Finally, I let that big baby spring free. Wow!!

It was a very nice looking cock.

This is going to be more fun than I thought.
As I began to kiss him on the stomach, I kind of nibbled on him, just a
little bit.

That made sure his dick ended up where I wanted it, up between my bug
soft tits.

The I moved around some just to give him a little tit job.

He was very appreciative. So I decided I'd better stop, before he
stained my nice silk shirt.

Sticking out my tongue as far as it would go, I made sure he saw it
before I started licking his stomach again. I lowered my head again
down toward his dick and kind of dragged my tongue over his body. It
seemed like he was getting more interested all the time.

When I licked around his dick and balls, I could easily see he was
interested in a little hotter action.

I gave him a quick kiss on his dick head, and looked up at him with my
great big old puppy dog eyes.

All the time my fingers were traveling down his legs.

They made sure to rub those nice looking thighs.

He tried to spread his legs a little, but couldn't do it, Not with his
pants still wrapped around his ankles.

I started to get a little impatient myself, so I quickly got down and
pulled off his shoes and socks. Bet he was surprised at how fast I
could get his pants and boxers off.

Now I had him completely nude. He looked quite interesting standing
there bare ass naked, in his class room.

His cock seemed to be pointing at my face. Guess it got some ideas on
its own.

I could tell, he was having a good time for sure.

I don't think he has ever had anyone like me before.

Does that make him a Katie Virgin? Hmmm??

He just stood there pretty surprised when I grabbed his dick and pulled
him away from that old desk.

I walked him for about five feet, still holding on to his stiff.

I needed a little more room for what I had in mind.

I stroked that beauty a few times, but he didn't really need any help
keeping it up. That's for sure.

After I unsnapped the last button on my shirt, started pulling it out
of my pants nice and slow like.

This was fun having control over him.

No matter how hard he tried to see them, I kept my nips hidden away
back inside my shirt. I don't know how I kept him from just ripping my
shirt off, but somehow I did.

Finally, I decided to flashed him. When I did, his jaw just dropped
wide open. He had never seen a set of tits as good as these before. He
had to admit that I have a great pair. I love playing with them myself,
now that I think of it.

He must of certainly liked what he saw, as he tried to grab um, but I
kept him away and continued on with my strip tease.

I unbuttoned my belt, and unzipped my pants, but just a little so he
thought they were coming off next.

Surprise, I was going to have take the cowgirl boots off first, and he
was gonna help..

Have you ever watched someone take their boots off, without sitting

This gave me a chance to wiggle around a lot and it let him check me
out, from every direction. He had to bend over to take off the boots
off and while he did it, he made sure that he got to see everything
from every angle. He never complained so he must have liked what he
saw. I'm right about my great looking ass.

Finally he got my boots and socks off. I've never figured out how to do
this in a real sexy way. So I figure, I'd just keep everything else
moving around no one will care that much. Then to he really did seem to
like seeing my tits shake.

Next I started working on my pants. Dora Lee was right again. His eyes
just seemed to bulge when he noticed those turquoise panties. Why he
just couldn't seem to take his eyes off them. Slowly I pulled my pants
down and somehow he managed to stuck his dick up even higher.

Dora Lee said to tell him how much he was turning me on. That was easy
to do, since I really was getting turned on.

I told him that his hard on is so beautiful, and then I told him that I
couldn't wait to feel it push all the way inside of me. But first I
just had to suck the beautiful thing deep into my throat and I would
not let it get away until I sucked it dry. I sounded so good, I could
of got a phone sex job.

He seemed to like my way of thinking cause his dick started jumping up
trying to reach my mouth, I guess.

"What a nice dick! It needs a nice reward." I said as I started to
stroke it with my right hand. Then I decided to vary the stroke so as
to not let him cum until I'm ready to get off.

Used my left hand to grab one of his and began to rub it on my excited
tits. Just to let him know how much I liked being touched.

At first he seemed afraid to squeeze, so I pushed both of his hands
onto my breasts and showed him what to do.

He got the idea, real quick.

When he really started getting into it, I just stepped back a little
and started pushing down my pants again. I finally got um off and
turned around to throw them on one of the student desks.

He saw then that my turquoise panties were really a thong, and it had
slipped right into the crack of my ass.

Now he could see just how nice my butt looked.

I heard a little gasp so I knew it must have looked really good to him.

"Oh God Chris, Why I'm just too tired to take off my panties. You're
just going have to help me. And - just to make it interesting, why
don't you strip me ... without using your hands."

Then I gave him my real seductive smile at this point and ooh did he
look fired up.

First he tried to push my panties down with his dick. I'm not sure he
was really serious.

Seemed like he was doing a whole lot of rubbing, but the panties
weren't really going anywhere.

OK I liked what he was doing, but I wanted to get on with it.

Finally he dropped to his knees and tried to pull my little turquoise
wonder down, with his teeth.

He seemed a nervous so I decided to have some fun. I twitched,
pretended he was tickling me, and just when he thought he had made some
progress, I giggled and wiggled around some.

Oops, damn the panties had slipped right back up - too bad.

But eventually he did get my panties down below my pussy. He stopped
right there and starred at my cute little blond bush. I was hoping he'd
remember what he was supposed to be doing.

But it seems like he couldn't take it any more, so he just grabbed
them, and pulled my panties all the way down and off.

I didn't care at all at this point cause. I was more than ready.

He was quite appreciative, when I finally laid down on his desk. And
when I spread my legs, putting my feet up on his desk pushing my pussy
as far forward as I could get it, I could tell that this fantasy was
right up his alley.

As I was really wet, he slid right in me, without the slightest

Boy was he was surprised that even though I was real wet, I could still
grip and hold him there deep inside me. Just like a little vice.

When I was younger I used to get off with a nice long sausage. After
all that practice this big baby just slid inside my tight pink sugar

My pussy muscles are so strong that no one gets away from me until I'm
ready to let them go, and I milk um for all their worth.

He reached down, grabbed my ass, and started pumping his throbbing
member into my more than ready love box.

I could tell, this was everything he wanted and more.

This was the easiest A I'd ever got. Maybe he will *force* me to do
this again a couple more times.

Well I had an incredible orgasm, after about two minutes, and I just
lay back overcome with the pleasure. It was hard to concentrate. But
somehow I stayed with it and was just about ready to have the big O
number two when he came. DAMN DAMN

This was unexpected but suddenly I found myself cumming for the second
time. I wanted more, but he seemed to be done in .. for now.

Not being a complainer though, I dropped down to my knees and tried to
suck him dry. With all the sucking and licking. he started to respond,

First, he got a little hard. Then he got real hard. Finally, he started
trying to jam that big boy down my throat. Why he's trying to find big
boy a nice new home.

I don't think he realized that he could go from one fuck to another
without stopping.

This must have been a real revelation for him!

As I sucked him off, I began to played with his balls, and finally I
managed to slip my index finger right into his tight asshole and I
rimmed him.

Nibbling on his dick, squeezing his balls, rubbing his ass, and
grabbing on to it, it was just like I owned um.

He was real excited by all this and tried to stick his dick right down
my throat. It went a little farther than he planned, and he found out
that I really like the taste and feel of a cock in my throat.

He also found out, I knew how to deep throat when he noticed, his dick
completely disappear into to my mouth.

I grabbed on to his hips and stopped the pumping. I pushed my face into
him and felt his cock going down my throat.

I sucked his dick real hard and then slowly pulled back, never stopping
the suction on his boner for a second.

Just like I was a high powered vacuum cleaner on a mission. Then I
sucked the glistening member right back into my mouth and then into my
throat. There I held it there real tight.

Only when I was ready, did I slowly pulled back, letting my slowly
traveling lips cover the distance over the long snake.

I took my time doing this. Then I did it again, and again, and again.

This he seemed to more than like. Hmm.

What were those funny sounds he was making?

His balls too seemed real happy to have me playing with them. They were
quite friendly little critters. And with my other hand, I pressed on my
bush and slowly moved it toward my ass, I was getting my jollies too.

One finger took a side trip into my pussy, and felt some of his cum
still there to greet me.

I fingered myself nice and slow. Picked up the pace and pressed the
knuckle of my middle finger on my clit. This gave it a real work out.
It was hard to pay attention to what I was doing, but somehow I did.

He came in my mouth and once again I sucked him dry and loved every
drop of his spunk.

My two fingers, inside my pussy now were really going at it, and I was
cumming again.

How cool.

We've both gotten off twice here. I'm thinking of other ways to keep
things moving along when I hear...

"Professor Snifford! What are you doing to my daughter."

It's Dora Lee!!

There she was standing, at the door, with a video camera, filming as
she demanded an answer.

Wonder how long she was there? boy am I glad, she let me finish the
last one, before she interrupted. She can be real understanding at
times, that step mother of mine.

"Well when, I suspected that you were the type of man who would try to
take advantage of my young innocent daughter, Katie, I got this camera
and today, I filmed everything! I plan on going to the Principal with
this video, and you'll be going off to jail shortly there after."

I couldn't believe that this was my bimbo step mother. She could have
gotten an Oscar for her performance that day. I thought Chris was going
to lose it. He looked scarred shitless. Standing there with his drippy
dick hanging out trying to say,

"No, no please don't do that, Mrs. Richardson. I can't afford to lose
my job. What would my family do."

He kept chattering on about this and that. Trying to get old Dora Lee
to forget about going to the Principal with the video tape. Funny, he
hadn't even lost his hard on. Actually it seemed to be getting a little
bigger, behind his covering hand. Humph. It seemed like, at that moment
he had gotten the hots for Dora Lee. Bastard!! Man!! They can't stay
true to anyone even when they ...

Oh well this wasn't love .. WAS IT?.

Dora Lee looked him over for awhile and then said,

"Maybe we can work something out Professor Snifford.

First off, I kind of got horny watching you and Katie going at it.

Maybe you can help me out here."

With that said, she pulled her tight mini skirt up around her thin
waist and sat on the edge of his desk. We both noticed she was wearing
really high heels, but no underwear.

Dora spread her legs, leaned back to get her pussy to stick out just,
past the edge of the desk. It was then I noticed that her pussy is all
puffed up which is a sure sign, she is ready to go. Kind of wished I
could get in there between her legs myself, but I know what she is up
to so this time, I just watched.

"Get over here on your knees, Mr. Teacher, and take care of this here
red hot pussy of mine. You made it soo .."

Professor Snifford almost hit his head an the desk, getting down
between those wonderful looking legs.

Watched his technique in case I might learn something from him.

Well, he certainly did know how to eat a woman. That was an interesting
little fact. Well you are supposed to learn something new everyday.

I filed that fact away for some future episode.

Dora Lee must of liked it too, but she wanted to make sure he knew who
was in charge.

She kept hollering out commands, told him to do this and that. I was
learning even more new stuff.

Never underestimate the value of a public school education.

When she finally got off, as usual, she went on and on, real loud! But
after a minute, she kind of leaned back and tried to get herself
together. Seemed like watching the two of us standing there naked, just
got her more fired up than before.

Funny, teacher was still hard as a rock even though Dora Lee had a
video tape that could put him in jail for years.

Guess his dick was doing all his thinking.

He just wanted to just stick it into one of our hot little holes and he
didn't seem to care about any consequences.

No such luck teacher...

"Now you better cooperate with me or I can still go see the Principal.

I'll keep this video, to remind me of just what a terrible person you
really are."

"Now put Katie's panties on you cradle robber."

Much as he tried to slip them on, they were way too small.

She made him keep trying for awhile, but finally stopped him saying,

"No, no, no. Put them on your head you asshole. You wanted to get into
to Katie's panties, well now your getting your chance."

The hapless teacher had a look of stunned disbelief on his face.

"But, but, I'd look stupid if I put Katie's panties on my head."

He whined, but he still had a major league hard on.

"Suit yourself, but I'm on my way to the Principal's office, right now
if you don't."

I watched as he slowly pulled the panties over his head.

Seeing Dora motion with her hand, he quickly pulled them down so far
the elastic band was down to his eye brows. He kind of looked like a
naked doctor doing some sort of weird operation.

Dora Lee was filming away during all this. I saw what she was up to. He
was the only one in the pictures.

Now she had something on him that looked really bad, and it wouldn't
even get me in any trouble if she had to use. Dora Lee may not be the
smartest girl in the world, but she sure knows how to get the goods on
a person.

She had the digital camera and started snapping about ten pictures. She
asked him how he would like seeing these show up on the Internet. Maybe
she would do a whole web site featuring him.

"Okay Katie get behind him, grab his ass and start jacking him off."

That really got me into the spirit of things real fast. While she was
filming him at every angle, close up, far away, and medium fade. You
name it, he had to stand there and get all hot, starring into the

Finally he came real loud and shoots stuff out about a foot in out in
front of him. Could you believe it? He still had stuff left, and after
all we did earlier.

Dora Lee told me then to put my clothes back on and get ready to leave,
which I did.

She caution him to remember all the video and pictures she has when it
comes time to hand out grades.

Just as we started toward the door, Dora stopped and she picked up all
his clothes and tucked them under her arm. We left then taking
everything he had.

Last thing I remember seeing was my teacher, standing there with a
forlorn look on his face, and my panties on his head.

He must have been trying to figure out how he was going to get out of
there, without a stitch of clothes to wear home. He'd probably have a
tough time explaining any of this to his wife.

But that was really not my problem I guess.

Dora Lee looked back into the room and said,

"You eat pussy real nice. If I ever get horny I may just give you a
call. I have your home number, and when I call, you better get your
cute ass to where ever I say.

You know what will happen if you don't."

My step mother gets horny, a lot, so he could become busy little
person. I guess he doesn't mind too much cause he still has that raging
hard on. Hmmm.

While we were driving back home, in Dora Lee's Town car, both of us
were quite pleased at our little adventure.

Dora Lee turned to looked at me and said,

"I Hope you learned a lesson here girl. If you want to succeed in
school, or anywhere, you really have to work at it."

I figured that with what I had learned, I would never get a bad grade

I was right. I didn't get anything less that an A for the rest of my
time in Middle School.
The End
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