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Mammoth Cave (re-written)

Authors note:
I ran across a tale called Mammoth Cave way back when
I first started reading erotic stories. I've searched
and asked about the story but haven't had any luck
finding it. I decided to re-write the tale from fond
memory. I wish I could give the original author
credit, but I haven't the faintest recollection who
it was.

{m/f, MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM/f. revenge/tease/forced

By Typoman

Edited by

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Larry Sanderson

My stories contain graphic descriptions of sexual
Various ages from adult to children may be described
in sexual acts, either willing or coerced. If you are
not of legal age to read or adult material, close
this file. If you are offended, or even think that
you might be offended by reading material such as
this then go find something else to read.
By continuing to read this material, you have agreed
that you are of legal age and material such as this
is legal to have in your possession.
A word about fantasy: My stories are just that, a
FANTASY! They might contain a thread of an old
childhood memory, or just be the brainchild of my
fertile imagination.
If you like to read stories like mine then more power
to you! However, if you find yourself seriously
contemplating abusing an innocent minor, then go seek
help. Our children are our future. Donít start (or
continue) the cycle of sexual abuse. Enough said, on
with the tale.

Chelsea reached into the back pocket of her skintight
cutoffs and fished out the little make up mirror to check herself
out. She was a hot little tease and she certainly knew it. The
little 4'10" 85 pound blonde 15 year old frowned into her mirror
then snaked her hand into the front pocket of her cutoffs to
retrieve her bright red lipstick. She laughed to herself when she
"accidentally" elbowed the man in the groin standing in line
behind her. She knew that the hard lump that her elbow met was an
erection, a direct result of her provocative dress and slutty
Chelsea was proud of her body. She reveled in the way men
and boys of all ages stopped what they were doing to stare when
she walked by. Her small but well proportioned breasts were
constrained only by the thin material of her favorite cut off tee
shirt. She just loved the way her breasts jiggled as she walked
past the crowds of people at the mall, her favorite hang out.
Many hours were spent in front of the large full-length
mirror in her bedroom as she perfected that walk of hers. At
first her swaying butt looked just a little too "put on", but now
her walk was polished and perfected.
Her cutoffs came from an old pair of Levi's she had owned
ever since she was 12 years old. Now they are so tight and short
that she is forced to wear them without even the briefest of
panties or they would show. Chelsea even had to lie flat on her
back in order to get the snap closed. The rough seam that ran
from back to front always nestled in between the lips of her
cleanly shaven pussy lips. Whenever she bent over, the seam would
press and rub against her clit. There were times especially after
a long walk in her favorite cutoffs when the juice from her pussy
threatened to run down her legs.
Being satisfied with her lipstick, she managed to finally
get both pieces back into her pockets with a struggle. The man
behind her still had the same erection he had before as her elbow
once again found its target with practiced skill.
The line going into Mammoth Cave moved ahead a few feet. She
was close enough now to feel the cool air on her breasts that
came from the entrance. Her well-defined nipples came to
attention with the change in temperature. Quickly glancing down
she smiled inwardly at the way her well-washed tee shirt
conformed to the shape of her taut nipples, accentuating them
Chelsea cocked her hip to one side in feigned impatience
from waiting in line. Her thoughts drifted back to the one and
only boy that had ever screwed her.
"And screw me he certainly did!" She thought to herself,
smiling at her revenge she waited two years to enjoy.
She was only 13 and oh so innocent when Todd, the 17 year
old neighbor from a few doors down finally noticed that she had a
crush on him. He took full advantage of her crush and innocence
when he talked her into sneaking out through her bedroom window
to meet him at the old playhouse in his back yard.
He wouldn't take no for an answer after they started
kissing. Chelsea didn't dare scream as he roughly pulled her
clothes off, then roughly shoved his finger up her hairless
virgin pussy. She remembered the way he laughed off her protests.
"If you don't want it then how come your pussy is soaking
Todd roughly forced his cock through her maidenhead, only
seeking to quench his own lust. It was all over with before
Chelsea fully understood what was happening. Todd groaned and
spunked into her pussy after only a few full thrusts. After that
he stood up and buckled his pants, leering over his conquest.
That however was not the biggest hurt she felt. It wasn't
the fact that he left her there on the dirt floor alone and
crying, struggling to dress herself in the dark. It wasn't the
revulsion she felt, seeing the red tainted semen oozing from her
deflowered pussy.
The biggest hurt came three days later when she knocked on
his door. Even though he treated her badly, forcing himself upon
her that night in his little sister's playhouse. Chelsea still
clung on to her childhood crush. She convinced herself to let him
do it again if she could be his girlfriend. No, the biggest hurt
came when Todd called her a little slut.
"I've already fucked you! Now you think I want to be seen
with a slut like you hanging around me?"
After warning her to never show her slutty face at his door
again he slammed it in her face.
It took a few months for Chelsea to get over the hurt of
betrayal and rejection she felt. Todd had taken away her
childhood innocence. His selfishness brought about the Chelsea of
today. The almost boyish body that Todd had ravished started to
sprout into young womanhood.
Chelsea noticed the way her nubile young body affected the
males around her. She learned to use her newfound power to get
what she wanted. boys her age and a little older proved almost
too easy to manipulate.
Chelsea's handsome young teacher was the first adult male to
fall under her spell. Her father proved to be a little more
difficult, blatant sexual persuasion only brought out his
stubborn streak. Her daddy was a sucker for the long flannel
nightgown hugs he received after giving in to her wishes.
Two years later Todd came out of his house as she strutted
down the sidewalk in front of his house. She was on her way to
the mall, only a short walk away. Todd had to call to Chelsea
twice before she stopped and turned, almost laughing at the way
he hurried over to where she waited. The all too familiar lust
was in his eyes as he tried to talk his way back into her heart.
The tables had turned completely around. Chelsea wondered what
had ever attracted her to the loser in the Macdonald's uniform
standing nervously in front of her.
"Seems to me you only lasted about three strokes before you
lost it Todd."
Chelsea snickered, as she looked him over. "Wow you're a
real prize aren't you! A needle dicked boy with premature
ejaculation, just what I've always wanted! That Macdonald's
uniform really gets me hot too! How much are you making now Todd,
20 cents above minimum wage? GET LOST LOSER!"
Just then a carload of boys from her school stopped beside
her wanting to give her a ride. Leaning on her elbows with her
butt pointing directly at her old tormentor, she finally allowed
the boys to talk her into climbing into their car.
Chelsea was shaken out of her reverie when the line leading
into Mammoth Cave finally started moving in earnest. Even the
forest ranger that would be their guide got flustered when she
played with his tie before strutting by. With the memory of her
revenge fresh in her mind Chelsea played her part to the fullest.
Once inside, her nipples proudly announced the temperature
change to the other tourists. A boy of about 8 turned around as
Chelsea stood behind him. His eyes bugged out at the view his
short stature allowed. He pulled on his mother's dress to get her
"Mommy, I can see that girls titties!"
She received a dirty look from the boy's mother just before
she drug the wide-eyed boy away. After a while Chelsea noticed
that the women and children were drifting ahead of her. The group
of men stayed behind and quietly looked on with lust filled eyes
when she paused to ask the flustered ranger a question or bent
over a railing to look over the side. She felt her pussy gush
from the excitement and wondered if there might soon be a wet
spot in her crotch to show the men after a while.
Chelsea told herself, "It's a good thing I learned that
there's safety in numbers." She knew that as long as she stayed
with the group she would be safe among this pack of hungry
All of a sudden the lights went out. Chelsea and her group
were plunged into total darkness. A hand from behind covered
Chelsea's mouth before she could scream. The only sounds to be
heard were her struggles and muffled protests and the shuffles of
approaching shoes.
In the complete darkness, hands from every direction fondled
every part of her body. The flimsy cut off tee shirt she wore was
lifted away, exposing her nubile young breasts. She felt her
slight 85-pound frame being lifted off the floor and carried to
places unknown.
The countless warnings Chelsea's father had given her about
the way she dressed and acted echoed in her mind. She knew that
she was totally helpless at the hands of these men. It was time
to pay the piper.
The multitude of hands in the pitch black of the cave acted
as if they were commanded by a single mind. Fingers worked their
way under the tight shorts, a button coming free, zipper worked
down. What surprised the poor girl was although she could sense
her captor's urgent needs, the hands were surprisingly gentle. It
seemed that maybe each man around her was the father of a slutty
acting daughter. They only wanted to finally relieve the sexual
frustration built up as they witnessed their little girls grow
into womanhood. Yes, she remembered the faces around her before
the lights went off. They were eerily similar to her daddy's
expression she'd seen so many times before. The look of lust and
disapproval battling with each other for supremacy of action.
In mere minutes Chelsea was stripped naked then spread out
on the cold stone floor. Pairs of hands each took their turn
exploring the charms Chelsea's lewdly splayed apart body had to
Chelsea felt herself being lifted off the cold stone floor.
She writhed in unexpected pleasure as multiple tongues probed and
licked every body part and orifice her 15-year-old body had to
offer. Even her toes were nibbled and licked. No longer gagged,
Chelsea cried out the release of her first non-self induced
orgasm. Her hands clenched around blue steel erections pumping up
and down on their own volition. All three holes were fucked
mercilessly, time and time again. Time stood still as loads of
semen exploded inside her cavities and rained upon her naked
body. The poor girl lost count of the number of orgasm's she
The lights were back on when Chelsea awoke. She was alone
and shivering, lying there naked on the floor. One of her
tormentors must have felt guilty and draped his jacket over her.
She eventually sat up and took stock of her situation, hugging
the jacket around her. A pool of semen formed under her as it
seeped out of her lower cavities. Her hair was matted and caked
with dried semen. Almost every part of her body glittered with
the flaky left over traces of the sperm that had coated it. On
Shaky feet she stood and found her clothing strewn about the
area. Amazingly not a single piece was torn. She winced at the
soreness between her legs while struggling into her clothing. The
next group of tourists eyed Chelsea suspiciously as she passed
them, traveling in the opposite direction. Fortunately her
donated jacket covered her body and hung almost to her knees. The
thrill of playing the little slut had worn itself away.
Eventually made her way out of the cavern. She had hitch
hiked out to the Mammoth cave and certainly didn't want to risk
hitch hiking back home. In the pocket of her new jacket was a
Walking to the pay phone in the gift shop, she called the
only person she could trust.
"Daddy? It's me. I'm so sorry for the way I've been acting
lately! Daddy? I've gotten myself in a jam, can you come and get

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