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Man Sucking Teen Tampon


man sucking Teen Tampon
By Daphne Xu
Copyright 1997

I was shocked the first time it happened. I was only just
getting used to him looking at and touching my pussy, and my
period had started that morning. I approached his office with
repidation; I was excited and scared at his seeing the short
string from my tampon hanging out of my pussy. The possible
messiness scared me, too.

He let me into the office and, after closing the door and
making sure the window was covered, knelt in front of me. I
lifted up my dress, and he slid my panties down. He gazed at
my pussy, and I stood there, waiting for the cold touch of his
fingertip. He reached forward and tugged lightly on the string.

He slid his finger up and down and tickled my pussy, then did
something totally unexpected. He spread my pussy apart, and
slowly pulled my tampon out. Then, to my utter astonishment
and surprise, he put the bloody tampon in his mouth and sucked on it! He sucked the tampon and swallowed the blood, until he
couldn't squeeze any more out of it.

He tossed the tampon into the garbage, then turned back to me.
I was just standing there, astounded and just a bit disgusted
at what he'd already done. He spread my pussy apart, and
worked his finger up me. His finger felt good inside me,
better than the tampon, and I was disappointed when he pulled
it out. His finger was covered with blood, and he stuck it in
his mouth and licked it off.

"Isn't that disgusting?" I asked.

"Ummmmm," he replied. "Nectar of the Goddess."

He moved up close to me and began licking and slurping my pussy.
It tickled so much, I shrieked and laughed. I had to reach out
and grab something, to keep from falling. I felt like I had to
go to the bathroom, although fortunately, nothing came out. He
stuck his tongue in and out of me like a snake. Blood and other
fluids were trickling out, and he lapped them up.

When he began to pull away, I grabbed his head and pulled him
back in, gasping, "No, no, no. Don't stop!" It felt so good,
I never wanted it to stop. So he kept licking me.

Well, finally, he had to stop. He had another appointment. I
was disappointed, but he was adamant. I got out another tampon
from my purse, and inserted up in me. He watched the proceedings
in awe.

I pulled up my panties, brushed my dress down, hoping it would
be halfway presentable. He wrote up a hall pass for me, and I
returned to class.



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