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Many a slip


Many a Slip by Davidb234 (MF,Mf,1st,cons,Teen)

This work is the intellectual property of the
author davidb234 and he claims the copyright. It
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to any commercial or pay site or organisation,
without the authors express permission.
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This is a work of adult fiction and contains
descriptions of sexual acts between consenting
adults and others. If you are under the age of
consent where you reside delete this file
immediately. If it is illegal to obtain this sort
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Many a slip
By Davidb234

Sally and I had been going out together for some time now. We had
been doing all the things lovers do on our various dates, from
discrete teasing in restaurants to full blown wet and sticky sex
whenever we shared my bed. The one thing we never did was go quite
that far in her home. This was because of the possibility of her
children Sam and Alex catching on to what we were doing. Then one day
all that changed, and all due to a silly accident involving a child's
roller skate, and a broken date.

The car was Sally's and was the reason I was spending the day with
her. We had intended going on a picnic but the weather turned against
us just as I arrived to pick her up it began to rain. In an effort
to make the best of the day we ended up eating our lunch off a
blanket spread out on the floor of her large conservatory, watching
the rain falling on the glass roof as we lay side by side after we
finished our meal. As usual this turned into a session of serious
necking, and she ended up sans underwear as she played cowgirl to my
bucking bronco. After we had been laying there for a while I looked
at my watch and said softly "I guess I better be going Sally darling,
we don't want the girls to find me here when they get home do we?"
she sighed deeply, turned to kiss me passionately and said "I guess
not darling, but I do wish we didn't have to keep it a secret from
them, they are getting old enough to understand you know and I'm sure
they wouldn't make a fuss about it." I chuckled softly, "Maybe not
lover, but I still don't think we should take any chances just now,
maybe in a while we can let them into what's happening" I replied as
I gently rolled her on to her back and got to my feet. As I stood
over her doing up my pants, and tucking my shirt in, she smiled up at
me and said " I wish you could stay the night darling, I said they
could stay overnight with their friends after the party, and I don't
think they'll let an opportunity like that go begging, especially
with the tight rein I've been keeping on them recently." I helped
Sally to her feet and waited until she straightened her clothes,
smiling as I saw she didn't bother replacing her bra and panties, we
then walked hand in hand to the front door where I said a protracted
and almost tearful good night. As I turned to walk down the driveway
to my car Sally said "David, could you check the garage door is
locked please, I can't remember if I did it or not?" I agreed and
turned round as I stepped off the porch, the next thing I knew I was
flat on my back groaning in agony as I held on to my painful ankle.
Sally came rushing over to me, dropped to her knees and asked what
was wrong. I pointed to the culprit, a solitary childs skate, that
lay against the closed and locked garage door. "Oh, damn, young Jimmy
must have left it there when he finished playing with his friends
earlier. I'm sorry darling, I'll have a word with his mom in the
morning, and make sure he takes all his things away with him in

After helping me back into the house Sally stripped off my shoe and
sock, pointed out my ankle was swelling up like a balloon and went
away to get some cold water and bandages. Being a nurse she knew I'd
only sprained my ankle, but did point out that I wouldn't be able to
drive until the pain went and the swelling subsided. When she had
cleared away all her paraphernalia she came back and sat on my lap,
straddling my thighs, kissed me lovingly and said "Well darling, it
looks like you'll be staying the night after all, it's a good job we
don't have to go to work in the morning, isn't it?" At about eleven
thirty Sally helped me up the stairs to her bedroom, stripped me
naked and soon joined me in bed. "What about the kids?" I asked, she
shook her head "If they're not home by now, I'm sure they're going to
be staying over, so we don't have anything to worry about. Now stop
worrying and lets enjoy ourselves." We did, enjoy ourselves, I mean,
I brought her to a number of crashing orgasms, even managing to have
another one myself despite having cum twice during the afternoon. It
was just after midnight when we finally drifted off to sleep,
managing to do so despite the crashing storm that had begun soon
after we had snuggled down in each others arms.

It was some hours later that I felt Sally moving about beside me and
then felt her getting back into bed this time on my side. I opened up
my arms and cuddled her to me as she turned and pressed her naked
buttocks against my suddenly hard throbbing erection. As she wriggled
her butt against my cock I cupped my hand over her uppermost breast
for a moment or two then moved it down to her pussy where I opened
her thighs, gently pressed my hips forward and slipped my erect penis
into her hot wet pussy. As I gently moved my cock in and out of the
entrance to her cunt I felt Sally press her hips back against me and
heard her give a squeak of surprise as I entered her vaginal passage
in a rush, pounding my pubic bone against her buttocks as I went in
balls deep. Despite having just been rudely woken up by having my
cock thrust deep inside her it didn't take Sally long to show how
much she was enjoying what was happening to her. Long before I was
anywhere close to my climax she was crying out in ecstasy as her body
was wracked by a massive orgasm the like of which I'd not known her
to have with me before. That was the point where I almost had a heart
attack. As I was hugging Sally's naked body to me kissing her neck
and shoulder in an effort to get her to calm down, the bedroom
light came on and I felt a movement behind me as a pair of soft warm
hands slipped round my chest and I heard Sally say "Good morning
darling, would you like a cup of tea?" "OH SHIT!!" I gasped as I
suddenly realised it wasn't Sally I had my cock buried in, but Sam,
one of her teenage daughters.

I rolled on to my back, wrenching my suddenly softening cock from
Sam's slick warm pussy, looked up at Sally who was by now sitting up
and taking a cup of tea from her other girl Alex, and said "God Sal,
in sorry, I didn't mean to do it, I just didn't know it wasn't you
when I .." suddenly I was unable to finish what I started to say as I
felt Sam roll over, press her naked breasts against my chest and
place a soft sweet kiss on my lips. "Thank Dave, I've been wanting to
do that for ages" she said softly, then she rolled off the bed and
walked out of the bedroom, obviously to get cleaned up as I heard the
shower start a minute or so later. The next thing I know Alex placed
a cup of tea on the nightstand next to me, smiled down at where I lay
then gave me a wink as she turned to leave the bedroom, closing the
door behind her. Despite the cool way everyone else seemed to be
taking things I was still scared out of my wits as I slowly sat up
and reached over for the teacup Alex had left for me. When I'd
finished drinking the strong brew I lay my head on the headboard of
the bed and said "I guess I better get out of here before things get
out of hand. I'm sorry it happened Sally my love, all I can say is I
didn't know what I was doing, and I didn't realise it wasn't you
beside me in bed. If you want to send someone round to see me I'll be
at home for the rest of the weekend." I then swung my legs round to
hang over the edge of the bed and was about to stand up when I felt
an arm pass round my neck and was suddenly pulled back to lay on the
bed with Sally looking down at me. "David Bowman, if you leave this
house today, be assured it will be the last time you ever see me
again. If you leave this bedroom before I say you can you're going to
be more sorry than you could ever imagine. On the other hand if you
come and lay down beside me I'll explain what happened and why, and
tell you what is going to be happening in the future. Understand?"

Looking up into her eyes I could see she wasn't in the least bit mad
at me, and although I couldn't work out why I decided to do as she
said and not run from here as my instinct told me to do. "OK" I said
softly "But I don't see why you're not screaming the place down and
calling the cops to have me charged with raping your daughter." She
smiled down at where I still lay, lowered her head and kissed me
tenderly on the lips then said "Well darling, that's mainly because
you didn't rape Sam, if anything it was probably the other way
round." After kissing me again Sally pulled my up and I was soon sat
beside her, with her head on my chest and her arms round my body as
she continued, "What happened tonight was that the girls came home
instead of staying out all night at their friends house. It seemed
their friends parents car broke down and they came home instead of
staying out all night as they were supposed to. When they got home
they found San, Alex and their friend entertaining three boys,
strictly against their friends parents orders. That brought to an end
the sleepover, and the girls were bundled into a cab and sent home.
I'm expecting a disgruntled parent to be phoning me later today to
tell me what was going on in their supposed absence." Sally paused
and I felt her face break into a broad grin against my chest. "Any
way, the girls came home last night just as the storm was breaking
and did as they always do, they got into bed with me. I know it
sounds silly but even at their ages, they're still frightened of
thunderstorms. That's when they discovered you in bed with me, and
also when they spent a couple of hours convincing me it would be a
perfect opportunity to have someone get rid of their virginities."
Just then the girls came back into the bedroom and sat, one each
side, Sam sitting beside me, grinning at the shamefaced look I had
each time I looked at her. "The thing is David darling, these two
seem to think they were the only two virgins left in their year at
school. They have also been talking to me about what its like to have
sex, for a long time, and have managed to get this far without
succumbing to the blandishments of any of the boys they might date
from time to time." "And it hasn't been easy" said Alex with a grin,
"You'd be surprised how hard it can be fighting of a guy that seems
to sprout four extra arms when you're in the back of a car." "Besides
which" put in Sam, "Some of the things our girlfriends told us just
made us all the more determined to make sure we didn't lose our
cherries to some stupid ignorant jock."

Sally sat up beside me, half turned and said, with a broad grin "And
I'm afraid it was you that got the job David, unfortunately you
didn't finish it off as you were supposed to. Therefore can I suggest
you go and get yourself cleaned up very quickly so you can take care
of Alex, then we'll all sit down, have breakfast and discuss whet
we're going to be doing in the foreseeable future." Still somewhat
bemused I got out of bed, forgetting I was still naked, and walked
slowly to the bathroom where I cleaned my groin area up, then made my
way back to Sallys bed. There I found that Sally and Sam had gone,
leaving Alex alone, and laying naked in the centre of the bed, the
covers thrown back, and her looking more desirable than I thought a
young girl ever could. Despite my conscience telling me I shouldn't
be doing this, at least with a fifteen year old, my libido was well
and truly in charge and I soon found myself on my hands and knees
crawling across the bed to where I could lay beside the beautiful and
expectant young woman in front of me. As I lay down Alex rolled over
and threw her uppermost arm over my chest, hugging me tight and
pressing her firm naked breasts against me, as her lips sought mine,
finally attaching themselves to me in a long hot passionate kiss.
When I finally managed to break away from her hungry lips I looked at
Alex and said softly "You're quite certain you want this Alex
darling, its not because you feel you have to do it because Sam did
it earlier?" Alex gave a soft chuckle "Don't be silly Dave, it was my
idea in the first place. I told mom that if she couldn't get you to
do this Sam and I would end up having a bad time in some jocks car on
a very bad date. Besides, if I hadn't wanted it why would I have been
waiting for you to come back from the bathroom. I could have gone
down to the kitchen with mom and Sam."
I smiled down at her again, "OK" I said softly, I accept all that.
How do you want to do this, like Sam from behind, me on top, or you
riding me like a cowboy?" Alex giggled then said, in a little girl
voice "Oooh, I love riding horses daddy, can I practice on you
please, pretty please?". The next thing I knew she was trying to roll
me on to my back and straddle my hips all at the same time. When at
last she was poised over my suddenly hard cock she paused, looked me
in the eye and said in a soft whisper "Will you held me please
daddy, I don't know what to do." It suddenly struck me that Alex
serious in pretending I was her daddy, despite the fact that he had
been killed in a road smash some years previously. As I'd come this
far I decided it wasn't going to hurt if I helped her with her
fantasy. "Yes OK baby, daddy will help you. Just hold me so you can
feel my penis touching your pussy, then lower yourself down slowly so
you can feel me inside you. Don't do it too quick or it might hurt
and daddy doesn't want that to happen" I replied in a voice barely
above a whisper. As Alex did as I said I heard her gasp as she felt
my cockhead slip past her tight virgin pussy lips, and almost gasped
myself as I felt her tight vaginal passage give slightly as I slipped
further and further inside her. Suddenly Alex stopped, and jerked
back slightly as we both felt the tip of my cock press against her
maiden barrier. "Steady baby" I said softly, "This is the bit that
might hurt, but you have to do it to become a woman. Just move up and
down a few times until you feel you can push right through." As I
looked up at her face I saw a tiny bit of doubt in her eyes and I
lifted my hands to her cheeks, looked her in the eyes and said softly
"You don't have to do this Alex darling, no one is going to force you
if you're not sure, understand my love?" she looked down at me, a
tiny tear forming in the corner of her eyes and said softly "Yes
daddy, Hnnngg.." her sudden groan coming an instant after she had
dropped herself down hard on my erection, forcing my penis through
her hymen destroying it for all time.

Tenderly I reached up and gently pulled Alex down to lay on my chest,
kissing away her tears before she lay her head on my shoulder. "You
OK darling?" I asked softly, she nodded "Yes, just a little sore, I
dint know it would hurt like that, Sam said she hardly felt
anything." I stroked her back as I said "Yes, well it didn't seem to
cause her too much of a problem. I certainly didn't feel it when her
cherry popped this morning. The thing is baby some girls have a
strong hymen, and some a thin weak one. I guess you're the one to dip
out." We lay there for a few more minutes, then very slowly Alex
pushed herself upright, smiling as she felt my cock slipping deeper
and deeper into her young body the more move upwards. When at last
she was sitting with her buttocks on my hips she looked down at me
and said "God, Dave, I never realised I could feel so FULL before. In
fact I didn't realise I was even EMPTY, this feels really great
having you inside me like this" and she began to work her hips back
and forth, rubbing her swollen clit against my pubic bone and my
coarse pubic hair. After a while Alex began to get into a routine of
up and down and side to side movements as she leaned forward pressing
her breasts against my cupping hands, as I flicked and tweaked her
hard rigid nipples with the sides if my thumbs. It wasn't long before
Alex was coming to her first orgasm not from her own hand, and she
told her mother and sister what it was like when she reached her
crashing screaming climax before collapsing forward on to my chest
where she lay gasping for breath. That's how Sally and Sam found us
laying when they came bursting into the room to see who as being
tortured. Well, well, someone seems to have enjoyed herself" said
Sally as she looked down at where Alex lay on top of me, "It sure
sounded that way Mom" said Sam, and the pair of them sat on the bed
beside us as they waited for Alex to regain her breath.
Half an hour later we were sitting in the kitchen where Sally dished
up a full English breakfast for us all on the pretext that we needed
the energy we had expended, replacing. When we had all finished the
girls cleared the table, loading the dish washer, then joined Sally
and I in the family room where we were sitting on the sofa. When the
girls were sitting in arm chairs opposite Sally and I she said "David
darling, I know you were a little reluctant to go through with this,
this morning.." I grinned and gave a single nod of my head, "Yes.
Well, I want to thank you for doing something you didn't really want
to do, maybe even something you think you shouldn't have done. The
thing is darling, Sam and I, and I also think Alex too, would like to
make this a sort of permanent thing.." the look on my face must have
scared her for a moment, because she suddenly said "Not THAT
permanent. I'm not trying to get you to marry me or anything.." "Why
not Mom, I'd like him as my daddy" put in Alex in a quiet voice.
"Yes, well, whatever, I'm not trying to trap you or anything David,
but we would like it if you could stay over some times so we can all
have a bit of fun and the girls can learn how to enjoy sex the way I
do." "I'm surprised you're not asking me to move in with you" I said
with a grin. Sally chuckled "If I thought you'd do that I would, no
matter what the neighbours thought about it" she replied. "Well, we
could always get married if it's a scandal you want to avoid. That
way the neighbours would have nothing to talk about, would they?"
Six weeks later I woke up early on Saturday morning to find my stepdaughters snuggled up, one to my back and one to my front, all of us naked as usual, while my loving wife stood over the bed offering me an early morning cup of strong English Breakfast Tea. Ahhh.. life can be so good to some of us..

The END.

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