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Mares 11 15


If you're under 18, these stories are not for you. Don't read them. Skip
or erase the file. If you're over 18, you can officially decide for

The following are works of total fiction and most contain scenes of
graphic sex of various kinds, most of which are nc, kinky, and/or downright
weird. The actions depicted are not from or for real life.

Content is my own (Monocle), copyright 1999, (as are the typos,and
spelling & grammar errors), and any resemblance to persons or events living
or dead or stories already written is purely coincidence. The reader is
free and welcome to copy and circulate these stories within free legal
forums, as long as this disclaimer is included and no alterations to it or
the content are made.

Hope you like them.




___/ \___

\ /\ / Nightmares and Visions (11-15)

\ \/ / by Monocle


(O) o Short vignettes and scenes. Most

/ > have the darker elements of nc,

| ~~ bond, etc.



Nightmares and Visions by Monocle

Some time ago, I started receiving strange, short e-mails from anonymous
addresses by parties unknown. I really have no idea whether or not some or
all are from one person, or who or what the person or people is or are.
Most of them listed subjects as "my nightmare" or "A dream I didn't tell to
my husband" or "Vision Number 3". They all start with little or no
pre-amble, often don't really end, and are almost all in first person.
Collecting them together like this reminds me of Suki's or Davis' "Images"
- harder than the one, maybe not quite as hard as the other.


I am locked on my hands and knees. I'm held by a number of soft, but
unyielding leather straps. My forearms and calves are held to the floor,
knees pushed forward slightly and spread wide apart. Another strap around
my waist pulls it towards the floor, leaving my tits to hang into two
depressions below them and forcing my ass up in the air, leaving it and my
pussy open and exposed. My hair hangs loose around my face, except for the
handful of locks pulled back to the straps at my waist that force my head
up and facing forward. All I can see in front of me is a mechanical
armature holding an alarmingly realistic looking dildo pointed at my mouth.
A voice speaks.

"Yes Julie, there is one of those wonderful devices pointing at each of
your openings. This is your situation: We need information from you, and
we are going to get it. We are going to ask you questions and you are
going to answer them quickly and truthfully. Questions will only be asked
once. We know the answers to most, but not all of the questions we will be
asking, so we will catch you if you lie. If you lie or wait too long to
answer, one or more of these devices will begin to fuck you. Simple as
that. They will continue for three minutes or until you cum, and then we
will ask the question again. Do not try to stop the dildo at your mouth,
the mechanism will bruise your lips - even break your teeth if you grit
them. I can't say what the fucking will be like. The device is set
randomly, and can work from slow and gentle to... well you might just see.
"And if you are still reluctant, dear Julie, we will replace the
machinery with real cocks - no protection - and after we use ours, we'll
take anyone's - no health check. A wrong or missing answer then will
result in you being fucked until _they_ cum."

"Do you understand?"


"Are you ready?"

"Please! Don't do this! I'll tell you anything you want to know!"

"That was not the correct answer, Julie"

"No! NOOO0-MMMGggmmff!"


I floated in a dreamy haze. Sensations rippled across my body.
Satin-like textures caressed my skin. The cool fabric rubbed across my
breasts and nipples, causing them to tingle with pleasure. The feel of the
fabric spread. It moved along my arms, around my belly and back, down my
buttocks and thighs, winding around my legs. The teasing, sheer fabric
drew my arms and legs slowly away and apart. It tickled and rubbed my
inner thighs. It teased the outer lips of my pussy. My cheeks and chin
and neck felt it also, though I saw nothing but cloudy, misty shapes. Soon
I was floated spread-eagled in the misty space, every inch of me feeling
the silky caress.

The soft smooth fabric-like material rubbing my slit now bowed towards
me pushing between my moistening outer lips. Further it dipped and pressed
into me, extruding like a soft, thick tongue. I accepted it with the rest
of the sensations, letting it slowly enter me. The teasing at my stiffened
nipples intensified, and I felt my hardening clit emerge to be softly
stroked as my pussy gently filled.

My orgasm took me suddenly and I cried out into the muffling haze. My
body shuddered with the release, and my pussy clamped down on the strange
intruding material spasmodically. The sensations continued as I slowly
came down still immersed in the semi-conscious atmosphere.


I felt full, stuffed completely. The throbbing presence in my cunt was
driving me crazy. It slid out and pushed back in relentlessly, dragging
against my engorged clit each time it forced its way in. Strong hands
gripped my thighs, slamming me up and back each time the cock plowed into
me from behind. My head hung low, arms dangling to the ground, legs
splayed to either side of the hard, flexing thighs of my anonymous lover. I
was helpless to resist the most intense fucking I'd ever felt. I felt the
thick phallus pulse and expand in my already stretched cunt. It shoved
hard into me one more time, pressing up against the entrance to my ripe
womb. I felt it throb inside me and knew it was cumming into me. The hot,
gooey feeling spread deep within me. The cock filled me with semen. I
shuddered, knowing what might happen; knowing this massive, unknown cock
might impregnate me right now. My climax rode hot on my dread and arousal,
taking me as completely as the cock that filled me. My inner muscles
squeezed the cock reflexively, coaxing every last drop from it deep into my


I emerged from darkness as an orgasm gently rocked me. I opened my eyes
and was blinded by the glare, but my body was alive with erotic sensation.
Tongues and lips and hands were all I could feel. Both male and female
mouths and fingers molested me. Looking around, I half recognized many of
the faces - sinister and predatory facades resembling friends, relatives,
old loves, and others. The mouths licked and sucked at my neck and breasts and clit. They nibbled my thighs and armpits and under my knees. The
hands that weren't pinning my wrists above my head or holding my legs
spread wide, slid up and down my sweat-soaked body, grabbing and stroking
my fevered skin around the mouths and tongues. I lay against nothing, my
weight supported only by groping hands and pressing mouths. I could move
only a little, and was unable to escape any touch or protect any part of me
from the insistent caresses. Every inch of me was being paid wanton
attention except my mouth, which was free to cry and moan and scream out
protests that went unheeded. I was disoriented, overwhelmed, out of

My second orgasm triggered when the first jab of a tongue into my anus
caused me to jerk my hips forward, mashing my mound into the mouth
devouring my pussy. That mouth responded by viciously sucking on my clit
until I screamed in climax...

15. (Could be another part to 14)

I'd lost track of how many cums they had forced from me when I felt
something thicker than a finger and harder than a tongue first push into my
pussy. I tried to see what it was over the heads and arms that covered my
body, and could barely make it out. Some of the hands guided a long
transparent tube extending from the white ceiling, pushing its blunt,
curved end into my defenseless cunny. It was as thick as a fat cock, but
smooth. It stretched my pussy, but I was so wet from saliva and my own
juices that it slid into me easily despite its girth, filling me full as
tongues feverishly licked all around it. I was cumming almost continually
now, and could feel my inner muscles squeeze the new presence within me
eagerly. It was guided as far into me as it would go and held there as the
hands and mouths danced over me, carrying me to another peak of unwelcome
ecstasy. Wave after crashing wave shook me, exhausted me. They just
wouldn't stop.

My blurred vision cleared briefly and I saw it. A white fluid traveled
slowly down the tube towards my stuffed pussy. It was already halfway from
the ceiling to me. It advanced forward an inch or so every second. I knew
what it was. I knew there was no way I could escape it. I knew what was
going to happen to me. Another bolt of orgasm stole my senses. I
shuddered and looked away again, moaning in pleasure and anguish as my hips
rocked forward of their own accord, grinding into the tongue on my clit,
pushing the end of the tube hard against my cervix.

Suddenly everything stopped. Hands still held me, tongues and fingers
pressed into me everywhere, but all movement had ceased for the moment,
frozen in mid lick or grope. I came down, shaking from the almost
unbearable climax and looked around me. Heads and hands were motionless.
Then I looked at the tube. The white stuff had almost reached me. I could
feel the tube pulse within my pussy with each inch the fluid advanced.
Nothing would stop it from flowing through; deep into my cunt, to be
injected right at the opening to my ripe womb. I could only stare, heart
pounding, as the semen filled the tube penetrating my pussy. Three inches
away, two inches, one. The jism forced the tube to widen as it flowed into
me, and I could feel it progress deeper with each surge as it traveled down
the last distance within me.

Then the world exploded. Hands and tongues that had been still for the
last minute erupted back to life, even more energetically than before.
Mouths sucked hard on my nipples and clit, a tongue laved and pushed into
my anus. Fingers massaged my breasts and thighs and ass and neck. My body
was completely overwhelmed and overstimulated. They drove me from almost
nothing to the edge of orgasm almost instantly. I screamed. I shuddered.
I felt warmth deep in my belly as hot cum started pumping into me. I
screamed again. I imagined I could feel it filling me, feel my own body
betraying me, spasming muscles trying to pull the stuff deeper, to help it
fulfill its purpose. I screamed. My breasts and pussy and ass were
consumed in pleasure as the steady stream of seed surged into me and into
me. I screamed.


Nightmares and Visions (11-15) by Monocle



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