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Mares 21 25


If you're under 18, these stories are not for you. Don't read them. Skip
or erase the file. If you're over 18, you can officially decide for

The following are works of total fiction and most contain scenes of
graphic sex of various kinds, most of which are nc, kinky, and/or downright
weird. The actions depicted are not from or for real life.

Content is my own (Monocle), copyright 2000-2001, (as are the typos, and
spelling & grammar errors), and any resemblance to persons or events living
or dead or stories already written is purely coincidence. The reader is
free and welcome to copy and circulate these stories within free legal
forums, as long as this disclaimer is included and no alterations to it or
the content are made.

Hope you like them.




| v |

|>*< | Nightmares and Visions (21-25)

| ^\ | by Monocle _|__|_|_

(O) o Short vignettes and scenes. Most

/ > have the darker elements of nc, | ~~ bond, etc. |

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Nightmares and Visions by Monocle

Some time ago, I started receiving strange, short e-mails from anonymous
addresses by parties unknown. I really have no idea who sends them, or if
they are from a single individual or not. Most of subjects read only "my
nightmare" or "A dream I didn't tell to my husband" or "Vision Number 3".
They all start with little or no pre-amble, often don't really end, and are
almost all in first person. Collecting them together like this reminds me
of Suki's or Davis' "Images".


He finally noticed me! Asked me out - dinner and a movie. It was
great! After, we went for a drive to look over the city. His convertible
was a kick to ride in the warm night. Naturally, we got to kissing, then
petting. I was so excited when he touched my breasts for the first time.
When he sucked them, I thought I'd die. When his hand moved from rubbing
my belly to sliding under the waistband of my skirt, I grabbed at it, but
he just sucked harder on my nipple and rubbed the other with his other
hand. I let him go.

He touched me through my panties. I was so wet! His fingers tickled me
all over down there I moaned into his hair. My hips moved into his
fingers. And then his fingers slipped around my panty legs and his fingers
touched me. I squeaked and came, shuddering against him.

Breathless and dazed from my orgasm, I automatically raised my hips,
letting him pull my skirt and panties down my legs. Suddenly, I was naked
save for my sandals, reclined all the way back in the convertible's
spacious seat. He was too! Yet somehow he'd always managed to be touching
me on the breasts or pussy with his fingers or mouth. This was farther
than I'd gone before or ever wanted to go, but it felt so good! I didn't
know how (or if I wanted) to stop.

Then, his mouth was licking between my thighs, nibbling on my clit,
snaking his tongue into my pussy. The new feelings came so fast and so
intense I thought I was going insane! I suppose I just did what came
naturally with the hard penis pointing down over my face. First I brushed
it with my fingers, then kissed it. Before I knew it, I was taking it in
my mouth, sucking and licking it like a hot popsicle stick. My hands found
his ribcage as his massaged my thighs, coaxing them to open wider. I
screamed around his cock as he brought me to a second orgasm with his
tongue. My reflexes must have taken over then, because I remember
swallowing repeatedly as his salty cum spurt down my throat.

The cock and tongue left me, and I sighed, eyes closed. What an amazing
night! Then I felt him between my legs, hips pushing at my thighs, hands
on my waist pulling me forward on the seat. Hardness poked at my open,
soaked pussy. My eyes shot open to see his happy, eager face smiling down
at me. I started to protest, but he lowered his mouth to my breasts and
started sucking earnestly on them. I arched into him at the sensation, the
motion pushing my pussy onto his shaft. At this seeming invitation, he
slammed into me in one stroke, tearing my hymen and burying his bone fully
in me before I could push him away. I screamed into the night air. For a
few wild heartbeats he held in me, then started thrusting his cock in and
out of me rapidly, forcefully. I tried to scream again, but all that came
out were grunts and groans in time with his jabs. Pleasure drowned pain
quickly, but I couldn't get a word between gasps as to whether I wanted him
to stop or go harder. I didn't know what I would have said had I the
opportunity. I'd never been so scared, nor felt anything so good in my

I came a third delirious time as he fucked and sucked me. All of my
muscles strained as I writhed and bucked up into him. Then, as my arms and
legs and vagina squeezed him tight, I felt him stiffen and swell inside me.
He came again. This time his cum pumped deep into my newly opened pussy.
Oh God!



It's pitch dark - I think I'm blindfolded. Someone is fucking me. His
weight presses me down onto a soft, giving surface. My arms are held above
my head, wrists locked together in one huge hand. My thighs are splayed
wide around trunk-like hips. His thrusts are hard, steady, and deep.
Either I am wet, or he has used lubrication, since he slides in and out of
me easily despite his girth. I protest but receive no response. He fucks
me until, without warning, he slams his cock all the way in and cums. He
holds rooted in me while his cock throbs and erupts. I feel the warmth and
pressure of it spread deep inside me. Through the horror washing over me,
I nevertheless feel a tiny bit of relief. At least it's over.

I'm wrong. After the last spurting throb, the still hard cock pulls
most of the way out... and rams back in. The semen acts as additional
lubrication along my stretched pussy walls as he continues to hold me and
fuck me. The rhythm and forcefulness seem identical to the first time.
There's an almost mechanical precision to it. I begin to wonder if it is a
machine rather than a man fucking me. After some time, the cock buries
itself all the way and cums again. It feels just like before. And, just
like before, as soon as it finishes, it begins again. The veined shaft
rubs back and forth under my now erect clit...

----------- 23.

I moaned as the vibrations increased in intensity once more. Through
blurred vision I saw my own reflection in the mirror mounted before me. Of
course I hadn't moved from when I was first awakened unknown time ago by
the powerful buzzing of the dildo in my pussy; the arm and leg restraints
made sure of that. I remained spread-eagled between two crossed steel
poles, manacled and locked to them at the wrists, upper arms, ankles and
middle thighs.

The third pole of gleaming metal rigid between my pried-open legs was
topped with a fake cock I'd not yet seen because it was always buried in me
to the hilt. Even with its tremors reduced to near nothing, it was
impossible to ignore. Its thickness stretched my inner walls unnaturally,
while its head pressed up hard against the end of my passage. The shaft
was not true to life - abnormal bumps and nubs pressed against my flesh,
from my splayed labia inward. A finger-like flange curled up from the
base, pressing a soft, bumpy pad against and around my clit. Another
flange of a different shape curled behind me. I couldn't that one in the
mirror, but I certainly felt it stretching and pressing just into my anus.
When I first awakened I'd struggled valiantly to dislodge any part of the
device from me, all the while screaming, threatening, cursing, and finally
pleading for it to stop. Nothing changed. Every motion of mine; every
pulse and vibration of the dildo transmitted instantly deep into my pussy,
tickling and poking my clit and ass as well.

I stared vacantly at myself as my breath came quicker. My sweat-soaked
curls dangled limply down my shoulders and breasts, where my breathing and
erratic head movements caused the locks to brush my achingly hard nipples.
I'd long ago lost the energy to keep from doing that.

In only a little while - it seemed shorter each time - I was whining and
panting with rising sexual fever. My hips used their limited freedom of
movement to grind down around and against the untiring pulsating invader. I
felt another inevitable orgasm approaching and fought it instinctively,
knowing I would fail as always. My resistance diminished each time, and
each time I succumbed sooner, welcoming the release and thrill of climax. I
watched myself tighten and shake in my restraints, staring into my own eyes
as my gasps and cries accompanied my inner contractions. My pussy muscles
squeezed and milked the pliable body of the violently trembling dildo.
Each orgasm seemed longer than the last, and I shuddered and cried
incoherent profanities until I ran out of breath and went limp in my bonds.
Finally, the dildo slowed, but did not stop. It never stopped, always
keeping up a faint hum as if I would forget its presence otherwise.

In the mirror I watched droplets of my own freely flowing juices slide
down the pole that pressed the horrific, exquisite device into my
womanhood. Other droplets echoed them, from the beads of sweat trickled
down my skin to the tears leaking once again from my eyes.

Minutes passed, the dildo remaining quiescent. The lull continued and I
began to wonder what, if anything was next. Then, I felt familiar tingles
between my legs and braced myself, automatically looking down. But this
time it wasn't the machine starting up - it was I! My hips rocked of their
own accord, alternately pressing down and pulling a fraction back on the
weakly vibrating shaft in an effort to increase stimulation. Desperately,
I fought to control myself, to re-conquer my mutinying body. I forced
myself still, ignoring the itch between my legs by sheer force of my
eroding willpower.

The dildo shuddered to life once more...

------- 24.

All I could do as my climax waned was stare at the screen. The picture monitor labeled "Internal Scan" showed clearly through the glass of the
adjacent control room. It showed my insides, live, in the moderate
resolution black-and-white of an advanced sonogram. The appendage was
already several inches into my vagina, making slow, steady progress deeper.
It wasn't the two-centimeter shaft I stared at. The bulbous tip at its
front end held my terrified attention. The small egg-shaped outline, held
firmly by three tiny fingerlike appendages, was pushed further into me with
every rasping breath. I could make out few details inside the shape, but
the telltale fluctuations indicating of a tiny, rapidly beating heart were
frighteningly clear.

I blinked and grunted a number of times as another orgasm took me,
dragging my mind back into the intense stimulation I was being subjected
to. Every part of my body that could be sexually aroused was subject to
attack. Strange devices/organs suckled my nipples, stroked my breasts and
neck, rubbed my legs and stomach, and licked, tickled and buzzed my pussy,
clit and ass. I had fought it at first, but I couldn't block the unending,
overwhelming sensations, and one orgasm after the other was forced upon me.
Now I was cumming helplessly at intervals of only a few minutes.

I'd had a hard enough time looking at the disgusting things attached to
me and clinging to my sensitive skin, but couldn't bear the sight of what
rested between my widely spread legs. The control room, for that's what it
must have been, was the only escape for my eyes. The people in it never
reacted to my cries and pleas, concentrating on their unknown tasks. The
screen had captured my attention as soon as I'd figured out what it was,
and I'd watched with terrible fascination my interior reactions to the
onslaught. It had shown strange tendrils snake in and out of me, tubes
injecting viscous liquids, and the ecstatic convulsions of my body in
response. Now the screen showed my inner muscles spasm around the shaft
and its egg as they sunk still deeper into me.

The thing pushed into the end of my passage, and I saw and felt it all.
With increasing horror I watched the egg pivot slightly at the end of the
shaft. The pressure inside changed as it began pressing on my cervix. The
next climax took me by surprise and I screamed hoarsely as my contracting
muscles seemed to be pull the egg deeper into me. I could actually see my
innermost barrier thin, stretch and open as the egg forced its way through.
My orgasm continued unabated, mixing indelibly with the terror of watching
the egg push fraction by fraction into my womb. And then it was in.

I heard a roaring in my ears and my vision tunneled. My dimming sight
centered on the viewscreen, which showed the small grips release the egg
and draw back into the shaft. It's cargo deposited, the shaft slowly
withdrew from my womb, which closed behind it. I barely felt my climax
subsiding and the shaft pulling out of me. I didn't register the slowing
and stopping of my sexual torment. The last thing I saw was the screen
showing tiny alien heart beating in its new home. Then everything went



I had failed to kill the dragon. Now I stood paralyzed and naked in his
lair. My charmed shield smoldered, broken, yards away. My armor lay in
shreds scattered across the chamber, and the shards of my enchanted sword
glittered at my feet.

The great red-scaled beast looked down at me. Narrow yellow eyes held
me standing motionless. He lowered his head and serpentine neck toward me.
His head was twice the size of a human's. His wide jaws would decapitate
me in one snap, and I couldn't even close my eyes to avoid watching my
death approach. But the bite never came. Instead, a long forked tongue
slithered out and danced in front of my face. Then again over my shoulder.
Then repeating all around me. The beast was smelling me. I first felt my
blood run cold when he lowered between my legs. He snorted, and his hot
breath almost burned my thighs and legs. The near passage of the long
tongue ticked my skin and raised gosebumps.

Suddenly he reared back, spread his great wings, and gestured with his
two small forehands. I floted up above the floor. The dragon's fingers
twirled and I spun in the air, now hanging upside down, still frozen. More
gestures and my legs spread apart. I looked at him as I dangled and saw a
monstrous cock emerging from the scaly folds of his abdomen.

I tried to scream but only stragled sounds camed from my mouth. I
couldn't believe what was about to happen. Being eaten alive would be an
easier death than being ripped apart by that enormous, horned weapon. I
silently, deperately, prayed to my goddesses for help.

Something nudged my sex. Surely not the dragon who still stood yards
away. Unable to turn my head, I couldn't be sure what was touching me. I
sensed nothing else on or near my body; only unmistakeable feeling of my
outer and inner lips being spread apart and something sliding deep into my
womanhood. It felt like a long, stiff shaft, but had no heat.

The monster's head lowered towards me and I felt the tongue dance across
my thighs and cleft. His hot breath caressed my skin - and blew inside me.
I realized that some kind of magic opened me like this.

He snorted and raised his head. I looked at his cock. It was fully
erect now, over two feet long and over a hand wide. Its scales and horns
were an even angrier red than the rest of the dragon's hide. The organ
throbbed and grew stillmore as I watched. Then it erupted.

A thick stream of semen shot from the dragon-cock and arced high through
the air. It peaked and then fell downward, toward me, toward my open sex.
I heard and felt the hot liquid pour into me. The magically guided stream
of jism was perfectly aimed. Every drop of it pouerd right into me. I
felt it hit my deepest recesses and fill me from the bottom up. A second
jet of semen followed the first, filling me the rest of the way. A third
splattered right on target and I overflowed, hot dragon cum leaking down my
front and backsides.

Something deep inside me fluttered and relaxed. Then I felt my outer
lips slowly press closed. Some semen was exeplled out of me, some pushed
further in. I felt the magic release my insides and reverse, pressing me
closed, bit by bit, from the outside in. A small drool of spunk continued
to ooze out, but most if it was forced deeper inside, into my magically
opened womb. I let out another desperate stifled scream as a terrifying
name and image from the collective memory of my people entered my mind and
refused to leave. Dragonspawn.


Nightmares and Visions (21-25) by Monocle



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