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Mares 26 30


If you're under 18, these stories are not for you. Don't read them. Skip
or erase the file. If you're over 18, you can officially decide for

The following are works of total fiction and most contain scenes of
graphic sex of various kinds, most of which are nc, kinky, and/or downright
weird. The actions depicted are not from or for real life.

Content is my own (Monocle), copyright 2001, (as are the typos, and
spelling & grammar errors), and any resemblance to persons or events living
or dead or stories already written is purely coincidence. The reader is
free and welcome to copy and circulate these stories within free legal
forums, as long as this disclaimer is included and no alterations to it or
the content are made.

Hope you like them.


--------------------------------- Nightmares and Visions (26-30) by
Monocle nc various caution

Short vignettes and scenes. Most have the darker elements of nc, bond,


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Nightmares and Visions by Monocle

Some time ago, I started receiving strange, short e-mails from anonymous
addresses by parties unknown. I really have no idea who sends them, or if
they are from a single individual or not. Most of subjects read only "my
nightmare" or "A dream I didn't tell to my husband" or "Vision Number 3".
They all start with little or no pre-amble, often don't really end, and are
almost all in first person. Some start at the same point and diverge into
alternate directions.


Large metal bands, clasped just above my ankles, held my feet flat to
the stone floor a little more than shoulder length apart. A horizontal
metal bar anchored in rock walls to either side was about three feet in
front of me at head level. I had to lean far forward and hold onto it so
that the wrist cuffs connected to them with short, strong chains, didn't
dig too hard.

A hand grabbed and pulled at my long hair, forcing my head back to look
into the cloudless sky. Simultaneously, a mouth connected with my pussy lips, a wet tongue snaking between my dry labia to begin an intimate and
unwelcome dance. I shrieked at the shock of it, not having even been
conscious of being naked until that point. I tried to move away from the
oral attack, and got my hair yanked for my efforts. When that didn't deter
me, another hand entwined with my pubic hair, grabbed it, and pulled to
hold me steady. I gasped at the additional pain and held mostly still,
realizing there was no way I could truly escape.

The mouth was very talented, and my pussy's own lubrication quickly
joined its copious saliva. The tongue would pass over my clit and send
shocks of unwelcome sensation through me, but my fear and confusion
prevented true arousal - for a while. Wet slurping and smacking sounds
accompanied and punctuated the cunnilingual assault as my inner and outer
lips were nibbled and sucked. The tongue teased my inner thighs, and dove
into my slit, the random attacks forcing gasps of surprise from me.

After some time, I realized my knees were bent, my body lowered, my
thighs spread wider. I'd unconsciously opened myself to the oral
molestation. It felt good. It felt better than good. Soon, too soon for
my moral comfort, I wasn't caring about where I was or how I got there.
All I wanted was for that tongue not to stop. My eyes began tearing as I
felt my orgasm build.

But then it stopped. The hands released me. The tongue began to trail
up over my mound to my belly. Frantically I looked down, ready to plead
for release. My words died, though, when I saw the soft red curls of the
head at my stomach, licking up between my breasts, eyes rising meeting
mine. It had been a woman. I stared, and responded robotically as her
mouth rose to mine, my taste all over her as her tongue licked mine.
Confused, afraid, turned on, I pulled away. Her face was beautiful, as was
the rest of her. She was naked, too.

"Not sure you liked it?" She asked tauntingly, "I think you did." one of
her hands settled on my pubis, fingers stroking my wet, puffy outer lips.
At the touch, my hips pushed forward of their own volition.

27 (or 26b).

I tried to stutter some protest, or explanation, or demand, but she cut
me off.

"Perhaps, though you had in mind something else?"

With this, something else joined the fingers between my legs. It was
thicker, hotter. It pushed between her fingers and my outer lips, sliding
up along my slit. I looked down to see the flared head rub up over my clit
and into my pubic patch. I shuddered and moaned a confused protest.

"I know, your pussy wanted to cum for me, but I'm sure you'll have fun
with the more conventional experience as well."

The long shaft drew back and sawed forward again, lubricating from
combined fluids that drenched my thighs and pussy.

"I would love nothing more than getting you off a few times. You taste
so sweet."

I blushed and shivered as the shaft slid more freely between my legs. I
wasn't being restrained other than at the wrists and ankles at the moment,
but I wasn't even thinking of trying to escape the intimate touches. Then
she spoke again.

"But we really have to be about the task of getting you pregnant."

I stared at her in shock, not believing my ears. I felt two strong
hands grab my hips as the shaft drew back one more time and changed angles.

Too late, I tried to react and move away. The hands held me steady and
all I could do was scream as the cock plunged up into me.

My eyes stared into the cold, lust-filled, green eyes of my female
tormentor as the cock rammed into me, filling me completely. Her right
hand still splayed over my mound, the cock passing between her index and
middle fingers before passing into me. As the shaft pressed deeper and
deeper, she pushed at me to rotate my hips back, putting me in a better
position to be fucked. A muscled, hairy crotch trapped her fingers between
it and me as it bored all the way in. She reached her left hand underneath
and cupped the heavy hanging balls, still holding my gaze with hers.

"Yes. This will do nicely. I'm sure he has enough to do the job."

I tried to protest, to say that it wasn't the right time, as much to
reassure myself as to convince whomever these insane people were. The
cock, pulling out and shoving back in faster and harder than the first
time, cut off my plea. Her next words made me shiver.

"Oh, no. Don't you worry. You're as ready as you can be. We've done
all the necessary checking."

The shaft pulled out and fucked in again. I moaned in anguish and
arousal. My stomach felt light. The shaft pressed in towards my center
and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

As the hot cock pulled out once more, the fingers on my pussy began to
rub again, moving up to tease and massage my clit. The other hand rose to
my hanging breasts, to grope them and pinch at my nipples. Her green eyes
kept staring into mine.

"Lets see if we can make you cum before he does..."

She cut off my protests with her own mouth on mine as the cock fucked me
harder and faster.

28 or 26b.

Her eyes bored into mine.

"Yes. I think you did like it."

Her two fingers spread my labia apart, and I shrieked as another mouth
connected with my pussy, leading with its tongue. My arousal crashed back
on, full force. I tore myself away from the cold eyes and looked down at
another feminine head, nose pressed into my pubic curls, pale blue eyes
turned up to mine.

"Oh, but that's not all," I heard as though from a distance. I looked
up at my first tormenter as I felt her hands slide up the outsides of my
legs, over my hips and back down around the cheeks of my ass. Her mouth
pressed into mine again, and I found myself responding automatically, my
tongue dueling with hers.

I barely registered her kneading and pulling at my buttocks on top of
the sensations of the tongue on my pussy. But I did scream into her mouth
when I felt a third tongue start worming against my anus, nose pressing
between my cheeks above it. The hands had spread my ass open to allow this
new attack. I surged forward, but got nowhere as six hands held me still
and open.

Fat, hard nipples rubbed against mine as the larger, heavy breasts of
the first woman pressed against me. I wiggled weakly, unsure whether I was
trying to escape or grind myself further onto the lascivious mouths on my
pussy and asshole. Was I merely allowing her to French kiss me, enduring,
but not participating in my debasement, or was I kissing and tonguing back?
Was I really about to cum by the unwanted oral attention of three women?

Two more hands settled on my sweaty skin, one rubbing my belly, the
other my back. A nose pushed between my breasts and the other's, a tongue
laved my nipple, then a mouth latched on around my whole aureole and
started sucking hard. This repeated on the opposite side. I moaned loudly
into the mouth on mine. The sensations, the helplessness, the fear of
captivity, homophobia, the raw pleasure converged from every extremity to
my center and I came.

As I screamed in climax, the woman in front of me broke our kiss. When
I finally opened my eyes, her cold, triumphant stare caught me. My body
was still shaking and spasming in aftershock. I couldn't seem to come
down. I realized that none of the other mouths or hands had stopped, or
even slowed. I wailed, pleading for relief as my body continued to scream
with pleasure, but all I received was a malignant smile.

"You want it to stop? Your body doesn't seem to agree. It's really
obscene the way you press your cunt down onto that tongue. And sticking
your ass back to get reamed like that, What would your husband say? What
would your pastor say? What would your mother say?"

With each taunting question, the burn of shame joined the blush of
arousal in my cheeks and chest. What was happening to me?

"You're a right lez in heat aren't you?"

I tried to protest, but could only gasp as the three mouths sucked hard
on my clit and nipples.

"I thought so. Well, if that's the way you want it, you might as well
go all the way."

I didn't understand her until I saw her lean back and grab the bar
between my hands. Before I could think to react, she'd spread and swung
her legs up and over my shoulders. Her weight pulled me forward and down
and my arms strained to hold the bar. Without breaking rhythm, the other
women shifted position to help take some of her weight off me. That eased
the physical strain, but also enabled her to wriggle her crotch right up to
my face. Her scent was like mine, but different. She was dripping wet.

She looked down between her pendulous breasts at me.

"Eat me." She said.

Tongues bored into my pussy and anus. Teeth nipped my aureoles and
clit. Hands rubbed my belly and thighs...and pushed my head forward into
the dampness.

"Eat me, Cunt!" she commanded, and as my trembling tongue extended, my
orgasm crashed over me anew.

29 (or 26c).

She was right. I was going to cum before he did. God help me. While
he fucked me hard and fast, pulling me back onto his every long stroke, she
was just as busy. The fingers of one hand fluttered over my clit. The
other was busy with one breast, while her mouth was suckling the other.

I'd lost track of the time. Resolve and resistance had melted. the
fear that I thought would keep me above and safe from the morass of lust
was still there, but now it merely merged into a melange of sexual terror.
Every slap of the semen-filled balls against me was a reminder of the
purpose of this debauchery. And yet I was about to climax.

My mouth was free to plead and cry and moan and I did it all. But when
I felt the fluttering in my belly and drew a deep gasping breath,
tightening for final agonizing release, I heard her voice once more.

"Oh, yessss.."

And then the hot mouth was back on my nipple and my climax hit. It was
worse than I could have imagined. Time slowed down and I felt my entire
body clench and release in a paroxysm of pleasure. I felt my inner muscles
squeeze the shaft hard as it speared into me. Then I released and clenched
again, every muscle straining, senseless sounds coming from my mouth. My
pussy gripped at the retreating cock as if trying to keep it locked inside,
which I desperately wanted and feared and loathed simultaneously.

The fingers pinched my clit and one nipple, the mouth bit lightly the
other. I screamed with my third spasm, the mild pain churning into the
avalanche of pleasure and terror. My pussy squeezed the returning cock.
It seemed even harder, hotter, longer now that I was totally focused
inward. It slammed fully into me and I dimly heard the slap of wet flesh on
flesh. Then, a shudder, throb, and surge deep with me. He was cumming

The first gout of sperm shot into me as I released and clamped down
again. The second jet creamed the entrance to my fertile womb to the
accompaniment of my cry of despair. I came helplessly around the
discharging cock, my spasms syncopated with its ejaculations. In the
ultimate betrayal, my pussy milked the pulsing shaft, coaxing it to empty
all its seed into me, blinding me with shuddering waves of pleasure. Gush
after gush spurt into me as the cock remained buried to the hilt. I felt
the slight pressure of the accumulated semen grow inside me, the fat
pulsing shaft and my contracting pussy preventing it from squeezing out,
leaving only one direction for the millions of sperm to go. And for a
nightmare instant that lasted a fraction of a second, yet forever and ever,
I wanted it more than anything in the world...

My last screams drowned out the unseen man's grunts and the contented
sigh of the woman. And then it was over. I collapsed, still quaking. My
hands slipped from the bar and the cuffs bit into my wrists. I didn't
care. My legs gave out and I hung, held up only by the chains and the
vise-like hands on my hips. I was only dimly aware of the tinkling sounds
of unlocking, falling forward into arms I couldn't see because I'd closed
my eyes to make it all go away.

Feminine hands rubbed my belly, "That will do, I think. Excellent work.
Knocked up the little cunt nice and deep. And she liked it."

I barely heard the words, but I trembled and sobbed because I knew they
were true.

More metal tinkling and my legs were free. The hands at my hips pulled
forward and drew me off the still-hard cock. Torrents of sperm poured from
my open, violated pussy down my legs. It didn't matter, though. It only
took one.

I was lowered to the ground, where I curled up into the fetal position,
wishing it all away.


It was worse than any overt assault could ever hope to be. A
blunt-tipped, throbbing-hard presence pressed between my pussy lips, trying
to gain entry. A smaller protrusion nestled up against my anus, dead
center. By clenching my inner muscles, I was able to keep both at bay,
barely. If I relaxed for an instant, the smooth nose of one or the other
lubricated invader would make fractional headway into me, only to stop when
I renewed my straining efforts.

The pressure was always defeatable by my internal resistance, but only
just. Lying on my back, on my bound wrists, legs spread obscenely by
something I couldn't see because of the blindfold, I was utterly helpless.
The gag that filled my mouth muted any nascent protest.

With any additional effort, the rods could easily force their way past
my trembling muscles and invade me. But instead they remained a constant,
almost gentle pressure, daring me to fight. Making me hope I could
persevere against it, that the unknown mechanisms would tire before I did.
It would only happen if I let it. If gave up. Surrendered. Even though I
knew, somehow, it was designed to make my eventual failure all the more
complete, my defeat absolute, I could not help but resist. I had to. I
couldn't lose my virginity this way!


Nightmares and Visions (25-30) by Monocle

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