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Mares 31 35


If you're under 18, this is not for you; skip or erase the file. Stay in
school. Say no to drugs.

The following is a work of fiction containing scenes of graphic sex of
various kinds, most of which are nc, kinky, and/or downright weird. The
actions depicted are not from or for real life.

Content is my own (Monocle), copyright 2002, (as are the typos, and
spelling & grammar errors). Any resemblance to persons or events living or
dead or stories already written is purely coincidence. The reader is free
and welcome to copy and circulate this file in free legal forums, as long
as this disclaimer is included and no alterations to it or the content are

Hope you like it.



Nightmares and Visions (31-35) by Monocle nc various caution

Short vignettes and scenes. Most have the darker elements of nc, bond,


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Nightmares and Visions by Monocle

More anonymous e-mails from my collection. I still don't know their
originator(s), but the themes remain.

--------------- 31.

As I turned from inspecting the damage to his trunk to my grille and
front bumper, he moved behind me. Before I knew what was happening, he'd
hooked his fingers in the waist of my skirt and yanked it, hose, panties and all, down my legs. A shove of his shoulder pushed me off balance onto
the hood of my car.

For a second or two, I was surprised and unable to react. Then the heat
of the hood and radiator on my abdomen and legs registered and I jerked my
body back and away - and impaled myself on his cock. During the short
moment I had been pushed forward, he had risen and positioned his rigid
pole right at the entrance to my pussy. My reflexive escape from the
burning car hood slid me back two or three inches onto his member. Even
through the shock, the stiff meat throbbed noticeably inside me.

The audacity and brazenness and of the attack, on the side of the
highway, in the middle of rush-hour traffic was bewildering. And no cars
gave sign of slowing to stop or help.

I lurched forward to free myself, pressing bare skin back onto the hot
metal of my car. I couldn't stay there and had to move away again or be
burned. I tried to shimmy back and to the side, but gloved hands were
planted on the hood to either side of my waist. My body wouldn't let me
stay still, so I reared back again. He'd moved forward with me, not
letting his cockhead slip out, so when I moved back I made him sink deeper.
Finally I found my voice and screamed.

He pushed forward and I tried to escape him, pressing forward until the
grille threatened to sear my thighs. I had to move back - and still
further onto the cock. It was happening so quickly, so confusingly. I
couldn't think what to do. My hands had groped blindly across the hot hood
until they'd landed on the cooler islands of his gloves. I had no choice
but to put my fingers on his to keep them safe.

Using only his hips he pressed forward, forcing me to accept more of his
meat into me as I pushed back away from the heat. I screamed as I rocked
in both directions. My eyes teared and I could barely see the traffic
coming towards and past us. And all the time my pussy was getting stuffed
deeper and tighter with cock.

I let out a huge sob when my bare rear pushed up against expensive suit
fabric. He was all the way in!

------------- 32.

For one instant time stopped. I stared wide-eyed down my straining,
sweaty body. There, between pinned-open legs, the blunt red-pink pole
quivered an inch from my pussy, glistening with the saliva my own mouth had
been forced to put there not a minute ago. A drop of pre-cum oozed from
the tip, a twin of the one that had left the salty taste on my tongue. My
hands strained uselessly, wrists trapped above my head in a harsh grip. I
felt eyes staring down into mine but could not look away from the nexus of
my legs.

Time started. Hard muscles tensed further, an entire body shifting into
the sequence of violent motion. My scream started before it even touched
me, continued as the cock split my labia and plunged into me, rising to a
piercing shriek as it tore through my hymen. His pelvis met mine with a
slap, taking my breath away and cutting me off in mid-cry.

---------------- 33.

I'd entered so many mail-in and internet contests I'd long ago lost
track of them, so when I got the show ticket and winner's note in the mail,
I was both surprised and pleased. The place was on a little hole-in the
wall stage on the edge of the theater district. It was a bit
seedy-looking, but the reviews that came with the ticket had sounded quite
interesting. I had a front row, center seat, so I would probably enjoy
myself even if the play were mediocre.

I arrived early, and had to wait a while in the nearly empty seats.
There seemed to be no program books about, which was disappointing. I was
beginning to worry about being bamboozled when, a couple minutes before
curtain time, the theater began filling up. Soon enough, most seats were
taken by a well-dressed, mixed audience of a couple hundred. I relaxed,
smiling at the handsome men who took seats to either side of me. The guy
on my left definitely deserved a second look.

A few minutes later, the lights dimmed, and a mustached
showman/announcer in black top-hat and tails, cane and all, stepped out in
front of the crimson curtain.

"Ladies and Gentlemen," he began. Welcome to our show. We are pleased
to introduce to you, the star of tonightıs show, Vivian!"

Before I fully recognized my own name, a spotlight nearly blinded me.
In a confusing whirl, I heard thunderous applause and felt hands on my
arms, lifting me out of my seat. The light kept me dazzled and disoriented
as I was led up on the stage. I knew something was wrong almost from the
beginning, and began to struggle and protest, but the two men carrying me -
the ones who had been sitting next to me - would not let go. The applause
was seemingly too loud for me to shout over.

Suddenly I was turned and pushed back onto a padded incline. My former
seatmates held my arms while the announcer stepped up to me with an ornate
tool, which he raised over his head and stabbed downward toward me. I
screamed and cringed, but the tool slid down over my chest and stomach,
neatly slicing my best dress in half down the front. After the quick slash
was finished, the men on either side yanked the halves away with one hand
each, tearing the back as well. In shock I looked down to find myself
totally nude - he'd ripped through my bra and panties as well!

I looked up. Hundreds of faces looked back at me in the suddenly silent
theater. The announcer's voice boomed, "Act One, Scene One, In which
Vivian gets fucked!"

I screamed as the tuxedoed figure approached me. He was still neatly
dressed from the waist up, but below that, he was naked. His glistening
wet cock was fully erect and pointed straight at me! I strained to free my
arms and escape, but the two men at my sides forced my arms above my head
where the tuxedoed man leaned over me and grasped them. The two assistants
quickly moved to my legs, grabbing me at my ankles and under my knees to
spread them wide apart. They held me open as the mustached pervert lowered
himself between my thighs, letting go only when my flailing would not help

The fat knob of his cock found my mound and poked my slit un-erringly
even as I tried to slide away. I panicked, bucking and screaming at him,
but my movements only served to help his thick, slick cock force its way
deeper into me. I felt myself filling with his hot meat, my dread and
horror rising as he shoved deeper. My screams rose in pitch as I felt the
dual pressure of his cockhead against the back of my channel and his pubic
bone against mine...

------------ 34 (or 33b)

He wasted no time. He withdrew his length slowly and steadily until
only the head was lodged in me, then even as I thrashed in vain to escape,
reversed directions and impaled me again, slowly and brutally. I moaned as
he withdrew and screamed anew as he drove in. He began to fuck me, long
and slow, bottoming out with each inward stroke. My pleading, protesting
voice grew hoarse and finally all I could do was moan and grunt as he
pulled out and pushed in over and over.

His pace increased, becoming harder and rougher. He was nearing climax.
I used what little energy I had left to fight once again. I couldn't let
him cum in me. This was the worst time possible! But I accomplished
nothing. My struggles only goaded him to fuck harder and faster, bringing
the end that much quicker. When he roared and slammed into me one last
time, I cried out in despair and humiliation, tears streaming down my face
as his seed streamed into me. The sound of applause filled the air adding
the chill shock of humiliation to the horror of the assault.

As the softening cock slid from my pussy, the evidence of his
ejaculation oozing out of my violated sex, the now-throaty announcerıs
voice boomed again.

"Act One, Scene two, In which Vivian takes two new lovers and loses her
anal cherry."

I wailed as the two men at my sides deftly slipped my wrists and ankles
into pairs of handcuffs. The pair came around me, naked, hands
outstretched. As they lifted me I caught sight of a vaudeville-style
placard on the side of the stage. I screamed as much from reading it as
from the new, groping hands positioning me on all fours and locking cuffs
in place.

... I.3. Vivian Succumbs to Pleasure I.4. Vivian Learns the Pleasures
of Other Women II.1. Vivian Encounters the Machine of Lust ...

A cock plunging into my throat cut off my voice. I gagged and
sputtered, then screamed frantically around the oral invader as I felt my
ass cheeks being spread apart and the tip of another lubricated penis
pressing up against my anus. Before tears completely blurred my vision, I
saw the final lines of the program. Cold fear gripped my stomach even as
the stabbing penis invaded my ass for the first time.

... II.2. Vivian and the Beast II.3. Vivian Loses All Hope (Audience
Participation) Finale. Vivian Is Sold (Audience Participation)

---------------- 35.

I tangled my hands in my new lover's hair as he went down on me. His
tongue was _so_ good. He knew exactly where to lick hard, exactly when to
tease my clit. The slippery, hot tongue was long and agile, demonstrated
whenever it plunged into my slit, drew out to lave my labia, or slithered
down to poke my anus, all with bare movements of his head. It took mere
minutes to make me scream in orgasm.

As I came down and started to push him away, purring with aftershocks,
his hands came up and grabbed mine, holding them down to my sides as he
continued. He pursed his lips and sucked hard on my clit and I screamed
again. It was too intense, but I couldn't stop him just as I couldn't stop

My back arched, my stomach heaved and my pussy clenched as his tongue
seemed everywhere at once - thrusting inside me, licking my inner thighs,
laving my clit. I was nearly delirious. His tongue danced across my
over-sensitive clit, tried to nudge its way past my spasming rosebud into
my ass. The confusing sensations heightened my orgasm to nearly unbearable

Hot, wet hands cupped my breasts, slippery kneading them and pinching my
nipples. I desperately wanted it to stop and not to stop, but I couldn't
even scream any more. Soundlessly I simply came and came and came.
Finally I tried to bring my hands up to push him away with my last reserves
of energy and found he was still holding them.

It was then that the alarm went off through my unending climax. I
opened my eyes and looked down my wracked and shuddering body. What I saw
gave me my voice back and I screamed again - in horror as well as pleasure.


Nightmares and Visions (31-35) by Monocle

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