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Mares 36 40


If you're under 18, this is not for you; skip or erase the file. Stay in
school. Say no to drugs.

The following is a work of fiction containing scenes of graphic sex of
various kinds, most of which are nc, kinky, and/or downright weird. The
actions depicted are not from or for real life.

Content is my own (Monocle), copyright 2002, (as are the typos, and
spelling & grammar errors). Any resemblance to persons or events living or
dead or stories already written is purely coincidence. The reader is free
and welcome to copy and circulate this file in free legal forums, as long
as this disclaimer is included and no alterations to it or the content are

Hope you like it.



Nightmares and Visions (36-40) by Monocle nc various caution

Short vignettes and scenes. Most have the darker elements of nc, bond,


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Nightmares and Visions by Monocle

More anonymous e-mails from my collection. I still don't know their
originator(s), but the themes remain.

--------------- 36.

Alone in my room, ass stuck high in the air, knees spread wide on the
bed, I stroked the dildo in my sopping pussy, just how I liked it. I
muffled my voice in the pillows to keep the noise down. Each vein of the
fake cock slid deliciously along my clutching passage as I pushed it deep
and dragged it out. Close to cumming, I teased myself by slowing down
whenever the telltale fluttering in my belly started. Soon I was trembling
and almost beside myself. This time I wasn't going to stop. I didn't slow
down as I felt it coming. I arched my back and groaned low as I readied,
fingers poised on the vibrator dial... Then, to my great annoyance, the
stupid thing popped out! I cursed out loud and quickly groped for it
between my legs aching to get it back where I needed it so badly.

As I reached for the dildo, two hands grabbed my hips. Before I
realized anything else, a fat cockhead pressed against my slit and plowed
into me with one fierce thrust. It was hotter, fatter, and longer than my
dildo, and it shoved in all the way in one hard motion, stopping as a
muscled, hairy belly smacked into my upturned ass. I grunted explosively
and tried to rise up on my elbows, but the hands roughly pulled me forward
off the cock, upsetting my balance, then yanked me back, impaling me again
with a slap.

The unseen intruder immediately set to fucking me, fast and rough. I
couldn't catch my breath to fight or protest. And I'd taken myself so
close to orgasm, teased myself for so long, that my body wouldn't listen to
me. After less than a minute of deep, relentless slamming, I did scream -
in climax. My pussy squeezed and shuddered around the stranger's meat, and
through the crashing waves of pleasure I felt the cock swell further and
explode within me, streaking my confused ecstasy with stripes of fear. My
body convulsed as I tried to simultaneously get away from and fuck myself
further onto the spurting shaft. Whatever my net effort, the strong hands
kept my hips pulled firmly back, the cock fully embedded as it emptied its
load into me.

I was too stunned to react when the deflating pole slid out and the
hands released me. Gravity alone slowly drew my hips to the bed, my spread
legs lax. I didn't register the carefully placed dildo sliding into me
until I was already fully impaled on it. Panting, and whining, I tried to
lift my hips up and let it fall out, but a restraining hand on the small of
my back kept me down. I couldn't even muster the energy to close my legs.
My head was too heavy with exhaustion, fear, and shame to let me look back.

The bed shifted as a body moved off - I hadn't noticed him climb on
while I was masturbating. I heard the door open, then a pause. Something
brushed against the bit of dildo still outside me. Stars flashed in front
of my eyes as the vibrator sprang to life. I didn't hear the door close...

-------------- 37.

The warm hand continues circling around my belly as the cock fucks me.
Each circle seems to draw the steady strokes deeper inside me. At the
bottom arc, a finger might graze my clit, or get caught between my pubic
mound and the heavy balls as they slap forward. Another hand holds my left
breast, squeezing and using it as a grip to pull me back onto the long
shaft. I barely notice the cruel pinching of my nipple. I hardly feel the
fat member thrusting into my vagina. The splayed fingers on my belly have
all my attention. The harsh whisper in my ear forces my focus, quietly
emphasizing random words as the cock pushes deep into me.

"...pretty girl... tummy so flat... so strong. Strong muscles...
trying to hold me out... keep me from... fucking into your cunt...
Can't... Fucking you... Fill you up.. with cock... with my cum... Put
a baby into you... Grow your flat belly... big and round..."

My stomach contracts at the words, my inner muscles straining, but the
circling continues. The words rise and fall with the fucking, pausing and
running together with irregular emphasis and punctuation.

"Can't stop me... No condom... no pill... no period... Ripe and
waiting... to be fucked... to be filled up... to make a baby"

My hands are tied together and fastened somehow to the headboard in
front of me. I can't escape. But I'm trapped as much by the force and
command of the words as by physical restraint.

"Cunt squeezing me... trying to stop me... push me out... or... cunt wants me... wants to be fucked... likes it... Trying to make me...
shoot my juice into you... I will..."

"Mmmmgpphhh" is all I can muster into the tape across my mouth. My
muscles are working by themselves - my body trying to push out the
unwelcome intrusion. My head hangs down below my arms and I can see past
the cruel kneading of my tit, to the maddening hand gently caressing my
stomach, and beyond it the red shaft drawing out and sliding into the
tangle of my pubic hair.

"Oh yeah... cunt likes me... wants me to cum... Soon... Soon now...
Nice, smooth, hard muscles...Going to grow... big and round... fat with
baby. "

I give a muffled whine. His pace is increasing, becoming rougher. The
grip on my breast tightens; the hand on my belly presses me back into the
assault. I lift my head and rest it on an outstretched arm so I don't have
to watch.

"Knock you up... Fill your cunt... Seed your... pretty belly.

Tears are hot on my face. I try to move away, but can't. I'm helpless
against the inevitable.

"Cumming... CUMMING... NOW"

He lunges forward and pulls me back. His cock swells and spits his
semen into me. I can feel the organ lurch and spasm with each ejaculation.
He still talks. Words grunted to the spurts of seed into my body.

"GrRRRah! Feel it! Cunt! Fuck! Cum! Baby! In! More! Yeah!
Taken! Pregnant!"

I shake with his words. I can feel it happening. I know it's true. He
throbs, and I can feel it all through my body, he slides back and forth a
few more times in me. I shudder at the gooey-slick feeling.

"Ohhhhh yesss... very nice. You took it all, didn't you. All my juice
into hour hungry cunt. You'll make a fine Mommy. Let me see that tummy
one more time. And those fine titties before they get big with milk"

The spent, softening shaft finally slurps out. I'm unceremoniously
pushed over to roll onto my back. I can't see the face of my baby's father through the tears.

--------- 38.

I moaned as the web entangling me moved to reposition my body once
again. The daily ritual began as usual with helpless foreboding as the
soft, steel-strong filaments me raised me from prone to reclining. They
drew my arms behind me to either side, arching my back and causing my
swollen breasts and huge belly to jut out. My legs were made to bend at
the knees and spread widely apart, exposing me utterly. Even though I kept
my eyes closed this time, I could see in my mind, as much as feel, the
smooth, multi-jointed digits caress my stretched abdomen down to my puffy
and already moistening pussy. As always the fat tube at the confluence of
the digits settled between my forcibly parted legs to kiss flush up against
my cunt. The long fingers settled across my curving belly, thighs and
buttocks to hold the tube in place. The soft lip-like end of the tube
molded itself to a perfect impression of my vagina, touching me with
absolute intimacy over every possible nerve of my sensitive sex. Tiny
manipulators gently folded back the hood of my clit to allow it to be
stimulated directly as I shivered in fear... and anticipation. The
vibration started as always, gentle, just on my outer lips and button,
bringing me into arousal and self-lubrication. At some measured level, I
could anticipate it now by a fraction of a second, he tube-lips opened,
spreading my labia with them as the tongue-like shaft wormed its into my
cunt. After an inch or two of squirming and probing, the organ quivered
and shot straight into me - the plunge driving the thickening organ right
up to my cervix, forcing a gasp, then a despairing moan. My body was
responding more rapidly and intensely as my hope faded. Now it would fuck
me until I came, then...

I startled in my bonds with the touches on my breasts. Recently, enough
so that I was still unused to it, a two-mouthed anemone-thing had begun to
suckle me as I was being fucked. My swollen breasts were far more
sensitive than normal, and the gentle nursing and caresses immediately sent
new bolts of pleasure through my body.

Everything holding, touching, and pressing into me felt warm and alive,
but the motions and timing had the calculated efficiency of machinery. It
didn't really matter what it was. The sucking on my breasts, the teasing
of my clit, the purposeful, tireless fucking - the raw, insistent,
single-minded pleasuring always broke through. Given enough time - and it
always took enough time - I could never prevent myself from cumming. I
lost to the fight more quickly each time. And as always, just as the
orgasm crashed over me, the tongue-cock pressed all the way into my
violated womb and pumped glob after glob of its alien jism into me. My
inner muscles contracted automatically around it, milking its spunk into
me. Each spurt seemed to fill and stretch my belly still more than before.
I'd been feeling like to burst for days now. Maybe soon I would.

This time, as the waves of the forced orgasm washed over me, I felt the
first pinpricks and flowing sensations of milk from my breasts. The
nursing immediately increased in intensity, as I gasped and sobbed between
renewed ecstatic spasms. The birth of whatever horror I was carrying was
drawing close...


39. She slept on her stomach, head resting on the pillow held in her
arms. She was dreaming, her eyes moving under closed lids. Whispering fog
surrounded the bed. It was flattering her; telling her how pretty she was,
telling her it loved her. It spoke sensual words of devotion and
affection. It coaxed her. Tendrils of mist caressed her sides and bottom.
Slowly, she parted her legs. The whispers approved and encouraged.
Vaporous wisps brushed higher inside her thighs. She gripped the pillow
tighter in her sleep, and spread herself wider. She raised her hips,
turning her rear upward, exposing herself to the swirling fog. Her vaginal
lips glistened with her excitement even as she slept.

The whispers continued, erotic and attentive, while around her the fog
changed. Veils and swirls condensed to solidity around her. Six limbs
congealed from the mist, two poised above her upper arms, two to either
side of her waist, and two behind the crooks of her bent knees. The hands
had four thick, talon-like fingers. The un-jointed limbs extended back
from the opening claws, disappearing in thick cloud where the shoulder
would connect to a body.

Three more swirls of mist condensed behind the woman as she slept
fitfully, her hips slowly gyrating in arousal. Two materializing shapes
were phallic, one thin and tapered, pointing at her puckered anus, the
other below it thick and veined, fat glans poking from an uncircumcised
sheath. The third shape, below the others, was a long, tongue-like slab of
gleaming-wet flesh. The tongue undulated and strained in the direction of
the sleepers moist, open labia. All three forms were of indeterminate
length, fading from hard corporeality back into swirling mist. All had the
same sickly yellow-brown-pink mottling as the claws.

I was titillated, even aroused by the scene, but I wanted to warn the
woman. To call out and wake her from her dream. To help her escape
whatever was seducing her in her sleep. She couldn't hear me.

As I watched, the larger organ throbbed and advanced on the open,
waiting pussy. The tongue-thing stretched out from below and slid slowly
up and down her trembling slit, coaxing the glistening inner lips open
before seeking her clit. The cock's putrid head, already oozing a thick yellowish fluid from it's dilated opening, reached her pussy and pressed
forward, forcing her labia to flower open around it. Unyielding,
inexorable, it stretched her vagina around its thickness and began to slide
in, inch by inch.

I had to stop it! I had to warn her!


My whole body shuddered as I came half-awake. Pleasure wracked my body.
Oh, god, it felt good! Delicious licking at my clit. Mmmmm... my pussy slowly getting stuffed full of hot meat, stretched more open and more
full... and more... Oh God! Full awareness blasted me as a giant cock
pried me open, forcing deeper with every heartbeat, thicker and longer than
I'd ever had before. I couldn't scream for groaning as it penetrated me. I
tried to move away, but six hands held me at my arms, waist and knees,
keeping my rear and pussy raised to the slow, unstoppable cock. I felt it
bottom out inside me and moaned at the obscene feeling of utter and
complete fullness. Then a smaller, slimy presence wormed its way onto my
anus. It quivered, increasing pressure until it defeated my protesting
sphincter, Then it pushed, squirming into my ass, finally tearing a scream
from me.

The tongue scraped hard against my clit and I shrieked at the sting of
raw pleasure forcing its way along my nerves. I realized in a flash of
horror how close I was to cumming. Then the cocks started fucking...

----------- 40.

The fog lifts and I shake my head to clear it. My face brushes smooth
skin to either side. I come wide-awake to see I'm staring up at a vagina poised above my face. Other sensations come flooding in. The weight of a
naked body straddling mine. My hands locked to each other over her back,
knees bent and spread to either side of her, held open by more restraints.
Her long hair and breath tickling my own exposed pussy. Inches from the
blonde-haired cunt over me, a smooth, transparent plastic phallic shape
points at the vulnerable slit. A thinner version above it points at the
brown pucker of her rear entrance. This all hits in a few seconds, and
before I can say or do anything but gasp, a tinny voice speaks from a cheap

"Ladies. I'm glad to see you're both awake at the same time. Here are
the rules. Whoever climaxes three times first looses. When you cum the
first time, your opponent gets some help - the big dildo will start fucking
your pussy. After the second climax, the smaller one will start working on
your ass. On the third orgasm, you lose. The big dildo will pump out a
healthy quantity of high quality semen. Needless to say it will be deep
inside you when it does so, right where it needs to be. I am pleased to
inform you that you are both ovulating right now, so chances of conception
for the loser are excellent."

During this speech, the transparent dildo fills with a thick, milky
fluid. Each sentence of the exposition piles one shock on top of the
other. I can't believe what I'm hearing.

"In case either of you are muliti-orgasmic, your opponent must let you
come down after you start. A tone will let you know when you can start
again. If you don't let up, you will be advanced one step toward losing
immediately. No biting allowed. If you cause your opponent physical pain
or damage, you automatically lose. Other than that, just have fun!"

Even through the low quality of the speaker, the mocking tone is

"Just remember, we're watching everything. Diane, Simone, You may

Diane! My best friend. We'd been out together at that bar...

"Diane! Thank god it's you. Let's see if we can't get loose... Diane?

A tongue furiously licks at my exposed pussy.

"Diane! STOP!"

She doesn't. I shudder as I feel my clit emerge from hiding only to be
attacked by a ravenous tongue. I feel revulsion, but my body responds
automatically. As far as I know, Diane is as heterosexual as I, but...

I squirm and heave, but I am unable to escape or dislodge Diane. I
don't know what to do. I look up. Diane's cunt is still right there. It
looks moist. I catch a whiff of scent. She is aroused. That bitch!

Shocks of unwelcome pleasure race up my spine. I shudder - both from
how good it feels and from mounting confusion and fear. I'm no lesbian,
but I have no choice. I close my eyes and bring my mouth to her sex. She
gasps and moans into me. The battle is on.


Nightmares and Visions (36-40) by Monocle

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