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Mares 6 10


If you're under 18, these stories are not for you. Don't read them. Skip
or erase the file. If you're over 18, you can officially decide for

The following are works of total fiction and most contain scenes of
graphic sex of various kinds, most of which are nc, kinky, and/or downright
weird. The actions depicted are not from or for real life.

Content is my own (Monocle), copyright 1999, 2000 (as are the typos, and
spelling & grammar errors), and any resemblance to persons or events living
or dead or stories already written is purely coincidence. The reader is
free and welcome to copy and circulate these stories within free legal
forums, as long as this disclaimer is included and no alterations to it or
the content are made.

Hope you like them.




| \\\|

|\ \\| Nightmares and Visions (6-10)

|\\ \| by Monocle _|\\\_|_

(O) o Short vignettes and scenes. Most have the darker

/ > elements of nc, bond, etc. | ~~ |


Nightmares and Visions (6-10) by Monocle

Some time ago, I started receiving strange, short e-mails from anonymous
addresses by parties unknown. I really have no idea whether or not some or
all are from one person, or who or what the person or people is or are.
Most of them listed subjects as "my nightmare" or "A dream I didn't tell to
my husband" or "Vision Number 3". They all start with little or no
pre-amble, often don't really end, and are almost all in first person.
Collecting them together like this reminds me of Suki's or Davis' "Images"
- harder than the one, maybe not quite as hard as the other.


I cried out and struggled in the sticky, web-like bonds as the black
spidery creature climbed up my right leg. My arms, manacled straight above
my head to the wall, did not budge. Thrashing my free legs could not
dislodge its grip, and it soon climbed to my middle thigh. The thing had
far too many legs to actually be a spider. It reached some of these legs
over to my other thigh and curled them around it. Soon it held both my
legs slightly apart with a rubbery-steel grip. Its body was suspended in
the small space between them. Its head - if it could be called a head -
was about six inches from my naked pussy. I screamed as the top of the
head irised open and began extruding a pale white tentacle. It glistened
with wetness as it extended toward my trembling body, pointed straight at
my unprotected sex. I screamed louder and more desperately as the
segmented digit drew nearer.

It reached my labia and pushed past them without slowing, its own
wetness lubricating away any resistance from my dry entrance. I thrashed
as hard as I could, trying to prevent the invasion, but the creature held
on and pushed itself further in every second - past my lips, deeper and
deeper into me...


I looked in horror at the spotlit chair that I was being directed to sit
on. It was a normal wooden kitchen chair in all respects except for the
pair of dildoes mounted on the seat. The first was black and thick, veined
like a real cock, and maybe nine inches long. The second, a pallid white,
had thinner, undulating shape and was not quite so tall. I felt strong
arms gripping mine as I was led to the chair and turned to face away from
it. As I stared into the formless black of the room, the same hands now
moved to my shoulders and pushed me down and back. I had no choice but to
obey. My lips trembled as I lowered myself, gripping the chair arms for
support. I gasped and jerked up at the first warm, wet contact on my cunt.
The hands arrested my upward motion and pushed me back down, slowly, but
unyieldingly. The thick, lubricated plastic divided my labia and entered
me as I sank. My breath now came in small, quick sobs of fear, but even
now, to my own horror, I could feel the first tingles of arousal in my

Lower I went, and when the head of the fake cock was fully inside me, I
first felt the contact of the second dildo perfectly placed on the bud of
my anus. Again I gasped and jerked upward, only to be caught and pushed
back again. The pressure on my anus increased until the shaft popped wetly
through my rear entrance and began to push into my bowels as I continued to
sink. My arms and legs were now trembling as I lowered myself. I could
feel every new centimeter of the warm, textured dildoes being pushed into
me. I was crying openly now, afraid at what was happening to me and
ashamed of how my body was beginning to react to it.

I let out a loud moan of surrender as my asscheeks touched and then
settled onto the seat of the chair. I was completely filled. The dildo in
my cunt had knobs near its base that now tickled and pressed into my pussy lips and clit. The anal plug had flared slightly before the base and
seemed to suck me down the last centimeters onto the chair as my sphincter
contracted around the tapered end. I felt so weak, I was sure I would not
be able to stand again by myself. I was so aroused and ashamed that I was
not sure I ever wanted to.

Someone flipped a switch. Lights blazed on. An auditorium lit up. It
was full of people, strangers, all staring intently at me. The closest was
seated no more than five feet away and faces receded up and away in all
directions. I stared like a deer caught in headlights and could feel my
blush of sexual arousal deepen and spread, intensified by the embarrassment
of this ultimate and intimate exposure.

In the haze of humiliation I barely heard another switch flip. Then
everything went white and I screamed and arched my back as the two dildoes
within me shuddered to life and began slow, deep oscillating vibrations...


Another room, and I am locked another contraption. It is a large seesaw
ramp arrangement. Just over the fulcrum, at the balance point, my chair
lies on its back. The chair back has free spinning wheels that allow it to
slide along grooves in the seesaw plank. There are stops in the track that
prevent the chair from sliding bast the balance point in one direction,
though the tracks are unblocked in the opposite direction - past the bottom
of the chair - until the very end of the ramp. The seesaw plank itself is
also blocked from rotating beyond the balance point in one direction, but
allowed to swing down to touch the ground the other way. The length of the
whole ramp is about 30 feet.

So, if someone were in this chair, and if it were even fractionally off
the balance point, they would have to try to redistribute their weight if
they did not want the chair to start moving down the ramp. Once they moved
just an inch or two off center, there'd be no compensating for the downward
rotation of the ramp and roll of the chair.

Other features of the chair, shown in detail to me before I was placed
in it, include various straps to keep its occupant in place against the
contoured seat, though arm and leg motion are unrestricted. There is also
a pair of holes in the seat; one about two inches wide, the other about an
inch, separated by only a small distance. One is designed to align with
the vagina of the properly installed female occupant; the other aligns with
the anus.

At the far end of the ramp are two rather large dildoes. Each is the
appropriate thickness and exact orientation to allow unhindered passage
through the holes in the chair, should the chair come sliding down the
ramp. Each is not much less than a foot in length. A low vibrating hum
emanates from them and they glisten with a greasy lubrication.

I am the chair's occupant. I am strapped in correctly, and have no way
of wiggling a hand past the restraints to protect my nether regions. My
hands are needed elsewhere anyway, since the only way to keep the chair
balanced is to have my hands stretched far above my head to the far side of
the ramp. Her legs, as mentioned, are free to rotate from the hip, and
they need to be raised as far in the direction of the far side as possible
to keep my center of gravity on the correct side and maintain the ramp's

Right now the ramp is stable - it has been for some time. My legs are
almost doubled back, toes pointed and straining for the far side. The
strap arrangement doesn't allow the legs to point straight back; they are
spread open about 45 degrees. This adds an additional openness and
vulnerability to my private parts positioned over the chair's holes.

I was given a thorough tour of the device before being strapped in, and
know too well how it operates. But now, I am sweating. If I tire, I may
have to relax my legs or arms, letting them fall down and forward slightly.
That will probably be enough. I keep my protesting limbs stretched out.
How much longer?


I am curled in a ball, naked on the floor. My knees are down, hands
hugging them. My head is bowed. The strong hand reaches from behind my
slight frame and is stroking my pussy between my slightly parted legs. I
am wet and breathing hard. My mind wills me to move, to escape the lewd
touch. But my body does not respond. Instead, my knees push open slightly
more, to allow the rough fingers easier access. One finger suddenly shoves
up into my cunt and I grunt. It pulls back and shoves in several times,
and I moan and mumble in protest. My body rocks with the shoving finger.

Another finger shoves into my now soaking pussy, then a third, sawing
back and forth. I would say no if I could, would scramble to escape if I
could. But instead I hump back onto the jabbing fingers.

Now a cock rubs my labia and clit, moistening itself on my free flowing
juices. I know what is coming and can only moan in protest as my hips try
to capture the sliding prick. The flared head slides up past my well used
vaginal entrance to the pucker of my virgin anus, and then pushes hard
against it. I cry out in surprise and protest, as it pushes through the
ring of muscle and plows into my ass. My eyes are wide, staring ahead but
unseeing. My rear surges up as the cock plunges in, the attempt to avoid
the intrusion only providing a better angle for it. My hips undulate,
raising and lowering my impaled ass as the prick slides home, sunk to the
balls, which slap heavily against my pussy.

I whine weakly as my stuffed ass quivers. A hand reaches around my
waist now, and a curled finger pushes back up my cunt as the cock slides
two-thirds out and then shoves back up my back door. A thumb now rubs my
clit. A second hand snakes up my side to reach under and grab a small
fleshy tit, as my ass is fucked slowly and powerfully.

I moan and whine as the torment continues. I cry out and come
helplessly, My plundered ass squeezing the hard cock, which stiffens and
spurts up my rear passage as it is shoves all the way in once more. It
surges and pulses as my climax takes me. Then, after some minutes, the
slowly softening member is pulled out, trailing semen. The hands leave me.
I collapse.

I am curled in a ball, naked on the floor...


It had taken a long time to get me to cum the first time. My fear and
terror at the kidnapping and restraint held off any sense of arousal for
quite a while. But he was patient, oblivious to my screams and pleas. His
long tongue worked my exposed pussy continually. Not a square inch of my
sex escaped its attentions. Labia, clit, inside, inner thigh, all wet now
from his licking. Slowly, as time went from half an hour, to an hour and
on, my body responded despite my fear, against my will, betraying me minute
by minute. Finally, I rewarded him as I cried out and shuddered in a
stolen climax.

He started again. Lightly, delicately, he worked my sensitive flesh.
He took great care not to over-stimulate or abrade. It wouldn't do to have
raw nerves reduce my sensitivity or add unneeded pain to the stimulation.
He used his own spit and saliva liberally, and was assisted by the juices
now flowing from his helpless victim. Now he occasionally slipped his
tongue down to the pucker of my ass, causing me to jerk at each contact.
After timeless time, though less than for the first, he wrested another
orgasm from my sweating, screaming body.

Again, this time he concentrated only on my clit, swirling it
mercilessly, rapidly, driving me insane with the intensity of the
sensation. I came quickly this time, straining and moaning in my

And again, slowly, torturously. My sobs too soon gave way to moans of
passion as I rose helplessly again. To my horror, my exhausted body now
ached for his mouth's caress. He released my legs, which simply fell open;
his mouth still locked over my cunt. I climaxed again, muscles spasming,
then releasing.

Again - even more slowly. He brought a hand up to my flowing pussy and
gently, fraction by fraction, inserted his middle finger into me. I didn't
really register the penetration until he curled the finger up to graze my
G-spot. I'd never known a sensation like that was possible. I came again
almost instantly. He continued licking and manipulating me until yet
another orgasm rocked my exhausted body.

He released my arms, but I now lacked either the strength or the will to
move them. I lay open and panting. He went down on me again. I barely
quivered as he started, but soon was shaking my head and writhing as he
brought me close to cumming again. This time, though, he didn't bring me
over. He eased off and teased me with his tongue, just enough to keep me
agonizingly on the edge, until my weakened body used what little strength
it had left in trying to force my hips toward him to get the last
desperately needed stimulation.

Now it was time. I dully felt him climb up my body, between my splayed
legs, fingers of one hand taking over from his mouth in teasing me without
pause. He positioned himself over me, looking down into my confused,
frightened, half-closed eyes. His steel hard shaft hovered an inch above
my virgin pussy entrance. He lowered his head and whispered into my ear,
"You're mine now," as his hot cockhead now touched my pussy entrance.

He shoved his hips forward. His cock plowed into me, tearing through my
hymen and burying itself fully in me with one hard stroke. My eyes snapped
open and I screamed. But the quick, sharp pain was buried as I came again,
surrendering myself to him.


Nightmares and Visions (6-10) by Monocle



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