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Title: Marnies All Tied Up
Keywords: mf, bond, mdom
Author: Caesar


A bound and exhausted slave gives her master one last pleasure.

#include "std_disclaimer.h"

All characters are fictional and a figment of my imagination.
Constructive e-mail welcome.

Marnie's All Tied Up (originally "All Tied Up")

by Caesar, copyright 1996-2002

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Caesar opened the door to the bedroom and looked down at the pale
naked skin of his Slave Marnie. Her back was to him and she lay still
upon the rumpled sheets. It had been a long evening but pleasurable
to the young master and dominant. His e-mail friend and Slave
provided a wonderful distraction to life's often tiresome duties. He
often found it difficult to keep the older woman satisfied, as her
energy often seemed boundless. But the dominant had found a way, more
daring than he had yet to use, to quiet her down.

The tiny woman's wrists were pulled back behind her and tied off with
one of her own stockings. The other stocking, white with a lacy top,
bound her ankles together. Caesar had been sure not to tie the
lingerie too tight to her body; it was to hold, not hurt. The man came into the room and sat down on the bed behind his bound Slave. He
reached out to test the silk scarf which held her bound wrists and
ankles behind her. It forced her to bend at the knee and to bring her
tiny feet up. In this position she could only lay comfortably on her
side, which is the position he had left her in several hours before,
and the position he now found her in.

Gently he lay his hand down upon her warm smooth hip, half-expecting
her to jump from surprise, but she didn't. Marnie only lay quietly,
her breathing deep and steady. Last evening when she appeared on time
at the hotel room door, dressed in a almost casual woolen skirt and
loose blouse, Caesar felt as much desire for her as the first moment
they met in person. Only beneath this conservative attire did Caesar
find and enjoy the woman who proclaimed herself his Slave. The hours
after her arrival were filled with orgasmic delight and groans of
passion. The same skin he now touched rippled with spasms as she
panted her desires to him while allowing his dominance to emerge in
both a physical and mental merging between the two sexual partners.
The same skin had caused his manhood to rise several times, while each
successive orgasm which she taunted from him sapped his strength and
devoured his soul. Finally he was left exhausted. To ensure a quiet
evening he had tied his Slave and left her in the bedroom alone for
the evening. It had been extreme, but not the first time he had tied
her, though it was the longest he had ever left her bound.

After the long hot shower, Caesar felt very refreshed and ready to
continue the day. Now, after seeing his Slave still bound and
remembering the enjoyment from hours earlier, he felt the heat of his
loins stir. His hand moved from her smooth hip to her fleshy upper
buttock. Its resilience had been proved time and again, as Caesar had
often found reason to spank this woman's pale skin to a bright
redness. Bending forward he simultaneously pulled apart her upper
cheek and looked into the shadowed crevice. He wasn't a stranger to
this part of her anatomy, and again enjoyed sight of her. Only last
evening his finger had penetrated her tight rear opening as she knelt
before him, his cock stroking back and forth inside her vagina.
Gently, so as not to wake her, the twenty-something year-old master
bent awkwardly forward and placed a gentle kiss directly upon her

Caesar liked her like this, unknowning of his visual enjoyment. It
sparked a voyeuristic mood in him. At his commands, his Slave would
masturbate and give him a wonderful sight to behold. Yet when she did
not know that he was watching it seemed nasty, and created a new
enjoyment inside him. Again a kiss, longer, lingering upon the hard
muscle long enough to get a taste of her. He sat back and licked his
lips, his eyes never coming off her bottom, while tasting her sweat,
dried sexual juices, and even the earthy taste of her bottom. Again
he bent towards her, this time his tongue spearing out to taste
her. Caesar wasn't rough in this oral intercourse with her asshole;
rather, a forceful pressure was effective in that he found his tongue
entering Marnie's rear a centimeter while leaving her still sleeping.

The man, the master, pulled back before he woke her. Something he did
not want to happen yet. He wasn't finished playing with his
slumbering Slave. He let go of her skin and stood up off the
bed. Again he marveled at the woman who had succumbed to his dominant
desires of her own free will. Caesar shook his head, not
understanding the mind of a submissive, nor would he ever.

His peripheral sight noticed the hastily-discarded clothing from the
night before. A few steps and he was able to pick up one of his
Slave's white stockings. It no longer held Marnie's warmth, but
bringing the thigh section to his nose allowed him to smell her stale
perfume and the natural smell of her skin. She had looked delightful
in these stockings last evening. When Marnie showed up at the door in
white undergarments, Caesar knew of her mood. It was the master's job
to interpret and use the knowledge of his Slave's feelings and moods
to help increase her desire. Last evening it had been easy. She had
come to him feeling submissive and desiring the special attention of
her master. Again, the thoughts of the night before gave him a shiver
of excitement.

Bending again, he retrieved her white satin panty. There was not much
to the garment as it was meant more for highlighting feminine features
rather than warmth or for modesty. The smell this time held a more
distinctive scent, one that Caesar had come to know intimately. It
was the smell of her sex. The center of many hours of his
attention. Last evening he had ordered her to keep the panties on, and
not to reach beneath them. The lacy white satin had acted as a gate
to her overheated sex, and a few hours after she had first set foot in
the hotel room she was begging and wiggling about before him just to
be given permission to touch her bare vagina. The power of Marnie's
desires often startled him, yet each time he enjoyed it immensely.

Walking about the bed, Caesar stood before his slumbering Slave, one
hand holding her white undergarment to his nose, the other
absentmindedly stroking his semi-hard phallus. He knelt before the
bed, his cock mere inches above his Slave's cheek. How often had he
teased her with his cock, used the sight of his enjoyment to further
hers? This organ in his hand had entered every hole of his Slave's
body, had shot forth its tribute inside her again and again, and even
left the pearl-colored tribute upon her pale skin more times that
countable. She turned him on, by being herself. By being his

Caesar bent forward as he had done behind her. This time, his lips
came in contact with her forehead and he gave the Slave a chaste kiss,
then another, lower down on her brow, and another on her raised
cheek. Finally he came to her lips and kissed them almost
passionately. His eyes still open, and his lips touching hers, the
master desired another lewd action. He licked her lips to moisten
them. Kneeling straight again before and above her, Caesar bent his
hardened cock down to press the softness of the penis head to those
same moist lips.

When he pulled away, he noticed a syrup string of his pre-cum still
joining them. It was attached to her red upper lip and the center of
his cock. It was a lewd and exciting sight. If she were awake, as he
was starting to wish she were, he would take her now, probably not
even taking the time to undo her bindings.

Instead, the man looked up and down her flanks and then stroked his
cock faster. Bending forward he was again able to milk the clear
liquid from his cock and left a large bead of it upon her perky upper
breast an inch from the nipple. The clear image of her last orgasm
flashed in his mind's eye, and Caesar felt a lurch between his
legs. She was the woman of his fantasies, his Slave. She loved every
action he did to her, never once saying the word "no", as he had once
said she was able to say, to escape anything she did not wish to
participate in. Another image of his Slave upon her stomach, his cock
embedded inside her ass rocked through him and he found himself again
licking his lips. And another, this time as she could not keep her
hands from between her legs as she suckled his cock for a long drive
they had gone on. If she was the woman of his fantasies, then she was
the woman of his dreams. The face to those unnamed women in his
teenage fantasies from a decade ago.

She still slept soundly, evidence of the result of the enjoyment from
hours before. His hand flashed up and down his cock, as the familiar
tightening of his balls spelled the inevitable. Caesar felt his organ
widen momentarily before the first spasm and a shot of his spend came
out of him. He stroked the jerking cock, gasping for breath as his
orgasm again sapped his strength. Quickly, so not to leave the whole
mess upon his Slave's lovely skin, he brought the white panty to the
head of his cock, leaving much of his sperm inside her undergarment.
It was a fulfilling moment.

Caesar wasn't exhausted as he anticipated he would be after another
orgasm. It had not been that long since the marathon of love and he
figured another would suck his energy quickly from his body. He sat
back onto his heels and looked down at his Slave. A string of
pearl-colored spend was on the upper part of her cheek, dripping down
into her half open mouth. Her body lay quietly and still, yet he was
startled to see her eyes looking into his.



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