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Title: Marnies Day On The Sandbar
Keywords: mf, mdom
Author: Caesar


A wonderful day, a sexy slave, and a clam dig... the makings of a day
at the beach.

#include "std_disclaimer.h"

All characters are fictional and a figment of my imagination.
Constructive e-mail welcome.

Marnie's Day on the Sandbar

by Caesar, copyright 1996-2002

$Revision: 1.2 $ $Date: 2002/07/08 16:12:06 $
If you own a sailboat, especially one that is a 'liveaboard' and has
room for guests, then you know how many people want to be your friend.
It got so bad that I disappeared four days out of six somewhere up the
coast of British Columbia with a cellular phone number only a few

That is not to say I don't like friends coming over and having a bit
of fun; rather, I take exception to those that couldn't be bothered to
give me any of their time when I was a broke student a few years ago.
Nope, savor the true friends, I've learned.

Yet I'm not here to have a bitch session about how people seem to just
end up wanting to come over for an hour or a weekend. Nope, rather
it's simply about an afternoon I shared with my Slave Marnie. The
friend part is just how we ended upon a sandbar for an afternoon.

I'm Caesar, if you haven't yet read any of my other accounts between
my Slave and me.

Well, I love the ocean - it seems to be a part of me. Always has been
since I grew up in Prince Edward Island and played catch with
jellyfish and used seaweed as a mattress to lay upon. So living on
the ocean was how I spent my money and my free time. It was during a
weekday that I planned on going back out - I'm able to work off the
boat as long as my cellular can connect to the Internet. Well, David
and his girlfriend had sort of dropped by and we shared a tiny supper
together. I invited them along for a four-day cruise up the Strait of
Georgia to discover a new inlet to anchor. The last I had to leave as
I became frustrated when another sailor woke me up late one night
playing the damn bagpipes.

I'm really getting to the point, so stay with me.

The first three days were great, and David and his friend were very
accommodating and helped crew my ship. My Slave Marnie was subdued,
at least in expressing her own sexuality. Normally she barely wore
clothing about my ship. Having guests did really put a cramp on my
sex life.

Now, I'm not complaining, but rather giving evidence that another way
had to be found. Normally we had days to ourselves, without anyone
within sight, and after only a few hours it seemed that my friends
were suffocating us.

Or maybe I was just horny. If you know me, then you'd probably agree.

So, late on the fourth morning, I threw a few things into the zodiac
and then guided my Slave down into it. Dave and his girlfriend waved
to us goodbye, and I think they were anxious to be alone on my boat.
I'm sure they sampled a bit of sexual play while we were gone.

Around the point we soon found ourselves out of sight and hopefully
out of mind. Marnie leaned over and grasped the bulge in my shorts as
soon was we lost sight of the hull. "Why don't you find a spot and
park this dory?" The grin she gave me left little to doubt her
intentions. It seemed my Slave, and very good friend, was insatiable
when it comes to sex. Oh well, I'm sure you're not going to feel
sorry for me, huh?

Laughing, I aimed towards a group of rocks out past the visible land.

Now, if I don't put a stop to any advances Marnie may give she would
continue until her objective had been reached. We were both the same
in that regard. Busy rowing, I didn't mind her familiar hand upon my
covered cock. It may have been enough to convince her to continue
with her objective. As often was the case, that objective was my
dick. Big surprise, though that certainly is not a complaint.

I watched and silently thanked myself for such a desirable wench for a
Slave. As she pulled my loose shorts to the side, freeing my already
half-hard cock, and then leaned forward and engulfed my manhood into
her hungry mouth.

Now, Marnie loves to suck cock. In the morning, at night, before sex
or between sex - she just can't seem to be get enough of my manhood in
her warm wet mouth. As you may well imagine, I greatly enjoy this
aspect of our relationship. I sometimes can be a greedy bugger about
my pleasure.

At that moment, it was no different. Yet I had to pilot the small
craft while trying to enjoy those sucking lips. I wasn't too
successful and simply dropped my work and grabbed the back of her
head. Not that she would stop without a direct command from me, but
rather I wanted to guide the speed of her bobbing face. I wanted to
finish very quickly - the lack of an orgasm those last couple of days
now forced my blood to boil quicker than normal and my Slave enjoyed
every moment. If left to her own devices she could make oral love to
that part of my anatomy for an hour, but I couldn't wait an hour.

I often thought that at such moments, the Slave became the Master -
that her lips controlled our relationship and I would do just about
anything for her to finish me at that moment. Though I've not a
submissive bone in my body as I'm sure my friends would tell you if
asked, it's the only time I find myself being 'controlled'.

Okay, so it took me less time to shoot my cum down the hungry throat
of my Slave than it took to write these last few paragraphs explaining
it. My only excuse is that lack of sex the last couple of days. At
that moment, neither of us were worried, for after my initial quick
release, the next would be memorable.

My senses finally returned while my Slave licked my wilted cock
slowly, savoring every intimate touch. Our craft was almost upon the
shore north of the cluster of rocks I had been aiming for.

Well, rather than fight the waves back out, I simply grounded the
zodiac up onto the rocky beach. I doubt if my Slave even noticed that
we had beached yet, and I had to lift her face by her chin to bring
her attention back.

I simply winked at her and knew she understood - I greatly enjoyed
that blow job, and I would be returning the favor soon enough. She
smiled brightly at me. Sometimes I thought words were unimportant and
that I was able to convey more without them. She had been my Slave
and companion long enough to get the non-verbal message I conveyed.

Lord, she was a great Slave and a beautiful woman!

We jumped out of the craft and as I secured it with the anchor she
gathered the small day packs for us. "I wanted to see those rocks, so
how's that for a destination?"

"Sounds great. Do you want to carry the heavy one?" She was joking -
of course I would carry the heavy pack. Hell, if I didn't, do you
think I'd tell you?

It was only a few hundred meters and, at the deepest, half a meter of
water before we found ourselves standing on a sandbar at the foot of
rocks. When I was a kid I knew of the best places to go to get clams
and after a few quick looks knew this was a great spot to dig a few

I dropped our packs and of course my Slave's shorts and bathing suit
while leaving only a oversized white shirt covering her on the
shadowed side of the rocks. I asked her to gather some kelp and
smiled at the face she made and then turned to go back to some ankle-
deep water we had passed through to get at our small camp.

I watched my Slave often, enjoying the sight of her semi-clad body as
she timidly picked out the cleanest pieces of weed. It was an amusing
sight, her the city girl, one that I always enjoyed showing a life
outside of the concrete and steel places.

Before long, I had dug up half a leather pail of generous-sized clams
and Marnie had lost her tender attitude towards the kelp. I knew it
would happen - she would discover there was nothing wrong with the
sea's weed and her timidness was gone before I returned.

"What is all this seaweed for, Master?"

I dropped a small handful of dried beach wood. "To cook with - or
don't you want lunch?"

"I'd rather have more of your cock!" I looked up at her bluntness.
That is my Slave, my private little slut. Just the way I liked her.
She grinned at my gentle and patient look. "Seaweed - yuck!"

"Steamed clams are great, lass. Now, I'm just going to set this
bucket to sit for a while to clean 'em out. Make sure the tide
doesn't take it out so keep half an eye on it."

"Sure. You ready for your next lesson in swimming?"

I grinned and started to pull off my clothing, and she immediately
giggled and did the same with her last remaining garment. The lesson
was a private joke - that I could barely tread water and loved the
sea, while she's a city girl who swim with ease. Frustrating for a
dominant, in an embarrassing sort of way.

I may not be able to swim but I can hold my breath and jump the waves
easily. And that is essentially what I ended up doing. She
practically swam laps about me and we played sort of a erotic tag
which she allowed me to win. I would never have caught her in the
water. The ocean was a comfortable sixteen degrees centigrade, just
cold enough that my manhood was a very embarrassing size. After a
stern look she at least tried to stifle the laugh that appeared when I
went back to the cluster of rocks.

In all, it was a grand few hours. Afterwards, we lay on the beach
mat, naked of course, in the shade, talking about some goals we had
set as a couple that were coming up in the near future. I drank
gatorade and I believe she drank iced tea.

It just felt like the right moment, one that poets write about, so I
leaned over and gently kissed my desirable and lovely Slave. My lips
welded to hers and our mouths widened while her tongue began to play
by finding mine. My hands found her buttocks and I enjoyed that round
smooth flesh while her hand grasped my still-shrunk cock.

She pulled away. "Oh, your cock is cold."

"See, I told you, shrinkage."

"I know about shrinkage. It just feels very cold."

"Then warm it up, Slave." Ah, finally the one instruction I'm sure
she had been waiting for nearly as much as I had anticipated giving
it. Her mouth was indeed very warm and I allowed my reaction to echo
across the water. None could hear, so why not?

That didn't last long as I pulled her face from my lap and threw her
playfully upon her back. "Let's see if you're cold, lass." With as
much patience as she showed, in other words none, I slid my tongue
between the outer folds of her labia. It was cold and she made her
own enjoyable sounds as my hot tongue, previously warmed in her mouth,
began to dance between her hairy vaginal lips. It was a game; I
ignored her clitoris while she tried to move her hips to get that love
button beneath my tongue. Of course it didn't work. How could I let
it? I was enjoying her reactions to my tongue moving rhythmically in
and out of her vagina and infrequently a quick but firm lick lower
down upon her anus.

She tasted salty from the sea. Damn, I enjoyed that upon a woman's

I pulled my face from between her thighs. "Ask nice?"

You see, she had been requesting me to finish her off to get my tongue
upon her clitoris or to drive my cock deep with her cunt. I did
neither and ignored her pleas and whines. It rarely ever worked, but
I think she knew I enjoyed the sound of her voice during those

Yet now I want her to ask. "Please make me come, Master."

"Not good enough, Marnie."

"Please, Master" - she spread her legs very wide apart and then using
one hand pulled her vaginal lips apart exposing all - "make me come."
She had used just the right about of a whine and pleading.

Yet it wasn't what I wanted. "Not bad, Slave, but we are out here
with no-one around I want you really hear you ask."

This time it was obvious she understood my meaning. Marnie suddenly
used her talented voice and shouted out, "Make me come, Master! Make
me come!"

What else could I do - I finished what I started of course.

Afterwards, though not long afterwards I had her lick her own spend
from my face. I always enjoy when my Slave does that. I left her in
her afterglow to light a small fire and start our late lunch.

We both trooped around that sandbar like castaways, not a stitch of
clothing on us and our skin and hair salted by the sea. Marnie dug
around in both packs. "Where is the butter?"

"I don't use butter. There is vinegar in the clear bottle." She made
a face, but since our time together she learned to try it before
passing judgment. If you've never tried vinegar with clams, or even
mussels or lobster, give it a try. I'm certain you'll not regret it.
It's what I used growing up on the east coast of Canada.

Well, it took awhile for the clams to open up, but we did it and the
supper was very tasty. The best feed of clams I've had for years.
They taste better just from the ocean and eaten upon the beach. And
if you have a naked Slave to dip your clam for you, well, as you can
imagine that was a slice of heaven on earth.

I guess I can tell you that I used my Slave's navel as a place to hold
the vinegar. Somehow dipped clams tasted better that way.

With the familiar content look on her face, I think she rather enjoyed
it also.

Not being overly full at our feast, I was starting to feel rather
randy. My Slave had noticed my half-mast cock while we ate, and my
gaze feasting on more than just the sea's bounty, but had said nothing
about it.

I stood up and faced her with my cock merely a few meters away. "You
wanna taste more of my clam, Master?" My manhood rose quickly as if
knowing what it was going to end up doing.

"I'm full, thanks." She laughed at that lame joke. "On your knees,
Slave!" I spoke rather loudly and was feeling nature's power with my

I wasn't in the mood for a slow gentle love session, but rather I
wanted to fuck my Slave. She moved quickly, and I wondered if she was
feeling much the same as I was, and she aimed her bottom up towards
me. One of the greatest assets I thought my Slave possessed was
sexual and emotional empathy towards my desires. When I wanted a hard
fuck, she often mirrored this desire. It made for very exciting

Using a gentle finger I discovered she was wet, but not overly so. I
knelt behind her spread knees and slapped her raised ass with my stiff
cock. She laughed and wiggled her ass towards me. "Touch yourself,
Slave, get that pussy of yours ready for me!"

I was stroking myself and infrequently slapping her ass with my cock
while I intently watched her hand move between her legs. It's always
an erotic sight that I never tired of, watching my Slave pleasure
herself. She knew this, and her touches were just as much for me as
they were for her own pleasure. Marnie had a way of showing me when
her body was ready to receive mine, and often it involved showing me
the excitement of her sex. This time was no different and she pulled
apart the lips of her sex with two fingers then slid the middle one
into herself. I watched her finger-fuck her own cunt, knowing that
she would only do that if she were ready for me.

I simply slapped her busy hand with my cock and she withdrew her
fingers. It moved easily between her womanly folds as her sex
engulfed my cock hungrily. We both sighed out loud with pleasure. If
you've never fucked on or in the ocean you wouldn't understand. And
if you had the luck to be alone with your mate and nature while having
sex you may understand when I say it was simply great! I held upon
her hips and began to pound my cock in and out of her body. She had
lowered herself until her shoulders lay upon the ground and I could
feel both her hands between our legs. One was playing with my
swinging balls, and the other, I'm certain, was manipulating her over-
sensitive clitoris.

It had been far too long since I had sunk myself within this woman's
body. She was very responsive and bucked and thrashed her person
below me. It simply heated my blood more and I dropped viciously in
and out of her. We rutted with nature as a witness and for myself it
added to the excitement.

I'm not sure how long I lasted, but I was a bull and could only think
of shoving that hard pole between my legs into the woman who willingly
submits to me. It may have been her orgasm that woke my senses enough
that I saw her sweaty body thrash below me and I wanted more,
something different. Pulling from her cunt I rolled her over onto her
back and simply aimed my cock again at that pleasurable hole. It was
welcomed with a groan of pleasure and hands clawing at my back and

I wasn't finished and was prepared to fuck for hours if that was what
it took.

Since it's long after and I'm recalling the moments as I type, you and
I know I could lie to you. That I could tell you my cock was twelve
inches long and I fucked my Slave for almost two hours. It would be a
blatant lie.

I will admit I had no concept of time and that my cock is sufficient
for my own use and obviously for my Slave's.

When I did finish, and lordy did I finish, I filled my Slave's clutch
with a generous amount of my man cream. She was practically hanging
below me, her ankles crossed around my hips and her hands hugging her
torso up against mine. Marnie was a tiny woman and moving her hips up
to meet my own, and when I began to grunt like the passionate animal I
am, she followed suit only a few seconds behind me.

So to be a gentleman, I pushed myself as far into her I could go and
flooded her depths. My own groans echoed above her high-pitched

Well, if you're here only to read about the sex, you can stop reading
now. You see, we both lay intertwined for maybe an hour until the sun
came about the rocks and began to bake us. I was sweaty and found the
strength to carry my Slave over my shoulder out into the water. The
water cooled and catered to our exhaustion.

The day wasn't over, but our privacy was nearly at an end. We found
that our return passage had dropped at least another meter beneath the
water as the tide came in. Rookie mistake - that happens
infrequently, thank goodness. We both swam back to the north shore,
me taking frequent rest breaks, and I brought the zodiac out to the
rocks to collect our day packs.

Well, that's about it.

Our day on the sandbar. Filled with sexual play and not-so-sexual
play. I promised myself that we would have to do this more often.
Seeing how my tired Slave practically glowed from our afternoon's fun,
I knew that was a promise I would definitely keep.



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