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Title: Marnies Master Loses Weight
Keywords: mf, mdom
Author: Caesar


So, what does a Slave do when she thinks her Master is getting

#include "std_disclaimer.h"

All characters are fictional and a figment of my imagination.
Constructive e-mail welcome.

Marnie's Master Loses Weight

by Caesar, copyright 1996-2002

$Revision: 1.2 $ $Date: 2002/07/08 16:12:06 $
Lets get something straight right off - I'm not fat!

In fact, I'm my own worst critic when it comes to how I look - usually
I just don't give a shit what others think. Lets see, I'm exactly six
feet tall and right now I'm about a hundred and ninety five pounds.
Not thin, not fat. Bet you don't believe me?

Lets face it - I love food! Then there is my current lifestyle which
doesn't leave much room for exercise, other than a swim a few times a
week. You see, I'm a contract programmer and I work out of home, my
pride and joy, my sailboat.

I thought I would simply write about a Saturday afternoon that I spent
with my Slave, Marnie. Yup, you read that right, she is my Slave as
well as a friend and companion.

Don't judge my lifestyle and I won't judge yours, okay?

So, if you haven't been keeping up, this is about my not-so-overweight
body and my Slave.

Working long hours to complete my obligations to the current project,
I hadn't been able to spend much time with my Slave or with my
sailboat. In fact, other than sleeping, eating and working, I've done
nothing else. Would it surprise you that I'm an introvert? Thought

So just after noon on Saturday, I hear a knock upon a side portal and
glancing up, I saw a familiar hand wave. It was Marnie of course.
Who did you think it would be? I may be a pervert but I'm also a
boring geek. So in tune with my ship that I felt the addition of
another person as well as her soft step as she climbed aboard.

Having nothing planned but work and maybe a nap, she wasn't intruding
at all. I had worked most of the night - on a roll, as they say. It
had been a week since I last saw her and as usual her
expression-filled face radiated when she saw me. I knew I was

She wrapped her arms around my neck and I held her in a bear-hug.
Then suddenly her hands dropped and she began to feel around my middle
like she was squeezing bread.

I pushed her away and made a grab for her hands. "What the hell are
you doing?"

"Haven't been getting out much, Master?" Her wicked grin looked
maliciously playful. I wondered if she was working up to a
punishment, which I knew she sometimes enjoyed if properly
administered. Marnie laughed as I made a pained look, all in jest, as
she well knew. I didn't feel much like punishing this sexy woman at
that moment.

Yet at the same time I didn't much feel like making excuses. My Slave
knew very well why I haven't been getting much exercise lately. I let
her hands go and returned to my stool and sat facing her.

"Did you come around just to make fun of my weight?"

She threw her handbag over onto the bench and laughed yet again. I
knew from that sound that my Slave had many things on her mind.
Having fun was just a small part of it. "Its been a week. I think
Master is neglecting me." Her lip pouted out comically.

It was my turn to laugh.

"Is Master too busy for his Slave, or have you found something else
that pleases you more?" My playful, comical, and talented actress of
a friend sobbed violently.

What else could I do? I threw a pile of recycled note paper at her.
Of course it was for effect, and I doubt a single sheet touched her.
Yet that playful wench suddenly jumped back with the grace of the
pixie she really is and screeched with a bit of a laugh thrown in.

I sat smiling, wondering what other antics she was about to pull, when
she suddenly lifted her loose skirt up to her waist. The weight of
the week, and more explicitly my lack of sexual attention during that
time, suddenly hung heavily upon me as I gazed upon her cream-coloured
stockings and garters.

Licking lips, I had to continue with our present mood and at least
attempt to be witty. "Is that where my money went?"

She moved her shapely legs about in animated poses and ignored my
feeble jest. "Well, do you like them?"

"Very nice." I meant it. One thing that had first attracted me to my
Slave was how she looked in stockings. I knew my gaze was easily read
- I'm such a predictable male sometimes. I wanted her and she knew
it! Who says a Slave has no power?

"I just thought I would come by and show you these" - she turned
slowly so I could see every seductive curve of her legs from her
ankles to the tops of her thighs - "before I had to go." Her skirt
dropped and effectively disintegrated my mesmerised gaze.

Marnie moved to gather her handbag. "Where the hell do you have to
go?" I certainly hope that didn't come out as a whine. Not very
dominant, is it?

"Oh, I thought I would get to the library and check out a few new
books." With her bag she headed for the short ladder leading out. "I
wanted something to do since you're so busy." That came out rather
harsher than a simple jest and I knew I had to read between the lines.
I'm not so thick-headed all the time! Though that may surprise those
that actually know me.

I jumped for her ankle but missed and she was topside. Damnation! I
moved faster than I had in weeks and Marnie squealed as she tried to
get to the dock.

"Damn your hide, woman!" I grabbed her handbag and she let it go and
I had to jump again. I had her by the upper arm and she was laughing
almost uncontrollably while I was growling with maddening desire.

Our loud playfulness had attracted a few eyes. I moor my ship with a
live-aboard society and everyone knew each other. I'm sure my strange
lifestyle is often a topic of gossip - as will this event be.

Damn, I'm off topic again.

It happened very quickly, but I pulled her back to me and I lifted her
easily into my arms. Marnie is quite light and had a small frame, an
easy lift. I was standing in the cockpit with nowhere to go so I made
my way the few feet aft.

Marnie was kicking and squealing as my free hand was openly fondling
her round delightful bottom. Standing just before the stern line she
must have realised what I was threatening to do.

"Let me go! I have to get to the library." That brought more
hysterical laughter.

Let me get one thing clear, threats mean nothing. They are for the
weak. Marnie knew that, yet sometimes, together, we liked to be
playful and spontaneous.

"Then you can swim to the library." The comment was rather foolish,
thinking back, though I doubt she even heard me, since I immediately
threw her over the transom and right into the deep cool water.

It was my turn to laugh as her head appeared and she spitted out a
mouthful of sea water. "Bastard." I wasn't sure how to read that
twinkle in her eye.

"Now, Marnie, that's no way to speak about your Master." I moved to
the rail and leaned over to help her out of the water.

Though older and smaller than I, Marnie was in rather good condition
and could swim very expertly. So, like some old movie before talkies,
she grasped my outreached hand and used her feet upon the stern for
leverage. As you may guess I went head first into the drink.

Someday I may learn my lesson. Probably not, though!

I gasped out when I finally surfaced and she helped me find a handhold
on a loose line. You see, I can barely swim a few feet - I'd probably
drown if left to my own devices. Serves me right, some may say.

I could hear her laughter as I grumbled and cursed. Foiled again by
my submissive. Luckily I've a bad memory. That was a joke - I hope
you smiled?

A few others joined with Marnie's joke and the both of us were the
centre of attention among my neighbours. Laughter can be rather
embarrassing if its aimed at your soaking dripping body.

So we retired to the main cabin and we both began to disrobe. No word
was spoken but I could not help but watch as my Slave revealed her wet
and sexy body. I know she caught my hungry gaze but didn't say a

With our clothes thrown into a pile on the floor she stood with her
arms folded across her chest and commented, "Well, I guess my day is
ruined. I can't go to the library without stockings."

What a ridiculous statement! As intended, it got me to laugh. She
quickly joined me.

In mere seconds we were in each others' arms and our mouths found the
others. God, I loved the taste of the sea upon the skin and lips of
my Slave. Marnie didn't seem to mind the taste of my own lips the way
she hungrily attacked them.

My hands were moving about her sexy smooth body, not spending too much
time in one place. It was frantic the way I fondled her. I doubt she
cared - she did the same to me. Both of us bending at the knees, we
found ourselves upon our soiled clothes, mouths locked and hands

I was hot for this woman and desired her very much at that moment. My
hands moved her knees to either side of my hips and my cock sprung
forwards as it throbbed in expectation. I wanted to drive it forward
to sink it within the familiar but heavenly folds of my Slave, yet I
didn't. Not yet, anyway.

I pressed it forward, firmly pushing the length of my manhood between
the outer labia and against the sensitive skin within.

Her face tilted back out of reach of my hungry mouth and she let out a
high-pitched groan of pleasure. Was it the hardness against her
clitoris that caused this? I didn't know, and to be sure, I wasn't
about to ask at that moment.

I simulated a coupling motion as I slid my cock against her. I could
tell she was excited, as her body lubricated my manhood generously and
it produced a delicious feeling.

Wow! Fucking but not fucking. Marnie was really getting into it and
was beginning to move her hips up to meet my own. She pressed the
tips of her toes to the harsh carpet and forced that delightful sex up
harder against my own.

My mouth, long since abandoned, found her tiny but hard nipple and
began to tease it mercilessly. I alternated between each pointy focal
point, sometimes kissing gently, sometimes nipping it with my teeth.

It wasn't long before I felt my own excitement rise and my body was
telling me it would not be much longer if I continued upon my current
path. So I sat up over my Slave and with hand on hips looked down at
her sexy, excited body.

She writhed beneath my gaze and tried to pull me back down. "Come
back to me, Master?"

Sometimes I just don't know when to shut up. "I guess I will have to
buy you another pair of stockings now?" She giggled and I smiled into
her eyes.

Lord, sometime those eyes caused my soul to turn outwards and join
with her.

Let's get serious, shall we? I mean, here was this sexy submissive
just waiting for my cock and I was sitting up like a twit thinking
Lord knows what. That didn't last long, as you may well imagine.

I reached down and grasped her petite ankles, pulling her whole body
towards me. Her full glistening pubic hairs were just under the
thrust of my pole and I placed her ankles on either side of my hips on
the floor. "Lift your ass up, Marnie." I grasped my cock and stroked
it gently while watching her hungry eyes devour it.

Her cunt lifted almost to my balls and I bent, though it was almost
too painful to do this, my cock and pressed the crown into the top of
her crevice. I teased that hard bud firmly to great effect as Marnie
thrust back.

Then I ran the dripping wet head of my cock along the groove of her
vagina, back and forth, teasing her body.

You see, I wanted her to become almost uncontrollably excited. To
scream with pleasure and beg for me. I rather enjoyed when her body
orgasmed in time with my own. Perhaps it was some unselfish part of
me or maybe I just liked the power of having this woman's sexuality at
my every whim. You decide, I care not.

I cannot give you an exact second that I decided to change tactics but
suddenly I thrust forward to my Slave's and even my own surprise. We
suddenly found our pelvises grinding deliciously.

This time my groan of pleasured echoed her own. Her ass dropped as I
pressed her back to the floor and her feet lifted to wrap about my
waist. Lord, I felt one with the gods at that moment.

Times like that the poetic write about, perverts crave and Masters
like me demand. Though she was my Slave, I never took for granted the
pleasure we are able to produce together.

My Slave's arms encircled my neck and she held me close to her. Not
to be outdone I lifted myself back on my knees and hands, effectively
lifting her tiny frame at the same time. Her body hung beneath my own
and I started to move my cock back and forth within her.

Marnie rotated her hips and moved her sex in time with my own. She
probably wanted the same thing I did, to feel her partner explode at
the same time as her own explosion. Her mouth was next to my ear and
I could hear her heavy breathing and gasps very clearly. My own mouth
again found her salty skin and I licked and tickled her smooth neck.

My veins felt hot as if my blood were on fire, while my balls
tightened with pleasure and immediacy. I wanted to stop, to slow my
driving force, to make this moment last forever. Yet at times, I'm
very weak-willed. Or maybe it wasn't meant to be.

My hips stopped moving for just a brief second before Marnie began to
violently clench and thrust her body against me, faster and faster
until that sane logical mind of mine joined hers and my cock suddenly
did my thinking. I began to thrust wildly into her willing, hot body.

Who started the roller coaster effect that I felt when we started to
orgasm, I know not. But it didn't really matter, as in essence we
both came at the same moment, with my violent explosions and her
spasming clenching. It had been a week, and I was not so old that now
my body needed this release very badly.

My teeth clenched and I growled like an animal, while only partially
aware of the gasping tensed body holding my own. Again and again my
cock exploded with discharge, filling her sexual crevice with my
spend, no longer in time, though neither of us probably noticed at
that moment, how her sex clenched and rippled upon my hard member and
a wash of liquid, from the both of us, lubricated our mutual sex
organs with a hot velvet bath.

Afterwards, when the saltwater upon our skin had changed to the dew of
sweat and our breathing returned, I sat back up over my Slave. My
softened member slipped from her and she also sat up. Our lips met
with a gentler and more passionate lock than our earlier grapple. She
suckled my speared tongue as she often did to my cock, and I felt a
stirring again between my legs.

One of her small hands grasped my round buttock and held it firmly.
"It's going to take a few more rounds with me before you get back into

I pulled from her and looked at her in surprise. I really shouldn't
have guessed her teasing was over, yet my cock had been doing the
thinking for me earlier.

Marnie rolled over and stood up over me. "If Master can catch me he
can have me!"

She jumped back from my reaching hand. Doesn't this sound familiar?
Read the first part of this account and see what I mean. "What? You
are my slave and I can have you any time I desire!" Cursing to myself
I rolled onto my knees and prepared to spring like the jungle cat I
felt like. I wanted to devour her.

When finally I did make my move she had been prepared and had jumped
out of the way easily. "Damn!" I wasn't a cat but some other less
agile animal.

Laughing, she just had to add insult to injury. "What better way for
Master to loose weight than to catch his Slave?" Indeed!



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