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Title: Marnies Quickie
Keywords: mf, mdom
Author: Caesar


A dinner engagement forces a couple to find a place to truly express
their desire for the other.

#include "std_disclaimer.h"

All characters are fictional and a figment of my imagination.
Constructive e-mail welcome.

Marnie's Quickie

by Caesar, copyright 1996-2002

$Revision: 1.2 $ $Date: 2002/07/08 16:12:06 $
It was a boring, longwinded dinner. Yet it was also work.

You see, I rarely have to meet clients or even wear a tie. At least
not in the last eight months I don't. So when this invitation came
from one of the larger clients in Vancouver, I wasn't able to pass it
off to one of the other development team members. It was my turn and
no amount of begging, bribing, threatening or just plain complaining
had gotten me out of it.

I'm Caesar. Have you heard of me? No? Well, that's fine. I rather
like keeping a low profile. Maybe this tale, as well as my others,
will get us better acquainted.

I may have started off on the wrong track. This short tale isn't
about my boring business meeting or even about my work. Nope, it's
about Marnie, my Slave.

Have you heard of Marnie? Probably not, she keeps even a lower
profile that I.

If you haven't heard of her, then let me tell you a bit about her.
She is mischievous, playful, and can be a handful. That is really
what this tale is about. Or maybe it's about sex - you decide.

You see, being unfamiliar with ties, clients, and "curbing my tongue".
I thought it would be fun if I brought a date along. At least it
would have been someone to talk to, other than clients, I mean. My
job is great, at least if I don't have to associate with patrons.
Besides, my Slave was better acquainted with this type of business
interaction. Talking with "suits", if you will.

I'm really taking my time getting to the good stuff. And if you
haven't guessed yet, the good stuff is sex. Isn't it always?

So, here we sat across a eight-foot round table from each other and I
didn't even get a chance to talk with her. I got bored real fast.
Not normally being a good conversationalist, those people next to me
that tried to start one found my answers short and to the point. They
may have also gotten the fact that I didn't want to be here. I'm not
much for hiding my true feelings.

As was often the case, when I get bored I start to make fantasies up
in my head. It comes from my childhood and teen years, and has been
both a bane and a benefit over time.

So, seated across from me, Marnie watched the podium and made small
talk with her neighbors at the table while also giving me sly little
looks. She looked lovely in the dark dress and pearls and my
fantasies naturally started to include her. Though not a social
butterfly herself, she seemed to be doing better than I at this

It had been days since we had been together, and between my busy
schedule and her own, it was sometimes difficult to enjoy my Slave as
I truly wished to. Just two nights ago, as I sat alone in a hotel
room in Toronto, we had chatted over the phone. It was an exciting
conversation that turned highly sexual. Her orgasm, while talking on
the phone, had helped my own later that evening when thoughts of her
swam through my head.

So when I returned and she answered my call, I could hear her
excitement and then disappointment when she discovered why I called.
A business dinner was hardly the way to enjoy returning back home, but
I never thought of that until I saw her standing before her apartment
building waiting for me.

God, she was lovely. Was it lust or something else? Let's not get
into that, shall we?

One of the speakers was long-winded, more so than my introduction in
this story, if you can believe that, and I practically stared at my
date. She, of course, noticed and gave me small little girl smiles.
I wonder if she knew just how nasty my thoughts were at that moment.
Probably. Marnie knew me quite well.

I was seated there thinking erotic thoughts until I started to get
angry at myself. I didn't have to put up with this shit. My Slave
certainly shouldn't have to put up with it. Why the hell didn't I
take her back to my boat and fuck her as a Slave should be fucked?

Real life is the answer to that. I needed to eat, or more
importantly, I needed to pay off my sailboat, and my current contract
was the way. Besides, other than this dinner, I've had it pretty
good. I work when I want to, and how much, and to top that off, I
work out of my sailboat anywhere within cellular service along the
coast of British Columbia. Not a bad setup.

I was seated there, angry, horny, and bored, when my Slave suddenly
looked me in the eye and stood up after making whispered excuses to
her two neighbors. I watched her walk towards the hallway leading
back out to the elevators and the washrooms. When she got to the
entrance of the hallway she stopped and turned to look me deeply in
the eye, her face looking like a naughty little pixie.

That was enough for me. Damn, why hadn't I thought about escaping if
only for a few moments? Smart girl!

I turned to the old woman next to me. "Excuse me for a moment." I
actually felt like running to my Slave, like some corny movie, but I
walked and tried to remain calm. At least on the outside. Hell, I
was already sporting a semi-hardon.

To be honest, I hadn't thought much about where we could find privacy
or what we would be able to do if we found some. I just wanted to
hold my Slave for a few moments. Maybe just to keep my sanity.

When I came around the corner I saw the washroom sign for the lady's
head. I immediately thought about finding a private stall and had
already opened the door when I heard a quiet, yet playful, "Master?"

It was from a crack between the door and frame at the end of the hall.
I saw the exit sign and a stairs sign.

Like conspirators, she opened the door and made sure I wasn't followed
as she then lead me up the stairs. I followed, biding my time, yet
watched that rounded bottom sway before me, taunting me like a carrot.

So if you're here just to read about the sex, this is where you should
start reading. Hope you enjoy it. I know I did.

We came to the roof of the forty-something level high-rise and I was
surprised that the door hadn't been locked. It wasn't and when I felt
the ocean breeze hitting my face and saw the organized mess of
construction, I knew someone had screwed up and left the door

Ah, I knew my luck wouldn't be all bad that evening!

It was my turn to take the initiative. I turned back to the metal
door from whence we just came and slie a large two-by-four splinter
into the two handles, effectively locking us out upon the roof.

It was my turn to give my Slave that devilish eye and devious grin.
She giggled and looked around almost nervously. When I reached out
for her she suddenly sprinted away from my grasp. I was hungry for
her and she was going to make me work for it. That's not a complaint,
mind you - in fact I think I'm a damn lucky Master.

The roof was tarred, but there were piles of wood and large piles of
sacks upon which I could simply grab my Slave and throw her down. It
wasn't going to be that easy. Though a few years older than I, Marnie
was in better shape. Oh, how I enjoyed her shape! Several times I
came close to her when she suddenly turned upon her swift feet and
made me work even more.

The work site had been cleaned up, with tools locked away and loose
objects piled neatly, as anyone who has done blue collar work knows -
the site is never perfectly clean. That was my cue and I suddenly
dropped down to one knee with a growl of pain.

That was the end of the chase and my darling Slave quickly ran back to
me. I don't think I ever told her that I was a good actor also - no
formal training mind you, just simply street bullshit. So, in essence
I faked it.

I was in no mood for the chase, I simply wanted her in my grasp. As
you may well guess, after a quick smile to show my triumph, I reached
out and held her about her waist. She squirmed and giggled and then
stopped fighting as soon as my lips forced themselves upon hers.

Damn, it was a fine kiss. The wind was blowing against our cheeks and
the lights of the city flickered like a thousand candles. I stood up
and lifted my tiny Slave off her feet. Was it romantic, I'm not too

My hunger and passion could not be mistaken, nor even the desperation
for this woman who submitted to me. Though she, in her own way, often
made me work for it. Let me tell you a little secret, Marnie always
got it in the end.

When our kiss ended and I pulled my lips from hers she pounded upon my
chest with her clenched fists. "Brute, sneaky master!" Perhaps she
wanted to play longer, but I needed her very badly, with an almost
physical ache.

For those few words I smiled maliciously and walked over to the ledge,
carrying her all the while. Now, I'm not great with heights so I have
never learned what my Slave felt about looking down from the roof of a
high-rise building.

Now wasn't the time to ask.

I sat her down upon the half meter wide ledge and then released her.
I looked into her eyes, seeing her desire which mirrored my own.
While keeping our gaze locked I squatted down before her. I then
began to push the hem of her black dress up her shapely legs, exposing
more of her silk-covered limbs.

What a woman! What a Slave!

Marnie quickly lifted her bottom enough so I could push the dress up
to her waist. This revealed the pale flesh above the tops of her
stockings and a full sexy pussy where her panties should have been.

We still didn't break eye contact as she spread her knees exposing all
of her hidden charms.

Now, just so you know I'm not always a brute, I acted aggressively
because of the dry period that I had endured these last few days. My
Slave can simply get my blood boiling with but a few days without her.

I pulled my eyes from Marnie's and locked them on the shadowed region
between her smooth thighs. I couldn't take it any longer and wrapped
my arms around her hips and pressed my lips to her lower ones.

It was delightful and certainly tasty. I swore her clitoris vibrated
when my tongue danced upon it. I sampled all of her sex by diving my
tongue between the thick outer lips down to the silky inner labia.
Above the wind I could hear her high sigh of enjoyment. Just about
that same moment I tasted the abundant liquid of her flood upon my
tongue. It was delicious and it only caused me to lap at her with
fiercer need.

There is no doubt that she would have spent if I had kept up my
attentions. She, like I, had been without for several days. I wasn't
dainty so I concentrated upon the hard bud of her clitoris and you can
well imagine the heat her body produced from my work. Yet I didn't
want her to finish - I wanted to feel her release in time with my own.

No erotic torture was intended, yet when I pulled my wet face from
between her thighs, she groaned with need and tried to pull me back.
I simply half-smiled devilishly. Boy, was I in a devil of a mood, you
may say.

I stood and unzipped my trousers (did I ever mention I dislike zippers
on pants?), and produced my fully erect cock. It was very hard, and
had been waiting impatiently for just this moment.

I don't know why I didn't plunge my cock into her that very second, or
why I just felt and saw all that surrounded me and the moment
overwhelmed me. Maybe I often think too much and at that moment it
was not what my body needed.

My eyes suddenly looked around, looking at the great view of the city
and harbor. Then I looked down at my panting and surprised Slave and
said, "Look about lass. God, it's good to be alive."

If you're wondering, yes, I can be as corny as that.

Just think, I was becoming successful in business, I had a beautiful
and intelligent woman who called me Master, I was standing high up
looking at a great Canadian city, and most of all my hard cock would
soon feel content. It was one of those moments when my mind took over
from the urges of my body. It was a great feeling. Am I the only one
that feels that way sometimes?

Of course, this appreciation for life and woman didn't last long.
Lordy, I'm not that crazy!

My cock sunk into her with ease and we both made the sounds of
impatient desire fulfilled. Finally, you may think - yet it seemed
like the poetic moment for us to couple ourselves.

Her ankles locked behind my waist and I thrust firmly within her
sheath. My mouth found hers and our tongues dueled and taunted the
other. Her hands grasped my ass outside my pants and she helped me
pound my body into hers. It was slow but hard, if you get my meaning.

I could feel the light sweat upon my brow grow cold under the wind and
wondered what was in my Slave's mind. I pulled from her mouth and
looked into her eyes even while our lower bodies thrust at each other.

"Come in me, Master!?"

"Come with you, my Slave!"

I pulled her to my chest with her face on my shoulder. My own lips,
still hungry for her, began to sample Marnie's delicate and sensitive

It wasn't long. I did wear a watch, yet wasn't in the mood to time
myself, if your wondering. I know it was long enough for me and my
Slave. She told me once, after her mouth came off my tired cock one
morning, that before spending my penis would thicken and harden to
grand proportions. So against my chest I could barely hear, "Grow!
Yes, Master. Come with me!"

With her own erotic sounds and the more frantic motions of her body I
knew she was not far off. I wanted it to happen in unison - after our
separation I wanted to feel us spend upon the other.

So, not to be anticlimactic, that was exactly what happened!

Marnie, my dear Slave, suddenly clenched her body and made a squealing
noise into my chest. Upon my cock I felt the familiar firm ripples as
her body held mine and underwent erotic spasms.

It was enough to put me over the edge. I came. Boy, did I come!

I could feel my moisture flood inside her, as strange as that may
sound, and could also feel the heat of our mutual spend practically
liquefy her body. I held her possessively as our bodies practically
danced with pleasure.

In moments I broke contact and remembered my obligations. "Fuck, we
should get back to the lectures."

Marnie giggled and pulled her dress back down and I helped her jump
off the ledge. "That's okay, Master, this gives you time to
recuperate." I would get little sleep that night!

To me we both looked like we just had sex, a quickie if you will.
Perhaps some other time, I will tell you what we did later that night
with the string of pearls she wore.



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