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Warning! This is a sexual story that contains themes,
acts and words that may be offensive to some people.
This story is copyrighted by me, Arthur Thomas. Do
not repost, steal or put on your website without my
permission. Contact me at

In response to the large responses I have received for
this story, I am having a special Christmas contest
for my readers to show my appreciation. The prize is
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unlike some writers, I will actually have your
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enter is simply write an e-mail stating why you would
like to be a part of the Multi-Million Dollar
Marriage. I will pick one male reader and one female
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The Multi-Million Dollar Marriage
Part 3
By Arthur G Thomas

I woke up pinned between my wife's thighs.
Tara's arms were still bound above her head yet she
had managed to fall asleep. Her tits looked great,
the sunlight was peeking trough the blinds and
caressing her body with soft yellow light. My cock
stirred to life, her pussy just inches away. I
thought about pushing up into her and fucking her
awake but I had a lot to do this morning. There would
be time enough for games later.

Her clit was hidden behind red hair and pale
lips. My questing fingers found her button and gently
rolled it with my thumb and forefinger. Some color
immediately came to Tara's cheeks and she moaned
softly. Her hips shifted to the side, a slow sensuous
twist that excited me further. I continued to roll
her clit until Tara's eyes opened. Her hazel eyes
continued to open, first from waking up and then to
outrage and shock. I think she was more pissed off
that she was enjoying it than she was at my

My hand moved away from her and she gasped as my
fingers tugged at her clit before leaving.

"Good, you're awake," I said. I pulled myself
out from under her and stood on the bed. She was eye
level with my cock and her cheeks flushed with more
anger. She suspected a blowjob, which was a good
guess on her part. I unfastened her cuffs and noticed
how red her wrists were. I would have to be easy on
her today, no sense breaking my toy so soon.

"Oh my God," Tara whimpered as the blood rushed
back into her arms.

"I'll give you ten minutes to recover and clean
up," I said, pulling on some silk pajamas. "Then you
will be required in the dining room for breakfast.
Don't be late."

Tara grumbled something under her breath as she
stood. I let it slide. That didn't mean I forgot.

In the dining room, I read the newspaper while
maids presented me with breakfast. The clean up crews
were outside the glass doors, cleaning up from
yesterday's wedding. Ten minutes came and passed, but
Tara hadn't arrived. I continued to read the
newspaper for another six minutes before Tara finally
showed up. She was wearing one of my blue silk
pajamas and had her pretty red hair tied back in a
severe ponytail.

"I would have been here sooner, but I couldn't
find my clothes, Arthur," Tara said, a hint of
accusation in her voice. She moved to take a seat at
the far end of the table.

"Don't sit down," I snapped. Tara stood there,
her chin held high in defiance.

"And don't call me Arthur. You may address me as
Mr. Thomas. All of your clothes have been stored
away, you won't be wearing them here," I said.

"What? You're going to buy me a new wardrobe?"
Tara said, a nasty sarcastic edge to her voice. She
had already guessed.

"No, I'll buy you a new wardrobe when you EARN
it," I snapped. "I'm not going to spend one cent on
you unless you give me a good reason. In the
meantime, you'll go around naked until you fall in my
good graces. Now strip."

"Here?" Tara said outraged. Her hands waved out
towards the maids.

"Right here," I said. I drank some juice. "I
don't want to remind you of your contract every time I
give you an order. You have till the count of ten to
disrobe or I'll annul the marriage right now." There
was a reason for the phone by my side.

Tara just glared at me, her fists clenched by her
side. She knew she was beaten but the woman was so
stubborn. It was going to be a fun day.

"Ingrid, count to ten for me please," I said to
the blonde maid. Ingrid smiled, and began.

"One," she said in her cute Swedish accent.

Tara's nostrils were flaring beautifully.

"Two," Ingrid said.

Tara growled and started popping the buttons on
my pajama shirt. One of my buttons made a nasty
skidding sound as it slid across the floor. I'll have
to deduct it from her allowance.

"Three," Ingrid said and Olivia beside her
started to giggle.

Tara ripped the shirt open, flashing me with her
lovely 37 breasts. They jiggled with invitation as
she threw her shirt down to the ground. She quickly
pulled her pants down, revealing a pair of my
underwear. Then she stepped out of my pants and very
deliberately kicked them towards Ingrid. She looked
good in simple white briefs, but it had to go too.

"The underwear too," I said, and Ingrid said

"There's people outside," Tara complained. "You
want just anybody to see your wife naked?"

"Five," Ingrid said. She was a good maid.

"What, do you consider yourself something
special?" I asked. "I have maids walk around naked
all the time. If I want my whore to be nude too,
what's the difference?"

"Six," Ingrid said.

"Fuck you," Tara snarled and she pulled her
underwear down. Her bush was wet, probably from
washing to erase last night's events. Tara bent over
quickly to minimize the time I could appreciate her
nice round ass. My wife could be a bitch sometimes,
but now she was a nude bitch. When Tara rose, she
glared at Ingrid who stopped counting.

"There, you happy, Mr. Thomas?" Tara demanded. I
liked how she added Mr. Thomas like an insult. I
ignored her and ate another piece of toast. She
snorted when she realized I wasn't to be baited.
"Where's my breakfast?" she asked as she sat down.
Tara crossed her arms over her breasts, trying in vain
to conceal such large perfection.

"Over here," I said, pointing to beside me on the
floor. There were two large stainless steel bowls.
One had oatmeal, and the other had water.

"You are out of your fucking mind," Tara said.
"I'm not eating from the floor like a dog."

I accepted that. "Then you don't need breakfast.
We can call in Mr. Page and get you outfitted.
Ingrid, go bring him in."

Tara remained silent as Ingrid left and brought
in Mr. Page. She turned her head from the old man
when he walked in and she pushed her seat closer to
the table to conceal herself for his gaze. I stood up
and greeted the man warmly. He has done quite a bit
of work for me and never once brought up the question
of how the items were used. He was a professional.

"Tara, you'll need to stand up," I instructed as
Mr. Page opened his briefcase on the table.

Tara glared at me but she stood. She kicked her
chair back and walked over to me. One arm held her
breasts while the other tried to cover her sex.
Modesty and arrogance make for a sexy combination.
She would have looked demure if it weren't for the
indignation in her eyes.

Mr. Page presented his work for my approval. I
took the belt in my hands and whistled. It was
excellent craftsmanship, once again. It weighed less
than a pound yet was made of stainless steel. It was
flexible enough to enclose a waist without the need of
hinges, but firm enough to be impossible to remove.
The crotch guard was the true beauty though. The
crotch guard was shaped and contoured to fit the
genital area and stops just short of the anus where it
terminates in two flat section steel chains. To
permit defecation, the chains form a 'Y' configuration
over the buttocks, connecting to the waistband where
they are riveted.

"Tara, put this on so I can see if it works," I

"What is it?" Tara asked.

"A chastity belt of course," I said. "An
investment must be protected."

Tara's eyes became so huge, I wish I had my

"I didn't bother for the ass guard because you
would have had to clean it," I explained. "Besides,
if you're enough of a slut to give someone your ass,
then that's your problem. I just want to make sure
any children I have are mine."

"Now hurry up," I instructed. "Mr. Page needs to
see if those measurements your mom gave us were
accurate. If they're not, wearing it can be very

"My mom took measurements for this?" Tara asked,
disbelief written on her face.

"Of course, it's unlucky for me to have seen the
bride," I explain. "Now put it on."

With the maids watching, and Mr. page watching
with an amused smile, Tara put the chastity belt on.
The belt snapped firmly around her waist and I admired
the mirror like steel around her fit waist. The
chains in the back hugged her ass so much I wanted to
take a bite right there. Tara had a bit of trouble
with the crotch guard.

"What am I supposed to do with this?" she asked.
She was pointing to the narrow slot on her crotch

"Oh, you just push your labia lips through
there," Mr. Page instructed. He put his hands on her
hips and tugged the waistband shut, snapping the belt
locked. Her labia lips were crushed against the slit
but they fell out on their own. Her clit was covered
and from the size of the slit, I doubt she could even
get a finger in there. It was perfect.

"Tell me about the lock," I asked.

"The lock can be opened with this key," he handed
me a beautiful silver key. "I also put a bell on the
waistband like you asked. It's triggered by a pager
and has a considerable range."

"Excellent," I said, taking the pager from him.
I activated it and smiled as the tiny bell rang on
Tara's hips. The bell was loud and the maids jumped
at the volume. Tara looked down at the nagging bell
and I could see her temper snapping before my eyes.
It was perfect.

"Thank you Mr. Page, excellent work as always," I
said. I had Ingrid escort him out, knowing the old
man liked to cop a feel on my blonde maids. Who said
I wasn't a nice guy?

"Have a good morning, Tara," I said. "I have
some work to do. If your bell rings, you are to come
to me as soon as possible. Don't make me punish you
for being tardy."

"You're leaving me like this?" Tara said in
disbelief. She was still covering her breasts. "I
thought you would do something with me today."

I laughed. "Really, Tara? Do you consider
yourself so special that I'll just fuck you all day
long? Please, I do have a life. You are not the
center of my universe, I do have other interests."

Tara was probably most stunned by this than
anything else. "What am I supposed to do all day?"
she whined.

"In about two hours, you will report to my
workout room. Under the guidance of my trainer,
you'll do a two-hour routine. I will not tolerate an
obese wife. From there, you can do whatever you
please. You just can't leave the grounds and you can
have anything to eat till you have lunch with me."

"Stay here?" Tara sneered. "I wanted to go
shopping today and decorate my bedroom. You promised
to provide me with a monthly spending allowance."

I laughed. "Tough shit. You don't get a cent of
your allowance until your time off. If you remember,
your contract that your parents negotiated specify
that you get four days off a month. The way I see it,
you can spend your money any way you want then. If
you spend it while with me, it'll be too distracting."

"What about clothes?" Tara demanded again. This
was getting old.

"We'll talk about it later, I have work to do," I
said. I left her in the dining room and headed to the
comfort of my study. For all I knew, she was still
standing there gaping when I shut the door. That
wouldn't last long; she had her workout in just a few

It was true that I had a lot of work to do.
Although there was a contract between myself and
Tara's parents that detailed how much money of mine
was going where, the actual transferring required
actions on my part. I did this so I could change my
mind after the wedding night. You never know when
someone might try a bait and switch. Tara could have
been twenty pounds heavier than her pictures, or a
complete incompetent at oral sex. I don't throw
millions away without assurance that what I bought was
worth it.

After a short period of consideration, I decided
to allow the transfer of funds. I think it was the
total power that appealed to me. When I bribed
strangers to perform sex, it was a game of how cheaply
could I make someone compromise their principles.
With my employees, it was a game of how much abuse
could I push someone who was trying to keep their job.
But a wife was a new power trip. Tara knew she could
leave at any time if she was only willing to plunge
her family back into bankruptcy. A bankruptcy she
would have to suffer as well. I wondered how long
could I enjoy her before she inevitably snapped. I
found myself looking forward to finding out.

All of the transactions were done within two
hours. The total cost still staggered me sometimes.
Half my wealth for one slut didn't seem right. Since
Tara's brutal exercise program was nearly done for the
day, I opted to see if my slut was worth what she
cost. I pressed my pager to activate her chastity
belt bell.

I leaned back in my chair, trying to hear her
little bell. I can imagine her frustration at having
the bell ring so soon after being exhausted by her
required workout. The humiliation of running through
my mansion, topless and with the incessant ringing
must make her wonder if this marriage would be
bearable. My staff would laugh if not heckle her as
she runs, amused that someone else is being the center
of embarrassment.

The bell was audible through my study doors as
Tara ran closer and closer. When she burst through my
door, she was gasping for breath. Coated in a sheen
of sweat, her breasts were magnificent as they heaved
with her rapid breaths. The bell continued it's
nagging ring, admonishing Tara to come to me.

"Turn this bell off!" Tara demanded.

"Turn this bell off, what?" I asked.

Tara's face was beet red from her exertions but I
detected more color as her jaw set defiantly.

"Turn this bell off, Mr. Thomas," Tara asked with
not a trace of meekness.

I did as she asked and the bell was silent.
"Come over here," I told her, beckoning her with my

Tara walked over to me, slowly from the aches of
her body. I knew the workout was punishing, I had
designed it myself. From the slow way that she
walked, I could tell that she had received the full
body treatment that I desired. Some men might
tolerate fat wives but mine was going to be in better
shape then she was before the marriage.

My wife stood in front of me while I sat. Her
hazel eyes were thin slits and she bit her bottom lip.
She was already imagining terrible acts of possession.
The diamond choker sparkled against her pale skin and
the sweat on her skin enhanced her steel chastity
belt. I reached up and slipped my finger under the
handy ring of her choker and ruthlessly dragged her
head down so that she was bending over me.

With her tits now hanging like ripe fruit from
her body, I took a pale nipple into my mouth. I
sucked the sweat from her nipple and flicked the soft
flesh with my tongue. Tara shuddered at my touch,
jiggling her breast in my mouth. I turned my
attention to her other breast and suckled loudly at
the sweat there. Her tit was salty and her nipple
hardened from my sucking. Tara's breathing increased
as my mouth ravished her full breasts but she knew
better than to protest.

As soon as a single sigh escaped her lips, I
stopped my oral attentions.

"That is enough, you may go now," I commanded.

"What?" Tara asked, dazed. Her nipples were now
shiny from my licking and as hard as my cock.

"I said you may go, that was all I wanted," I

Confusion, anger and embarrassment flashed across
her face simultaneously. I knew she wanted more but
Tara was too proud to ask for it. The desire was
evident in the awkward way her hips swung, in the
color that was spreading from her cheeks to her
freckled chest and from the way she kept licking her
lips. If she wasn't honest enough to ask for it, I
wasn't going to do it for her. I banished her from my
study without a second glance.

Later, I went to the dining room for lunch. Tara
was already there, sitting at the table and covering
her breasts. I wondered how many weeks she would try
to be modest. I also wondered why she bothered to sit

"Tara, get out of that chair," I commanded. "If
you are going to eat, it'll be on the floor."

Lunch consisted of soup for myself and a salad
for Tara. The salad was placed on the floor beside me
and Tara looked with longing at the food. After her
workout and no breakfast I imagine she must have been

"What did you do today?" I asked.

"Nothing!" Tara snapped. "None of the phones
worked, and I couldn't get any of the televisions to
work either. There's nothing to do here. I couldn't
even find a magazine to read."

"The phones and televisions require a user code
to operate," I explained. "I don't like my employees
to goof off. As for magazines, they are wastes of
paper. There are plenty of books in the library."

"Books," Tara said with disgust. "What is the
code for the televisions?"

I looked at her with amusement. "Maybe if I know
you're at least eating I would be willing to tell
you," I said. "Go ahead, I even made sure they used
your favorite salad dressing."

Tara closed her eyes and came to a decision.
Slowly, she dropped down to her knees and lowered
herself to the large salad bowl. She had her back to
the standing maids but their presence wasn't easy to
ignore. Especially when they giggled at her kneeling.
Tara picked up a piece of lettuce with her hand and I
admonished her.

"No hands," I said. "Eating with your hands is
unhygienic," I said.

Tara glared at me, which wasn't very threatening
from her kneeling position. She placed her hands flat
on the floor and dipped down to eat her salad. When
her breasts touched the cold tiles she jumped, but her
hunger was too intense. Tara ate greedily from the
bowl. Her ass was higher than her head, looking so
inviting as she ate.

I don't know what it was about her that turned me
so much. Maybe it was the thought of this once
wealthy bitch now having to eat from a bowl on the
floor. Perhaps I was attracted to her pale skin
dotted with freckles on such a young healthy body.
There was a water bowl as well and you can not imagine
how sensual she looked when she lapped water from her
bowl with her pink tongue. I knew I had to have my
wife right now.

I waited till lunch was over and watched with
satisfaction, as Tara had to resort to licking the
bowl in order to get the last bits of her salad. She
tried to act nonchalant but the way her eyes kept
clenching told me she was mortified by her position.

"Tara, I want that mouth of yours," I said and
she froze in her eating. She started to rise but I
held my hand up.

"No, you stay right there," I said. Slipping my
slippers off, I presented my left foot to her. "Suck
my toes, wife, and do a good job."

"I . . ." Tara said, speechless.

"I gave you an order," I said. "I haven't had a
reason to punish you yet. Are you willing to see what
I consider a suitable punishment?"

"No," Tara said, setting her jaw. "No, Mr.
Thomas," she amended.

Tara crawled over on her hands and knees, pure
outraged outlined on her face. Her mouth opened once,
twice as she tried to think her way out of this. Her
mouth opened a third time and I thrust my foot
forward. My big toe slipped between her lips and Tara
reluctantly closed her mouth around my toe.

"There you go slut," I said. "But suck a little
harder, I want to see those cheeks cave in."

My maids giggled and Tara froze, the laughter
washing over her worse than any punishment I could
devise. She started sucking my toe though, and her
cheeks did suck in as I asked.

"Don't forget your tongue, Tara," I corrected and
the maids laughed harder. Timidly, I felt Tara lick
my toe. "Harder Tara. Use the enthusiasm you used
when you sucked my cock last night." Tara's cheeks
flushed with embarrassment as the maids laughed

"Now, to another toe," I commanded and Tara
stopped to glare at me. Before I could urge her, she
went on to my middle toe and began sucking it. Her
tongue lapped over me reluctantly but she looked so
sexy doing it.

Her breasts were hanging attractively while she
sucked so I slipped my other foot free. With my free
foot, I pinched one of her nipples between my first
and second toe. She gasped as I pinched her nipple
but she continued sucking. I didn't have much
manipulation with my toes, but the important thing was
that I was fondling her with my foot. The haughty
princess never imagined that she would be sucking a
man's toes much less having him put his feet on her
bosom. Occasionally she would pause in her sucking;
no doubt overwhelmed by the humiliation she was

"You are a good toe sucker," I said. "You must
have done this before. Now lick my entire foot,

Tara paused and winced as my toes tightened
around her tit. Even with my foot I could tell her
nipple was hard. That was when I noticed a certain

"Are you actually getting turned on by this,
slut?" I asked Tara and the maids gasped with shock.
She tried to avoid answering by licking my foot with
long swipes of her pink tongue. Tara's red face was
all the answer I needed.

"I wonder if it's the abuse you crave, or if it's
the complete lack of power," I mused. I shrugged.
"It doesn't matter. It's enough that you are such a
good foot licker. Try to add a few more kisses
though, I like the feel of your lips."

Tara growled but wisely held her tongue. She was
a good foot licker. It was the frequent hesitations
that made it sexy. When her tongue licked my ankle,
she would pause, as she would reflect on how degrading
this was. I especially enjoyed how her eyes would
flicker up at me, loathing and anger in those hazel
daggers. No matter how much she despised me, she kept
licking my foot to insure her family's fortune.

It was too arousing. I reached into my silk
pajamas and pulled my hard cock out. Tara stopped in
her licking, perhaps to eager to win my approval with
a little oral attention elsewhere but my toes
tightened around her nipple and she cried out. She
returned to licking my foot and I released the
pressure on her nipple. Her ass weaved as her head
kept ducking down to lick another part of my foot. I
liked her right where she was.

I masturbated myself and I could see Tara's
uncertainty. That was good. I didn't want her to
ever know what was to happen next. Tomorrow I might
fuck her ass or those lovely tits but for today, I
just wanted to watch this snob lick my feet. Today, I
enjoyed watching those angry lips as they wrap around
the littlest of my toes.

Tara's tongue was in full display when I felt my
climax coming. She was licking me from toes to ankle
and I felt my cock surge with my orgasm. I groaned as
my cock released it's load, a white stream of cum that
arced down towards Tara. I released my grip on her
nipple so I could stand over Tara. As she kept
sucking obediently at my foot, I emptied stream after
stream onto her kneeling body. My cum splashed all
over her hair, her face and onto my foot.

"Be sure to clean my foot," I instructed and Tara
did as I said. Her eyes were completely enflamed now,
angry and hateful but still her pink tongue licked the
white cream from my foot. Only when my foot was clean
of any cum did I pull my foot away.

"Stand up," I want to check something.

Tara quickly stood up, wiping a strand of sticky
cum from her cheek. She missed one nice little string
that was on her forehead not to mention the white
clumps in her beautiful red hair. I ignored the fury
that was emanating from her and I selected a spoon
from the table. Handle first, I inserted the spoon
through the slender metal slot of her chastity belt
and into her sex. Tara moaned at the intrusion but it
was a whimper at the lack of significant penetration.
I removed the handle and held it up for her.

"I can't believe you got off on that," I said.
The handle was slick with her pent up desire. "My
wife is more of a slut than I bargained for."

"You are such an asshole," Tara said, barely a

"You are such an asshole, Mr. Thomas," I
corrected. "Just for that, I'm not going to let you
masturbate like I had planned. I'm leaving now to
play some golf. Make sure you are cleaned up before I
get back tonight. I prefer my toys to be clean when I
use them again."

If looks had any sort of power, Tara's furious
stare would have made her a widow. Despite her
murderous desires, she was clean when I did get home.

To be continued


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