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Warning! This is a sexual story that contains themes, acts and words that may
be offensive to immature people. This story is copyrighted by me, Arthur
Thomas. Do not repost, steal or put on your website without my permission.
Contact me at ArthurGThomas@aol.com

This installment was written as part of my Christmas contest for reader
participation. Victor won for his vivid idea of exactly how he wanted to be a
part of this story.

My stories can be found at

The Multi-Million Dollar Marriage
Part 4
By Arthur G Thomas

"I'm not going out there!" Tara declared. My wife might be attractive
when she's angry, but she's even more beautiful when she's terrified. As we sat
together in my limousine outside the store where we had an appointment I
couldn't help but be impressed by the color that was flushing on her bare chest.

"You didn't bring this up when I said I was taking you shopping," I
countered. "You should have complained when we got into the car."

Tara glared at me like I was stupid. "Look at me! I thought you would at
least give me something to wear to go shopping in!"

At her request I did look at her. She wasn't completely naked. Tara was
wearing her diamond choker, and she was wearing her stainless steel chastity
belt. Granted, her lovely, freckled breasts were bare in all their 37" glory,
and even her feet were bare, but that's what we were here for. It had been
enjoyable to watch her walk around my house nude, but I had decided it would be
fun to dress my doll.

"Listen carefully, my stupid slut," I said. "I rented this boutique at
quite an expense just to have it all to ourselves this afternoon. I have
already paid money, good money, and if you do not get out of the car, I'll
recoup my losses out of you. Do you want to see how I would do that?"

Tara sat for a moment, her hazel eyes thinking. Her long red hair was
down around her shoulders today, giving me very wicked thoughts on how I would
take a recoup if I had to. Sadly, she relented.

"Let's get inside quickly," Tara said. Once again the former rich girl
didn't understand who was in charge.

"Emily, we're ready," I commanded my chauffeur. Emily quickly moved from
her position to our side and opened the door. There was a wicked smile on
Emily's face that came from watching someone else being humiliated. I know
Emily was uncomfortable in her uniform, short leather skirt and tight jacket.
Her breasts were spilling from the cleavage, and Emily was always tense, ready
to push her nipples back in at any moment. It never ceased to amuse me when she
fell out of her top.

"After you," I told Tara, and she moved to the door and paused. The crowd
was much larger than she expected, and the walk to the boutique door seemed
impossibly far. I gave her a sharp smack on her bare ass to get her moving.

Tara winced and stepped out of the car. She covered her breasts with her
arms, but she must have felt vulnerable about her pussy lips peaking from the
slot in her chastity belt. Tara climbed out of the car and would have run if
Emily hadn't grabbed her wrist. Tara's face was pure panic as she stared at
Emily, too shocked to even protest. Before she could gather her wits, I stepped
out of the car and took Tara's hand in mine.

"Walk with me, hand in hand, or next time we go shopping, it'll be at the
end of a leash!" I snarled.

Tara nervously held my hand, and tried in vain to cover herself with her
free hand. We walked slowly to the door at a punishing pace of my own choosing.
The crowds of people stopped in their tracks at the sight of my beautiful wife.
Their looks of disbelief were mixed with an almost knowing disgust. I just
stepped out of a limousine with a naked woman; there can be no doubt that she is
my whore.

I opened the door for my wife, and she almost ran inside. I was rewarded
by her gasp when she saw how well staffed the store was. There were three women
there looking bored and obviously wanting to get this day over with. They
looked at Tara with the same disdain that the public did. She was some rich
slut to them, a woman who was naked out of some kinky desire. Tara was so
embarrassed, wanting to protest her innocence but not knowing where to start.
Emily followed in behind us.

"Mr. Thomas, Iím so glad to see you again!" their manager said as he
approached me. Victor was one of those people who can smile and piss on your
leg at the same time. I liked him. I've tried to get him to be more honest but
he just can't help it. He was a short man, about five and a half feet, and with
his balding hair he looked more like a skirt-stealing pervert than he did a
businessman. It added a perverse dimension to his store.

"Victor, I've brought my wife here because I know you have the largest
selection," I said, cutting through his ass kissing. "As you can tell, she's
not much to look at, but maybe with some clothes I can stand to fuck her

"Certainly Mr. Thomas, we will do our best," Victor said. His eyes kept
going to Tara's exposed pussy lips.

Tara was looking around the store to avoid the eyes of Victor's staff, but
she noticed something. "This is a lingerie store!" she snapped. "You said I
was here to buy some clothes!"

"Damn, you are so smart," I stated. "And we are here to buy clothes.
That is unless you like going around topless all day. I've noticed the male
staff at home doesnít mind."

Tara just glared at me, her face reddening at the mention of the staff.
For some reason, when I admired her body she didn't mind but she got very upset
when the staff leered. I didn't bother to try to understand.

"Please Ma'am," Victor tried to interject. "My boutique is much more than
lingerie. We provided Mr. Thomas's chauffeur with her uniform; we can find
something for you just as acceptable in public."

Tara looked at Emily who looked uncomfortable at the renewed scrutiny.
"Well I hope you have something that makes me look better than her. That skirt
makes her thighs look fat and her tits unhealthy. I am used to a more refined
look; I come from a family with standing, and I don't want to look like a

Anger flushed on Emily's face, and Tara smiled sweetly. My wife could
always boost her mood at someone else's expense. Victor rubbed his hands as he
tried to change the tense mood.

"Why of course," Victor said. "Come over here and see our selection of
pantyhose. You can tell right away that we only deal in the highest quality."

Over the next couple of hours, Tara actually started to relax. She was in
her element, buying and commanding. Tara ignored the fact that she was naked
and slipped into the role of a customer. This meant she harassed the three
sales women, complained frequently about quality to Victor, and insulted the
merchandise as often as she insulted Emily.

I only had to intervene a few times, like over the issue of her underwear.
There was no sense buying panties. Why restrict access to her cunt at all? The
belt restricts everyone but me, so why bother to cover it?

There was also the issue of her shoes. Tara had a fine eye for shoes and
noticed things I certainly never bothered to look for. She had didn't have an
eye for heels. I refused to buy anything with less than a four-inch heel and
she was stupid enough to argue.

"Four inches? They'll be impossible to wear all the time!" Tara sneered.
"Your slut chauffeur might wear four inches on those boots of hers, but I don't
work the streets like she does. They would kill my feet. If I couldn't walk,
how could I entertain you and your sick desires then?"

The store was quiet after this little outburst. I was a bit taken back
myself. Tara was so wrapped into her little power trip from shopping, she had
forgotten who owned her.

"Tara, if you don't wear the heels, then in my mind there wouldn't be a
reason to let you keep walking," I explained. I took a sip from the bottled
water Victor had provided. "I would bind your ankles to your thighs and let you
crawl around the mansion. Anytime I would want to fuck you I would just place
you on a table or bed, spread your bound legs, and fuck you as I pleased.
Permanently hobbled, you would be the perfect height for me to fuck your mouth
any time I pleased. It's up to you."

She selected shoes with four-inch heels.

Tara managed to put bras, stockings, shoes, and even some gloves on her
shopping bill. Tara relished her role as consumer, and I think she enjoyed it
on a darker level as well. She didn't like to model her stockings and bras for
me, but she took a special delight in Victor's praise. I'm not sure if my wife
was a slut or just trying to get me jealous. It didn't matter. It was funny to
watch Victor sigh over the way sheer black hose clung to her legs or the slutty
way my wife would tip over so he could see the way a black bra held in her white
breasts. The stupid bitch was just playing into my plan.

As her shopping spree came to an end, I had Tara wear a peach corset that
lifted her breasts but didn't even cover her rosy nipples. My wife complained
at the tightness when they laced her up but I ignored her complaints. I enjoyed
watching Victor and a sales woman as they struggled with the straps. The tight
corset cinched Tara's waist and pushed her heavy breasts up. I liked it so
much; I went ahead and reserved a dozen more corsets.

"Tally up our bill, Victor," I requested. Tara was putting on a pair of
white stockings complete with peach heels. She looked unhappy with the high

"Already figured, Mr. Thomas," the owner said. I knew it was. I had been
watching him adding numbers into a calculator all day. Well, when he could tear
his eyes away from my naked wife that is. I looked at the total he presented to

"Two thousand, six hundred and twenty-three dollars?" I asked. "Seems
kind of pricey."

Victor shrugged. "Your wife has excellent tastes."

"Can this be negotiated? I hate to spend so much on such an ungrateful

Victor's eyes darted to my wife, a wary smile on his face. He had been
expecting this all along.

"I'll cut the price in half if you let me have thirty minutes with her,"
he said, licking his lip nervously. His lust was almost tangible.

"Half?" I said. Tara had stopped moving and was looking at me with an
intense expression.

"Have something to say Tara?"

"Please, Mr. Thomas," Tara asked almost meekly. I was impressed she
called me Mr. Thomas in public. "Please buy these things for me, you know
you'll like them. I haven't had anything to wear since we got married. Even
though it's lingerie, it'll be mine."

"What do you think, Emily?" I asked of my chauffeur. Evil spread across
her face.

"Let her earn it," Emily said.

I laughed. "You heard the woman. If you want these, you'll have to
convince Victor."

Tara looked at the sales women who had said nothing in this exchange.
Until now.

"You don't need this shit," one of them said. "Tell this guy to go to
Hell." I do love a woman who knows nothing and offers advice.

Tara's face shifted as she fought with her emotions. Her earlier pride
was fading as she thought about going back home with no clothes to call her own.
She looked at the bags of clothes that were just waiting to be taken home. I
was fascinated. Would greed outweigh her self-respect?

"I'll do it," Tara said with venom.

"Girls, take the rest of the day off," Victor said excitedly. I laughed
and relaxed in the chair. Emily started to leave, but I stopped her. My loyal
servant smiled with gratitude.

"Get him ready with a blowjob, slut," I advised. "My Tara can suck cock
passably well."

"I'm sure Tara is excellent at cock-sucking," Victor said with excitement.
He was already unzipping his pants. Tara just looked at me with horror.

"Get to it bitch!" I snapped. "Earn your keep for once."

Tara stomped her way to Victor, her heels clipping the tiles. She looked
at me and sneered as she dropped down to her knees. She gripped Victor's hard
cock and almost lovingly stroked it. Well, it was with a lot more affection
than she ever stroked my cock. I suspect the little slut was trying to make me
jealous. Tara rose just enough to let his cock rest against her breasts and
Victor moaned with bliss. Two can play at this game.

"Emily, my pants," I commanded, and Emily knelt in front of me. I shifted
as she removed my pants.

Tara's eyes flashed with a deeper anger than I had ever seen. Maybe it
was because I wasn't madly jealous to see her sucking someone's cock. Maybe it
was because she knew I wasn't going to change my mind. Or maybe, just maybe,
she didn't want to see anyone else suck me. I was going to have to play with

Anyway, Tara stroked Victor's cock faster, pressing his cock to her
corset-lifted breasts. She looked up at him and did something indecent with her
tongue and lips. When Victor closed his eyes in disbelief, Tara tucked her head
and sucked down his cock to the balls. Her hand dropped to his balls where she
squeezed his hairy sack. Victor was moaning, and Tara turned her head to glare
at me with her hazel eyes.

I wasn't disturbed. Emily had my cock out, and she was licking my tip
with rapid flicks of her tongue. She was also moaning on my cock, knowing how
much I enjoyed to feel her lips vibrate. Emily was trying to give me the best
blowjob possible because she knows if she doesnít, I'll just fuck her tits till
I climax on her face. Emily hates that, so she was sucking for her dignity. It
was quite good, Emily was sucking me hard to avoid humiliation and Tara was
humiliating herself to make me jealous.

Victor was oblivious to all of this. The short man held Tara's hair with
both hands, running his fingers through her red silk. He leaned back against
the counter, sweat already forming on his head. A drop of sweat fell from his
nose and splashed on Tara's face as she continued to chug his cock.

"It's too much," Victor cried out. "Turn around so I can fuck your

"Sorry, Victor," I gasped, holding Emily's head down on my cock. "The
chastity belt stays on. However, feel free to use her ass as much as you like."

"What?" Tara gasped, pulling Victor's cock from her mouth. Her lips were
shiny with spit.

"Turn around, you heard him!" Victor snapped. He was already forgetting
Tara was a customer, and Tara's face betrayed how well aware she was of the
power loss. Victor squeezed his fist around Tara's hair and dragged her to a
standing position. He turned her body around, and pushed her to bend over the
sales counter. For a moment it looked like Tara was going to complain or even
renege on her participation, but my expensive little slut kept quiet. She cried
out when Victor violated her cheeks with his spit-lubricated cock.

"Look, Emily," I said, loud enough for Tara to hear over Victor's
grunting. "See how quickly my wife becomes a tramp herself when it suits her?
There she is, in those fuck-me heels she was complaining about earlier and her
tits hanging out of her corset, being fucked in the ass just so she can have a
little underwear. What do you make of that?"

Emily released my cock from her lips. "I think you're wife is a fucking
ass whore," Emily said with dignity. "Notice how she didn't even complain? Most women don't like it that way but your wife seems to be taking it just fine." I laughed as Tara's mouth snarled.

"Come, sit on my cock and we'll watch Tara together," I instructed. Emily
was so pleased I wasn't going to be fucking her tits that she acted very fast.
She pulled her panties down and straddled me facing Tara. I guided my cock as
her tight pussy slid onto me until I was completely buried in her. Emily knew
what I liked so she rested her hands on her knees and began humping my cock at
once. I wanted to devote my full attention to Tara.

"Damn, damn," Victor grunted slamming his hips into Tara's poor ass. He
had discovered how useful her steel belt was for grabbing, and it gave him
maximum penetration with each thrust. Victor was shaking the counter as he
brought his weight crashing into Tara. Ripples and shock waves were visible on
her buttocks as the impacts of his lust grew faster. My wife winced with each
torrid thrust, Victor's lust was becoming too rough and selfish.

"See the look of lust on my wife's face?" I asked Emily out loud. Emily
didn't pause in her humping as I spoke. "She's mad because she can't climax
from anal sex." Tara's face reddened and she buried her face in her arms but I
knew she could still hear me. "Tara's mad because Victor can fuck her all
afternoon long, and she'll never, ever, be able to cum."

Emily gasped and my hands went to her hips. I forced her hips to keep
moving despite her climax.

"She is a slut if that's all she can think about!" Emily gasped, laughing
at the same time.

"Yes," I grunted. "That's all my wife cares about, her own pleasure and
she can't even have that."

"Please," Tara asked.

"Please, what my little slut?" I said, loudly to be heard over Emily's own

"Please let me take off my belt, Mr. Thomas," Tara begged.

"Take it!" Victor cried out, and he froze as his body shook. Tara's eyes
widened as she felt his large cock expel his cum into her ass. I wasn't sure if
she was disturbed by cum in her ass or worried that she wouldn't get her pussy
fucked today.

I had my own concerns. Watching my wife whore herself for the simple
pleasure of wearing underwear had sent me close to the edge. I leaned back in
my chair as Emily bounced higher and higher on my cock. My chauffeur was giving
me an excellent view of her bare ass peeking out from under her miniskirt.
Tara's whining about her treatment was fresh in my ears as I pumped my cum out,
creaming into Emily's slick pussy. Emily laughed as my cum filled her pussy and
I knew her laughter was for Tara.

"I'm glad we could come to an arrangement, Victor," I said as I zipped my
pants up.

"I am always happy to do business with you Mr. Thomas," Victor laughed.
He slapped Tara's ass once, like a man would a good horse.

"Thank Victor for making it happen, Tara," I instructed. "You're lucky he
found your ass attractive enough, whore."

Tara somehow found the strength to be angry. I suppose her inability to
climax might be responsible for that. She stood up tall and looked down her
nose at Victor.

"Thank you, for being bought so cheaply," Tara snarled. Then my wife went
to the boutique door and waited for me.

Sometimes I almost like her.

To be continued

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