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Warning! This is a sexual story that contains themes, acts and words that
may be offensive to some people. This story is copyrighted by me, Arthur
Thomas. Do not repost, steal or put on your website without my permission.
Contact me at

This story was suggested by a fan named Alexis who had a special dislike
of Tara. I choose her idea because it made me compare my story to others in the
genre. I realized that this marriage is not a typical S/M relationship and it
deserves comments.

Although I write for my enjoyment, it is always a joy to receive fanmail.
I certainly don't get paid for my work and the only compensation I do get is
encouragement from fans. That was a subtle hint for you to let me know if you
enjoy this series. In return, I now vow to clear my busy schedule and answer
all my fanmail since they took the time to write to me.

My stories can be found at

The Multi-Million Dollar Marriage
Part 5
By Arthur G Thomas

"Your wife doesn't look happy," my friend Brian commented.

I considered it to be a gross understatement. Today I had dressed Tara
myself and instructed my maids on how to do Tara's makeup. I selected a black
lacy corset to cup her lovely 37" breasts, leaving her nipples bare for my
enjoyment. The corset was ungodly tight, cinching her waist into a Victorian's
wet dream. Black fishnet stockings adorned her pale legs, and today I left off
her garter belt so that there would be nothing to obstruct my view of her white
thighs encased in lacy black bands. Her chastity belt glittered with it's
mirror steel, baring her pert ass and protecting her long neglected sex. The
diamond choker was tight against her neck, catching the light from the
fireplace. Tara's makeup was dark--blood red lipstick and exotic black eye
shadow on her pale freckled face. With her red hair curled and moussed to
excess, Tara looked like a cheap streetwalker or some nightclub punk. The
result was slutty and sexy, but my wife was pissed off at the results.

Currently, she was on her hands on knees so I could rest my feet on her
back. I didn't trust her enough to let her serve me as a maid. Plus, I enjoyed
looking at the way her pendulous breasts hung down. Occasionally Tara would
turn her head and glare at me with her heavily shadowed eyes.

I smiled at Brian's comment. Brian had a grudge against all women ever
since he married his fat cow of a wife for her money. He was a whore himself,
which made him one of the few men I could understand. I knew he appreciated the
effect I had created with Tara's attire, and he appreciated her own hatred of it
even more.

"Your girlfriend, on the other hand, looks very contented," I said, and it
was true. The women whom Brian selected to be his sluts were usually more
desperate than him, but his choice tonight actually appeared to be pleased. She
was a tiny young woman, barely five feet tall. However, that didn't mean she had
a child's body. Her nude body revealed that she had a generous set of tits and
her ass was curvaceous in all the right places. Brian had referred to her as
Alexis and had implied that she was semi-permanently established in his
household as his pet. I'd have to ask him later how he arranged that with his
ball and chain wife. Alexis' long red hair was tied back in a no-nonsense braid
that hung to the small of her back. Brian had good taste in his playthings, so
I wasn't surprised that she was easy to look at. It was the satisfied smile she
wore that was unusual.

"Yes, Alexis is quite happy to be my slave," Brian said. He took a long
sip from the wine Alexis poured for us. "I had her trained at a chateau that
specializes in unique slaves."

I rolled my eyes. "A chateau? How cliched can you get? What, were all
the domination islands booked? You ever notice how no one ever opens a training
school at an abandoned factory? It would certainly be more cost effective."

Brian laughed. "You're a cynic, Arthur. Chateaux and islands have a
certain romance. It's secluded and exotic. Besides, it has a touch of class."

"Class is just another excuse to tack on an extra couple of thousand
dollars to the training fee," I responded. "There's nothing you can teach on an
island that can't be taught in a basement."

"Arthur," Brian replied, "you of all people should realize by now that you
get what you pay for, isn't that right, pet?" Brian was absent-mindedly rolling
Alexis' braid through his fingers like a rosary. He looked down at her with
what I would swear was fondness.

"Respectfully, Sir," Alexis directed her response to me, "I agree with
Brian," Alexis said. "The Chateau Leviticus helped me to develop a certain
refinement. I was taught etiquette, poise, and various techniques to please my
Master. I realize that I represent my Master, and that everything I do reflects
back on him. Of course," she paused as she looked somewhat disdainfully,
although discretely, down at Tara's teased hair and scowling visage, "they base
their teaching on the idea that the slaves they accept for training have a basic
level of class and refinement to begin with. The beginning material must be of
quality if the final sculpture is to be worth their time and effort. Otherwise
the slave may be worth private use as the occasional bed companion but she will
never be a true showpiece, worthy of public display as well as enjoyment behind
closed doors."

I was slightly surprised that Brian allowed her to address me directly as
she did, and then to prattle on for so long. I thought about it for about a
second, and then told Alexis to turn around. Leaning forward on my chair, I
gave her a very hard slap across her round ass. The sharp crack of my hand on
her ass was followed quickly by a giggle from Tara at my feet. It appears that
my wife and I think alike.

Although I had thought about the benefits of Tara being a bit more
presentable in social situations, my annoyance at her impertinence kept me from
acknowledging her point. "Respectfully, bitch, I disagree," I said. "I could
care less about your training, it's the enthusiasm I enjoy. A woman who enjoys
her servitude is a woman constantly in need of attention. Whether it's a
constant babble of psychological mumbo jumbo about submission, or the endless
rituals and pageants that slaves expect from their owners, slaves are the
ultimate attention sponges. Somewhere along the line, the whole submission and
bondage kink turned the masters into the slaves of their submissives. I'd
rather just fuck my whore and be done with it. I pay my wife enough money to
keep her family's business going, and that's all the creativity and energy I
need to get a blowjob whenever I want it." I added, almost as an afterthought,
"In my home you will not refer to either of us by our names. `Sir' will suit
me, and whatever formal title Brian has deemed appropriate for himself will do

Apparently not quite understanding that I didn't particularly want the
creatures in my home to speak, Alexis continued, "Pardon me, Sir, but slaves
can't `expect' anything from their owners." Alexis raised her eyebrows and
looked down at Tara with a new level of disgust. "She married you for money?"
Alexis asked. "She knew she was going to be slave, right?"

Despite myself, I had to laugh. "No, Tara expected to be a society wife
and an occasional fuck. She would much rather be dressed in something expensive
and at some party somewhere flirting with her friends. Tara didn't realize that
she was going to be here for my amusement, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a

Alexis sighed quietly and actually looked wistful at the thought of
spending that much time with Brian. I knew that he had to ensure that his cash
cow remained happy before he could turn his attentions to his playthings.

Tara snorted, obviously not respectful of a true submissive. I wasn't
either, but that didn't give Tara license to take the same liberties with her
voice as Brian's slut seemed to take. I slipped my foot from my slipper and
reached under Tara's kneeling body with my foot. With my toes, I caught one of
Tara's hanging tits and pinched hard. Tara cried out, but she knew better than
to move. She just stared straight ahead; her cheeks turning red at the casual
way I humiliated her. I didn't want her to start getting airs.

Brian laughed. "You're a mean bastard, Arthur. I don't see how you ever
get a good fuck out of her. I imagine Tara would bite you during a blowjob just
out of spite."

"She might one day," I said. "Of course, I would have to divorce her and
then her family would be bankrupt. It's the little details that keep her in

"Hmmm," Alexis said under her breath. With one raised brow I looked
casually at her. "Yes?"

The naked slut at Brian's side looked up at him for permission before she
spoke this time. Apparently she was smarter than I thought and she had gotten
the hint about speaking to me. When he nodded approvingly to her, she inquired
almost innocently, "And will this blackmail be enough to tie her to you for
long?" I didn't like her tone. I had the strange feeling that this little
thing thought she was better than I.

"Blackmail? It's just employment," I answered. "I'll prove it to you.
How about a wager, Brian?"

Brian sat up in his chair. "I'm always up for a bet. What do you have in

"I bet that my whore can beat your slut in sexual prowess," I said.

Brian looked at Alexis, whose face was suddenly as stiff as stone, eyes
wide. I couldn't believe my eyes. Brian was actually considering her opinion
before agreeing to my game.

"I don't know Arthur," Brian said slowly. I cut him off before he could
give a lame excuse.

"Brian, Brian, please don't tell me that you're not interested in ten
thousand dollars?" I asked. "I know how much it bugs you that your wife gives
you an allowance. I know she never stops you from spending your allowance, but
I also know she delights in asking questions just to make you nervous. I'm
offering ten thousand dollars that you can spend in any manner that you want,
without your bitch wife ever knowing about it."

Brian thought about it. He turned his gaze away from Alexis's cold face
and looked at the fire. "What do you have in mind?" he asked.

I smiled. "Nothing hard. My whore tries to get you off before your slut
makes me climax. Whoever ejaculates first, loses."

I heard Alexis make a soft growl. Tara turned her head and glared at me.
I loved how she could be so defiant when I was still clutching her tit with my
toe. A slow, cruel smile began to form on her lips and I read her intentions.

"I'll make you the same bet, my little whore," I told Tara. "If you help
me win this bet, I'll split it with you. You'll have five thousand dollars to
spend on anything you want."

Tara's cruel smile was replaced with an even more vicious smile. With her
blood red lips and dark eye shadow, she reminded me a junkie. Tara was going to
win for sure.

"So, they can get us off anyway they want?" Brian asked. He was already
stripping off his pants. Alexis was still standing as still as a statue. I
wondered if Brian had ever shared her before. Maybe she was just in shock at
how easy I bought her and her "Master."

"No, that would be too easy. Any tramp can suck cock or use her pussy," I
answered. "Let's try for something that requires a bit more work." After a
moment's thought, I had the answer. "Handjobs. The girls are only allowed to
use their hands."

Brian sighed. "Damn, no mouth at all?"

"I tell you what, the winner gets to have his cock cleaned by both women.
Does that sound fair?" He nodded at my suggestion and the game was set. I
stood up and removed my pants and then sat back down. Alexis was looking dumbly
at me so I snapped my fingers and pointed at the floor between my legs. A scowl
formed on her face and she didn't move.

Brian got up from his chair and walked behind Alexis. He viciously
grabbed her braid and gave it a hard jerk. The pain was clear on her face but
to her credit she didn't complain as he leaned down and pulled her head back to
his mouth. He whispered something I didn't hear but the harsh tone of his voice
was clear in Alexis's eyes. Whatever he said, it worked. When he released her
braid, she obediently knelt down between my legs, her hands clasped in her lap.

"Crawl, don't walk, Tara," I instructed and Tara crawled over to Brian and
his dopey grin. I loved watching her fishnet stockings as they crawled across
the room. Tara's ass bobbed and swayed as she moved into position.

"Remember, only hands, and the winner gets a double blowjob," I said.

"And the bet is for ten thousand," Brian confirmed. I nodded in

"At the count of three, then," I said. Alexis looked up at me, contempt
clearly evident in her eyes.

"One, two, three," I announced.

Brian immediately moaned as my wife went to work on him. I smiled at
Alexis who had yet to do anything. She seemed either reluctant to begin, or
overconfident of her abilities, or perhaps a combination of the two. Her brow
furrowed as she debated her options. I said nothing. She knew that if she lost
the contest, not only would Brian be pissed at her, but also that he would force
her to honor the bet to the extent that she would have to suck me off. She knew
she had no choice, but she had to think about it anyway.

In the end, I have my wife to thank. Brian groaned with a volume that
startled his pretty little slave between my legs. Tara was pumping his cock
hard with her fist, and I could see her other hand was fondling his balls. My
whore certainly knew how to please a man. In the end, I think Alexis felt
correctly that her reputation as a giver of pleasure was at stake.

Alexis frowned at me, making sure that there was no doubt that she
despised me. It was hard to take her seriously though, since she was licking
her hand with her tongue. Her tongue was a dark red and seeing it lick her hand
with long wide strokes aroused me. Within moments her hand was covered in a
sheath of spit.

I let out a satisfied moan when her wet hand gripped my cock. My cock was
limp, but she brought me to life soon enough. Alexis was smart, she didn't use
too tight of a grip. Her hand was almost loose, causing my cock to slip
effortlessly through her fist. It was like entering a very large pussy, and I
liked it. Alexis revolved her hand, spinning her fingers around my cock,
coating me completely in her spit. Soon, my cock was completely hard, and
wonderfully wet

Alexis shifted closer to me, her breasts pressing against my open thighs.
Her free hand placed itself on my thigh, digging in slightly with her nails.
She tightened her grip slightly, compressing around my cock like a lover. Her
thumb passed over the ring of my tip, sending shudders through me. A smirk
appeared on Alexis' lips as she felt a piece of power from provoking a moan from
me. That's when she began to stroke me, pulling her hand down to my balls and
then rising back up till half her hand was over my tip.

I looked over at Brian and Tara. Brian's head was back, his eyes closed.
Tara looked lovely as she knelt between his legs. Her hair was covering her
face but her fishnet stockings were in full display. Her ass was bare, and in
the flickering firelight, her buttocks shone like alabaster. Tara was jerking
Brian's cock hard, almost too hard I worried. My wife turned, and our eyes met.
A wicked smile was on her lips as she pumped my friend's cock. It was a
challenging smile, one that told me she was going to win for her sake and it was
only coincidence that it would aid me as well.

My wife's defiance was erotic and made it much more difficult to control
myself, so I looked back down to Alexis. The problem was that she was just as
attractive. Her eyes were on my cock, professionally appraising her work. The
hatred was gone, replaced with a critical eye that was aimed towards getting me
off. Her hand was slow, deliberate and terribly arousing. I moaned as her
fingers would clench and unclench on my cock. She was milking me, coaxing my
cum with insistent squeezes.

Her hand started to get dry and Alexis quickly licked her free hand with
her tongue. While one hand kept pumping me, she would lick the other hand till
it shined. I almost lost my load as she did so. When she swapped hands, it was
seamless, my cock never having a chance to recover. My mouth opened in bliss as
she licked her first hand again, her eyes locked with mine.

Brian said something incoherent but loud. Tara was squatting obscenely on
her feet, and I could see that she was using one hand to pull at her nipples.
Brian just stared at my wife, not believing how badly she wanted him to explode.
Never under estimate a whore who wants her money.

"Can't you do better than that?" I taunted Alexis. "Your master is making
so much noise, it's clear he's going to loose. There must be something my wife
does better that you can't compete with."

Alexis grinned at me, a false smile, full of confidence and with the
warmth of an ice pick. Maybe she saw how white my knuckles were from clenching
the armrests. Whatever the reason, she increased her pace. Now she used both
hands, wrapping my cock in a slippery prayer of fingers and palms. Alexis
stroked my cock from the spit-dripping bottom to the shiny engorged red tip. The
combination of her hands and the vision of my wife willingly prostituting
herself was suddenly too much to compete with.

"Fuck!" I cried, as Alexis giggled softly. She pumped my cock with one
hand as I went off like a geyser. Long strands of semen flew up and Alexis
narrowly dodged getting soaked.

Alexis stroked me until I had shot my load completely. When I opened my
eyes, I saw her resting back on her heels, between my legs, a superior smile on
her lips. Tara had shifted back, away from Brian when she heard me, realizing
that her easy money was gone. Never a sore loser, I pushed Alexis away from me.

"Alexis, get your ass over there," I said between shudders. "You haven't
finished your part of the game `till your mouth joins Tara at your Master's

Brian buried his fingers in Tara's hair, pulling her mouth down over his
cock. Possibly remembering his earlier admonition to me about her teeth, he
growled roughly at her, "remember your obligation to your `husband' and your
family. Keep your teeth in check." Alexis quickly joined my wife on the floor,
and began to stroke Brian's thighs as Tara reluctantly used her mouth on my
houseguest. Watching her suck him, knowing that she was pissed off since she
had nothing more to gain from the encounter, was enough to get me hard again.

Brian came quickly with both sets of lips working him over. After
catching his breath, he motioned Alexis back to me. "Pet, don't let me appear
to be a sore winner. Go show Arthur that you have skills with your lips as well
as with your hands." I couldn't tell if he was being smug or sincere, but
frankly it didn't matter much. Alexis was obviously upset that Brian was
turning her over to me; her disappointment was clear in her eyes. I reached
behind her, and holding on to that convenient braid of hers, I pulled her head
down to my lap. I'll give the slut credit; she didn't try to protest. Alexis
just opened her lips and pointed my cock into her mouth. My cock, already slick
from her spit, just coasted right in. I just pulled on her braid until she took
in my entire length.

"You too, Tara," Brian added. "You just cost your husband a pretty penny.
The least you could do is start paying off that particular debt."

Tara crawled over to me, and shook her head as she watched Alexis sucking
me down. "It looks like the short shit has him taken care off," Tara remarked.

Alexis's cheeks flushed, with hate or embarrassment I was never sure.

"Back off a little, Alexis," I commanded, pulling back on her braid.
"Stop being so selfish and give my wife some to suck."

Alexis pulled back a few inches. Tara didn't move so I reached down and
grabbed a nice handful of her slippery hair. Tara squealed as I lifted her off
her knees but she stopped her bitching as soon as I placed her face on my
crotch. While Alexis sucked the tip of my cock, Tara wrapped her lips around
the base. Tara's pillow breasts were crushed against my thigh, and I wished I
had a third hand to give her nipples the squeezing they deserved. The two
redheads were a sight to behold.

It wasn't comfortable for either of them, but my grip on their scalps
silenced any protests. I think the girls hated being so near to one another
more than anything else about the situation. Their lips would touch on my cock
and I could feel their tongues pause as they recoiled from each other. Of
course, this just meant I pulled their heads closer till they were almost cheek-
to-cheek. In retaliation, both of them licked and sucked harder, trying to get
me off faster so this new humiliation would end.

Even I couldn't last long under their double sucking. I bit back my moans
so that Alexis would have no warning when my cum fired like a rocket in her
mouth. Alexis froze then gagged in surprise as my cum shot down her throat, and
Tara paused as well. My whole body was shaking from the bliss of their two
tongues. I pulled viciously on Alexis's braid, bringing her mouth completely
down on my cock as I released a third squirt. Then I released her, grabbed my
cock with my hand, and pulled Tara's mouth over my tip to take Alexis's place.
Tara shrieked at the sudden hair pull but I drowned her protests with a fresh
spurt of semen, a good portion of it firing up onto her face. I was still in
the throes of orgasm, and I didn't want it to stop. I pulled her head down over
my cock and kept her there. She squirmed and pushed as I expelled every last
drop into her mouth.

Alexis was glaring at me, wiping her mouth on the back of her hand. I just
gave her a smile as I gave Tara a hard smack on her ass. "Now, Brian, I believe
lunch should be almost ready. What do you say we eat out on the back lawn and
we can watch the horses being exercised? I have a new two-year-old that shows
some promise as a jumper."

"Great, Arthur. I'd love to see them. Shall we bring the toys along for
the meal? I have Alexis's dishes in the car." I knew that Brian preferred his
sluts to dine as I do mine, on the floor beside me, usually in silver or steel
dog dishes.

I sent one of the maids out to his car to fetch Alexis's dishes as we
moved our party outside. I was infuriated with Tara for costing me an
additional ten grand, and I decided to let her experience some of my disgust. I
clipped a leash to the choker around her throat and pushed her neck back to the
ground as she began to get to her feet.

"I don't think so, slut." I said. "Your performance today has not earned
you the privilege of walking. You'll crawl to lunch." I fastened two short
chains between her wrists and knees, effectively limiting her movement to a few
feet with each step. She would be forced to shuffle quickly beside us on her
knees to keep up, and she would be prevented from succumbing to the temptation
to strike out when she realized what I had in mind.

"Just to prove that I'm not completely devoid of refinement," I said
sarcastically, "and that I'm not a sore loser, perhaps you'll do the honors?" I
handed the end of Tara's leash to Alexis. Her eyes widened as she realized what
I was offering. A sly smile crossed her lips, one almost as vicious as the
sneer that Tara had earlier held for her. She took the leash in her small hand
and waited for my nod. I motioned to the French doors, which opened to the back
gardens and watched appreciatively as she roughly led Tara outside. It was like
watching a grade-schooler lead a Doberman; such was the size difference between
the two. Even on her hands and knees, Tara's back was level with Alexis' upper
thigh. Under normal circumstances, I knew my wife could physically overpower
Brian's little snippet without much effort, but these weren't normal

"Anytime you would like to test your 'skills' against a paid whore again,
you just let me know," I told Alexis. "I've got many more games in mind to win
back my money from your Master."


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