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Warning! This is a sexual story that contains themes, acts and words that
may be offensive to some people. This story is copyrighted by me, Arthur
Thomas. Do not repost, steal or put on your website without my permission.
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Although I write for my enjoyment, it is always a joy to receive
fanmail. I certainly don't get paid for my work and the only compensation I
do get is encouragement from fans. That was a subtle hint for you to let
me know if you enjoy this series. In return, I now vow to clear my busy
schedule and answer all my fanmail since they took the time to write to me.

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The Multi-Million Dollar Marriage Part 6 By Arthur G Thomas

I was angry with Tara. It was a sweet anger, almost alien to me with
its intensity. I do not allow myself to get angry; it is too unproductive.
When something irritates me I remove it instantly. When someone makes me
upset I destroy him or her before they can further disappoint me. When I
see that the path that I am on is futile I pull my money and put it
elsewhere. The anger I felt towards Tara was so new to me I savored it for
three days before acting on it.

Those three days served my purposes. I wanted a special punishment for
her, and it took a few days for the carpenters and suppliers to make the
arrangements I needed. It also gave Tara time to think about my anger. I
had not touched her since that night she failed me in my bet with Brian. I
hadn't fucked her or spoken to her. My servants reported how jumpy she was
becoming as her paranoia escalated.

Damn right she should be paranoid. I don't like to lose. The money I
gave Brian was of no consequence. What angered me was the fact that my
whore lost to a slut. I like whores, they know their place and are easy to
maintain, but this whore didn't understand her role. This whore did not do
her best to win, and in failing to do so she cast doubt on this entire
marriage. What was the point of buying a wife if she didn't work her ass
off when I told her to? If she thought I was so enamored with her that I
would pay her family for her beauty she was sadly mistaken.

On the fourth day after my embarrassment her punishment was finally
ready. I decided to administer her punishment right after her two-hour gym
session. I gave special instructions to her trainers to make sure that
they completely exhausted my wife. I had a nice breakfast, read some of
"Great Expectations" and practiced my backstroke.

Tara had twenty minutes left in her workout when I went to the gym. I
watched her for a while, and I felt my spirits rising as I watched my
fatigued wife. She was nude, except for her diamond choker, her chastity
belt and a white sports bra to contain her massive breasts.

I allowed her the sports bra to prevent some otherwise inevitable
sagging, but I had to admit it looked great on her. It was soaked with
sweat, exposing every curve and both her nipples. The rest of her was just
as covered in sweat. Tara's long red hair was falling out of her ponytail
and her legs and ass were shimmering from the sweat pouring from her. Her
chest was heaving with exertion. She looked at me and I could see the bags
under her eyes. Yes, she was at the brink and I was ready to push her even

"Stop!" I commanded when I saw Tara heading for the showers. "You'll be
showering with me today, bitch."

Tara looked at me and laughed softly. "Fine. If you want to fuck this
sweaty body, go ahead. I'm pretty rank."

I didn't take her bait. I simply grabbed a nice handful of her hair,
twisted it in my fist, and brought my hand down to my waist. She had to
double over to keep standing. Tara was smart enough not to complain. I
led her this way, taking the long way through my mansion. I wanted all of
my servants to see her, to see how I dealt with her insolence. She kept
quiet the entire time, no doubt furious with shame at the snickers she kept

We arrived at the new shower room, and I let her stand. She was about
to say something nasty, but she choked it down as she looked at the room.
There was red tile everywhere, covering the floors and the walls. The far
wall was mostly made of glass, and it was perfectly transparent. Outside,
gardeners could be seen working, and Tara stood behind me to hide from
them. She almost didn't see the best part of the room.

There were steel rings set into the floors and on the ceilings at almost
every angle. Rubber cords were coiled neatly around each ring, ominous in
their potential. There was a multitude of showerheads as well; all of them
made of bright shiny new steel.

"What the fuck?" Tara asked, and I shook my head at her stupidity.

"First, we'll need to remove this," I said as I reached for her diamond
choker. I unlocked it and dropped it into a storage sink. Tara winced as
the diamonds hit the bowl, and she touched her neck almost longfully. It
was the first time I had uncollared her since our marriage.

"Next, stand over here," I instructed, pointing her the exact center of
the shower room.

"I'm just glad you're finally using me again," Tara muttered, standing
where I instructed.

"Shut up," I said simply. I spread her legs very far apart and secured
each ankle with a rubber cord. A little slack is recommended with rubber
when it gets wet, but I allowed her almost none.

"Now bend over," I commanded.

"This is more like it," my slut of a wife leered. I smacked her ass
hard for her lewdness.

"Oww!" Tara cried out, her body already sore from her workout. I
quickly tied a cord from the ceiling around her waist. The height was
tricky, but when I was done, she was hanging from her tiny waist, and her
feet were suspended from the ground. About now she was getting a bit

"I can't stay this way," Tara protested. Her hair was on the ground
from being bent over. I stepped on her hair as I walked over to her front
side. Her scream was musical.

Using another length of cord, I looped a securing line around her ribs,
just under her breasts. This pushed her breasts up, and when I adjusted
the ceiling ring it kept her body at a horizontal angle. Both her pussy and her head were at my waist level; which is how they should be.

"Much better," Tara breathed, and I slapped her ass again.

"Ow! What was that for?" Tara demanded.

"Because I wanted to," I said. I took both of her arms and bound the
wrists together behind her back. This cord was attached to a third ring on
the ceiling and I tightened the cord until her arms were pulled straight
up. It looked quite uncomfortable as was confirmed by her grudging silence.
"You don't have to stifle any screams of pain," I said. "They'll be
coming later for sure."

She was immobile now, bent over with her feet off the ground. Her long,
sweaty red hair almost blended with the tiles. Her pale skin caught the
sunlight like a flower and glowed with a pale beauty. Her tits were
hanging down, pushed forward and looking as appetizing as fresh fruit from
a tree. I dropped down and gave her large nipples a good lick. Tara
tensed, and her nipple turned hard almost instantly.

"The problem with you," I told Tara as I released her nipple, "is that
you are too much of a slut to be a whore."

Tara was silent, but her hips shifted at the comment. I took out a key,
unlocked her chastity belt. I couldn't remove it, but I could release her
neglected pussy from its bondage. Tara's body tensed as the steel was
finally removed from her sex. She moaned as I ran my fingers through the
crushed pubic hair.

"Filthy," I lied. The smell was so potent though; I almost ate her out
right there.

"The gardeners seem to enjoy the show," I said. I grabbed her hair and
pointed her head at the window. It was true, the gardeners had gathered by
the window. There were four of them, and they clapped politely when they
saw us watching them. Tara was snarling.

"Are you turning me into some sort of peepshow now?" Tara asked.

"I might as well," I responded. "You're the kind of slut who would
enjoy it. Maybe I should charge money. I could recoup my losses by having
men ogle my tramp."

She simmered with anger as I walked to a clever set of faucets. It was
placed safely away from the showerheads, so I could appreciate her visually
when I turned the water on. I tried to think of which to start with but I
discarded the idea. I just turned them all on, full blast.

There was a slight gurgle in the pipes, and that was the only warning
Tara got before freezing water blasted her. From every angle, powerful
jets of water bombarded her. She struggled in her bonds and screamed but
her scream was cut short by a showerhead aimed right at her face. Her
mouth choked on the water facial. It was a beautiful sight to see her
become instantly drenched.

I didn't want to kill her, so I adjusted the temperature of the water. I
just took my time. Slowly, I changed the water from freezing to barely
warm. I left it there for a moment, long enough for her to be grateful it
wasn't freezing, but also to make her worry about it stopping there. Then
I brought it up to warm, and then to hot. I'm not turned on by scalding,
so I made sure the water was bearable. Steam was pouring everywhere, which
ruined the gardeners' view. Oh well, I didn't build this room for them,
nor was I paying them to watch.

"Like it so far?" I asked. I stood next to her as I stripped off my
clothes. The nice thing about begin rich is that you can undress from a
suit while standing in a shower and not worry about the cotton blend.

"You sick bastard!" Tara screamed, turning her head so that the shower
blast wouldn't choke her. "The ropes are too tight!"

"No, they're just tight enough," I said. "The constriction will do you
some good. It'll be a painful reminder throughout our game today of why
you are here. You're here because you pissed me off. Nothing will be easy
for you when that happens."

"Fuck off you loser," Tara snarled. " I hope you-"

I never heard the rest of it, for I grabbed her wet hair and held her
head up for my cock. I shoved my cock right into her lips, my back
blocking the constant shower to her face. I think she was so grateful for
not being showered on, that she worked a bit harder on her sucking.
Alternatively, maybe, the slut's cheeks were collapsing in on my cock out
of sheer desperation. Her head was moving so fast on my cock, she must
have been trying to get me off before I could punish her further.

"That's enough, slut," I said, pulling my cock out of her wet mouth.
Her eyes looked stunned, and perhaps even hurt. Good. It was too late to
try to please me with sex now.

I walked back over to the control panel, and slowly shut down every
single showerhead except for one that dropped down beside her. I walked
past her, and using a scrubber, I quickly removed the steam that had fogged
the windows. The gardeners looked a bit shocked to see a naked man in
front of them, but they cheered up when they saw Tara was still here.

"Why did you do that?" Tara asked.

"You are my property, slut, I'll do whatever the fuck I want," I
answered. Using the still-running showerhead, I grabbed a sponge and
lathered it with soap.

"Oh please," Tara begged when she saw me. "Don't wash me in front of
the help!"

"That's odd," I said as I rubbed the soapy sponge over her round ass.
"You didn't mind embarrassing me when you lost my bet, why should I worry
about embarrassing you?"

Tara looked away as the men outside cheered. I rubbed the sponge over
her back, letting the suds fall down her side like cum. I stood on the
other side of Tara's bent-over body, so that the men could fully enjoy
themselves. I dropped the sponge under her, and rubbed her breasts hard
with the sponge. Those heavy fruits took a while to lather, and Tara
colored with shame as the men laughed. I didn't leave her breasts until
they were completely covered in lather.

I dropped down to beside her legs, and washed them as well. This almost
soothed my anger alone. Her legs were so long and fit. They were twin
pillars of feminine beauty, and I was quite pleased with my purchase of
this woman. I lathered her legs almost tenderly, treasuring them more than
I did the woman.

When I reached her sex, I could feel Tara tense. She was certainly
quiet. How long has it been since she had a climax? I realized that the
answer was forever. I had yet to let her cum since we got married. That
was why she was quiet, hoping maybe to climax while I cleaned her.

Keeping that in mind, I was very delicate. I used only my fingers,
soaping them completely first. I cleaned her nether lips without once
touching her clit. Her hips kept trying to shift but my fingers were too
nimble. I only entered her sex once, and I felt it clench so tightly, I
removed my fingers before I accidentally gave her an orgasm.

"Bastard!" Tara yelled as I stood back up. "You did that to tease me,

I didn't dignify such an obvious statement with a reply. I picked the
sponge back off the floor and grabbed another nice handful of her hair.
Pulling her head up, I waited until she started to bitch at me and then I
shoved the sponge in her mouth. I'd never washed a woman's mouth out with
soap before, but it felt good. The men laughed outside, and Tara screamed
her protest into the sponge gag. I think their laughter upset her more.

"Now shut up," I said when I dropped the sponge. She did. I checked
her out. Her back was soapy, her tits were dripping lather and her legs
were coated in soap. The men outside had enjoyed the show, and Tara's eyes
were full of murder. Her hair was plastered to her, and I debated washing
it as well. Fuck it, she can wash her own damn hair.

I went back to the control panel, and selected a paddle. She couldn't
see me as I walked up behind her, but her body tensed when she felt the
cold wood press against her soapy ass. The men grew quiet as well;
respecting what was to happen.

"Oh my God!" Tara cried out. "You can't spank me now, my body is wet!
It would hurt . . ."

She couldn't even put into words how much it would sting.

"Yes, it will hurt," I said, rubbing the paddle harder against her ass.
I pulled it back, paused for ten seconds, and then released it hard on her

SMACK! The paddle hit hard against her wet ass. Tara's scream was
sharp, and it was followed by the laughter of the gardeners outside.

"I don't think they have any pity," I said. I couldn't see any welts
yet; her ass had too much soap on it still.

Tara didn't answer me; her body was still clenched in pain. I spanked
her again, and watched as the water flew off her body from the force of the
impact. She cried out again, and I spanked her again. Her ass flattened
with each spank, and her whole body rocked forward in her rubber bonds. I
alternated buttocks, covering both sides of her ass with the painful paddle
kisses. The noise was deafening, as the water was being compressed between
my paddle and Tara's sweet ass.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! The paddling was brutal, and Tara was flailing
in her bonds.

"Please!" Tara cried out. "Please, I'll do anything! Just stop!"

I did stop. "Beg to suck my cock!" I commanded.

"Please let me suck your cock!" Tara begged.

"Beg me to fuck your ass!" I commanded.

"Please, fuck my ass, Mr. Thomas!" Tara begged.

"Now beg me to fuck your pussy," I demanded. Her body actually

"Please, fuck my pussy," Tara begged, her voice cracking at the end.

"No," I answered and then I paddled her again, five more brutal times. I
expelled all of my anger into those last few spanks. I blistered her ass,
and Tara screamed in rage and pain as the men outside laughed.

I dropped the paddle and stepped closer to her welt covered ass. My
cock was stiff, and I laid it right between the cheeks of her ass. Tara
flinched as my cock touched her welts, but she didn't complain.

"I'm going to make you an offer," I said, pulling my cock around so that
it was under her now. My cock pulsed against her sex, the tip rubbing
against her closer lips.

"My offer is simple," I explained. "I'll be willing to fuck your pussy for five strokes, but you have to pay me."

"Pay you? You don't give me any money," Tara whined. "And five strokes
wouldn't be enough." Her sex twitched, tortured by my cock being so near.

"Yes you do," I corrected her. "You get paid a substantial allowance to
spend as you wish on your three days away from me. All I want is a third
of your allowance. In addition, I think five strokes would be plenty for a
slut like you. How long has it been since you had a cock in you? You
don't think your slutty pussy just wouldn't cum right away?"

Tara didn't answer me at first. That was all right. I contented myself
with rubbing my cock against her soapy thighs. She could feel how hard and
how large my cock was against her thighs. Tara moaned, almost sobbing as
her control broke down. She had to swallow her pride and admit how badly
she needed my cock. It wouldn't be easy for the prissy bitch, but I was
sure she would relent.

"Damn it, I'll do it," Tara said. "One third of my allowance is yours,
but just fuck me now!"

I laughed, and slid my cock right into her. Oh my, her sex clenched at
my cock so tightly! I slid so easily into her wet pussy, it was nothing to
sink myself entirely in her.

"One," I said, amazed at how her pussy squeezed me.

I pulled out fast and then slammed my cock right back into her. Her
whole body jerked at the force of the impact.

"Two," I said.

I swiveled my hips, teasing every corner of her pussy before slamming my
cock back into her.

"Three," I said.

I leaned over her body, nearly spooning her suspended body. I reached
down around her and slapped her heavy tits hard. Tara cried out and her
pussy clenched.

"Four!" I shouted, losing a little control myself.

I slapped her tits with both hands, knocking the hanging breasts together as my cock pounded her again.

"Five!" I said, finished. I pulled my cock out and Tara moaned in

"That wasn't enough!" Tara nearly screamed. Soap flew from her body as
she shook in her bonds in rage. "I didn't cum!"

"Too bad slut," I said, slapping her ass with my bare hand. The welts
were hot to the touch.

"Fuck me some more!" Tara whined. "Please!"

"I might be willing to fuck you some more," I said, rubbing my fingers
over her soapy cunt, careful not to enter her. "Pay me another third of
your allowance, and I'll give you ten strokes. A trashy bimbo like you
should be able to get off with ten strokes."

Tara growled, knowing I was right.

"That's my spending money," she complained. "It's all I have to look
forward to when I'm with you. I wanted to go shopping."

I didn't argue with her. It wasn't my style. She knew the deal; it
would be up to her to decide. My fingers slid over her slippery sex,
imitating my cock as I plunged harshly across her nether lips.

"Fuuuuuccckkkk," Tara wailed. "Yes, you can have another third! Take
it! I need to cum so badly!"

I bent back over her, sliding my cock into her waiting sex. I grabbed
both of her soapy tits with my hands and squeezed to my heart's content.
Tara cried out as my hands bit at her tits, crushing her nipples between my
fingers. Now I was ready.

"One, two, three," I cried out, ramming against her hard. This time, I
was pumping her as fast as possible. Tara's pussy clenched at me, grabbing
and trying to suck me in. My cock slid so easily in her pussy with the
mixture of soap and her own juices.

"Four, five, six," I counted, my stomach colliding with the welts on her
ass. Tara cried out with each impact, as my body spanked her sore ass.

"Seven, eight, nine," I laughed. Tara whined in frustration. It was
too fast, it was too intense. It was happening so fast, her body couldn't
react in time. Tara could feel her orgasm coming, but the counting told
her it would be too late.

"Ten!" I yelled, twisting her nipples as I pulled out of her.

"Oh God, no!" Tara moaned. I stepped back and saw that the gardeners
were still watching. They were fascinated to see the slut, whimpering as I
stepped away. The soap was still dripping from her body, white suds
pooling under her bound body.

"Well, I should rinse you off now, your shower is almost over," I said.

"What? Please, let me cum!" Tara begged,

"I think you know what I would charge you next," I said. "I'll fuck
you, even to orgasm, if you give me the rest of your allowance."

"No," she protested, but she hung her head low. "I wouldn't be able to
do anything on my three days off. I would have to stay with my parents,
and I wouldn't be able to go shopping."

I walked over to her, and lifted her head by her hair. God, I just love
the feel of her wet hair meshed in my fingers.

"You should have thought of that before you cost me that bet with Brian,
bitch," I said. "Learn one thing today, if you learn nothing else. You,
are my whore. You fuck for my money. Fuck for me good, and you'll be
paid. Don't fuck for me, and you'll be broke. Besides, I've seen your
friends. You had quite a few male friends at the wedding. I'm sure one of
them would be willing to buy you some things for a good blowjob."

Horror washed across her face. "I, I," she stuttered.

"You what?" I said contemptuously. "You can't suck for money?
Bullshit. This whole marriage has been the job of a whore, and you know it.
You'll be wearing my chastity belt the entire time you are away my slut.
If you want to cum at all, it'll have to be now. So ask yourself, are you
willing to be a whore for your male friends, in order to cum at all this

"With them watching?" she asked quietly. "I am your wife, don't you
want any privacy?"

I dropped her hair. "You're my slut, maybe I like men to watch as I
take your last shred of dignity."

"Asshole," she snarled.

"Fuck your asshole?" I asked. "Sure." I held her cheeks open and
prepared my cock to enter that tight little hole.

"No!" Tara snapped. "Fine, fuck it! Take all of my allowance! I just
need it too badly!"

"Did you hear that Madeline?" I asked.

The hidden intercom came to life. "Yes, and it has been documented,"
the female voice resounded.

"What the hell?" Tara asked.

"That's Madeline, my lawyer," I told her as I aimed my cock at her
pussy. "I wanted to make sure she was a witness in case you protest the
marriage later. I wanted documentation that you were forfeiting your
allowance this month."

"You prick!" Tara snarled. "Is the whole fucking house watching?"

"Why, you want them to?" I asked. I never heard her answer, for I
entered her sex a third time today, and Tara's moans were incoherent.

I held onto her hair, using her long red hair as reins as I fucked her
wet cunt. Tara needed it so bad; she didn't complain a single bit as I
pulled her head farther and farther back. The suspension rocked as I
pumped her body, her soap rubbing off on me.

"Fuck me, fuck me!" Tara cried and I did. I always keep my deals. I
gave her everything her body desired. I fucked her fast, hard and with an
easy motion that lifted her with each thrust. Tara twisted in her bonds,
her climax already forming deep in her body. One long month of no sex was
ending, and her body was writhing with expectations.

"You're going to cum with everyone listening and everyone watching," I
said, and Tara didn't give a fuck. With her head pulled back, Tara gave a
victory shout of bliss as she finally reached climax. It was a loud shout,
guttural and completely animal. I was taken back by how loud and abrupt
her cry was; it echoed through the large shower, and even the gardeners
took a step back. I kept pumping as her pussy went through a delicious
series of spasms.

I could have given her a few more orgasms, but it wasn't part of the
deal. Besides, I was about to cum myself. Tara shuddered as I pulled out
of her and her head dropped when I released her hair. Quickly I walked
over to her mouth and without a word from me; she lifted her head and
sucked my cock. My beautiful whore, exhausted and spent, sucked me
viciously until my load exploded. She didn't pull away at all, just sucked at me, her tongue flickering over my tip as I expelled load after load of
cum down her throat. My whore was so grateful for cumming, she swallowed
every drop of my cum without a word of complaint.

She didn't say another word until I rinsed her off. A dozen showerheads
pelting a body with hot water tends to loosen any tongue.

"I hate you!" Tara cried.

"Just remember who is the whore and who is the boss," I admonished. For
that last remark, I let the water blast her for thirsty minutes before I
finally released her. She would have a lot to think about on her three
days off.


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