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Warning! This is a sexual story that contains themes, acts and words that
may be offensive to immature people. This story is copyrighted by me,
Arthur Thomas. Do not repost, steal or put on your website without my
permission. Contact me at

The Multi-Million Dollar Marriage Part 1 by Arthur G Thomas

Eric Raymond and his wife were almost as uncomfortable in my home as I
was. I didn't spend much time in the mansion, I preferred to get my
pleasures from around the country. I also wasn't used to dealing with
people as wealthy as I was. It made me uneasy to be around people who
couldn't be bought. As it would turn out, I was delightfully wrong.

Eric was the usual upper class asshole with too much money and not
enough spine to use it. He was well over fifty, with the paunch that comes
with excessive sloth. His beard was snow white while his hair was
suspiciously black. Almost as soon as he walked in the door, he began to
talk about the wonderful opportunities Raymond Enterprises was about to
embark on. Apparently, Raymond Enterprises could become the next Microsoft
if they were just able to somehow get their hands on enough money to
finance their ambitions.

I half listened to his sales pitch. I was more interested in his wife,
Terri. She was a decade younger than Eric, with wavy red hair complete
with gray streaks. Terri looked great for a woman her age, wearing a cream
powersuit; she was better prepared to broker a deal than her dull husband.
I especially appreciated the way her suit was unbuttoned enough to allow me
to enjoy the sight of her 36C tits.

Oh well. As interesting as it would be to buy and fuck Terri, I wasn't
willing to divert the millions Eric was badly hinting at. I may be
wealthy, but the investment numbers Eric wanted would tie up half my
inherited fortune. No pussy in the world is worth that much. Again, I was
about to be delightfully wrong.

"Mr. Raymond, I can tell you now, the answer is no," I said bluntly.
"I've heard that Raymond enterprises can no longer get the capitol it needs
from banks and is three swirls down the toilet from bankruptcy. There is
no need for me to throw more money down a useless venture."

To my surprise, Eric just smiled while his wife simply uncrossed her
legs. "I've done my research on you, Arthur Thomas," Eric said. "I've had
some people follow you around on your little field trips. They've told me
about what you do spend your money on and provided some interesting
pictures as well. You prefer to spend your money on sex."

I smiled back at him. It was perfectly true. Maybe it has to do with
murdering my parents for my inheritance, but these days the only way I can
enjoy sex is if it is with someone debasing themselves, trampling over
their principles and watching them humiliate themselves for the wealth only
I can give them. I thought about getting therapy for it, but its just too
much damn fun. I had interesting pictures of my adventures too.

"I hope this isn't a blackmail attempt," I said casually. Actually, I
was quite excited. No one has tried to blackmail me before. Maybe dealing
with a new threat would be an interesting challenge.

"No, no, Mr. Thomas," Eric said. He sat back further in the chair,
distributing his girth. "I just wanted to let you know that I know what
interests you. My proposal is quite simple. I'm offering my daughter's
hand in marriage in exchange for you funding my company."

I laughed. Now we were talking. "Marriage? Why would I want to get

"Come now," Eric admonished. "Don't tell me that you are naive enough
to say that if you got married you would have to be monogamous. I'm
offering you something you've never had. I'm offering you a chance to own
a beautiful woman, legally. You buy women all the time, making them give
you blowjobs in your limo or seeing what twisted bondage games you can
force on them. Marriage gives you something more, it gives you a second
time, a third time and as many times as you want to play your games with a
person. You can't tell me that you wouldn't mind a more permanent

Playmate was an odd word for what I would do with his daughter, but I
was intrigued by the idea. It just sounded too good to be true.

"And your daughter is fine with this idea?" I asked.

"Tara fully understands what is at stake here, Arthur," Terri said.
"She knows that the family fortune is in danger and that this is the
quickest way to save our lifestyles. Tara is completely willing to go
through with this transaction. She has a few requirements of her own but
they are minor concerns."

These were my kind of people. They knew what kind of monster I was, and
they were still going to sell me their daughter. This was better than
paying teenagers to suck my cock; this was a long-term humiliation.

"What does Tara look like? I said, trying to ignore the erection
growing beneath my pants.

"We brought pictures," Eric said. He waved his hand at Terri, who rose
and brought me the briefcase she had carried in. I can see Mr. Raymond
owned his wife as well.

The briefcase contained a portfolio of pictures. Depicted was a young,
beautiful woman with bright red hair. The first picture showed her
outside, standing by a pool in the bright daylight. Her hair absolutely
glowed in the sunlight. I was surprised to see that her sundress was wet
and clung to her sexy curves. I could easily see her nipples on
magnificent breasts that had to be a pert 37C.

"What kind of requirements does she have?" I asked as I turned to the
next picture. This one was a close up of her face. Freckles adorned sharp
cheekbones under green eyes.

"She wants a large wedding, a band playing, a huge wedding cake, and the
usual extravagant trappings," Mr. Raymond explained.

I shrugged and looked at the next picture. "Easy enough," I said. The
next picture was from behind. She was leaning on a table and I could see
the full curves of her ass under her sundress.

"She also wants a monthly allowance, to spend on as she pleases," Mrs.
Raymond said. She named a figure that was not unreasonable.

"Done," I said as I flipped to the next picture. Tara had slipped the
straps of her dress off and her breasts were revealed. She was looking
away from the camera but I could see the shame on her face. I wondered who
took the pictures.

"Lastly, she wants four days off a month," Eric said, a bit carefully.
"She wants these four days to do as she pleases. Visit friends, go
shopping, that sort of thing."

I waved it off. "That's acceptable. I doubt I'll want her all month
long anyway."

I turned to the next picture. Tara was cupping her full breasts and now
looking at the camera. Her pale face was reddening with shame yet there
was such defiance on her face. She was angry, but still following

"What do you want for her?" I asked. Eric explained a simple outline
where I would channel my money into his company and give them the financial
boost they craved. It was funny; I was getting the daughter while they
were getting half my kingdom. I drew some lines in the sand, explaining
what my cap would be. I would help them get back on their feet, but I
wasn't sinking into bankruptcy with them.

The next picture had the sundress around her ankles, and Tara's hands
were behind her back. There was a soft patch of red hair around her sex
and the same scowl of defiance on Tara's face. With her hands behind her
back I could admire just how pert her young tits were.

"There will be a prenuptial agreement," I said. "If your daughter tries
to divorce me, your family will return everything I give you. I also
reserve the right to divorce her at any point she displeases me."

"Of course," Terri agreed.

The next picture had Tara stepping down into the pool behind her.
Although her breasts, hair and ass were lovely and her skin was flawless,
what I lusted about her the most was the pissed off look on her face. I
liked a woman who angrily humiliated herself to save her family's fortune.

"How old is she?" I asked.

"She's just turned twenty-one," Eric said. "Perfectly legal for all our

I turned to the next picture. Tara was almost completely submerged in
the pool. Her hair was wet and was a dark red color as it clung to her
shoulders and ivory neck. Her breasts were floating in the water and I saw
intense hatred in those beautiful green eyes. Was it her mother who took
the pictures? Or was it someone hired professionally to sell their

"Is she a virgin?" I asked.

There was an embarrassed silence. I savored it.

"Oh well," I sighed. "I might take your offer anyway. Is Terri the
biological mother?"

A huge smile broke on Eric's face. "Yes, she is. As you can tell, Tara
will grow and mature into a beautiful woman."

"Perhaps," I said. "Terri, take off those clothes and let's see for

For the first time today, the smile broke on Terri's face. She looked
to Eric for support but he just scowled at her. They could taste my money.
A look of righteous anger crossed the mature woman's face, and I could see
where Tara got her anger.

Terri stood up and popped the buttons on her cream suit. She was angry
and taking deep breaths. When the buttons were undone I could see the
green brassiere that lifted her breasts. She pulled her suit down and
stepped out if it to reveal matching green panties and dark pantyhose. She
had a few more pounds than Tara did, but I could see she retained the same
white pale skin and those lovely freckles. Her breasts needed a WonderBra
but at least they still had the same fullness.

"Imagine having that when you turn forty," Eric said smugly. Looking at
his fat ass, I doubted he had enjoyed it himself in quite a while.

"Well, looks are on thing . . ." I said. Terri's face nearly lost her
composure. "But if she's any good at sucking, you've got a deal."

"What?" Terri said, shocked. Eric quickly rose, which at his weight was
surprisingly fast, and went to his wife. They argued in hushed whispers.
It was amusing to see a woman who wanted to sell her daughter but drew the
line at selling herself.

"She has agreed," Eric said finally. He went to leave but I stopped

"You might as well stay," I said. "I might further questions."

Terri glared at me and I smiled back at her. I thought having her
husband present would further disgrace her. Good. Let's see how badly she
wants to get out of certain ruin. I stood up and unzipped my pants and
released my erection from my underwear. Terri looked at my red member with
a sort of horror. It must be larger than she was used to.

I sat back down Eric gave his wife a push on her back. She walked over
to me in her bra and panties, her hips swaying from the heels she was
wearing. Obediently, she kneeled between my open legs and gingerly held my
cock in her hand. It pulsed as she gripped it.

"You can start now," I commanded, and her green eyes flashed in
annoyance. I hoped her daughter had her eyes.

Terri pointed my cock towards her scarlet lips and she closed her eyes
in disgust as she leaned towards my cock. I placed my hand behind her
elegantly cut hair and pushed her head forward. With a choking sound, my
cock entered into her mouth and those ruby lips wrapped tightly around me.
Her eyes flashed open in anger, but my cock silenced any protest. She
tried to pull her head back and I allowed her a few inches before pulling
her head back down on me again.

"Not bad," I critiqued. "But unless she throws some passion into it,
I'm going to have to decline your offer."

"For God's sake, Terri!" Eric snarled from across the room. There was a
delightful amount of stress on his face. "Do your best, woman!"

Terri's nostrils flared in pure anger, but she started bouncing her head
faster on my cock. Her bra was rubbing against my thighs and I continued
to grip her hair as a sign of my dominance. Her lips were tight against me
but she seemed to have a problem getting all of me into her mouth. I
pushed down harder.

I used my other hand to reach her bra and I tore the lacy material quite
loudly. Eric's face was red with indignation but it was nothing compared
to the crimson blush on Terri's face. When I freed her nipple from her
bra, she groaned a protest from clenched lips. I laughed and pushed her
down further onto my cock. I pinched her nipple between my fingers,
rolling around my thumb till it was a large hard nub.

"Come on," I criticized. "Suck! I want to feel some suction here,

Terri's cheeks caved inwards in response and my cock was gripped in a
wonderful suction. I pinched her nipple harder as my cock bounced off the
back of her throat. I remained still in my seat, letting the whore do all
the work. My balls were buried between the cleavage of her tits, slipping
against the sweat of her skin.

"Faster, slut," I commanded. Terri's head moved faster, sucking my cock
for dear life. She was grunting now and her chest was heaving from the
exertions. Lipstick was smeared all over my cock and I smirked at the
wrinkles appearing under eyes as her makeup sweated. She might be over
forty, but she was decent for a cocksucker.

I pulled her by the hair so that her mouth only covered the tip of my
cock. Then I squeezed her tits around my balls, which was easy with her
large, pliant breasts. With the length of my cock in full view, covered
with her spit and lipstick, gave her a final command.

"Now only use your tongue and show me how fast you can flick me," I

Terri growled in anger but I felt her tongue flick over my cock none the
less. Her green eyes stared at me in loathing while her tongue tapped
rapidly over the opening of my cock. Eric looked away uncomfortably as I
began a low moan of pleasure. Terri's eyes widened in alarm as she
realized I was going to climax in her mouth and I tightened my grip on the
back of her head.

"Oh fuck!" I cried as my cock erupted a heavy load onto Terri's flicking
tongue. I felt her recoil but my grip on her head was too tight. I pulled
her hair back so that my cock could escape her lips and then I stroked
myself one good thrust so that my cum would fly up onto her horrified face.
With a nice large splash of cum on her face, I forced her head back down
onto my spurting cock. This time, I pushed her head down until her nose
was buried in my pubic hair. With her pinned like this, I emptied the rest
of my cum down her throat.

"Ahh," I sighed. "How many grooms get a blowjob from their future
mother-in-laws?" I laughed. Terri squirmed in my lap but I kept her head

"My lawyers will call yours," I said to Eric, who looked in horror at
his wife choking down my cum. "I can't wait to marry your daughter."

To be continued.

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