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Warning! This is a sexual story that contains themes, acts and words that
may be offensive to people. This story is copyrighted by me, Arthur
Thomas. Do not repost, steal or put on your website without my permission.
Contact me at

The Multi-Million Dollar Marriage Part 2

It was a very expensive wedding. That's what I kept thinking of the
entire time I was getting married. There was a small orchestra playing and
they cost only slightly more than the multitude of flowers that were
arranged everywhere. I had saved some money by having the wedding at my
mansion instead of a church and I was pleased that my future wife, Tara,
preferred not to be married in front of any spiritual authority. This was
not going to be a marriage I wanted to flaunt in front of any God.

Tara's father became very drunk very quickly. I suspect that he
consumed thirty percent of the liquor bill. It's to be expected. He gave
up his only daughter to me in exchange for some finical aid for his
struggling company. Although such marriages are more common than the
public thinks, not many of them are conducted with the knowledge that the
groom was an avid sadist. I admired Tara's parents. They were willing to
sell their daughter into certain Hell to keep themselves afloat. It made
me wonder what Tara thought of it all.

Speaking of my wife, she looked stunning today. I didn't get to see her
in person until the ceremony started but I wasn't disappointed. Her
wedding dress was beautiful, a triumph in white lace and flowers. Her
shoulder length red hair was free and flowing, shimmering in the noon sun.
When the ceremony was over and I lifted her veil, I was startled by the
intensity of her hazel eyes. She was glaring at me but I didn't let that
stop me from tasting her lips. With her family and friends watching,
crushed Tara to me while my tongue plundered her mouth for the first of
many times. It had been ages since I had kissed one of my toys; it usually
doesn't excite me any, but it was different with Tara. As my tongue
grappled with hers, I exerted my dominance and she displayed her defiance.
She kissed back just as hard as I kissed her, trying to tell me she was my
equal. For my wife, she had a lot to learn and I was exhilarated to start
teaching her.

However, I had to wait. After the wedding comes the reception. This
includes more drinking, eating, and lots of mingling and more drinking.
Tara's relatives were outnumbered by her friends; a larger group of snobs
and debutantes I had never meet. Her family was festive, apparently aware
that this marriage was saving Raymond Enterprises. Tara's friends however,
were very somber. They were also very expensive. They thought having a
sip of wine, dumping the rest onto the grass and asking for another glass
was quite acceptable. I suspect Tara informed them that I was paying for
the wedding and this passive vandalism was amusing to them.

I tried to engage my wife in conversation but as soon as I said two
words, she turned her back on me and walked off with her friends. This
kind of rudeness might have amused me if it wasn't for the giggles of her
friends. I am not used to being treated lightly and I decided right there
that I didn't like it. The only thing that stayed my wrath was the
marriage contract. It implicitly stated that I had to give Tara a grand
wedding party and I intended to honor it with no causes for complaint
later. When I tried to talk to her later; I received the same blatant
snubbing. Amazing, I had been married for a few hours and my wife had
humiliated me publicly twice!

I only contributed a few people to the entire guest list. My parents had died in a tragic yet fortunate murder/robbery that I had arranged and I
think my distant relatives suspected the truth. Therefore, instead of
family who arrived out of a sense of family, I had my beloved cousin
Ursula. Ursula was a money whore but at least she was the only one in my
family honest enough to admit it. She came to the wedding to sponge more
money from me and I had her work it off yesterday at my private bachelor
party. The woman knows how to suck cock.

"She's a real bitch, isn't she?" Ursula smirked when I came near her.

"She's learn soon enough," I snarled. I took Ursula's glass and
finished the contents.

"I don't think so," Ursula teased. She was drunk already. Her lips
were full and pouty like they always were when she was drunk. She had
brown hair, same as I, but her hair was curly and came down in pretty
ringlets around her shoulders. She was wearing a brazen white dress that
almost pushed her 36D cup out of her dress. It was a sinful dress for a
sinful wedding.

"You'll be wrong," I admonished. "In fact, I want you to make some
arrangements in the Bridal room."

"Ugh," she gripped. "I was going to have some more fun at your party,"
Ursula whined.

"I'll make you a deal," I said sweetly. "Go do what I ask you, or, I'll
take back those Bahamas plane tickets I gave you last night."

"You can't do that, I earned them!" Ursula snapped, but there was a
touch of fear in her eyes.

She was right. She did earn them for her work last night, and I never
renege on a deal. Tara's insolence had rattled my nerves.

"You're right," I sighed and Ursula smirked. "I'll make you a new deal.
Go do what I need, and I promise to double your spending money in the

Her eyes got wide. "What do you need, cousin?" Her hand went to my ass.

I told her what I needed, and she laughed.

"You should have just asked," Ursula laughed. "I would have done it for

The party would have lasted all night but I had the foresight not to pay
for outdoor lighting. When the sun fell, even the Raymond family couldn't
keep getting drunk in total darkness. One by one, the family and guests
begged out, giving me a sloppy handshake as they left. My mood improved as
the party dwindled and I knew my marriage was about to begin, as it should.

All that were left by seven o'clock was Tara and her friends, standing
around her protectively. I waited until the caterer began to dismantle the
tables before approaching her friends. The looks of disdain they gave me
were pleasing. They knew their reign of the day was fading.

"I'm afraid you will have to leave now," I said to them in general.
"The party is officially over and I would like to begin my wedding night."

They sneered at my lack of tact. "You promised to give me a party for
my wedding," Tara said, speaking to me for the first time.

"I did," I shrugged. "The standard time that a caterer is hired for is
until sundown. I tried to ask you if you wanted me to extend it twice
today, but you refused to talk to me. Therefore, when the caterer asked me
if I wanted him to stay, I went by my own judgment. The party is now

Tara's hazel eyes glared me with anger, but she knew I had trapped her.
What was worse, I had trapped her in front of her friends and all of a
sudden, their cute snubbing of me didn't seem so cute any more. She was
speechless, but I showed her a little mercy.

"I'll give you ten minutes to say your good-byes, and then I expect you
in the Bridal room," I told her. "Don't be late, or I'll have the marriage
annulled in the morning."

The Bridal Room was originally my parents' room. I had it converted
because it was the largest room in the house and I thought it would be
appropriate to take my bride here. The bed in which my parents died was
replaced with a huge, white four poster bed and with some interesting
improvements to the canopy. The glass doors opened onto the balcony and
right now, I had a good view of the stars coming out. Almost all of the
furniture had been removed so that the white imported tiles would be all
the more magnificent. I allowed only a mahogany wardrobe in the room, and
that was to hold any accessories I may need.

I had just checked on the improvements I asked of Ursula when my wife came in. Not surprisingly, she was pissed off. Her heels clacked with
anger as she strode through the room towards me. Her veil was long gone
and her red hair flared around her face. I checked my watch to see if she
made the ten-minute deadline. She had.

"Don't ever order me around me around like that in front of my friends!"
Tara yelled. "I can't believe you summoned me for sex in public like

I smiled at her anger. "Get used to it."

Her cheeks flushed and her nostrils flared once. "Listen, asshole. We
might be married but that doesn't mean I have to like you. If you don't
want a nagging bitch for the rest of your life, you're going to have to
start treating me with some respect."

"Let's get a few things clear," I said, holding up my hand for silence.
"Your father, no, your entire fucking family needs my money to keep from
bankruptcy. For this noble enterprise, you agreed to be my willing wife.
Don't think I am so besotted by your beauty that I won't annul the marriage
at any time. You're just another slut to me and you could be replaced
rather cheaply."

Tara's jaw clenched, but she didn't say anything. I loved how her anger
colored her pale cheeks into a rosy red.

"Understand something right now," I said. "You are mine, and I will
use, abuse and do with you as I please. I have no desire to harm you or
humiliate you; I just want to get my money's worth from you. Considering
that it is an impressive amount of money, you have a lot of work ahead of
you. Whether you like it or not, you agreed to be a whore for your
family's business and I'm your only customer."

"The customer is always right?" Tara asked, sarcasm dripping with every

"Something like that," I smiled. "Now get on your knees."

"What?" Tara asked.

"Get, on, your, knees," I repeated. "The next time I have to repeat
myself tonight, this marriage is over. I don't have the patience to coddle
a whore."

My wife finally shut up at that. She gathered her skirt in her hands
and dropped down to her knees. Tara's knees were covered in white hose
that matched rather well with the tiles on the floor. The best part about
her kneeling was the great look I had down her cleavage. Her creamy 37C
tits were heaving with contained anger.

"That wasn't so hard," I said, laughing because I knew exactly how hard
it was for the prissy debutante. I ran my fingers through her red hair,
and she flinched. Her hair was silky to the touch.

"Now grab your heels," I instructed. She almost questioned me, but she
held her tongue. Good, she could keep quiet when she had to. Tara reached
back and grabbed the heels of her shoes, bending herself back at a tawdry

"No, no," I said. "Hold on to your heels and remain upright." When she
didn't do as I said, I simply grabbed the back of her hair and pulled her
forward. She shrieked more in surprise than pain I think. When she was
upright again, she had to spread her knees even further to maintain her
balance. I gave my wife credit, although the hard floor must have been
painful on her knees, she kept the pose I wanted.

I unzipped my pants, and her eyes rolled. I ignored her as I stepped
out of my pants and briefs.

"You are so predictable," Tara sneered.

"Good, maybe you'll suck cock better than your mom did," I said. The
shocked look on her face was priceless. I pulled out my seven inches and
stood in front of her. My cock was already pulsing, waiting to be sucked by this bitch that was all mine.

"Do it," I said simply.

Tara looked at my cock and opened her lips once before closing them
again. I could see the anger fighting with her shame on her face. She
knew she had to, but she just hadn't accepted it yet. That was why I
didn't strip her or add any of my improvements to her yet. I wanted her to
understand from the start that she was my whore. Later, after she's had my
cock in her mouth, then I can dress, undress or use her as I please and
she'll know how hopeless her situation was.

After an internal struggle that was displayed on her red cheeks and
narrow hazel eyes, Tara finally opened her lips and took my cock into her
mouth. Since she had to hold her heels, she had to use her tongue to lift
my cock into her mouth. When her lips wrapped around my cock, I grabbed
her hair into a ponytail for me to hold. God, her mouth was so wet, I
couldn't believe that how wonderful it felt. She had the same problem
using her tongue that her mom did though.

"Use that tongue of yours for something other than bitching," I

Tara snorted in anger but my cock in her mouth kept her silent. After
another pause, I felt her tongue lick softly against my shaft. I twisted
her hair in response.

"Lick harder," I instructed when she squealed.

Her tongue began to get faster and I released her hair slightly. Tara's
body trembled as she struggled to maintain her balance but I noticed she
never released her heels. I kept a firm grip on her hair, occasionally
pulling her back on my cock when she began to tip. Tara's hazel eyes were
still glaring at me as she sucked, reminding me again of her mother. Oh, I
could get used to being fucked by the Raymond women.

My cock was sucked tightly by the haughty bitch but because of her
awkward position, she was in; there wasn't much movement. That was easy to
fix. Holding on to her hair and her bare shoulder, I tipped her body back
so that her mouth slid down the length of my cock. When she got to the
tip, her eyes were wide in fear that she was going to fall completely back,
but I noticed she still held onto her heels. I let her linger there, her
mouth still sucking on the tip of my cock, so I could enjoy the view. Then
I pulled her head back until my cock was I hitting the back of her throat.

"Very good," I complimented, and her cheeks flushed with disgust at such
a lewd compliment. "Now that we are better aquatinted, we should move to
the bed."

Tara said nothing, and she didn't even try to stand up. I walked behind
her and went to the wardrobe. I brought out a box and a pair of cuffs and
set down on the bed in front of her. Tara's eyes questioned the box but
her lips sneered when she saw the rubber cuffs. She looked at me with such
amused contempt; I had to ask her what she was thinking.

"You are so pathetic and predictable," Tara laughed. Her lips were
still wet from sucking my cock. "First you want a blowjob and now you want
to tie me up. You've got no imagination at all."

I smiled. "You're assuming I'm doing this to impress you. This isn't
for your entertainment but mine. I know what I like and if you don't like
it, tough shit."

I opened the case and took out a glittering diamond choker. I heard her
breath suck in at the sight of it. It was impressive. The choker was
black but you wouldn't know it from all the crushed diamonds covering it.
Several large stones circled the choker at regular intervals, catching the
light as well as Tara's eyes with their immense size. It had cost a
fortune but because of its unique design, I planned for it to last me
several years.

Tara lifted her neck like a lamb when I moved to put it on her. She was
so compliant now that I was putting jewelry on her. Only when it was on
did she realize that it was more than a simple choker. For one thing, the
basic material was leather, which clung tightly to her slender neck.
Second, the clasp in the back could only be opened with a key, as Tara
discovered when she heard the ominous click. Third, there was a sturdy
metal ring carefully concealed among the diamonds. This she discovered
when I tugged on the ring and choked her slightly.

"This is my wedding present to you," I said, bending down to speak in
her ear. "I wanted to see if you were as good at sucking cock as you were
being a bitch before I gave it you."

"Asshole," Tara said simply.

I shrugged. I took the handcuffs and stepped behind her. I cuffed one
of her hands and gently removed her hands from her heels. She sighed with
relief as her leg went down and didn't even protest as I brought both hands
in front of her to be cuffed. Tara just looked at me with suspicion as I
made sure her hands were secure for the games ahead.

When I was ready, I looped a finger around the metal ring in her choker
and pulled her to her feet. Tara grunted as she fought to rise but she
knew better than to say anything. It was clear my wife was quieter when
lead her by the throat. I'll have to remember that. I climbed onto our
marriage bed and Tara followed behind me until we were both standing on the
mattress. I raised her hands above her head and secured her cuffs to the
ring I had installed under the canopy.

"It's time I unwrapped my wedding present," I told her.

She looked down her nose at me, which was impressive considering she was
bound and shorter than I was.

I stepped behind my wife and looked at her fine ass up close. Her
wedding dress was a complication of lace and fabric and it looked like it
was designed to not be removed in a hurry. I wondered if this was
intentional and then I forgot about it. That was why I had a rather sharp
knife concealed in my jacket.

"What are you doing?" Tara questioned, her voice rising sharply when she
heard the sound of fabric tearing.

"Opening my present," I said. My knife had been sharpened this morning
so it was easy to shred through the fabric of her skirt. I was careful not
to touch her skin with the knife. She was rather expensive after all.

"You're ripping it!" she screamed. Tara tried to twist but my hand on
her back was firm. I don't think she wanted to twist much since I was
cutting primarily around her waist. "You're destroying my wedding dress!"

"You should have thought of that when you chose," I said, stepping
around to her front. I nearly had the entire train removed. "In the
future, if you want your clothes to survive, you should pick clothes that
are easy for me to remove."

Tara's lips pulled back into thin lines. I wasn't sure if she was going
to spit in my face or just scream. I found the uncertainty exciting.

I ripped the rest of her train off and tossed it to the ground.
Stepping back on the bed, I admired my wife's assets. She was wearing an
old-fashioned white garter belt that kept her white hose pinned with sexy
little snaps. Her red pubic hair was perfectly trimmed into a small,
almost delicate bush of hair. Her garters and naked sex was contrasting
with the remains of her wedding dress that covered her torso and presented
her breasts.

"I've been thinking about you," I said as I sat down on my bed, her
bound body standing before me. "I've been wondering what kind of a woman
would sell herself like you have."

"I'm doing this for my family," Tara snapped, looking uncertain as she
stared down at me beside her legs.

"Really?" I asked. I ran my hands up her calf. "That's where I'm
getting confused. You see, I know I'm not the only wealthy single man in
the world. Quite a few men out there would have easily agreed to bail your
family out of their troubles. Some of them wouldn't have even required a
marriage. They would have done it gladly just to fuck such a pretty

"What are you trying to imply?" Tara asked.

I positioned myself between her spread legs and aimed my cock up towards
her waiting sex. My back rested easily on a few pillows. Waiting by my
side of the bed was a panel with a few choice buttons. I pressed one of
them and the hook holding Tara's cuffs lowered on a chain.

"What the?" Tara asked as the chain slowly descended.

"I'd bend your knees if I were you," I instructed and Tara did as I
said. Her long legs folded under themselves as her sex came closer down to
my cock. When her sex was a few inches above me, I stopped the panel. The
chain jerked, and Tara cried out, her arms extended above her head, every
muscle tense and sexy.

"You see, I don't care about your reasons for picking me," I said. I
lazily touched the thick lips of her sex, and was not surprised to see a
trace of moistness. "I've seen it all. Perhaps you're a spoiled rich girl who thinks sleeping with me is like some tragic romance novel. Maybe
you're just a thrill seeker who heard of my reputation and thought it would
be fun to test me."

My finger opened her sex a little and my thumb found her clit. Tara
gasped as my thumb massaged her clit very gently. Her sneer melted from
her face and her lips almost opened but Tara caught herself and shook her
head. I kept caressing her clit anyway and used my other hand to stroke
the inside of her sex.

"I've met so many of your kind all across the nation," I continued,
stroking her the entire time. "Some women I abuse really need the money
and I respect the way they allow me my desires in exchange for hard cash.
However, your kind is different. Sluts like you like the abuse, you like
to be treated as an object. Maybe you're so filled with self-loathing, you
only feel comfortable with people who hate you as much as you hate
yourself. Alternatively, maybe your father never loved you and you
associate cruelty with passion. There's no telling."

"But, do you know what I do know about you?" I asked Tara, who was now
subtly shifting her hips as I stroked her pussy.

"What?" she breathed.

"I know that out of all the options you had, you choose me, and you
choose me knowing what I do," I said. I thought I heard a moan escape from
her lips. "That tells me either you get off on this kind of abuse, or that
you think you deserve this kind of abuse. Do you know which one I think it

"No," Tara said quietly.

"I don't give a fuck," I said. I rubbed her clit a bit faster and this
time I did hear her moan. "I just play with my toys as I see fit. Right
now, I suspect you want to fit on my cock, am I right?"

Tara looked down on me, her cleavage delightfully in the way. There was
confusion on her face; she just couldn't admit her real motives in choosing
me, what ever they were. She bit her lip, and made a decision.

"Yes," she said.

"No, no, it's not going to be that easy," I laughed. "Say you want to
ride my cock."

"I want to ride your cock," she said softly, almost seductively.

I snorted. "Louder, slut!"

"I want to ride your cock!" Tara said louder, her face coloring with
shame. Her clit was so warm and wet in my fingers.

"Louder, slut! Or else you can hang there all night!" I snapped.

"I WANT TO RIDE YOUR COCK!" she almost screamed. Her hips were twisting
and I could hear the chain creaking as she twisted in her cuffs.

I laughed and pressed the button. Her pussy came straight down and I
held my cock up as it fell. Her thick lips parted around my cock, gripping
tightly as her thighs spread around my hips. When my cock had completely
vanished, I released the button and the chain stopped dropping. Tara
moaned as her body was prevented from coming to rest on mine. My cock
pulsed inside her hanging sex.

"There you go my slut," I said. I put my hands behind my head and
leaned back. "It's been a long day so I'll let you do all the work. Fuck
me. Do a good job and I might let you sleep in the bed instead of on the

The anger returned to her cheeks and again her nostrils flared in
annoyance and hatred. However, despite the fire on her face, her sex
clenched around me, betraying her desire. I laughed and her flush of anger
turned to a flush of shame.

"You may start now," I said, not even having to threaten her with
annulment if she made me repeat myself.

Tara shifted her hips experimentally, pushing my cock into her. With
her hands suspended above her, Tara couldn't sit down on my crotch and I
could see how frustrating it was for her. She had to fuck me completely
with hip motions. The muscles on her arms were bulging from hanging from
the canopy. Tara kept looking at me, hoping I would at least push up
slightly. I left her hanging.

Tara sighed and her chest heaved as she gave up. Slowly, she began to
rock her hips back and forth, her pussy gripping my cock tightly. Tara's
hose felt silky smooth as her thighs grinding against mine. She bit her
bottom lip and frowned, refusing to look me in the eye. Tara's face was in
concentration as she twisted her hips around.

I admired her pelvic motions. Her garter belt danced as her hips
rotated and shifted from side to side. Tara whimpered as the chain kept
her from sinking me completely into her. My cock teased her as her hips
swayed, trying to attain full penetration. I enjoyed the sight of my cock,
constantly being stroked by her wet pussy. A sheen of juice was forming on
my cock that made it easier to slip up into her with her pelvic thrust she

"Faster, Tara," I admonished.

"I can't, my arms are sore," Tara whined.

"Shall I repeat myself?" I asked.

Tara didn't answer me except with a frustrated growl. The muscles stood
out on her arms as she pulled on the chain to give herself better leverage.
It was an amazing sight to see my wife, bound and uncomfortable, working
her ass as hard as she could to fuck my cock. Tara's hazel eyes were
staring at me with an intense hatred, tears beginning to form at her eyes.
I wasn't sure if it was the humiliation or the sexual frustration that was
causing the tears. I didn't care enough to ask. I was just admiring my
beautiful wife's cleavage as her tits began to spring out of her torn and
ruined dress.

"Faster slut," I commanded, and the bed springs creaked as Tara moved
her exhausted hips. Up and down she bounced, her thighs smacking loudly
with each bump. She almost tried to stand in order to ease her arms but I
pinned her thighs down with my hands. Her dress slipped with each bounce,
revealing more and more of her generous breasts until her nipples had
fallen completely out. I reached and pinched both of her nipples, laughing
as she squealed at this new torment. Her pussy clenched tighter around my
cock and I knew that she had played rough before.

Tara's hair bounced around her shoulders and sweat was glistening on her

"Faster, whore!" I yelled.

Her pussy was now pounding my cock as her ass crashed into my thighs.

"I'm about to cum, slut!" I told her, and I saw the anger blazing on her

My hands left her pinched tits and went to her sex. As soon as I
touched her clit, Tara threw her head back and moaned. This is what she

"Oh, oh, oh, yes!" Tara moaned, her mouth open as her pleasure mounted.

Finally, my cock exploded inside of her. I shuddered as my cum released
my load into her bouncing pussy. I thrust up into her, sinking my cock as
far it would go as I sent forth another heavy amount of cum up into her.

"I'm close too," Tara sighed, still trying to fuck my cock with her

I pulled my cock out of her, and jacked the rest of my cum by hand.
Tara looked down at me in betrayed shock as I ignored her pussy and sent
the rest 9of my white cream shooting onto the outside of her pussy. A long
stream rocketed up and landed on her falling dress, just missing her rosy
tit. I continued to ejaculate like this until I had spent every drop on
the sticky outside of her sex.

"Please," Tara gasped. "I'm about to cum."

I looked at her and smiled. Reaching for another button on the bedside
told her to look at the headboard. As she did, a secret panel slid away,
revealing the videocamera I had Ursula hid there. The color drained from
her flushed, sweaty face as she noticed the red light on.

"I taped our wedding night," I announced, sinking comfortably back onto
the pillow. "Consider this your first test of obedience. If I can sleep
the entire night without you whining or waking me up, then I won't add our
honeymoon footage to the wedding tape your family took today."

"That tape is being sent to all of my friends and family," Tara said

"True, so please, don't say another word," I said. I pressed a button
and the lights went out except for a small spotlight on my bound wife's
body. Ursula did a great job setting that light. Her humiliation glowed
in the darkness.

With my wife still straddling my thighs and my cock wilting under her
cum soaked pussy, I went to sleep.

To be continued,

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