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Master PC 1


Disclaimer: Under 18 is not permitted to read this story and I rate it
"XXX" for the strong sexual content and incest... You've been warned!

Author's Note: This was the very first story I ever submitted on the
Internet way back in March 1998. This is my second revision. If you
weren't aware, this is the first part of a four-part story that created the
Master PC Universe.

Master PC by JR Parz


The standard joke throughout high school was 'Adam got the brains while
Lisa got the beauty'. Adam wasn't blind, he knew damn well that his looks
didn't compare with his sister's but it wasn't because he was ugly... far
from it... it was because Lisa was extraordinarily beautiful. When people
met them for the first time he'd often hear "You wouldn't know that you
were brother and sister."

Lisa was one of Harris High School's most popular and beautiful
juniors... so it wasn't any surprise that she would spend countless
amounts of hours in front of her vanity mirror while he, on the other hand,
spent countless amounts of time in front of his computer. Computer
programming and software applications were a specialty of his and even now
there were major software companies vying for his services.

One Saturday morning, after returning from an interesting outing at a
garage sale, he walked upstairs to go to his bedroom and overheard Lisa and
her friends giggling. As he slowly passed Lisa's bedroom he noticed the
door was ajar and couldn't resist peaking in. What he saw was Lisa's
friend, Samantha Peters, modeling a two-piece thong bikini swimsuit
showcasing her mouth watering charms, which included the nicest pair of
boobs in school. Lisa and her other friend, Wendy, also wore bathing suits
but not nearly as revealing as the one Samantha had on.

"Hi Adam." Lisa smiled.

Adam jumped at being discovered.

"As you can see we're trying on new bikinis so we'd appreciate it if you
didn't play peeping Tom." Lisa added with a grin.

Adam turned red from being caught and quickly moved away from the
doorway. As he entered his own bedroom he could hear them giggling at his
expense. Lisa was always doing things to embarrass him and he was getting
sick of it!

Ever since his sister had turned 14 years old and blossomed into a
'knockout', she acquired a 'I'm too beautiful to associate with you' like
attitude and he was ever so tempted to get even. During their many heated
arguments in the past she would always maintain that he was jealous of her
beauty while he told her that she couldn't have been further from the
truth. Nope... the problem wasn't with her beauty... Hell, he loved
having a 'hottie' for a sister and appreciated what she looked like
prancing around in just her panties and bra. The problem was that she was
stuck-up and conceited. As he went ahead and powered up his computer, he
could still hear them giggling through the thin walls separating their

Lisa and Samantha had been best friends for quite awhile... and only
recently did Wendy, the cute redhead, start hanging with them. All three
of them were popular and beautiful and it was hard not to fantasize about
them in a perverse way. He often imagined that they might be more than
'just' friend's and wondered what they indulged in privately.

'Enough of that' he thought while retrieving the software CD he
purchased at the garage sale. The old lady he bought it from said that she
found it up in her attic and had no idea how it got there. He placed it
into his 'E' drive and ran it through an advanced virus scan. After the
'no viruses' message came up he clicked 'run program' and waited through a
prolonged installation process. Ten minutes later the words 'MASTER PC'
flashed on the screen.

"What the hell?" He mumbled. It wasn't often that he ran across a
software application that he wasn't familiar with, and he wondered if this
program might ruin his hard drive.

Then a message 'MASTER PC PROGRAM RUN COMPLETE' came up and suddenly the
screen exploded into a fireworks display and a small figure appeared. The
figure looked 3D and somewhat human. "Welcome to the Master Command
Center... your own personal command center where the Master allows you to
become a virtual god to the people around you. You now possess the power
to bend their reality to your specifications. You are the Master's

"Huh?" He responded under his breath.

He had always considered himself a computer genius but this was
something right out of a science fiction novel! The little figure suddenly
disappeared and the screen now asked for his name. He typed it in. Then
there was a menu and he clicked on subject. A million thoughts ran through
his head and he wasn't sure what to do before coming up with an idea... He
typed in his sister's name and pressed the 'Send' button.

Instantaneously, a 3D image of his sister appeared! He sat there
stunned! The graphics were way too real-like to be possible. His sister was wearing the same bikini he had seen her in a little while ago and she
stood with her arms down by her sides, spinning, slowly around on a sphere.
It was as if someone had shrunk her down and placed her inside his
computer. This was incredible! He studied the image and clicked on a box
in the top right hand corner of the program. A Command Center space for
text appeared and he clicked on the "?" icon.

'Whatever you enter, the subject will feel/be immediately after pressing
the 'Send' button.' 'Huh'? This couldn't be true... could it? He felt a
nervous anticipation at the mere suggestion that this might be possible and
typed... 'Lisa, you feel very sleepy and need to take a nap. You want
your friends to go home.' He then pressed 'SEND' to execute the command.

He sat there for a few minutes and then heard voices grow louder...
Eventually, the commotion spilled out into the hallway. By the time he
poked his head out his door his sister was telling Samantha and Wendy that
she'd call them later. Wendy had redressed completely and started to head
for the stairs while Samantha hurried to button her shirt. He caught
another glimpse of her near naked breasts and smiled.

Had this been a coincidence?!? He waited a few minutes before walking
over to his sister's door and knocked. His sister mumbled that she was
tired and didn't want to be disturbed. He opened her door and peeked in...
Lisa was lying down with her eyes closed still clad in her bikini.

This was amazing! Quickly, he went back to his room to type more:
'Lisa, you feel uncomfortable in your bikini and need to take it off. Once
you're naked you will leave your bedroom and go downstairs to get a drink
of water. You will know that you're walking around stark naked but not
care. You will take one sip from the water and return to your bedroom.
You will leave your door open. As you lay on your bed you will become very
horny and feel an urge to masturbate. As you masturbate you will fantasize
about making love to a fantasy dream lover. Then quite mysteriously, this
dream lover will appear and will look a lot like your brother. You will
find yourself overcome with desire for him and wish for him to fuck you.
You'll need to orgasm over and over again... and will do everything your
dream lover wants. Every thought and desire will be to satisfy and please
him. You won't be able to stop until he tells you to sleep. You will
sleep for one hour and then awaken. When you wake you will remember your
dream vividly. You will feel pleasure from the memory of how uninhibited
you and your dream lover fucked. You'll also remember that your dream
lover looks a lot like your brother.'

Adam quickly reread his commands... smiled... and then clicked 'Send'.

Lisa woke feeling hot and uncomfortable so she slipped out of bed,
stripped off her bikini, and decided to go downstairs for a drink of water.
It wasn't until she was down to the bottom of the stairs before she
realized she was naked. Why didn't she just get a drink from the bathroom
faucet upstairs? What would prompt her to walk around the house like this?
A small part of her thought she should hurry but the greater part of her
didn't care. Her body was gorgeous so why should she hide it? Who would
see her anyway? Then she thought about her brother... and smiled. He was
probably too busy on his computer to even notice... and so what if he did
see her. She loved teasing him with her beauty. It's not like he'd ever
get to touch it.

She poured herself a glass of water, took a sip, and then placed the
glass back down on the counter. Then like an 'automation' she headed back
upstairs to return to her bedroom. No sooner had her head hit the pillow
she started to feel horny. Slowly, she brought her palms up to caress her
breasts... then she pinched her rock-hard nipples. She groaned with ever
increasing 'need'. "I can't believe how horny I am!" She mumbled to
herself while she slid her hand down to touch herself.

She gasped, nearly exploding! This prompted her to add two more fingers
and really finger-fuck herself! She had no idea that while she did this
that her brother stood by her doorway watching her... otherwise she might
have been embarrassed at her self-pleasuring. It was like she couldn't get
enough of herself and her 'need' continued to grow... and then she saw
him! Her 'Dream Lover'! He appeared by her bedside, naked and hard! She
wanted him! She wanted her "Dream Lover's" like she never wanted before in
her life.

"Please... Please... please fuck me... please." she moaned over and
over again.

Her left hand squeezed her tits while her right hand continued to work
her clit. He looked down at her and smiled. She did notice that he looked
a lot like her brother but she was too far caught up in her passion to

Then her "Dream Lover" climbed on her bed and joined her... then
entered her, eliciting a squeal! An incredible orgasm ripped straight
through her, hitting her like a tidal wave! With every thrust from her
"Dream Lover" she felt her passion climb higher and higher prompting her to
yell, "Fuck me!" at the top of her lungs. Her 'need' for him to continue
fucking her was unbearable and it wasn't until he shot his load into her
before she took a breather.

"More... please... I need more... make me cum again." She whispered
as she recovered. She repositioned her body to get him hard again by
sucking and licking him and a mere few minutes later he started to grow
again. When he had gained full erection, she shifted around to present
herself. "Please... Please fuck me again!"


Adam climbed off his sister forty minutes later... exhausted. She had
been an animal in heat and if he didn't trigger her sleep command she would
have insisted that he still fuck her. Now, as he looked down at his
sister, he did so with a special kind of love. Her hair was all sweaty and
tousled about... and she reeked of sex but yet he felt more drawn to her
now than he had earlier. She was sleeping beauty personified and although
he had been a virgin, she was most definitely not.

He felt another stirring for her and could feel himself getting hard
again. Should he wake her up and 'take' her again? He contemplated this
while he briefly thought about how taboo this was. 'Why didn't he feel a
tad bit guilty about his incestuous experience?' In fact, instead of
feeling shame he looked forward to taking her over and over again.

As he gazed down at her a thought occurred... and now when he looked at
her he did so critically. Her breasts were nice but only a palm-full.
Wouldn't they look much nicer if they were bigger? He wondered now if
Master PC could alter her body? Was it possible to reshape her body like
he had reshaped her mind? He found it difficult to drag himself away from
her but he needed to experiment. Quickly, he hurried back to his computer.

Lisa's 3D image continue to spin around but this time her eyes were
closed and she was completely naked. This confirmed that the image on the
screen reflected the subject in their current attire... or lack of in this
case. He quickly brought up the command center and scanned the menu
options. Then he clicked on 'physical attributes' and 'breasts' and read
her current specs. '32 inches - 'A' cups'. He saw the edit option and saw
that he could enlarge them to any size he wanted... but he didn't see
where he could execute this over a certain period of time. Did this mean
that once he pressed 'send' that her breasts would grow instantaneously?
Oh well... he wouldn't have to explain them, she would.

He typed in 34 inches and replaced 'A' with 'D' cups and the 3D image of
her immediately transformed accordingly. They looked spectacular on her
but how would yet another cup size look? He added another 'D' and pressed
'send'. Now they were 'Double D's' and looked incredible! He pressed
'send' to execute the command.

Then he used a different menu option to alter the sensitivity of her
nipples... making them as erotic as her clit! Next, he clicked on her
buttocks and not only made her cheeks rounder but tightened her up! He
treated her anus with the same sensitivity commands as her nipples and he
chuckled to think that every time she wiped her ass, it would arouse her.

He was ecstatic! Quickly he brought up the command menu and typed.
'Lisa, the physical changes you experience in your body will please you...
Deep down you've always wanted bigger tits and you'll feel especially proud
of your new ones. You will also feel compelled to show them off via
cleavage and tight clothing. You will never feel any soreness from
carrying the extra weight and never require a bra for support. If anyone,
regardless whether they are male or female, touches them, you will
encourage them to play with them. You'll also walk with a sexy sway.

He smiled. Lisa was now a creature of erotica built for hard passionate
sex. She'd also be horny and now he wondered if maybe he should make
himself the sole object of her desire. Then he thought about Lisa's blonde best friend, Samantha Peters.


Lisa knew even before opening her eyes that something was different...
and she wasn't even referring to her increased horniness. Then she saw
what was different the second she opened her eyes. To verify that her eyes
were playing tricks on her, she brought her hands up and cupped them. Then
she screamed! Quickly, she bolted out of bed... and the quick movement
sent her boobs to jiggle and bounce every which way. She walked over to
her mirror to look at them... and slowly raised her hands up to cup them.
When she suddenly pinched her newly sensitive nipples, she screamed out
again... this time from the wet heat down under.

'How had she gone from a pair of small perky ones to these!' Was this
possible? She pinched her nipples again and felt another wave of wet heat
and pleasure. She used her right hand to start fingering herself. "Oh
God!" She cried out, not believing how 'wet' she'd gotten. She suddenly
had a vivid image of her 'Dream Lover' and thrust her fingers in and out
faster... within seconds she screamed out with an orgasm! She could never
remember feeling this aroused before and continued to masturbate and again
screamed out with another orgasm!


While Adam typed in Samantha Peters' name into the 'Master Program', he
could hear Lisa masturbating through the thin walls separating their
bedrooms. He was tempted to go look in on her knowing how 'hot' she must
look but as much as he wanted to, he focused on Samantha.

He loved the idea of Samantha becoming his 'steady'... wanting someone
he could have all the time. Sure, he could have his sister but he wanted
to squeeze something juicy outside his house.

Samantha Peters was Lisa's best friend and the prettiest blonde at
Harris High School. She was always over the house and it seemed only
logical to select her for the role of his girlfriend. When the system
popped up the 3-D image of her, she looked like a goddess... long blonde hair, blue eyes and a very healthy set of tits.

Samantha's screen image wore jeans and a red shirt and he inspected her
much like he did his sister. Where Lisa appeared wild and sexy... even
dangerous, Samantha radiated sweet innocence. He decided to tighten her
ass and thighs and then gave her tits a slight lift and pressed 'send'.
Given her 3-D image wore clothes he couldn't detect any difference. Then
he typed in a command. 'Samantha, you suddenly feel an overwhelming
attraction for Lisa's brother. The sexual attraction for him is so strong
that you will not be able to resist him. You will be flooded with
fantasies that consist of you being his pleasure slave and the intensity of
your fantasy will make you wish you were his slave. Your fondest wish is
to bring him pleasure. Every time you think of him, you will want to be
with him. When you see him inside your mind, you will be consumed with
lust for him. Your lust will play with all your pleasure centers and make
you feel uncomfortably horny. You will also be docile and passive while in
his presence.' 'Send'.


Samantha had been sitting at the kitchen table eating dinner when she
suddenly, and for no reason she could think of, started to feel an
attraction for Adam Lowell... and what was even more alarming about this
was what she was thinking of doing to him! The mere image of him was
making her so horny that she had to sneak her hand down underneath the
table to press her hand against her crotch. Why? Why was this happening?

She tried squeezing her vaginal muscles but that only made things worse
and was forced to leave the table. Quickly, she bolted upstairs to her
bedroom. Why was this happening? Why was she thinking of Adam like this?
Why was she thinking of Adam at all?

She found herself visualizing herself stripping naked and fingering
herself and blushed when she rushed to act on it. Quickly, she jammed two
fingers deep inside herself and cried out! 'How can I be this horny?!?'
She cried in shock. Just like her vision, she squatted down and added
another finger and began to finger-fuck herself like crazy... all the
while playing with her tits.

She suddenly thought about a cold shower and reluctantly pulled her
fingers out of her cream filled pussy and put a robe on and ran to the
bathroom. She cried as the spray from the cold shower hit her body and
found it wasn't helping. 'Colder... it has to be colder!' she thought to
herself, feeling unbearably horny, but no matter how cold she made the
water it didn't work.

She cried as she turned off the shower. She looked at herself in the
mirror and noticed how desperate she looked. Her breathing was irregular
and she looked all flushed and bothered. She kept on shaking her head 'no'
but the more she did this the more vivid the image appeared of her kneeling
submissively in front of him like a slave. She brought her hand down to
her dripping pussy and started to masturbate again. She needed to see


While Samantha had surrendered to her sexual enslavement, Lisa was
feeling strange and dreamy herself. She walked over to her mirror and
smiled... cupping her huge tits from underneath. 'How could this have
happened?' She wondered while her new tits jiggled up and down on her

"They're gigantic!" She giggled while she continued to play with them.
How could she go to sleep a "A" cup and wake up with monsters like these!?!
How would she explain them? She put on a loose fitting robe, which did
very little to hide them and pranced down the hallway to the bathroom. She
thought it was strange that her marathon of masturbation would make her
sore down there.

While she showered she continued to play with herself and this
eventually led to an orgasm. It was almost an hour later when she climbed
out of the shower, blushing at her nonstop self-pleasuring.

As she gazed at her reflection in front of the bathroom mirror, she
smiled. She had no idea why she woke up looking like this but she was
happy she did. 'Was her ass shapelier and tighter?' Her horniness wouldn't
go away so she decided she needed a good fuck! But who would be the lucky
guy? She thought about her "Dream Lover" and smiled... thinking that he
looked a lot like Adam.

She tried erasing her thoughts and instead focused on all her previous
boyfriends. Which one would she seek out? Then it 'hit' her that she
couldn't go around and start fucking everybody just because she was horny!
She needed a steady lover... someone she could fuck on a steady basis.
Her mind again surfaced her "Dream Lover" and she found the image inflaming
her 'need' more. Why did he have to look like Adam?

Suddenly, she pictured Adam standing next to her... naked... and for
whatever reason she found herself blushing. 'This was incredible!' She was
so damn horny that even Adam appealed to her! As she left the bathroom she
heard the phone ring.


Samantha knew she sounded desperate but she couldn't help it. 'Wait
till Lisa finds out why I want to come over' she thought to herself. She
was dressed like she was going on a 'hot date', wanting to look her best
for Adam. She knew that this was all so strange but regardless how
strange, she couldn't help herself.

When she knocked at the door she gasped. Lisa had opened the door to
her house and what she saw momentarily stunned her.

"Lisa... your boobs! What happened?!?" She asked in utter shock...
but before she gave Lisa a chance to reply, she suddenly realized that she
really didn't care and asked. "Is Adam around?"

"Yeah... he's upstairs in his room." Lisa responded.

Samantha quickly moved past Lisa and headed upstairs. She didn't have
time to deal with Lisa and knocked on Adam's door. She heard rustling on
the other side and felt a strange relief wash over her from knowing that
she was this close to him. All the way over she'd been fantasizing about
being his pleasure slave and the she could feel herself dripping down the
insides of her thighs. Never had she thought that desire could be this
strong. Finally, she heard Adam ask, "Who is it?"

"Adam. Its me... Samantha Peters... Can I... ah... I'd like to talk
to you for a moment?"

"Sure Samantha... Come in."

Samantha opened the door and stepped inside... Adam was sitting at his
desk and swiveled around in his chair to face her. The sight of him was
making it hard for her to catch her breath.

"I was... ah... thinking... How would you like to go out with me?"
She stammered, blushing.


Adam looked up and down the blonde beauty with rapture... God, she
looked sexy! Her eyes read desire and he could tell he was instantly hard
from just looking at her! He then got an idea and turned back to his
computer. He had no doubt that Samantha would stay standing before him and
wait so he took his time in bringing up Lisa's image on the screen. Then
he typed in a command. 'Lisa, join Adam and Samantha upstairs. Once you
enter the room, sit on the edge of Adam's bed and focus your attention on
Samantha. While you watch her, you will study her beauty... and when she
strips naked you will find your body responding sexually to her. You will
feel an overwhelming desire to touch her beautiful body... touch it...
caress it... and kiss it. You aren't allowed to leave the bed'. 'Send'.

Adam turned back to Samantha and saw her smile... He could tell she
felt awkward standing there but that was what made this scene so seductive.
She was totally under his power and in a second his sister would be joining
them. When Lisa walked into his room she walked right past Samantha and
sat on his bed. Lisa had a strange look on her face when she turned to
look at Samantha.


Samantha wondered what was going on. This whole scene was becoming more
and more confusing. On one hand she was happy that she was in Adam's
presence but on the other hand she found it strange that she was acting
this way. Then Lisa came into the room and again she gaped at her new

"Samantha, I'm not interested in going out with you but I am interested
in knowing how fast you can get naked for me... I'd be pleased if you were
real fast."

Samantha's eyes lit up but only for a second. Yes... She should please
Adam and so what if Lisa saw her strip. Why should she care? She quickly
stripped out of her tight jeans, tight shirt, and then stood completely
naked before him. She prayed that she proved fast enough for him.


Adam smiled as he gazed at his new naked slave. Samantha was a babe!
Her breasts were naturally large and given the slight lift they looked
absolutely perfect on her slim frame. He figured that they filled a 34'C'

He went back to his computer and brought up Samantha's screen... then
typed in a change to her physical attributes, giving her '34'Ds'. He made
sure to include all the other commands regarding erotic sensitivity and no
back problems. Now both Samantha and his sister would be sporting big
beautiful tits! Of course, Lisa's would be bigger. Just before pressing
'Send' he turned to face Samantha in order to watch her actual
transformation and smiled as they grew one extra cup size!


Samantha's eyes lit up at the sensation... and then saw her breasts begin to grow. The realization of what was happening... combined with her
feelings of arousal... elicited a moan. She brought her hands up and
cupped them, purposely rubbing her nipples, and felt an urge to suddenly
masturbate. She wanted to ask how this had happened but her sexual 'need'
pulsating between her legs distracted her. She wanted to plead for Adam to
fuck her, but she knew it was more important for her to remain silent and
wait for his instruction. She saw how Adam looked at her, scrutinizing her
nudity, lingering on her new tits, and the thought that her body pleased
him made her feel wonderful. Adam then turned his eyes towards his sister.
"Lisa, is the sight of Samantha exciting you?"

"Yes." Lisa replied.

Samantha was surprised to hear Lisa answer this way, not realizing that
her best friend felt this way towards her.

"Wouldn't you like to just fuck her?" Adam asked.

"Ye...yesss." Lisa mumbled, squirming on the bed uncomfortably. Her
tits continued to jiggle with every breath she took.

She blushed knowing what this discussion was leading up too.


Adam smiled at Lisa, whose eyes were quickly glazing over. He could
tell his sister wanted to strip naked like her friend but she wouldn't
budge until he commanded her. He turned back to his computer and brought
Lisa's image back up on the screen. 'Lisa, you now realize that Adam is
your dream lover and the realization of this fills you with even more
desire for him. You need to strip naked for him and show him how much you
want to fuck him... You also hunger for Samantha's beautiful body.
Samantha continues to excite you sexually, something you remember feeling
deep down inside of yourself but always fearing rejection if you acted on
it. Now, you won't be able to resist acting on it and desperately want to
make love to Samantha. When Adam approaches you, you will feel an
overpowering desire to please him. When Samantha approaches you, you will
take charge in your intimate relationship with her.' 'Send'.


Lisa quite suddenly felt a twist inside her groin... and with it came
an understanding that Adam was her 'Dream Lover'. 'Adam!' she screamed to
herself. She gazed at Adam like he was a God, completely enthralled. She
found that she could move again and started to take off her clothes. A
vivid memory of her and Adam together washed over her. She felt a wet heat
below and an unbearable need to submit.


Samantha was close enough to look over Adam's shoulder to see that he
was typing commands into his computer... it was somehow enabling him
control over them... but knowing didn't seem to help prevent her feelings
for both Adam... and now his sister. Lisa looked like she was laboring
under the same spell. She knew that she wasn't a lesbian or even ever
thought about doing it with another girl, but now she looked at Lisa with
the same lust as she felt for Adam.


Adam instructed Lisa to stretch out on his bed and the sight of her in
this position took his breath away. He then allowed Samantha to join Lisa,
and the blonde next to the brunette made the picture all the more erotic.
Lisa quickly took charge and moved Samantha's head down between her legs...
The blonde beauty responded by licking Lisa's pussy. Quickly, he stripped
off his own clothes and joined them in bed.

Adam smiled as Lisa, who had already shuddered to one climax, cried out
with another, thanks to Samantha's tongue. Then he moved behind Samantha's
lovely round bottom and shoved in his dick. She was tight! Wet! And ever
so HOT! Samantha cried out as she climaxed and he could see that he just
popped her cherry.

He then moved her up on all fours so he could take her from behind...
personally, his favorite position, and loved how much the blonde was
dripping pussy juice down her fanny. With every thrust, Samantha screamed
out, and with every thrust, Samantha stabbed her tongue deeper into Lisa's
pussy. Both girls cried out with one orgasm after another.


Adam proudly gazed at his two sleeping beauties... they were his
sleeping sex slaves and he grinned. His eyes lingered on their big
beautiful new tits and he smiled at the memory of sucking on them. Then he
smiled at the memory of fucking them... and then at the memory of watching
them fuck each other. He never imagined that the sight of two beautiful
girls licking each other could be so erotic. At the moment, they were
sprawled out naked on his bed totally oblivious of how they looked. His
room smelled of sex... female sex.

He turned back to his computer and brought up a split screen. This
enabled him to have both Lisa and Samantha's 3D image brought up at the
same time. He typed. 'Samantha, in addition to the love and worship you
feel for Adam, when you wake up, you will also find yourself in love with
Lisa. You will feel a pleasure in pleasing her, sexually and otherwise.'

Adam then typed. 'Lisa, when you wake, you have a thirsty addictive
passion for Samantha's lips and caress. Her love juice is the sweetest
nectar next to Adam's. You will also love and obey Adam, and relish your
sexual captivity to him.' 'Send'.

He checked out a new screen that allowed him to ask questions of the
Master PC. He typed. 'Is it possible to send a command that would
encompass a whole school?' 'Send'

The computer typed back. 'YES'.

Adam smiled and typed. 'Every female student over the age of sixteen,
and every teacher under the age of forty, who steps into school this Monday
morning will find their breasts grow one full cup larger than their current
size and their nipples erotically sensitive.' Adam hesitated for a second
and then smiled. 'And in the event that Adam Lowell shows any sexual
interest in them that they will find themselves sexually attracted to him.'
"That's much better!" he stated out loud and then pressed 'Send'.

The End of Chapter One!


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