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Archived Sex Stories

Master PC 2


Disclaimer: No one under 18 allowed to read this... Warning, strong sexual
content and incest.

Author's Note: You MUST read Part One (The Revision copy) to fully
appreciate this Conclusion. "Master PC" was the very first story I wrote -
and the readers gave it an overwhelming success. This conclusion may have
taken forever (one year!), but I have a feeling that you won't be
disappointed... If you need to read Part One, you can find it on either
the breast Expansion Archive, or the Erotic Mind Control stories Archive,
or my own website.

This is a "jdw" proof read!

Master PC, Part Two by JR Parz


While Adam Lowell walked to school Monday morning, he reflected on this
past weekend's events...and smiled. The word 'incredible' would be an
understatement. To think that he possessed absolute power over his sister,
Lisa, and her best friend, Samantha Peters, was something out of an erotic
fantasy. They were his for the taking. Any time and any place they would
serve his every need...and for that matter, so would anyone else that he

Adam had used his Master PC program to bring Lisa to his bedroom this
morning. Now that he could fuck the hottest pussy in town, he laughed at
the thought that he might become a sexaholic. Now that he was indulging in
this sexual practice full time, he couldn't imagine life without pussy...
Hot, horny beautiful pussy...

Adam's mind drifted to Samantha. Now, there was a sweet innocent wet
pussy that could elicit a wet dream. He wondered if it was a mistake to
transfer control of Samantha to his sister. Originally, he thought that
he'd make Samantha his steady girlfriend, but the fact was that she was a
junior and he didn't want to hassle with the school issue. Adam recalled
her sexy pout when he patted her shapely, beautiful ass last night, and
sent her home. "Just act normal." was what he stated, knowing the mere
words would prevent her from doing anything out of the ordinary. He
remembered Lisa stopping Samantha as she was about to leave. Lisa
whispered something in her ear, and Adam watched as the two of them
giggled...and then kissed.

It was at about this point in time that Adam first considered the idea
of letting Lisa have Samantha for her very own. The two beauties
epitomized eroticism...and after seeing them naked, intertwined and licking
each other on the bed, Adam felt that they were meant for each other. Adam
had already programmed Samantha to act submissive, docile and constantly
horny when in Lisa's presence...and totally enraptured, much like a palace
pleasure slave towards him.

Adam asked Lisa what she had whispered to Samantha, and his sister replied; "I told her that I didn't want her wearing panties anymore, and
that I wanted her to start wear dresses to school." Adam nodded his head,
thinking that Samantha looked gorgeous regardless what she wore. Lisa
continued, "I also told her to wear a dress that would allow me easy access
to her pussy."

Adam chuckled at this and decided that he would transfer Samantha's
ownership to Lisa. "Lisa, let's go to my room. I need to discuss
something with you." Lisa's eyes lit up with excitement, and ran up stairs
ahead of him. Adam watched his sister's beautiful ass wiggle and sway with
every stride she took, and thought to himself; 'Does life get any better
than this?'

Part of the appeal in owning Samantha was the fact that she was so damn fact, much smarter than his sister. Adam knew that her sexual
enslavement was doing a number on her, having no doubt that Samantha
regained all her true thoughts and senses when she left his house last
night. As long as Adam could ensure she didn't go tell someone, he didn't
have a problem with Samantha being Samantha. Adam questioned Master PC
about this and the answer was simple... Have her 'act normal'. Adam knew
that Samantha had no choice but to do what was commanded, and this would
prevent her from doing anything out of the ordinary.

Lisa had already stripped and was provocatively laying on top of his bed
when Adam reached his room last night. Adam still couldn't get over his
good fortune, and loved to gaze at his sister's beauty. Adam quickly
stripped and climbed on the bed. Soon, Adam was lapping at Lisa's wet lips
while Lisa sucked on his tool, and both brother and sister shuddered to a
massive orgasm. After recovering, with Lisa's cuddled up close to him,
Adam informed Lisa of his decision... Lisa was ecstatic!

Adam made sure to wake up early this morning. First, he brought Lisa to
his room for a morning interlude she was a wild cat in bed. He then got
back onto his computer and altered Samantha's primary devotion and love
obsession to Lisa. Adam wanted to adjust the commands that he entered for
the high school yesterday, but couldn't find a file for previous commands,
so he retyped; 'Every transformed female that I feel an attraction for will
find themselves sexually attracted to me, but any females that I approach
will suddenly find themselves bombarded with an intense sexual arousal and
feel compelled to be with me. The girl's desire will continue to build,
but she won't be able to orgasm unless my hard cock enters one of her
holes.' 'Send.'

As Adam approached the school, he thought about how this day would
always be remembered at Harris High School. Just then, he heard a
commotion inside the school's entrance way. All of a sudden, one of the
teachers rushed past him holding her breasts. It was happening! Master PC
was working it's magic! He had programmed instantaneous, full cup size
breasts enlargements on every girl, 16 or older, (which meant the entire
senior class, and a good portion of the junior class), and teachers under
the age of 40.

Adam could see that the command was causing a decent amount of
commotion. No sooner had he entered the school, than he saw Theresa Foxx
enter the school. Theresa was the female version of a jock. Despite
possessing a sexy body and a gorgeous face, Theresa was tomboy all the way,
and the second she enter the school, she suddenly dropped her books and
grabbed her small little boobs. Adam couldn't help but laugh at the
expression on Theresa's face...and it was amazing what one extra cup size
could do to a girl. After the initial shock, Theresa ran to the bathroom
with her hands on her chest. Adam then turned his attention to a teacher
by the name of Mrs. Theibe. 'Wow, what a pair.' he thought, as Mrs.
Theibe's breasts burst forward against her blouse!

This scene pretty much played out for an hour. After the girls experienced their initial shock of having their breasts grow, about half
the girls affected decided to go home. Some left out of embarrassment,
some left because their bras no longer fit, and a few left because they
weren't wearing a bra in the first place, and now that their tits were
bigger, they felt self conscience. Adam grinned when he thought about the
other portion of his command. Soon, all these girls would all be squirming
with arousal, as their extra sensitive nipples rubbed up against whatever
they were wearing. When Adam walked inside his homeroom, he was very happy
to see that one girl in particular hadn't left. Her name was Heather

Adam saw that Heather was talking with a couple of her girl friends.
Much like his sister, and her little clique, these girls flaunted their
beauty by making everybody that didn't measure up to their standards feel
sub-human and they made this their hobby. Heather and her friends giggled,
apparently discussing their new boobs. Adam concluded that the growth on
these girls breasts only heightened their already gorgeous attributes. All
three of the girls were pretty, but Heather stood out. She wore her golden
blonde hair down to her shoulders and her blue eyes sparkled. Her *new*
breasts jutted out nicely from her chest and she capped all this off with a
'pretty girl next door' look. Despite her pretty, innocent, appearance,
Heather was a Bitch...with a capitol 'B', but she was also the embodiment
of the 'Perfect Woman'!

Adam, feeling the confidence of a God, walked right up to the girls.
"Hi Heather..." Adam said with a smile, and then he turned to the other two
girls and said; "Mind leaving us alone for a second, I really need to talk
to Heather."

Adam wasn't surprised when Heather didn't give her friends a chance to
respond; "Ah... listen...nerd. I really don't know who the hell you think
you are, but what makes you think that I want to talk to you?!? So, I
mind...and you go fuck off!"

Adam smiled at Heather and decided that that comment would cost her a
few extra minutes of uncomfortable lust. He wasn't exactly sure how his
last command in Master PC worked, but he figured she'd be changing her tune
very soon; "Are you sure? Because I think your life will be much easier if
we talk..."

Adam stared into Heather's eyes and noted something happening. She was
about to say something, but then held her tongue. Adam almost believed he
saw her body shudder for a second...and then when Heather looked at him, he
saw the change. Her eyes wore that same desperate hunger for him as he had
seen in Lisa and Samantha. Heather finally stammered; "Ah, I'm
sorry...I...yes...we should talk..." Heather turned to her friends, and
said; "I need to talk with...uh...Adam...I'll talk to you later."


Heather Mercedes was in the middle of telling her two friends about
Julie, another friend she had walked into school with. Heather actually
saw her friend Julie's breasts grow a mere second before she felt her own
growth. 'This is crazy!' she thought to herself. Julie had been wearing a
very tight sweater that showed off her assets, and when her breasts grew
even larger, they stretched the material like a tent, raising the lower
portion of the sweater above her midriff. Julie screamed and ran out of
the school. Heather's own tits grew, but not so much that anyone would
notice. Heather preferred wearing loose clothing, and no bra, allowing her
perky tits some breathing room. Heather actually found herself welcoming
their growth, and the strangely erotic sensations accompanying them.

The last person Heather expected to be talking to this very moment was
Adam Lowell. Never, in her entire life, had she given him the time of why, of all days, would it be different today?.. and why, all of
a sudden, did she find herself so aroused at the sight of him. At first
she thought it was her new tits that made her feel horny, but she quickly
realized her lustful thoughts centered on him, and the more she looked at
him, the stronger her attraction grew. When she took that first step in
his direction, she flushed, realizing how wet she was from being this close
to him.

"So, what happened to all you girls?" Adam asked with a smile.

Heather turned red. Talking about ones' tits was a girl thing, and she
really didn't want to discuss them with Adam...but the way he was making
her feel right now, she didn't want to scare him away. So, with
embarrassment, Heather stammered an explanation; "I...It...the whole thing
is strange...really strange. But...ah...our breasts grew. The second we
got into school, our breasts instantly grew bigger."

"Wow! That's incredible. I knew you girls looked bigger on top...but I
thought it was too strange to be real. It must have felt cool,
you like them?"

Heather blushed a deeper shade of red, and whispered; "Yes...I actually
do." 'Why?' Heather asked herself. Why was she openly discussing her
breasts with Adam Lowell...and why was his mere presence making her so
horny? Why was it so important for her to talk to him? Had he always
looked this good and she had just never noticed before? All these thoughts
bombarded her mind.

"You know Heather, I'd give anything to see your tits right now." stated
Adam with a smile.

Heather was shocked at first, but strangely, Adam's words didn't make
her angry like she thought they should have...instead, she wanted to show
her breasts to him. They were very beautiful, and she was very proud of
them. When she was in the bathroom earlier, she had only taken a quick
glance at them. "Maybe...maybe if we went somewhere more private, I could
let you see them."

"Would you?!? That would be great! Would you also let me suck them,
too?!?" Adam asked.

Heather was again floored at his forwardness...but the more she stood
there, the more aroused she was becoming, and she realized that she wanted
to do the very same thing. Heather wanted Adam...she wanted him to suck
and play with her tits! Heather glanced down at her tits, and saw the rise
and fall of them as her breathing increased with every breath. "Where can
we go?"

"Let's skip school...follow me." Adam replied, leading the way.


At the same time Adam was leading Heather away, Lisa was outside the
school, waiting for Samantha. Lisa understood everything, now...or at
least what was happening. She knew damn well that Adam had somehow tapped
into some sort of power, but strangely, she didn't have a problem with it.
She wondered if maybe her not caring was part of his control? Actually,
the only problem she had at the moment was that Samantha was running late.

Lisa still couldn't get over the turn in her life. How was all this
possible? Her own brother! Lisa still blushed at their sexual activities
this past weekend. Lisa knew that Adam controlled much of her actions, but
she couldn't deny loving every second of it. It didn't matter to Lisa that
her reaction was probably controlled either, just that she enjoyed it...and
boy did she ever!

Just before Adam sent her to bed last night, he let her regain some of
her senses...and Lisa gasped at all that had transpired. Then Adam told
her what he planned for Samantha, Lisa almost cried with joy. Adam would
transfer Samantha's love obsession over to her, which would mean that she
would have total control over her. Lisa thanked Adam over and over again
last night, and again this morning...after they fucked. Lisa admitted to
him that she had always thought about making it with another girl, but
never had the nerve to act on it... When neither herself or Samantha had a
choice in the matter this past weekend, Lisa basked in both genuine and
artificial pleasure... As much as Lisa enjoyed her sex with Adam, she
herself felt consumed with Heather. Their time together was incredible!
Lisa didn't doubt that Adam had made her feel some of her intense
attraction towards Samantha, but way down deep she believed that she truly
loved Samantha.

In addition to the mental changes that Adam seemed to exert over her and
Samantha, there was her new physical attributes! HER TITS! Small before
her 'turning', they were now the size of melons! Big beautiful juicy
melons! Melons that gave her such pleasure! Her shapely ass also assumed
even more definition and, combined with other little tugs and pulls
throughout the contours of her body, she now possessed the perfect figure!
Lisa loved the stares that she was getting from the kids outside the
school...wait till she stepped inside! Wait till her friend, Wendy
Carmichael, sees her now! Lisa remembered having Samantha measure her huge
tits yesterday afternoon. Samantha exclaimed; "If you had to buy a bra,
you'd need a 36'F' they even make them?" Lisa just stood there
displaying her tremendous chest...proudly. Adam had told them both that
they weren't allowed to wear a bra anymore. Lisa didn't mind at all,
feeling no extra weight on her chest. On a much smaller scale, Samantha
also experienced some growth, and now sported a set of 34'Ds'. Samantha
had always boasted the biggest set of tits amongst her little clique, a
title she once confessed bothered her, and now she didn't have to worry.
Lisa, on the other hand, enjoyed the fact that her breasts were bigger than
Samantha's... in fact, much bigger! In addition to being bigger, their
new breasts were also much more sensitive, too. Lisa couldn't believe how
'hot & horny' she got when she touched them! Just a mere caress of her
nipples from either Adam or Samantha would have her on the edge of orgasm.

Lisa wasn't a virgin before this weekend...and had spread her legs on
more than one occasion, but the fact that she was spreading them for Adam
completely amazed her. Adam must have fucked her over twenty times in the
last two days, and the memory of his tool pistoning in and out of her was
making her 'hot' this very moment.

Lisa knew that Adam had done something to her to make her so submissive
and docile around him. She had such an overwhelming desire to please him
that it almost hurt when she wasn't given the opportunity. Lisa didn't
mind this feeling, and again figured that Adam made this so. What Lisa did
mind was that Adam instructed her and Samantha to keep their new
relationship a secret. This meant that they'd have to be discreet, and
touching each other would be at a bare minimum. Lisa wanted to complain to
Adam that she and Samantha should be able to openly display their love, but
part of her conditioning wouldn't allow the words to surface.

Lisa, who had never considered herself a dominant of any kind, found
herself loving the feelings generated from ordering her blonde slave
around. The fact that Samantha would do everything and anything she wanted
was such a turn-on. Adam explained that prior to transferring Samantha's
love obsession to her, Samantha would only feel this way when she was
around him, but now that Samantha was in love with her, she would feel this
way all the time. Samantha had acted like a sex kitten around her this
past weekend...very passive and very docile, and Lisa loved it! Speaking
of Samantha, she spotted her walking towards her. "Hi're

"I'm sorry mother held me up this morning...she made me
eat something before I left the house...and kept on looking at my *new*
tits. She also kept asking me what I did with you over the weekend. God,
I missed you so much." rambled Samantha, while getting as close to Lisa as
she possibly could.

Lisa took a quick glance around, and noticed they were strangely left
alone. From what she could make out, there seemed to be something going on
at the school's entrance, and this drew all the attention away from them.
Lisa smiled at the opportunity, and didn't hesitate in sliding her hand
beneath Samantha's dress. As expected, she found her blonde slave without
panties and because Samantha was already wet with arousal, she easily
inserted one, then two, and finally three fingers deep inside her friend's
wet pussy. Samantha gasped, while wiggling her tush down against her hand.
"Oh Lisa...oh god...that feeeeeeels sooo good!" Samantha excitedly
whispered, making sure not to be heard by anyone other than Lisa. Lisa
loved the look of lust on Samantha's face, and wished she could strip her
slave naked this very moment, but Adam's instructions over-ruled her. Just
as the first period warning bell rung, Lisa whispered into Samantha's ear
to 'come' for her, and Samantha whimpered out in response, having
experienced a quick orgasm! Lisa reluctantly slid her wet fingers out of
Samantha and brought her 'come' soaked fingers up to her mouth...she looked
at Samantha, and asked; "You want to share?" Samantha smiled in response,
and they both began licking the juices from Lisa's fingers...


Samantha drowned in the pleasure that Lisa gave her. Now, it seemed
that all Lisa had to do was command her to 'come', and Samantha found
herself flooded with an orgasm. Samantha pouted when she realized that she
wouldn't have the time to reciprocate the favor, wanting more than anything
to please Lisa. By the time they reached the entrance of the school,
Samantha was able to collect her breath, and then something quite
remarkable happened. A strange heat enveloped her chest area, a feeling
she had felt before, and quite suddenly, her tits started growing!
Samantha turned to Lisa, and saw that her lover's breasts were also
growing! Now they looked the size of volleyballs! Samantha looked down at
her new boobs and shook her head in disbelief. Good thing they weren't
wearing bras. Samantha's new boobs strained against her sexy dress and
added yet more cleavage...and although she was tempted to cup them, she
refrained, knowing that her own touch would only make her hornier. Lisa,
who was wearing a rather snug blue wore a sweater much too
small for her.

These last few days were all so incredibly strange. Samantha couldn't
believe her new thoughts, desires, and feelings...and stranger still was
the shift in them when she woke up this morning. She remembered feeling
intensely in love with Adam when she went to bed last night, but now she
felt that same love for Lisa. She knew that Adam's computer was the key to
everything. Somehow, he had discovered a strange way to manipulate mind
and body with the use of his computer. Knowing this, though, did nothing
to prevent her feelings. She knew damn well that all her new feelings were
artificially induced, but instead of being able to rationalize against it,
she instead blushed at her passively horny response.

During this past weekend, Samantha had very little control over her
sexual desires. Adam and Lisa had complete control over her libido, and
she was forced to love every thrust and every caress. Still, Samantha's
mind went back to her feeling this morning, when she woke up. She was
totally in love with Lisa, and every minute that went by added to the
feeling...and along with the feeling, an unusual, specific craving.
Samantha knew fully well that she was NOT a lesbian, but it didn't seem to
help. The mere image of Lisa sent a powerful wave of pleasure through her,
and Samantha blushed at recalling how she fingered herself this morning.
Samantha then recalled her last two days. She knew that she wouldn't
normally be attracted to Adam, but there she was, experiencing orgasm after
orgasm, as Adam fucked her over and over again. Now that her feelings had
mysteriously shifted, she wondered if she'd still respond to Adam the same

Although the whole experience was mind boggling, Samantha was relieved
to know that she could actually act on her own. Maybe not completely, but
enough where she could rationalize a thought. Samantha remembered how
strange she felt when she regained her free will. She had just acted the
sexy little slave moments Adam had patted her on the tush like
he was patting a prized pet...and the mere act sent shivers of desire
through her. Then Lisa kissed her goodbye and that was enough to send her a flash of wet heat exploded down under. However, no sooner had
she taken three steps outside their home, when she suddenly found herself
back in control.

Adam had instructed her to act normal, and that simple command prevented
her from doing a great deal. She thought about telling her mother everything, but knew that she wouldn't be able to. She thought about
confiding in someone, but knew that she wouldn't be able to...should this
all scare her? Adam must have eliminated the fear factor, because
strangely, she accepted her conditioning and although she could
rationalize, she couldn't resist a command and why didn't this disturb her?
When Samantha walked home last night, she figured that Adam was
responsible for making Lisa the dominant one in their relationship. At the
time she resented it...although she basked in the pleasure of it when she
was in Lisa's presence. Now, however, that she loved Lisa, Samantha
thoroughly loved the fact that Lisa controlled her.

After Samantha fingered herself to orgasm this morning, she realized how
much she really missed Lisa. She wished that she could wake up next to
Lisa every morning. She knew that these feelings were artificial, but they
felt real...and Samantha couldn't deny them. Samantha knew that her life
had taken a drastic turn and she would have preferred staying home today,
but the fact that Lisa would be in school, and that Adam instructed her to
act normal ensured that she would have no choice in the matter. So, she
got up and prepared for school. While dressing, she discovered that she
wasn't able to put on her underwear...not that she would be able to fit in
her 'C' cup sized bra anyway, but Samantha wasn't even able to open her
dresser drawer. Samantha remembered Adam's instructions not to wear a bra,
and then remembered Lisa's instructions not to wear panties. Not wearing
panties would please Lisa, so Samantha felt pleasure in this, while her
mind recognized the irrationality. This would mean that Samantha would be
totally naked underneath her...her...skirt? 'Oh my god.' thought Samantha.
Never had she worn a skirt to school before, but now she was looking for
one in her closet that Lisa would find easy to reach her...she blushed at
the memory of Lisa's words... Lisa wanted easy access to her...pussy, and
as embarrassing as it was, Samantha not only found herself complying with
Lisa's instructions, but looking forward to Lisa's hands touching her down

Now, here she was...walking along side Lisa. As they walked down the
hallway, Samantha was surprised to see that they weren't the only ones that
had grown bigger tits. At least, now, they wouldn't have to explain their
new size. Although, in looking at Lisa's tits again, she thought that she
might still get some questions. Lisa caught her looking at them, and
whispered to her; "Do you like them, darling?"

Samantha smiled back; "They're so huge, Lisa... I wish I could make
love to them."

"I do too, honey, but you know we can't right patient


When Heather told Adam that her parents both worked, she wasn't
surprised that he suggested they go over to her house. Heather couldn't
believe she was doing this. Not the fact that she was bringing a guy to
her house to fuck, but the fact that she was bringing back Adam to fuck.
With every step closer to home, Heather found herself becoming more
excited...and she was happy that her house was close to the school.

While Adam walked along side of her, he put his arm around her and
squeezed her left breast. Her initial reaction was shock that he would be
so bold, then she gasped at the other feeling coursing through
her...intense sexual arousal. Since her breasts were bigger and she was
bra-less, Adam had full access to her tits, and with every squeeze, he sent
shots of pleasure straight to her pussy. Heather moaned first, then
blushed in embarrassment. Anybody driving by would have been able to see
what he did. By the time Heather reached her house, she was so was damn
wet that she could actually feel the wet spot soak through her panties.

The second they entered her house, Adam spun her around and pulled up
her sweater! The act was so quick, and so sudden, that Heather just stood
there breathing hard, naked from the waist, up...pleased that her eyes read
lust in his. Heather felt her own arousal climb higher than anything her
mind could have imagined. When she went to take a step towards him, hoping
to hug and kiss him, he stopped her and told her to stand still; "I want
you to strip off your jeans and panties for me... I want you completely
naked...and be sure to stand still."

Heather couldn't believe desire could be this over-powering. She
quickly stripped off her jeans and then peeled her sticky panties off...both articles of clothing now lay there in a heap by her feet.
"Please... Please Adam... Please fuck me."

"I will, but first I want to appreciate your beauty. Slowly turn around
for me."

Heather did as she was told, slowly spinning around to give him a good
view of her ass. She knew that her ass was fine, so she didn't mind him
looking at it...she just wished that he would hurry and impale himself in
her hot depths.

"Okay Heather, before you can pleasure me, I want to see how you
pleasure yourself..."

Heather looked at him stunned. " want me want me to

"Yes Heather...stand there and masturbate for me."

As horny as Heather was feeling, and as wet as she was, she knew that
she was more than ready for him to fuck her...why did he want her to
masturbate? Still, Heather found her hand sliding down between her thighs,
feeling incredibly good...her other hand started caressing her new tits,
and that sent her to another new plateau. Heather slipped three fingers
deep inside her very slippery, wet pussy and the contact of her fingers
against her clit sent a flash of unbearable heat throughout her. 'God, I
am so fucking HOT!' she thought to herself. Heather stood there, trying
not to fall to the ground, while shoving her fingers in and out of her
pussy, as her desire continuing to close to an orgasm she cried,
and Adam stood watching with a smile.

As Heather panted for breath, her hand continued attacking her pussy,
she heard Adam say something to her. At first, she thought she didn't hear
right...but then he repeated it; " could masturbate forever,
but I've taken your ability to orgasm away from you. Only I can elicit an
orgasm from you...only I can. The only way you can now orgasm is if my
hard cock is inside one of your three holes. I want you to know this,
because I want you to understand how very close our relationship is...from
this point on."

"Please...please...fuck me! Fuck me! Please fuck me!" cried out
Heather as the quickening of her own stimulation did nothing to relieve the
unbearable ache she felt.

"Go over to the couch and show me your ass. Spread those sexy legs of
yours, you hot little bitch."

Heather did what she was told and when she heard the zipper of Adam's
jeans, she cried out in anticipation. Arousal licked at her from every
direction and when she felt the penetration of Adam's cock at her entrance,
she screamed out...this time with a powerful orgasm! Seconds later, with
Adam still pumping in and out of her, and Heather feeling dizzy with waves
on top of waves of pleasure flooded her, she again orgasmed, and must have
passed out...because the next thing she knew, she was "WAKING UP NAKED ON
THE FLOOR." - Author's Note: I couldn't resist imagining sweet Natalie's
voice and the image of her WAKING UP NAKED ON THE FLOOR :-) God I love that


Adam could tell that Heather had passed out, but that didn't stop him
from finally shooting his 'load' deep inside the beautiful bitch! When he
finally withdrew himself from her slick sheath, her naked body slid softly
down to the floor. Adam looked down at Heather, the smile on her lovely,
unconscious face attesting to her pleasure. There was something about
Heather that was incredibly sexy, and although she stank of sex, and didn't
look at all fresh laying there, dripping her own come on the floor, she
still oozed sexual appeal.

Adam left Heather naked and on the floor of her living room and chuckled
at the thought that her parents might get home before she woke up. Imagine
her trying to explain that! When Adam arrived home, he immediately went up
to his bedroom and turned on his computer. Adam thought about Heather's
body and decided that she could use a few features enhanced. Her breasts were still small, despite a whole cup size growth earlier in the
day...still, they did look sexy on her. Adam wanted them bigger and
fuller, so he brought up his Master PC Command Center menu and typed in
Heather Mercedes. As like with Lisa and Samantha, the next screen
materialized a miniaturized Heather, twirling around on a sphere. Adam
figured Heather was still passed out on the floor because her 3D image was
naked and had her eyes were closed. Adam typed in '36DD' and quite
instantly, the figure twirling around, grew breasts the size of 36DD. Adam
smiled...perfect, and pressed 'Send'. When Heather woke from her sex
induced nap, she would possess an even larger set of tits! Adam also
tightened up a few other areas, and then altered her sexual chemistry.
Heather wouldn't realize it right away, but Adam had made her bisexual like
Lisa and Samantha. Just the mere thought of all three of them in bed
together was getting him hard. Adam went back to the main menu, and typed
in Lisa's name. Instantly, Lisa materialized on the screen. Adam did a
double take...her breasts were bigger! Then it dawned on Adam that Lisa
and Samantha were subject to the same commands that the rest of the girls in school had received. Both girls had turned sixteen earlier in the year
and this meant that they had grown an additional cup size. Adam couldn't
get over how huge Lisa looked, guessing her to be in the range of a 'G'
cup. Then Adam typed; 'Lisa...go get Samantha and come home to me. 'Send'.
School would be let out in a couple of hours, but he didn't feel like
waiting. He was horny for more sex, and just had to have it, damn fucking
right! Just then the phone rang, and Adam quickly ran downstairs to answer
it; "Hello."

"Adam! Something happened to breasts are huge!
I...and I miss you so much! How could you leave me like this?!? Please parent's won't be home for another four hours. Please come
back...I need you so bad." pleaded a frantic sounding Heather.

Adam thought about what to do. He could picture Heather waking up naked
on the floor, and the thought elicit a raging hard-on. He couldn't image
life without him inside of her and replied; "Okay Heather...give me about
20 minutes and I'll be right over...and answer the door as you are. I want
to see what has happened to you."

"Please hurry." responded Heather.

Adam quickly ran back upstairs and typed in Lisa's name. He brought up
the command menu and typed; 'When you get home, stay put, something came up
and I had to leave. You and Samantha can make love while I'm gone, and
then go to sleep after your orgasm I'll be back later on tonight.' 'Send.'


In between the last two periods, Lisa met up with Samantha, and they
quickly snuck out of school. Lisa felt the compulsion to get Samantha and
go home right away, which she recognized as another command from Adam.
Lisa smiled at this strange new life she was living.

When they arrived at her house, Lisa suddenly realized that Adam wasn't
home and that he wanted them to make love while he was away. Lisa found
her emotions going from sadness to elation! Lisa was extremely horny and
she knew that Samantha was feeling it also. Lisa led Samantha up to her
bedroom and they both quickly stripped. First, they admired each other's
newly enlarged tits. Lisa could see that Samantha wanted to play with her
new beach balls, so they didn't hesitate in hopping onto her bed. Lisa let
Samantha climb on top of her and play with her tremendous tits...squeezing
and caressing them while nibbling on her nipples. Then they 69'd, burying
their heads in each others crotch. Samantha's sweet aroma was
intoxicating, and Lisa drank in all of her...while she basked in the feel
of Samantha's tongue, licking her clit. Soon both girls 'came' hard and
Lisa blacked out.


Samantha was still licking Lisa clean...with her mouth deep inside her
pussy. When she realized Lisa had passed out with her orgasm, Samantha
still felt compelled to lick her clean. Samantha knew that Lisa 'came'
hard, but was still surprised when she passed out... Huh?

Slowly, Samantha regained control, feeling her free will return.
Samantha climbed up out of bed and looked down at Lisa. Samantha loved
Lisa more than life itself, and found it difficult to resist the temptation
of snuggling up along side her lover. Samantha, while remaining naked,
wasn't sure what she should do. Samantha walked out of the room, carefully
closing Lisa's bedroom door, and looked inside Adam's room. It was empty.
She thought that Adam would be there when they arrived earlier, and was
surprised when Lisa took her straight up to her room. Not that she fact, she much rather preferred Lisa's touch to Adam's.

Samantha was about to go back to Lisa when Adam's computer caught her
attention. Samantha knew that Adam controlled things through this
computer, and wondered who he was manipulating at this moment. Then a
thought struck her! What would stop her from trying to access the program
herself? She started walking towards it and found that there wasn't
anything. Neither Adam, or Lisa, had said anything to prevent her from
going on it, and Samantha smiled at the realization.

Samantha tapped the space button and let the screen saver disappear from
the screen, which was replaced by something that made her gasp! A
miniaturized Lisa, spinning around on a strange disc...unbelievable!
Samantha sat down in the chair and studied the image of Lisa, quite naked,
huge breasts, and eyes closed...spinning around slowly on a strange
disc....and then she read the very last command, which included the part;
'...You and Samantha can make love while I'm gone, and then go to sleep
after your orgasm. I'll be back later on tonight.' Samantha eyes lit up in
excitement! Adam screwed up! Adam only gave the command to Lisa, not her,
and that was why Lisa now slept! Samantha noted the box in the top right
hand corner and clicked it. A Command Center space for text appeared.
Samantha then clicked on the "?" icon and read the onscreen message:
"Whatever you enter, the subject will feel/be affected by immediately after
pressing the 'send' button.' Samantha felt nervous excitement... So this
was how Adam controlled them! Samantha wasn't sure how long Lisa would
sleep, and knew that as soon as she woke, Samantha would be quite powerless
to act on her own. As much as Samantha loved Lisa, she didn't want her
lover to interrupt her, so she typed in...'Lisa, you will sleep deeply for
twelve more hours before waking up, unless I otherwise command it.' 'Send'.
Then Samantha wondered if she did this right? How would she know if it
worked? Samantha hit the escape button and went back to the Main Menu. It
called for a name. Samantha typed in her own name, and a 3D image of
herself, instantaneously popped on the screen, and just like Lisa, she saw
herself spinning around...naked, given her present lack of attire.
Samantha scanned the menu options and clicked on 'physical attributes'.
Her new specs flashed on the screen. 34DD breasts! Samantha typed in
34G's, wanting to make sure she noticed a change. 'Send'. Quite
instantly, Samantha felt heat envelope her chest and her tits expanded to
their new incredible size! "Oh my god!" exclaimed Samantha. Samantha
quickly typed in 34'D's, preferring Adam's original specs. 'Send'.
Samantha felt her tits shrink to a more manageable size. Samantha again
escaped back to the main menu and clicked on options when it called for a
name. Her name, Lisa's name and Heather Mercedes name... Hmmmmm. So,
that was who Adam was squeezing at the moment. Samantha noted that Adam
wasn't in the options, and wondered why he didn't do anything to improve
his own looks. Quickly, she typed in his full name. Instantly, the 3D
image of Adam popped up. Stark naked. Samantha figured he was probably
fucking Heather this very second. She had to think.


Adam was kneeling behind Heather's naked body, ramming his cock deep
inside her pussy, enjoying the fuck out of her, and life in general.
Suddenly, and without it making sense, Adam felt a strange compulsion to
stop fucking her and go home. "Huh!?!" he wondered...and despite not
wanting too, Adam slid back out of Heather. Adam jumped out of bed, and
started putting his clothes on. He could hear Heather complaining, and
when he saw Heather still maintaining her doggy position, his mind screamed
for him to stop! "Why did you stop...please Adam, please keep fucking me.
Where are you going!" screamed Heather, as Adam bolted out of the room.

Adam ran as fast as he could to get home...and when he arrived, he found
the next compulsion send him straight upstairs to his room. Adam saw that
Samantha was sitting at his computer, strangely naked, and wanted to panic.
He merely took a seat on his bed and didn't even make the slightest move
towards his computer. Adam knew that Samantha was in control now, and
screamed at himself for leaving his computer on. Now he realized his
mistake in transferring Samantha's obsession to Lisa...and he screamed at
himself for his new predicament.

"So this is how you've been spending your amazing little
program, isn't it." stated Heather, feeling much more comfortable in this
new role.

Adam could see that the image on the screen was him. He saw that the
clothes his 3D image wore were the clothes he was now wearing. He didn't
say a word, finding himself unable to talk. Obviously, Samantha had
commanded that.

"What should I do now? We have here a low life creep, who turns his own
sister into a sex slave, then turns me into his love slave, and then turns
that bitch Heather into a slave?"

Adam knew that she didn't expect an answer, and awaited his fate.

"Well Adam... Did you know that this Master PC program allows you to
look in the minds of a subject? Given the wizard you were with computers,
I'm sure you did. Notice I said, 'were'? Sure you did... I couldn't
resist taking away your skills with a computer. In fact, you not only
don't know anything about them anymore, but you aren't allowed to ever
touch them again. Anyway, I peeked into your mind and withdrew your
biggest fear... Nope, the computer thing is not it. I'm talking about
your ultimate fear...and I bet you don't even realize it...although, as
soon as you wake up tomorrow morning, you will be living it."

Adam thought about what it possibly could be. A fear of dying? A fear
of flying? Oh no... a fear of being labeled gay? What could she have

"Strip for me, Adam...and then climb into bed and sleep. When you wake
tomorrow morning, you'll wake up a new man...I promise you.


Samantha spent the rest of the evening, typing away. First, she took
care of Adam. He would mentally remember everything but never be able to
verbalize it...and he would never, ever forget.

Then she brought up Lisa. Samantha loved Lisa, and even though she
understood completely that her feelings were artificially induced, her love
was so intense that she couldn't bring herself to change this. Lisa just
wanted to even the score and typed; 'Lisa, you will love and strive to
please Samantha, as much as Samantha loves and wants to please you.'
'Send'. 'Lisa, you will no longer feel any desire or feelings for Adam ever
again.' 'Send'.

Lisa brought up Heather Mercedes and smiled. The girl was beautiful,
and if she left her alone, she would always have this burning desire for
Adam. 'Why not' she thought with a smile. Heather was a bitch, and would
be getting what she deserved. (What Samantha didn't know was that
Heather's sexual preference had been altered by a previous command, and
that she was now bisexual).

Samantha decided she would allow every girl in her school that received
breasts enlargements the option of keeping them or losing them, depending
on their own true feelings. The change or permanency would happen when
they woke up tomorrow morning.

The last thing that Samantha ever wanted again was for this program ever
to be in the hands of someone like Adam again. So, after her final
command, she went to "My Computer" and highlighted the Master PC program.
Samantha hesitated for a second. Maybe she should hold onto this program
just in case she needed to alter something herself??? Then she thought of
how nobody should have this type of power over reality, and clicked on the
file menu. Then clicked on the 'delete' button. The computer asked if she
was sure she wanted to delete Master PC, and she clicked on 'yes.'. Before
Samantha turned off the computer, another message flashed on the screen,
but she didn't see it, and turned off the computer.

Samantha went back to Lisa's room and as she entered it, she took a
moment to gaze down at the sight of her sleeping beauty... Samantha felt
pleasure spread throughout her. 'Artificial or not, she couldn't help the
way she felt' she thought to herself, then she snuggled up along side of
her lover, and fell asleep.


When Adam Lowell woke up the next morning, he quickly shot up out of
bed. He remembered everything. He remembered enslaving both Lisa and
Samantha over this past weekend. He remembered what he did to the girls in
his school, and he remembered his incredible sex with Heather. He looked
at his computer and wanted to cry...trying desperately to walk over to it,
and failing. Then he remembered...his biggest FEAR! Adam quickly looked
down at his penis and saw that it was normal size Whew!!! Adam wondered
what it could be. He remembered what Samantha had said about him having to
deal with...and that he'd be waking up a new man. He started thinking
about what it could be, and started using process of elimination. He
walked over to the mirror and couldn't see any changes. He always thought
being a girl was a big fear of his, but deep down knew that being a girl wasn't a fear, but in fact an erotic fantasy. Then he wondered about
whether Samantha turned him gay...and shuddered at the thought. "God can't be that." he proclaimed out loud. Adam quickly threw on his
bathrobe to take a shower, and on his way by Lisa's room, he heard some
moans. Adam peeked in to see if she was still under his power.

"Get out of here you asshole." screamed Lisa, who was spread eagle and
naked on her bed. In between her legs lay Samantha, also naked, and
pleasurably licking Lisa's wet pussy. Samantha raised her head up to look
at Adam, and smiled.

Adam found the whole scene intensely erotic, but quickly closed the door
he mustn't upset Lisa. Obviously, Lisa wasn't under his power anymore, but
she wasn't completely back to normal...either. Why didn't Samantha go back
to being a heterosexual girl? Still, it was really a sight to behold,
watching his sister and Samantha making it with each another. Adam hadn't
even realized it until he pulled off his robe, that he had a raging
hard-on. "Wha...Hooo" he exclaimed, verifying he hadn't been turned gay.

As soon as Adam was in the shower, he thought that he might as well
masturbate to the image of Lisa and Samantha together...but as soon as he
wrapped his right hand around himself, he lost his erection. Huh? First,
he tried to bring back the vision of Lisa and Samantha, but for some reason
their image wouldn't surface. Then his mind tried to bring up
Heather...nothing. What was going on? He still felt horny from what he
saw, but despite numerous attempts at trying to bring himself back to life,
it just lay there...unresponsive. His mind touched on a few possibilities,
but he chose not to dig too deeply.

When Adam got to school, he was ecstatic to see that all the girls still
sporting their new breasts. When he entered his homeroom, his eyes lit up
when he saw Heather quickly run over to him. She wrapped her hands around
him, crushing her huge new breasts against his chest, and kissed him full.
He heard cheers from the guys, and gasps from the girls. Adam also felt
his erection throbbing hard inside his jeans. "You want to skip school
again?" Adam asked, wanting to desperately get inside Heather's love nest.

"God YES... Let's get out of here!" Heather exclaimed, while this time
grabbing his hand and leading the way. Adam wondered why Samantha left
Heather's sexual obsession for him in place.


Heather quickly led Adam up to her room, feeling as horny for him now as
she had felt yesterday. She had cried when he abruptly left yesterday,
just as she was on the verge of another massive, mind-blowing orgasm.
Heather had cried all night, not understanding why she was so obsessed with
Adam Lowell, but more so because he wasn't there with her...

Heather stripped out of her clothes, and ran over to her bed. She
quickly assumed the submissive, horizontal position, with her legs spread
wide. Heather brought her hands down to her pussy lips, opening herself up
for him... "Please Adam...please hurry."

Heather panted with burning desire when she saw Adam release his
throbbing member from his underwear. He climbed on the bed, and the second
that Heather grabbed for his tool to place his erection inside her
hole...he went...soft. "What!?!" Heather cried out.

Adam looked at his limp penis with amazement. "I don't
understand...this has never happened to me before."

Heather cried as she spent an hour sucking, playing, and doing
everything possible to get Adam hard again. She even gave him a sex show
of her masturbating again, which would have raised the dead, but again she
failed to raise him. "You fuck!" she cried, knowing that only his *hard*
tool inside her could get her off.

Adam looked at her in pained expression, shaking his head...murmuring;
"I don't understand..."


Yes he did...

The End of Master PC, Part Two (The Conclusion).

I would love to know what you think of this ending...



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