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Archived Sex Stories

Master PC 3


Disclaimer: Nobody under the age of 18 should be reading says the

Author's Note: So, how many of you thought Master PC 2 was really the
conclusion? Did you actually think that I would leave Adam in that state?
NOT! Anyway, if you haven't read Master PC 1 & 2, do so before reading
this one and I'd love to hear what you think!

If you weren't aware I have my own web site:

'Master PC 3, Adam's Back!' by JR Parz


Adam Lowell sat in his bedroom...thinking. Part of him kicked himself
for not attempting this sooner but thanks to a stupefied state he'd been
dwelling in, he was way too busy feeling sorry for himself.

It had been a whole month since Samantha Peters, quite literally,
changed his life. Now he was going to attempt to take it back. Adam
looked over at his dusty computer and shook his head. It was hard to
believe that he was once considered a wizard on that thing. Now he'd be
lucky to figure out how to turn the damn thing on.

Adam picked up his cordless phone and pressed the auto dialer button.
"Hello." answered a soft sexy voice.


"Adam! Please Adam! Tell me you're back to normal! Please!" Heather
frantically exclaimed.

Adam felt sad for Heather. "Listen Heather...I need to see you right
away. The door will be unlocked and."

"I'm on my way!" Heather interrupted and before Adam could finish,
Heather had hung up the phone.

Adam sighed...Heather was always hoping for the best. Heather had been
pretty much a bitch before this ordeal, but she had soften considerably and
seemed to grow on him. He remembered his original intention to have his
fun for awhile and then let her go. He had come up with the perfect least he thought so at the time. Imagine, making it where a girl couldn't orgasm unless one of her sex outlets was filled specifically by
your cock...he never counted on the turn of events. Adam had pleaded with
Samantha to release Heather from her condition, but Samantha responded by
laughing and every time Samantha or Lisa saw Heather, they laughed at her.

It had been a very strange month. Adam remembered how shocked everyone
was that Heather, one of the school's most beautiful girls, could suddenly
fall obsessively in lust with the school's computer geek. Little did they
realize that the passion they felt for one another couldn't even be
consummated. So, as they struggled in their new life, Lisa and Samantha
basked in theirs. They no longer hid their love for one another and
quickly became the talk of the school. Most of the guys were pissed off
that these two beautiful girls licked instead of fucked, but the girls, on
the other hand, had no problem with it. In fact, a handful of them even
experimented themselves. Graduation had come and gone and what should have
been an exciting time was in fact very depressing. Adam was forced to turn
down lucrative job offers as a computer programmer and Heather had passed
up an opportunity to go to Europe.

Both his sister and Samantha were incredibly beautiful. Lisa, with tits the size of huge cantaloupes, stood about 5'6". She possessed a slim waist
that spread out into ample hips giving her a perfect hourglass shape.
Lisa's ass was round...tight...and swayed when she walked. Her long dark
hair was teased and reached the small of her back. Simply put, Lisa looked
too sexy to be real. Then there was Samantha, who's light innocence
contrasted beautifully with Lisa's dark wild look. Samantha was one of
those blonde babes that everyone visualizes on a California beach. She
possessed big baby blue eyes, blonde hair that fanned out around her
shoulders, and a pair of large boobs that defied gravity. Samantha stood
about 5'5" and looked like a younger, more innocent, Pamela Anderson Lee.
When Lisa and Samantha climbed into bed together, naked and wanton, there
wasn't a more erotic sight anywhere on the planet, and there were many
evenings when Adam could hear Lisa's and Samantha's groans through the thin
wall separating their bedrooms. He'd hear them...he easily pictured
them...and then he would reach down to masturbate...knowing he couldn't.

It was last week when Adam finally snapped out of his fog-like stupor to
rationalize a way out of all this. He wondered...was Master PC really
gone? What if Samantha only 'thought' she deleted it? Adam had done some
investigating and discovered Samantha's skill with computers was novice at
best. Could Master PC still be sitting there...unused...inside his

Last night Adam was watching television when Samantha and Lisa came
downstairs to show off their new skimpy bikinis. Adam tried ignoring them,
so they took it a step further by stripping off their bikinis. Naked, they
flaunted their beautiful bodies right in front of his face and when they
started to fondle one another...he had to run upstairs to his room. It had
proved to be his most frustrating night. Now the girls were at the beach
and for the first time since this ordeal started...he had the place to
himself. If he was going to try anything...this was the time to do it.
Adam glanced back to the computer and mumbled. "This had better work."


Heather had been masturbating...drenched in sweat...and wet with
frustrating arousal when she heard the phone ring. Every time it rang,
Heather envisioned Adam. Quickly, her hand left her wet pussy and she
quickly threw on her jeans and a halter-top, then ran downstairs to get the
phone. With every step she took, she knew how obscene she looked with her
huge tits jiggling and bouncing the whole way down. When she reached the
bottom step, she wanted to cup them but instead picked up the phone.

Like she had hoped it was Adam on the other end and a mere second
later...she was bolting out the door. Every day she asked herself how and
why this happened...and if she had to be obsessed with a boy, why did it
have to be with Adam Lowell? Why was Adam the only one that could satisfy
this constant craving? Heather remembered the strange day they skipped
school and how horny she felt for him. When they got to her house, all she
could think of was fucking Adam...literally. She still blushed at the
memory of what he made her do. How embarrassing she felt to stand naked in
front of him while she played with her clit and rammed her fingers in and
out of her pussy...and no matter how long or how hard she did this, she
couldn't get off.

It was Adam she wanted...and Adam she needed. Yet every time she and
Adam were together, the results were the same. He would try to enter her
and the second she either felt or tasted the tip of his rock hard cock, he
would instantly go soft. She even tried to get him to take her in the ass
and that failed.

Heather remembered her disastrous evening when she tried to go elsewhere
for relief. She had called Jed Knight, a former boyfriend, over to her
house. The second they closed the door to her bedroom, she stripped naked,
hopped on the bed and spread her legs. Jed, as quick, stripped off his own
clothes and joined her. Two hours of hot wet sex...Jed came three times,
thanks to her oral ministrations in order to get him back up again, and
Heather didn't cum at all. Heather remembered kicking Jed out of her room
and crying herself to sleep that night.

To confuse her even more, Heather also started to feel differently
around her girlfriends. At first, she contributed the feelings to her
constant horniness, but when she started to fantasize herself in bed with
them...she began to wonder?


Adam was upstairs pacing inside his bedroom, incredibly anxious about
getting started when he heard Heather come in. "I'm upstairs...hurry."

When Heather came into his room she was dressed in jeans and a baby blue
halter. The image she projected, sweaty, tits pitching with every breath,
and stinking of sex would have given a 100 year-old a hard-on! Adam
inhaled her scent...and the strong aroma hit him like an aphrodisiac! His
erection throbbed and Heather looked down at it with a smile. "No!" Adam
stated firmly.

"Wh...what's the matter?!? Please Adam...I need it!"

"Not yet. First things first. We need to do something very important."
Adam responded, wishing that he didn't have to be so hard on her. "I want
you to go over to my computer and turn it on."

"Computer? What...I...I...I don't want to get on a computer now. I
want to fuck!"

Adam saw the lust in Heather's pained expression, and truly felt sorry
for her. He was feeling as equally as aroused...but he had to be firm with
her. "Listen Heather. If you don't start focusing on what I need from
you, then neither of us will ever fuck again! Do you want that? Huh? Do
you want to go the rest of your life without my hard dick inside that horny
pussy of yours!?!"

Heather's eyes lit up in fear and she started to cry. Adam responded by
pointing to his computer. "Stop crying and go turn the damn thing on...we
have work to do."

Adam held his breath, and watched closely as Heather walked over to the
computer. She reached down to the power-strip underneath the desk and
flipped on the switch. 'So, that's how it's done.' he thought feeling
helpless. Heather took a seat in front of the computer and waited. Then a
blank screen flashed a message; "Unauthorized Action. Unauthorized Action.
Unauthorized Action."

"What do you want me to do?" Heather asked.

"I...I don't what you would normally do." Adam responded,
hoping that Heather could figure this out.

Heather hit the escape key and immediately another screen came up with
two options. 'Enter password to delete Master PC program and check block
and send to return to Master PC Main Menu.' Adam read the screen five
times, and all five times he had no idea what it meant. Damn! He had to
trust Heather to make the right decision.

"Now what?"

"I...I don't know Heather. Figure it out for yourself."

"Why are you doing this to me? I know you're the all knowing on these
things! What are you trying to much smarter you are?"

"Heather! Please pay attention to the computer!"

"FUCK! Okay...I'll play your game...what's your password?"

"Huh...I...I don't think I have one."

"Well, if you can't give me a password, then I can't use that this means I have no choice."

Heather clicked and then waited until the new screen came up. 'Welcome
to Master PC.' the new screen flashed. "What next?"

Adam was excited...just as he thought...Master PC was never deleted.
"Come on Heather...think! I want you to find a point where you can make me
the subject...does this make sense to you?"

"No. Should it?"


Heather played around with it for a few more seconds before finding the
small box in the top right corner. She clicked it on and a command for
options menu came up. Heather clicked on the icon and the computer asked
for a name. Heather then clicked the drop down menu and it reflected four
names. Adam could see one of those names was his.

"Why is my name on this?" Heather asked, interrupting Adam's train of

"Ignore your name! It's me you need to be concerned about!"

Heather clicked on Adam's name, and instantly, a 3D image of Adam
appeared rotating on a sphere like disc. "Look Adam, it even has the same
clothes you are wearing."

"Keep going."

"Wait...I want to go back and click my name...I want to see me spinning
around on that sphere."

"NO! We can do that later...we need to focus on me." Adam responded.

Heather was getting angry but moved the cursor up to the '?' icon and
read out loud the onscreen message. 'Whatever you enter, the subject will
feel/be affected by immediately after pressing the 'send' button.'

Adam knew Heather was sitting on a lot of power...and there was always
that slight possibility that she might turn against him. "You are doing

Heather relaxed and typed those exact words into the command screen.
Nothing happened though. "Why isn't it working?" Adam asked.

"I...don't know...wait! I didn't send it yet." Heather realized.

"Send it! Send it!"

"Oh...Okay." Heather replied and pressed 'Send'.

Quite instantly, Adam felt everything he knew about computers just
suddenly flood his mind. The impact stunned him and he had to grab the
wall for balance. He then looked at Heather with a big smile. "Get up!"
he quickly told Heather. Heather quickly got up off the chair.

Adam quickly sat down, but when he tried to type his fingers wouldn't
make contact with the keyboard. He tried to touch the mouse, but again,
some force prevented his hand from doing so. Huh? Then he remembered.
"Heather. I need you to type one more thing for me...okay sweetie. Then
we'll make love for the rest of the morning."

Adam could see Heather's excitement as he watched her body pitch
forward. She looked down at his hard-on and licked her lips. Adam smiled
back at her and told her to type; 'Return Adam's ability to touch the
computer.' and this time Adam didn't have to tell her to press 'send'.
Adam again switched places with her and felt an incredible elation as his
fingertips made contact with the keyboard. Adam typed. 'Return Adam's sex
organ back to normal.' 'Send'. Adam quickly brought down his image and
brought up Heather's. ' will not remember any of the pain and
discomfort you felt during this past month. will not
remember the time you spent on my computer. Heather...You will never have
a desire to touch my computer. 'Send'. Adam looked at Heather and she
smiled back in response, then suddenly she looked confused and then began
to smile again.

"Let's fuck." Adam said with a grin...Heather squealed.


Heather whimpered, moaned, groaned and 'came' like an afternoon
thunderstorm! One orgasm after another crashed down on her as Adam thrust
deep inside of her like a 'sledge hammer'. By the time Adam came he had
reduced her to a wet puddle of nerve endings without the ability to move.
So she lay there...legs spread...with her pussy juice forming another wet
spot on the bed. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Adam get up from the
bed and go back to his computer. Heather must have dozed for a second
because the next thing she felt was Adam rejoining her on the bed with a
brand new erection. Heather cried out in ecstasy all over her again before
passing out.

When Heather woke up, Adam again was typing on his computer. He really
loves that thing she thought with a smile. As Heather continued to gaze at
Adam, it quickly dawned on her how much she truly loved him. Just the
sight of him alone made her feel a pleasurable glow. Heather knew this
feeling was much different from any thing she ever felt before and she
loved it.

"God were great."

Adam turned to look at her and smiled. Then his eyes roamed over her
nudity and Heather felt even more pleasure. "Heather, I've got a lot of
things that I need to take care, I'd like for you to go home. I'll
call you a little later...okay sweetie?"

Heather first felt a small twinge of disappointment...but it quickly
disappeared. For the first time since knowing Adam it was all right not to
be in his presence. That overwhelming need to be with Adam was
gone...instead she felt true love and an incredible sense of security.
"Okay Adam, I'll be home soaking in a bath...just in case I'll reserve a
space for you."

Adam smiled while watching her dress. First, she used her panties to
wipe the combination of perspiration and cum off her body...then she turned
around and slid her skin-tight jeans over her shapely ass. Adam had a full
view and she giggled when he whispered. "So fine." Heather then put on her
halter-top to encase her luscious tits. Heather looked down to see Adam
had an erection again and this prompted her to go over to him and kiss him.
Heather reached down and rubbed her hand up against it and then turned to
head out the door. For good measure she wiggled her ass on the way out
thinking that this will give him something to think about while she was
away from him.


Adam had eliminated the sexual hunger Heather was under and replaced it
with a strong genuine love for him. He also made it so strong that
regardless of what he did, she would still feel safe and secure in their
relationship. He could fuck the entire cheerleading squad while she sat
and watched and she'd never feel threatened in any way.

Heather was his number one girl...and from this point on she would be
treated like a queen. Adam asked Master PC if Heather liked her big
breasts, and was pleased when he found she did. Then he checked to see if
she ever possessed a latent desire for her own sex and again was pleased to
find out she did. True, it was only a smidgen and more out of curiosity,
but keeping her bisexual made life easier and more enjoyable. Adam
remembered his threesome with his sister and Samantha and wanted Heather to
share in this experience.

Adam wondered about his own image for a second. 'Should I make myself
bigger down there' he wondered? He brought himself up on the screen and
smiled. He was an average 7 inches, so he typed in the command and
instantly he grew another inch plus thickened. He also increased his
staying power and could instantly gain an erection with thought. He then
studied his body and decided he'd give himself more muscle definition and
added a couple of inches to his height. Could he make himself faster and
stronger?' Master PC replied. 'YES'. 'How fast do I run now?' Master PC
replied. '13 miles per hour for 50 yards.' Adam smiled. 'Make it where I
can run twice as fast for up to a one hundred miles before tiring.' SEND.
'Make it where I'm three times stronger...can jump three times further and
six times higher than I presently can.' SEND. 'Make it where I have the
ability to handle myself in a fight.' SEND. Other than a little tingling
sensation in different regions of his body...Adam couldn't detect any
difference...but when he walked in front of the mirror, he saw a 'six pack'
staring back at him!

Adam went back to his computer and split the screen, bringing both
Samantha and his sister up on the screen. Instantly their life-like image
twirled around on a sphere side by side. Adam saw that they were both
wearing two piece bikinis, which meant they were either on their way to the
beach, or already there. What should he do to them? How should he punish
them? What was the best way to handle these girls? He thought about their
lesbian relationship and decided it wasn't fair to have two beautiful girls with exclusive rights over the other. Why not make it where they would
feel horny for several partners...and just not females. So, Adam typed the
necessary command that would make their body overrule their minds. They'd
still be in love with one another but now they wouldn't be able to resist
the lure of seeking sexual gratification elsewhere. Adam also wanted to
get even with Samantha, so he decided an attitude adjustment was in order.
Why not turn her into a true airhead by reducing her surface IQ to about
10%. He also decided to take away her ability to count and comprehend
computers. He wanted Samantha to know what was going on...just like he
did, but unable to do anything about it. He made it where she would be a
passenger inside her own body...on the surface she would epitomize the true
bimbo...blonde, big tits...giggly...and extremely horny. Adam also decided
to make it easy for the girls to be sluts by adding an aphrodisiac scent to
their own arousal. This would render their targets or anyone in the
immediate area of them sexually aroused. The males would become aggressive
and dominant in their actions...while the girls would become passive and


Samantha was rubbing suntan oil on Lisa's thighs when she suddenly felt
a tingling inside her mind. At first she shook it off and continued to
tend to Lisa's thighs and buttocks, but a strange giddiness surfaced, and
Samantha couldn't resist a giggle from escaping her lips.

"What's so funny?" Lisa asked.

"Ah...I...I don't know." Samantha giggled again while a little confused
as to why.

"Okay." Lisa giggled in response.

Samantha wasn't sure what was happening...but whatever it was it felt


Wendy Carmichael was jogging in the park when suddenly she felt an urge
to go see Lisa Lowell. 'Huh' she thought in confusion. It had been an
entire month since she'd been to Lisa's and it didn't make sense to her as
to why she suddenly wanted to go over there. Yet, with every second that
ticked by she felt a desperate compulsion to go there.

'Why?' Wendy continued to ask herself. This didn't make any sense at
all. Sure, the three of them had been best friends...and at one time they
did everything together. But all that changed the day Lisa and Samantha
Peters had 'come out of the closet'. Wendy remembered how shocked she had
been when she found out...and how embarrassed she felt when her schoolmates
labeled her a lesbian too. Wendy didn't condone their behavior and quickly
disassociated herself with them and their friendship dissolved. So, why
now did she feel compelled to go over there? As Wendy turned the corner
she veered off the trail and headed straight to Lisa's.

Lisa's house would add an extra couple of miles to her jog, but Wendy
was as close as she could get to perfect physical condition. As a junior
she was already the school's most valuable player on the soccer team and
she was also the town's fastest cross-country runner. Wendy picked up the
pace, propelling her strong legs forward and in no time at all she stood
outside the Lowell residence. Wendy knocked on the door and wondered,
'what am I going to say?...was Lisa even home?' Wendy looked down at her
bright blue spandex outfit, now soaked with her perspiration, and wondered.
'What am I doing here?'


When Adam opened the door he wasn't disappointed. Wendy looked even
sexier and lovelier in person than her 3'D' computer image. Wendy was
tall, standing only a smidgen shorter than his 5'9" and wore her long
auburn hair tied back in a ponytail.

" Lisa here?" Wendy stammered.

"No...Lisa isn't, but I am...and that is why you are here. Come inside
Wendy." Adam grinned as a confused Wendy Carmichael stepped inside. Adam
caught a whiff of Wendy's sweaty body and couldn't resist. "You certainly
smell nice."

Wendy blushed and stammered. "I...I'm sorry. I was out jogging and
I...well...I was jogging and just had to come running over here. God, I'm
so embarrassed...I wanted to take a shower...I...I must look a mess...I'm

"Oh need to apologize and I happen to love the way you
look...and smell for that matter. It kinda makes me real horny if you know
what I mean." Adam replied. The look of shock crossing Wendy's face was
priceless. Adam loved it when girls blushed.

Adam followed Wendy into the living room, admiring the view of her
shapely tight ass and muscular thighs. "Wendy...there are some things that
I really need to talk to you about but I want you to be more comfortable,
so, I want you to strip off your wet clothes...then jog upstairs and take a
nice relaxing sensual shower. You can use whatever stuff Lisa has in the
bathroom and then come back down and join me when you are done."

Wendy's eyes lit up with even more alarm but this didn't stop her from
stepping out of her running shoes and then peel off her wet socks. Adam
smiled when she struggled with her tight spandex jogging suit. "Why am I
doing this?" she finally she stripped off her sports bra and
panties. When Wendy stood completely naked before him she took Adam's
breath away. She was a work of art...erotic art that is. However, there
was one little area that would need his attention.

"Wendy, how old are you?"

"Sixteen." Wendy whispered.

Adam remembered the command he had made on the school and wondered why
Wendy didn't gain a cup size. Was she out of school that day? Adam
watched Wendy turn and then jog up the stairs. Her ass was
beautiful...mesmerizing him all the way up the stairs. He didn't take his
eyes off her body until she disappeared inside the bathroom. Adam wanted
Wendy...he wanted to fuck her in the worst way.


Wendy was soaping between her legs knowing she shouldn't be here, yet
enjoying the pleasure her touch provided her. Her mind raced through
everything that was happening to her and she couldn't believe it. This
made absolutely no sense at all. What would prompt her to be so compliant
as to strip naked in front of Adam Lowell...why was she now taking a
shower? Where was Lisa? Why am I here? Wendy also wondered what was
different about Adam? Sure, he was much more confident and sure of himself
but there seemed to be some physical changes as well. Was he taller and
more virile looking? And how come she wasn't frightened at all of this?
In fact, at the moment she felt relaxed and somewhat horny...especially
when she washed herself down 'here' she thought while placing her hand on
her mound.

When Wendy toweled herself off, she thought about what she would wear.
Adam didn't mention anything about clothes, but surely he didn't expect her
to go downstairs naked...did he? Well, he already did see her
least now she was clean. Then she wondered. 'Am I under some sort of

Wendy looked but didn't find a bathrobe. So, she did the next best
thing and wrapped a towel around her. She took a quick look in the mirror
and figured that this was the best she could manage. The towel covered her
just above her breasts...but unfortunately, it only came down to cover half
her naked buttocks. Wendy knew if she was forced to turn around or walk
ahead of him, that he'd be able to see her...she blushed. 'Maybe I can
sneak into Lisa's bedroom and get a pair of her panties to wear.' She
thought with desperation. But deep down she knew that she was fooling
herself. Adam had told her she could use Lisa's stuff...but it was the
stuff inside the bathroom. This meant that the towel would have to do.
Wendy headed back down the hallway...then down the stairs...and stopped in
front of Adam.

"Lose the towel." Adam stated, looking up from the couch. Wendy found
her hands obeying as the towel slid off her body and down to the floor.
She looked down at the carpet and couldn't look up.

"You are quite a piece...Wendy. Absolutely gorgeous...have you ever let
anyone touch that body of yours?"

"No." Wendy replied in a soft voice. Still looking down at the floor.
Wendy saw the towel there and come I can't pick it up? It
was as if someone else was controlling her movements.

"A virgin...could you be any sweeter? Don't answer that...instead,
pirouette for me...and stop at 180."

Wendy did as requested and slowly she came to a stop...showing Adam her
naked backside. She wanted to continue her 360 but she couldn't move.

"Wendy...reach down...not bending...and place your palms on the floor in
front of your feet."

Wendy knew exactly what this would do...and turned chrism red. Slowly,
she assumed the position and heard Adam get up and move behind her. "You
have such a lovely ass...incredibly sexy."

Wendy felt Adam's hands touch her ass cheeks...and knew that he was
looking at her puffy vaginal lips. She prayed he wouldn't touch her and
sighed in relief when she heard him say. "Okay can turn
around...and no more looking at the floor. You maintain eye contact from
now on.

Wendy turned around and faced Adam...this time looking straight at his

"I can tell you take great care of that beautiful body of yours, but
there is one little improvement I need to you know what it is?"
Adam asked.

Wendy saw Adam's eyes move down to her chest and then back up to her
eyes. Wendy blushed and replied. "My breasts."

"Yes Wendy...your boobs are nice and perky...and I especially love the
upturned lift to them but quite simply...they're way too small. Now,
wouldn't you love a nicer, fuller pair?"

"NO! I wouldn't...I...I run a lot and I need them small. They're
perfect just the way they are and with all the running I do, any bigger
would be uncomfortable and would hurt." Wendy surprised herself with her
bold response. "I've been teased my share of times about them but I'd
rather take this size over your sister's size any day!"

Adam just smiled at her. "Well don't have a choice in
the matter...but I can promise you this. You'll still be able to
run...okay. Now, let me get to why you're here. Come sit down next to
me." Wendy saw his hand pat the space next to him and as much as she didn't
want to...she did.

"Were you aware that your two former best friends are away at the

"No." Wendy replied.

"That's right...why would you? Anyway, Samantha and Lisa have been real
bad and I'm going to the beach to retrieve them. What this means is that
I'll be away for a couple of days...and it would have left my girlfriend
here all alone. I don't want to do that to her...nor do I want to take her
with me. Incidentally, do you know Heather Mercedes?"

"We've never talked...but yes...I know who she is."

"Well, that's my girl friend and I love her very much. So, I've decided
that you will take my place and keep her company."

"I...I don't understand."

"Yeah...I know. Let me do I explain is
bisexual. Actually, she is a virgin to lesbian sex but she's been
experiencing the feelings for it for over a month now. I want you to go
over her house so she can act on those feelings."

"But I...I'm not lesbian...I...don't understand what you mean."

"Not to worry...let's see here. Ah...have you noticed that you feel
compelled to do everything I say?"

"Yes." Wendy whispered. Did she really want to know where this was

"How do you feel about me?"

"Feel? mean sexually...ah...nothing really...I mean...I'm
embarrassed to be sitting here naked next to you and I'd rather I wasn't
but other than being embarrassed I don't feel anything at all." Wendy
replied...feeling compelled to tell the truth.

"Not a tad bit horny?"

"No! You do look different though...somehow you're better looking than
the last time I saw you...but I'm sorry Adam, I'm really not attracted to offense." Wendy replied...wishing she hadn't been so flip about

"No offense taken...and this leads me to my two part demonstration."

"Demonstration?" Wendy asked...feeling confused.

" see, right now you are feeling a very pleasant heat deep
inside that virgin pussy of yours...and it is making you horny."

Quite suddenly, Wendy felt a strange tingling deep inside her crotch.
This couldn't be happening! A boy had never touched her before but she had
certainly masturbated before...and she knew the feeling flooding her body
was sexual desire!

"You're getting hotter down there...and you can feel your desire inside
those small little tits of yours...notice how hard your nipples feel. Even
that slight tingling you felt in the shower doesn't compare to what you are
feeling now."

Wendy's eyes lit up. How did he know about what she felt in the shower?
Every word Adam said she felt and she started to squirm on the couch next
to him. Wendy closed her eyes...and at the same time squeezed her vaginal
muscles. She groaned while she wet the couch beneath her. With every
second that went by she felt more and more aroused.

"Tell me Wendy, what are you feeling right now?"

"I...I'm feeling...god I'm hot...I'm so horny...real horny." Wendy said
in ragged breaths.

"What would you like to do about it?"

"Can...can I go upstairs to the bathroom?"


"I...I need relief...I need to cum." Wendy replied in a soft voice.

"Hmmmm. Interesting. A perfectly willing male body sits beside you and
you want to go to the bathroom to masturbate. Well, good news and bad
news...what do you want first?"

Wendy couldn't believe her body as she panted. She needed relief fast
and if she didn't get it soon, she'd go out of her mind. Why was Adam
doing this to her? Didn't he realize how uncomfortable this felt?
"I...please let me go to the bathroom."

"You're not paying attention Wendy, but I guess that's because of what
you're feeling right now...anyway, here's the good can
masturbate all you want and cum up a storm...but now the bad news.u..for
you at least. If you want to masturbate you'll have to play with yourself
right here."

"Adam! I can't do that in front of you!" Wendy exclaimed, feeling her
desire to touch herself grow stronger and stronger.

"Your decision...and incidentally, let me add that I've always felt that
girls look their most provocative when they are in the throes of arousal.
Just sitting watching you in this state has given me a whopper of a

Wendy looked down and could see his erection poking hard up against his
jeans. Was this what he was leading up to? Did he want her to have sex
with him? "No Adam...I don't understand any of this...but I'm not having
sex with you. And you can't make me!"

"Actually you don't have any choice in the matter...which leads me to
the second step of this demonstration. You see Wendy...the first step was
to show you how hot I could make you. I merely turned on your
libido...that's all. What I didn't do is direct it at any specific person.
Are you following me? If I leave you like this it would cause you to be
perpetually horny for the rest of your life. Here, let me turn you off."

"Uuuggghhhhh. God...that...I...I don't are you
doing this?"

"A demonstration...remember? Now for the second part."

Wendy then felt it...pure sexual desire...she didn't want to masturbate,
she wanted Adam...and she wanted him NOW! She couldn't control herself.
"PLEASE! God Adam...PLEASE...Do something...please! I need you so
bad...please." Wendy reached over to him but was stopped suddenly when Adam
said. "Behave yourself."

Wendy, still feeling the incredible craving she possessed for Adam,
found that she first had to please him...and this meant behaving herself.
By throwing herself at Adam the way she did that wasn't good behavior.
"I'm sorry Adam...I'm sorry. I won't let that happen again...but
please...please I need, so bad."

"This demonstration is over the second you tell me exactly what you want
me to do."


"And that concludes my demonstration."

Suddenly, Wendy felt nothing. It was gone...the unbearable craving she
had for Adam disappeared. One second it totally consumed her soul and the
next second...gone.

"Now, run upstairs and go into Lisa's room. Go get some underwear and
find a white tee shirt. She has two sizes...get the me
you'll need it. Oh...and I love the way you look in spandex, so find a
pair of her spandex running shorts. You can rejoin me in the kitchen."

Wendy sat up to get off the couch and blushed when she realized she left
a wet spot. She didn't wait to see Adam's reaction and hurried upstairs to
do what she was told. While she rushed around her mind shot around in a
hundred different directions. What was he going to do to her? Was she
going to be forced her to have sex with Heather? How was it possible to
turn her on and off like that? As Wendy searched for a pair of Lisa's
panties, she noticed some bras and was surprised to see that the bra size
was 32'A'. Why would Lisa have this bra size in her drawer?

When Wendy got what she needed she ran back downstairs and went straight
to the kitchen. Still naked, with the clothes in her hands, she waited for
Adam to say something. Adam took the tee shirt from her and placed it on
the table...then handed her a black magic marker. "Okay Wendy...write the
words; 'I'M ON LOAN TO HEATHER' on the front. Wendy did so. "Great have excellent penmanship." Adam responded when he saw it.
"Now put everything on but your tee shirt."

Wendy felt somewhat relieved to be half dressed. Adam told her to turn
around and she could feel him moved up behind her. He moved his hands
underneath her armpits and settled his palms over her nipples. His hands
practically covered her tits completely. His mouth grazed her earlobe and
he whispered. "They're perky...and nice but like I said...way to small."

Wendy stood there...not really sure what was going to happen...but what
she did know was that she was getting turned on again...and blushed when
Adam commented on her increased breathing. A warm sensation then developed
inside her nipples and simultaneously tugged at her groin. Wendy moaned
and then gasped when she realized the moaning noise came from her. Adam
then removed his hands from her tits and stepped in front of her. "Now
place your own hands on your tits."

Wendy, still blushing, did as she was told and covered her tits with her
hands. Suddenly, she felt a strange sensation inside her tits and could
feel some sort of movement coming from underneath. Wendy looked down
realizing what was happening. Right before her eyes...they were
growing...and growing...and growing more! Wendy had kept her hands on top
of her tits the entire time but now instead of being able to cover them
completely, she now barely covered her new aureoles! " made me

Adam smiled at her. " own a pair of 36 D's now and trust me
when I say that they'll never give you backaches or weigh you down when you
run or anything that you were concerned about. In fact, the jiggling that
appears every time you walk, jog or sprint will look incredibly erotic to
everyone watching them. To you, they'll feel not only like before when
they were small, but even more comfortable and a tad bit sensual. Do you
like them?"

"I...they're so big...I don't know. I guess if what you say is true,
it'll be alright...but why did you have to make them so big?" Wendy
stammered while still feeling stunned at all these developments.

"Put on your tee-shirt Wendy...and carry this letter. Give it to
Heather when you are alone with her." Wendy did as instructed while Adam
explained where Heather lived. " last thing...the very next time
you see Heather, you will find her incredibly beautiful, sexy and a vision
of pure loveliness. The sight of her alone will arouse you...and her touch
will transport you to a world of sensual bliss. Your sexual desire to be
with her will overrule every emotion and every thought. You'll feel very
submissive in her presence and obey anything she says to you. You love her
more than life itself...and become an addict to the orgasms she can elicit
from you. Now go...go find your new happiness and enjoy."

Wendy knew that her new life had been sealed. Adam had just transformed
her into Heather's love slave and there wasn't a thing she could do about
it. If she could avoid seeing Heather, just maybe the command wouldn't
activate...but right now, she felt a strong desire to go to her house. As
she reached the door Adam yelled over to her. "On the way over, think
about all the things you can do to please her...if you do a good job there
may be something in it for you."

That did she felt even a greater need to get over to her house.
If she got over there quicker, she'd have more time to please her. Wendy
ran at a real fast pace and as she did she glanced down at her bouncing new
tits. Up and down like Jello she thought and as Adam had
discomfort at all. Wendy continued to think of different ways to please
Heather when she noticed a male jogger heading in her direction. As if he
were mesmerized, his eyes never left her bouncing tits. She smiled as she
passed him...he never looked up. This gave her the biggest charge.


On the surface, if anyone were to observe Samantha Peters, they would
think the lovely blonde goddess was incredibly happy, not to bright, and
simply a gorgeous babe...but inside that pretty shell, Samantha was in
total confusion. She knew that she was acting strange, but she couldn't
stop giggling for the life of her. Why was she suddenly acted like
a...a...bimbo? Samantha's first inclination was that Adam must have
somehow regained his powers but that was impossible...wasn't it? Then she
thought that someone might have slipped her some sort of date rape drug to
make her strange like and goofy. Should she tell Lisa? Samantha tried to
word her concerns inside her mind but for some reason she couldn't think of
the right ones. Her vocabulary...where was it? Samantha turned to Lisa,
smiled and then giggled again. "I'm thirsty, you want a soda?"

"Yeah...thanks. Need any money?" Lisa replied.

Samantha thought for a second...not sure if she had enough money. She
reached into the top half of her bikini and pulled out a bill. "
this enough?" Lisa looked at her strange like and responded; "Yeah...dah."

Samantha giggled as she stuffed the bill back into her hiding place and
headed towards the 'Sand Pit'. As she walked, something totally strange
was going on. For the first time since...well...a long time, she found
herself checking out the scenery...and she couldn't get over how fine
looking the other girls were. The beach was filled with them! Then she
stopped in stunned silence upon seeing a cute guy...who had huge muscles!
Huh! Why would a guy interest her? Yet, she felt her own symptoms bombard
her which forced her eyes down to his crotch. A huge bulge of stiff meat
pushed out from his bikini like bathing suit and Samantha blushed...and
when she finally made eye contact with him, she saw that he was checking
her out as well.

"Hi there with anyone?"

Samantha giggled, blushed, and responded. "Hi...god your cute...I'm
gonna go get me a soda, you want one?"

The guy was about to answer when a pretty redhead, with perky boobs and
one of the prettiest faces Samantha had ever seen walked up to him. "Cal,
you pig...I leave you alone for one second and here you are ready to pick
up the first bimbo you see."

Samantha, deep down, didn't like someone calling her a bimbo, but
instead of defending herself, she just giggled and headed off towards the
'Pit'. When she arrived there, she quickly got in line and scoped out the
cute guy eating some nachos. Samantha giggled while wondering how big he
was under those goofy shorts. Then a couple of girls moved in line behind
her. Samantha figured them for her age and felt a tingling sensation down
under. Samantha smiled...the girls smiled back. They were both very
pretty and wearing two piece bikinis like she was...although they didn't
fill them out as curvaceously as she did.

Samantha introduced herself with a giggle, which must have been
contagious because soon they were all giggling. The girl named Suzy
appeared about her height but had an athletic type body. She wore her dark
hair in a short modern style, her tits were probably 'B' cup at best...she
really had a tight looking ass, strong thighs, and a bubbly personality.
She reminded her of Wendy Carmichael. The other girl's name was Nicole,
and she was blonde...although probably not a real blonde. Samantha
wondered if she would get to find out. Her tits might have been slightly
bigger than Suzy's but it would have only been because she appeared

Samantha tried having a somewhat intelligent conversation with them but
she was finding it hard to formulate any sentences. When she tried to
think, she could feel a headache coming on, so she stopped thinking and
felt much, much better. She figured they must think that she was a bimbo,
but she didn't care. Maybe that redhead was right. As she was about to
comment on their bikinis, a different teen girl drew her attention. This
one worked behind the counter. Samantha giggled, then stated.
"'d like a soda please."

"What kind?"

"A coke." Samantha answered, then turned back to the girls behind her.
All three of them giggled while waiting for the girl to return with the
soda. "That'll be 89 cents." Samantha slipped her hand inside her bikini
top and copped a feel while she was in there...a jolt of sexual arousal
passed through her eliciting a gasp. Samantha turned beet-red while
handing the bill to the girl. The girl looked at the bill, and responded.
"I'm sorry, we don't have change for this."

Samantha looked at her in confusion. She wondered why and felt like
crying. Now more than ever she was convinced something was wrong...but
still she couldn't function beyond her bimbo state. Samantha wasn't sure
what to do until she heard a man from the other line tell a different girl working the counter, 'Keep the change.' Samantha turned to the girl, who
looked suddenly pretty to her, and said. "Keep the change". The girl smiled and said thanks. Samantha giggled in response...pleased that she
made the girl happy. It made her feel good to make someone happy.
Samantha had no idea that she had just given the girl a fifty-dollar bill.
Samantha went over to a booth in the back of the 'Pit', and was happy when
the girls that had been in line behind her, joined her. Nicole slid in
opposite her while Suzy slid in next to her. Samantha looked at Suzy
closely and thought that the girl might be blushing for some reason.

Samantha sipped her coke and giggled, but the longer she sat there with
them this close to her, the more aroused she became. Within minutes
Samantha couldn't resist putting her hand down on Suzy's thigh and was so,
so happy when Suzy didn't move or say anything. Suzy let her hand rest
there and allowed Nicole to monopolize the conversation and then slowly
moved her hand up higher along Suzy's thigh. When she reached the girl's
crotch, she could feel her heat and whispered. "Suzy, you're so hot down
there." Suzy blushed and whispered back. "I...I don't understand...I've
never felt this way for a girl before."

Samantha felt so incredibly horny that she felt like making love to Suzy
right here in the 'Pit'! When she looked at Suzy closely she saw that she
was breathing in deep breaths...and when she glanced over at Nicole, she
saw that she was doing the same. Samantha breathed in to see if she could
detect any particular smell and was assailed by a sweet pleasant aroma that
seemed to come from underneath the table. Samantha reached down with her
left hand and squeezed her own crotch area and the very same
time she squeezed Suzy's hot crotch which elicited a groan from her as
well. Samantha looked over at Nicole and noticed that she had her own hands
down below the table.

Samantha wondered where they could go...while repositioning her fingers
so she could reach inside Suzy's bikini bottoms and enter her wet folds.
The mere touch made the girl cry out and Samantha noticed that everyone
stopped what they were doing to look at Suzy. Samantha giggled while she
slipped another finger inside her and a second later she had her third
finger buried inside of her. Suzy squirmed in response allowing Samantha
greater and deeper access. Nicole looked dazed and started to look at her
expectantly. Samantha felt sad she was so far away from her.

"Where can we be alone?" Samantha asked the two girls.

" car in the parking lot." Nicole responded...turning a
shade of red.

Samantha leaned over to Suzy and whispered. "I'm ready to make you
cum...are you ready?" Suzy blushed then giggled in response. "You already
have, silly, but I'm ready to cum again."


Lisa had no idea where Samantha was but thanks to some strange feelings
that were playing on her she didn't really care where she was. At this
particular moment, all she cared about was how she was going to get that
sexy looking lifeguard to fuck her. Lisa thought it was strange that she
suddenly was thinking about a boy when she loved Samantha but every time
she tried to look away from him, her eyes always returned.

Lisa hated to admit it, but the strong sexual attraction she felt for
the lifeguard was quickly turning to hunger...and Lisa was having a
difficult time ignoring it. Lisa closed her eyes and quickly an image
formed of him and her together inside the lifeguard storage shack. She saw
herself kneeling down in front of him...taking his long thick member inside
her mouth and sucking him like she would a tootsie roll. Samantha could
feel the movement of her huge tits with each breath she took and it wasn't
until she opened her eyes did she realize that right hand was beneath her
bikini bottoms and stroking her very wet pussy. Lisa didn't care...she
needed relief and gasped as she flooded her hand.

Lisa quickly tore her hand away from her pussy and got p. The small cum she felt from her masturbation only bothered her more. She looked over at
the 'Sand Pit' and wondered how much longer Samantha would be, then turned
towards the lifeguard. Lisa started to walk towards him and as she did,
she could feel every set of eyes, both male and female, checking her out.
She knew that nobody could resist looking at her huge tits and shapely
ass...and suddenly liked the attention she was receiving...little did she
realize that her cum gave off a scent that filled the air. Lisa spotted a
couple of cute guys along the way towards the lifeguard and almost strayed.
When she reached the lifeguard station, the lifeguard looked down at her
with a grin. Lisa knew that he had a great view of her ample cleavage.

"What do you need gorgeous?" The lifeguard asked, sounding all that.

Lisa surprised herself when she replied. "You."

The End of Chapter Three.

Chapter Four will pick up the saga exactly where this left off - and is
already 50% completed, so expect a posting soon!

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