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Archived Sex Stories

Master PC 4


Disclaimer: Nobody under the age of 18 should be reading says the

Author's Note: If you haven't read Master PC 1 & 2 & 3, you really
shouldn't read this until doing so. And I'm always interested in knowing
what you think about my work.

For more of my work visit my NEW site:

This is a 'jdw' proof read.

'Master PC 4' by JR Parz


Wendy stood outside Heather's house catching her breath. The jog was
relatively short compared to her normal workout, but her pace was so close
to a sprint that it had tested her endurance. While Wendy waited for
someone to come to the door, she took another glance down at her body.
Seeing her sweaty skintight spandex and protruding boobs underneath her tee
shirt, she hoped that Heather would approve.

"Can I help you?" asked a woman standing in the doorway.

"Hi...I...I'm Heather home?"

Wendy watched the lady's eyes roam from her face down to her tee shirt,
her eyes widening. "What is this...a joke?"

Wendy blushed...knowing Heather's mom had read the words "I'm on loan to
Heather" on her tee shirt. Thankfully, she didn't pursue an answer and
instead turned inside and yelled. "HEATHER...there's a girl here to see

Wendy felt extremely nervous and wished that she could just disappear.
Never in her life would she have believed that magic like this existed or
that she could be made to love and desire another person...especially when
that other person was a girl! Yet here she stood without any say in the
matter, knowing that the second she laid eyes on Heather her fate would be

"I remember you." Heather said with a smile. Wendy practically swooned
as a tidal wave of feelings washed over her. Before her stood the most
beautiful and sexiest girl she had ever seen...and more than the air she
breathed, she wanted to be with her. "I...hi...I...I'm Wendy."

Heather started to check her out and she feared that she might not
measure up. 'Will Heather find me attractive?' she wondered while trying
desperately to control her shaking body.

"Nice, very nice." Heather finally said...looking directly at her chest.
Wendy blushed, wondering whether Heather was complimenting her huge tits or
what was written on her tee shirt. "Would you like to come in Wendy?"

"Thank you." Wendy whispered in response and followed Heather inside.
They walked up the stairs...down the hallway...and turned into Heather's
bedroom. "Have a seat." Heather said, gesturing towards her bed.

Wendy sat down and continued to gaze at Heather...she could look at her
forever. "That's an interesting tee shirt you have on...what's it supposed
to mean?"

Wendy hoped that the tee shirt pleased her and suddenly remembered the
note. "Adam told me to give this to you".

Heather took the note and read it...and at first looked sad...then
surprised...and finally downright sexy. "Did you read this?" she asked.

"No...but Adam told me some..."

"Isn't he wonderful." Heather cut in. "He's leaving town on an
emergency and might be gone for a couple of days...and he...well...he gave
me you as a present."

"Yes." Wendy softly replied with downcast eyes.

"He really amazes me...I...I had no idea he even knew I had these
feelings, and yet here you are as a gift from him. Are you a lesbian?"

"No, I...not before he...but I...Heather...I...I'm in love with you. I
know it doesn't make sense but...but I can't help feeling this way. Adam
did something to make me feel like this...and I...I can't help it."

"You're so beautiful...and innocent." Heather beamed.

"I...I want to please you...make to you...but I...I'm scared
that I won't it right. I've never done this before...never even
thought know, another girl...and I don't want to disappoint

"Oh sweetie, don't be afraid. We'll learn together...I've never done it
with another girl, either...ah...are right now?"

"God yesss...I...I'm like real, real wet" Wendy pointed
with a blush.

Heather locked the door and then turned to her with a huge grin. "Me
too." Then in one motion she pulled off her halter-top, freeing her huge
tits. Wendy gasped, prompting Heather to giggle. "Nice boobs, huh?"

"They're so beautiful."

Heather then slid out of her shorts and panties...and now stood naked
before Wendy.

"You're a goddess." Wendy whispered...completely awestruck.

"Standup honey." Heather instructed.

Wendy stood up and allowed Heather to pull her tee shirt up over her
head...springing free her own assets. Heather took a moment to kiss each
nipple before reaching down to peel off her tight spandex pants and very
wet panties.

Now both of them were naked and Heather looked at her as if she were
inspecting her. "You're very beautiful Wendy...turn around and let me see
that foxy ass of yours." Heather gushed at this compliment and proudly
provided Heather a clear view of her shapely tush. "You could do a buns of
steel video, and look at those thighs!" Heather exclaimed from behind her.

Wendy had never felt happier and more aroused as Heather palmed one of
her ass her a loving squeeze. Then she slid her hand down
underneath and teased her wet lips below...Wendy cried out.

"You like that Wendy...don't you?" Heather murmured.

"Yesssssssssssss...godddddddddd yesssssssssssssssss." Wendy replied,
basking in the incredible feelings Heather's fingers provided her...and
then she felt fear as Heather pulled out of her.

"Wendy honey...come...come to me." Heather whispered while she moved on
top of the bed and spread her legs.

As if she were in a trance, Wendy slowly moved on top of the bed and
nestled herself in-between Heather's legs...the aroma of Heather's sex
elicited a hunger she had never known before. Shyly, she stuck her tongue
inside of Heather and this time it wasn't she who yelled out God's
name...but Heather.


Heather Mercedes was in heaven...and as much as she loved Adam, she
found herself falling hard for the lovely girl beside her. Heather looked
down at her sleeping beauty and beamed...she loved how her long auburn hair
fanned out along her slim athletic body...and she loved how her ample boobs sat up sexily on her chest. Every curve...every contour...every crevice
looked so very appetizing prompting Heather to slide her palms up along
Wendy's hips and well-rounded ass until she found the warm hot spot...Wendy
moaned in response.

First, her incredible love making with Adam this morning...and now her
lesbian relations with Wendy this afternoon...does life get better?
Heather straddled her sleeping lover...feeling all giddy as their warm
moist pussies rubbed up against one another...and leaned over and kissed
her. "Hi Wendy...are you ready for more?"

Wendy woke with a dreamy spaced-out smile on her face. "Yessssss."

Heather moved her body up so her huge tits hung over Wendy's
face...encouraging the pretty girl to suck on one of her nipples. Then she
reached back with her right hand and entered her...eliciting a gasp.
Heather smiled when she heard Wendy pant. "I...I'm gonna cum."

"I know sweetie...I know."


Adam made the finishing touches to Lisa and Samantha's personality
mindset and then switched screens to bring up Heather and Wendy's images.
They were still naked! Adam could picture the two of them and was tempted
to summon...but decided against it.

Adam loved the way Wendy responded to his new obedience commands, so he
made sure to place the same compulsions on Samantha and Lisa...of course,
this was in addition to their new alter egos. Now Adam needed to get to
the beach and wondered what car he could use and when he looked outside, he
spotted it...three houses down. The red Mustang convertible sat in the
Manners driveway, which meant Julia Manners was home from college. 'Hot
Damn! Julia was a babe!' he thought with excitement. This way he could
take care of his transportation needs and the throbbing between his legs at
the same time!

Adam ran up the stairs and quickly sat down at his computer. He typed
in Julia's name and address and instantly the lovely college girl popped up
on the rotating sphere...dressed in tight shorts and a halter. Adam loved
her emerald green eyes and short modern haircut, and quickly placed Julia
under the same type obedience gave her a compulsion to drive
him to the beach.

Adam changed into cut off jeans...leaving off his underwear and put on a
tee shirt, which fit snug against his new body. He took a quick look in
the mirror and was pleased at what he saw. 'Imagine muscles like these and
I never worked out a day in my life.'

Adam ran outside just as Julia pulled her Mustang along side of his
house. " is going to sound strange,
but...I...well, I'd like to give you a ride to the're
going there."

"Wow did you know I wanted to go to the beach?"

"I...I...don't know...just...all of a sudden...I"

"Wait! You can't go to the beach like that...ah...I think you'd be a
lot more comfortable in a bikini, don't you?"

"I guess so...yeah...I suppose you're right...but that's alright...I'm
comfortable enough with what I have on."

"Nonsense...I want you to feel as comfortable as, I'd like
you to get out of the car, jog back home...and change into your sexiest
bikini...okay." Adam said.

"But...but I don't have one at the house...I...I left it back at the
dorm." Julia responded...sounding nervous.

Adam thought for a second...then replied. "Okay...then what you have on
will have to do. I'm driving, so slide over."

"Sure Adam." Julia replied, sliding her lovely ass over to the
passenger's side. Adam wished that his face were the seat just then.
'God, he wanted her!'

"Julia...can I ask you a personal question?"

"I guess it would be alright...but I may not answer it if it's too

Adam grinned. "Have you ever gone down on a guy before?"

"Adam! How could you?" Julia replied in alarm.

"It's alright to answer me trust me."

"I...yes...I've gone down on my boyfriend." Julia stammered.

"I bet he loves it, doesn't he?"

"I...I'm not sure...he knows I'm not really into it...and we don't do it
very often. He sometimes wants me to start off that way...but we always
end up having intercourse." Julia admitted with a blush.

Adam could tell by the look on Julia's face that she was shocked at her
admissions. "How about a girl...have you ever been with a girl before?"

"Yes...once." Julia whispered, blushing even more.

Adam's eyes lit up. What was it about two girls together that turned
him on so much? "Who is she?"

"My roommate at college."

"Oh did you like it?"

"I...ah...I was so embarrassed."

"Did you like it? Did you orgasm?"

" came." Julia finally admitted.

"What's her name?"

"Theresa Parker."

"Is she still your roommate?"


"Did she want to make love to you again?"

"Yes...but I told her no."

"Are you still friends?"


"Hmmmmm. Is she 'butch' looking or pretty, like you?"

"She's very pretty."

"You seem to have enjoyed the experience...what's the problem?"

"I...It was like I was cheating on my boyfriend."

"Cheating! Are you kidding? I bet your boyfriend would have wanted to
join in if he'd known that you and Theresa were fucking."

Julia sat with her head down...not saying a word.

"Incidentally Julia...have you noticed my hard-on?"

Julia swallowed. "Yes...its pretty hard not to notice it."

"Do know." Adam asked.

Julia stared at him...then got the picture when he looked down at his

"You want me to give you a blow job." Julia whispered.

Adam smiled. "Wouldn't you like to?"

" I wouldn't."

"Julia...I would never ever ask you to do anything that you wouldn't
enjoy...and I'm telling you right now that you're going to love every

"I...I...don't understand what's going on, but I do believe you when you
put it like that." Julia replied somewhat surprised at her change in

"Let's get on the highway first...and then I'll let you get started."

"Here! Inside the car!"

"Yes Julia...I want you to go down on me while I'm driving."

"But people are going to see'll be really embarrassing.
I'm really shy you know."

"You have nothing to be embarrassed about...why look at that 'bod' of're gorgeous. In fact, the mere thought of giving me head is
starting to make you feel horny...isn't it?"

Julia's eyes lit up with shock...then turned to desire.
"Yesssss...I...I'm starting to feel horny."

As Adam hopped on the highway, Julia scooted over to him and reached for
his zipper. "You have beautiful breasts, Julia, what size bra do you
wear?" Adam asked while admiring her twin beauties.

"34'C'...God Adam...You're huge!" Wendy exclaimed when she freed Adam's

"Yes...I am." Adam chuckled as Julia lowered her mouth on his knob."


Samantha had been so horny for both Nicole and Suzi that all three of
them piled into the back seat of Nicole's car. After they helped each
other strip off their skimpy bikinis, they began groping, tonguing, licking
and sucking each other and when they weren't moaning, or screaming out in
pleasure...they were giggling. Little did any of them realize that they
had drawn an audience.


The second they entered the storage shed, Lisa stripped off her bikini
and was down on her knees. The lifeguard, who had already removed his
bright orange trunks, gaped at the size of her tits! Lisa reached down to
fondle the lifeguard and within seconds, sprung him to attention, and then
slid her tongue up one side of his shaft...and then down the
other...eventually taking all eight inches of him inside her mouth.

"This is incredible...god you're hot...and so fucking beautiful!"
exclaimed the lifeguard, who looked like he was ready to burst.

'You are too.' Lisa thought and continued to suck until the lifeguard
shot a thick stream of cum down her throat.

The lifeguard took a few moments to recover and asked. "Are you always
like this?"

Lisa blushed, knowing what he implied. "I...I'm just so horny that I
can't seem to help myself."

"Well, why don't you masturbate until I get hard again."

Lisa smiled as she brought her left hand up to play with her boobs and
then her other hand snuck down underneath. The lifeguard looked shocked at
her uninhibited actions. "You give new meaning to the words...IN HEAT."

"Tha...thank youuuu." Lisa stammered...unable to stop thrusting in and
out of herself.

"Get up." The lifeguard said...forcing her to stop what she was doing.
Lisa quickly got to her feet. "Okay, come here and lean against this
beam." Lisa did as she was told, presenting her lovely ass for
him...wiggling it and wishing he would hurry.

The lifeguard thrust in four of his fingers, eliciting a moan...then
replaced his fingers with his new erection and Lisa cried out. "Harder!
Harder! God, fuck me HARDER!"


Adam slowly made his way up the main drag and was amazed at how many
beautiful girls there were. He looked over at Julia and smiled...she was
equally as beautiful and for a girl who didn't have much practice giving
blow jobs, she certainly did a good job. Of course, he did take away her
gag reflex and give her a healthy craving to perform cunnilingus and
fellatio...not to mention a burning need to please him. "Julia...I can't
thank you enough for this ride and...well...simply the best blow job of my

Julia beamed and turned red at the same time...both emotions contrasted
nicely with one another.

Adam pulled into the parking lot and came to a stop...he then leaned
over and kissed Julia, who kissed him back with a surprising amount of
passion. Adam reached down and cupped her right tit during the kiss and
Julia moaned.

"Will I see you again?" Julia asked, reluctantly breaking away from the

"I'm sure from time to time, yeah, but now that you feel differently
about your roommate and you have a boyfriend...I think you'll want to spend
more time with them."

"That's not true...come see me at college. I mean...without you I
wouldn't have know...ever felt about sex the way I do now."

"Well, someday...I promise. You go ahead now and drive careful...okay."

"Okay." Julia responded with a slight pout on her pretty face.

Julia was a fox and he didn't have any qualms about fixing her sex
life...and reaping some of the benefits. She would enjoy sex now...with
both sexes.

Adam then noticed a gathering of teenagers around a blue Honda Accord.
Adam moved up to the car and saw three girls going at it in the back seat.
He knew it had to be Samantha or Lisa...and when he spotted the blonde hair...he figured it out. Adam knocked on the window and caught Samantha's
attention. This pissed off the onlookers, but he gestured to Samantha to
get out of the car. Moments later, after she tied her two piece bikini
back on, she joined him outside the car.

", what are you doing here?" Samantha asked, confused...and
then giggled.

"Checking up on my favorite Bimbo...did you enjoy yourself?"

Samantha giggled again...blushing...then replied in a sexy voice.

"Where's Lisa?"

"Lisa? Oh...Lisa! I forgot about Lisa!" Samantha said with more

Adam smiled at Samantha, pleased with his work. He knew that Samantha
was inside, undoubtedly burning mad being trapped inside this bimbo alter
ego, but he had no desire to surface her at the moment. "Let's go find my

"Kay." Samantha replied and of course...giggled.

Adam chuckled at the looks Samantha got. He knew when others looked at
her, they saw bimbo personified...and it was kinda cool having a blonde babe at his heels.

When they reached the blanket...Samantha giggled. "She must have left
to go potty."

Adam didn't say anything and quickly scanned the area. It only took a
few moments to locate an empty lifeguard tower...and about fifty yards from
there was a storage shed. Adam turned to Samantha. "I bet she's inside
the shed."

Samantha looked over at the shed. "Why would she be in there?"

"For privacy."


"Oh you really are a bimbo, aren't you...she's getting fucked by the

"That can't be true...Lisa doesn't like guys...she likes me." Samantha
replied with a confused, goofy look on her face.

Adam chuckled as he headed towards the shed...and when he tried opening
the door he found it locked. Adam listened through the door and could hear
some panting and groaning coming from inside. Adam grabbed the handle and
applied his new super strength. It took very little effort to break the

The first sight greeting him upon entering was the lifeguard taking Lisa
from behind. Adam saw where the lifeguard was thrusting his cock in and
out of his sister's wet pussy and apparently enjoying every second of it!
Adam turned to look at Samantha, who was caressing her own body when it
finally dawned on him. If he didn't get Samantha out of here soon her
pheromones would start affecting him, not to mention the lifeguard and Lisa
and then they'd have themselves a full blown orgy.

"Samantha...go wait outside and stop touching yourself."

Adam watched as Samantha pouted...but complied. Then he turned around
just as the lifeguard pulled out and sprayed a load of cum on Lisa's back
and ass. It was at this time that the lifeguard noticed him. "What the

Adam smiled at him. "Did you enjoy my sister?"

"Sister? Hey offense, but this bitch begged me for it."

"No offense taken." Adam turned to look at the dazed Lisa, who had
fallen to her knees. "Lisa, get your bikini back on and come with me and

Lisa quickly put her bikini back on. "You're responsible for
this...aren't you?!?"

"Yes...I am, but we'll talk about that back at your hotel room."

The lifeguard shook his head in amazement while he slipped on his orange
swimming trunks. All three of them walked outside the shed and Adam
noticed the lifeguard eyeing Samantha. "Hey, is this blonde bitch a sister of yours, too?"

"Nope...but she is my property."

"Property? What are you...a teenage pimp?"

Adam laughed. "You know...that isn't necessarily a bad idea now, is it

Both Lisa and Samantha blushed.

Adam then noticed the lifeguard sizing him up. "Well, I think I want
the blonde bitch much?"

Adam turned to Samantha...winked...then looked the lifeguard in the
eyes. "Look, you just had your way with my sister and you should be
thankful for, why don't you go back up to that tower of yours
and do what they pay you for...okay?"

"Listen twerp...don't tell me what to do."

Despite Adam's new size, the lifeguard still towered over him...but
thanks to Master PC, Adam not only possessed super strength and super
speed, but he was also an expert fighter. The lifeguard looked like he was
ready to grab him, so Adam used an open palm jab straight to the
lifeguard's solar plexus and dropped him like a ton of bricks. Lisa's eyes
lit up with confused shock...while Samantha, on the other hand, giggled.

"Okay, my two pet sluts...let's go back to your hotel room."


Both girls sat on the edge of their king-sized bed. Adam looked at
Samantha and smiled. "Okay...time for a little chat...but first I need to
take you out of your bimbo mode...Bimbo, be gone."

Adam watched as Samantha's eyes flickered for a moment and then, like a
girl coming out of a trance...they opened wide. "You fucking asshole!"
Samantha screamed and then added. "How could you! I deleted Master PC!

Adam chuckled at Samantha and then turned to Lisa. "Lisa...I bet you're
still feeling very uncomfortable...aren't you?"

"Yes...I...oh god, I'm so horny...I need it real bad." Lisa stammered.

"Nympho be gone." Adam said and then watched as his sister calmed down.
"Feel better?"

"Yes. What did you do to us?" Lisa replied.

"Well, suffice to say, (turning from Lisa to Samantha) Samantha here
fucked up and only thought she deleted Master PC. Now I'm back in

"But how? You couldn't have accessed the computer...I instructed Master
PC not to allow you to touch it and then took your knowledge of computers
away from you." Replied Samantha.

" certainly did. You caused Heather and I a great deal of
pain. So much in fact, that I'm going to enjoy telling you your new fate in
life. Let me start with you...given you are the one that started all this,
but first Lisa, lay back and fall asleep." Lisa fell back on the bed and in
seconds was sleeping like a baby. "Now, I've taken the liberty of creating
an alter ego for the both of you...and by simply saying the magic words, I
can turn this alter ego on and off as I see fit. Samantha...I've already
given you a taste of your alter ego, how was it?"

"I...I hated it! But...but I liked it, too."

"Yep...just the way I wanted it! Unlike you, I made this state mentally
deplorable...but physically pleasurable! You hated it because
you couldn't help react like a bimbo. You knew you were acting out of
character, but unable to do anything about it. I just added that giggling
in to further emphasize the dumb blonde sexy bimbo image. I especially
like how it affects that normally high IQ of yours...and let's not forget
your perpetual craving to seduce pretty girls. Oh, by the'll
have a craving for the guys, too, but unless they pursue you, you won't be
able to enjoy them. Another words, when it comes to'll be able
to seduce them...but when it comes to guys, they'll be the seducers.
Remember those two girls you were eating out earlier? Of course you
do...they never had a chance against you. You see, while you're in this
state, you give off a special scent and when a girl gets a whiff of it,
they'll find themselves getting turned on. The pheromones you give off
will also put your female subjects in a giggly, dreamy, horny state. This
I did in case some guys come along and have the desire to fuck you and
whomever you're with. "Sleep Samantha." and just like Lisa, Samantha's
pretty head dropped back on the bed.

"Wake up Lisa." Adam commanded, watching his sister open her eyes and
sit up.

"And as for you, my dear sister...if you hadn't realized it...I turned
you into a nympho. And as you remember, when you are in this state,
getting cock or pussy and relieving the ache between those sexy legs of
yours become your sole purpose in life. If you recall, Lisa, I didn't
tamper with your mind...just your sex drive. You'll need it over and over
again and whomever you fuck will only be able to satisfy your hole once...lucky for you, you have three of them! Oh, and masturbation won't
help you unless the guy or girl you are with want you to masturbate for

VIII. (Next Day)

Heather straddled Adam's lower body, impaling herself on his thick hard
cock. Then she moved her pelvis in an up and down, rocking motion, and
from the feel of her vaginal muscles, he could tell she was ever so close.
Wendy, in the meantime, was sitting on his face while he licked, sucked,
and drank from her.

Adam reflected on how Heather proclaimed her for both him and Wendy and
because he loved Heather, he allowed them their time together. He also
ensured she remained a virgin. Now, as he gave Wendy head and fucked
Heather, the two girls were playing with each other's tits...and Wendy must
have been real close to coming because she started to bounce up and down on
his face. Adam responded by thrusting his tongue in deeper while also
doing the same with his cock...moments later, all three of them came.


Later on that evening, Wendy looked up from Heather's bed and smiled.
She still lay there naked and despite the ongoing sex she had with
her...and Adam, she still felt horny. Wendy remembered her earlier
suspicions that Lisa and Samantha's love was Adam that she and
Heather were lovers, she confirmed it.

Heather joined her on the bed...and then nudged her legs apart. Slowly,
Heather lowered her mouth down to her wet pussy and lightly licked her
labia. Wendy gasped...and twisted beneath her. "Pleeeeaassseeeee."

"Please what?" asked Heather with a grin on her face.

"Please...I need...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh." Wendy screamed as Heather poked her
tongue against her clit...eliciting yet another orgasm.

X. (Two Weeks Later)

Adam should have been flying high...he loved Heather and made love to
her every day. He loved Wendy too, but out of respect to Heather he never
entered her virgin pussy. He didn't love Samantha, but that didn't stop
him from fucking her...and often. He even accepted a blow job from his
sister when he got the urge. Then why was he so restless? Adam gazed at
the 3D computer image of Julia Manners and sighed. 'That's why.' Julia was
undoubtedly back at college and based at how many times her image was
naked, obviously having the sex of her life...Adam wanted her. Of course
he could just summon her, but he didn't want to do least not yet.
Adam picked up the phone and called Heather. "Come on over about 5:00
this afternoon and bring Wendy along...tonight's a special night."

A couple hours later, Heather and Wendy walked in. Adam had already
given his mother a compulsion to go out for the evening and Lisa and
Samantha were sitting on the couch. "Finally, we are all here...please
girls, join the other two on the couch." Adam waited until Heather and
Wendy sat down. "Tonight is a special night for Lisa and Samantha...and I
thought that you two shouldn't miss it."

"Wha...what are you talking about?" Lisa asked with a stammer. Samantha
just sat there...silent.

"First, before I get on with that...I have a gift for my lovely
Heather." (Heather beamed at his words). "From this minute forward, you
both will be subject to any command that Heather gives you...and you must
always treat her with utmost reverence while out in public. Regardless
what she commands, you must obey...and do your very best to please her in
the process. Now, on to the main event."

Samantha mumbled something disrespectful under her breath. Lisa looked
like she was ready to cry. Heather gazed lovingly at Adam, and Wendy sat
silent in amazement. "What's about to happen was already set up that
special day inside your hotel room...can anyone guess what happens

"Full moon." Wendy whispered...breaking her silence.

"Yes're right...very astute. Now Samantha...because of what
you did to me...and especially what you did to my Heather...I..."

"Adam...what are you talking about?" Heather interrupted, sounding

"Trust me honey...she did something bad to bad that I had to
erase your memory of the events to eliminate the pain. Now where was
I...oh yeah...on every full moon you two will transform into your alter
egos...and stay in that state until the sun rises the next morning."

Tears formed in Lisa's eyes. "Why are you doing this?"

"Because my dear and your blonde friend deserve it...that's
why...and I know you were just following Samantha's lead, and for that
reason I'm going to make things slightly easier on you...just you."

Samantha whispered just loud enough to be heard. "Someday...someday
you'll get yours...again."

Adam glared back at Samantha...then grinned. "Maybe...but for
tonight...and on every full'll be getting yours. Now, go get
dressed up in your sexiest'll be going to the mall before it
gets dark. I want you around a lot of people when you undergo your
transformation...and oh yeah, one more thing...part of your punishment is
the inability to tell anyone."

XI. (Another Two weeks later)

Adam rammed in and out of Julia's slick pussy while she panted and
begged for him to fuck her harder. He had already given her five orgasms
and all within an hour...and each time in a different position.

"Harder...god fuck me harder...please...harder." Julia continued to
groan...while thrusting back her ass for deeper penetration. Adam loved
taking his bitches 'doggy style'...and they never seemed to mind.

This was the third time in a week that he drove up here and it seemed he
couldn't get enough of the short haired nymph...and wondered now if he
should bring her back with him. 'Now that would really piss off her
roommate, wouldn't it?' he thought with a chuckle. Adam loved how angry
Theresa Parker got whenever he showed up and considered giving her a slight
attitude adjustment. The thought of having himself a menage a' trios with
the roommates aroused the hell out of him, but he decided against it until
he knew for sure what he wanted in his relationship with Julia.

As Adam continued to thrust in and out of Julia...he happened to glance
down at her tits. She had nice ones...and originally thought that he'd
leave her a 'C' cup...but now that he watched them hang down from her
chest...jiggling and bouncing with their fucking, he thought that maybe she
could use a little enhancement. How about Heather's size...better yet, how
about Lisa's size! That would sure cause a stir...he grinned when he
thought how Theresa would react to them...and wished he could be there to
see their faces. Then it dawned on him...why not be there himself. He'd
have to leave Master PC up and running and set a time delayed command...but
that would be alright. Adam felt a shudder. Wasn't it his decision to
keep the computer on that got him in a heap of trouble the last time? Adam
then smiled. He knew that Heather wouldn't go near it...and Heather would
keep Wendy away from it and this left his sister and Samantha...and Adam
knew just what to set up to handle them.

Adam thrust into Julia one last time before sending a thick stream of
cum inside the co-ed...Julia screamed out with another orgasm. 'What was
that...her sixth?'

XII. (A Few Days Later)

Wendy woke up because she had to pee...but the last thing she wanted to
do at that moment was leave Heather's warm body. Reluctantly, she slid her
own naked body out from underneath Heather and headed down the hallway to
the bathroom...but when she heard groans coming from Adam's room...she
stopped. 'Huh?' She knew that Adam was off visiting Julia again, something
he had been doing more and more lately...not that she was complaining much,
because it meant Heather and her had more time together. Wendy opened the
door a crack to peer in and was stunned to see Samantha and Lisa '69'ing'
each other on Adam's bed.

Wendy thought that Adam would have a fit if he knew about this and more
than likely Heather would have something to say if she found out. Wendy
didn't want to get the girls into trouble...thinking that they were
enduring enough punishment every full moon, so she needed to work quick and
stop them before Heather woke up.

"What are you two doing! Are you crazy?"

Samantha looked up only long enough to giggle at her, while Lisa totally
ignored her. Then it hit her...they weren't themselves! 'What gives?' she
wondered. Not only was it too early for the moon but there wasn't a full
one scheduled for another couple of weeks...then why did they transform?
Just then out of the corner of her eye, Wendy saw something on Adam's
computer that floored her! A 3D figure of a girl rotated around on a
sphere-like object...quite naked and sporting the tits as big as Lisa's!

Wendy walked over to the computer and sat down. 'So, this is what Julia
Manners looks like...sure she was foxy looking and carried quite a pair but
why would anyone want her when they had Heather?' At the bottom of the
screen, written in bold capitol letters. "JULIA MANNERS breast ENLARGEMENT

Wendy wasn't a wizard with computers...but she wasn't a novice
either...and she knew damn well that whatever this program was it wasn't
your every day software. Wendy wanted to play around with it but she
suddenly felt a fear that Heather wouldn't approve...and she had no desire
ever to upset Heather.

Then it hit her! 'She could copy the program and have her own...this
way she wouldn't upset Heather by tampering with Adam's. Would it be
possible to copy the program onto a disc? Wendy quickly found a new disc
and put it in the 'A' drive...and began downloading it...but about a minute
later 'NOT ENOUGH SPACE' flashed on the screen. "Damn." she replied.

As Wendy wondered what to do next she started to feel strange like and
glanced back at Samantha and Lisa, who were still going down on one
another...but instead of feeling disinterested in their lovemaking like she
would have thought, she was feeling the urge to join them. 'What's going
on?' Wendy thought to herself, knowing that looking at them sexually had
never happened to her before. Why now would she feel like this?

Wendy suddenly giggled and again she wondered...what was so funny? She
closed her eyes to escape the scene in front of her and when she did, a
vivid image of the three of them flooded her mind...and it was getting
harder and harder to concentrate. 'I really want this program' she
murmured to herself and then turned around. "Wait! I can E-mail it to
me!" she exclaimed out loud. Wendy quickly accessed the server using a
guest account and in seconds she was on line. Quickly she went to her
email account and opened up the attachment option. Wendy then highlighted
'Master PC' and pressed the 'upload' button starting the transfer.

While Wendy sat there waiting for the transfer to complete...she was
getting hotter and hotter by the second and couldn't help touching
herself...pinching her nipples...fingering her pussy and only as an
afterthought did she hit the 'send' button...sending herself the email.

Wendy stood up and giggled again...gazing at the beautiful girls on the
bed. Like she was in a trance or sleep walking, she slowly made her way
over to the bed and gazed down at the girls...and as she did this, a sweet
intoxicating aroma drifted up all around her. Wendy wanted it...needed it,
so she climbed on the bed and positioned herself right between Samantha's
legs...moved her mouth down and tasted Samantha's sweet nectar. And just
as she thought 'It can't get any better than this.' she felt Lisa's tongue
enter her own wet folds.


Master PC had traveled through cyber space an incredible
pace...absorbing all the knowledge it could gain along the way...and when
it settled inside Wendy Carmichael's email noticed a slue of
other addresses.

The End (Really)

Author's Note:

I give further credit and thanks to my proofreader ('jdw') for prompting
me to address some of these far-fetched scenarios. He still has a hard
time believing that Adam could be AGAIN so dumb as to leave his computer on
thinking that he should have learned his lesson the first time around.

My answer to this...Have you ever watched a movie where something didn't
make sense or what the person did was so stupid that they deserved what
they got? Of course you have and what was the explanation? It's only a
damn movie - okay, and as far as my explanation goes..."It's only a fantasy
story - okay." <g>

Plus, it was my way of creating a Universe for interested writers.

Yes...I'm interested in your thoughts.


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