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Me vs the Bitch


Me vs. The Bitch

So here I am. Another hotel. Another hotel bar. Another series of
numbers gliding their merry way across the LCD screen of my notebook
computer. Business trips are a bitch, but at least this one took me to New
York City, a place that I love. Midtown Manhattan, where the richest of
the rich somehow manage to exist along side the lowliest street people.
Something always happens in New York. Not necessarily to me though...

I sat in the bar, just waiting and watching New York City go by. Just
passing time until it was time to go to bed. No late night, or party, or
club for me tonight, since my alert and upright presence was required at
precisely 8am the next morning for business. Now tomorrow, that's another

Across the busy and bustling room, I saw a woman walk in, bellboy in tow
rolling her luggage along. Long black hair, tight body, smart black
minidress/uniform, tan legs accented by strappy heeled shoes. You see her
and countless like her rolling their little luggage contraptions through
airports all the time. Flight attendant. Or as Andrew Dice-Clay likes to
call them, "Flying whores", or something like that. This one was way above
average. Incredible big doe eyes and full lips. She gestured insolently
at the bellhop and dismissed him. No tip, I noticed. What a bitch.

"Wanna buy a rose?"

I was startled from my observance of the woman by another woman, this
one dressed in rags, weatherbeaten, elderly. My waiter was at the table
like a shot, telling the woman to get out. Stop bothering the customers.
You can't be in here.

"Wait a minute, how much for a rose for a lady?" For some reason I felt
compelled to buy one.

"Five dollars mister."

I got my rose, the old woman got shown the door. In the meanwhile,
across the room, one of the waitresses left miss flight attendant's table,
a little tear rolling down her cute teenaged cheek. I chuckled to myself.
Welcome to New York honey.

On my way out the door, God knows why, I stopped short and presented my
rose to the flight attendant, who was nursing a glass of red wine, clearly
not the vintage she was desiring. "You're very beautiful, but maybe you
might want to give the staff a break. You'll get better service."

She took my rose, looked calmly at me, eyes afire, bit off its innocent
little rose head, spit it out, looked right into my eyes and said "fuck
off" in the most delicious Spanish tinged accent. I shook my head and
walked away. As I hit the door, the words "what a bitch" crossed lips for
the second time in one day.

I went for a short walk outside, enjoying the sights and sounds of
Midtown, and I'm not ashamed to admit, replaying in my mind the vision of a
beautiful woman shooting down my polite gesture. A guess I'm a masochist
at heart. I made my way back to my room.

While fumbling at my door lock, I noticed her down the hall, rolling her
little whore luggage bag towards her door. I guess she couldn't find a
bellhop to help her, no surprise. I chuckle to myself for the second time
today as I saw that her keycard was failing to open her door, and she was
having what looked like a little tantrum. She even pounded the door a few
times. Finally she noticed me, about a hundred feet down the long hall,
watching her. And she started to walk towards me. I silently relished the
fact that she was coming all the way down the hall to ask me for help. She
walked silently, looking absolutely stunning. She just kept walking until
she was right in front of me, right in my face.

"Quitter", she said. So much for my "asking for help" theory. "What?"
"You are a quitter, a loser." Her accent could melt an iceberg. "Look
lady, I don't know you, and I don't know what you're talking about. Now if
you'll excuse me..." "Stupid Americans, you want to fuck somebody, but you
go away like a little dog, tail between legs." "I was just being polite, I
can take no for an answer." "American men are such wimps, they don't know
how to make love, to please a woman. I don't have time for them." "Well I
could prove you wrong, but you're such a bitch, you'd never give me the
chance." I opened my door and stepped in. "So you can come in, or go back
to your room" "I can't even get in the fucking room! Let me in...I'll
prove that you are a quitter, that you can't please me."

Crazy me, I let her in and closed the door.

"Listen to me", she said. "I will give you one chance...If you
displease me, I leave. If you cum too soon, I leave...I like the looks of
you, but to me you are just another little boy. Don't disappoint me,
little boy."

Now this type of thing is not ordinarily for me at all, but my dick was
betraying me. I just could not wait to get my hands on this woman,
whatever way possible. I figured what could be the harm in letting her
have her way. For a while...

So I found myself locked in a feverish kiss with one of the hottest
women that I had ever seen, much less kissed. She was making my knees weak
just from tongueplay. I made the mistake of sliding my right hand down to
her perfect leg, and she abruptly broke off the kiss.

"Listen", she hissed, "you do not touch me unless I say so. Do you

I nodded.

"Good. You may call me Vivienne. I will call you stupid American boy.
Is that ok with you?". Sounded like a threat.

I nodded.

"Now stupid American boy, I will show you what, if you are good enough,
you may be able to have."

She began to show me her body. Teasing like a bitch. She turned
around. Bent and lifted her shirt. Showed me her thong-pantied ass,
perfectly tan, with no lines. Turned around. Teased her nipples to
attention. Her tits were small, high. She closed her button down uniform
shirt. Pulled up her shirt again to reveal her perfectly shaved slit. I
was outwardly calm, but inside foaming at the mouth.

"Do you like this body, stupid American boy?" "Yes." "Say, YES
VIVIENNE", She hissed again. "Yes, Vivienne"

She laughed. She was making a fool out of me. She went to her bag, and
took out a long thin leather strap which she used to bind my hands together
behind my back so that I could not touch or fondle her in any way.

"Now stupid American boy, lets see if you can please me. Lick my ass."

She bent over a chair and opened her perfect ass for me, which I
hungrily went to work on. For the next half-hour, my tongue got the
workout of its life. I licked her ass, ate her cunt, sucked her perfectly
manicured fingers and fingers and toes, and kissed her mouth so deeply that
I thought my tongue would emerge from the other side of her head. All the
while she kept up a stream of humiliating profanity in that incredible
accent. She called me a loser, her slave, her property, her little boy.
My hands were never allowed to move or touch her in any way, but I could
tell she was heating up. She wouldn't cum though. The bitch stopped short
of giving me that satisfaction.

She pushed me down on the bed, onto my back and climbed on top of me.
Everyone has heard of the expression "sit on my face", but in all my years
of having sex with women, I've never actually had it happen to me. Until
Vivienne. She squatted over me and pushed her wet cunt down on my head,
pinning me to the bed. She grinded her slit up and down, literally rubbing
it all over my mouth, nose and chin.

"suck my clit boy...yes that's right...don't move your head...just your
tongue...stay there...keep going..."

Little did I know at the time that Vivienne's body was beginning to
betray her. She started to orgasm. I know in her mind she wanted to stop,
to take a break and regain her composure, but she didn't. If she was going
to cum however, she was going to humiliate me in the process. She writhed
and ground into my face and at the climactic moment, let loose a flood of
girl-cum or urine, I'm not sure which, completely soaking my face and hair.
Screaming "take it boy...don't move...stay right my cum..."
This was a first for me. I had heard of women who had orgasms in this
fashion, but had never experienced it first hand.

I must admit that in some way, submitting to this treatment by such a
gorgeous, hot thing, was an incredible turn-on. When she was through
grinding her cunt into my face, I thought I might at least receive some
small measure of thanks. Instead I got a slap in the face.

"Fucker. You think you are worthy because you made me cum....Ha! I
made myself cum".

She was lying.

"Take down you pants little boy, I want to see if you could possibly
satisfy me any further"

boy did I have a surprise for her. It quickly turned into a surprise
for me, since she maintained her cool demeanor at a time when most of the
women I've fucked show that arousing mix of lust and fear-tinged awe.

"You have a nice cock stupid American boy, maybe I'll let you put it
inside, if you don't quit in five minutes."

She knelt and teased by dick with her tongue. Licked it up and down,
and sucked the bloated head lightly. She was incredible, and I didn't see
how I could last very long. She pumped the shaft hard while trying to
destroying my pride, hissing about how I was about to cum and disappoint
her, about how I should be paying to have a woman like her in my presence.
I struggled but I didn't quit. Finally she stopped.

"You can fuck me now, slave. " She laid back on the bed, and I
approached her.

"What the fuck are you doing stupid boy?" " said I could..."
"Put a condom on! I don't want to catch any of your stupid American

Uh oh...

"You don't even have one, do you? I'm not surprised. A stupid boy like
you shouldn't be expecting to have sex anyway." The bitch got a condom out
of her little whore carryon bag.

So we fucked. She directed me on to my back on the bed, rolled a condom
on to my dick, and hopped on. She rode me, writhing, screaming, swearing.
She was in-fucking- credibly hot and bothered. As we fucked, I got bolder,
grabbing her ass, pinching her nipples, and lo and behold she didn't stop
my this time. Her perfect little thighs began to quake in orgasm, and I
knew I finally had her. It was worth the wait. Her body was betraying her
again. Her voice was like music to my ears:

"Shit...omigod, you're making me come...shit....big fucking
cock...fucking slave bastard...MY GOD...." And of course then lots of half
words and stuff no human being could understand. I pulled out and though
her aside. Her cunt was pulsing, actually opening and closing like a
little mouth.

"Holy shit that was good..." "Yes my bitch and your evening is just

She looked slightly shocked as I stared her down while I slowly removed
the condom. There was a tense moment as I thought she might bail out and
leave. Then she simply lowered her eyes and dropped to her knees on the
floor at the foot of the bed.

Post orgasm, the change in her demeanor was drastic. I stood up and
grabbed her by the hair and pulled her perfect mouth to my dick. "Now
you'll suck cock my way." She uttered not a whimper of protest and went to
work. Being such a beautiful bitch as she was, I though that this was
probably the first time she'd had a nine inch cock lodged deep in her
throat, the first time she'd had her cover girl face dick-slapped. In a
way, I was probably taking her virginity. She was a magnificent little
whore though, licking my balls and cock on demand, drooling and spitting
like a faucet while I fucked her mouth. All throughout, the gazed up into
my eyes with a look that told me it was her absolute pleasure to serve.
What a change.

"Let's see what else you have in your little bag. my dear" Rummaging
though I found a nice large vibrating dildo that I used on her to great
effect. Now that she had her first two orgasms of the evening,
subsequently they came easily. And while she was cumming, she just
couldn't seem to resist any bit of nastiness I has in store for her. It
was particularly gratifying, when she screamed and creamed around the dildo
while on her knees, ass in the air, while I worked two fingers into her
amazingly tight asshole.

By this time I was so aroused that there was no going back. I had
turned into one mean vindictive guy. I placed her on her knees, ass in the
air. And she knew I was about to open her ass like she had never
experienced. It turned out ok, since quickly the "no...please don't make's too big"'s, turned into "make me...force it in...fuck it"'s. I
stood and drove my cock into her amazing ass from behind while crouched
over her body, forcing her head down into the hotel's plush carpeting.

I picked her up and carried her to a chair where I sat down and promptly
spiked her ass on my dick, which by this time was swollen large beyond even
my usual size. With her marvelous face and tits right in front of me, I
pinned her arms behind her back and bounced her up and down, a little
deeper each time. She had absolutely no control anymore. She never said
stop though and this to me was very gratifying. Even more gratifying were
the apologies. That's right, I made her apologize for calling me names,
apologize for making me wear a condom. The words "I'm sorry" were a large
part of the next hour or so while she took my cock from every conceivable
angle. The only thing that stopped the festivities was a knock at the

"Room Service"

I had forgotten that I had ordered a bottle of wine to be delivered at
11pm. My little drink before bedtime. I opened the door and recognized
the bellhop as the same one who had been carrying Vivienne's luggage

"Here you go sir, one bottle of red" "Thanks a lot", He waited for a
tip... "Say there, I have a nice tip for you but it's not money." "Sir?"

What you're probably thinking is indeed correct. Vivienne, at my
insistence, gave the young man the tip of his life with her perfect lips,
while I stroked that large vibrating dildo in and out of her little
asshole. I made sure she took his load all over her pretty face, while at
the same time I rubbed her clit to a tremendous squirting orgasm. The
bellhop was very happy with his tip.

Poor Vivienne looked exhausted. "Poor little slut, lets get you cleaned
up". I took her to the bathroom and turned on the shower. I got in with
her and took her one more time in her perfect ass, while holding her face
up to the streaming water. She came again and again. Finally Vivienne had
enough. Vivienne quit. Vivienne said "Please no more"

"But my dear, I haven't cum yet, slut." "Please cum...on me...all over

Being the generous sort, I obliged. Everything that had been building
up inside me for the last two hours came rocketing out, soaking Vivienne's
perfect face, hair and tits. She never flinched never dodged only stared
up at me like there was nothing else that mattered. Once more I forced my
almost spent cock deep into her throat and held it there for what felt like
minutes, while her eyes bugged and strained.

"Good girl...good bitch", I said while I rubbed her soaked face with my
dick, lightly slapping her tongue, cheeks and forehead.

"I try to be good...", she whispered and whimpered in that incredibly
sexy accent.

So that's how I met Vivienne. The perfect body. The perfect girl. We
fell in love and married, her as my slave, I as her master.

Actually that last part is not true. She was just too much of a bitch.
What I actually did was throw her naked, cum covered ass out the door so
she could go find somebody to open her hotel room door. Hope he had fun


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