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Mental Pills 1


Mental Pills
By Mr. Grey

Tommy had been having a lot of problems in his life lately. His parents were
giving him a lot of trouble as was his sister, Tanya. School wasn't going so great
either. But all that was about to change.

One day while walking home from school with Tanya, Tommy looked down to
find a torn piece of paper lying on the ground. Tanya was walking way in front of
him since she never liked to be seen with him. He picked and it and read it to
himself. It was an ad for some strange product called "Mental Pills".

"Probably just some rip off," he said out loud to himself.

"Hey loser! You wanna hurry it up!" Tanya yelled back at him. Tommy just
gave her a mean look and continued reading.

"Guaranteed to change the people in your life to your liking," he read to himself.
Not thinking much of it, he shoved to ad into his pocket and followed Tanya into
his house.

Once inside she ran upstairs to her room, she would probably sit on the phone
until dinner time. His mom walked around the corner to greet him at the door.

"Hi Mom."

"Tommy, were have you been?" she asked with a disappointed face.

Tommy just looked at her. "Ummmm . . . school."

"Don't be smart with me young man! School ended thirty minutes ago, now
where have you been."

"That's how long it takes to walk home." Tommy was kind of used to this
treatment from his mother. She was very over-protective of him. He was 16
years old and had to have Tanya walk him home from school. Of course, Tanya
hated this since it could effect her popularity.

"Well, tomorrow you better walk faster." She turned around walked off.

Nice to see you too, mom, Tommy thought to himself. He didn't even bother to
bring up the fact that Tanya was home only one minute earlier than him. But that
would probably be acceptable to her. Tommy walked up to his room and
collapsed on his bed.

This is ridiculous.

Things had to change.

Then he remembered the ad he found in the road. Tommy sat up and pulled the
piece of paper from his pocket. He read it aloud to himself again, "Guaranteed to
change the people in your life to your liking." Probably was a rip off, but he had
nothing to lose, except the forty dollars it asked for. He needed to do something
about his life and this could be the answer. An order form was attached to the
bottom of the ad. He cut it off and filled out his name, address and phone

He put forty dollars in an envelope along with the order form and addressed the
envelope to address on the ad. It looked like some independent company, or
maybe some old lady in her basement. There was no title or logo on the ad.
Tommy knew he was taking a chance with this and that he probably was never
receive any package. But he was tired of dealing was everything.

He walked outside and dropped the letter in the mailbox and walked inside. Not
even an hour later, the doorbell rang. Tommy was upstairs watching tv and
walked downstairs to answer the door. To his surprise it was the mailman
holding a big package with Tommy's name and address written on it.

"Package for you sir," he said.

You're fucking kidding me, Tommy thought. He took the package and ran
upstairs. "No running in the house young man!" his mother yelled to him from the

"Not for long . . . " he whispered to himself.

"Who was at the door?"

"Bible salesman!" he shouted back. Tommy raced into his room and shut the

This is crazy. The package came within an hour putting the freakin envelope in
the mailbox. This must be for real. He threw the package on his bed and
opened it to find a briefcase. He opened the briefcase and just stared in awe.
The briefcase was filled with little compartments with labels on them. He quickly
read over a couple.

Bimbo pills: wife too smart for you? These will fix that.

Slut pills: Secretary refuses sleep with you? Not anymore.

Prostitute pills: Need some extra money? Send your girlfriend.

Regression pills: sister says you're immature? Give these a try.

Suggestion pills: Boss won't listen to you? Now she will.

Slave pills: Need a maid? Sextoy? Lawn ornament? Try these.

There were lots more pills too, but he needed to test one out before he went
indepth with there things. This is gonna be fun. Tommy was so excited he could
hardly sit still. He picked up a Bimbo pill and examined it. How was he going to
get someone to take this. He looked back in the briefcase and found piece of
paper labeled: INSTRUCTIONS.

They said to put one pill in targets drink. They immediately dissolve and take only
one sip to start working. The effects would last 24 hours and then would need to
be repeated. An increased dosage would increase the level of effect.

Tommy put his shoes on and put the Bimbo pill in his pocket. He then snuck out
of the house to walk to McDonald's. He wasn't worried about his mom, since she
could easliy be fixed now. He just wanted to make sure these weren't poisonous
or someone.

Tommy arrived at McDonald's and ordered a drink and some fries and sat down.
He scanned the place for a good target. He saw a thiry-something mom with two
kids. Too dangerous with the kids, he thought. He saw to two twelve year old
girls giggling and playing with their Happy Meal toys. Too young, he thought.
Then he saw Jennifer Keenan, the school's valevictorian. Couldn't be more
perfect, he thought. She was sitting with her other brainiac friend, Stacy. They
were have some obviously preparing for some test. Books and papers were
sprawled out in front of them. Then they both got up to go to the bathroom,
leaving their drinks behind. Tommy chuckled to himself. Perfect . . .

He got up and hurried to their table. He only had one pill so he put it in Jennifer's
drink. The pill quickly dissintegrated. He replaced the lid and sat down at a table
behind them. They both came back and sat down.

"Now where were we?" Stacy asked.

"We were going over Sine and Cosine,"Jennifer answered, taking a sip of her
drink. Tommy celebrated quietly, Yes! he whispered. Stacy quietly started read
out loud to Jennifer about Sine and Cosine.

Tommy watched as he saw Jennifer's body language transform from an intellient
and proper young lady and a ditzy little airhead. He came legs uncrossed and
her eyes drifted away from her notes and took on a spacey look to them. Her
finger found it's way to hair and started twirling a strand around. Her head tilted
to the side and she giggled to herself.

Stacy looked up to her now dim witted friend. "Jen? Are you alright?"

"Like, fer sure!" Jennifer now had a high pitched voice and a dopey little smile to
go with it. "I'm, like, totally fine. You can, like, keep reading."

Stacy just looked at her strangely. "Well, I'm done reading. It's your turn now."

Jennifer giggled at her friend. "Ok then!"

Stacy slide the book over to Jennifer, still staring at her, wondering what was
going on. Jennifer had picked up a french fry and was prentening it was a
airplane. She slowly twirled it around, staring closely at it. She popped it in her
mouth and giggled again. Tommy laughed to himself. He couldn't believe this.

Jennifer looked down at the book and tilted her head to the other side. She place
her finger on the first paragraph and started to read. "Ummmm, like, the tri-,
ummm, trrrrrr-, trian- . . ."

"Triangle," Stacy finished for her. She started to get a worried look on her face.

Jennifer looked up at her friend and giggled, "You're smart. Can you, like, read
this for me?"

Tommy had seen enough. He got up from his table and went to the exit. He
walked home thinking, I'm gonna have fun tonight.

End part 1


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