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Mental Pills 2


Mental Pills
By MrGrey

Chapter 2

Tommy arrived at his house, ready to have some fun. Of course his
mother heard the door slam and came stomping toward him.

"Where on earth did you disappear to?" she asked, looking furious.

"I got hungry and went to McDonald's," Tommy said matter-of-factly. He
smiled at her, not as intimidated as he used to be. He knew he had a power over
her now. Soon she would be acting just how he wanted her to. A choice of
which pill to used went over in his head. He'd save the bimbo pill for a little later,
he wanted to see how the others worked. The Slut pill would definitely loosen
her up.

His mother just looked at him and shook her head. "Just go to your room,
we'll discuss this later." She looked upset about something. Tommy figured
what ever it was, she wouldn't even care after he was through with her. Tommy
walked upstairs and closed his door.

Karen didn't even know what do. Her son was driving her crazy with his
disrespect and irresponsibility. Worst of all, her husband, Jim, was working late
again. But she knew what was really going on. It was probably that slut
secretary of his that he was really "working" on. She couldn't believe this. Karen
was an attractive woman with a great figure, but her husband was just loosing
interest in her. She wasn't exactly anything above average in bed. But that
didn't give Jim any right to cheat on her. She was angry, sad and confused.
Karen walked into the kitchen to fix herself a drink. She needed a martini to calm
her down. After getting off the phone with her husband, she could feel her heart
pounding a mile a minute. She sat at the kitchen table with her drink in her hand
and tried to relax.

Tommy came walking down the stairs, Slut pill in his pocket, ready to meet
his new mom. He found her sitting at the kitchen table with a martini. Good, he
thought, now I just have to distract her.

"Mom, I'm hungry," he sat across from her.

"You just said you went to McDonald's."

"I know, but I'm hungry again."

"Well, go fix yourself something," she took another sip of her drink.

Tommy was starting to get frustrated. " Can you show me where the flour

Karen looked at him like he was crazy, "Tommy, this is your house, you
don't know where the flour is?"

"I never have to cook, so I never use flour."

Karen was getting tired of arguing. "Fine, I'll cook dinner now." She got up
and left her drink on the table, Tommy quickly dropped the Slut pill into it and
watched is dissolve. Karen started gathering pots and pans, preparing to cook.
Tommy started to wonder if the Slut pill would be enough, or if she would be too
much to control. He got up from the table to go plan the rest of the night, he
would check on his mother soon.

Karen started cooking dinner while Tommy sat upstairs. Soon she started
to get thirsty. She picked her martini up again and took another sip. She started
thinking what she should cook for dinner, but she suddenly started to feel dizzy.
She stopped and steadied herself on the counter.

"Fuck, what's wrong with me?" she said. Then she thought, did I just say
fuck? She looked at herself and was disgusted at what she saw. "What the hell
am I thinking wearing this boring shit? I'm not gonna get any cocks with this."
Karen's vocabulary had suddenly become very vulgar, as her mind was flooded
with thoughts of cocks and fucking and sucking. She started to get very horny. "I
need some new clothes, this just won't cut it."

She started for the door and started thinking, Won't my husband be mad I
wasted money on some clothes. When she thought of her husband, she was
suddenly reminded of his affair. But for some reason it didn't bother her. Her
memory had been erased of any negative thought about the subject. After all,
men were supposed to fuck women, all of them. Wasn't that her purpose, to let
any man who wants to stick his dick in her just do it. Why should she deny her
husband to fuck a perfectly good secretary? Plus, why should she deny the
secretary to get a good fucking? She felt better about herself and figured Jim
would be glad she got some better clothes. Karen walked out of the house and
drove to the mall.

Tommy came down stairs expecting to find his mom and her new
personality, but instead he found an empty house. Where did she go? Then he
heard her car speeding down the road. Great, he thought. He didn't even know
if she drank her drink yet. He sat in the living room and waited for her to come
back. She hadn't started cooking yet, maybe she had to go to the grocery store
for something. Tommy started watching TV.

After about two hours, he heard the car pull into the driveway. It was
about seven o'clock, just getting dark. The headlights filled the room up as they
shone through the window. Tommy reached over and turned on the light,
wondering what he was going to see when his mom walked though the door.
The door swung open he was amazed at what he saw. His formerly conservative
mother had dyed her hair platinum blond and was wearing a leather mini skirt
and a tube top which barley covered her already large tits.


"Hey honey," she had her hands filled with shopping bags. Karen tossed
them on the floor next to the couch. She sat down next to her son. "Did you
know that if you suck the cashier's cock, you get your purchase for free?"

Tommy mouth dropped at his mother's new slut attitude and her dirty mouth. Her
tube top was slipping down and her nipple was now showing. Unnatural
thoughts filled Tommy's mind and he shoved them away. You just did this to get
her to loosen up, he thought. But loose was definitely the word for his mother
now. Karen looked down at her exposed nipple and just shrugged it off, not even
wanting to fix it. "So whatcha watchin?"
Tommy had to think about the question for a moment. "Ummm . . . X-

"Oh, oooooo, he's hot," she said staring at Mulder.

Tommy suddenly remembered that his dad would be home from work
soon. That could be bad. He'd have to figure out a way to get his dad out of the
house for a while. "Um, Mom." She was massaging her tits while she stared at
the lead male character. Karen had pulled her tube top all the way down and
was rubbing herself, while biting her lower lip. She stopped at Tommy's voice
and laughed a little.

"Sorry Tommy," she said tucking her tits back in. "What is it?"

"When's dad coming home?"

She sat back and pulled her tits back out, "Silly, whenever he gets done
fucking that cute secretary of his, you know that." She shook her head like he
was out of his mind. Tommy just stared wide-eyed at his wet dream of a mother.
"Isn't her name Terri?" she asked him, pinching her nipples.

"Uh, I dunno."

"I think it is. She sure is a nice piece of ass, your dad's a lucky guy," she
covered her tits back up and stood up. Just then Tanya came walking down

"Hey," she called, walking towards the kitchen. "When's dinner gonna be
read-?" she stopped in her tracks and backed up, appalled by what she saw.
"Mother, what are you wearing?"

"You like?" she said spinning around on her high heels. "Just got it today,
the hair too."

"Wha-" she just stared in disbelief.

"Oh don't worry baby, I got you some clothes too," she said pointing to the
bags on the floor. Tanya looked at Tommy as if to say, What the hell? Tommy
shugged his shoulders at her and shook his head mouthing out, I don't know.
Tommy then thought to himself, I think it's time for Tanya to get reworked too. He
smiled to himself.

End Part 2


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